Not Quite Meatless

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The Mass for Ash Wednesday was all but over. Kathy has a small cross of ash on her forehead. Lent is really underway. She still is not decided about her offering for the Lenten season. Kathy is a pretty good Catholic and has always been good at following the dictates of her religion including abstaining from meat on Ash Wednesday and then the Fridays of Lent. Kathy has considered joining a Holy Order but has never found the right opportunity. Being a nun is not a bad option when none of the men her age who had an interest in her were interesting to her. She wanted prince charming and only “Joe ordinary” or less paid any attention to her.

Sitting in the choir seats looking over the congregation, Kathy feels that familiar longing. She sees all the mothers with their children in tow. She hungers for a child or two. It makes her envious of her best friend with her cute little girl.

Kathy reminisces about her times with her best friend, Janice, with whom she almost shares a birthday. She remembers their pact at age 12 after sharing a birthday cake that their children would be best friends. Kathy and Janice have been, in fact, still are very close. This closeness extends to Janice’s whole family. Janice’s father was always there for Kathy when her father was consumed with her mother’s long good bye due to the complications of diabetes. Kathy’s mother toughed it out to see Kathy graduate from high school but she just could not make it any further. Her father took her mother’s death very hard and was not emotionally available for Kathy. Seven years after the death, her father had been rescued by a widow with two teenagers making him even less available.

With the last song done, Kathy turns in her sheet music and files out of the church. She is heading over to her best friends parent’s house for dinner. It is a different invitation because neither Janice nor Janice’s mother, Kimberly will be there. Janice’s father, Robert, is an excellent cook but the night will not be about the food. Kathy ponders actually using the overnight bag sitting on the passenger seat.

Even after over 20 years, Kathy can still remember snuggling up to Janice’s father on the couch watching video tapes. She smiles thinking that kids today would not even know what to do with a VHS tape. It became sort of a tradition when Kathy’s father rushed her mother to the hospital and continued when her mother started needing regular dialysis to support her failing kidneys. Janice’s younger sibs would be put to bed. Janice and Kathy would get dressed for bed. Sometimes they would take a shower together first. Janice would snuggle next to her mother on the love seat while her mother, Kimberly, brushed her hair. Kathy would snuggle next to Robert who would brush her hair. He was so gentle. She remembered Robert’s quiet strength when she wrapped his arm around her waist snuggled on the couch. It was so deliciously wicked to be only wearing one of his tee-shirts because she did not have any other clothes. Robert had been a perfect father and gentleman and had not allowed his hands to roam or wander even though he knew she did not have panties under the tee-shirt. She had felt safe and loved. After the movies, Janice and Kathy would share a bed and cuddle like two puppies. Almost like a prayer, Janice would promise to always share her parents with Kathy because they were best friends.

Continuing her drive to Janice’s house, Kathy recalls their shared 16th birthday present from Kimberly and Robert. Janice and Kathy had taken a ballroom dance class with Janice’s father to prepare them for dating. For 12 weeks, they had shared Robert’s undivided attention for three hours one night a week as they learned how to swing dance, waltz, rumba and cha-cha. Janice’s mother, Kimberly, teased them about not getting too big a crush on her husband when she saw them off. Kimberly stayed home so she could care for Janice’s younger siblings. Kathy remembered how she rubbed her boobs against Janice’s father who would just smile and move her back a couple inches with a wink. She had been all ready to dance at her junior prom but no one asked her to go and she was too shy to ask someone. For her senior prom, she had gone as a third wheel with Janice and her date. They were all friends so it had not been too awkward. Peter had crowed about having two women on his arms all night. Still, after all these years, Kathy wished she had asked Robert to be her escort. It was the story of Kathy’s life; all dressed up and nowhere to go. Ultimately, istanbul escort these failures lead Kathy to consider Holy Orders.

Kathy dropped the idea of Holy Orders when she landed the perfect career job. She is the costume manager for a theater on a college campus. She is applying her degree in theatrical arts. When she started the position she thought surely she would meet her prince charming. Her life was going to get better but alas after a couple years she realizes that at 33 she is older than all of the students. Life is passing her by and her biological alarm clock is ringing.

Kathy smiles remembering that last time she saw Robert. She needed a large scout shirt for a back up costume for a play. As a scoutmaster, Robert was able to loan her one of his shirts. Robert teased Kathy that the shirt was priceless but she could have the loan of it for a daughter’s kiss. Kathy had blushed brightly but had gamely kissed him on the lips. Kathy was glad that no one else was there. The hugs she had shared with Robert still made her smile. Robert loves her. She loves him.

Janice had reminded Kathy of their childhood pact about children 3 years ago at Helen’s wedding. Helen is Janice’s big little sister at just over 6 foot. Janice was 6 months pregnant at the time and was feeling so large. Janice teased Kathy about finding her a man because she needed to get with the program if their children were going to be best friends. Janice threatened Kathy with just arranging for her to be inseminated if she did not find herself a husband. Sitting at the same table, Janice’s mother, Kimberly, teased that she could just have Robert breed her to keep her and the baby in the family. At the time everyone had giggled. Janice and Kimberly giggled because the idea embarrassed Kathy. Kathy giggled to hide her embarrassment.

Now three years later, Kathy is actually considering insemination because she wants at least one child and still has not found a husband. These feelings came to a head a couple months ago during her about weekly call with Janice. Janice confided that she had gone back off the pill and was hoping for their second and last child. Kathy was not even dating a guy. In fact she has never gotten past kissing. A sperm bank seemed like her only option but also seemed so cold and impersonal. Her baby would need a bigger family. Kathy has shared this angst with Janice for the last several weeks. Janice would respond by going through the list of single guys that would fall all over her if she would let them. Janice had tried to set Kathy up with many different guys over the years but none of them were what Kathy wanted. Nome of them was her prince charming.

Then two days ago, Kathy learned from Janice that Kimberly’s mother is dying. Kimberly needs to be there for her father but does not want to leave Robert alone for a week. Robert is committed to a major project and will lose himself in the work without a keeper. Kathy was stunned when Janice suddenly decided she needed to go but explained that her mother, Kimberly, would be calling Janice in a few minutes.

About 20 minutes latter Kimberly had called. Kimberly was exceedingly frank explaining that Robert would be expecting her on Wednesday night for dinner and that she should bring an overnight bag in case she wants to spend the night. Kimberly hoped that this visit would solve her problems with the sperm bank. Kathy is too stunned to say anything and Kimberly simply hung up. Confused Kathy had called Janice to make sure she understood. Janice explained that she had reminded her mother about the conversation at Helen’s reception and that her mother had taken it from there. Janice hoped Kathy would make the right decision and hung up before Kathy could ask any more questions.

Sitting in her car outside of Robert’s house, Kathy faces her decision. Should she grab the overnight bag or leave it on the seat? Should she spend the night? She thinks she has permission. She knows that it will be four days until Kimberly gets back. If she understands, she has the option of tonight, Thursday night, and Friday night. Kathy realizes she is getting ahead of herself. Will Robert even be interested in more than dinner? Making a decision, Kathy grabs her bag and her purse and heads for the front door.

As Kathy walks up to the door, she realizes that she has already made her decision. Under her blouse she is wearing her nicest bra with matching panties. Their cream color and lacy istanbul escort bayan edges make her feel like a mature woman ready to be with her man. This thought sends a shiver through her body. She is wearing a nice blouse with jacket and a skirt. She had just sung in the choir so she needed to be dressed nice.

Robert opens the door just before she rings the bell. Robert gives her the once over but does not go into pervert or letch territory. Robert is dressed in jeans and a knit pull over shirt, casual and youngish without pretending to be 30 something. Crossing the threshold, Kathy steps into a full frontal hug followed by a warm if tongue free kiss. She savors the return of the feelings of safety and love. Kathy realizes she has come home. It might be a second home, but it is home nonetheless.

The house is filled with the heavenly aromas of dinner. Robert tells Kathy to make herself at home while he puts the finishing touches on dinner. Kathy ponders for a moment what do to with her bag and purse. Kathy settles on setting them both on the stairs leading up to the master bedroom suite. Kathy is not quite ready to presume that Robert will take her to the marital bed or even that he will take her.

Kathy claims a barstool to watch Robert finish up dinner. He has two woks going. They sizzle when he adds the last ingredients. Dinner smells fabulous as Robert shuttles everything to the table. Robert helps Kathy into her chair. Everything is served in the pan where it was cooked; no frivolous transfers to serving dishes for Robert. Robert takes pleasure in explaining each dish and noting the use of “meatless” ingredients making Kathy smile. Robert clearly respects her wishes to be a good Catholic. The salad is a wonderful mix of greens with fresh pear, red onions and glazed pecans. The salad dressing is light and sweet with a touch of maple. The vegetable side is a stir fried butternut squash with ginger and macadamia nuts. The main dish is a mango curry shrimp over brown rice. Robert understands a little about Catholics even if he does not understand Catholicism. It is a splendid meal filled with the talk of food while ignoring the elephant in the room.

Explaining the dessert, a panna cotta, might be better later, Robert sends Kathy off to get ready for bed while he puts away a few leftovers. He indicates that she can use the left sink in the master suite without further comment. He will wait in the living room for Kathy to return. Kathy takes a big breath wondering why Robert has not made more of a move on her. She is here to be inseminated. She wants to be fucked.

Entering the master suite, Kathy sees one of Robert’s tee-shirts laid out on the open bed. There is a towel spread out where she is guessing she will be taken for the first time. Perhaps experience is a good teacher. No one will have to sleep in a wet spot. In the bathroom, there is space cleared next to the left sink. Kathy smiles realizing that Kimberly has made space for her. Looking closely, Kathy finds a new head for the Braun electric toothbrush with a small post-it note bearing her name, a smiley face and a script K. Kathy smiles as she pulls off all of her cloths including the underwear that she so carefully selected. If Robert wants her in his tee-shirt, she can wear his tee-shirt. Kathy can feel the moistness of her slit as her body starts to respond to her anticipation. Kathy knows that “It” will happen tonight.

Robert meets Kathy at the foot of the stairs and takes her hand. He leads her into the living room and to the couch that replaced the one in her memories. Robert pulls Kathy into his lap with another gentle kiss and gives her a serious “we need to talk” look. Robert asks “Have you decided on a name for our baby? Have you decided what name to list for the father on the birth certificate?”

Kathy gets a deer in the headlights look. She has not considered much of anything beyond the imperative that she wants a baby. She wants a baby to play with Janice’s children. She wants to belong to Janice’s family. She has a good job with inexpensive day care on campus as part of the child development program so the financial side is handled. Still, there are details she has not considered.

Robert continues “Are we a onetime thing? Just something almost clinical? Do you want to keep meeting till you are sure you are pregnant? Or do you want to be my “extra?” With this last, Robert gently squeezes Kathy’s right breast sending a shiver through istanbul bayan escort her aroused if inexperienced body.

Responding to Kathy’s silence Robert kisses Kathy again. He suggests “I think the baby should have your last name. It will make your father happy. If it is a girl, name it for your mother. Leave the father’s name blank on the birth certificate in case you do eventually marry. Remember Zoe’s mess in “The Back-Up Plan”. As much as I would like to keep you, you may find someone that is perfect for you that will be yours alone.”

Kathy is almost speechless. It is almost too much to take in. She melds her body to Robert’s and asks “Could I really be yours? What about Kimberly? What do you mean by an “extra”?” Kathy hands wander over Robert’s chest feeling his body heat. She can feel the growing hardness in his loins where she is sitting in just a tee-shirt.

While cuddling there on the couch, Robert explains that an extra is a special family friend who with Kimberly’s permission can share intimate times with him as long as she is discrete and is not involved outside of the family. Irrespective of her other choices, her baby will be “adopted” into the family and she will always be part of the family. However, if she chooses to be intimate outside the family, she will no longer be an “extra”. With a serious look, Robert explains that there are currently two extras but will say no more even under Kathy’s questioning. It is part of being discrete.

Instead of answering Robert’s question, Kathy reaches down and pulls off the tee-shirt revealing her bare breasts and the sweet wetness of her sex. Kathy shifts herself to straddle Robert’s waist and kisses Robert with lips wide inviting Robert to invade her mouth. Kathy is knowingly surrendering herself to Robert. She is his. Robert responds by running his hands over her smooth ass cheeks. His tongue dances with hers as they begin the ages old ritual. He touches and caresses her backside accepting the gift of her passion.

Coming up for air, Robert needs to lock up the house and to brush his teeth before he claims Kathy. He sends Kathy to snuggle under the covers and think warm thoughts. He makes a last pass through the kitchen turning off lights, starting the dishwasher and locking doors. He climbs the three short flights of steps to the master suite knowing that Kathy awaits him. He will make her his woman and hopefully give her the child she wants. Robert smiles seeing that Kathy has used the new toothbrush that Kimberly had put out. They had discussed at length the best ways to let Kathy know she was welcome into their somewhat different relationship. After tonight, Robert would need to explain the limitations Kimberly placed on his “extras”. Tonight would be a joyous celebration of life in stark contrast to impending death of Kimberly’s mother.

Robert brushed his teeth. He skips flossing as he is a bit impatient. Robert tosses his clothes into the hamper and places his shoes on the shelf. He smiles had the hard firm erection that leads the way. He considers leaving the lights on for a moment but decides that the moon light shining in the window will be enough. It is time.

Kathy has positioned two pillows under her head and neck. She is lying on the towel with her knees spread wide. The only thing wider is her smile. Kathy has waited her whole life for this moment. Her arms reach out to Robert. As Robert gets closer, he sees a tube of personal lube on the small night stand next to the clock. Robert cannot help but wonder whether Kimberly was looking out for Kathy or whether Kathy had been coached. Either way, she is ready. He can use his rampant arousal now. There was no need for further foreplay.

After receiving a lover’s kiss, Kathy exclaims “Now! Take me now! Feed this good Catholic girl some meat.” Robert does not need to be asked twice. He slides his dick home with all the skill that comes from being married for over 30 years brings. Kathy hooks her ankles behind Robert’s back. He savors the erection that only a new naughty partner can bring. Kathy’s sheath feels so good. It is tight and wet. Robert begins fucking Kathy with serious passion. He slips in and out with abandon. Kathy gives herself over to her passions and her body is rocked with a big “O”. Lost in the passions of the moment, Robert follows making a generous deposit into his lover. The towel was indeed a good idea. Basking in the post-coital bliss, Kathy cuddles up to Robert to feel his body heat. She wants to be an “extra”. She wants his child. The passion has driven all thought of dessert from their minds.

After the euphoria has partially slipped away, Kathy asks a drowsy Robert “What does a girl need to do to get more of your special meat on Friday? God forgive me, I loved having meat on Ash Wednesday.”

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