My Girlfriend’s Best Friend Sabrina Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: Thanks for all the positive feedback! This story is much longer and slower paced than the first two (which I highly recommend you checkout). Feel free to give comments and constructive criticism!


I looked at my phone with all of the color draining from my face. Which wasn’t much to begin with to be fair, but I also felt the cold touch of fear overtaking my body. It wasn’t so much panic as it was despair.

What had Sabrina seen? Ostensibly everything, I thought. My mouth grew dry, my heart pounding with tremendous force; I had to take a seat, feeling a bit light headed. What was there to do? What was I to say? Sabrina was a clever girl, and probably wouldn’t reveal any more until it was advantageous. Still, I couldn’t think that she had any malicious intent. Her and I seemed to get on fine as it were.

I looked down at the pile of clothes, eyeing Tiff’s discarded panties. They were white, with small flowers on them. Plain but cute, I thought. They felt ultra soft in my hands, memories flooding my mind. Memories of Tiff’s thick, bronzed body- her large tits and perfect ass. I wish I had taken a picture, though I didn’t think she would have approved. Still, though, I couldn’t help myself from one further selfish desire. My cock stirred, straining against my shorts, remembering how Tiff had sucked me off- voluntarily and happily. Being wanted, desired- it felt so great. Feeling came back to me, as my skin grew tingly and warm, longing for her touch once again. I needed it, bad- the crashing fall of reality was too much to face. I had grabbed my cock through my shorts then, slowly gripping and stroking myself. I kept it up until I forced myself to stop and opened my messages again.

As if I was expecting anything different, I looked at Sabrina’s text again, her words at the bottom of the screen while her nude selfie resided at the top. My phone felt hot and heavy in my hand, as if radioactive, my initial instinct to simply drop it like a hot coal. Probably too late to back away now though, this mess wouldn’t clean itself up. I breathed heavy, and gathered my thoughts. Sabrina only knew what I could confirm to her- and panicking now would only provided an answer for her suspicions. Play it cool, Dennis, I thought.

‘How about the place down the block from my place?’ I typed. I looked at my phone for a moment, beginning to twist my face in satisfaction. I was pleading, not the look I was going for- I couldn’t afford to give Sabrina an inch. ‘The coffee shop down a block from my place.’ I sent instead.

‘Aww, I wanted the grand tour of your place! LOL’ she sent back.

‘I’ll be there in 20’ I concluded. Case closed. I had bought myself at least 30 minutes of time. I got up and looked back at my couch cushions. They were covered in cum stains, noticeable enough to make my nose wretch. The old couch was due for a cleaning, just as Tiff implored last night- she had simply helped expedite things. Thinking fast, I grabbed both cushions and flipped them over, revealing a much whiter shade that didn’t match the rest of the couch.

“Dennis you clever sonuvabitch,” I said to myself.

I got changed and sprayed some cologne on myself. I had caught Tiff sniffing it on me last night, and with Sabrina noticing it as well, it was all attention I could grow to get used to. I quickly cleaned up before heading out, tossing both towels Tiff & I had used in the hamper before throwing her clothes into my closet. Out of sight, out of mind.

The short walk to the coffee shop wasn’t too bad, and luckily it was mostly empty. The early morning crowd had gotten their fill while the pretentious coffee lovers were probably at yoga or something. I took a seat, pulling out my phone and gazing back at Sabrina’s tits for a few seconds. Looking at porn in public felt so crass, so I only ogled her nudes for a few minutes before beginning to send a message to Tiff. I couldn’t find the words, however. What do you tell someone you had a one night stand with? ‘Thanks for the sex’? We didn’t really have anything to talk about either; her too busy with her sorority and school and me too busy not caring about either one. She really was right, we wouldn’t be compatible.

Sabrina came in a few minutes later, looking around before spotting me. She was dressed in an orange off the shoulder, peasant-style dress, with buttons going down the front. The material was more form fitting than loose, clinging around her ass and her chest- looking sexy but also sensible. Sabrina had her hair held back in a loose bun, wearing two large earrings as well as large black sunglasses. Sabrina clearly put effort into how she looked, regardless if it was some house party or a lazy Saturday coffee date. Not that this was a date, not explicitly anyway.

She made her way to my table after spotting me, her sunglasses blocking her eyes but the small smile that formed on her face looking far from devious or cruel. I rose and hugged her, wrapping my arms around her tight body. I pressed my etiler escort face against hers, enjoying the touch of cheek on cheek. I held our embrace maybe a bit longer than necessary, but she didn’t seem to let up either. I nuzzled her face gently, sniffing and picking up the floral perfume from last night. Once again, my face smouldered with warmth, enjoying the scent. My hands went from lightly touching her back to gently holding her body, resting on the small over her back. I could feel the warmth from her body, with only a tissue-thin layer of fabric keeping me from her skin. Part of me wanted to start raining kisses down her neck and bare shoulders, and eventually her whole body. Judging by how she melted into me, she was almost daring me to.

Pulling myself away, I looked her up down down, even taking a moment to brazenly look at her small cleavage.

“You’re looking…dressed.” I quipped. It was Sabrina’s turn to feel embarrassed, turning bright red and looking away.

“Shut up,” she said with a smile before looking at me. “Did you order yet?” She asked.

Whatever plan I had had gone out the window the moment she walked in. Sabrina was a drug, intoxicating me the moment I laid eyes on her. Unlike Tiff where my thoughts were more carnal and rough, I felt a limerence on being the center of Sabrina’s attention. I had felt it too with Kaya- initially- but over time it had simmered into something of a familiarity. I suppose it was lust with both, but the equal aggressiveness I felt from Sabrina made me crazy- she never seemed to back down from what I did and even challenged me to take it a step further. It made my body feel hot and tingly, and aroused me to no end. Her small smirk was less smug and more playful, both her plump little lips looking soft, inviting. I wanted to kiss her.

“Yeah I’ll have you,” I said. It was lame, stupid and blunt, but fuck me did it feel good to say.

Sabrina pursed her lips, holding back a smile. I’m not sure what she was thinking, but there was a genuine appreciation for flattery certainly. She pulled away from the hug, her sunglasses hiding her eyes as she pulled on my hand, uttering an almost inaudible “c’mon” to me quietly before coughing and clearing her throat.

We walked over towards the counter, looking at the menu. Whoever was on duty wasn’t around, probably in the back. Sabrina took a look at the coffee shop’s offerings, printed on a small block of wood with only 3 items listed. She lifted her sunglasses off and picked up the block, taking a bemused look at it.

“This isn’t Starbucks is it?” she asked, squinting and looking at the choices. “Hot…cold…latte…” she said reading aloud. “Dennis that’s all the menu says.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“I mean what else do you need?”

“I don’t know, too fancy for me.” she said rolling her eyes back. She didn’t strike me as artistic or into the hipster culture as it were, but it was amusing. Finally, the barista arrived from the back after having spotted us. She was a cute girl, with wholesome being the key word I would use to describe her- not that I would go much further than that, she had a uniqueness to her, the sort of not conventionally attractive look that some might find ugly. She looked a bit like Lauren Lapkus, with a smaller chin. Her thick blonde hair pulled into a chunky french braid behind her while a neat fringe framed the top of her face. She wore glasses, small wire framed ones that were clearly beat up and manhandled a good amount. She wasn’t a knockout, but the high I was feeling from Sabrina was making me feel awfully extroverted.

“Oh hey…you,” I said with a smile, pointing my finger right at her.

“Lisa,” she said glancing up before looking back down.

“Lisa yeah,” I said nodding before looking over to Sabrina. “That’s Lisa,” I told her as if she was a long time friend. “I’ll have an iced coffee, Lisa.”

“Surprise me,” Sabrina quickly added, placing her sunglasses back on. “Nothing cold, though.”

“Well, I mean it’s going to be like, one of two things,” I said. “You’re not in for much of a surprise.” I added. Lisa the barista smiled at me, making me smile in return. She looked a bit dorky smiling but it felt good to make someone smile genuinely. All the while Sabrina looked at me curiously, holding it as we made our way back to the table.

“Someone’s awfully friendly,” she said lightly punching my arm.

“What?” I asked genuinely confused. “I sniff everyone. Well, not everyone but you smell good,” I began, thinking this was about that.

“No. I mean what was that?” she asked, motioning her head back to the counter.

“That was Lisa obviously, I introduced you two just now.” I said with a wry smile. “Try to keep up.”

“No,” Sabrina began again, rubbing the side of her head. A small smile was on her lips- I annoyed her but nothing too much. “You were totally flirting with her!”

I looked back at Lisa the barista, watching eve gelen escort as she fumbled with a stack of plastic cups.

“Her? No. I’m just in a good mood is all.”

“Would last night have anything to do with it?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. “Or this morning?”

There it was.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, feigning ignorance. Sabrina lifted her sunglasses up again, narrowing her eyes a bit before looking around, making sure no one was by us or listening. She leaned in, whispering quietly.

“Did you cheat on Kaya?” she asked in a sharp voice.

So blunt. So Sabrina.

“What?” I asked in a voice that convinced only myself of how believable it was. “Do I- Do I seem like I would?”

“You’re not saying no,” Sabrina continued, looking at me. It was hard to tell what she was thinking, but her eyes were focused entirely on me, looking at me, piercing me.

“I’m saying that that’s a crazy thing to ask.”

Wrong answer. Sabrina pulled out her phone, holding up a finger to shush me when I tried to get a word in.

“‘Next time i’ll use my mouth’,” Sabrina began, reading my messages from last night. “‘And suck on your tits.’ AND suck on my tits?” she quipped. “You did say that right?”

“I was drunk,” I bluntly stated.

“And you still said it so what?” she asked, not buying it as an excuse. “You want to suck on my tits, right?” Sabrina’s voice wasn’t terribly loud, but it still made me anxious, looking around so as to see if she had roused anyone’s attention with her bluntness- she had not, thankfully. I kept my composure out the outside.

“I mean, if it was a threesome with Kaya sure.” What was I talking about? I hadn’t even considered a threesome with Sabrina and Kaya before but it was all coming out so quickly- it sounded rational in some part of me. Sabrina merely looked at me, silent for a few seconds, reading me.

“If you’re offering,” she said seemingly accepting my fantasy proposal. “And you’re not all talk.”

I shrugged my shoulders. I seemed to have distracted her with the threesome talk.

“So why do you want to fuck me?” she asked. She leaned back in her seat, scrolling through her phone. There was something so casual between her behavior, something freeing that was separated from fear. It lured me, making me feel comfortable. And I’d be lying if I said openly talking sex with someone wasn’t turning me on, it was better than Kaya’s prudish attitude.

“Well, uh,” I began. My mouth was dry, my mind a bit blank. “Ok so, on some basic level, people are attracted to what they like right? Like, if you’re some basic girl you’ll be attracted to equally basic guys. Not love, not romance or anything. Just…attraction.”

“You calling me basic?” she asked with a smirk.

“No,” I said waving my hand. “When you get to know someone better, you form a connection. Acquaintances, friends, etc. Usually if you like what you see, that’s about as far as you go before you hook up with someone. You don’t, like, have to progress beyond that. Sometimes people are just too different for anything beyond sex.” I said, remembering what Tiff had told me.

“What are you saying?” Sabrina asked.

“I’m just saying, it’s normal to be sexually attracted to people. It’s not normal to try and force yourself to do anything more with them. Feeling horny is a normal thing.”

At that moment, Lisa the barista came by with our order, leaving me with an iced coffee and Sabrina with a latte, without any latte art unless you considered a round blob of milk to be art. I nodded and gave her a smile, remaining silent before she walked away.

“Speaking of?” Sabrina teased again.

“Usually people will find dumb reasons to make a relationship work, like, superficial things, or just mutual love or hatred of something. I don’t like that. I’d rather just be honest with what I want, my needs. To love someone is to see things the way they do.” I said. I sounded hypocritical, but it made sense to me at the moment. Maybe I was just trying to justify my actions.

“So what are you saying?”

“Anything else? How’s the coffee?” Lisa said, startling me. She had snuck up on me, still flashing the wholesome smile. I felt a bit dirty just being in her presence talking about this.

“Huh? No, we’re fine.” I said. “Honestly, thanks.” The barista smiled and walked away again. Sabrina laughed at my dismay, while I coughed and tried to hop back on my train of thought.

“Ok look. We’re both attracted to each other, but we’re both smart enough to know we shouldn’t do anything.”

“Unless it’s a threesome,” Sabrina finished. “With Kaya right?” she added with a small grin. “Would she be fine with it?”

“Not sure,” I said. I honestly wasn’t sure. I could probably expect a no answer, but I wouldn’t tell Sabrina that. “I can ask.”

“Don’t,” she replied back, placing her hand on mine. It was soft and small, lightly touching me before her fingers fatih escort slowly gripped it gently. I merely looked at it, opting not to do anything about it. “She won’t respond to blunt suggestions, you know that.”

“So what it’s forsure a no?” I asked, a bit dismayed. Sabrina remained quiet, holding my hand a bit firmer. Up close, I could see her eyes behind the large sunglasses, and how they focused down on our hands.

“I wouldn’t say that. I mean, people aren’t firm on what they want sexually. You have to really push them. You didn’t think you’d be talking about a threesome with your girlfriend’s best friend behind her back here did you?” she asked in almost a whisper. I didn’t answer, but my breath grew shallow. “And sometimes girls respond better to orders than suggestions.”

“I might find out if you do.” I said. I wanted to talk sex so bad, something was compelling me to say and act lewdly now more than ever.

“Who did you fuck last night?” Sabrina asked once again. “Because Kaya sure as fuck doesn’t fill out your clothes like I saw this morning.”

“What are you a voyeur?” I asked. The idea of being watched didn’t sit well with me, but it didn’t stop me from pressing.

“I was going to stop by this morning, but then I saw that spectacle on display out in the street.” Sabrina said lowering her sunglasses again, taking them off for good this time. “I didn’t realize you were so affectionate. I know Kaya isn’t.”

“You’d be surprised,” I said brushing her off. It was a lie, Kaya was more pure than spring water.

“I didn’t see her there,” Sabrina continued. “Didn’t look like a threesome to me.”

“Wasn’t planned.” I conceded. “These things happen.”

“Was it meant for me?”

I thought to myself for a minute. If Tiff hadn’t appeared, I surely would have fucked Sabrina. At least that’s what I felt I would do. I couldn’t appear weak though, so I weaved a more intricate web.

“Only if Kaya was there. But she had an early night.”

Sabrina flashed a sly smile, her free hand retreating from the latte and towards her dress. Without so much as a cursory glance down, she unbuttoned the top button on her dress, tugging down on it just a bit. Her cleavage, while not large, still caught my eye. My cock stiffened, impressed at her boldness and her desire to turn me on. She was obviously toying with me, teasing me- but the simple fact that I was her target made me feel wicked, privy to some dark secret only I knew. I imagined her nipples, and kissing down her collar to them.

“Dirty boy,” she said. “You really do want a threesome don’t you?”

“I wouldn’t have brought it up if I didn’t.”

“You’re bold.” Sabrina unbuttoned the next button on her dress before pussing her shoulders back slightly, pulling either end apart further. Her nipples grew hard, poking against the fabric. One more button and she was in danger of her top slipping down enough to expose herself. I gripped her hand tighter, watching as she looked at me with rapt attention, bathing in the gaze I showered upon her. “That’s the only reason you wanted to see me this morning isn’t it?”

I shifted in my chair, glancing to my right and watching the barista stack a number of plastic cups- the structure looking like it was liable to tip at a moments notice- back facing me. My hand moved forward, fingertip hooking the small notch formed on Sabrina’s dress. I didn’t even look her in the face, tugging with enough force to pull her dress down a bit. It wasn’t much progress, but the button then came undone. It wasn’t a planned occurrence but I couldn’t argue with the results; her dress slipped down, not much, but enough for me to see her areolas peeking from beneath the orange fabric. Sabrina bit her lip, grinning with an adventurous gleam to her eyes. Without shying away too much, she looked down and whispered an “Oh my God” quietly before reaching down and pulling her dress back up.

“Weren’t my pictures enough?” she asked, buttoning herself back up. I stood up as she did. As far as I was concerned, I wanted to leave on top. Sabrina followed suit, following my lead. “What are you up to today?” she asked. In all the excitement I had noticed we hadn’t made any meaningless small talk.

“Kaya’s coming over after 5 or so.” I responded as we began to walk towards the door. Suddenly, she looked back towards me.

“Oh, also, c’mon please tell me who it was!” she said playfully smacking my arm. I suppose she had dropped any semblance of being coy.

“Tiff.” I answered.


I remembered she wasn’t exactly hip to my nicknames.

“Vanessa, Kaya’s friend from the sorority.”

Sabrina’s shock was only matched by the sudden collapse of the coffee cups at the counter, a quiet “Oh my God!” filling the shop’s interior.


I spared no expense in cleaning up my apartment, spraying both the living room and bedroom with not just one, but two rounds of Febreeze. I also took the initiative to change my bedsheets and placed Tiff’s old clothes into a small bag which was further hidden in my closet. I remembered what I had told her, that I wanted to think about how far we were going to go after spending time with Kaya today. Yet after my escapade at the coffee shop, I realized I was probably in too deep. Still, I could break it off before it progressed further. In theory anyway.

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