Master Mike Ch. 06

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In the aftermath of our tag team assault on Kevin, I stand facing my Master. Our bodies drip with perspiration while our cocks hang semi-erect and my breathing returns to normal. I’m stilling looking at the soiled rubber Master has tossed onto the slut’s back. I smile broadly and then I begin to chuckle as the post-orgasm euphoria sets in.

“What’s so funny?” Master asked me.

“I’m just seeing some irony in Kevin’s life as a bottom boy. Look at what lays on the floor between us: a dog sitter, garage slut and garbage can.”

We watch Kevin’s body stir. He rolls over onto his back and his cock juts upward and lands against his belly. Then it moves into the air and remains in an upright mast position.

“He’s reacting to you. That’s truly a wonderful sign for both you.”

I look at master with a questioning eyebrow.

“I wanted to see if you could switch roles and play the dominant. You performed magnificently and the result speaks for itself. It only takes a few well chosen words to sum up a scene for closure. Thanks to you we will now look at Kevin differently. You exposed him for what he is. And, believe me when I tell you this. He likes it. He’s demonstrating that by showing us his hard on.”

“He has a small dick. It’s not sexy.”

Master laughed. “His dick is small.” He laughed and stroked his cock.

“But his ass hole and his mouth feel incredible. He’s a good slut.”

I nod in agreement even though Kevin’s dick size disgusts me. “Master, I need a shower. Would you like to join me?”

“Yes Bob, I would.”

“What should I do about Kevin? Do you want him to join us?”

“He’s your slut now. You decide.”

“My slut? What do you mean he’s my slut?”

“You topped him, you mocked him and he’s responded in kind.”

“But I thought he’s your slave.”

“I’ll loan him to you. Try him out for a while. If you tire of him, we’ll talk about a trade-in or something.”

“What the fuck am I going to do with him? I don’t need another complication in my life.”

“Slaves are commodities. If you are going to be a dominant you need to start looking at them that way. The slave enjoys objectification as much as we do. Kevin enjoys it immensely.”

“I don’t really give a shit what Kevin likes. I have no interest in having sex with him. He doesn’t turn me on. I am turned on by you Master.”

“I think you are a natural switch but if you don’t want Kevin I certainly understand.”

I looked down and saw that Kevin was staring back up at me. His face had reddened.

His reaction produced an unexpected reaction in me too. My cock grew as I felt the rush of my own feelings turn. In an instant, I said “wipe that smirk off your face bitch and suck your new Master’s cock.”

Kevin came to me in a flash with his mouth open and his eyes wide with lust. I could see and feel his enjoyment. We were now opposite ends of the same power rush and after he took his place at my feet I fed him my hard jutting cock.

“I know you want me as your Master, Kevin.”

He nodded and moaned affirmatively as he sucked me into his throat. His mouth felt wonderful and as the lust took over I found myself wanting to lecture him, humiliate him and push him to find a breaking point.

“Your dick is tiny Kevin. It’s embarrassing. You can’t cum in my presence do you hear me? I don’t give a shit about you.”

Kevin seemed to be in a third world of lust and ing├ęnue. He wasn’t fazed at all by my choice of words. In fact I felt him relax as I placed my hands on his head and began sawing my cock in and out of his throat. And that’s when I really began to re-consider taking ownership of this bitch.

“Jesus Master. It feels like I’m getting a second wind and a desire to fuck this nasty slut until I can’t get it up anymore.”

“That’s really hot. I think you should but I’m all out of rubbers.”

Kevin withdrew himself from my cock. “I’m safe sir. I promise. You can fuck me bareback. It’s okay.”

“Shut the fuck up,” I said and slapped his face. “You got a fucking lot to learn bitch.” And I slapped his face again. Kevin lightly rubbed both cheeks and then looked at me in dismay. “Who gave you permission to stop sucking my cock?”

Kevin’s body slumped and I felt my cock pulse in kind.

“What the fuck bitch, get back to work. Suck my cock!”

When the tip of my cock touched his lips I grabbed his head and thrust myself into his mouth and down his throat. At the base, I let my cock throb in his throat while I held my grip firmly on his head. Whoever coined the term skull-fucking was really in touch with something because that’s exactly what I was doing with Kevin now.

“You better think long and hard about what your place is slut,” I began. “I’m already used to ordering you around. My tone is likely to grow negative with each passing day. Abusing you turns me on and I don’t see that ending any time soon.”

I swear the longer I talked the more turned on I got. It was like Kevin was quickly becoming a non-person and not only could I say anything I wanted to him but I was doing anything I wanted too. Skull Ankara escort fucking a slut and verbally assaulting his senses is a total turn-on.

“In fact I don’t care if you are a virgin. I don’t want your shit on my cock and that’s why I will have a rubber on whenever I fuck you. Is that fucking clear to you bitch?”

He nodded without delay.

“You like me don’t you slut?”

I felt him nod.

“I’m giving you the kind of attention you crave.”

He nodded again and moaned on my cock.

“I own you bitch,” I shouted. “I’ll take this bitch and destroy him,” I said to my Master. “I accept your offer sir. I will take him on as my personal property.” I was now forcefully sawing my cock in and out of Kevin’s throat like a piston rams the valve on a V-8. Master Mike approached until he was towering over Kevin and kissing me on the lips.

In an instant I realized I do it for Kevin like Master does for me. Like a loyal puppy I melted before my Master and moved my hands from Kevin’s head to my Master’s hips. My sawing power slowed a little but it was no matter. If Master wanted my submission now I was ready to give it.

“I need to go,” he whispered. “My party guests will be arriving soon.” He kissed my lips briefly again. “If you want to bring your slut to the party, it’s okay with me.” We kissed again briefly and he said “Just make sure you have control of him. If he acts up I’ll be holding you accountable.”

“Yes Master. Thank you.”

Master dismounted himself from our embrace and then he slipped his clothes on and walked out of the garage. We waved to one another and we both laughed. “Have fun with your new slave” he said and then he left.

I withdrew from Kevin’s mouth after Master Mike’s departure. Kevin pouted, behaving like a little spoiled brat and I slapped his face with my open palm as hard as I could.

“Don’t you cop a fucking attitude with me bitch.”

“I’m sorry sir” he whined while rubbing his face.

“We need to have some rules. You will be in possession of XL rubbers and lube at all times when you are in my presence. Right now I want to fuck you Kevin and you are unprepared.”

“I’m sorry sir. I didn’t know.”

Whack. I slap his face hard. “Shut the fuck up. I’m talking now.”

I stare at him and then speak again. “You are a filthy fucking mess. You smell like piss and my dried cum is on your forehead. Get dressed and then get the fuck out of here. Go to the store buy the rubbers and then return ready to be fucked.”

Before I finished Kevin was on his feet getting dressed. It turned me on to see him so compliant.

“There’s one more matter I want covered. Your dick is disgraceful. At all times you will wear at least a g-string. I want that dick covered up.”

“Yes sir. I understand.”

“Don’t disappoint me. You’re already due one beating. If you keep fucking up with me, the severity of your beating will be quite high.”

On his way out he turned and waved and I flipped him off. “Don’t waste my time with your piss-ant bullshit.”

After Kevin drove off, I walked out of my garage while stroking my cock. In the space between my garage and house I looked at my neighbor’s house. Lights were on but no one was watching. Then I walked into my house, locked the door, picked up my clothes in the kitchen and headed upstairs for a shower.

About an hour later I was feeling refreshed as I sat down to a nice salmon dinner. It was dark outside already and the garage’s automatic lights were on when Kevin’s F-150 returned to my driveway. He came to my back door and I had him kneel on the ground in front of the steps while I finished my dinner.

He was still there when I opened the door about 10 minutes later. I was dressed in jeans, a black tee and black boots. Black was definitely the appropriate color. It spoke volumes about masculine dominance and the reaction it evoked in Kevin was nothing less than spectacular.

“You look like shit and you smell awful” I said him.

“Sorry sir.”

“You need to be hosed down.” I stepped down from the back door porch and brushed past him as I said “follow me you fucking dirt ball.”

When I got to my hose roll, I turned and noticed he was crawling. “Get up you fucking moron. Quit wasting my time you dumb fuck!”

I got him to kneel by the pool and then I turned on the hose and sprayed him with the water. It was cold but in this heat it had to feel good. He didn’t complain as I splashed the water against his face, his chest, his shorts and legs.

“Where are the fucking rubbers you dumb cunt?”

“They’re in my truck.”

“Jesus Christ are you fucking kidding me? Go get them you ass hole.”

As he passed by me I thumped his ass with my foot. “Hurry up.”

I wanted to laugh at my own audacity and yet my cock was swollen with lust. It amazed me that I could actually do this without Master Mike there to guide and stimulate me. I looked at my pool. The newly installed lighting system in the trees and in my pool made the water look inviting. And the hot ambient air was taking its effect on me as well. As I undressed, Ankara escort bayan I smiled about the irony of this situation. I should be enjoying this evening with my wife; I have fantasized about such an interlude with my Master; and tonight I am going to share the moment with my new slave.

When he returned I had already taken my clothes off and put them on a chair. His eyes went straight for my cock and I said “come here slut. Slip a rubber on me.”

With the rubber on I turned to the pool and walked into it via the steps at the shallow end. With each step I felt the water surround and comfort me until I was standing in waist-deep water. Then I turned to Kevin and said “why don’t you strip and join me.”

Kevin was all smiles and wasted no time in getting himself naked and into the pool with me.

Maybe it was the water, the romantic lighting and my conscience working in combination but all of a sudden, I wanted to try a different tact with him. The closer he got to me the more I wanted to be nice and just see how that went. We met near the mid-point of the pool. I was standing in chest deep and he was treading water. “Come closer Kevin. Put your arms around me. Mmm, that’s it. Now wrap your legs around my waist.”

When you get right down to it, Kevin is a wonderful fuck. His ass is tight, his legs are hairless and smooth and with them wrapped around me, I slid my arms around his waist and pulled him in close enough for a kiss. On contact his lips parted and I pushed my tongue into his mouth. His breath tasted good to me and I began to kiss him in a hungry way that felt as though I were feasting on him. Our tongues danced together, coating each with the other’s saliva and as I got caught up in the passion of the moment, my hand went to the back of his head and my cock began to tap his bottom.

For me, pool sex is as close to making love as any thing. The water is so calming and soothing on the senses. Not at all like the harsh verbal lecture that I gave to him earlier.

“I like this Kevin.”

“Me too,” he swooned.

“I don’t want to be a full-time ass hole.”

He moved his hand down to my cock and began to guide it into him while looking into my eyes. It took some effort but eventually we managed to push my sheathed cock inside him. Then our lips and tongues met again as he relaxed his hole and I pushed the final distance to achieve full penetration.

Once he was fully impaled on me, I throbbed inside him. “Donna has no idea about my interest in men.”

Between kisses, Kevin said “Its okay, she’s not going to hear about this from me.”

“Thanks. And, don’t worry you’ll be paid for your dog sitting services. I’m not here to take advantage.”

“I appreciate that,” he said more like a business man than a slut sharing an intimate moment with his Master.

“I would like this to be the last time I wear a condom with you.”

“Really? I am safe sir. I swear. I get tested every few months. It’s always negative.”

“But there is a catch Kevin. You’ll need to dedicate your fuck holes to me.”

This time I stared into his eyes with a seriousness that a principal gives to a student.

He gazed at me in silence.

“Your mouth and ass belong to me and I forbid you to share them with others except Master Mike and me.”

I began sawing in and out of Kevin’s ass. With each stroke I hoped he would melt to my way of thinking.

“I’m not sure I can do that” he blurted. “I like being put out for others’ enjoyment.”

I had to give him that. I like it too. I have this fantasy of being bound with ropes that are secured to posts. I’m naked, standing with my arms spread above my head and my legs spread wide. Long after the ropes tear into my flesh, men continue to mount me and take their turn at soiling my bung hole. I feel each burning squirt as they grunt out cum after cum.

“I’m your Master now Kevin. I will decide when you have earned that privilege.”

“Yes sir” he responded somberly.

I slowly moved in and out of his ass and then back in again and held myself in place as we neared the ascending steps. “Do you want me as your Master?” I asked him frankly.

“Yes I do.”

“Why?” I asked and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Tell me why. Convince me.”

“I like your voice and I love your cock. You are very attractive, mysterious even. I like your attitude…the way you took over, slicing and dicing my confidence. You shredded me into ribbons as you highlighted my inadequacies.”

“I got off on that but that’s not the total me.”

“Yes I know. You are an intimate man. I love this. It’s like we’re a couple, making love.”

I frowned and Kevin said “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean you love me.”

“I don’t love you Kevin. But I am feeling benevolent.”

He squeezed his anus around my cock. “What a nice talent you have Kevin.”

“Thank you, sir. I have lots of talents like that.”

“I’ve had this fantasy for a long time. To have someone I could call and fuck on short-notice. That’s how I want to view our relationship.”

He smiled. “I like that.”

“And, Escort Ankara someone to fuck with. Tease and deny.” I paused to withdraw and then thrust myself back into him. For each stroke, Kevin’s anus hugged my cock firmly. “Someone with whom I may explore my interests in spanking…the kind of activity that breaks someone down to almost nothing…no barriers, nothing to stand between me and him.”

Kevin’s lips parted and his eyes narrowed as he felt my cock thrust back and forth inside him. There was a physical, emotional and even spiritual unveiling going on between us. The kind of exchange that encourages more steps in a particular direction.

“You feel good Kevin, like a masturbation sleeve wrapped around my cock. Tomorrow I would like for you to go online and shop for a chastity device that we can both feel good about you wearing.”

“I can do that,” he said.

“I’m going to look too. It should be something that deters you from sex with others yet allows you to go to the bathroom on your own.”

“You’re really turning me on sir.”

“I don’t know of anything lockable to block access to your ass hole. But another bonus would be to cause your tiny dick and balls some discomfort.”

“So I remain faithful to you.”

“So you can allow me my interest in controlling you.”

“I thought you wanted me to be faithful.”

“I want full control and the confidence that bareback sex with you is safe for me. If that’s not in the equation then our relationship will be short.”

“I am safe. I tested negative last week.”

“How many bare cocks have been in your ass since then?”


“Four. Really? I’m not impressed. I think you should leave and then call me when you’re ready to meet my conditions.”

“No. Please don’t make me go. I like it here.”

I pulled out of his ass and forcefully disengaged myself from his embrace. We were in enough water depth that he could stand. “Get off me you fucking selfish bitch.”

When he finally let go I said “Go.”

“Are you firing me?”

“No. But I refuse to have sex with a slave that won’t do what it takes to protect me so we can both enjoy great sex.”

“Okay I’ll do it,” he blurted out. “I’m sorry. Okay. Please don’t toss me out.” He was now visibly shaking.

“As it is, you’ll have to be celibate for six months. Call it an incubation period.”


“Don’t second guess me Kevin. I’m in charge of your sex life now. I own you. Say it.”

“Yes Master, you own me.”

“Stroke your dick Kevin. Don’t you dare cum without permission.”

He stood in the shadows but I saw his hand go for his crotch. As his arm moved he settled down a little.

“That’s it bitch, stroke your dick. Tell me if it feels good.”

“Yes it does.”

“Yes Master it feels good” I stated back to him. “Call me Master you fucking ungrateful bitch.”

“Yes Master it feels good.”

He continued stroking is tiny dick.

“Is it hard yet?”

“Yes Master. It is very hard.”

“Do you want to cum?”

“Yes Master. May I please?”

“No you may not. Stop stroking. Hands at your sides,” I said as I started up the steps.

He stopped stroking. “Now you know how I felt when you decided not to comply with my wishes.”

“I apologized for that. I’m sorry.”

“We both lost out tonight Kevin. You’re too selfish. I think in time I will find somebody that’s right for me to fuck without worry. You can consider yourself free of my ownership and on top of that you’re fired too. Now get the fuck off my property you fucking piece of shit!”

Kevin fell to his knees and whined “please Master. Please give me another chance. I promise I will obey you. I’m sorry. Please don’t do this.”

I looked at him in disgust. His eyes were welling and then tears cascaded over his cheeks.

“I want the only key that frees your dick from the chastity device you put on it. Get one that allows you to pee with it on. I also want your ass plugged except when you have to take a shit. You will wear these items for six months and remain celibate. Then you will be tested for diseases and if you pass the tests I will consider fucking you if I’m available. Accept my offer now or get the fuck out.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Come here bitch and take this rubber off my cock.”

He got up and stepped to me. I slapped his face hard “on your knees bitch.”

Once kneeling he reached up and withdrew the used condom from my cock. “Now stick it in your ass so you don’t lose it.”

He looked at me with confusion on his face.

“Its litter and you are a garbage can. Now stick it in your ass or leave. Jesus Christ bitch. Why are you such a fucking nuisance?”

I stepped around to watch as he reached back and finger stuffed it into his anus. “That’s good, now you have a tail,” I said laughing at my own comment. “Now clean my cock with your mouth only.”

Kevin turned to me with his mouth open and took the tip of my semi-hard cock to his lips and then inside his mouth. His tongue lapped against my skin and I found it increasingly difficult to hold back an erection. In a matter of moments my cock was on the way to becoming fully engorged as the little bitch worked his magic on it. He does have a wonderful mouth as Master Mike had said earlier. It’s a shame he requires so much work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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