Kasım 27, 2021

My Pregnant Wife Laura Fucked By Friends 5


My Pregnant Wife Laura Fucked By Friends 5So there I was allowing my wife Laura to slide her well-fucked cum filled pussy all over my face while telling me how all of my so-called friends had been using her for months while I stood around getting drunk and not noticing anything was going on.I must admit it was making my cock hard hearing how they had used her right under my nose.I asked Laura what she wanted to do going forward, should I confront them and tell them it is all over and they need to leave her alone.My wife Laura asked me if I remembered being invited around for the big football game where we were introduced to Charles and his wife Debbie and their sons Henry and Arthur. I said yes it was a really good night from what I could remember. My wife Laura turned to face me and slid down onto my cock, it felt really tight as she lowered herself onto my little white cock. She then looked me in the eyes and said do you like fucking your wife’s well used sloppy ass.This made my cock even harder, she had never let me fuck her ass, she just pushed down onto me and lowered herself back to allow me to see my cock going into her ass as she slowly fucked my little cock.Laura explained how once we had arrived at the party, she was soon taken away from me by Debbie and Kay who moved her into the hall leading to the games room. Once there Kay stopped her pushed her against the wall and started to kiss her and pull her large milky white breasts out of her top showing them to Debbie inviting her to feel and suck them. Laura explained how she could see Charles and his two sons Arthur and Henry helping Bill setup his sons new console while Kay and Debbie pulled, groped and sucked on her tits, she explained how the contrast of the black skin on her white milky tits made her horny as she watched Debbie grope and twist her nipples.Laura explained how the girls just stripped her naked then led her into the room allowing the boys to turn and appreciate their first white woman. Laura said it was so sexy to see the young boys mouths drop open and their very large BBC start to point out through their loose-fitting shorts. Their father Charles walked over to his wife and said she really does look made for BBC our sons will love using her tonight. He then kissed his wife and called for Bill to return to the party with him so the boys could have fun.As the adults left the room the two young boys walked towards my wife with their large cocks sticking out of the top of their shorts. Laura said she wanted to run and find me, but the look of lust in the boy’s eyes was too much for her, she knew she needed to allow kadıköy escort them to use her, plus their cocks looked enormous as they started to lower their shorts and pull their tops off. Laura said their young hard bodies had ripped muscle everywhere she looked, they moved to each side of her and she just lifted her arms to welcome them in, they soon had a large milky white breast in their black hands and mouth groping and biting a little too rough at the start, but Laura soon calmed them down and made them take their time and be gentle with her.She stroked their young cocks as looked down in amazement as they grew to at least 10 or 11 inches, the contrast of her white hands rubbing up and down their long thick black shafts, as their large black hands groped her milky white breasts was too much for my wife she begged them to fuck her right there and then.She was bent over where she stood and Henry slipped his BBC into her mouth, while his brother Arthur slipped it into her juicy pussy. Laura said it was amazing to feel these strong very hard cocks fucking into her for all they were worth, she said she could feel the difference from a strong young cock against the older mans hard but not rock hard cock.The boys lasted around 3 to 4 minutes before they shot their hot sticky loads deep into my wife, she said all they did was change ends then start all over again. This time Arthur pulled out of her mouth and shot his load all over her tits and face calling her a dirty white slut. Laura said this really made her pussy wet and increased the power of her orgasm.She was then walked out to the kitchen area and made to wear a french maids outfit with no bra and knickers allowed, but stockings and suspenders and a silly frilly hat, her face and cleavage were on display and still covered with cum, she was then made to carry the drinks tray into the lounge area and delivered the drinks to everyone. She asked me if I remembered seeing and groping the sexy maid. I did feel a little guilty as I remembered slipping a finger into her pussy as I groped her ass and my hand went a little too far up as I was a little tipsy at the moment in time. I tried to remember back to that night to understand why I didn’t remember or notice it was my wife, but then I remembered that it was the girls flirting with me again that distracted me from what was going on. I remembered seeing a very sexy ass showing under the bottom of the maid’s outfit and thinking I would love to fuck that, how mad that seems now realising it was my wife who üsküdar escort I had been fucking for years. I felt the cum building in my cock ready to erupt into my wife’s tight ass, but Laura also felt it and stopped moving on my cock, she then told me to get up and bend over the chair. I looked at her and asked why she said do you want me to carry on the story or not.I got up and went and bent over the chair spreading my legs as instructed. My wife Laura then moved in behind me and started to gently spank my ass and allow her fingers to slip across my bottom and run around the entrance to my ass. I felt her tongue there for a couple of seconds to lubricate me, then she slipped a finger inside and continued the story as if nothing was happening.She explained how each person groped and fingered her pussy and ass as she served them their drinks, once everyone was sorted and had their drink refreshed, Charles grabbed her arm and led her out into the study, he pushed her to the floor calling her a dirty white slut and told her to suck his BBC. Laura said this really turned her on and made her want to serve this arrogant powerful black man. While she was sucking his BBC she felt something hard but flexible being shoved into her ass, as she looked over her shoulder she could see his wife Debbie with a strap-on fucking her sore little ass smiling as she watched the look of pain pass across my wife Laura’s face. Charles talked to my wife telling her how his family would be using her white married slut body for their fun and entertainment all summer long.Laura said she had no idea why, but him talking to her like that really turned her on and made the orgasm rip through her body but hold there for a lot longer causing her to judder and jerk under the combined pressure or being fucked in doggy by two very large cocks.I felt Laura add another finger into my ass making me jump and ask her to stop, she just said shut up and listen to how your friends sold me to their black friends allowing them to use me like a slut while my drunken husband sat around making a fool of himself in front of everyone. I said what do you mean sold you. Laura told me how Bill lost money to Charles in a card game so offered to supply a big titted white slut for his sons birthday instead of giving him the money.Laura then explained how as soon as Charles and Debbie had finished fucking her, their sons walked back in the room and started round two. This time Bill and Tony also walked into the room, as the young brothers lowered her onto their hard cocks one in her ass and one in her pussy, tuzla escort Bill and Tony stood in front of her and fucked her mouth. Laura explained how she drains their cocks down her throat while her two new BBC studs fucked her into orgasm after orgasm. Once they filled her with cum they just shoved her onto the floor got up and walked out of the study.Laura explained how she got dressed except for her bra and knickers and walked back into the living room and walked over and sat on my lap, she shook me a little to wake me from my drunken daze, then kissed me deeply making sure her cum filled tongue worked its way into my mouth and twirled it around with mine making sure to wipe as much cum onto my tongue and mouth as she could. She said she even shoved my face down into her tits and smeared the still moist cum into and over my face. Again I could remember something like that happening but never noticed the cum and didn’t notice it was in front of everyone else who was just stood around smiling and laughing at their drunken friend being abused in front of them by his well-fucked wife. Laura said she smiled as she could see all of the cum over my face and all I had was a silly big grin on my face. Laura then tried to fit another finger into my ass, but I twisted to the side and tried to stop her, she just said do you want to hear what your loving friends did to me every time you slipped into another drunken daze or not. I gave in and allowed her to slip the finger in, there was now 3 fingers in my ass as she grabbed my balls and started to pull them like she was trying to milk a cow. She soon had a good rhythm going where she pumped my ass with her fingers as she pulled and jerked on my balls making my cock feel like it was ready to burst.Laura then told me how every time I nodded off and closed my eyes one of my friends would walk up behind the chair and stuff their cock down my wife’s throat fucking her face until they shot their load down her throat, she would then wake me up and kiss me for the enjoyment of all of our friends. She informed me how I had tasted the cum of all of my friends at least once, except the young black guys who had shot their loads into her mouth 3 times and she had made sure to keep as much of it as she could to force it into my mouth and make me drink it.I remember feeling like something had climbed into my mouth and died the morning after the party, but I just put that down to the amount of drink I had the night before. Then Laura started to pull on my balls even harder and force her fingers deep into my ass this made me shoot my load all over her large milky white tits, she just walked in front of me and made me lick it off her tits, she then said I think it is time for bed, we can finish these stories tomorrow as she grabbed my cock and let me upstairs to bed. Husband Dan wife Laura main peopleFriends Bill and Kay, Jenny and Tony, Geoff and Helen, Paul and Janet, Kate and Mike, Black Charles and Debbie

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