Kasım 22, 2021

Mother Of The Bride


Mother Of The BrideI was putting on my “mother of the bride” dress, in my private dressing room at the extravagant wedding venue my daughter had chosen. A beautiful place in the Flathead wilderness called “Antler Ridge Wilderness Weddings.”I was naked from the waist up, and suddenly the door opened! There stood my ex-boyfriend Deke. A tall, handsome black man, who spent three years making me his naughty little married slut.The room went quiet. Deke’s eyes were locked on my bare tits. I didn’t bother to cover up. He had seen me naked more times than he had seen me dressed. Besides, I wanted him to look at me. I know he loves looking at and playing with my breasts.He closed the door and walked over until he was in front of me, and he was looking me up and down.”That’s not quite right,” he said. He reached behind me and lowered my zipper another few inches. I felt the front of my dress relax. Deke went to work pulling the dress down and making it sit flat against my body. He gently adjusted my tits so they hung more naturally in the dress.”Better?” Deke said standing back. I looked at in the mirror. I picked up my flower bouquet and held it in front of me.”Maybe too sexy for the mother of the bride,” I said.I looked over at Deke. He had unfastened his pants and pulled his cock and balls out. He was re-fastening the button on his pants so his genitals were framed in black material.”Oh my God,” I said staring at his thick shaft and tight ball sac.Deke motioned to the chair with his hand. Without a word, I turned and sat down in the chair. From my position in front of the window I could see most of the guests on the back lawn. I could see the musicians were in place and starting to play. I turned back to Deke who had moved in front of me now. His cock was huge. It somehow looked bigger than I had remembered. I lifted my glove-clad hand and cupped his big ball sac. I lifted it and in doing so, pointed his hard shaft at my face. In the bright light from the window I could see every detail in his long fleshy cock.I let out a gentle sigh as I rolled his balls in the palm of my hand. “Your balls are full for me,” I said looking up at Deke.Another moment passed. Neither of us spoke. I lifted my other hand and began to gently stroke Deke’s cock. “What does that feel like with my gloves on?” I asked him softly.”Feels different, but nice,” he replied.I continued to gently stroke his cock. I watched a drop of pre-come collect at the tip of his shaft.”Are you wet?” Deke asked.”Yes,” I replied without hesitation.Another moment passed. I started to stroke Deke’s cock a little faster. I tried to imagine how many times I had jerked him off in the past. A hundred? How many times had I swallowed his come?”DeeAnna,” Deke said. I looked up at him. “Put that cock in your mouth,” he said softly.My heart jumped. “I can’t,” I said, “Deke, I can’t do this on my halkalı escort daughter’s wedding day.”Deke reached out and gently touched my cheek with his fingers. “DeeAnna,” Deke said again, “Put that big cock in your mouth and suck on it.” His words sent a chill up my spine.”I want to Deke. God knows I want to but I can’t,” I told him.I released his cock and cupped my breasts. I pulled gently on my nipples. I felt so comfortable playing with my tits in front of Deke.”Sweetheart,” Deke said after a moment, “Suck that big black cock.”I looked up at him. A tear was forming in the corner of my eye. He took a half-step closer to me.Taking his cock by the base Deke lifted it and tapped it against the side of my face. Then he started on my forehead and slowly traced the wide head of his cock down my nose, and pressed it gently on my lips.”Open your pretty mouth and suck my cock,” he said softly.I looked up at him. Tears were rolling down both cheeks now.Then I opened my mouth and with only 10 minutes left before the wedding started, I slid Deke’s big cock inside my mouth and began sucking.Deke gasped. “God that feels good,” he moaned. His cock fit perfectly into my mouth. I continued to stroke him with one lace hand as I slid his cock in and out of my mouth. With my other hand I played with his heavy balls.”Get on your knees when you suck cock, you little slut,” Deke whispered. Without missing a beat I slid off the chair onto my knees. That’s when I really started to suck him hard and fast.Deke groaned. “You are so… fucking… good at that,” Deke said quietly. I popped his cock out of my mouth to look up at him, all the while maintaining a rhythmic stroking with my hand.”Am I the best cock-sucker you’ve ever had?” I asked him breathlessly.”Yes, you are the absolute best little cock-sucker in the world,” he replied. My hair fell down over my face and Deke brushed it back behind my ear. “Did you miss sucking me off?” he askedI nodded enthusiastically. “I missed your taste, and how your hard cock fills my mouth completely,” I told him. I pushed his wet dick back into my mouth and let it slide into my throat.”Do you still think of my when you masturbate?” Deke asked.”Mm-hmm,” I replied.”Do you still use the big black vibrator I left you?” he asked. I could feel Deke was breathing much harder now.”Mm-hmm,” I replied.I felt spit collecting at the side of my mouth and it was dripping down my chin. I continued to work his cock in and out of my mouth.”Does your husband miss watching you suck me?” Deke asked.I froze in place. The realization of what I was doing came crashing down on me. Here I was on my daughter’s wedding day on my knees, tits-out, sucking my ex-boyfriend’s cock, with only minutes until my daughter walked down the aisle.I paused for a moment, and then taksim escort resumed sucking Deke’s cock. I decided to let the feeling of being a slut for Deke, add to my excitement.”Mm-hmm,” I answered.”Ya? I bet he would love to see us now.””Is your new boyfriend’s dick as big as mine?” Deke asked.Does he know about him? How could he know? Is he guessing? I decided it didn’t matter, he knows I can’t resist big sexy men!”Nnn-nnn.” I replied shaking my head ‘no’.”Ya, I guess not,” Deke said, knowing few men are as big as he is.”You do love a big cock. Do you think of me when he fucks you?”I only paused for a moment before I answered.”Mm-hmm,” I replied. I could tell Deke loved that answer. He let out a low groan and I squeezed his balls gently.”GOD that feels SO good!” Deke said through clenched teeth. “I’m gonna come in your mouth, understand? And you’re going to swallow every drop.”Before I could answer the door burst open. There stood my husband.”Oh… my… GOD!” he shouted. I whipped my head around to see her, Deke’s fat cock still twitching in my hand.”DeeAnna, what the FUCK?!” he whisper shouted. “Deke, how did you….””Quiet!” I hissed! “Close the door and come here.”I jumped to my feet and pulling Deke by the cock I dragged him to the small bed. Tommi closed the door and took a few steps towards us.”You need to stand guard,” I explained. As I spoke I hiked my dress up and grabbing my white panties pulled them down to my ankles.”Jesus, you… you’re going to fuck him right now?” Tommi said in disbelief.I climbed on the bed on all fours and flipped my skirt up off my bare ass. Deke wasted no time. It was as if my husband wasn’t standing there at all. He parked himself behind me, lined up his stiff cock with my wet opening and with a single push, drove his wide cock into my slick pussy as far as it would go.”YES,” I moaned, “Fuck me! I have missed your cock inside of me and your strong hands on my body!””Our daughter’s wedding is about to start, Deke!” Tommi cried. But Deke ignored him. He screwed me slowly at first, then built up to a steady rhythm.”You love this don’t you?” Deke grunted, “You love my big cock inside you, don’t you – you dirty little slut.””YES!” I blurted out, “God, Deke, don’t stop! Make me cum all over your cock, baby!”I could hear Tommi let out an exasperated sigh. “We don’t have time for this, you’re making us late!” he said looking at his watch.Deke released my shoulders and grabbed my bare hips. He switched into “jackrabbit” mode, doubling his speed and filling the small room with the wet sounds of slapping flesh.I could see Tommi dash over to the window and look out. He shook his head. “Fuck,” I heard him say. He looked over at me. Deke was in high gear, fucking me hard and fast. He held my hips tight. I heard him let out a little gasp with each stab of his thick cock. şişli escort I could feel beads of sweat rolling down my face. I hoped my makeup wasn’t running too badly.Tommi grabbed a tube of lipstick off the desk and ran over to me. He brushed my hair off my face and dropped to his kneed beside the bed. Deke stopped pumping for a moment as Tommi quickly re-applied lipstick to my lips. Lipstick that I had left smudged on Deke’s big cock. The moment he was finished Deke resumed pounding me.”God, that feels so GOOD,” I moaned. My voice bounced as I took each of Deke’s thrusts. My hanging tits bounced in every direction.”You naughty slut, I should have known something like this was happening when I couldn’t find you” Tommi said, “You’re lucky you didn’t get caught” I looked up. he was standing beside the bed with his arms folded, shaking his head, and smiling.Suddenly I felt Tommi’s hands on my bare breasts. He was pulling my dress up and sliding each of my wobbling tits back into my lace bra. I felt a zing of pleasure as his hands pressed against my engorged nipples. When he was finished I felt him pulling up my zipper.”I’m coming… Where do you want it?” Deke grunted.”NOT ON THE DRESS!” Tommi and I cried at once.”Just fill her pussy, Deke, I’ll clean…um…her panties out later! We’re late!” Tommi exclaimed.Deke’s body went stiff and I heard him groan. I felt his big cock pulse over and over inside me. I pushed my bare ass back against him and squeezed my pussy tight. I could feel his tight ball sac pressing hard against my clit. Deke pumped me three more times quickly. Finally I felt him relax. He loosened his grip on my hips.”Ok, DeeAnna, lets get going before we miss the whole wedding – and I’m supposed to be walking the bride down the aisle!” Tommi said. As Deke’s cock slipped from my pussy, I saw him look at Tommi and point to his cock. “Clean your wife’s juices off the head of my dick, boi” I watched as Tommi took Deke’s cock in his mouth and cleaned the head.I was checking myself in the mirror and felt Tommi grabbing my hand. He pulled me off the bed. My legs were still shaking as I tried to stand. I felt him pulling my dress back down over my bare ass.Tommi ushered me to the door. He turned to face me and spend another few seconds looking me over. He adjusted and tugged my dress this way and that.He opened the door and we flew downstairs. Two minutes later I found myself outside on the lawn marching slowly down the aisle. A hundred people were standing, watching me. As I slowly walked I could feel Deke’s warm come running out of my pussy and down my thighs.I sat down and watched Tommi walking our daughter down the aisle, proud as a papa could be. I couldn’t help but think of how different he looked 5 minutes ago, sucking my creamy juices off of my lovers cock.Out of the corner of my eye I saw Deke and locked eyes with him as he stood there smiling. Even then, that smile sent shock waves right to my most intimate parts.Especially when he opened his hand and I saw that my panties were dangling from his fingers.Even after leaving me for another woman, I know my pussy is owned by Deke and he can have me any time, anywhere. Love making myself available for him!!!

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