Haziran 30, 2020

owned life p2


owned life p2Its useless to think i could get away after the 1st monthwhat was only secret play session alone in my room was now my only purpose when school is doneif my classmate knew i am wearing a chastity panty pink leather, locked tight , boy clit locked in a cage and a plug always inside. no way for me to remove itthey would all make fun off me , the cock slut boy princessmy friends think he his my mom bf , its what i had to told them since his black suv is always infront of the school everyone seeing me getting picked up and drop every morning or eveningif they knew in a couple of minutes i would be making dinner in heels and a propper maid outfit they would all go crazy ad laught at me, in frilly pink maid dress asking my owner what he wants to eat”il get a beer first then you make me my steak, medium done ””and you cindy what will you eat?””daddy tasty black cock off course ””thats my girl , get me my beer baby”the sound of my heels and the gling gling of my collar makes daddy horny , watching his pet girl obeying like it shouldits tekirdağ escort bayan always the same routine i am getting good at itdaddy steack and plate on the table, a new beer and a glass of water waiting for himme on my knees under the dinning table”dinner is ready daddy””oh good daddy is hungry tonight”taking place on the chair pulling himself to the tablepssst opening his beerziiiiphis jeans open by his sissy hungry for her dinner”oh good girl you cooked it just right baby, you deserve a bite , here baby ”lowering his fork feeding me steak my mouth wet from sucking my daddy perfect big black cock”thank you daddy mmmmm””good girl , suck good baby here one more for my sweat princess”daddy bbc on my face getting feed steak and his bbc in turn”you gonna have all of it in your mouth soon , you are sucking so well now. even my buddies think you got so much better now””daddy very proud of you cindy”rubbing on my hair has he finish eating”i had been looking for you for so long my little princess , im never gonna leave you escort tekirdağ baby girl”feeling like his girl , happy my hair massaged as i suck and look at him he his so strong so big, i always feel like iam a small pet sissy when he is with memy body loosing control for his pleasurewanting to be sexy and please him so bad so he keeps me like that”here you go babby eat your dinner, ahhhhhh uhhhhh mmmmm yes all of it ”that sweat moment, it get bigger twitch in my mouth and explode, the big cock shaking getting cum all out massaging the balls as it empties in my mouth, my meal i now crave everyday under the table , waiting for him to feed me his large big perfect black cock he leave me happy cleaning the kitchen , the shower sound always make me clean everything quick like a good maid before im allowed to join himlike a pet only wearing my cage and plug he wash me and treat me well , call me sweat names and make me smell girly as i lick him cock and worship his body with my mouth kissing him everywhere before im allowed to wash him legs tekirdağ escort spead his sissy girl soaping him taking time massaging him , his big balls and cock expecially taken good care ofmine locked i only needed this one forever to play with and i totally agreed when he lift me on the cock i made hard by soaping my cunt opening on his bbc and we kissed under the shower as i bounce on him , moaning i love his big black cock loud between his kissingmy ass lost to him, not mine anymore but his pussy he made , more and more evryday into his property , sliding easier in me each time , each night making me feel better , happy to please such a nice cock ”i love you cindy you are the best girl i ever had””ahhhh ahhh daddy i love you ”my lil white ass bouncing on his dark laps was so perfect , so small on him and after a while et replug me and send me out to change you dont know how i love to join him all doll up smelling good my ass starting to crave him . plugged and teased fuck in the shower i come back crawling to him watching tv and start to suck working to deserve to be fuck acting like the little girl he loves for him until iam allowed to watch tv sit on himall night until we go to sleep i am sit , daddy cock deep in me and he call me his baby girl , i freaking love iti want daddy bbc in me so much

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