Haziran 30, 2020

My BWC and taking my first BBC part 1


My BWC and taking my first BBC part 1A friend of mine was trying to hook me up with a girl. I had been needing a release for some time and he had picked up a guy he knew named Tye that said he could hook me up with a girl who wanted to have a threesome.After getting pulled over by the police and searched and sent on our way Tye was giving directions and led us to a local Inn right outside of town. Well we started talking in the truck and trying to figure out a gameplan. Tye had told me about this girl he was gong to have come and meet us in his room so I agreed to go with him and my friend was going to head home as it was beginning to be late and he was dreary from drinking and bar hopping that night so we went on our ways. I followed Tye to the room and we waited for this chick that was supposedly coming. After talking a bit and getting comfortable with being around Tye he had asked what i was working with and if i was BIG. So you know i was honest and said “bigger than most, enough to satisfy every woman I’ve been with”. He laughed and said something like “yeah i can see that. Im an athletically toned white male 6ft tall weigh around 190lbs have abs and stay in shape and he was a similarly built black guy maybe slightly taller and had a few years on me pretty toned and fit as well. At the time I was 22 and he said he was 26. Mind you the room we were in wasnt very big and at the time we were kinda close to each other..He the asked me to show him my cock and I had been horny all night.So nervously I unzipped my pants and pulled out my semi hard cock but being confident in what i was about to display to another man. Some of my buddies had seen me naked before and i didnt give it too much thought as i was caught in the moment. I saw a big grin on his face after looking up at him and stroking my dick a couple of times and he urged me to get hard so he could see how big i really was. Again I nervously complied and i asked about him and he was wearing sweats so he droppped them bending over in front of me not really within an alarming reach. But urfa escort ss he stood up straight he grabbed my cock. My heart started to race a bit but he kept talking to me and admired the size of my cock as his hand slid back and forth with his other hand stroking his big black penis. He continued to admire me and i said “you have a big dick too”. My dick is a little longer than 8 and half inches and pretty thick as well. From what i could tell we looked very equal in size. From my point of view i thought he might have had a little bit of a longer cock but not by much. He didnt agree when i said i thought his might be bigger.At this time we were both rock hard but i was losing interest and he took his hand off my cock and continued stroking his cock and talking for a while longer. I asked about the girl that was coming and he said im not sure but she has a key but to my surprise he played it off well. I had already gotten soft but was still playing with myself as was he and without hesitation he dropped to his knees and asked if I ever had another guy suck my cock. Shocked at his question and how quickly he was in front of me with my cock in his hand looking at me as i sat on the bed i said no. But i didnt try to stop him i wanted to cum so bad and he made it easy to go along with by being nonchalant about what was happening. By that time he knew i wasnt going to stop him and i felt my soft white cock slowly start to stretch out inside of his warm wet mouth out. He let go of his cock and when i realized how good it felt I felt my cock reach its full potential. Once he realized this as well he put the full length of me down his throat and by this time my hands were on the back of his head pulling him up and down my dick. At that time i hadnt had a girl who could deepthroat my cock and suck it like he was. So i told him this and he pulled off of me and said “really, im not surprised but i figured you had been with enough girls that at least one of them would have”. After a few moments of back and forth he opened his mouth again ready escort urfa to put my cock in the back of his throat. He sucked my dick for a little while longer then told me to stand up. After i stood up he bent over, still bobbing his head back and forth on my dick. He then asked me if i had ever had my asshole licked and asked if he could lick my asshole. I said no i havent but i would let him do it and see how it felt. He finished giving me head after a few more moments and put his hands on my waist urging me to turn around and bend over so I did and he was telling me how good my asshole looked talking to me for a second. I felt my cock begin to slowing drop down and was watching him as his face went toward my asshole and my cock and balls hanging down in front of him.His tongue began licking around my asshole and I thought to myself this feels wonderful. Then buried his face into my asscheeks and his tongue went inside of my tight asshole. I felt a whole new feeling come over me and then i grabbed the back of his head pulling him in to feel even more of his tongue. After awhile I told him to stroke my cock. He grabbed my dick and began licking up and down my asscrack stroking my dick with his tongue teasing my asshole. Then he turned and flipped upsidedown and my cock and balls layed across his face and he licked my gouche and started sucking my balls for a minute. I was in awe of the feeling. I had never experienced that before. After that continued my semi hard cock needed attention and i pulled it around to where his mouth was and took a step back and slid into his warm wet mouth again. I started slowly thrusting my dick in and out and grabbed his head. I could feel him stretch out his tongue on the back of my cock. Once i was rock hard again i started face fucking him real nice and hard his slobber running down my balls he finally pulled away to lick it back up. And re-enter his tonhue inside my asshole for a few seconds. Then he came back to my dick to get throat fucked again. While i was pumping and forcing his head onto my cock urfa escort bayan i felt him start to put his hand up near my ass and his fingers began to play with my still wet asshole. I felt his finger slowly enter my ass as i forced my cock down his throat with his head being pressed against the bed. His finger kept going in and out of my ass as I fucked his throat then he put two fingers in my ass and i was getting ready to burst. Faster and faster i fucked his face and faster and faster his fingers fucked my ass!I didn’t say anything. Grunting and fucking I put my left hand in between the back of his head and the bed, a very tight fit. At the same time I reached behind me with my right hand grabbing his hand with his fingers in my ass and pulled his hand tighter into me. With my full force thrusting into his mouth and pulling his hand and his head back towards me. I let out with a deep loud grunt and came for what felt like 30 seconds. I felt his tongue touching the back of my dick reaching my ballsack and throbbed one, two, three, four long busts of nut filling his throat. Not able to swallow it all I felt him start to choke for the very first time. But I wasn’t through cumming yet. I felt that he needed some air as cum and spit overflowed back down to my balls and released his head for a split second only to slam back down into his throat and finishing my long waited release. That split second being just long enough for his to take the rest of my hot creamy load. But a real mess still left for him to finish cleaning up. I didn’t give him any time to talk or say anything as I pulled his face towards my balls with cum still dripping out of my cock now standing straight in front of him where I could see my cock across his face and my balls and all the left over juice running down his face. He licked me clean but and ran his hand one time down his face getting what was left and grabbed my cock with it and started eating my asshole again and stroking my tender dick making me squirm all the while making sure he massaged the tip of my cock. The night went on… And even more new experiences ensued…..This is my first time writing about this and there’s more to tell please comment if you liked it and it you want to read the rest of the story. Its completely true as well.

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