Serving Sara

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As I stepped out of the shower, I heard a knock on the apartment door. I slipped on a pair of jeans and keep towel-drying my hair as I headed to the door. My roommate was away for the weekend, so I wasn’t worried about running into him as I walked through the living room half-naked. I draped the towel over my shoulders and looked through the peephole.

Outside, a tall, slender blonde was looking around impatiently. Her short hair framed her pale face, and her deep blue eyes were scanning the parking lot for signs of life. I opened the door. “You’re early,” I said.

She just rolled her eyes at me and walked in. Typical Sara. We’d been friends for three years, since she was a freshman, and she always had a way of brushing you off without offending you. As she walked by, I took a glance at her. She was wearing a plain white t-shirt, probably her boyfriend’s, over a pair of polyester warm-up pants. She’d just come from her dance rehearsal, and it looked like she’d simply changed from her leotard and come over. I noticed that her hair was slightly damp, probably from sweat. She passed me and I stole a glance at one of the most perfect asses I’d ever seen. She may be my best friend, I though, but I can steal a look every now and then.

She dropped her bag on the floor and I noticed that her breasts, braless, bounced a little under the shirt. In the light from the nearby kitchen, her nipples were barely visible under the material.

She looked at me. “I see we’ve chosen casual wear this evening,” she said, referring to my shirtlessness.

I snapped my towel at her, making her dance away, causing her breasts to sway slightly. “Like I said, you’re early. I just got out of the shower,” I said.

Sara kept staring at me, and I noticed her eyes roaming across my exposed chest. “I have to say, Rich, that things certainly look . . . different around here.”

She was right. Since the last time she’d seen me shirtless, I had changed dramatically. Although I’d always had muscle, the last of my baby fat had finally dissolved, leaving my muscles well defined. Sara and I had dated briefly when we first me, and during that time and the ensuing year, I’d never been anything spectacular. It had been six months since I’d even seen her, though, and that had been plenty of time for my physique to catch up with the mild (and most assuredly final) growth spurt I’d been having.

“You look nice. Hotness is a good look for you.”

I smiled a little at that and blushed. Even though we’d broken up over two years ago, her opinions still mattered more than anyone else’s did. She was, after all, a very attractive girl with a dancer’s legs and a model’s body. I wasn’t self-conscious around her, though. When you’ve looked down at a girl who’s holding her breasts and moaning “Harder,” it’s hard to be embarrassed about anything. That’s probably why we grew to be such friends after the relationship ended.

“You’re gonna sleep on the couch, okay?” I said with a smile.

She smiled, too. Anytime either of us sleeps over, we always start up on the couch but whine and complain until we’re allowed to share the bed. It’s nothing sexual, though; it was just a habit we’d gotten into, and it felt comforting to have a trusted someone sharing the bed. Sara was staying over tonight because her roommate, Lynne, was letting her out-of-town cevizli escort boyfriend stay over, and Sara thought it would be nice to let them have the apartment to themselves. She’d have gone to her boyfriend’s place, but he’d gone home for the weekend, so she stayed with me.

She bent over to pull some things from her bag, and again I was presented with a perfect opportunity to ogle her ass. Toned from dancing, it cut a curvaceous image even under her unflattering warm-ups. I felt a shiver of memory travel through my body and there was a stirring in my jeans.

“You care if I go ahead and shower now?” She asked as she stood up. Without wearing for an answer, she headed for the bathroom. As she walked, she pulled her shirt over her head. As she did, I saw the flawless pale skin of her back and a rounded curve of breast, then she disappeared into the bathroom. There was some major motion in my pants now, but I tried to ignore it and headed over to the couch to watch TV. I must’ve zoned out, because it seemed like only a moment had passed before Sara returned, hair damp and wearing a t-shirt saying “Princess” in blue letters with a matching pair of blue panties. She plopped down on the couch next to me, placing her legs across mine and sliding down so that her rear was pressing against my thigh. As she settled herself, I looked down and caught a brief glimpse of blonde hair peeking out of her leg band, then it was gone as she found a comfortable position. I had a full-fledged hard-on now, but she wasn’t in any position to see or feel it.

Just as I’d figured, she fell asleep shortly after the first commercial. I eased out from under her, stealing a look at the outline of her lips inside her panties, then I turned off the television and headed for my room, figuring she’d simply sleep through the night on the couch.

I shut my door and pulled off my jeans. I sleep naked, which is a little habit I picked up from Sara. I sat down at my computer and was promptly instant messaged by Kim, a girl in my English class with whom I’d been sharing an extended flirtation. As we chatted, my door opened and Sara stumbled in, bleary-eyed but approaching awareness.

“Who you talking’ to?” She looked over my shoulder. “Oooooh, a girl! Is it the one from your English class?” She sat down on my lap, obviously unaware of my nakedness, and forced my hands away from the keyboard.

“Don’t start this again,” I groaned, as I fought to keep her from writing something embarrassing to my friend.

“How about….’Rich’s got a HUGE dick! Your should come over and fuck him three ways from Sunday RIGHT NOW…. I’ll film!” I didn’t doubt that she’d write it, so I resorted to my last attack – the tickle. I slid my hands up her sides and dug my fingers into her ribs, making her shriek and writhe in my lap. She laughed and slapped at my hands. As her hips swiveled and ground into my lap, I could feel a particularly awkward situation arising. Before I could pull her off me, she grabbed both my hands and stopped moving. She turned her head slightly and asked “Are you naked?”

Before I could respond, she snaked a hand down between her legs and grasped my cock. She jumped a little, as she was probably not expecting to feel anything. “You are,” she said almost imperceptibly. erenköy escort She slid her hips forward and back, then leaned forward and ran her hand from my head to my balls, obviously gauging my length. “This changed a little, too, didn’t it?” She asked, not really talking to me. When we’d been together last, I’d been about seven inches long. After my growth spurt and two-year maturation, I’d ended up at about nine inches, and I was more than a handful for Sara. Her hands could barely reach around my shaft.

She started breathing a little more heavily. She had her hands on my desk and was grinding her hips back and forth across me, running my dick across the crotch of her sopping panties. I slid my hands under the leg-holes of her panties, gripping her cheeks. I leaned back to enjoy the ride. She was holding my desk, white-knuckled, and I could tell by her gasps that she was about to cum. As she slid forward, I quickly slid backward so that she had nearly left contact with me. I slid my hands to her crotch and pushed her panties to the side. As she slid backwards, I thrust forward and up. I slid halfway into her pussy, and she moaned and smacked her face on the desk. She’d cum. Hard.

I grabbed her hips and eased her down the length of my cock. She moaned loudly until I’d buried myself balls-deep. She leaned back into me. She was still breathing hard, and as she sat there, adjusting to my size, I lifted her shirt up and off. Her pale breasts glowed in the computer monitor’s light. She grabbed one of my hands and pulled it to her breast, squeezing my hand against it. As I kneaded the soft flesh, she licked my ear and whispered, “Fuck me.” Her voice was filled with lust. I’d never seen her like this. Sara’d always been a big tease, but she was never one to be wild in bed. As she squeezed her pussy around my cock, I lost all sense of self-control. I raised my hips, forcing her to stand while impaled on my rod. She bent over the desk, back arched, as I gripped as and slowly slid myself out of her. “Aaaah,” she moaned, as I slid myself so that only my head remained inside of her. She wiggled her hips, trying to get me back in. When I didn’t move, she tried to push her hips back, but my grip on her ass was too firm. I just stood there, watching her writhe, feeling the wet warmth against the end of my cock.

She turned her head to face me. She was angry. She looks so fuckable when she’s pissed. “Goddamn it, Rich, fu….” As she was in mid-sentence, I rammed myself back into her. Her eyes widened in shock, then rolled backwards as her jaw dropped. She whimpered and grabbed one of her breasts.

I started fucking her with a steady rhythm. As I got into it, I started ramming her harder, lifting her feet off the floor and sending pens and papers scattering off my desk. She was getting more into it, lowering her hand between her legs and furiously rubbing her clit. “Fuck…oh shit, harder! Ooooooh, oooooh God,” she moaned. “Ah…oh….oh here….YEAH! I’m…” She moaned unintelligibly as she came. She slumped over the desk, sweat glistening on her back, but I kept pounding her. Her thighs slapped the desk each time I thrusted, and she moaned weakly. I stopped, half-inside, and grabbed her hair, pulling her head off the desk. I held a finger out to her, and she pulled esenyurt escort it into her mouth.

“Did you cum?” I asked. She nodded her head, still sucking on my finger. She looked so sexy like that, eyes closed and cheeks puckered as she worked on my finger. “I didn’t,” I said, and I pulled out and spun her around. I slid my dick between her thighs, feeling her cum leaking down her slick legs. I kissed her, hard, and squeezed her breast. She moaned into my mouth. I pushed her back, forcing her to display her chest to me as I fucked her thighs. She was gasping again, and her breasts shook with every breath.

“You like being fucked by me? Is it better than before?” She gasped in agreement. “Does Chris make you feel like this?”

“N-no,” she groaned, and she shook as a mini-orgasm overcame her. ”Oooh….so big….”

I continued sliding against her. “You want this a lot, don’t you? From me?” She nodded. “Show me how much.” I pulled back, grabbing her arm and leading her to the bed. She lay on her back, legs spread waiting for me to fuck her again. Her smile disappeared, though, when I wagged my finger and pushed her legs together, spinning her on the bed so that her head hung off the edge. I looked down at her face and saw a look of understanding come over her. I smacked my dick on her cheek, and her mouth opened wide. She reached up to guide my cock to her mouth, but I smacked her hands away. “No touching,” I said as I guided myself into her open mouth, allowing her to take six inches of me. It was heaven. She’d never blown me when we’d dated, and now I knew what I’d been missing. Her tongue whirled around my cock as she sucked. I sled further, feeling her throat give until I felt her nose against my balls as she took my entire dick into her mouth. I grabbed her tits and started slowly working my way in and out, As she groaned against my cock, though, I quickened my pace. My balls slapped against her face. She slid a hand into her drenched panties, furiously rubbing her clit as she neared orgasm.

I could feel myself about to blow and I pulled out. The first stream of cum shot across her tits and landed on her pierced navel. More landed on her neck and breasts. I aimed the brunt of it towards her face, though. It splattered against her cheeks and into her waiting mouth. I watched as it slowly started rolling down to her forehead. “OH Fuuuuuuuuuck!” She screamed as she came.

She sat up, breathing hard, and pulled her panties off. A huge spot had appeared where her ass had been, and she leaned back a little. I could finally see her pussy. The hair was trimmed and golden, matted with sweat and cum. She saw me looking and spread her legs a little, giving me a full view of her puffy lips. “Mmmm….that was so fucking hot,” she purred. She scooped the cum from her fingers, locking eyes with me. Amazingly, my cock started hardening again, already recovering from such an intense load. She continued to clean herself as I slowly stroked my dick. When she got the last of it, she pulled me closer and leaned down to my cock. “I had no idea what I’ve been missing,” she said as she ran her tongue along the length of my shaft, licking or combined juices from it.

“I groaned during this tongue bathing. “You’re not the Sara I thought I knew.”

In response, she lowered her head, completely enveloping my cock. I whimpered and grabbed her head as she deep-throated me. Just as quickly, she rose again, leaving my cock bobbing in the air. She wrapped her hands lovingly around it and slowly stroked me.

She looked up at me. “Yes I am,” she said, licking her lips. “Just in need of a good fuck.” She smiled. “Warm-ups are over….”

To be continued….

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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