Haziran 30, 2020

my single mom a few doors down


my single mom a few doors downtalked to me and the dog on regular basis and always made a point of leaning over to pet the dog, and showing off some wholesome cleavage….40C cups staring me in the face.She caught me gawking at her..and a little smile came over her face, HMM you dirty old man?If you interested in helping me, I have stuff to throw out that is out of my reach, and James is too lazy to get it down for me. Being over 6’, I offered to help, but not to fuck..yetA few days later, I was out for my walk, and she waved me towards her. And asked me for help. I followed her downstairs where most people keep their junk, and she, wearing a shorty top, with some nice belly button showing & she pointed up. I walked into the closet, and began reaching,,pulling stuff down and handing it to her. Her short top showed off some very appealing belly, plus the low rise shorts she sported helped.Can you get this one? She reached around me and pointed to higher in the closet. She pressed against me, and said I said ouch! She was pressed against my growing cock. uşak escort SORRY,,she tried to say in a not too convincing manner.I reached for the out of reach thing, which turned out to be a skimpy colourful top that she stored away for special occasions, which never occurred. WOW I told her, that is a nice top. It would look very enticing on you, especially with those puppies begging to get out.Would you like to help me try it on? DUH!!!!!I stepped down, and she pulled off her T Shirt, showing off her girls, and pulled in over her head, whilst I help to adjust it. Then she puffed out her chest, and pressed into my chest..DO YOU LIKE IT!Oh yes, it brings out two of your special features. I am glad you like it, she placed her arms around my neck, closed her eyes, and tongued my lips. I open my mouth, and let her proceed. That is what I like, and man who knows how to tease a woman. Out of nowhere, she pulled me to the couch, and told me to EAT HER! I ran my hands under her top, and one down her short low rise jeans. AWWW, she felt & smelled escort uşak so good.Remember, I am married and so are you..so keep this adventure a secret. I want you, inside of me…NOWI went down further, and began to lick her inner thighs, undoing her zipper on the way up. She opened a little wider, and I tasted her thighs and then between her zipper. She lifted her hips to tell me to remove the low risers.Her pink panties were available for pulling down, but instead I pulled the edge aside, and licked her. She began to moan. You sir, have a very nice tongue, NOW put it to use. I lowered her pink panties, and started to tease her genital area. She lifted toward my tongue, and shoved her pussy into my face.That’s what I mean..EAT ME!! I chewed on her clitoris, which was red already from her becoming aroused. Then travelled VERY slow to her vertical lips. My goodness, you are very enticing.Keep up the good work, and YE shall be rewarded. She came a few times, making one hell of a mess, THEN it was my turn. I told her to get on top, and take uşak escort bayan control of my aching dick. She crawled very slow on top of me. And leaned over showing off the girls, and taunting me with her massive mammaries. She positioned herself, and I slid in. OH FUCK..you are big..take it easy. I aint used to a BIG man. SOOOOO, I took it easy, and she moved very slow at first, THEN all hell broke loose. But She felt snug, comfortably snug. She fucked fast, side to side, And those girls were bouncing. She closed her eyes, and I could see the juices dripping down, WHAT a happy mess!She leaned forward again, and then collapsed on top of me. WOWWWW!! I just lost 5 pounds in sweat.My pussy aches, thank you!She rolled off me, and I got on top of her.OH damn, its your turn she said, sounding very tired. Let the games begin. So we began. She suddenly returned to life, and curved her legs around me & pulled me in.After a few minutes of comfortable pumping, I came..oh and it felt good.We both collapsed, snickering, awww! Tis very nice, yes?We rested in each others snuggles and once again..its good to be married.Thanks for the workout! She said quietly. We must do this again.I agreed. When are we going to clean out your closet.Which one? LOLWhen the time comes, I will give you notice.

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