Eylül 21, 2021

Moni at work


Moni at workThis is a true storyHi, Moni hereAnother true story from my younger days.A long time ago I was working in an office for a large trucking company. There were a few women in the office but all mostly men. Harassment back then was not uncommon and I didn’t bother me much, back in the late 70’s. I had been married for just under a year now and had just started to be a shared wife and loving it.The guys always leered at me especially the truckers. I had to wear dresses and skirts for work at the time and of course I wore them short, had no others. A few guys were fairly nice and got to know a few a little better. I always wanted to look inside those big semi trucks and so I asked Bob if he would mind. He said sure anytime. It happened to be lunch time so I went into the yard with him. He opened the driver door and he said to climb up bursa escort to have a look. It was higher then I thought and wearing a short skirt and heels it was challenge. I got up a few steps and stood on leaning in and having a look, I realized of course that Bob was having a good look up my skirt, I always wore pantyhose but never saw the need to wear panties. Wow sure is nice in here I said. Yes it is he said I looked back at him staring up my skirt with a big grin, Bob was in his mid 50′ and I was 24 back then. I had to climb down and of course he helped me out, he had his hand on my butt up my skirt and helped me down. Thanks I said, maybe someday you can give me a ride.Love to he said , I am going out of town in 2 days I can give you a ride tomorrow at noon. Ok I said and went back to work.That night I told my hubby the whole thing bursa escort bayan and he said it sounded like fun, I winked at him and said yes I know.The next day I wore a mini dress with a flare bottom than was light and blew up easily in the wind with tan hose no panties and 3″ heels. Bob came to pick me up and I went to his truck and of course he helped me up again and he also helped himself to peek at my nylon covered pussy.We left to go for a ride and I was looking all around and at his sleeping are, this is convenient I said, I stood and leaned in with my knees on the bed with my but out the front. I knew he was looking at it and trying to drive. I want to thank you for the ride I told him. How he asked. Can you pull over somewhere. He found a rest area and I asked him to sit on his bed. I stood in front of him and unzipped escort bursa my dress and let it fall to the floor and I took off my bra. I stood there in front of him in only my pantyhose and shoes and let him squeeze and suck on my tits for a while. Wow Moni he said you are one sexy lady. Very sweet I said as I got on my knees. I unzipped and pulled down his pants. I took out his cock and I was quite amazed at this older mans 8″ cock which was now fully erect and so hard. I stroked him and asked him if it was ok if I sucked his cock. He just said oh god Moni my wife doesn’t even like doing that. So I proceeded to suck his big cock it didn’t take long that he was about to cum but he wanted to pull away and he kept telling me he was going to cum I kept his cock in my mouth till he could no longer hold and erupted 5 times in huge thick spurts, I swallowed as fast as I could to get it all and did.Oh my god , thank you he said. No my pleasure Bob thanks.So he brought me back and needless to say word got out and for some reason some of the other guys asked to show me their trucks.

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