Niece Rindi Ch. 06 – Hair Salon

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In chapter 1, my 18 year old adopted niece comes to live with me to save money on college tuition. We are next invited as Chaperones to a senior prom.

‐—————Monday week 3

“What should we do today?” I questioned my 18 year old niece Rindi.

“Do you think I can get my hair done today?” She asked.

“I like your hair,” I told her.

She had straight, shoulder length, dark brown chestnut colored hair.

“Yesterday you said Candy had cuter hair than mine. Because the ends of hers curl up and mine is straight.” Rindi reminded me.

She was sitting in my lap, her usual way of communicating with me was to put her arms around my neck and stare into my eyes until I would eventually cave in to whatever she wanted me to do for her. She had me completely wrapped around her little finger, as the saying goes.

I kissed her soft lips with mine, sticking my tongue into her mouth and she willingly opened up her mouth and kissed me back.

I probably made a huge mistake when on one of the first days she had moved in, I told her anything she ever asked me to do, so long as it was legal and didn’t hurt anyone, I would do for her.

Those words have come back to bite me several times. An entire day at a mall, half a day in a shoe store. I don’t remember any of that being in the conversation Sheila and I had when she asked if Rindi could come live with me.

I love my niece and sacrificing a few hours in a store or in a beauty salon or anything else she asks, I will do for her. Just don’t tell her I said so. She needs to bribe me a little bit once in a while so she doesn’t think I’m a pushover.

“How many kisses will you give me to take you to a hair salon?” I ask.

“Uncle Roy,” I kiss you all the time and you kiss me.” She said. “I also let you feel my boobs, my butt and my pussy.”

“You enjoy it too? Don’t you Brat?” I asked.

She grinned and took my hands, placed them under her night shirt and onto her bare boobs.

I massaged them for a bit, tweaked her nipples. Moved my hands down and fondled her naked butt.

“Let’s see if an internet search turns up anything? You know beauty parlors typically close on Mondays though?” I ask her.

“I forgot that,” She says.

“Let me see your hands a minute?” I ask.

She shows me her hands.

“We have five days before the prom. Today we get a mani-pedi,” I inform her. “Tomorrow we try to find a beauty salon, I probably could use a trim too.”

“That reminds me, your pits need shaving. You aren’t using my triple headed electric on your legs or your pits.” I told her.

“How about my pussy hair?” She smiled realizing I was teasing her.

“Only if I get to kiss and lick it for as long I want to when you get finished.” I reply.

“Yes please.” She says.

Can’t argue with her when she is in such a good mood. Still I enjoy teasing her to see her reactions.

“Breakfast first,” I tell her. “What would you like to fill this cute little tummy with?” I tickled her belly button.

“Can you make waffles?” She asked me.

“I see where this is going,” I tell her, You want the pure maple syrup so I can lick it off your nipples like I did with the pancakes.”

It took me about five minutes to get the batter ready, five more to get the waffle iron hot, I made three waffles and asked her about eggs.

“Just the waffles and syrup,” She said.

I grabbed two glasses and poured cranberry juice into them. Rindi carried the juice, I had the waffles fork and syrup.

We sat at the table with Rindi in my lap as I alternated feeding us each the waffles.

When we finished the waffles she surprised me by not putting any syrup on her nipples. I was actually looking forward to licking syrup off of them again.

She looked at me with a sly grin. Opened up my robe and poured a bit of syrup on my engorged member.

She got down on her knees and licked off every drop of the sticky syrup. When there was no more she just kept on licking, swirling her tongue around the head, licking the sides. It wasn’t long before I reached the point of no return, here it comes I warned her. She caught most of it in her mouth, swallowed what she could. The rest running down her chin onto her shirt.

She climbed back onto my lap and kissed me. Pushing some of my own cream into my mouth. I was pretty sure she was just making sure I was fine with what she had just done. I kissed her back and removed her shirt. Fondled and kissed her pert little boobs for several minutes. I could have continued for hours but we really did have places to go.

We got dressed in our usual jeans, brown t-shirts and tennis shoes, light jackets, as mid march could still get chilly.

Drove to town to find a nail salon, where we both got a mani-pedi. The girls who massaged our feet did a wonderful job.

The young oriental girl who was giving me my foot massage was wearing a loose

t-shirt and I was treated to a nice view of her little brown boobs and nearly black nipples. I managed to see them quite a few times, as she worked on my feet.

Rindi asked kocaeli escort me something, I didn’t hear her since my attention was focused on two black nipples.

Rindi got matching gold nail polish on her fingernails and toenails. They would match her prom gown so perfectly.

I tipped both of the girls and thanked them, paid the owner and I left for a few minutes as I had spotted a drug store, a few stores away. Went in and bought a ten pack of disposable razors and several cans of shaving gel.

Went back in the nail salon and Rindi had just finished getting her nails dry.

Rindi was looking at me oddly as I pulled out of the parking lot.

“I saw you checking out her boobs, while she massaged your feet,” She told me.

“Are you mad at me?” I asked her. “If a girl puts herself on display, intentional or not I’m going to look,” I told her. “It doesn’t mean I want to touch them or fantasize about them. So long as I have you, that’s all I need.”

“It just kind of embarrassed me I guess,” Rindi said. “I just wanted to know why? You kept looking at them. I will show you mine anytime you ask.”

“Like right now, even?” I challenged her.

She had that mischievous look in her eye. Fiddled around inside her jacket. The next time I looked over, both her boobs were on display. Her acorn sized nipples stiff and pointing up. She had unzipped her jacket, pulled off her bra and lifted her shirt.

Note to self, don’t challenge Rindi in public.

“Your boobs are much more exciting to me than some nail girl, who’s name I don’t even know.” I said. “Better put them away so no one else sees them.”

She zipped the jacket back up.

We got back home and I went in my room and got undressed and put on my robe. Before Rindi had moved in this was my usual clothing for cold days when I wouldn’t need to go outside.

I went back to the living room and got comfortable in my recliner. Turned on the tv, more for background noise than actually watching a show.

Flipped the channel over to one of my internet movie subscriptions, a lot of these services have many nc 17 and rated R movies. They also have several hundred pg and some g rated.

I found the 1979 version of Vacation, the original movie and decided it might be fun to watch.

Rindi came out about the time the cute blond in the convertible took her top off.

“Uncle Roy, What are you watching?” Rindi questioned.

“It’s an old classic,’ I tell her, “About a family who want to go to an amusement park and the problems they run into. Like the lady in the convertible wanting the husband to skinny dip with her and getting caught by the entire hotel full of visitors.”

I turn the tv off.

Rindi isn’t saying anything.

Damn, I’m not sure how to deal with an emotional 18 year old girl. Roller coaster rides have nothing on my nieces mood swings.

“Rindi, I want to talk with you.” I tell her.

“Please come over here.” I motioned at the chair next to mine.

She just climbed right onto my lap and put her head onto my right shoulder.

“Would you like it if I had bigger boobs?” She asked me.

“Not Just no, but Hell No!” I told her. “You are perfect just the way you are. Your boobs are perfect for your size, I love your big nipples and how sensitive they are,

I know the boys teased you a lot but if I ever say anything to hurt your feelings let me know? I love you Rindi,” I tell her, “More than I ever loved anyone before. I tease you and you tease me but neither of us really means any of the stuff we say. It’s all in fun. Just trust me and trust yourself, we will be fine. You are so much more to me than just a cute set of boobs, butt and pussy. You are a companion, someone I can share my entire life with.”

She is sobbing now.

Damn what did I say wrong this time? I ask myself.

Rindi looks into my eyes. I hand her a tissue from the end table, she blows her nose, I hand her another and she wipes her eyes.

“I love you too,” she says softly, “But I’m afraid of losing you. That I’m not good enough to be able to keep you. That you will find someone else and leave me.”

I just keep holding her on my lap, both our emotions are at a breaking point. I could just kill all the boys who ever called her names, who caused her self esteem to be so low.

Then it hit me like a blow to the head. She showed me her boobs earlier in the car to try to compete, to make sure she was acceptable to me, better than the nameless nail girl.

“When you showed me your boobs in the car, was the reason because you wanted me to notice you, to realize that you are the one I want. You don’t have to compete with anyone. When you are the best there is you have no competition except yourself.” I told her.

“I think so,” She answered, You were staring at that ladies boobs, so focused you weren’t even aware I was asking you questions.”

“Wait,” What questions were you asking?”

I asked her this, feeling a bit ashamed.

Shit had I made a huge mistake by being distracted while Rindi was trying to ask me about something important to kocaeli escort bayan her.

“Oh Just about your ex and why she didn’t like you looking at her in the shower, or seeing her naked.” Rindi said.

“Anna was a self centered, egotistical bitch,” I told Rindi. “She was the type who thought her shit didn’t stink. She never really liked sex either, just missionary and only about once a month always with the lights out. Then only when I would beg and I hated to beg. That was the year after my parents died, your adopted grandparents. She moved out nearly three years ago, after I walked into the bathroom while she was in the shower. She called me a pervert among other less flattering names. She left the next day.”

“So why haven’t you and I made love yet?” Rindi asked me. “Don’t you want me?”

“Rindi, girl, sweetheart, brat, I want you so badly. At the same time, I want to wait for the exact right time, to make it so special for you.” I tell her. “The first time no matter how gentle I am is going to hurt. I’m so afraid that you will become like Anna. That it will hurt too much and you won’t like me because I will have been the one who caused you the pain.”

“Don’t you think I should be the one who decides how much pain I can handle?” She asked it angrily.

Rindi angry was easier to understand than sad Rindi but I had to be careful.

“You are right,” I told her. “I guess I was only thinking of myself and how heartbroken I would be if you wanted to leave me after we made love and if it hurts you too much.”

“You are the stupidest, most irritating man, I’ve ever known,” Rindi said, “So why do I love you so much?”

“I think it’s because you’re the stupidest most irritating woman I’ve ever known, and I love you too,” I told her. “All you have to do is ask me.”

“That’s the problem,” Rindi said, “What should I ask?”

“How about just ask, when will you be ready?” I told her.

“When will you be ready?” She asked.

“Prom night,” I answered her.”

Her eyes opened wide, she smiled, giggled, held my face in her hands, caressed my cheeks.

“You do know that I am completely yours now, right?” Rindi asked me.

“I know that you own every bit of my heart, you own me too.” I tell her. “I am yours.”

“I’m hungry now, we haven’t eaten since breakfast.” Rindi giggled, remembering what she had for dessert after the waffles were gone.

I put some french fries in the air fryer, fried a couple of hamburgers and we ate in the living room while watching Vacation.

“She really was cute and very attractive,” Rindi said, referring to C B, the girl in the convertible. “I can understand why you liked seeing her.”

“Do you know why they show so many naked ladies in movies?” I ask Rindi.

“Why?” She asked.

“Because no guy really wants to spend fifty bucks to see a movie with his girl friend without seeing a bit of skin on the big screen. Some girls like seeing them too.” I answered. “Most producers think a movie won’t sell unless it’s rated R or nc17, so it either has nudity or violence.”

“We should make a movie,” Rindi laughs, “You can be the hero who rescues me from the monster who just ripped my bikini top off me.”

“What if I was the monster who did the ripping?” I asked her.

“Even better,” She said, “Want to practice right now.”

She jumped into my lap carefully avoiding landing too hard on my erection that was sticking out of my robe.

“Grrrrr?” I growled down at her, “I’m a crazy person and I think I need to teach you a lesson about coming into my house and eating all my food while I was gone. Maybe I need to eat you?”

I grabbed her nightshirt and pulled it off over her head, she put her arms up to help. I playfully nipped one of her puffy little nipples, pulled at it with my teeth, making growling sounds the whole time. We both started laughing.

“Bet the theaters would pay a fortune to see that!” Rindi exclaimed.

“Nope,” I tell her, “You belong to me now and I say who gets to see them and who doesn’t.”

“Oh, do I get any say in this matter?” She asks.

I don’t say anything, just start fondling and massaging her boobs, paying extra attention to her light brown puffy nipples.

“Mine! Mine! Mine! All Mine!” I tell her, As she starts laughing while I tickle her boobs with my tongue and fingers.

“Please stop,” She gasps, “Too much, can’t breathe.”

I quit tickling her and go back to the gentle massaging we both enjoy.

I pick her up and carry her to the bathroom. She holds my penis as I pee and I wipe her dry when she finishes peeing. Then I remembered the razors.

“Wait right here,” I tell her, “Be right back.”

It only took a minute to get the razors and a can of shave gel. I opened the package and took out a razor.

The shower doors were already open so I just stepped into the tub and started running some hot water, added some bath salts. My tub is fairly big and wide, plenty of room for four shower heads. When Candy was over all three of us had plenty of room to wash each other with room for more.

“Care izmit escort to join me now?” I asked Rindi.

She stepped into the tub.

“What are you going to do?” She asked me, seeing the razor.

First I got her good and wet with the hot soapy water. Nothing beats the feeling of hot slippery boob flesh in my hands, I massaged them for quite a while.

Eventually I remembered why we were in the tub. I put some shave gel in my hand and rubbed it gently into her left armpit, it only took three swipes with the new razor and that one was done, I repeated the procedure on the right side. Rinsed off any remaining lather. Licked each armpit, they were smooth as silk. Rindi giggled at the feeling of my tongue licking her pits.

I next lathered up her left leg from her toes up to the V of her pussy, starting at the top I slowly dragged the razor down her leg, rinsed the blade, repeated it a couple times. Then did the other leg the same way.

I looked at the landing strip at the top of her pussy. I used the tiniest bit of shave gel, shaved just a little bit on each side making a V, I then did a little bit at the top. Finally I made sure all the hair was gone except for the landing strip. From her neck to her feet she was now hairless except for her heart shaped landing strip.

I chuckled thinking what her reaction might be when she saw what I had done.

We got out of the tub and I dried her off, she helped me get dry.

Finished in the bathroom, I turned out the light. We went into the bedroom and I turned on the bedside lamps and pointed to the mirror beside the bed.

“Take a look,” I tell Rindi.

She looks in the mirror, adjusts her hair, turns around and looks over her shoulder at her smooth butt cheeks. Turns back around.

“Look at your pussy,” I finally say since she hasn’t looked to see it yet.

She looks down and starts giggling, “You made a heart. Thats silly, but I think I like it.”

“You are my sweetheart,” I tell her, “And I need to taste it to see if it’s as sweet as it looks.”

She laid down with her back against the headboard. I placed a pillow under her hips. I took my time, licked around the heart first, I don’t really like pubic hair in my teeth so was careful when I licked any of the actual heart.

Licked down each thigh, ran my tongue down each silky smooth leg. Sucked each toe individually. Licked the soles of her feet. She giggled at the feeling, I tickled her feet with my fingers, she laughed. Back up her legs, I worked my tongue until I was at the apex of her perfect little V.

Starting at the perineum, I licked my way to her opening, gave a little kiss on her vulva. Rindi gasped. I kissed the outside of her lips, used the flat side of my tongue and slapped it against her clit twice. She moaned. I circled my tongue around her smooth orifice. Pausing now and then I licked her for a while just keeping her on the edge without letting her climax yet.

We had done this enough over the last three weeks that we both knew the longer I could tease her the more powerful would be the release. I grabbed one of the towels off the headboard, we had learned to always keep a few towels handy if we didn’t want to wash blankets almost daily.

Back to the job at hand. Job? Not the right word. Task? Still not right. Pleasurable enjoyment for both of us. If anyone has the right word for it, never mind it doesn’t matter.

I went back to licking her, Rindi was close, I could hear her mewling, her breathing was

faster, purring, panting. I grabbed her clit with my lips, used the snake tongue technique, she screamed and went still.

I gave a final lick and some suction to get all the sweet necter I could, before using the soft towel to clean up any I had missed. Then I pulled the covers over us, turned off the bedside lamps and fell asleep, my tongue was tired and I didn’t have the energy to get up.


I was dreaming about Rindi licking and sucking my stiff prick, It felt so good, her soft warm lips kissing from top to bottom, occasionally taking the head into her mouth and licking the crown. When, suddenly I was awake.

I’m not sure how long Rindi had been licking my stiff erection but it wasn’t going to be much longer before I would spout.

Rindi was using both hands to milk up and down the shaft while licking the tip with her tongue. “Cum for me now Uncle Roy,” She demanded, in between licks.

She caught most of it in her mouth and swallowed noisily. The rest she aimed at her stiff acorn sized nipples. For such a petite woman, she has huge nipples.

“Yummy! you sure taste good,” She says, “Want to try some?”

She moved up so I could reach her boobs with my mouth. I cleaned both boobs off with my tongue, swirling it around each one until they were clean again. Eating my own sperm isn’t my favorite, having tasted it a few times now, I will say it isn’t so bad, kind of salty almost like eating a raw egg white.

“That is a wonderful way to wake up,” I tell Rindi. “I was dreaming about you.”

“Yes I know you were, when you called my name and told me not to stop, just to keep licking and you had the cutest smile on your face and the stiffest erection. I just couldn’t resist. I had to give you what you were dreaming about.” Rindi was giggling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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