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Big Tits

It had been a long day. At work, everything that could go wrong – did go wrong – and all of it fell in my lap. Managing a kitchen, short-handed, on the busiest day I’ve seen in 2 years has left me with a splitting headache and a 15-second fuse on my temper. As soon as we opened the doors to people standing in line to be served, the day went right into the toilet. Sadly, it took my plans for having hot sex – and dumping my heavily engorged balls into a hot, wet pussy – with it.

I’m a restaurant owner and have always had strange work hours. Serving authentic Italian food from an accessible location gave us pretty consistent traffic. The food is good so I am usually working when most people are relaxing. Unfortunately, I never have any time to relax myself. Today was supposed to be a light day and I had plans to telephone my favorite booty call and enjoy a couple hours of Hide and Go Eat My Salami. Her name was Lora and she was a fine piece of ass – a 5′ 4″ package of sheer sexual dynamite with 38D tits, a body that broke hearts on sight and shoulder length black hair I loved to use as reins. About a year older than me, she was a Nubian goddess with an insatiable hunger for white cocks and the men attached to them. It was a profile that fit me perfectly.

Lora came to mind as I began the ride home to my empty apartment and I wondered if she had found something or someone else to do. It was Saturday night; surely she had a number of digits she could dial to have a devastatingly gorgeous escort or captivating sex toy at her disposal. I remembered my last visit – her pouty mouth sucking my cock while I plunged her favorite dildo into her smoking hot pussy. She loved being hammered hard and I loved hearing her moans escalate as her arousal peaked. Mumbling around my rock hard cock, she said, “Yes, fuck me hard and deep!” Those words squeezed my balls and I increased the dildo’s speed and shoved it into her pussy until my knuckles hit her clit. She gasped, sucked in her breath – taking my cock with it – and I exploded in her mouth. Groaning loudly and pounding my cock down her throat, I spewed küçükçekmece escort my load. Her throat massaged my cock head as the muscles worked to swallow every drop. Then I heard her convulse in orgasm – moaning and repeatedly squirting cum all over me. Her dripping pussy was so wet and so close to my face I had to taste it. I licked and then sucked the cum still pumping from it. Lora shivered in orgasmic aftershock and I held her until it was over. Afterward, I thanked her as she kissed me and went home. It was a mind-blowing evening and I’ll never forget it.

Smoothly changing gears on my Harley and remembering that hot, sexy time (and several others we spent together in the past), even my headache couldn’t dampen my desire. It’s been 10 months since the last time I dipped my cock into a sweet pussy, 6 months since I visited her mouth and – I missed it – damn, I missed both. Lora would have been a satisfying distraction and my balls ached at the mere thought.

I heard thunder and looked up. The sky seemed about to open up – and it did. I looked down, realized I needed gas and pulled over to the nearest service station. As I stood under the canopy thinking about the long, soggy ride ahead of me, I noticed I was about 5 miles from Lora’s apartment. The hopeful bone between my legs sent a message to my brain, I pulled out my cell phone and punched in “OMG” – because that’s what comes out of my mouth every time I shoot my load into her. The phone rang once, twice, then three times and my heart sank. Just as I expected her voice mail to answer, I heard her sultry voice say, “Hello, Big Man!”

The sound alone grabbed me by the balls and I moaned almost audibly before I managed to stammer, “Hiya, sweetness! How are you?” I barely understood her positive response as I melted from the molten passion assaulting me through the phone. Her voice was soft, low and so smooth it felt like velvet caressing my ears. Almost missing her question about my location and plans, I quickly responded, “I was on my way home, stopped küçükyalı escort at a gas station down the street from you and wondered – if you were at home – perhaps I could stop by for a visit.”

“Sure, sweety. Come on over!” Her response made my cock so hard it hurt as it strained against the zipper in my jeans. Manually adjusting my dick, I finished filling my gas tank and thought about filling her up with cum until her eyeballs floated. Dizzy from arousal, I hopped on my bike and almost popped a wheelie getting out of the parking lot to hold her.

Arriving at her complex in record time, Lora let me in the security gate and I cruised around to her apartment and parked next to her red SUV. She lived on the 3rd floor of a 3-story building with no elevator. Trying to walk up those stairs and make my cock stop trying to escape my pants proved to be an exercise in futility – so, I walked slowly and took several deep breaths to steady myself and prepare for the moment I would lay eyes on her. My heart was beating like a jackhammer with each step up to her caring embrace. At the top of the stairs, I stopped outside her door, took one last breath, reached up to ring the bell and the door opened. She stood before me as sexy as I’d ever seen her with her hair in a ponytail, dressed in a pink baby tee-shirt depicting Betty Boop claiming she could “…go from 0 to Nasty in 4.8 seconds”, black short shorts which I’m sure displayed a peek of each asscheek and little fuzzy, white house slippers. The slippers seemed out of character, but hey, she was at home.

Lora stepped into my embrace and my cock tried to choke me. We hugged; then she kissed me with a tongue that promised to dance over the head of my engorged cock until it expelled its load. She took my hand, led me to the sofa where we sat, talked for a few minutes and caught up. Enchanted by her beauty, I watched her perfect mouth form words I didn’t hear. When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I grabbed her face, dragged her mouth to mine and kissed her until she gasped for breath. maltepe escort Sucking her tongue almost down my throat set fire to my loins. She felt so good in my hands.

Ravishing her tits through her shirt, I reached down and pulled it up and off. I dragged her astraddle my lap and with no bra, her beautiful tits bounced in my face. I sucked each nipple into my hungry mouth and nibbled gently as she rubbed her pussy across my rigid cock. I pulled her close and heard her moan as I cupped her delightfully firm asscheeks. Sounds of increasing arousal slipped from her throat as she kissed my mouth deeply one more time before beginning her descent to suck my cock.

Unbuckling my belt and unfastening my jeans, she pulled the zipper down slowly. I helped her by standing slightly to move the jeans to my knees and my cock sprang free. It lurched at her head – seeking her mouth – which was bowed as though saying grace over a meal. As she raised her head, my eyes focused on her jet black hair, then her eyes and her radiant smile when they appeared from behind my cock. I stared at her open mouth and sexy pink tongue as they leaned toward the head of my cock. Aroused beyond coherence, I couldn’t stand to watch. Closing my eyes, I felt the warmth of her touch as she slowly licked my cock from balls to tip. I almost screamed – I think I did! Then I felt it – she placed each one of her melon-firm tits on either side of my cock. They were like a hot, dry version of her luscious mouth. When she pushed them together and lifted them up … it happened. A deep, guttural groan rose from my throat when I grabbed her shoulders and hung on as my cock sprayed her tits with hot cum. “Ohhhhhhhh, My Goddddddddddd!” Screaming and swearing in my native German, I grabbed her shoulders, arched my back and fucked her tits until the orgasm that exploded behind my eyes subsided.

I opened my eyes and saw her sitting there looking down at her cum-covered tits with her mouth open in shock and surprise. When she looked up in disbelief, I smiled, said, “OOOOOPS?” and we both began laughing hysterically. If she had been anybody else, it would have been a truly ugly scene – 8 seconds from first touch to ejaculation. We continued to laugh for at least a half hour while she retrieved a warm, wet towel and cleaned up my cock. Fortunately for me, the beauty of her spirit allowed her to smile and make me promise I would not wait so long to visit next time. That’s a promise I intend to keep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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