Mr. Fix It

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He had retired after many long years with a local company, though he was still quite young. He had begun his career at the ripe age of 16 and at 48 had been retired 2 years already, though his pension was quite lean, so he supplemented his pension doing odd jobs around the small town he lived in. He had become quite proficient at fixing things, washing machines, dishwashers, garbage disposals and many handyman things. His rates were reasonable and he had enough work to get by, but soon, he would find himself overwhelmed with “jobs” in this small, rural town.

Jed was his name and he had spent many years in the community and was well known to most of the residents and the new people always seemed to get his number from the natives if something needed fixing. He had divorced several years earlier and now just lived a simple, quiet life, but all that was about to change, as his phone rang, it was Mrs. Keller.

“Hello, Jed. I was wondering if you could come out and fix the back door for me. My husband never seems to have to do anything and it’s coming off its hinges,” she said and little did he know the underlying motive for her call.

“Give me a few minutes to toss some tools in the truck and I’ll be over, Mrs. Keller,” and they said their goodbyes and he went to gather his tools. He turned down the long dirt drive to the Keller house and drove around back to have his truck closer to the work site. He gathered some tools and headed up to the door, it was a cool spring day and he thought he heard whimpering coming from the open bedroom window. He sat his tools by the back door and walked around to the window to investigate the sounds he heard, his eyes locking on the beautiful Mrs. Keller on the bed, naked, her legs thrust in the air as she furiously masturbated and her whimpers became moans.

He felt a stirring in his jeans as he watched her fuck herself with a dildo and suck her own nipples at the same time. The sight was making him quite hard, she was a beautiful woman, 34 years old, never had children and her body was a creamy color as he watched the beads of perspiration bead on her. Her moans became screams as she climaxed and he sought to move away from the window before she finished, not wanting to be caught. He walked back to the back door, adjusting his huge hard on as he did and decided to give her a minute before he knocked.

Jed had not had sex in awhile, the local single women were much younger than him and he rarely ventured out of town, so the sight he had just witnessed had turned him on greatly. His cock was still hard and he wanted that to subside a bit before he let her know he was there. Satisfied that his cock had gone down enough not to be noticeable, he rapped on the door and heard her call out, “Just a minute,” and he smiled at himself, knowing she was trying to dress after her escapade.

She opened the door wearing a robe, tied at the waist, her hair looked as if she had just brushed it and she even had put make up on, “Hi Jed,” a big smile lit up her face, “Hello Mrs. Keller,” he said, “Call me Natalie,” she responded, her smile still quite large. She invited him in and he set to work checking out the door, some screws were missing, “No big deal Mrs., er I mean Natalie,” he said and she grinned, “I’ll just run out to the truck and get some screws, be right back,” and he walked back to his truck, her scent lingered in his nostrils.

He returned to find she had pulled out a kitchen chair and was positioned so she could watch him as she worked, “I made you a glass of iced tea, Jed,’ she said and he thanked her, taking a large sip, his voyeurism had caused him to have quite a dry mouth. He opened the door and knelt on the stoop as he worked on the exposed hinges of the door, his eyes glancing over at her occasionally, noticing that her legs seemed to be drifting apart as he strained to catch a glimpse of her crotch, which had been not visible as she had fucked herself and he remembered her large tits and her sucking her own nipples and he felt his cock stir again.

He concentrated on the door, trying to quell the rising in his loins as they made small talk and he could swear he could see the lips of her pussy, but trying hard not to be obvious about his looking.

“How come a nice looking man like you isn’t married again, Jed?” she asked matter-of-factly.

“Just can’t find a woman to put up with me, I guess,” he answered back, his cock twisted in his shorts and the pain beginning to make him wince.

“Surely, you have lots of girlfriends,” she said and he turned around, pretending to search for a tool as his hand adjusted his cock, giving him some relief.

“No, can’t say as I have. I just take life one day at a time,” and he swung back around to see her entire crotch opened up, her robe hanging off of either thigh and his cock beylikd├╝z├╝ escort jumped. She sat there innocently drinking her tea as his lips began to water at the sight of her neatly trimmed brown bush staring back at him. He went back to work on the door, nicking his finger with the screwdriver while stealing another look at her sweet pussy and he watched as sweat from the glass dropped between her tits and she shivered.

He finished the door and stood, hoping she didn’t see the bulge in his jeans and then, gathered up his tools and turned back to see her standing, “How much do I owe you, Jed?” she smiled and he thought a minute, “Ten dollars should do,” and he smiled back and she went for her purse on the kitchen counter. He felt like he was cheating her, the show she had given him was payment enough and she turned to face him, “Jed, I don’t seem to have any cash,” she said and he smiled, “It’s ok, Natalie, pay me later,” and he turned to leave.

“Jed?” he heard her say and he stopped as he reached for the door handle and turned back to her.

“Yes, Natalie?” and she opened her robe to reveal her luscious body, “Would you like to take it out in trade?” and his heart fluttered and his cock felt like it would burst out of his pants.

“Are you serious, Natalie?” he couldn’t believe what she had offered, “Yes, quite,” she smiled and crossed the floor to within inches of him, letting her robe drop as she walked, her sweet body on display. She took one of his hands and placed it on her tit and the other on her crotch as she enveloped his mouth with hers, her tongue darting inside. His hands seemed to move as if they had a mind of their own, cupping her large tit, stroking her nipple and delving a finger inside her wet pussy as she moaned into his mouth.

Her hands moved to his crotch, outlining his hard cock through his jeans before opening them and pushing them down his thighs, his shorts followed. She stroked his hard cock as he roamed her body, his precum slickening her hand as she stroked and then broke their kiss and licked it off her hand. She dropped to her knees, his hands falling to her shoulders and she licked the head of his cock, tasting the remainder of his oozing precum.

Her hand held his cock high, as she moved her mouth and tongue down the shaft and took his balls into her mouth one at a time, before working her way back up to the head as she slowly slid it between those luscious lips of hers. He could hear her moan as his cock slid deeper into her mouth, feeling her tongue swirl around it as it went deeper until he felt the back of her throat. She grasped his ass cheeks now and drove him deep into her throat and he thought he would cum right then, his cock began to twitch as she held him there. She began to suck him now as she held onto his ass, driving him into her throat with each thrust and he felt his balls begin to tingle and knew she would soon have her mouth and throat coated with jism.

She could feel his impending orgasm as well and thrust him deep and held him there as his cock spurted it’s juices, sliding down her throat as she gurgled a moan of pleasure. As his cum squirted, he remembered how long it had been since he had a blow job and his orgasm intensified, causing her to swallow even more cum. She pulled him out of her throat and sucked at his cock, wanting to taste it’s thick creaminess and he looked down to see his slick cock slide out and his cum dribble onto her chin. She took his cock and pushed the escaping cum back into her mouth with it as she cooed lightly and looked up at him with her big brown eyes, her smile said it all.

“I love to suck cock, Jed. It’s so erotic to me, to feel it’s size fill my mouth and to feel it’s rewards squirt out, mmmm,” she said and he just looked at her as she took his semi hard cock back in her mouth and sucked it some more. She stood, her hand still around his cock and led him to the bedroom, his small steps didn’t seem to hinder him as he tried to walk with his jeans and shorts now around his ankles.

When they got to the bed, she helped him remove his clothes, “What about your husband?” he asked, not wanting to get caught, “Oh, he’s out of town until tomorrow, good place for him,” and she laughed as she pulled Jed into the bed next to her and drew his head to her erect nipple and he sucked it into his mouth. His hand moved to her quite wet pussy, exploring its depths as she resumed stroking his cock, it’s length growing ever longer at her touch.

“Fuck me Jed!!” she cried out when she could take no more and he moved on top of her as she guided his cock to her wet entrance and it slowly disappeared inside, her moans were music to his ears. He began to pump in and out and her breathing increased, each breath seeing to be shallower than the beyo─člu escort last until all at once she began to take deep breaths and hold them and her body spasmed and he felt her cum coat his cock.

He fucked her hard as their pelvises ground together, “Don’t cum in me Jed. I want it in my mouth,” and she spread her legs as wide as she could as his pounding increased. The slaps of his balls against her ass filled the room as he strove to push his whole body inside of her, then he felt the familiar tingling and withdrew and climbed her body, his hard cock poised at her mouth as she opened it and jacked him until it spurt out, her mouth capturing most of it, the rest on her face and neck and in her brown hair. He sat back on her chest, her nipples teasing his ass, as she lightly licked his cock, swirling her tongue over the head.

He lay next to her and she draped her arm over him, he saw a contented look in her eyes, “You know Jed, I planned all of this. The little bedroom show when you arrived, the peep show in the kitchen, the no money, all of it. I needed some fixing and you were Mr. Fix it,” and she smiled at him. He didn’t care, he had loved every minute of it, she was one hot woman and she sure could suck a cock.

He lay there for a long while and then told her he had to go, “But, you haven’t fixed my back door, Jed,’ and she had an evil grin on her face and she rolled over onto her stomach, her ass jutting up in the air, “Fix it Jed, please?” He couldn’t believe his luck; she actually wanted him to fuck her in the ass! He got on the bed on his knees and she motioned for him to come up to her head and she sucked him, causing his cock to get even harder than it did when she offered him her ass and then she drooled on his cock, “Won’t take much lubrication Jed,” and she winked as he moved down between her legs and poised his slick cock at her back door.

He pushed forward slightly and the head went right in, she wasn’t kidding, and he buried himself in her to the hilt, his balls resting on her pussy lips as he absorbed the feelings her ass gave him. He could feel her working her muscles as her ass began to close over him and he began to pump her. “Oh God yes!!! My husband hates to do this and I love it!!!” she cried out as he pumped her ass, his balls now slapping her pussy lips and the sounds of sex returned to the room.

Her ass felt like a furnace, wrapped around his cock and he pumped her furiously, his cock enjoying her immensely. She screamed out an orgasm and then another and soon she was rocked by waves of them as she moaned and sobbed into the bed, his cock exploded once again, his hot cum spilling out into her ass this time as he wondered if she would have preferred it in her mouth again. As his eruption ceased, he looked down at the creamy ass, his cock buried deep in it, and rubbed those globes in his hands, and her back door was fixed.

After they dressed, she slipped a hundred dollar bill in his hand, “For services rendered,” she smiled and winked at him. He picked up his tools and headed for his truck, “Might need some more fixes around here, Jed,” she smiled and they said goodbye and he headed home. It had been a long time since he had been with a woman and even longer since he had been with one anally and he could feel himself glowing as he walked to his door. All afternoon, his cock would get hard thinking about that morning and he found himself stroking it a time or two and smiling.

The next morning, the phone rang and it was Judy Fletcher, “Jed, I hope you can take care of a problem I’m having,” and his mind immediately went to the gutter, but then she said, “My toilet’s leaking and there’s water everywhere. Linda stayed home from school today and Hank’s at his mom’s in Beaufort,” he told her to calm down, he’d be right over and he headed out. When he got to the Fletcher place, she met him at the door and showed him to the bathroom, the supply line had burst and water was indeed everywhere, “No problem Mrs. Fletcher, have it fixed in a jiffy,” and he bent down and turned off the water before going to his truck for parts.

When he returned, the door was closed, but he thought nothing of it and opened it, to be presented with young Linda Fletcher sitting on the toilet. Linda was a senior in high school and she had quite the body and now he was enjoying the sight of her shaved pussy before him, “Oh, I’m sorry Linda,” he said and quickly closed the door. She opened it back up, “That’s ok Mr. Banks, dad walks in on me all the time and then closed it again, his mind capturing the picture of her shaved pussy.

The door opened and she walked by him, her small tit brushing his arm as she did, causing him one hell of an erection. He quickly fixed the toilet and began mopping up the water, “We can bizimkent escort get that Jed,” he heard and turned to see Judy and Linda at the door. Linda was still in her nightgown and Judy had on a shorts set and his eyes took them both in, “Are you sure?” he asked and Judy smiled at him,

“Yes,” and he got up off his knees, dropping the dripping towel into the tub.

“How much do we owe you Jed?” Judy asked and he thought, “I guess twenty five dollars will cover it,” and they both smiled at him.

“I talked to Natalie and she said that you had a payment plan,” and she winked and his cock grew once again. Judy was not a bad looking woman; she had short red hair and cute, teenage sized tits and a nice ass. Linda was 18, slender, had long blonde hair and her tits were just slightly larger than her mom’s but she had the same ass. They led Jed to the bedroom, where they both helped him get his clothes off, each one of them tasting him as his flesh was bared and then fighting over his cock.

They finally alternated, one sucking his cock, while the other licked his balls until he thought he would explode. He watched as they stopped one at a time to strip, while the other sucked him, Judy went first, and he liked the size of her small tits, even at 43 they stood out very proudly, no doubt a benefit of being small chested. Her pussy was covered with bright red curls and that ass!! Linda went next, being replaced by her mom as she began to suck and he watched Linda’s nightgown come over her head and glimpsed that fine, bald pussy of hers again.

Her nipples were a lot smaller than Judy’s and they seemed to point up at the ceiling as she strode over and joined her mother once again and they sucked in earnest. He couldn’t hold back any longer, “I’m going to cum!!” he shouted and they positioned their mouths in front of his spurting cock and tried to capture it. A rope of cum hit Linda in the nose and they giggled and then one landed on Judy’s tit and they giggled again. When it had finally stopped spurting, Linda moved her mouth over it and sucked it like a straw, trying to get the last drops and then she moved down and sucked the cum off her mother’s tit. Judy returned the favor by liking the cum off of Linda’s nose and then they kissed, it was so erotic that Jed felt his cock harden again.

Judy pushed Linda on her back and began to eat her bald pussy, her ass raised before him and Linda told him to fuck her mom while she ate her and he moved in behind Judy and guided his cock between her legs. He thought for a moment about taking her ass, but decided that it wouldn’t be good if she didn’t ask for it, so he pushed forward into her hot, wet pussy.

Her pussy seemed to vibrate as he slid in deeper and she began to fuck him back, her mouth noisily slurping on her daughter’s pussy. He placed his hands on her ass as he fucked her, his cock gliding in and out and the two of them beginning to moan louder as they got more excited. Linda grabbed her mom’s head as she thrashed her pussy against it; cumming all over her face and then Judy began to fuck back harder as her orgasm moved through her as well. It felt like his cock was in a vise as Judy milked him with her spasming pussy and he felt her juices flow over him. He was still fucking Judy when Linda slipped out and came behind him, reaching between his legs with both hands, working her mother’s clit with one while lightly squeezing his balls with the other.

It was more than he could stand and he shot his load into Judy, his moans drowning out all of the sounds in the room. Linda dropped to her back and slid underneath them both and he felt her hot tongue on him as she licked the two of them. As his cock came out, she grabbed it with her mouth, relishing the tastes of their lovemaking. After Linda was satisfied that she had him clean, she turned her attention to her mom and went to work on her sopping pussy, capturing his cum as it dribbled out.

Jed dropped to his knees and buried his face in Linda’s bald pussy as it gyrated from her eating her mom and he slid his tongue into her, tasting the remnants of her recent orgasm as he sucked them down. Eating a woman’s pussy while watching her eat another woman’s, much less her own mother’s, was quite erotic to Jed and he soon sported quite a hard on.

He broke from his pussy eating and slid his cock into Linda’s teenage pussy, feeling its tightness as he drove deeper until his balls connected with her ass. She groaned at being filled up and her mouth worked feverishly on her mom as Jed fucked her pussy harder with each thrust until the slapping of his balls echoed through the room. This time, they all three came at once, multiple screams filling the room as they each exploded and Jed sat back on his haunches after that, his cock dripping as he watched the two of them exhausted.

He got dressed and as he went to leave, Judy gave him two hundred dollar bills, “Thanks Jed. We miss Hank when he goes away,” and she smiled and it hit him that the family was quite the threesome. He drove home, exhausted, and sat in his recliner watching television, thinking about what a lusty life he had suddenly acquired.

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