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Sexperiencing neighbourhood aunt


Sexperiencing neighbourhood auntHi friends, this is prakash here from Mumbai. I am 22 years old. I am going to narrate about my first sex that I experienced when I was 19 years old with my neighborhood aunty. Her name is Kavya. Kavya aunty and her family are our neighbors from my c***dhood. Her family consists of herself, her husband and her daughter .Her daughter is now married and does not live with them now. Her husband is a businessman and always busy in work.First let me tell something about Kavya aunty. She is a woman of 45 yrs having voluptuous body. Her boobs, ass and juicy lips are the seducing assets. She is having figure of38-30-36. She is fair with medium hairs, round eyes and juicy lips. First I didn’t had any bad intentions about her. But one day my mom told me to get some sugar from Kavya aunty, so I took bowl and entered her kitchen without knocking the door and that was the moment I felt in love with Kavya aunty. I can never forget what I saw as I was first time seeing such thing. As I entered the kitchen I saw Kavya aunty in sari. Her pallu was dropped from her shoulder and she had two buttons opened of her blouse .Her boobs were trying to escape from her blouse. Her one hand was pressing her boobs and the other was under her sari. She had her eyes closed and was making some slow noise like ahh ahh ahh. I was standing there and just looking what she was doing. My penis started growing. In that the bowl felt from my hand and the show was off. On hearing the noise aunty opened her eyes and was back to her senses .She didn’t know what to do and how to react. She adjusted her pallu and asked me is tensed voice , prakashhh when did u come and what u want. She was not making eye contact with me. I said sorry aunty and told her that I required a bowl of sugar. She said sit in the hall I’ll get sugar. I went out and was sitting in the hall. The view that I had seen was just not erasing from my eyesight. I was still confused whether I had really seen or I was dreaming.Suddenly I heard someone calling me .prakash…prakash. ..prakashhhhh and I came back to my senses, It was kavya aunty standing with bowl of sugar. I took the bowl and left the place. From that day I was in love with aunty. Whenever I use to remember the scene I use to cum in my pants. Then I started fantasizing about her and masturbating by imagining her nude and various sex positions. I was unable to control myself. I use to see porn movies but only one face use to flash in front of me and that was Kavya my darling aunty. Sometime I thought of going to her house and just taking her to the bed but then I was scared if she’ll tell my mom I would be gone. So I tried to control myself.One day I returned from my college and was shocked to see Kavya aunty talking bahis siteleri with my mom. I thought is she telling her about that day’s incident but then I thought who will tell such things to other. I just relaxed and was waiting for her to go. I changed my clothes and was entering the kitchen to drink water. I saw Kavya aunty coming from opposite side. I didn’t made any eye contact wit her but noticed a weird thing that day. As we were passing each other Kavya aunty was very closed to me and she just brushed her right boob to my shoulder. I was confused did she do it purposely or by mistake. Current passed in my body as she touched. I just turned around and saw aunty she was alone smiling while leaving our house. I was completely out of control with her touch; I just went to bathroom and masturbated. I asked my mom why kavya aunty had came, mom told me that Kavya aunt’s husband is out on business tour for ten days so I have to go to sleep to their house . When I heard this I went crazy.Finally that day came, it was Saturday afternoon. I came home from college and I saw my mom and dad packing bags. I ask them what happened. Mom told me that my granny is not keeping well so we are going to village for 3 days. Mom told me not to worry about food as Kavya aunty is going to take care of that. I said ok .I dropped my mom and dad to station and returned back home and was watching TV, suddenly bell rang. I opened the door oh my god it was Kavya aunty, she was looking sexy and beautiful. I welcomed her in; she told me to come for dinner in the evening and went away giving naughty smile. I took shower and went to auntie’s house for dinner. I rang the bell and in just few seconds she opened the door. Every time I use to see her I use to go crazy. She was wearing a transparent yellow sari. Her figure was fully visible with her beautiful cleavage.We both had dinner and I was watching TV .She was in kitchen finishing the work. After some time she joined me and sat on the opposite sofa. I was very shy in front of her and that she recognized .She told me to be comfortable. Slowly we started chatting on here and there topics. Suddenly she asked me do you have a girlfriend, I said no. Then she asked what type of girlfriend you want. Immediately I replied “Just like you”. She was shocked by hearing this answer and started laughing saying you naughty boy.The way she was sitting on sofa was very seductive. Her blouse was bit lower exposing fair cleavage with those juicy lips and the way she adjusted her ass was just making me hard. I was lost in seeing her assets .My penis started growing. And then she reminded me of that day’s incident. I was mute for some seconds as what to say. She asked me what you saw that day. I said “I am really sorry for canlı bahis that day I directly entered your kitchen without knocking the door, I am sorry”. On this aunty said no need to be sorry actually I did not locked the door. Then she asked in lower voice that “can I share something with you” , I said yes of coarse. Aunty said uncle has lost his interest in sex and is busy in work. But you can understand about women’s feeling. I said yes. Aunty said that day I got a call from my friend and she was telling about her sex experience with her hubby .how they indulge in sex daily. Aunty said on hearing this I was turned on and so I started……. And then she broke down with tears in her eyes. I immediately went near her and tried to control her. She immediately hugged me and was crying. Oh those boobs were making me more harder and fragrance of aunt;s body was making me go crazy. Then after some time we parted and aunt asked me what did I liked in her giving reference to my girlfriend.She started telling that she is a old lady and then too you want gf like her. On this I asked her who said you look old, I like you very much you are so beautiful, gorgeous and sexy. Sexy? aunt replied with naughty smile . We were very close to each other and she asked me have you ever felt a woman, I said means? She said have you ever had that with woman , I knew what she was trying to say but I wanted her to say this. Then she said sex idiot. I laughed and said no. She was biting her lips and asked do you wish to feel a woman with husky voice. I said yes but with whom, I knew she was talking about her. Aunty said with naught smile with your this sexy old fat aunty.i replied immediately “I would love to”.Then she came a bit closer to me,now our body’s were touching each others. We both stood up and then I hold her from back,my penis was fully grown and was poking her ass. Her pallu felt from her shoulder. I was fondling her boob and also kissing her neck .She was wild and making seductive sounds like emmmmm ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh. Then she turned around and we both locked lips with each other. She was kissing me like hungry bitch. I was loving the taste of her lipstick. We kissed for 10 minutes. It was 10.45 pm in the clock. Then she said lets go to bedroom. She on the AC and removed her sari. Now she was in her blouse and underwear. She was looking damn sexy. I caught hold of her boobs from behind and started squeezing them over the blouse. She started moaning emmmm ahhham mmmm .She then turned around and removed my T-shirt and shorts. My rod was already fully grown8 inches.She went on her knees ,caught hold of my penis and entered it in her mouth and started sucking.Ohhh that was a great feeling.Guys blowjob Is so wonderful you all must try it. I was in seventh güvenilir bahis sky.she was sucking it like an expert.I came in her mouth and to my surprise she drank the whole cum. Then I removed her blouse and those melons were released .ohhhh I was just starring at them. Kavya aunty said come darling I am all yours today .i immediately went near her and started sucking her boob.My one hand was squeezing her left boob while I was sucking her right boob,Her nipples were pink in color and hard.She was now very much turned on .i sucked her boobs for 20 mins.then I dropped her on bedand removed her underwear and smelled them ,what a seductive smell it was.H er pussy was nicel shaved with some hair on the top of vagina. I parted her leg to see it clearly. It was s great view. I blowed air into her pussy .She just made a big ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sound and said please don’t tease me. I said wait and went into her kitchen and bought sugar syrup bottle .She was amazed by my move and asked why I bought it. I said darling just be calm you are now going to experience a heaven trip.She smiled and said naughty boy. Firstly I inserted my index finger into her pussy,she shivered by my move and was moaning emmm ahhhahghaaaaaaaaaohhhhhhahhhh.Then I poured some sugar syrup into her pussy and put my tounge into it and started licking it.Aunty moaned ahhhhhhhhhhhemmmm my darlinggggggg hubbyy.I was licking it wildely, she caught my head and pushed it deep . She was moaning ahhhh darling come onn ohhhhhh emmmmmm ahhhhhhhh you are going to kill me..ahhhhhhhhhhh. She released her Jucies and my face was all wet .I drank some of it. Then she said she can’t wait, please fuck me darling and started begging.I asked her “Should I wear a condom ?” She said no darling just fuck me without it . So I parted her legs and widened them. My cock was fully erect, I touched my tip of cock to the entrance of her pussy she moved her butts up. I was teasing her but she was moving like snake finally I slowly inserted my rod,what a great feelling it was. Feeling warm inside. Her pussy was tight .She was moaninggg ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Then I gave a push and after 3-4 pushed my cock was fully inside her.i strted moving back and forth. She was enjoying the sex and moaning badly ahehhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhmmmmmmemmmmmmmmmeemmmmm..I hold her boobs and increased my speed. The sound she was making was making me more seductive and was turning me on .After some time I said her that I am coming, she said to come inside her. I released my cum inside her.I was feeling relaxed. Then she sucked my cock once again and then we both took shower together. I fucked her 2 times under shower. I loved sucking her boobssss.After that I had sex with ser many times. But now she left her place and shifted somewhere else. But still today we have phone sex and very soon we are gonna meet for live action.So this was my first experience. Any aunty or bhabhi wanting to satisfy their needs can mail me on

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