Magic Fingers Ch. 12

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I left Houston, with the promise that a draft would be deposited in our account and was given a small but heavy box for Melanie. I was told that she would know when it could be opened. I also promised Winnie, that should she ever need another session, as she put it, I would be there to help.

She was one of those sound and good people that you come in contact with, every so often. She reminded me a lot of the man who set me up in business.

I also came away from Houston, with an idea, one that would probably be put to good use. Winnie had difficulty arching her back which may have lessened her sensations, not by much, but I am a believer in every little bit helps. We needed to find one of those hospital beds that raises and lowers in different spots and modify it. From what Melanie told me, this woman was involved in more high-society social clubs and knew more women than any four jet-setters. I could only believe that most of these women were around Winnies age. As a result, I could see where the modified bed would make a difference.

While I was waiting in the airport, I couldn’t help but think of the first woman I met here in Houston. I felt I owed her a debt of gratitude that I would have gladly paid. I sent out a silent prayer that her son was well and that she no longer had to suffer at the hands of others, while looking for a little mercy and kindness.

I called Melanie and thanked her.

“Why,” she asked.

“Because of the gift that you asked Winnie to give me. It was the thought of you that gave me the release I needed.”

“I only wish I could have been there for you John. I hate this being apart even for just two days. I feel like part of me is missing.”

“I know. It’s the same with me.”

“John, Carol and I talked.” There was a long pause.

“Oh.” I said, “You honestly don’t expect me to be surprised do you?”

She chuckled, “No I guess not, but this effects all of us, including Mark.”

“So, you two have finally decided to cut Mark in on the business. It’s about time.”

“John, I hate it when you do this to me. Here I am, all worried and you act like all this was your idea.”

“Oh my lovely one with the short memory. That night with the twins, when Carol took Mark away, I told you what Carol secretly wanted and, just for the record, I was the one who brought them together.”

“I know,” she said. “Carol told me about your meddling and how you basically tricked them into having sex.”

“Well, aren’t you happy for Carol?”

“Of course I am.”

“Well. Aren’t you going to grovel at my feet and beg for forgiveness at ever doubting my work.”

“Oh yes my darling.” Her voice dripping with honey. “Just as soon as you bring home a pig with wings.”

“Over did it, huh.”

“As usual,” she replied.

“We’re boarding now. See you in a few hours.”

“I’ll be there to pick you up.”


We met, hugged and kissed like a seen from a movie. Then Melanie grabbed my hand saying. “Come on I want to get you home and screw your lights out.”

“Can I play with you on the way?” I asked in a teasing voice.

“That wouldn’t be safe. I loose way to much control when I climax. We’d have a major accident and I’m looking to have more than one good orgasm before I die.”

“Good point, but I’m willing to pay for any speeding tickets.”

The moment that she closed the door to the apartment, I dropped my suitcase, pulled her close and kissed her deeply. Our tongues intertwining as my hands played over her back and I could feel her breasts against my chest.

My desire for her was so high that I felt I wanted to devour her, to taste her, to force my tongue up inside her. I pulled away from our kiss and slid my body down hers. As my knees hit the floor, I hiked her tight skirt up and pulled her panties down to her ankles. A quick few seconds later my tongue was working its way between the folds of her labia, searching out her tiny clit.

I wanted to make her come there, in the entry-hall, but her desperate cries of, “Oh God John. My legs can’t support me like this and I want to come. Please take me to our bed. Then I need you to put your tongue back in me and make me come.”

I carried her to our bedroom, her panties falling to the floor along the way. I positioned her so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed. When I grabbed her ankles and raised her legs, she fell back and her skirt rose up as I spread them wide. The view of her beautiful pussy, with its now stimulated and puffy lips made me buried my tongue deep into her in and effort to taste what I had been longing for.

We spent that evening and most of the night, exploring and savoring each others bodies as if it was our first time together.


The next morning we had a meeting. The four of us discussed where we were and where we needed to be.

Melanie spoke, “As far as the investors, we have Nikkie and Winnie on board for the Palm Springs venture and the twins for next years Palm Beach deal.

“I’m beginning escort istanbul to look at it more seriously. There are some great opportunities out there. But for now, we need two more investors for here.

“Sybil Tishman and her Barracuda Lawyer will be in town this weekend and IS will be here Tuesday. Nikkie said she wanted to be here when IS arrived. If we can’t lock both of these women up, there is still the Russian Mafia Princess and Velma Price. Her husband controls the gold, literally, they do the majority of North Americas gold refining in Canada, but she controls him.

“So, that said, we should be in good shape and on schedule as I have just made the half-down required payment on the place. It is now official. We have it; minus the final payment that is. I have an agreement with the seller, we can begin work on the place any time we want.

“I turned in my notice to my broker and he tearfully wished me luck. So I’m now free to go at this full time, except for three more closings that I have to attend.

“Now, a quick word about the squeaky, nasally, voiced Sybil Tishman and her Lawyer the infamies Ms. Daphne Daws. Sybil is trying to get out from under the thumb of her controlling lawyer. She asked that no matter what happens at our meeting, we go along and say nothing. She said, if we do as she asks she will insure that we get our investment money.

“Personally I don’t like being a pawn in someone else’s game and I told her so, but she begged me and said that I’d understand after. I know what you’re thinking Carol, that she has lost a few screws, but I’m asking you all to go along on this with me. It’s just a feeling I have, but I’ve got to tell you, I am biased against this Daphne Daws.”

I spoke, “Unless Carol has a different take on this, I say what do we have to lose but time.”

Carol spoke, “I am not a big fan of the well traveled Tishman girl, but I’ll back Melanie and I see more potential for good than bad.”

Mark felt obliged to speak, “I’m the new guy and feel lucky to have fallen in with the three of you. As far as I’m concerned, if any one of you told me I should go out and screw a goat, I’d do it without question.”

“Well,” I spoke up, “Mark there is this…”

Carol gave me a smack in the back of the head.

“You’re being an ass again John.”

Melanie piped in. “Thank you Carol, you just saved me the trouble of doing the same thing.”

I had been put in my place, at least for a while.

“Well,” Carol spoke, “I guess it’s my turn. We have lined up all the vendors and bids are coming in. Once we get the remainder of the financing, we can place our orders and begin the long process of hiring a staff. I have had an administrator here for a long time and he gave me a recommendation for a good man who just happens to be available, so we will need to bring him in early. He will be responsible for setting the chain of command in the hospital clinic area only. We need other management for the Spa, food service, grounds maintenance and your area.” (nodding at me) “That, I believe we should keep separate from the clinic and spa, but overlapping in both those areas. I guess what I’m saying or asking, is how best do we do this.”

“Well,” I spoke, “instead of having an administrator or manager, we should look at a coordinator, who will work with the spa and clinic management to insure there is a smooth flow and to keep either section from trying to be the controlling party.”

“I see what you’re saying,” Carol began. “Administrators are notorious for trying to gain more power over every segment of operations. Yes, a coordinator would keep both Spa and Clinic management in check. So, now we have our management flow-chart.”

Both Melanie and Carol looked at Mark and I.

“Mark and I will begin to lay out a total of six different rooms. That will accommodate the needs of different women.”

“Why so many rooms.” Melanie asked, “That’s chewing up a lot of valuable space.”

“Hear me out, Winnie, made me realize two things, one we need to provide some specialized service. An example is, we need to design a bed , similar to a hospital bed that will move to help older women and women with weight problems. Secondly, we need different levels of opulence. Along with the sliding scale of client cost.”

Mark, spoke, “As far as the moving bed, I could see a use for it in every room no matter the clients age or weight, I have tried with some success to get women to be on all fours and ejaculate, a bed that would take the pressure off their arms would work better. And I think I have seen the type of bed that is already out on the market that would work perfectly for us.”

Mark and I seemed to be talking to just each other.

When Carol broke in, “Boys, remember us?”

“Well,” I went on, “aside from that, we need to train up some qualified people and just finding them will be a task. We aren’t even sure what the criteria should be. Mark and I will have to work that part out.”

We were finishing up, when my cell phone escort bayan istanbul rang, to the annoyed look of everyone else. I looked and didn’t recognize the number but was afraid it might be one of my drivers, so I answered. It was Tanya. She was here in Pine Valley wanting to know if I really meant what I said about helping her. She was calling from Denies. I told her to sit tight and I’d meet her there.

Everyone was looking at me, especially Melanie.

“And who was that.” she asked.

“Let me start off by saying; one, I need your help Carol; two, I have an idea; three, I need you, (looking at Melanie) to come with me; four, can we have dinner at Carols and after can I get both of you to ejaculate for me? I know I’m being cryptic but before I give up my idea, I need both your reactions.”

“Why are you being so mysterious.”

“Do you trust me.” I asked them.

I got two no’s and a yes that came from Mark, for which I thanked him.

I pulled Melanie into my pickup and off to Denies we went. Her arms were folded in front of her chest as we pulled in.

“Aren’t you going to tell me anything?”

“Yes, but only in bits and pieces until it all comes together.”

This answer was not endearing me to her, but I held my ground. We walked in and I spotted her instantly. She was hard to miss. She saw me and a big smile came over her as she slid out from the table until she noticed Melanie.

“Tanya, hi. I’m glad you decided to take me up on my offer. This is the woman I am going to marry as soon as she will let me. Melanie, this is Tanya, I met her in Atlanta.

“Her so called friends were taking advantage of her and I offered to help if she ever decided she wanted it. It looks like she was smart enough to take me up on my offer. I need coffee,” I said and we all sat in the booth.

“Tanya, I promised help, and I assume you don’t have a place to stay.”

“No,” she said as she hung her head.

Melanie was softening towards this woman who was obviously lost and frightened.

“Well, I’ll get you put up in the motel, next door. The Travel Eze, at least until you can get your own place and, if I can convince both this lady and another of your ability that could help other women, I can get you a good paying job and help you with your battles.”

“You can get me a job?” She asked, now with hope in her eyes.

Melanie was now starting to put two and two together and thought she had the answer, and was relaxing even more.

“Melanie, I told Tanya that Carol could probably help with her weight and with the battle she was suffering from. A problem that her friends were taking advantage of.”

“I know for a fact that Carol has helped women with weight problems, but from what I understand, there are a number of different cures that she has at her disposal, not to mention the potential at our new place.”

“I don’t understand,” Tanya was saying. “New place?”

I looked at Melanie, “Why don’t you explain.”

Melanie and Tanya were becoming more animated as they talked and asked questions of each other.

“Ok, let’s get Tanya settled so she can get cleaned up and we’ll pick her up for dinner at six, how’s that.”

Melanie asked, “Is there any thing else you need, I know a place at the strip mall just down the street that has some cute outfits at bargain prices.”

Tanya, now embarrassed, “Well, if you don’t mind the way I’m dressed now, I don’t need anything.”

Melanie was pulling her arm, “Nonsense, this will be my welcoming gift to you. John give me the keys to your pick-up, Tanya will give you the keys to her car. You can check her in and bring everything she has into the room, while I show Tanya this great shop.”

They left me standing there to pay for the coffee and lug Tanya’s stuff into a motel-room I had to pay for and they didn’t even ask me to join them.

After I finished my manual labor, I bought a slurpy from 7/11 and sat on the fender of Tanya’s 02 faded black Camero. I waited, there for what seemed like two days, before they pulled in, both with the satisfied smiles that can only be seen on women who just came back from a productive day of shopping.

We left and headed back to the clinic, where Melanie proceeded to fill-in, what she thought, was all the blanks for Carol. Carol agreed, there were treatments that she could use on this poor girl that would probably benefit her and she wood take time out tomorrow to examine her and go from there. Carol was looking forward to meeting this poor unfortunate, that I had taken pity on.


Once dinner was done and we were all relaxed, I told the three women “Why don’t you all get into robes and let me make you two ejaculate and let Mark get Tanya to ejaculate.

Mark knew immediately that this was yet another of my tests to improve his abilities and he knew he had a challenge in front of him; one that he knew I had already overcome.

When they came back in, Melanie and Tanya in terry robes and Carol in a solid bayan escort istanbul black silk robe, I said, “Tanya I need to talk to you for a moment. We’ll meet you in the bedroom in just a minute.”

Everyone else became instantly curious as I pulled Tanya aside.

As Carol discarded her robe, I asked Mark to watch Carols reactions closely.

With her usual grace, she lay on the bed, knowing what to do and what to expect. She quickly became responsive as I pushed every button that I knew to push, to get her to ejaculate. It wasn’t long before she started to buck. As she started to squirt, Tanya dropped her robe. Once her spurts stopped, Tanya was between Carols legs with her tongue buried deep in Carols cunt. Everyone gasped, especially Carol.

“Relax,” I told her, “just feel it. Let her do her job.

Carols face was wide eyed as she felt the live tongue work inside her. Shock and disbelief were planted on her face.

“Oh My God” were her first words as Tanya’s tongue worked deep inside her.

“Oh shit that cant be. Oh my, oh shit, oh fuck oh god, oh I’m cumming.”

She began to thrust her hips as Tanya stayed with her, tongue still working inside as gush after gush spilled out around Tanya’s lips.

When Carol stopped spurting she began, “No more; I cant take any more, please.”

She was scooting back trying to get Tanya’s tongue out of her. It continued to flick until Carol had pulled herself far enough back and the tongue was completely out. Mark came over to Carol with a dildo and Carol shook her head, “No, no, god no.”

Her arms that she used to pull herself back were trembling. She could barely catch her breath as she exclaimed, “Was that your tongue in me? Oh god, it was like having a giant snake crawling up inside me and when she pushed it against the same spot that John and Mark hit, it felt different from when they do it; even though I was squirting. It was an insane feeling, it felt to good and I couldn’t take any more. I felt I was in a panic, trying to get a live thing out of me. Her tongue was in me so deep and was working against places that I never felt before.”

“Can we use her,” I asked.

“Good lord, with her I wouldn’t need you two.”

“Ok, now I want you to think, how well do you feel this aspect of a session would be accepted. Don’t answer until Melanie understands what this feels like.”

“Me,” came a squeak from Melanie.

“Yeah my love, in order to understand the implications here, I need you to experience it and then tell us what you think.”

Carol spoke. “He’s right, I’d like to compare notes. It was a wonderful experience, but I need to talk to someone who can understand what I’m saying.”

“Carol, John, I really am not into other women.”

“I know, and if I didn’t think this important, I wouldn’t have done things this way. I’ll be here with you my love.”

“I guess, I can do this once, but never ask me again, please John promise.”

“Melanie, tell me no now and I’ll kiss you and make love to you and never bring this up again.”

“John, make me cum and let Tanya make me cum.”

“Yes my love,” I said as I laid her back and began to make her relax and feel and let go.

It took longer than normal, but Melanie was now squirting and when she stopped Tanya was between her legs, tongue working as Melanie cried, “Oh, John, Carol, it’s so deep and she is moving it so fast. John she is making me cum, nowww,” she cried as her spasm hit and she began to squirt. Tanya tried to swallow what she could as it spurted against her lips. Tanya’s tongue was still working and Melanie seemed frozen in place.

“Oh I feel it moving around inside me like it is alive. It’s pushing and stroking. It’s making me cum; John hold me, I’m cumming.”

She did, she came hard and long as Tanya did not let up.

Melanie moaned, “John, no more John please.”

I spoke to Tanya. “Tanya, you did great, that’s all for now, no more. Mark will make you cum now, you were wonderful, now it’s your turn, let Mark make you cum ok?”

She slid back and moved to the side of the bed where Carol had been and got on to all fours.

I told Mark, it was easier if when he pushed down on the spot he should also pull back and she will come like that.

I held Melanie and kissed her.

Carol handed her a robe and whispered, “Come on we can leave them and talk.”

“Carol, before we go do you mind if Tanya gives Mark an oral release?”

Carol smiled, “It’s up to you Tanya. With a tongue like yours, he’s in for a treat.

Before leaving I went up to Tanya, “Tanya, only if you want to would you give Mark release after. Of course, only if he does a good job for you that is.”

She looked up at me, “He’s not doing to bad now.”

“Mark, Tanya said she would let you feel her tongue in action if you do a good job for her and Carol would like your input after.”

I left and Carol and Melanie were already engrossed in conversation.

“It was like having a snake shoved in my pussy. It wouldn’t stop moving, I could feel the tip of it flicking over places so deep in me, just the thought of it made me cum.”

Melanie agreed, “…and did she suck your clit in her mouth as the base of her tongue massaged it and the tip was working on my G-Spot. It was almost like the first time John made me cum.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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