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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 111b IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS Copyright and content notice No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission of the author and publisher, nor be otherwise circulated without the author or publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition, including this condition being imposed on the subsequent publisher. The rights of the author have been applied hereon. ******* This Story and all the characters are 100% fiction. Any references made to schools, castles, entertainers and aristocratic titled personages are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or personages named are true. None of what you are about to read actually happened. ******* If you enjoy my story or any others on the Nifty site, please show your appreciation and donate what you can afford. ********************* Folks, sorry for the delay in this part and thank you to those who have emailed asking if everything was okay. Once again, real life got in the way, but I hope to be back to normal soon. Please take the time to let me know if you’re still enjoying the story. Regards Blackscar. ********************* Once he had recovered, McPhee gripped his cock and squeezed from the base to the deflating head, forcing a final bead of cum out of his cocklips. `Here, don’t waste this bit,’ I licked it up; he smiled again and stood up, letting his kilt fall back down, he pulled his sporran back into place and sat down. `Right, I hope you’re sitting comfortably,’ ********************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 111b � The Cold Light of Day Brookmeyer continues the story I nodded; desperate to hear the story. McPhee took a big breath and began. `Well, here goes, well, you heard Rob was freezing when they found him out in the snow, and that Forts and Davy used body heat to warm him up; they actually saved him, but it was Stuart and Jeremy who had all the real fun with him; well, so far, unless you get lucky too?’ My hand was already on my cock, the taste of McPhee’s cum on my tongue, getting me way more excited than I should have been. `Come on McPhee, get on with it,’ `Well, Gary had come looking for me when Stuart and Jeremy led Rob away for a shower, he wanted to watch too, so, well, remember the secret passages?’ `Yes, but Athol had all the entrances sealed off,’ `Ah, not all of them,’ `Really?’ `Yes, Gary found another one,’ `Where?’ McPhee tapped his nose, smirking. `That information Brookmeyer, will cost a lot more than one blowjob, anyway, Jeremy and Stuart knew nothing about the passages,’ `Come on McPhee, get on with it,’ My cock was already leaking precum, I needed to hear the story. `Well, Gary led me to their room, through the tunnels, and we got comfortable.’ McPhee began the story. Jeremy was pouring them all drinks; Rob was shivering in a blanket. `Stuart, you had better get the shower running, this guy still feels cold, a nice warm shower is just what he needs,’ Rob looked at him. `Please, I don’t want to be any trouble,’ Jeremy winked and nodded his head towards the bathroom at Stuart. `Here, give me that old blanket,’ `But I have nothing on,’ `Don’t worry, we are all boys together, Stuart and I will soon have you warmed up,’ Stuart’s head appeared at the en-suite door. `Showers running, lovely and warm,’ He came back into the room, Jeremy grinned at Rob. `So, do you fancy having us both wash you?’ Rob blushed, but before he could answer, Jeremy put his hand on his chest. `Hey my friend, you are still cold at your core, we are coming in with you, give you some of our body heat too,’ Before he could think of an argument and translate it into English, Jeremy began ushering him into the ensuite. `Come on Stuart, he needs one of us in front and one behind.’ Stuart stripped off and was soon naked, he helped with Rob, checking the water temperature, while Jeremy stripped off, his cock betrayed him and sprung up out of his pants. Rob’s eyes were like saucers and went straight to it, Jeremy gave his shaft a squeeze. `You don’t mind, do you?’ Rob blushed, stammering. `How could you tell about me?’ Jeremy didn’t answer, just removed Rob’s glasses and eased him into the shower cubicle. Stuart followed; his cock, now hard too, slipped in to the crack of Rob’s arse as he snuggled up behind him. Rob was looking back, he let out a little groan as Jeremy leant forward and kissed him, whispering. `Relax and enjoy,’ The three of them stood under the showerhead, all of them relaxing in the warm spray; Jeremy reached to turn it off, his hand still on Rob’s hip. `You relax while we get you warmed up and clean,’ He took Rob’s hands, which had been hanging limply by his side, and whispered for him to hold the shower head above him. Shyly, he did, exposing his arm pits, dusted with fine black hairs, Jeremy leant in and sniffed him; he smelt just a bit sweaty. Jeremy licked his skin; he gave a shudder and a little giggle, saying some words in Dutch. `Alsjeblieft, ik ben kietelend,’ (Please I am ticklish) Rob seemed to wrack his brains, thinking what it was in English, then just gave another giggle, squirming as Jeremy forced his tongue deep into his pits. He pushed back straight on to Stuart’s hard cock; both of them groaning ankara escort as it slid up and down his arse crack again. I took the soap and built up a bit of a lather; smiling as I handed the cake over his shoulder to Stuart; I placed my hands on to Rob’s broad chest and began by coating each of his nipples with soap. He let out a gasp, and they became hard under my touch. I leant forward and pushed my lips to his again; another groan followed by a moan as he opened his mouth and his tongue met mine; this time fully prepared. My fingers continued to soap up his chest hair, feeling the muscle definition below. My eyes saw Stuart’s hands slide round Robs waist, they joined with mine and together our now entwined fingers soaped and massaged his chest. Stuart’s hand pulled downwards, dragging mine down Rob’s treasure trail, I glanced down as something wet and sticky knocked my hand; it was Rob’s hard cock, now pointing straight up, his foreskin pulled right back, exposing his glistening bellend. I ran a finger over it and scooped up some of his sticky nectar, bringing it up to my mouth; enjoying the salty, sweet explosion on my tongue, Stuart moaned, his eyes betraying his desire. `Hey what about me?’ Rob looked back over his shoulder; looking confused, Stuart pushed hard up behind him; whispering in his ear. Rob giggled and strained his head round so they could push their mouths together; I watched their tongues duel as I scooped up some more sticky pre cum; I slipped my finger in between their lips, both tongues lapped up the glistening pre, then to more moans resumed snogging. I dropped to my knees and took hold of Rob’s shaft; it was beautiful. Rock hard, dribbling pre cum from its cock lips. I let my tongue lick over the head; more fireworks, God, I love the taste of a man. I couldn’t stop myself; I opened my mouth and slid my lips over his cockhead. I heard him gasp above me and Stuart telling him to relax and enjoy. I slipped my hand between Robs legs, gripping his balls, gently pulling them downwards as I eased his legs further apart. My fingers met Stuart’s hard cock, pushing between Rob’s legs: what a change in a few weeks, he was a horny dog now, his dick dripping as he rubbed his bellend between Rob’s pert butt cheeks. I gripped Stuart’s shaft as my tongue licked Robs throbbing bellend; I eased it back and pointed it up towards Robs hole; he gasped again. Staggering forward, having to take another step to remain standing, forcing his cock to the back of my throat as Stuart began putting pressure on his hole. My fingers joined Stuarts pushing up in to his waiting arse, I had taught Stuart well; he gripped his cock, his fingers helping it to get into position and then another gasp from Rob as Stuart’s cockhead eased into him. Rob twisted, muttering something in Dutch. I continued sucking his cock, lapping up his copious precum, Stuart wrapped his arms round his waist and held him firm, nibbling his ear, urging him to relax and enjoy. I could feel Rob gently thrusting forward in time with Stuart’s pleasuring of his arse. Soon, both of them were panting and gasping, Rob’s cock was throbbing and seemed to swell even more, his hands grabbed the sides of my head. `Nueken, ik ga klaarcomen,’ (Fuck, I am going to cum) He thrust deep into my mouth and I felt his cum hitting the back of my throat, as I struggled to swallow his creamy load, I heard Stuart groaning. `Fuck, yes! Your arse is milking me,’ Well, that was me as McPhee deliberately groaned out the last lines of Jeremy, I felt my cock spasm and I spunked on to the floor, sitting back grinning, McPhee winked at me. `Pretty horny, huh?’ We both laughed; now I definitely wanted some time alone with Rob. ** Athol continues the story Archie snuggled up to me on the couch; what a few weeks it had been. The radio was playing “it’s that man again” (ITMA), a light-hearted radio show, which attempted to keep our spirts up, with silly comedy sketches. I smiled down at him as he lay his head in my lap, beaming up at me. `Are you okay?’ I nodded, but knew deep down I was worried sick. He obviously could read me like a book. `Everyone is going to be okay, try not to worry,’ I blew him an air kiss, nodding again. `Yes, I know, they are all big boys now,’ Archie chuckled. `But I think you had better avoid that Station Manager for a while. He looked really pissed off this afternoon, with you holding up his train again,’ `Well, if I hadn’t Davy and Niki wouldn’t have made it,’ Archie grinned again before turning to face the fire. My mind drifted back; I wasn’t really listening to the radio. Forts had left the Castle with Count Ouranoff for London several days ago now, I had heard he had arrived, but little else. On his arrival, the family had confirmed him as a Grand Duke. He was now the only one known to be alive and consequently as a Prince of the Blood Imperial; he was the closest known surviving blood relative of Tsar Nicolas; where ever he was, and as Mishcon had explained to me and then to Forts when he had arrived in London, the family needed a titular head; and they had chosen him to be it. I knew Forts, he would be hating all the fuss and attention and most of all he would be missing Davy. It worried me; he was down there surrounded by people he barely knew, except for Prince Dima and the Grand Duchess Theodora, a fact not lost on Davy either. Oh, Davy had been putting on a brave face, but as the days had passed with little or no news from Forts, I escort ankara could see he was worrying that just maybe, something else was a foot. Yesterday afternoon Mishcon had again phoned, the Government at the Palaces insistence had agreed that the funeral would take place at the city’s Russian Orthodox Cathedral as the Grand Duke Truorwskoy was Tsar Nicolas’s first cousin, and a semi-state funeral was called for. Now this would not be easy in War time London and had taken several days to plan and organise. I hoped this was why we had not heard from Fort’s, hopefully he was just busy with the preparations. Mishcon had added that the funeral was to be filmed by “Pathe News” and would probably be shown in the countries cinemas in a week to show the “people” that life was continuing despite the War. I had tried to break the news to Davy gently, but could see his face drop as he imagined his Prince drifting further and further from him. I had pulled Archie aside and together we decided to send Davy down to London; I had tried to reach Fort’s but had been unsuccessful so, Davy’s appearance would be a surprise; that made me feel uneasy too. Davy had asked if Niki could go with him, so he could see Bruno; his big German chef again. I smiled to myself as my gazed joined Archie’s, lost in the dancing flames of the fire; There was Davy again, always thinking of someone else other than himself. `Beep’ `Beep’ `Beep’, Archie raised his head. “This is the BBC, and here is the news on Monday the 16th of February at six pm. Number ten Downing Street has just announced the fall of Singapore to forces of the Empire of Japan; Yesterday the 15th of February, General Arthur Percival surrendered the 80,000 British and Commonwealth garrison to General Tomoyuki Yamashita. The Prime Minister described the loss as the “worst disaster” and “largest capitulation” in British History.” Archie had leapt up and both of us stood open-mouthed. `No, how can this be? Churchill only seven days ago called it “Fortress Singapore” how could we have lost it so quickly?’ Archie crossed to the drinks cabinet and took two of the crystal glass tumblers, filling both of them to the brim with whisky, before handing me one. `I don’t know about you, but I need a drink,’ ** Davy continues the story I tried to peek round the blackout curtains covering the train window; earning myself an angry rebuke from the guard who, with spittle flying from his mouth; threatened to report me to the police, furiously adding he didn’t care who I was or knew. Niki had stood up, facing the guard down, until he turned and stomped away; my brave little soldier. Niki sat back down next to me, muttering in Russian, and then said the one word I really understood. `Arse,’ We had been stationary now for well over two hours, the air in the carriage was getting fetid, additionally the wall and table lamps doing a poor job of lighting the interior of the carriage; I was feeling quite claustrophobic. I picked up my book again, but the light was too poor to read by, in frustration, I banged it down on the table; Niki smiled at me, and his hand reached and squeezed my knee. I sat back; staring into space, the carriage was now getting cold too. I tried to close my eyes and sleep, but couldn’t; I needed to get to London. I needed to be with my Forts. Another hour passed, even Niki was getting frustrated, he stood up and down, shaking his head. The guard came back into our carriage; I stood as he approached. `Excuse me, do you know how much longer we will be stopped?’ He stopped and glared at me. `Do I look like I run the Luftwaffe?’ I ignored his flippant remark. `Well, can you tell me when you think we will get to London?’ `At this rate, not until the morning,’ `Your joking?’ `Do I look like I am a comedian?’ I could see further discussion with this man was pointless. As he turned to walk away, I coughed, `Can you get the train manager to come and see me, please?’ I didn’t wait for a reply, just sat down, adding a curt. `Thank you,’ He huffed, but didn’t stop, and disappeared out through the carriage door. Niki smiled at me, I hugged him close. `Hey at least we are not in the cheap seats, imagine what it is like back there in second class?’ Niki leant up and kissed my cheek. `We be okay,’ The carriage lights flickered and went out for several minutes and then came back on even dimmer than before. `Excuse me, you asked to see me?’ I looked up; it was the train manager. `Yes, sorry I appreciate your busy, but do you have any update?’ He shook his head. `I am afraid not, Sir. It appears now a train ahead of us has broken down too, we are waiting for it to be removed and then we should be on our way.’ I felt my heart sink; I glanced at my watch; the present from Athol, it was now ten thirty in the evening, we should have been in London at five. The train manager spoke again. `Can I arrange for some sandwiches and a pot of tea for you, Sir?’ I nodded, `Yes thank you, that would be very kind.’ * We had both been asleep for a few hours when I was woken, by the jolt of the train setting off, I felt it slowly pick up speed as I drifted exhausted back to my dreams. `Fort’s you came to meet us, how lovely,’ I couldn’t take my eyes off of Fort’s arm, sitting casually round Theodora’s hips, she smiled sweetly at me, her baby bump now very obvious; she stroked it, her eyes connecting with mine. `Davy, how lovely to see you,’ I gave a slight bow; still unable to take my eyes ankara escort bayan off of Fort’s arm. `Davy,’ I looked up; Dima appeared from behind Forts, he was stony faced. `Why have you come?’ `Well, I came to support Fort’s,’ He shook his head, muttering. `As you can see, the Grand Duke neither asked for nor needs your presence, you may as well go straight back,’ I looked back at Forts, his arm still round Theodora, `Dima is right, Davy, there is no place for you here, Dima is to be my best man,’ Theodora looked up into his eyes and smiled sweetly, he leant down and kissed her on the lips; his hand moving to her baby bump, she turned smiling at me. `Davy, it’s so good you could come for the wedding,’ * `No, no,’ I heard myself screaming out, my arm was being pulled and a desperate voice was calling my name. I awoke with a start, glancing round at Niki’s distressed face. His lips were moving, but my mind wasn’t registering what he was saying; I glanced round, my eyes wide; I was still on the train. `Davy, Davy,’ Where was I? `Niki, sorry, I was dreaming,’ Niki was nodding, he reached into his pocket and took out his hankie and handed it to me, nodding towards my face, I reached my fingers to my cheek; it was wet with tears. I dabbed them with Niki’s hankie. God, I had to get to Fort’s, I couldn’t stand this. Niki clambered in to my lap and cuddled up to me, his face concerned yet smiling; he squeezed me tight. Together, we drifted off to sleep once more. * `London Kings Cross, London Kings Cross, all change all change,’ I yawned, stretching myself, Niki woke and looked up at me, then clambered down, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. I lifted the window blind; daylight met my gaze. I jumped up, Christ, what time was it? I pulled up my sleeve, glancing at my watch. `God, Niki, we have to hurry, its nearly nine o’clock,’ We quickly grabbed our cases and, once off the train, began running up the platform towards the ticket barrier. `No running, no running,’ I glanced round. It was the surly train guard; I was past caring; I stuck up my two fingers and continued running towards the barriers. Once on the concourse, we headed out into the street; I needed a cab; God, normally there would be hundreds of the bloody things. `There’s one, come on Niki,’ We ran over to it; the driver slowly opened his window, looking us both up and down. `Where are you going, son?’ `Well, I have to get to the Savoy so I can change and then to the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, can you take us to both? `Ahh, I would love to, but arf the roads are closed round the centre, for that Russian geezer’s funeral. Is that where you are going?’ `Well, yes, please, can you help us?’ `Well, we can try, son, but I am not making any promises and it will cost you,’ I reached into my wallet and pulled out one of the white paper five-pound notes Archie had stuffed into my hands as we left. `Will this be enough?’ `Gor blimey, you didn’t steal it did you, son?’ `Look please stop calling me son, I maybe young, but I am a schoolteacher,’ `Well, in you get then, the Savoy wasn’t it?’ I nodded. He flicked down his for-hire sign and with Niki and me safely in the back with all our luggage; he pulled into the traffic. I could feel my panic rising as we made next to no progress through London, Niki glanced at me nervously, I leant forward and tapped the privacy glass; the driver looked up. `Do you know what time the funeral is due to start?’ The driver glanced into his rear-view mirror, making eye contact with me. `Ten O’clock, from what I heard,’ I looked at my watch; it was now half-past nine; we would never get to the Savoy, get changed and still get to the Cathedral; not in time, anyway, `Driver,’ I tapped again. `We will never make this, can you take us straight to the Cathedral, please?’ `Very good, Sir,’ He turned into the next side street and then pulled back into the traffic; we were now heading back the way we had just come. He glanced up, `Sorry about this, I did warn you,’ I reached for Niki’s hand and squeezed his fingers; he squeezed mine back. I glanced at my watch again: nine forty-five. `How far away are we?’ The driver looked up again. `Oh, a fair bit yet,’ I looked out the window; the traffic was stationary. I turned to Niki, `Come on, we will have to run,’ He nodded. `Driver, can you drop us here and then take our bags to the Savoy, if the five pounds is not enough, leave your details and I will get back to you,’ `Very good, young Sir, it’s up that way,’ He pointed up ahead as he pulled over to the curb and Niki and I jumped out and began running towards the sound of the muffled single bell ringing out across the city of London. ********************** Folks, I really hope you’re enjoying the story. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your feedback with observations and suggestions. Please email me to let me know. Blackscar. 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