Love Rescue Me Ch. 01

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It all started three years ago, Samantha and I worked together. It had been just six months since I transferred to her department. One day she needed help with some data entry to our system and all my colleagues were out on vacation, when we first spoke nothing really seemed out of the ordinary I just did whatever she needed and moved on, but for some reason I became extremely attracted to her.

I have never really been interested in heavier girls but there was something about her that was just seductive. My morning routine was to walk across the street for a cup of coffee for the last 3 years and it hadn’t changed ever since. At some point I started noticing her on the same coffee schedule that I had, so I decided to send her an IM.

We started to talk and talk more as the months went on, we discovered we shared a lot in common in a very short period of time, one day suddenly she said “I’m going with my friend to get some dinner, would you like join us?” to which I declined, it wasn’t because of lack of interest, it was just inconvenient since my wife used to drop me off and pick me up after work.

The next morning she started talking as she normally did every morning, she mentioned it was a good dinner last night, “such a shame you couldn’t join us; we could have used some eye candy through dinner.” I never really considered myself as eye candy but I just replied maybe some other time and maybe without your friend and her response was: “count me in”

Later that spring, she had arranged for a vacation Ata┼čehir Escort with her husband and daughter, so she took off for about 2 weeks, while away she kept messaging me and sending emails. We kept talking and our conversations got a little flirty through time. I am not sure why but after every work day I kept thinking about her more and more. After she came back from her trip we kept talking more and more up to the point where our conversations got more and more personal, I don’t exactly know when or how but we started talking about our current spouses and the conversations turned into a different direction.

To give some background I’ll explain my situation at the time. I had been married for almost 6 years and she had been married before but her previous husband is an alcoholic and had 3 children with him. Before we moved in together I remember asking her “are you sure your kids are going to be OK with this?” to which she responded yes they should.

After 6 years of marriage I have to admit that I could not stand her kids, they were disrespectful to me even though I tried to get along with them it was virtually impossible to establish a relationship with them. Eventually my wife and I distanced from each other and we hardly ever talked, or did anything together, I couldn’t even remember the last time we had sex that wasn’t like an obligation.

Samantha and I eventually started discussing our respective marital lives, she lived in marriage hell as she described it, Ata┼čehir Escort Bayan her husband was a dead beat that did nothing but stay at home most of the day, he had a part time job that was going nowhere and let her carry the entire financial responsibility of their household.

One day we were about to leave the office, I was in a rush since my then wife was about to get there to pick me up. I gave my number away and ask her to send me messages if she ever wanted to talk outside work. Five minutes passed by and she was sending messages, I was impressed by how fast she decided to contact me. Without being monitored at work our conversations became quickly a flirting heaven.

I expressed to her that I thought she was extremely hot and I wouldn’t understand how a man wouldn’t be able to satisfy her. I believe that was the turning point. I remember the first day we met outside work. It was almost summer time and the weather was amazing outside, she sent me a message asking if I could meet her at the local coffee shop, to which I replied of course!

That afternoon I saw her like I never had seen her before, I remember she was wearing a light pink flower shirt and khakis shorts, they made her ass look amazing, her cleavage exposed her magnificent breasts, I think I fell in love right there and then.

We started chatting at the coffee shop and somehow we ended up kissing, I remember that first kiss like it was yesterday; it was so intense and passionate and sensual Escort Ata┼čehir that I could not hide that my dick was getting rock hard. After a few minutes we decided to go to a nearby bar. We were having such a good time, as we continued kissing we decided to leave, I was driving a big SUV at that time and she asked me where could we go, I don’t know this area really well, I just replied but I do… I know a park not far from here where we can have a little more privacy, she agreed, we paid the bill and left. After a few minutes driving we arrived to the park, it was a Sunday so there was quite a few picnics going on, but we finally found a quiet spot.

After parking, we both looked at each other and we kissed again, it was the most passionate kiss I have ever felt in my entire life, sparks were flying everywhere, as we kissed more deeply and intensely I started sliding my hand on her leg, slowly I started crawling up her leg until I found myself rubbing her pussy over her pants, she opened her legs a little bit to allow me better access to which I put my hand under her shorts and finally found her dripping love hole. It was so hot and wet that made my dick tingle and by then she was rubbing it through my pants and her hands felt so good squeezing it.

As I kept rubbing her clit I felt her tensing and starting to shake, I knew then that an orgasm was coming, her pussy smelled so good, the smelliest I ever had and it was such an intoxicating aroma. She had made her way inside my pants and was grabbing my throbbing cock and her hands felt so good around it, they are small hands but were working my dick extremely good, I almost came but all the sudden we heard people approaching so we had to get back to kissing, and more and more people started walking around so we decided not to take it further that day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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