Me and Georgina Pt. 02

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Me and Georgina (Part 2)

I had got involved with Georgina, my 51 year old boss, and this had forced me to change my job. A woman who I was sleeping with could not be my immediate boss, and Georgina’s pleas to be dominated, and treated as a slave, were too good to pass up. I wanted a lot more of Georgina, and I think she was desperate for me to give her more, but it wasn’t conducive to good working relations.

I was only 19, and changing my office job turned out to be a blessing in disguise, really, as I started to work with people of my own age, and the chances of moving up the ladder were far greater. The pay rises were bigger, and more frequent, too.

Georgina and I had got to ‘know one another’ when I worked in her little accounts section, in a large factory, and now she wanted more, there was no question. I had woken up her dormant sexual side that had probably been asleep for years, and it was a chance to bring my most erotic fantasies to life. I was a young, fit teenager, and Georgina knew that she could get me to come and service her sexual needs, only if she allowed me to dominate her, and give her no say, at all, in how she should behave.

I intended to do this, in the nicest possible way, of course, but I was going to visit Georgina regularly and, hopefully, watch her give in and pleasure my every sexual whim. She had dyed, blonde hair, had good breasts, fine hips, and her legs were out of this world. She lived on her own in a caravan, had no immediate family, and she wanted taking under my wing, even though I was young enough to be her son. By taking her out for an evening meal, and then ending up in her bed when we got back to the caravan, Georgina believed that there was somebody out there who could care for her. Me! I was happy to act out that role, but as a young, excited male, I would turn each situation to my own erotic advantage –I hoped!!

I did not want to be cruel, and I still wanted to treat her like a lady on occasions, but I knew Georgina was the kind of woman who, if you gave her inch, so to speak, she would take a mile. The ladies where she worked were treated to sulky moods, bitter asides, and downright rudeness some times, and she could be a real bitchy madam if up against a weak person. I was not going to let this happen –she wanted a friend and lover –she would pay a form of ‘retainer’ for the privilege. I wanted Georgina to ‘appreciate’ the kindness that I was going to bestow upon her.

The most exciting thing about a woman of Georgina’s age is that they are not frightened of their bodies, or their sexuality. If you fondle and press the right buttons, they will want to give themselves completely, and want you to push the limits even further. They have probably experienced wonderful sensations already in their lives, so if you can re-enact these moments, then they will give you even more, and want you to extend their boundaries of erotic excitement even further. I felt that Georgina was one of these women.

A week after the visit to the restaurant, I called on Georgina at the caravan, unannounced. It was nearly 12 midday on a Sunday morning. As I drove along the bumpy lane into the caravan park, coming the other way was the flash Ford car, driven by, I was almost certain, Georgina’s ‘good friend, George.’ What was he doing here? Either just going home after a long night, or he’d dropped Georgina off after church? Which one do you think, eh??

I knocked on the caravan door, and when she opened it, Georgina almost fell over herself to embrace me.

‘Oh Paul, I’ve missed you, I’ve missed you so much. I didn’t know whether you were coming round today –thank God you did –oh, it’s lovely just to touch you and smell you again.’ As I went up the step into the caravan, she clung to my chest and shoulders, and allowed me to kiss her wonderful lips deeply, opening them slightly, so I could explore her mouth briefly.

‘God, I’ve missed that. I’ve missed those arms around my body, Paul. Why did you have to leave the job? It’s not the same in the office without you.’

I explained my reasoning, and said I didn’t want our careers to spoil our relationship, and this way, there would be no secondary reasons why we couldn’t look forward to seeing one another whenever possible. She was in a good job, well established, and in a position of authority –I, on the other hand, was still young, and could easily start again in another place of employment –it seemed pretty obvious that it would be easier for me to change –and I had!!

Georgina looked good. Her face was made up with light make-up and soft lip-stick, and she had on tight, blue denim jeans that fitted snugly all round her ass, and down between her legs. I could see the well-filled bra pushing against the white T shirt. At 51, Georgina Lent could still rouse blood pressures.

‘Did I see George as I came along the lane, Georgina?’ I thought I’d get this little prick out of the way before I discussed what I’d really come Ankara escort for.

‘Oh, Paul. Thank God you saw him. I didn’t know how to tell you. He came round this morning, and wanted to know what was going on. Why I hadn’t phoned him, or answered his messages. I didn’t tell him anything about you, as it’s none of his business, really, is it? You’re not stupid, are you Paul? You know he’s married, don’t you? Well, I told him he was using me, and had been doing so for ages. He lived with his wife, I said, but when it was convenient to him, he expected to take me out, or come round here for ‘coffee,’ and then I wouldn’t hear from him for weeks.’

Sounded like quite a good policy, I thought, but I daren’t say so.

‘So I sent him off with a flea in his ear, Paul,’ and Georgina laughed and clung to my chest again, and offered up her mouth once more. As I pushed all round her mouth with my tongue, I squeezed her wonderful ass through her jeans, pulling her in so that she could feel my cock through my trousers, up against her groin. She sighed her first sigh, and I thought now was the time. The story about George could have been the truth –it could have been a pack of lies. I’d find out in due course.

‘Georgina, I want to talk to you about our relationship, and some of the items that were briefly mentioned when we had the evening together last week. Is that OK? I’ll get a couple of chairs.’ She looked a little worried, and that was the idea, and I placed the two dining chairs side by side, but facing opposite ways, so that she and I could still touch, and be very close, and look one another in the eyeÔÇöa sort of formal meeting in her lounge.

‘There’s nothing wrong, is there Paul? Please say I haven’t upset you in any way?’ I put my hand on her knee after we were seated, and tried to reassure her.

‘Don’t worry, Georgina, don’t worry at all. I love being with you, I told you that umpteen times last week, didn’t I? I just want to sort out a few things so that I know what to expect, and you understand how I would like you to behave. Not too much, but it will make such a difference to our enjoyment, both for you and me. Is that OK?’

‘Oh yes Paul. Whatever you say! I told you that I feel so protected when you’re around, that I’m prepared to do anything you say. That evening, last weekend, was like a dream for me, and I just want to carry on making you happy, so that you’re here with me as much as possible. God, you’re so tall and handsome, and young and fit. I can’t believe this is happening to me!!’

Her hand had joined mine on her knee, and she ran my fingers up and down her denim clad thigh, taking me nearer and nearer to her crotch. I pushed my fingers against the hard seam of the denim, between her legs, but only for a split second, and then I took my hand away completely. It was a taster for her, and it gave me the thrill of feeling this sexy, mature woman again.

‘Georgina, that’s very nice of you to say so. I’ve drawn up a short list that I’d like you to have a look at. It outlines matters that we touched on last week, and a few more that appeal to me. I hope that you can agree to these little points, as it would ensure that our relationship continues as an exciting and close liaison. Please take a look,’ and I handed her a piece of pink printing paper that I had chosen especially, the words on it in bold type, and printed on my word processor. I stood up, and walked slowly around Georgina as she read my list.

‘You can keep that paper, Georgina. I have kept a copy for myself back at the lodgings. I hope you find the list reasonable –do you?’ and I rested my hands on her neck, massaging her shoulders as she sat.

‘In our passion last week,’ I carried on, ‘you did hint that such domination on my part would bring a certain amount of pleasure to you. Thinking about it over the past few days, I have realised that your idea is wonderful, and I think by drawing up these guidelines, they will bring even greater pleasure to both of us, Georgina. It would be unfortunate if you no longer felt able to agree with my suggestions. I really do have to go in a moment, Georgina.’ I was pushing and testing her immediately, and as I spoke, I ran my hands down her chest to cup and caress the golden breasts in the tight Tshirt.

‘No, Paul, no. Please don’t go. You’ve only just arrived,’ and she broke away and stood up, clinging to my waist and chest again. ‘I’ll do it, Paul. I agree to the rules. All of them. Absolutely. Oh, God, I love them, Paul, I really do. I’m happy to agree, I really am. I said I wanted it this way, and I really do. It’s given me something tangible in my life again.’ She was frantic to agree there and then, and I kissed her lips hard, and felt the hard nipples of her straining breasts through her T shirt and bra. She was excitable and excited. I didn’t expect it to be this easy, but I had got her!!

‘I want you to be absolutely sure, Georgina, and that is why I am going now. These rules will be Ankara escort bayan binding once signed, so you have a few hours to digest their full meaning, and back out if you want to. I shall be back at 8o’clock tonight, with my copy of the rules, and we shall both sign both copies. OK? If you are agreeable, and sign the forms, then I would expect 2 things straight away, tonight–:

One –You will have on your tightest T-shirt and a tight bra. You will also have on a very short skirt, high heels, and a miniscule pair of panties. Bare legs, Georgina, no stockings tonight. Full make-up, as well, Georgina.

Secondly –You will have ready, for my inspection, every photograph that you have in this caravan. If I think you are still hiding any, I will carry out a search myself. Is that understood, Georgina? I have to go now.’

She clung on again, and I took the opportunity to squeeze that wonderful ass again. There was no feeling like it, but I wasn’t going to give in to temptation now, not for the sake of just a few hours, and the possibility of a lifetime (or a few years, at least) of sexual fun with this woman. I wanted to treat her properly, but that way, Georgina would give me everything!

‘Oh, I understand, Paul. I’ll be here at eight. I’m yours, Paul,’ and she opened her mouth for one last tonguing, and then I left her panting at the caravan door. I smiled as I took the car down the bumpy path, and I looked forward to 8o’clock that night.

This was terrific. When I came to this town, I was just a teenager with reasonable ambition. I liked sport, and kept myself reasonably fit, and I had found some comfortable lodgings where the landlady and her husband were very pleasant, and didn’t poke their noses into my business too much. I had got a little car, and a job, where I met Georgina, and I had been fortunate enough to get an even better job without having to wait around too long. My finances were OK, and I was able to put money away for ‘a rainy day’ and little treats. On the horizon was the possibility of a little windfall, as a rich, aged auntie was likely to pass away at any time, so life was quite good at the moment.

Just to put the icing on the cake, by pure accident, I had found a mature, attractive and sexy woman who wanted companionship and physical attention so much, that she was willing to compromise her own morals in order to get, and hold onto, that attention. If I was clever, this could go on for ages, and I wanted to push it as far as it would go!!

I had a ‘nap’ in the chair at the lodgings, and then had Sunday ‘roast’ with the family. I wanted to enjoy a very erotic evening with Georgina, and I wanted to tease her a little as well, so I put on my tightest denim jeans, those that didn’t leave a lot to the imagination when I was aroused, a ‘Fred Perry’ sports vest, and wore my black, leather jacket over the top.

I set off in the car, slipped into the ‘off-licence’ to get two bottles of red ‘Corbieres’ wine, and I was back at Georgina’s caravan by 8. I didn’t forget to bring my half of the pink ‘contract’. It was dark by now, and the curtains were closed on the caravan windows. I knocked twice, and the door opened within 10 seconds.

Georgina was all in black, and looked fabulous. She turned and I followed her up into the caravan, and I immediately noticed some ‘dog eared’ photo albums and tattered old envelopes on the table. Not yet, I thought. Georgina turned to me, and wanted to be encompassed by my frame around her. I held my arm around her shoulders, and used my other hand to pull her waist round to me, so that I was enclosing her body while she kissed me with her open-mouthed passion. God, she was an erotic woman when she wanted to be.

‘Well, Georgina, I have brought my copy of our little agreement. From your attire, I take it that you’re happy to sign?’ and I smiled, as I held her body and looked into her eyes. She had had the opportunity to digest just what I had set out for her–:

Be clothed as I instruct, wherever and whenever, and at all times.

Accompany me wherever I ask you to

Be available for my company, given reasonable notice

If I have friends or work colleagues with me, treat them with respect or in the manner I otherwise instruct

If I choose to record occasions with camera or video camera, you will

willingly cooperate

Although any of these instructions can be a matter for debate, the final

decision shall rest with me

You shall be prepared to discuss all aspects of your private life with me, if instructed to do so,

If you are away from my company, you will act like the mature,

sophisticated woman that you are, but you will continue to dress in the

manner that I shall instruct you in.

You will obtain a mobile phone, and it shall be switched on at all times.

My guidance shall be all consuming.

‘Absolutely Paul. Is the outfit acceptable to you? I haven’t been able to get anything Escort Ankara new, I’m afraid, as it’s Sunday, but I’ll try for something during the week. I’ll also get a mobile phone tomorrow, if I can. Oh, Paul…, if you look after me, you know I’ll do anything for you, don’t you? The rules excite me, Paul, and I’ll live my life by them, now. Oh, you are wonderful’

Was I really wonderful? I wanted to look after her, and I didn’t want to hurt her at all, but she was all my sexual fantasies rolled into one. She wanted me, she wanted me to give her protection, and warmth and love, and if I did this, she was prepared to give herself, lock, stock and barrel to my ‘code of conduct.’ If true, I think I was going to be a very fortunate, and very satisfied young man!!

I broke away from the wonderful smell of perfume, and Georgina giggled, and sighed, as we both signed the pink pieces of paper. I put one back into my pocket, and gave the other back to my mature acquaintance, watching her put it into her little purse. The light was low, but I was happy to keep it like that, and I took a seat on one of the soft cushions on the settee, and sat back and looked at my new ‘possession.’

‘Georgina, you don’t have to apologise, as your outfit looks absolutely stunning. I’d like to look more closely, so would you just stand in front of me for a moment. There, that’s great. Not too close, not too close. Let me look at you.’ Georgina stood two or three feet away from me, purring like a contented cat, and I surveyed her mature figure.

The black T shirt was extremely tight, and the up-lift bra was pushing hard against the material, Georgina’s breasts really thrusting out in superb shape. The black, woollen skirt fitted snugly around her waist, and was so short that I watched the stunning, white thighs taper down from the hem of the skirt, to the attractive knees and calves, and then Georgina’s dainty feet were pushed high onto tip-toe by the black, high-heeled sandals. Georgina was aiming to please!!

‘You look delicious, Georgina. I love the way your breasts thrust out so firmly in the shapely bra. Magnificent! You know that I really admire your legs, anyway, don’t you. We’ll have to get them tanned as quickly as possible, don’t you think, Georgina. Perhaps we can get you in for a few sessions at a health club, concentrating on getting your legs as brown as possible. Would you see if you can get that organised, Georgina?’

She smiled back at my comments, nodding her agreement.

‘I bought some wine with me, Georgina. I think we ought to celebrate this important occasion, don’t you. It’s like a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ between nations, being signed, don’t you think,’ and we both laughed, because, to us, it was far more important. Georgina got a corkscrew and I opened one of the bottles and poured out two glasses of wine. I gave one to the sexy blonde woman, and sat down on the sofa again.

‘A huge ‘cheers’ to you, Georgina. Now, could you just turn round,’ and she moved round as I was still speaking –very keen!! ‘Lovely, that’s really lovely, Georgina. Your legs are really stunning, aren’t they, and your thighs are probably the sexiest I’ve ever seen. Will you pull the skirt up so that I can see them in their entirety, right up to your bottom. That’s right. Wonderful’

Georgina stood with her back to me, and pulled her skirt up to her waist, so that I could enjoy looking at her little, black panties, the cheeks of her wonderful bottom, and her shapely legs in the high heels. I reached out a hand and touched her skirt.

Georgina moved slightly, and I was able to hold the top of her skirt, while still relaxing on my chair.

‘You can let go now Georgina, and just keep your hands on the fronts of your thighs.’ Her skirt fell to its natural length, which was still about 4 inches above the knee, and I watched the shapely figure as Georgina remained still, with her back to me.

‘Right, Georgina. Oh, you feel wonderful, so wonderful already.’ My hand had gone under the back of her little skirt, and found her panties straight away. ‘Open your legs, Georgina,’ and she moved her feet apart in the high heels. I felt her bottom, and my hand went down to feel the wetness at the gusset of the panties. I felt little tufts of pubic hair escaping from the sliver of material at Georgina’s vagina, and I rubbed gently, along the material, and Georgina’s vagina opened under my touch. She sighed, but held her ground.

‘Your body feels just as fantastic as last time I touched it Georgina. I’d like to start to look at the photographs, Georgina, as I asked you this afternoon. Are they the albums and things I see on the table?’ Two of my fingers slid under her panties and entered the sopping cunt that was waiting expectantly.

‘Yes, Paul, ohhhh…they’re on the table.’

‘I hope they’re all there, Georgina,’ and as a reminder, my two digits pushed up swiftly into the luscious vagina, and Georgina lifted briefly onto tip-toe. She had to shuffle her feet slightly, to stop herself from falling over.

‘They’re all there, Paul. They’re all there. I promise. God, your fingers feel good up inside me. So gentle, but you’re right inside of me, umm…’

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