Mrs. Sherbitz Ch. 01

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Young women are nice. Their bodies so soft, yet firm. And they can give you one hell of a good fuck. But then there are times when only a more mature woman can give you the things that you desire. This is a story about my older neighbor. But it is not just a fuck story. This is a story about my love for her and her love for me.

I have known Mrs. Sherbitz forever. She had been our next-door neighbor since before I was even born. My name is Thomas, and I am 33 years old. Mrs. Sherbitz is 60! I know because I have been giving her birthday cards since I was in kindergarten. And each Mother’s Day, I present her with a bouquet of flowers.

Martha, that’s her first name, never had any children. But since she has always been like a 2nd mom to me, I gave her a card just like I would to my own mom. Mr. Sherbitz died 8 years ago. And my mom and dad made it a habit that once a week, one of us would have dinner over at her house with her.

My mom and dad moved to New Mexico to be with mom’s sister. That was over 4 years ago. Since I had a good job, they left me the house. But I also was left with the chore of having dinner with Mrs. Sherbitz once a week. As it turned out, this wasn’t such a chore after all.

Mrs. Sherbitz was one mean cook. And when I offered to cook some meals, she let me. She said that I was a good cook and that I would make some woman very happy. So then, we would alternate. I would cook one meal and she would cook the next.

We were sitting down to dinner one evening when Mrs. Sherbitz looked over at me. “Ok! I have to ask you this! You have dinner with me every week. I can’t remember you missing one week. Even when I was sick, you came over with soup. And it was damn good soup I have to admit! But wouldn’t you feel better hanging out with girls your own age? Surely, you can’t be looking forward to having dinner with an old gal like me.”

I looked over at Mrs. Sherbitz. Putting my fork down I smiled at her. “Well! I figured that if I hung around long enough, I just might get lucky!”

Mrs. Sherbitz looked at me with her mouth open. Then she smiled and began to laugh. “Oh Thomas! You really had me going there! Like you would really be interested in me! I’m an old white woman! I’m not very pretty! And I’m certainly not as firm and shapely as those younger women you could be hanging around! Sometimes I really don’t know how to take you! No really! Why do you come here every week?”

I looked at her. “First off, you’re not old. I think that older women keep their prime much better than men do. You are pretty! I’ve always thought that you were pretty! I think that you hide your beauty by wearing those housecoats. And of course you’re not as firm and shapely as women half your age! You’re not supposed to be. But you’re still a hot looking woman. Trust me! And for as long as we have known each other, and that has been my whole life, I have never thought of you as a white woman. And I hope that you have not thought of us as a Black family!”

Mrs. Sherbitz looked at me for a bit. Then she picked up her fork and began to eat. After a bit she looked at me and laughed again. “Thomas! With compliments like that you just may get a kiss after dinner! And no! I have never thought of you or your parents as the “Black” family next door. I was just curious as to why you wish to spend so much time with me, when you could be out doing all kinds of things with women your own age.”

We went back to eating, but I noticed that Mrs. Sherbitz would look up at me, then back to her food. After dinner, we always took turns doing the dishes. One of us would wash while the other dried! I was at the sink washing the dishes and Mrs. Sherbitz stood next to me drying them.

As I always did, I would sneak peeks at Mrs. Sherbitz. Even though I knew that her tits would be saggy, they still filled out her bra enough to let me know that there was some nice tit meat there. And her hips were full and rounded. She had gotten a bit heavy around the middle but that wasn’t a turnoff for me. And she still had a great pair of legs. They were smooth without all those wrinkles and blue lines that a lot of older white women have.

I guess that she was checking me out also. Cause bah├že┼čehir escort I would catch her looking at me from time to time. We were almost through, when she stood close to me. I thought she was reaching to get something. My hands were down in the sink.

Mrs. Sherbitz turned my head towards her and kissed me on the lips. It wasn’t a long drawn out kiss. She didn’t even push her tongue in my mouth. She just pressed her lips hard against mine and kissed me. Then she pulled away and turned her back to me.

I couldn’t see the look on her face, but I did hear her let out a soft sigh. I didn’t think that she would have wanted me to kiss her back, so I just said a soft, “Thank You”. We finished up and I told her that I had a few things that I needed to do.

I was about to walk out the back door, when she called to me. “Thomas! Do you think we could have dinner again Thursday night? I mean if you’re not busy or anything?”

I turned and looked into Mrs. Sherbitz’s eyes. There was a slight smile on her face. It looked almost as if she was holding her breath waiting for my answer. I purposely let her see me look her up and down. Then I smiled.

“Only if you cook chicken cutlets. You know how much I love your chicken cutlets. But I would be happy with anything that you cook! But you had better be careful Mrs. Sherbitz! You’re gonna make me think that you like having this young man around you!”

With that I turned and walked out her back door. Years ago, her husband and my dad had a fence put up around our houses. But there was a gate placed between them so we could visit each other without going thru the front doors. This allowed me to go over to her house without anyone being the wiser that we visited so often.

That night I lay in bed and thought about Mrs. Sherbitz. I don’t know when it happened, but I had started thinking about her in a sexual way. I have always enjoyed the pleasure of older women. They seemed so much more intense and real than the fast younger women. And they didn’t want your money or all of your attention.

My thoughts turned into a fantasy, where I was slowly undressing her. In the fantasy, Mrs. Sherbitz had allowed me to undress her and fuck her! But it wasn’t in her bed. We were in the kitchen. She was sitting up on the table with her legs dangling down. Her big floppy tits were hanging down and I was sucking on them as I plowed my hard black dick in and out of her old dripping pussy.

I started stroking my dick, imagining her soft sighs and cries, as my dick filled her again and again. She was telling me how good it felt. How much she had missed being fucked and that she wanted my dick to fill her over and over.

It was when I pulled my hard dick from her dripping cunt, that she eased to the floor and took me in her mouth. I was looking down at her, as she looked up at me. Mrs. Sherbitz was taking my dick as deep as she could. That was the picture that took me over the edge. Calling out her name, I spewed my load into my hand and the sheets.

Thursday came. The day seemed longer than usual. And I was surprised that I was so looking forward to having dinner with Mrs. Sherbitz that evening. I decided to stop and buy her a bouquet of flowers. It was just an impulse thing.

I knocked on her back door at our usual dinnertime. I hid the flowers behind my back. I heard her holler that she would be right there. When Mrs. Sherbitz came to the door, I was left standing there with my mouth open as she revealed herself.

Standing in the doorway, she looked so different than how she usually greeted me. Her hair was done! She had gone to the beauty shop and had her hair done! And she wore makeup! It wasn’t a lot, but the difference was remarkable. And the color lipstick she wore only accented her small thin lips. They looked even more desirable than I would have thought!

Mrs. Sherbitz had on a pair of earrings, and a thin pearl necklace. This only seemed to accent the simple black dress she wore. And to top it all off, she wore a pair of simple low heels. I looked her up and down, and could do nothing but smile.

“Thomas! Close your mouth before you catch flies! My goodness! beylikd├╝z├╝ escort You would think that you had never seen a woman dressed up before! I got tired of wearing that old housecoat. And besides! It’s been awhile since any man thought I was HOT!”

I closed my mouth then let a big grin plaster my face. Pulling the flowers from behind me, I held them out to her. “These are for you! And seeing you dressed like that, I’m so glad that I bought them.”

Mrs. Sherbitz looked at the flowers. Then she looked up at me. This time it was she with her mouth open. Then she began to cry. “Oh Thomas! No one has brought me flowers in such a long time. That was so thoughtful of you!”

She took the flowers, then turned and began to rummage around in her kitchen. She found the vase she was looking for. “Thomas! These will look so good in the center of the table! You are such a dear young man!” All the time she talked, the tears dripped from her eyes.

“Mrs. Sherbitz! I buy you flowers each and every year. Besides, I figured that if giving you a complement was enough to get a kiss from you, well a bouquet of flowers holds so much more possibility!”

We both laughed. “Thomas! You buy me flowers for Mother’s Day! I’ve come to expect and look forward to them. But these are different!”

I looked at her. This little gesture seemed to mean so much to her. I was doubly glad that I had thought to buy them. “Well! Having dinner this evening is out of the ordinary. So I thought I would make it more like a date. And I like to give my dates flowers. Whatever you cooked smells great! Let’s eat before all your hard work is ruined by getting cold.”

I was going to walk past her, when she touched my arm. “Thank you Thomas! Thank you so very much!” Then she kissed me. This time, she slid her hands around my arms and held me as she kissed me. She even let me feel her tongue licking the lips of my mouth. Then she broke away and blushed.

I smiled at her. “Careful Mrs. Sherbitz! Kiss me like that again, and we will definitely spoil dinner!” Taking her hand I led her into the dinning room. She picked up the vase and brought it with her. And I stopped at the doorway. The table had been set, but in the center were two lit candles. And the extension leafs had been taken out to make is shorter. It was set more for and intimate little dinner.

I turned and looked at her. “Mrs. Sherbitz!” She put her finger to my lips to stop anything else I was gonna say.

“Thomas! If a young man is trying to get lucky, the least I can do is set the atmosphere for him! Come on! The food is getting cold.” I noticed that she was blushing. She started to walk pass me when I touched her elbow. When she turned I kissed her.

My kiss was different from the one she had given me. I pressed her close to me. My lips found hers and I heard her sigh. Pressing my lips gently against hers, I kissed her. But I was in no hurry. I let my tongue slip from my mouth and slide between her thin lips.

The tip of her tongue touched mine. I heard a small whimper come from her mouth. Then she pressed harder against me. Our tongues touched, then slid against each other. I know that she could feel my hardon pressed against her. My hand slid up and down her back, but I felt her stiffen when it slid across her soft ass. I broke the kiss and looked at her. She hadn’t put her arms around me. She still held the vase.

“You are such a beautiful lady! I didn’t mean to be so forward, but I just wanted to kiss you! I’m sorry if I offended you in any way.”

Mrs. Sherbitz looked at me. Her face was flushed and her breathing was faster. “You didn’t offend me Thomas! It’s just that I haven’t been kissed like that or touched like that in a long while. Please! Don’t think I was offended or upset. Let’s eat before all my hard work goes to waste?”

I led her to the table and pulled her chair out. She placed the vase in the middle between the candles. She smiled up at me as she sat down. Then I took my own seat. Like I always do, I fixed her plate. We ate in relative silence. But our eyes kept finding each other and the smiles on our faces remained throughout dinner.

After avc─▒lar escort dinner, I was collecting the plates to put in the sink. Mrs. Sherbitz touched my hand as I picked up her plate. “Thomas? Could we just sit in the parlor for a bit before we clean up? Dinner was so wonderful, I just want to bask in the moment!”

I set her plate down and took her hand. We walked into the parlor and sat on her big soft sofa. We sat in silence for a few moments. Then I felt her hand touch mine.

“Thomas! Would I be too forward if I asked you to kiss me again? It’s been such a long time since a man has kissed me like that! I think I would love to feel that again.”

I smiled at her as I turned towards her. This time when I slid my arms around her, she did the same to me. As our faces drew closer, I heard her sigh and she closed her eyes in anticipation. But this time, I didn’t just kiss her. Instead, I let the tip of my tongue trace her thin lips.

My hands were softly stroking her back, and I could feel her fingers stroking mine. I let my fingers toy with the outline of her bra through her dress. I felt her tongue slip from her lips and trace my lips in return. Her breathing had grown faster.

When I pressed my lips against hers and plunged my tongue in her mouth, I felt her shudder. And a whimper escaped her lips. Mrs. Sherbitz pressed hard against me. This time, when my hand slipped down to her hips, she moved even closer to me.

My other hand slowly slipped across her arm, and I touched her breast thru her dress. I let my hand softly brush against her tit and felt her shiver. I could feel her fingers digging into my back with more pressure. She was letting me know that she liked what she was feeling.

I grew bolder. As my kiss grew more intense, I let my hand cup her tit. They were big enough to fill my hand and have some left over. Mrs. Sherbitz didn’t move. She didn’t encourage me to go further; nor did she discourage me to stop.

When my fingers found her nipple I gently rolled it between two fingers. Mrs. Sherbitz gasped and took her lips off mine. “Oh Thomas!” she moaned! But I was not in any hurry. I kept rolling her nipple and kissed her cheek and neck. I let my tongue tip caress her soft white skin and she whimpered.

I felt her hand slide across my arm and felt it land in my lap. By this time, my dick was hard and throbbing in my pants. When her hand landed on it, she gasped. I felt her fingers trace the outline of my hard throbbing dick inside my pants.

This time I was the one to groan. “Oh Mrs. Sherbitz!” I let her nipple go and squeezed her whole tit softly. She pressed her tit into my hand. I was nibbling on her ear and letting my tongue stroke the lobe. I felt her shiver and her hand pressed harder onto my dick.

“Oh Thomas! Oh Thomas! Oh Thomas!” Over and over she called my name. My hand left her tit and dropped to her lap. She didn’t move when it pressed into her thigh. But when I attempted to slowly push her dress up, she stiffened.

I stopped. In fact, I stopped kissing her all together. Looking into her eyes, I could see the smoldering need that was there. I guessed that she had not had the sexual attentions of a man in a long time.

I gave her a kiss on the lips. Not as intense as the last time. Just a soft quick kiss! “Mrs. Sherbitz. I don’t want either of us to rush into something that we will both look back on and regret. Dinner was wonderful! You are such a beautiful woman. And I do desire you.

I know that this is all going much too fast for you. Lets stop before it goes any further? We will have dinner Sunday night, after we have both had time to think about this. If I don’t stop now, I won’t be able to stop! And I want you to be sure that this is what you want.”

I kissed her once more, and then I got up. I know that she could see the bulge in my pants. Hell! I could feel my dick trying to burst thru my pants! Mrs. Sherbitz looked from my bulge to me. She opened her mouth to say something, but I put my finger on her lips.

“No! I want you to think about this. Once it happens, we can’t take it back. And you mean so much to me, I won’t take a chance on losing your feelings or respect for me.”

I took my finger away and turned away from her. I heard her soft, “Thank you Thomas”, as I closed the door. That night, I worked my hard dick into a frazzle as I thought about her. I was just about to cum, the picture of those thin white lips wrapped around my hard black dick, when the phone rang.

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