Meg, My First Lesbian

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As I look back on it now, I wonder if it was fate or maybe I am just lucky. This is a story of my first sexual encounter as a lesbian. It is a night that will forever be burned into my memory, but enough of the introduction, here is the story that is closest to my heart.

I was 18, and it was the party to be at. We had just got out of school for thanksgiving break. One of the guys in my class had a house out of the lake, and all of the popular kids would be there. I was co-captain of the cheerleaders, so of course I had a invitation. I rode out with my best friend, Amy. She was a serious flirt, and a fellow cheerleader. We both had a blast together, and enjoyed teasing guys with our blonde hair and, if we could say so, pretty hot bodies.

We got there at about 8:30, and we both went and mingled around with all our friends. After a while I got back around to Amy, and she was all over the star running back from our football team. I could tell he was totally digging her, and she was going to hook up, in a major way. So I wandered back over to my buddy Meg. We strolled down to the water, and found two guys in the midst of throwing our host’s little brother into the water. Even though I live in Alabama, the water is pretty cold by now(to us, anyway) and it must have been 45 degrees outside. So we went over and stopped them not a moment to soon. To show his appreciation, he openly checked out our tits, and then stared at Meg’s hot ass. We just dismissed him as a horny little 13 year old, and went back up to the party.

By now it was around 10:45, and I frankly wasn’t in the mood for much more. Meg said that she was about to leave also. I went to go find Amy. I didn’t really find her, but I did find out what happened to her. Her car was still there, but the running back was gone, and I quickly figured out that she had left with him. Across the rode, I saw Meg’s white shirt reflect the moon light. I yelled out at her, and she stopped and I asked if I could hitch a ride. She told me to hop in, and we were off.

We chatted for a while, making the 45-minute ride back to my house go a little faster. Well, we went faster until it started to rain, then pour, and finally it started to hail. Meg didn’t feel comfortable driving through it, so we pulled off the road and waited. We left the car running to keep us warm, and to keep the radio going. As we talked, I felt the urges come back. For a while I had been having desires, dreams, and thoughts about other girls. At first I was confused, and tried very hard not to have them. Now I had just started to accept that I was attracted to women, and in that car under the moonlight, Meg looked absolutely breathtaking. Her straight brown hair cascaded gently over her neck and came to a soft rest on her shoulders. Her hazel eyes caught the light, and captured my gaze and held it. I came out of my daze to hear Meg saying,

“Hey, are you listening?”

I blinked, and heard “Private Andrew Malone” playing on the radio. I stuttered and said,

“Uh, I was just listening to the song, I love this song.”

She stopped, and smiled.

“I like this song to. It’s not the best, but a good story. You think it’s a true story, him really getting that car?”

“I don’t know, probably not though.”

I still couldnÔÇÖt shake how beautiful she looked. I just looked at her more, and watched in the corner of my eye as her chest gently went in and out, the swell of her breasts. In the locker room whenever a fit hit me, her boobs always were what I admired. She went on and talked about school and how bad she hated math, but I could barely listen. My eyes still darted down to her body when she wasnÔÇÖt making eye contact.

After about 10 more minutes of this, and the constant pounding of the rain, I heard her mutter, “Oh damn.” I was floored. She had cursed! In our entire friendship, I had heard her say exactly one curse be┼čikta┼č escort word before that, and that was when she had fell off of bike and broken her arm. I heard the car sputter, and I knew what the problem was. Glancing over at the gas gauge, I saw that the needle was almost past the E, and that there was no way we could make the remaining 15 miles home on that.

“Alright, what are we going to do?” she asked.

“You didn’t happen to bring your cell phone, did you? I left mine in Amy’s car.

“No, I let my brother borrow it, and wouldn’t you know it, he still hasn’t given it back after a week.”

“Well, I don’t see what else we can do except to walk to the nearest gas station. Isn’t there a BP about a mile back?”

“Yeah, right behind the Burger King.”

“Only Burger King would put a place all the way out there.” I said.

“No, there is also a Wendy’s.”

“O yeah. But still, you want to wait to see if the rain clears, or just tough it out?”

She glanced at the clock, which now said 11:30. “Lets just go, my parents are going to be worried because I’m late as it is. At least it has stopped hailing”

“OK, lets go. Don’t forget to lock the car.”

She gave me a look. “This car has no gas in it, how are they going to steal it?”

I thought about the logic of that. “Fine,” I said, “Let’s go then.”

We both climbed out, and within 10 steps we were both equally drenched and cold. It was going to be a long walk. We trudged on in silence, and I was so caught up in just walking, I didnÔÇÖt realize the spectacle beside me. The same white shirt that had caught my attention from across the yard at the lake now caught my eyes for its complete transparency. Her nipples were hard from the cold, and her pants had molded to her long legs. My own nipples, which were already hard from the cold, now felt a tingle, and my pussy started to heat up. Where as back in the car she had looked collected and beautiful, now she looked absolutely stunningly sexy. I had the most powerful urge yet to just tackle her and ravage her exposed body. I didn’t even think now about this being different that I wanted a girl; she just looked too incredible for words.

My mind raced. I had to come up with a way to have her body. It dominated my thoughts. I didn’t even think about secrecy any more, I just stared. I was about ready to just kiss her, when I saw her stumble, and then shiver and get up.

“Are you okay?”

“I am cold, and tired, and wet.” was her pitiful reply.

“Here, come walk close to me, we can keep each other warm.”

She didn’t say anything, just put her arm around my waist and leaned her head down on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her waist, and we went on.

My thoughts soon returned to her body, now entangled with mine. I ran my hand up and down her side. To her it was just warming her up, to me; it was driving my sex drive wild. We walked like this for about 10 minutes, and then we saw the BP ahead. I felt her tired body sigh in a task completed and sag against mine. We stumbled into the gas station, and sat down. I could tell that she was worn out. I was tired to, and we sat down on a bench outside and she promptly laid her head down on my lap and went to sleep. I gently brushed her hair back from her face, and gently squeezed her shoulder. As much as I hated to get up, I softly lifted her head from my off my legs and went and got a can and filled it with gas.

I went in to pay for the gas, and I was greeted in broken English by a Mexican, who appeared less interested in a business and more interested in the movie he had going on a small TV he had put up on the counter. I cleared my throat, and told him I had five gallons of gas and a 20 oz Mountain Dew. I figured I had to stay awake, because there was no way Meg would be in any ┼či┼čli escort condition to drive. I was about to wake up Meg, when I saw that the Mexican was closing the station for the night. I came up to him, jutted my chest out a little, and asked if he could please drive up down the road a mile to our car. He took a long look at my boobs, and said,

“I’ll give you a ride, only if I can feel your tits.”

I was instantly furious. I started to draw back to slap the fire out of him, when I thought of Meg. I glanced back at her lying there on the bench, still asleep. I couldn’t support her weight, carry the gas, and walk back. So I was stuck letting this little half-educated dirt-bag grope my breasts. What I get for jutting my boobs out.

I took a deep breath, and said, “Only through my shirt, and only for 5 seconds.”

He said, “No, 20 seconds, shirt off.”

I glanced back at Meg one more time, and said, “Okay, 15 seconds, shirt off.”

He licked his lips, his eyes having never left my melons, and agreed. We went around back, because I didn’t want anyone else to see this. When we got around back, I reached around and undid my bra, and pulled it from out from under my shirt. I laid it down, and raised my shirt. He immediately latched his hands onto my boobs, and squeezed them painfully hard. I counted out loud, faster than seconds probably are, but I wanted his hands off me. I felt one of his hands go off my breasts and rub up against his crotch. I just shut my eyes and counted faster. When I reached 15, I pulled my shirt down. My boobs hurt a little, and when I looked he had his thing out and was pointing it at me. I smacked his head, and he glared at me, but he put his member up and got in his car and started it.

I went over to Meg, and lightly ran my fingers down her face. She groaned, and she stretched and got up. I told her that I had the gas, and that the attendant would give us a ride back to our car. She got up and put arms around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks” was all she said, but I was almost orgasmic just from the gently pressing of her lips against my cheek. We climbed into the car, and I told him we had a blue Camry parked just off the road. Meg promptly laid her head back against shoulder, and before I knew what I was doing, and leaned down and kissed the top of her head. She just smiled ever so slightly, and pulled my arm down around her.

Now that we were driving, of course the rain stopped almost totally. I had drunk the mountain dew in the car, and its effect was already making me more awake. Meg wanted some to, so she at least would be awake during the trip back. We got back to her car, and Meg thanked the driver, only because she didn’t know the toll he had charged. I just got out and helped Meg out. He took off down the road, and left us.

I got the gas and poured it into the car. When I got done, I turned to put the gas can in the backseat, and Meg was right there. She wrapped her arms around my waist and said,

“Thank you for all you’ve done tonight. I know I haven’t been much help, but I’ve had a rough day, and that walk just killed me. But I want you to know, that I appreciate what you did, and I love you.”

With that, she tilted her head up, and pressed her body into mine, and kissed me full on the lips. I wrapped my arms around her neck, and we held that glorious embrace, absorbed in the beauty of the moment. Our lips broke apart, but I held her close to me, and looked deeply into her dark brown eyes, and I realized that I loved her as well. We didn’t say a word, our lips each parted slightly, and our friendship was changed right there, as my head descended to hers, and my mouth opened wider we kissed with passion. We went slowly, each tongue sliding against the other, our mouths in perfect harmony. I ran my fingers through her hair and she gently bah├že┼čehir escort flicked her tongue over mine, and I kissed her tongue and then gently sucked on her lips, one by one.

I felt the passion rush through my body, my head dizzy with excitement, and as our mouths continued in their joy, my hand slowly rubbed down her back, my fingers exploring down her ribs and onto her hips. They slid slowly back and molded to her butt, squeezing her up to me as my tongue dived deep into her mouth at the same time. I felt her arms wrap tightly around my back and she ground her body up against mine, and I felt her hardened nipples slide past my own erect nipples and down onto my stomach. My body went wild, but now my tongue missed hers, so I pulled her back up to me and kissed her with much more passion. Now we were completely into it, and we made out with a fury. I felt her leading me over to the car, and I picked her up with her tongue still swirling in my mouth, opened the car, and I laid her down on the back seat. She immediately pulled me down on top of her, and she kissed me over and over, her nails starting to leave marks on my back.

I felt her hands rub my ass and then start to go under my shirt. I briefly withdrew my tongue so I could pull my shirt off, and immediately I felt her hand on my boobs. It was not the rough mauling I had received from the Mexican, but it was passionate. I felt the love in her hands as my body reeled in pleasure from her touch, and I started to massage her breasts, trying to make her feel as good as she made me feel.

I stopped for a moment to take off my pants, and she did the same. As my hands returned to her melons, I heard her moan in delight, so I shut her up by once again pushing my tongue into her waiting mouth. This time there was no patience, it was pure lust, and our tongues engaged in a furious war, our hands pinching and pulling and squeezing, our legs writhing together, each of us mashing our crotches together, desperately wanting to do everything at once. I felt her hips buckle under mine, and I humped her pussy harder with my own, and I tasted her moans as her pussy juice shot into my own cunt. She panted and sweat poured down her body and mixed with my own, and I felt her body relax under my own. She kissed me again, and then told me to sit back and enjoy.

She slid down to my soaking pussy and told me to lick her fingers. I gave it a long suck on the three she gave me and then she drug it down my body, absorbing my sweat onto them as well, and finally they glided down onto my waiting sex. Her fingers slid effortlessly into me, and I felt every small bump and curve of them as she wiggled them around inside me. My body shuddered as I felt her tongue come into contact with my clit, and her pace quickened as she started lapping at my flaming slit. My pussy was felt like a oven, and her fingers now raced inside my body, my entire being pounded and I was completely out of it as the flow overwhelmed my brain and I simply panted and moaned with every movement she made. I felt a fourth finger join in the fray, and I knew a monster orgasm was coming. I screamed in pain as she violently pinched my tit, and at the same time bit my clitoris, but that absolutely set me off, and I wildly shook as my raging sex shot out juice onto her waiting tongue. My body was flooded with pleasure, and I came in one continuing, growing, and incredible orgasm as she continued to pinch and lick me even as I came.

Finally, my orgasm stopped, and I was completely exhausted. She slide up along me, our sweat making our bodies flow seamlessly together, and I opened my mouth, and her juice-covered tongue lowered to mine, and I came down off cloud nine together with her. We lay there like that, now just softly brushing our lips against each others neck and shoulders, whispering “I love you” over and over between every kiss. When my body finally had completely settled down, I kissed her again once on the lips, and without a word she got off me and we dressed, and went back home.

Meg became my girlfriend for the next couple of years, and we had some pretty wild times together. I will always love her, and I have a special place for her in my heart.

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