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She SHALL go to the ball


She SHALL go to the ballShe Shall Go To The Ball————————I used to live by Acocks Green in Birmingham, and I used to get my hair cut opposite the Aldi at a place called Savva Savva. I mention this because a few readers know the area. I can’t remember the name of the girl who used to cut my hair, but I used to do photography for her. No, not that sort, I mean portrait work of her and her chap and their k**s.I shall call her Tracy. I was single at the time and I was in for a haircut on a Saturday morning. I was waiting whilst Tracy was putting up the looOOng and lustrous ash-blonde hair of a girl on the other side of the shop. Tracy, as ever, tried to weave the conversation she was having into a group conversation with whoever else was in the shop,in this case just me, and the girl who washed hair. It transpired that Tracy’s other client, who was called Charlotte, was having her hair put up in readiness for attending the Aston UniversityMay Ball, that evening. I had both attended and played gigs at these, they were like Sodom and Gomorragh in Black tie. The students would spend hundreds of pounds on outfits, only to vomit all down them in the Stretch Limo. It would be an eveningthat would start out with dinner jackets, party frocks and champagnecocktails, and end up with n*de limbo dancing, I’d seen it all before.Tracy was asking Charlotte who she was going with.Charlotte said that although she had a second ticket, she was heading for going it alone.She was in having this hair-do as a confidence booster. I looked into my mirror which mirrored Charlotte’s mirror, I could see part of her face, she was very young, very pretty and very VERYv*luptuous, but with rather bad skin.Tracy immediately threw out the hook. “Derek! You’re single! What are YOU doing tonight?”I was a bit nonplussed, I mean I was about 35/36 she was -what? 22 if she’d completed a 4 year course? Could even have been 19 or 20.I wanted to give Charlotte the get out of jail card, Tracy might be embarrassing her by asking. I did have plans as it happened, dinner at some friends’ house, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I bailed, it would go ahead without me.”I’m just having dinner at some friends” I said “Barbeque, nothing special” Tracy brokered it all and within ten minutes it was settled, I was taking Charlotte to the ball. I decided I’d drive, keep off the booze, and keep myself in check. I agreed with Charlotte I’d pick her up at 7:00. I went home to get my dinner suit dry ironed, and get the car washed. I had a big black automatic Ford in those days, leather seats and all the gadgets, top sound system, a bit like a small limousine, so just the job. The irony was I still hadn’t really seen Charlotte properly, just quarters of her. I got showered, washed the “old chap” thoroughly, put six Trojans in the wallet, and got a couple of hours sleep. At the appointed time I pulled into a cul de sac in Acocks Green, and walked up to a council house and rang the bell. I wasn’t sure if this was student accomodation or her parents place, but the inside was tatty in the extreme. There was nothing REMOTELY tatty aboutCharlotte, however, because despite her evident lack of confidence she was absolutely fucking gorgeous. She had a very beautiful silver/grey dress on , displaying a very impressive cleavage, my god she was big. About a UK size 14-16 and FABULOUs,a Monroe-esque Venus, she’d evidently done something very impressive with her skin, as the earlier skin problem was now invisible. Even as the vision she appeared to me, she was very shy. She seemed to view the amount of flesh on show as a bit of glamour, which was necessary for the formal occasion we were going to, but she wasn’t comfortable with it. She was blushing as I tried not to stare. She had a wrap which she , well wrapped, soon all the goodies were covered up. I presented her with an orchid that I’d managed to source whilst I had my car valeted. She said I’d scrubbed up well, and I told her she looked incredible. She flushed even more. I had a 1/2 bottle of bubbly ready in the car, I had water as she had a couple of glasses to soothe her nerves, whilst I drove us across town. I’d grabbed a parking pass off a mate who worked at the Uni, so we had parking right near the entrance. Music of all genres was pounding from various bars and concert halls in the building. The atmosphere was electric.Charlotte, fabulous though she looked, seemed to want to keep a low profile. This was not that easy, because unbeknown to me beneath the wrap,as we walked up the stairs, her breasts were making a bid for freedom.It was a halter top, and she was what we call in the UK “freewheeling” I don’t know where it originates, but I ammeaning was braless under the wrap and inside the halter, andas I have already mentioned, they were big. Very big. I was later to find out a 38 DD. I gallantly asked if she wanted a hand, I thought her heels were the problem “God, I’m sure you’d love to help, but I am trying yüreğir escort not to have a wardrobe malfunction here!” “Sorry” I said “Did you want to wait for the lift?” she said she didn’t and confided that she hoped they wouldn’t come out when she was dancing later. “I’m a musician”, I said “I carry gaffer tape. It’s in the boot” “It might be an idea” she conceded She waited as I fetched. She went to the ladies’ She came back looking a little happier. “I don’t know how we’re going to get the tape off, but I think it will keep me decent, anyway””Very happy to be of service” I said “I always try to be prepared” she giggled and took my arm as we went into the main hall. Some Glam rock band were wailingThe crowd were going wild to them, it wasn’t even 8pm. This was going to be a long night. I danced a little , my patent Bat dance, as per p*ssyfinger. She liked, she laughed.We visited a LOT of bars, I drank a lot of watery draught cola, and she drank an equal amount of wine. It was obvious she could drink a bit, an advantage of not beingemaciated or a size zero or whatever. We danced, we laughed, danced, we talked in quiet corners. I met some of her friends who greeted me warmly, she began to relax. The wrap at last came off, but notthe gaffer tape. At around 1 pm when we’d seen the bands we wanted to see, and she suggested we head home. Although she’d tried to pace herself, when the fresh air hit her, she became a little unsteady. I helped her to the car, which was thankfully very close.In the car on the way home she asked if she could come back to my house to sober up before I took her home to her parents’ house.I said fine, and within twenty minutes we were at my door. I showed her in, past all the cases and gear, but inside my home was warm and cosy and moodlit, and had been frenziedly tidied earlier.I offered her coffee, she delined and asked if I had any wine. I did. I wasn’t going to have any, although she suggested I have a drink with her, and get her a cab the two miles home, I declined saying I’d taken her out,and having done so, I should return her home to her parents, when she was ready.Then she suggested I take the cab the two miles to hers, return her safely, and take the cab the two miles back to my house. UNIVERSITY MATERIAL You SEE!!So, I necked several cold beers in record time, and with that and the all the cola I soon needed the little boys’ room. I was in there when I heard footsteps on the stairs. I washed up and came out to find her on the landing. “How are we going to get this gaffer tape off me? ” she asked”Well!” I began ” I think we need to treat it like when one of those Napoleonic surgeons was taking a leg off at sea, good glug of GROG, and then as quickly as possible. I have some cleanser here will get any glue off afterwards. Hopefully” “Right, okay. Get me the grog then” We went back downstairs and I poured her a Wild Turkey, then one for myself. She slugged “Okay time to be brave” she giggled, “this is more brave , for me, than any pain” and with that she took the halter down, to her waist. Oh jesus they were huge, magnificent ORBS OF SPLENDOUR, as firm as little basketballs, and still partly concealed by black gaffer tape. “Wow” I breathed”You’re not supposed to be OGLING, you’re supposed to be pulling” ‘I’d LIKE to be pulling’ I thought ‘I’d like to coat them in hot sperm’ I went up to her as confidently as possible “You ready?” “I guess” “On three “”Okay”one…. RIP “OW! you said THREE!! (sob)two RIP AAAAAaaaaaaaaaagh”Three. There you are, done ” She held them, partly to comfort her girls, partly to conceal. They were a bit sore looking.”Are you sticky?” “What did you have in mind?” she asked, either surprised or faking it”I meant the glue, from the tape” “Oh… yes, have you got some cleanser, makeup remover or whatever MEN have” “It’s not my stuff but yes I do”I had a cupboard full of womens stuff, things people had left behind largely, makeup, cleansers, contact lens solution, sanitary products. You never know when someone willneed them.I went and fetched it and when I returned Charlotte had taken the dress right off and was in stockings, suspenders and some BIG p*ants. She was still concealing. “I’ll leave you to it” I said She didn’t say anything I retreated into the kitchen to get some food. As I was microwaving a tandoori chicken, she came in. No concealment now, her breasts hanging free, I say hanging, not really hanging, they were up round her armpits, magnificent full nippled beauties, and those nipples were as hard as a rock.As was “the old chap” “Jesus” I said under my breath”Thanks for taking me this evening” she said “I really appreciated you changing your plans for a complete stranger, and I’ve had a great time””Did you want to get off home now?” (I thought I’d better ask) “No I want….to get off to bed.. here… with you. I will need to GET home, at some stage, before dawn, like, but bed first…..sex. Please?””You don’t adıyaman escort have to say please” I said and kissed her for the first timeShe melted against the wood chip wallpaper Her full lips locked onto mine, and her mouth opened. I was trying to keepa little physical distance between us because I didn’t want my erection bumping up agianst her. Despite her evident enthusiasm, I didn’t detect a great wealth of experience. I was being cautious, but she reached round and grabbed my arse and pulled me in.”Oof!” we both went as my h*rd cock ground into her equally hard m*und. She ground. She was virtually chewing my tongue. I thought if I don’t get herinto the bedroom, we’re both going to come in our pants against the wall here.We got into my room, and using the light coming from the landing I lit candles I keep in there. It creates a nice ambience. There was the noise of struggling behind me, and sure enough Charlotte was struggling to get her big pantsoff. “Can I help?” I offered gallantly”Do you want me to keep my stockings on?””That would be nice ” I replied “I need to get THESE off” she explained “I have an .. unruly b*m, these keep the flab under control, but they’re hard to get on and off” I got her to put her beautifully curvaceous legs in the air, I grabbed the waistband and pulled like hell. There was still this great enthusiasm from her, but it was a bit frantic, about as far from quiet confidence as you could imagine. She seemed to be about to cover up, to put a hand between her legs to cover her p*ssy, but she stopped. “I’m sorry” she said “I’m a bit of a BLOB. You can forget it if you wan’t, I’d understand” I took a moment to quickly remove my shirt, trousers, Calvins, etc, before turning back towards her, cock outstretched. “I can’t FAKE this” I said “You are absolutely gorgeous, you need to know that” “You ARE very hard” she giggled “God! There IS something you should know””You might be a virgin” I concluded “Well, not technically, not quite, but I have only ever had sex three times, with two different partners,and the first one, well, not worth mentioning” she replied “god it’s very BIG” she said looking at meI came and lay down next to her, she moved over. I moved in and kissed her, her full lips opened wider and wider. For a novice, she sure could kiss. I moved a hand to the far breast and held it, she moaned. The most fantastically soft skin, firm breast,solid and young, a huge breast with not a hint of sagging. They should have used these titties as a templatefor every boobjob in the world. The nipple was painfully hard but I massaged it to even greater heights. “Fuck me” she moaned “Hang on” I said ” I want to … go down on you first” “Oh GOD” she giggled “Never done that” But her stockinged thighs opened for me I stopped off to suck each magnificent nipple , on the way, gently biting too. Her hips were squirming about down lower.I passed down over the curve of her belly, licking her navel, and then down to her crotch. In the dim light of the candles, her hairy pussy was glistening with juice. Droplets adhering to the hairs. She had a tight little hole, I could see, but the labia were pumped up and glossy with juice. She was emanating so much heat from there I could feel it on my face from a foot away. I held her thighs and moved in to sup from her. Not so much to lick her as to DRINK her. Within two minutes of beginning lapping at her large meaty clitoris, there was a pool on my duvet, under herbum. I had to hold her still, as she came, absolutely immediately, I looked up to see her FIRMLY manhandlingher tits up above me, her eyes closed and mouth open. She looked SOOOO fucking sexy.One hand came down to finger herself as I moved off her. She was getting bolder! She was wanking in front of me now ! “Christ, that was nice” she grinned “Was that the first time….?” I mused”Yes, no one’s ever … licked me before” she admitted”So much to learn” I chuckled “Would you… make love to me, now?” she asked How politeI went and got a Trojan and ripped the foil open, and rolled the condom on `My cock was wonderfully eager. She opened even wider, as I climbed on. She was fabulously tight inside, she wasn’t gripping, butshe was naturally snug.”OH god that’s WONDERFUL” she grinned, as I started to move in her After two or three minutes Charlotte came again, as I moved in to passionately kiss her. She asked if she could get on top of me I climbed off and lay on my back for her”I’ve never done THIS either, never been on top like this” she told me I held my cock upright and guided her to spread her pussy lips and sit right down onto it.”Do I move up and down or back and forth?” she asked, once I was on her, and into her up to my balls.”Raise yourself up then down, like you were riding a horse” I advised “Mmmmmm” he moaned “That’s going … really … DEEP!” “Feel good?” “yeaH. OOh. oh OH I think I’m going to come again” “Go ON then, be my guest” I saidShe lay on top of me afyon escort and ground her mound against me”ooooOOH OOOOH OOOH ” she groaned as we frenziedly kissed She multipled, lucky girl. I felt her insides shaking as she came and came and cameFinally she stopped and lay still on me, her sumptuous boobs pressed against my chest. She finally slid off me and lay getting her breath back”You haven’t come yet! ” she commented”I’m saving myself” I laughed”How do you want to come?” she asked “Do you want me to try and suck you off?”Although she seemed fairly eager, I didn’t feel she was very confident. She may evenhave been a blow-job virgin. “Could I …. come between your LOVELY big breasts?” I enquired “I’ve not done THAT before, either” she told me “Come and do what you need to do”I climbed on, I got astride her, just below her big tits.I got her to hold them together, leaving an inch or so channel between herhuge titties. She was slick with sweat. I slid into the soft channel between her magnificent young breasts. The skin was so soft,but the breasts so firm, it was a heavenly place to come. I began to thrust, gently at first, to get her comfortable with me fucking her tits. She was pulling her nipples which were hugely, powerfully erect.Her chest was having under me, her face was slightly averted, she seemed to be watching the head of my cock, to judge when I was going to come – and where. I made the mistake of looking, I wANTED to look, but I may have lasted longer ifI’d closed my eyes and tried to think about something else. But I DID look.I groaned and my cock heaved, and I deposited a load of hot come between herluscious breasts, she sat up slightly and opened her mouth wide. I hadn’t finishedcoming so I took my cock in hand and looked at her questioningly, for unspoken permission. She nodded and kind of smiled which surely meant ‘Please come in my mouth’Groaning with the effort, I deposited the rest of most of a week’s pent up sperm intoher lovely young mouth. She swallowed some and spat some. I got the impressionfirstly she’d not had anyone come in her mouth before and secondly she didn’t like it too much. She closed her mouth and eyes, my cock bucked of it’s own volition and deposited a small third load onto the bridge of her nose. She opened one eye”Have you finished, Derek?” she asked”For now” I said ” Sorry, I don’t think you liked that” “Not over keen, but I’ve done it now. Thank you for your patience with me, by the way.I must come over as a very silly girl” “No, I said, thank YOU. I find you very VERY attractive. It’s been… a pleasure.You’re not GOING are you ?” It was 3 am.. After we’d recovered, I asked her if she’d ever been fucked from behind.She said she had, and she’d liked it. I suggested we give it a go I arranged her onto all fours, her curvaceous bum in the air, still with her silk stockingsand suspender belt on. Very VERY alluring. I put another condom on, and slipped into her tight channel from behind. I pulled her bum apart to get better access, and more length into her. I pulled her back onto me, she groaned with pleasure. “FUCK, that’s DEEEP” she moaned I noticed she had hair between her buttocks, a deeper ash blonde, not a lot but she didn’t wax. I don’t think many girls did in those days. Very few shaved pussies about.Cloaked with her dusting of anal hair, her anus was twitching as we fucked. “Are you looking at my arse?” she asked suddenlyI was quite taken aback. “I WAS having a look” I admitted “Did you want to … fuck me up there? My lover did that.””Did he? DID he now? The dirty bastard” I chuckled “You can, I quite liked it, It was uncomfortable, but it was erotic” She had begun to masturbate. I paused “Go on then” she said I pulled out, and the condom covered cock was dripping wet with her juices.I gripped just behind the bulging head and gently pushed into her arse. She groaned as I entered her ring. I felt like I was pushing through an elastic band,and I was in. In the hot depths of her bottom. she had her head laid sideways on my pillow her lustrous hair flowing. She had freedup both hands. One was grasping her fabulous breast, the other firmly fingering her clitoris. She came again, I could feel it through her arse, and I followed suit, groaningand collapsing onto her as I pumped every remaining atom of my semen deep into her bottom.We dismounted, and composed ourselves, and took a shower, and as she had to get home, I called a minicab and dropped her off. I got home at dawn, having kissed her goodbye outside her house. I gave her a piece of paper with my landline on and said I’d like to see her again. And I never heard a thing from her.As I only had an address I sent her a general greetings card, thanking her for a wonderful evening and we must do it again.Nothing. Then, 6-9 months later I was collecting an Indian takeaway in Acocks Green, early evening,and as I turned to leave I spotted her at a table, holding hands across it with a very VERYgood looking young chap. She looked up as I passed, I could tell in her eyes she was wonderingif I would stop and speak and she’d have to introduce me , explain me, whatever. As we held eye contact for a moment, I winked, and without breaking step, stepped out, and we have never clapped eyes on each other again.

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