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She stepped down from the bus, wondering why she was doing this. Why she was selling herself. Then she caught her reflection in a window and she knew. Old maid. Too tall. Too much meat on her bones. She sighed and hoped her groom-to-be would treat her kindly. A few whistles and ribald remarks from the men lounging around. She strongly hoped he would not be among these lazy louts.

“My! Ain’t she a big ‘un,” remarked one of them. “Come to work at Miss Lettie’s?”

She ignored him. His friends laughed and teased him.

“Snooty, too,” he sneered, pacing around her. She looked at him coldly and then looked away. He put his hand on her arm. Her anger flared. She twisted around and threw him over her shoulder. He landed hard and his friends laughed louder.

Cursing, he scrambled to his feet and started towards her. Only to stop suddenly, staring past her and turning very pale.

“The lady does not wish your attentions,” said a deep rich voice behind her. All of the layabouts had become very quiet. “Do you not have someplace else to be?” said the voice.

A mumbled chorus of “Yes, sir” and they faded away. She turned to the man behind her. And looked up. He was easily over two meters tall, broad shoulders, well muscled. Honey blond hair, long and pulled back into a tail, and the darkest blue eyes she had ever seen. He looked down at her equally appraising.

“I am looking for Mr. Andros,” she said. An approving spark was in his gaze. She had not flinched from him.

“I am Andros,” he said quietly. “I apologize for my tardiness.”

“I am Melea Thorn,” she said, offering her hand.

He took it gently. “Ms. Thorn,” he acknowledged. “Please come with me.” He lifted her bags easily and led her to his car. He had a plain vehicle, large enough to be comfortable for him but not ostentatious. He put her bags in the back and opened the passenger door for her. He drove competently and quietly. He seemed to appreciate her quietness. They traveled steadily for about an hour. He glanced at her from time to time. He seemed to be waiting for something to happen and was surprised that it hadn’t. Melea was looking around, studying the scenery as they passed. She knew he was glancing at her, but decided to wait for him to speak. The silence stretched but never became uncomfortable. She was pleased that she could be comfortable with him. Although his nearness was having a definite affect on her. She found him powerfully attractive and began looking forward to her wedding after all.

He finally pulled into a private road that wound through trees and glens. Then the house came into view. It was old, very old, made of stone, and quite gothic in the gathering dark. He took her inside to a guest room.

“Please come downstairs when you wish,” he said softly. “The room on your right.”

“Of course,” she replied. He left her. She was glad to unpack a few things and freshen up. About 20 minutes later, she descended the stairs and entered the indicated room. It turned out to be a nicely appointed and cheerful sitting room. Andros was standing by a fireplace. “Ms. Thorn,” he greeted her.

“Mr. Andros,” she replied. Then, “Please, my name is Melea.” He smiled at her and she almost stopped breathing. The attraction was almost overwhelming.

“Melea,” he responded. “I am just Andros. I never use my surname. It is too hard to pronounce.”

She smiled at him. Then she noticed the others.

“Please,” he said. “Allow me to introduce my brothers.” Five more very tall, very handsome, well built men came forward. All had varying shades of blond from almost white to Andros’ honey blond. All had the amazing deep blue eyes. The attraction increased. Andros pointed to each in turn. “This is Tyr, Eidan, Loth, Donal, and Kel.” They each came forward to take her hand. And she was surrounded by tall, extremely attractive men. Andros took her hand and led her to a chair. “Please, Melea,” he said very seriously. “We must talk to you.”

“What we tell you may change your decision to come here,” said Tyr. They all took seats around her. She suddenly felt like a queen with her court. If they had not looked so serious, she would have smiled at the thought.

Andros said, “You came here to marry, Melea. However, we must apologize to you.” She felt puzzled and felt her hands twitch. She had a strong urge to run her fingers through all of that blond hair. And she had a dilemma. She was attracted to them. All of them.

“Melea,” said Kel, “you cannot choose just one of us. You must take all of us or none.”

“All of you?” she whispered, shocked. “Do you mean I mustÔÇŽ” she couldn’t quite find the word she wanted.

“Yes, Melea,” said Loth. “If you stay with us, you must haveÔÇŽrelationsÔÇŽwith all of us. Every night.”

She couldn’t think. She looked from one to the other of them.

“You do not need to make your decision now,” said Donal. “Please give it some thought.” The attraction to them was confusing her.

“Thank you,” she said quietly. “This Ankara bayan escort will not be an easy decision.”

“We know, Melea,” said Eidan.

“Then, if you don’t mind,” she said quietly, “I will go to my room to think about this.” She stood. They rose with her. “Good night,” she said. She went to her room, bathed, and slipped into her nightgown and a thin robe. She didn’t even try to lay down. She turned out the light, opened the window, and sat looking at the stars. There was a slight breeze and she hoped it would cool her body and her thoughts. Six men! Every night! Was that physically possible? She thought about the six brothers. They were incredibly arousing. The sexual attraction made her weak with desire. How could she even consider taking six men to her bed at the same time? Every time the thought crossed her mind, she trembled with desire. How could they share a woman for a prolonged time without jealousy? She sighed, mind still in a turmoil.

Suddenly, she heard conversation below her. She shouldn’t listen, but she heard her name and stayed at the window.

“Andros,” said Kel, “do you think Melea will stay?”

“I do not know, Kel,” said Andros. “She does not seem to fear us.”

“But will she want us?” asked Tyr.

“I hope so,” said Eidan, “I hope so.”

“None of the others would,” said Loth sadly.

“True,” said Andros. “But they were all afraid of us individually and absolutely terrified of all of us together.”

Donal added, wistfully, “I hope she stays. I like her.” The conversation faded.

Well, she had a bit more information. It sounded like jealousy would not be a problem. But could she accommodate them. Or rather, should she accommodate them. She found that the longer she thought about them, the more she desired them. All of them. She sighed. She was not a virgin, but she had never considered giving herself to more than one man at a time. She sighed again and decided to ask questions in the morning. She finally went to bed. Her dreams were haunted by tall, blond, dark-sapphire eyed men.

In the morning, she went downstairs to talk to them. She saw Donal first. He looked at her hopefully. “Good morning, Melea,” he said.

“Good morning, Donal,” she replied. “Please, I would like to speak with all of you if I may.”

Donal ushered her into the sitting room. “I will get my brothers,” he said and left her for a few minutes. She only hoped their overpowering sexuality would not overly influence her. The six men came into the room. Their sexual attraction made her tremble.

“Please,” she said, “before I decide, will you answer some questions for me?”

“Yes, of course,” said Andros. She took a deep breath, not realizing that all six of them focused briefly on her breasts.

“Thank you,” she said, pausing. She took another deep breath. “How are you able to share one woman without jealousy?” This one still bothered her.

Eidan answered. “We cannot be jealous,” he explained. “Our physical and emotional satisfaction depends on our interactions with one woman. Jealousy would poison that.”

“Why only one woman?” she asked. They were silent for a few minutes.

Then Andros calmly said, “Because we are notÔÇŽcompletelyÔÇŽhuman.”

She sat back, not sure they weren’t telling lies, giving her a line. They saw her skepticism. “What are you, then?” The skepticism came through. They looked at each other and sighed.

“We are sorry, Melea,” said Loth. They stood up, surrounding her. They removed their clothing. Before her stood six tall, muscular, beautiful men, amazingly well endowed. And their sexuality hit her. Her eyes widened.

“What did you do?” she whispered hoarsely, “What did you do?”

“This is our nature, Melea,” said Tyr. “Our father was an incubus. Because he chose to cleave to a human woman, he allowed her to become pregnant. Six times.”

Donal added, “And we are cursed. We are intensely sexual yet we can only achieve emotionalÔÇöand physicalÔÇösatisfaction if we share one woman.”

“Why me?” she asked.

“You were, um, adventurous enough to come here,” said Andros. “Truly, we have asked other women,” he admitted. “But even if one would consent, she would allow us only one night and then try to choose one over the others.” He paused. “They did not understand. We MUST SHARE!”

They were still nude. She could hardly breathe. They exuded such intense sexual attraction that she was afraid she would throw herself on them. She stood up and turned away from them so she could think. She closed her eyes and could only see six, nude, intensely desirable men. She sighed and turned back to them. “Is it possible for one woman to accommodate all of you in one, um, session?” she asked.

“Yes, Melea,” said Eidan. “It is possible. Sometimes tiring and perhaps sometimesÔÇŽpainful. We are not, um, average.”

She couldn’t help it. She laughed. “No, Eidan,” she said. “You are certainly not average!” They all smiled at her somewhat sheepishly. She went to them, Escort bayan Ankara allowing them to surround her. She looked up at them and smiled softly. “I will try,” she said quietly.

“Conditions, Melea?” asked Loth quietly.

“No, Loth,” she replied. “No conditions other than physical limitations. Mine.” She paused. “What will you do?” she whispered.

They smiled at her. “We will touch you, caress you, taste you, enter your body. Many times. Each,” said Donal. She drew a shuddering breath. The very thought of them with her was intensely, thoroughly arousing.

“Will you come with us, Melea?” asked Kel.

“Yes,” she whispered, “yes.”

They took her gently to the room they all shared. The room was very large, dominated by a huge bed. Still nude, six tall men began undressing her, slowly removing her clothes. They began kissing her wherever they could, lips, throat, shoulders, breasts. In the process of arousing her, they were becoming aroused. She saw six erections rise towards her. They were swelling to immense proportions. She could feel their heat. She began touching them. Stroking their amazing length and hardness. Kel lifted her in his arms. His brothers crowded around to kiss and stroke her body. She began to moan, wanting them to enter her. They carried her to the bed and lay her among them. Huge erections pressed against her.

“Yes, please!” she moaned. Andros claimed her first, entering her slowly, steadily. She writhed and arched up to meet him. Deeper and deeper, he pushed into her until he was completely in her. He stopped, letting her feel his heat and hardness deep in her. “Andros,” she whispered, throbbing around him. He began moving in her, slowly at first, then faster. His brothers were kissing and stroking her as he took her, moving harder, faster, deeper into her writhing body. Hands and lips were everywhere, making her feel that Andros had dozens of hands to stimulate her as he took her. She arched in climax, throbbing around him as he kept pushing harder and harder into her. She arched against him again in climax. Still he thrust into her, hard, deep, over and over. She climaxed again. He kept thrusting into her, now harder and deeper until he climaxed with her, pulsing deep and hot into her. He eased out of her, kissing her. He was immediately replaced by Eidan, who thrust deep into her, surprising her into an immediate climax. “Eidan.” She whispered as he kept thrusting as deep into her as he could, bringing her to climax again and again. She writhed under him. His climax pulsed hot and deep into her as her climax throbbed around the hot hardness in her. He remained in her, still hard and hot, letting her feel him. Then he withdrew, oh so very slowly, prolonging the exquisite friction of him leaving her.

Donal was next. He entered her a little at a time, advance and retreat, until he was completely inside of her. She was moaning and writhing. Donal thrust hard and deep into her, filling her with hard, hot flesh. “Donal,” she whispered, rising to meet his thrusts. Over and over, deeper, harder, until she climaxed strongly around him. Again and again, deep and hard into her writhing, quivering body. She climaxed again and again, wanting more and more. Donal’s climax finally claimed him. He thrust hard and deep as he pulsed hotly into her throbbing climax. He left her body as he had entered it, advance and retreat, giving her a final climax just before he completely withdrew.

Kel claimed her now, easing his hot hardness into her as the last of her spasms subsided. She moaned and arched up to him. “Kel,” she whispered, holding him. He kissed her as he began thrusting hard and deep. She climaxed. He kept moving in her, sometimes pausing for her climax, sometimes thrusting through them. On and on he pushed deep into her writhing, thrashing body until his own climax claimed him and he pulsed deep and hot into her.

Now Loth covered her, thrusting strongly into her, now fast, now slow in an uneven rhythm that aroused her more, the sensations driving her wild with desire. “Loth,” she whispered, writhing, arching, wanting him deep, deep into her. On and on, now fast, now slow, as she climaxed and thrashed beneath him. Her body trembled and quivered. The hot hard, immense erection driving her, fueling her need. They climaxed together, hard, hot, long pulses deep in her throbbing body. Loth slowly withdrew from her as her climax ended.

Now Tyr, the last, was poised to enter her and he was huge. “Tyr,” she whispered, holding her arms out to him. “I am sorry, Melea,” he said quietly. And slammed deep and hard into her. She arched and screamed at the sudden, painful assault. Still he thrust deep into her, savage, brutal lunges that had her whimpering and thrashing under him. Again and again, harder and deeper. Her moans became cries. He pounded her to one screaming climax after another. He hurt! Yet she welcomed it as she felt the weaving of their sexuality around her. Gentle, slow, fast, hard, heat, and pain so intense it was joy. Bayan escort Ankara On and on, he pounded, hurting her as his brothers soothed her with gentle kisses and caresses. The contrast had her burning, wanting, needing. Tyr plunged deeply, savagely into her as she shrieked with release, her body throbbing strongly around his hard, pulsing climax. She lay limp beneath him. He would have withdrawn quickly, but she held him against her to savor the feel of him as she let him slowly withdraw. “I am sorry, Melea,” whispered Tyr. She shook her head gently, looking at all of them.

“Never be sorry,” she whispered. “Together you are complete. Thank you for joy.” She touched their faces gently.

“You are not angry that I hurt you?” asked Tyr. She touched his lips to silence him.

“No, Tyr. I am not angry.” She smiled at him. “It was needful and I will welcome it again.”

They all looked surprised at her understanding. They gently stroked her body. She sighed with pleasure and noticed that they were still hard. She smiled slightly, leaned back into the pillows, and said, “Again?”

They eagerly crowded around her so that anywhere she moved she touched one of them. “Please,” she said, “let me enjoy your true natures.” A wave of sexuality flowed over her. “Oh yes!” she breathed, reaching for them.

“Melea,” whispered Kel, “we may be on you for a long time.”

“Oh, please,” she breathed, “for hours and hours.” And again they took her from gentleness to shrieking release. And again. Each time making it last longer and longer until they finally let her sleep. When she awoke, she was firmly nested among them. Six warm, muscular bodies around her. Six pairs of sapphire eyes watching her. She smiled at them.

“You are right,” she said. “One woman can accommodate all of you.” Six amazing smiles answered her, a little of their intense sexuality washing over her. She felt her nipples harden and her body grow warm. And she felt them all begin to swell against her. She reached out to touch their faces. “Please,” she said. “Show me again what you are.”

“Melea,” said Tyr softly, “we can always be what we are if you wish it.”

“Oh, yes. Please!” Their sexuality crashed over her. Six incredibly hard, hot erections pressed against her body. She stretched, savoring the feel of them surrounding her.

This time Kel mounted her first, riding her willing body with hard, deep thrusts until she climaxed. Then he gave place to Andros, who also took her to a single climax. Then Loth, Eidan, and Donal. And Tyr, who again made her scream. Again and again, they took her with hard, pounding lunges deep into her to a single climax with each of them. On and on, they thrust into her until each pulsed a hard hot climax into her.

Andros whispered in her ear, “Can we do as we wish with you, lovely Melea?”

“Oh yes,” she sighed, “oh, yes!”

They rearranged themselves. Four of them held her arms and legs. She was cushioned on Tyr, with his massive erection nested between her buttocks. “Do not fear, Melea,” said Tyr softly. “We will not use you this way. It is for stimulus only.” And he pushed against her, letting her feel his hardness and heat. He held her with his hands firmly on her breasts. One at a time, they took her, as she was held helpless by the others, always feeling Tyr’s hands on her breasts, his hardness between her buttocks. Their use was hard, deep, and long. She arched and writhed against them, body trembling, throbbing as the immense, hard, hot erections thrust deep into her over and over, bringing her to climax again and again. She moaned and cried out, straining into their hard thrusts deep into her. One by one, they took her, used her with hard, deep thrusts to their own massive climaxes. Tyr traded places with Andros, and threw himself on her, plunging hard and deep into her. She screamed, thrashing, struggling.

The others held her tightly. Tyr thrust savagely deep into her again and again. She was moaning, screaming, raising herself to his savagely brutal thrusts deep into her body. On and on, he used her, hard, hot, and deep. Somehow, he prevented her climax. She was burning for release, wanting him to give it to her, wanting the pain of him deep and hard in her. With his final savage lunges, he brought her to climax. She shrieked in release as he pounded his hot, throbbing climax deep into her. She lay limp in their grip. They swarmed over her again, stroking her, kissing her, petting her. She lay, sated, savoring their hands and lips, returning their kisses, knowing they were still aroused. Again, they took her, Tyr always last, always giving her screaming climaxes.

She soon had no thought other than how soon they would come to her again. She wanted them constantly. They came to her every night for hours. And sometimes, in the middle of the day, they would carry her to the bed and take her fast and hard, over and over. They soon all walked around nude. She could enjoy the sight of six, tall magnificent male bodies knowing they would come to her, take her, use her anytime of the day or night. They would wake her by thrusting hard and deep into her, use her, and let her sleep. Or they would start at dawn and take her over and over until the next dawn. And she loved them all.

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