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Jeremy heard the short toot of a horn and glanced out the window in time to see a petite blond give a wave as a red Porsche drove away in a cloud of dust. Ah, the desperate Miss Kendall, he thought, turning to the counter for her paperwork. Her dented little Honda was a far cry from the sporty car she’d just left.

He watched her cross the lot to the shop door, taking the opportunity to appreciate the view. She was a little shorter than what he usually liked, but her curvy body was slender and compact and nicely displayed in a light gray suit. Her legs were well shaped and strapped into surprising blue heels. She was pretty – not gorgeous, but pretty enough to catch a man’s eye and make him take a second look. As, obviously, Mr. Porsche had. He wondered briefly if Mr. Porsche was a friend or a lover. As the door chimed, he figured friend because if Jeremy had been her lover, he’d have stayed to make sure everything went okay.

“Hello?” The woman had a light hesitant voice and it matched the one who had called earlier.

Jeremy stepped into the lobby from the shop area and gave her a smile. “Miss Kendall?”

“Oh! Oh, yes,” she answered, starting in surprise. Up close, she was prettier, with wide blue eyes and skin the color of light pink roses. He felt a stirring and quickly tamped it down. “Thank you so much for waiting, Mr…”

“Jeremy, ma’am,” he knew his voice was curt, but his cock had started to ache and he didn’t need this now. All he wanted was a beer and a baseball game and the sooner Miss Kendall picked up her Honda, the sooner he’d get what he wanted.

“Thank you, Jeremy,” she said, her eyes dropping as she looked away. Damn, she was a sensitive little thing, he thought as he moved to the counter and dropped her paperwork on top of the pile. He felt a bit like a heel for snapping at her.

“Let’s get you on your way,” he softened his voice and she glanced back up at him. He opened the folder, shifted through the details and started to type in the computer, his body on alert as she leaned on the counter to peek at the papers. “Nice ride you got, by the way.”

“Ride? Oh, my baby?” she looked confused.

She called it her baby? The Honda sported at least 4 dents that said she didn’t take care of it like she should. “The Porsche,” he clarified, “Friend?”

“Oh! My boss,” she blushed and he started fascinated by the rosy glow on her cheeks. And neck and…Jeremy pulled his eyes back up to her face. Evidently the boss was something more than a friend.

“Nice car,” he mumbled, dropping his eyes back to the paperwork. He read through the initial quote, noticing Miss Kendall was a Sophie. Somehow, that made his cock stand at attention. Sophie seemed so much more…pleasurable.

“He was just being nice,” she mumbled, “It’s not like…I mean he’s married…Why am I explaining this to you?” She pierced him with her eyes, which now glinted with a mix of anger and embarrassment.

“Haven’t a clue, Miss Kendall,” Jeremy hid a smile. So the boss made a move on her.

“I’m sorry…please call me Sophie,” she gave him a small smile and a sigh, “It’s been a long day.”

Jeremy finished entering the parts and clicked save. “So you said on the phone,” he commented, clicking the print. The old dot matrix in the corner started to wheeze.

“And I’ve made it a long day for you too,” she sighed, “I’d say sorry again, except I really need my car back.” She fiddled with her purse, looking at the counter.

Jeremy sauntered over to collect the sheets from the printer. “No problem, sweetheart,” he gave a shrug, then tore off the pages, “Wouldn’t want you to have to be taken around in that Porsche.”

“He kissed me, okay,” she fumed, glaring at him again, “Out of the blue, he kissed my cheek as I got in the car. It’s not like I said or did anything. I mean, he’s nice, but, God, he’s married.” Her voice trailed off and she blushed again, staring back at the purse as if she wanted to climb inside it. “I mean, I know his wife. She’s nice. And I don’t think of him…”

Jeremy leaned on the counter. “Your car is ready,” he said softly, “And you won’t need another ride in his car.” Oh God, the look she sent him had tears swimming in her eyes. “Look, let’s get you settled here and then you can go home and relax. Maybe things won’t be so bad in the morning.” And please God don’t cry here.

She took a deep breath, which cad that he was, made his attention shift to the nice firm breasts lifting and settling. He forced his eyes back to the counter, searching frantically for a pen. He needed to get rid of Miss Sophie, her boss, and her baby Honda. He turned the paperwork towards her and offered the pen. Leaning forward, he caught a whiff of vanilla and spice and it stirred the budding lust inside him.

“Total’s 250 for parts and labor,” he said briskly, stepping back a little. Her face went pale.

“I…Oh God,” she stammered.

Crap. He swore silently as he watched her fumble in her purse. “Look, Miss Kendall,” he sighed, beylikdüzü escort “How much were you expecting?” One benefit to being part owner was he could finagle things a little and not catch flack.

“I’ve got it. I just need to write a…you don’t take checks,” her eyes were wide and frantic now. There was no reason he should be turned on by this. But he was. Part of his mind pointed out that he could trade a favor for a favor. Maybe she’d…He stopped the thought before his imagination could fill in the details.

“I forgot to go by the ATM and get cash. The whole…I just forgot,” she stammered again, “I don’t have a credit card. I’m so sorry. I…just forgot.” The teary eyes were back and he nearly groaned. He was torn between getting her out before she cried and getting her in bed as soon as he could.

“No problem,” he growled, “I’ll take a check this once.” Anything to get rid of her. He didn’t need her tears and he certainly didn’t need this erection. Beer and Baseball. The sooner she was gone, the sooner he’d get beer and baseball. No more picturing how she’d look with those barrettes gone from her tightly-controlled hair or wondering how that hollow at her throat that was pulsing would taste.

“I’m so sorry…” she repeated, fumbling in her purse again.

Jeremy dropped his hands to the counter with a loud noise and she jumped. Her eyes shot to his. “No more apologies. No more tears.”

“I’m…I don’t know what you want me to do,” she whispered, “I’m grateful that you’ve stayed late and you’re risking your job taking my check because I screwed up.”

“I don’t want grateful,” he growled, “And I’m not risking my job. Don’t worry about me.” He leaned on the counter until their faces were close and he was eye-to-eye with her. “Worry about yourself and that over-sexed, mid-life crisis boss of yours.” He saw her eyes dilate, the blue darkening. His blood began to heat under his skin, his pulse throbbing in his groin. “Write me a check, take your car and go home.”

She licked her lips nervously and his eyes dropped. His cock swelled as he stared at her pink lips, plump and glistening. He wondered how…Jeremy jerked away, stepping back from the counter again. It was easy to see why her boss had kissed her. She was just too tempting. He wasn’t sure he’d survive this encounter, let alone if he had to see her every day.

“Okay,” she whispered, finally taking out her wallet and dropping her eyes to focus on the check. She wrote carefully as he watched, tormenting himself. Her teeth caught her bottom lip as she concentrated and his groin tightened painfully. He’d thought these jeans were getting a bit loose, but evidently not faced with Sophie Kendall.

She finished and offered him the check. He took it and slid it in the register drawer, then offered her the paperwork to sign. She bent over it and what happened next was the straw that broke the camel. With a loud pop, one of the barrettes came loose and fell to the counter. A swing of blond hair – lightly curling – fell across her face as she looked up in surprise. The slightly parted lips, the way the curl brushed her cheek and made her seem younger and more…Jeremy caught her chin in his hand and kissed her.

He pulled back almost immediately, but not before her taste flooded his senses. He stepped back until the desk behind him caught his thighs, his eyes locked on hers. Her cheeks were flushed again, her eyes dark, her lips…He groaned. “I’m…” he stumbled on the words. How could he be sorry for a tasting such sweetness?

“Oh.” It was all she could think of. Twice today she’d been kissed suddenly. The first had been distressing and embarrassing. This one…

“I’m not married or anything,” he blurted it out, then wanted to smack himself. Any other time, say in a bar or something, and he’d be smooth and slick and have her eating out of his hand. Not have her staring at him like he’d slapped her. Not have himself staring like he had no idea what to do with a woman.

“Oh. Okay,” she said.

“Just so’s you know,” he continued, damning himself for babbling, “‘Cause I wouldn’t kiss you if I was.” There was at least 4 feet between them, but he felt like he could feel the heat of her body touching his. Or maybe he was burning up from the inside.

Something in her look changed. He watched in helpless arousal as her eyes swept over his body, from his long legs, to the huge bulge at his crotch, to the oil-stained tee that covered his chest. “Since you’re not married,” she murmured, tilting her head a little, the curl sweeping her cheek again, “Maybe you’d like to kiss me again.”

“Not a good idea.” Kissing her again would lead to touching her. It sounded like a good idea.

He really wanted to touch her, to taste her, to bury his throbbing cock inside her. But somewhere there had to be a catch to this.

“Even if I said pretty please?” she teased. She took a step back and unbuttoned her suit jacket. beyoğlu escort “I feel kind of…warm.” She wore a lighter grey blouse under the jacket, the material so thin he could see the pattern of her lacy bra. His eyes shot to her face, even as his cock strained against his pants.

“Why…?” He could ask himself the same question. Why was he fighting this? Hadn’t he fantasized about her? Hadn’t he kissed her once already and enjoyed it? Didn’t he want more? Hell, yes, he did.

“I have needs,” she slid the jacket down her arms, “Like everybody else. We’ve already established that you’re not attached. I’m not attached.” She let the jacket dangle in her fingers a moment before dropping it to the floor. Her eyes wandered down to his crotch again. “You’re obviously attracted. Why shouldn’t I want to see where this goes?”

She was even more slender without the jacket, her breasts firm and full under the thin silk and lace. She reached up and undid the other barrette as he just stared, mute. Her hair fell around her face, making her seem more sensual. “I like the taste of your mouth. I expect I’ll like the taste of other parts of you, too.”

Holy shit. Jeremy’s body clenched and all the blood drained to his cock, which threatened to rip right through the denim. He saw the flash of headlights behind her and realized they were in full view in the middle of the glass-fronted lobby. As much as he’d love to fuck her against the counter and have the memory of that forever, that was not going to be good for business.

“In back” Was that his voice? Sounding strangled and hoarse?

“Lead the way.” She gave him a wicked smile that matched the sparkle in her eyes. “I wanted to see your ass in those jeans. See where I can just bite you.”

If she kept saying things like that, he wasn’t sure his legs would hold him. “Biting is a special favor,” he growled, “And calls for equal payment.” He actually saw the shudder go through her body. Damn. Get a grip, he ordered himself, extending his hand to her.

“I already owe you a couple favors,” she murmured, taking his hand and letting him lead her through to the garage. There were three cars – including hers – in the bays. “I owe you for staying late, for taking my check…for kissing me.”

“Maybe I do want you to be grateful,” he replied, drawing her into his arms now that they were away from the windows. She felt good against him, although her head only reached his chin. He dipped his head to kiss her again, savoring this time, teasing her with his tongue as he explored her taste.

Sophie’s hands stroked his cock through the denim. “I’m ever so grateful,” she murmured, flipping open buttons, letting his penis surge free. He bit back a groan as the pressure eased gradually, then lost the battle when she wrapped her hands around his shaft.

“Damn.” It came from his gut as she gave him a firm squeeze and pumped him. His balls clenched and he thought for a panicked moment that he was going to come right then like a teenager with his first girl. But her hand shifted, her fingers pressing the bulging vein at his base and stilling the urge.

Jeremy slid his hands over her shoulders, up into her hair, and claimed her mouth again. Even as he kissed her hungrily, he pushed her hands away and scooped her up, setting her gently on the hood of her car. “I want to taste you,” he said, his voice husky and low, “For favor number one.”

“That sounds fair,” she managed, leaning on her elbows as she looked up at him. He was tall, strong, aroused, and arousing. His hands shoved her skirt up and the groan that came from his mouth when he saw her thigh-high stockings and tiny red lace panties made her smile. His fingers curled in the panties, then they were tugged away and she tilted her hips and spread her legs wider, exposing her glistening, swollen flesh to his hungry eyes. “Take your taste.”

Jeremy couldn’t believe it as he slid his hands over her inner thighs, as he stared at her already wet pussy. She was so…ripe. He felt a surge of lust and lowered his mouth. Her head fell back with a moan as he swiped his tongue over her swollen pussy lips, taking his first taste of her sweet juices. The desire for more had him going to his knees, sliding her forward on the hood, so he could lave her again and again. His tongue explored her cleft, his hands shifting so his thumbs could part her lips and expose her clit, her pussy, the juices seeping from her core.

He stroked her clit with his tongue, enjoying her breathless moans and the way her hips rocked against his face just as much as the way she tasted. He slid one hand over, pressing his middle finger against her pussy opening, then slowly sliding it inside. Her wet passage enveloped him, quivering around his thick finger, as he pushed in to the knuckle. “Please, Jeremy,” she moaned, “Give me more. I need more.”

More. Two fingers this time. Her hips arched as he pushed them deep, pulled back, and bizimkent escort thrust hard. His tongue flicked her clit constantly as he finger-fucked her pussy, more juices coating his hand, her moans gradually changing to breathless cries as her pussy muscles tensed.

Three fingers. He lifted his head, his other hand shifting so his thumb rubbed her clit as three fingers thrust into her. Her head was thrown back, her breasts heaving as she panted, her face and neck flushed with passion. Jeremy felt his cock swell to previously untested limits as he watched her lips part, her hands clench and felt the first tremors of her body around his fingers. He kept pumping hard and fast as her hips lifted and, when she came, he grinned in triumph. She cried out, bucked against his hand, and her cum gushed over his fingers.

Getting to his feet, he surveyed her limp body. Her breasts bounced a little with her panting and he thought he’d really like to see them bare, like to taste her nipples before he fucked her. Her dazed, dark eyes met his as he leaned over her, one hand on either side of her, flat on the hood. “My, my, Jeremy,” she purred and the sound went straight to his penis, “I’m not sure I paid you adequately for that favor. It seems I enjoyed it too much.”

He flashed a grin. “That was payment enough for staying late,” he said, “But I’m going to do something now that might shock you.” Her eyes widened a little and his grin did too. “Consider this payback for the check.” His hands fisted in her blouse and he ripped it open, the thin silk tearing easily, the sound making him tremble with need. She gasped, but it was heat and lust that he saw in her eyes, and his grin turned feral. A quick flip of the front clasp of her bra and those full orbs were free. He groaned as he cupped them in his hands, as he suckled one nipple, then the other.

Sophie’s hands slid into his hair as he feasted on her breasts. His cock brushed her thigh as he leaned over her and she felt a shudder in her pussy. She needed him inside her…but this was payback. And she was suffering so, she thought with a wicked smile as her head fell back. She moaned and squirmed under him, making his erection slide up and down the inside of her thigh, teasing herself even as she enjoyed the way his mouth pleasured her breasts.

Jeremy finally lifted his head, loving the way her nipples were now red from his sucking. His cock ached for attention and he was finding it harder and harder to hold back. The way her thighs had moved against him…he couldn’t wait any more. He gave one nipple a quick bite that had her gasping. “Now,” he said idly, his tone belying the way his body pulsed with need, “I believe you’re ready to give me that last favor.” He peeled his tee over his head, exposing tight abs and a strong chest. He enjoyed her smile and shucked his jeans and boots so he could stand naked before her.

Sophie was sprawled, half-dressed, on the hood of her own car, staring at her naked mechanic. He had a body she’d only fantasized about, including the thick red shaft jutting from his groin. Her mouth watered and she licked her lips as she eyed it. She wanted to taste him too, to slide her tongue over his long penis, to slide that throbbing erection into her mouth, her throat. “I want…” she started, her eyes lifting to his. She saw the desire and enjoyment in his brown eyes.

“Later,” he grinned, stepping up between her legs, “When I owe you a favor for letting me fuck you.” He had a hand on his cock and his fat head was rubbing up and down her swollen slit. She let her head fall back as she moaned.

“I guess…” she conceded as his head fit against her pussy and she felt the first stretch of her muscles around his thickness. “Oh, God, Jeremy…” Her moan trailed off as he slowly pushed his penis into her, stretching, filling, overwhelming her. Her legs lifted and his hands guided them, his calloused palms on the back of her thighs as he lifted them so he could push deeper, penetrate to the hilt.

She felt like his cock throughout her body, from the hot steel rod throbbing inside her pussy, to the heat and pleasure that suffused her limbs and made her quiver for more. Jeremy rested her ankles on his shoulders, his hands stroking her breasts, then settling to the hood on either side of her as he watched the pleasure flood her face. She was wrapped so tightly around his cock, he wasn’t sure he could breathe. But the sensation of her inner muscles fluttering against his thickness was not something he was willing to give up.

Finally her eyes opened and met his. Drowning in her blue depths, he drew his cock back and thrust. Again. Again. Each stroke had breath gasping from her lips and had pleasure flashing through his system. He fell into a fast rhythm, instinctively knowing he’d never last and determined to make her cum again. He wanted to feel her cum on his cock.

In. Out. Sophie wrapped her hands around his wrists and closed her eyes, arching her back until his cock hit that magic spot. Even as she gasped, he leaned and bore down, thrusting again and again to the same spot, his hands moving to hold her hips still so he could hammer pleasure into her body. She felt him swelling against her pussy walls, his already thick cock becoming even more so. Each thrust was forceful, a battering ram to her pussy, to her core, and she cried out again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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