Kasım 27, 2021

Show, For You Only

Solo Male

Show, For You OnlyShow, For You OnlyBy: Londebaaz Chohan I Shall be very honest. I do not know; how much I care for you. I do not know; how much I want to see you happy but I know how attentively; I listen to you when you are speaking to me. I try not only to listen to the words, you speak but I do my best to understand the true legitimacy of the statement you deliver or the demand you make on me. Wow!! Did you tell me that would like to watch me cum for you?I know, you always told me; how you felt, when I thrusted all the way in your cooze and blasted full load in the deepest ends of your pussy. You felt the warmth, you felt the tantalizing heat spreading in you with each of my squirt but today you want to see the show, how it goes. I know, how bad, you want to see me cum and how much it will turn you on, how much; it shall excite you to get fucked by me. I know the need of the show, to make your pussy gear up for more fucking, your body to be always ready to be under mine and your soul to be thinking nothing but my cock, fucking your cunt, your body and soul. I know, this will make you more of my cock whore. As we had talked so far I know you were very attentive and you must have seen my meagerly skinny looking, just touching 4” of meat piece between my legs to move on its own and now it is at least 6” already. I do not have to tell you, you have seen it, consumed it and cherished it many times. I want you to pay a lot of attention and make some comments as well. Your words produce the magic like effect on my cock to make it grow to be a bit over 8” and it also swells up to be no less than 8” in its circumference. O’ my God; your pussy feels so tight when wrapped around my meaty girth. Your words commenting about my cock and my thoughts about your beautiful, tight, shaved, all pink inside pussy has started to make my cock throb, although; it is not throbbing steady yet. See how naughty!! My cock has suddenly jumped up for you to see it, now fully hard, thoroughly extended to over 8” and looking so chubby, healthy as it throbs for you again and again. A drop of pre cum appears on the top of the cock slit; I am sure you can see. Do you feel getting wet babe, do you feel like touching yourself ‘hon’ and see if your pussy has also started to produce sop to make you all wet and slick inside. O’ my dear; you have no clue, how your pussy being all slick and damp, affects me. Another pearl size pre cum drop appears out of my cock hole; needing me to hold the cock in my fist and start masturbating for you to see and enjoy for the selfish sex joy of yours but I know when to. Do you like to taste my pre cum but it is nothing new for you! Let me spread it and paint a thin film all over my cock to make a slippery gliding pleasure halkalı escort for my hand. Enjoy as I squeeze my thighs around my balls bringing them a pleasure of a kind only known to the balls. I am sure, you savored, balls squishing produced a larger amount of the pre cum oozing out and even the veins that are spread on, under and around my cock like a road system of a very busy metropolitan area, have bulged out.Watch! watch, how my lovely cock seems to have grown at least an inch more and become thicker as well. Good for your hungry cunt, my dear. As I squeeze repeatedly, watch how my umbrella like cock head pushes out of the foreskin and throbs, bulges for your pleasure, producing more pre cum on the top of the cock hole pushing the smaller beads to glide down the side of the shaft. I know baby; I know, you are ready and eager for the masturbation show to begin for you but I have to be the judge as well to make sure a decently long and extended play for you honey. I have to apply and practice all the exercises I have learnt to extend the show and not cum quick to finish. You know me, my dear; I am not the slam, wham and ‘thank you’ madam type fucker. I always fucked to please you, please your pussy and of course in turn pleasing my cock as well and masturbation is also an important and necessary play for me. My fingers trace a kind of route from my balls to my nicely trimmed pubes, up and down but as a matter of fact, I want to be sure to know if you are with me and if we are close to each other. Are your fingers, all ready to be hopefully inside you by now. Is your thumb playing with the hood of your clitoris, if your wet playful fingertip is making odd circles around your engorged, large clitoris? Maybe not, maybe you are really eager for me to excite you and start first.Once again, I squeeze my legs and then as I relax; I reach for my true man sized balls. Not large like bull balls though they look so but of course not small as the golf size balls. It is an awesome feeling to grip and squeeze those balls gently but firmly. They feel so overloaded with the cum saturated with the essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals in them getting ready for the release. Oh, fuck! Groping produces more pre cum to appear on the cock tip making it a must to use my finger to collect it and rub it on the underside of my cock just below the helmet or the crown, you may call it. I am sure, you saw, how hard my cock jumped. He needs a release, this is how men’s cock communicate and tell when a release is needed soon. Tell me; no better watch me gripping my cock by the neck, remember chicken choking phrase. Watch, as I grip my cock just below the helmet and start going taksim escort down and up the shaft; very slow, frustratingly slow. Watch my hand glide ever so slowly down my shaft. The cock head is shining with the gleam of pre cum coated on it and the shaft as well. I am sure, you are as wet as I. You must have heard the sharing care and I want you to care and share by opening your legs and showing me your pussy. I want to be sure, you are as wet at least as my cock. I want to feel good about making you wet and misty. Oh babe; it feels so nice. Watch how sturdy, how strong and solid my cock looks when it stands tall on its own balls. Enjoy dear, it is a show for your personal pleasure.Pay attention as I start masturbating with just a little bit extra zeal and gusto. One hand constantly roaming from balls to belly, nipples and back to the over loaded balls. Your attention is kind of making me want to cum but you know, I care for you. I want to see you playing with your cunt button. I already said, I listen to you but your actions; playing with yourself can make it easier to be entertaining you. Oh fuck you baby, I want to cum, I really want to cum but not yet. I shall hold on for as long as I can. I am masturbating faster for your joy. No baby; one is not enough. You should put at least 2 and better 3 fingers in your pussy by now. I can see, your pussy is sopping crazy. Just imagine, dream and visualize that it is me doing it. Think of my 8” cock drilling in and out of the hot cunt of yours. Tell me how bad, how urgent you want me to cum in your so drenched pussy. I know you have always enjoyed my cock spasm and throb in you and unload far deep inside you, squirting the walls of your cunt, painting the musculature of your puss. Today, I desire to keep on pumping, plowing and plunging in your pussy, even after I lose my erection. How do you like the idea babe? I want to make your inside feel very smooth, nice and velvety with my juice coated on your innards. Fuck you mother fucking bitch! I can feel my balls tingling, I can feel my toes curling, I can feel my orgasm cascading already. I feel extra blood gushed into my cock shaft, making its length, hardness and even the girth surge to the new high. Get ready baby. Get ready to enjoy your wish being granted to you soon. I am getting very close. I wanted to slow down but cannot do it now, I had made it last as long as it should be. You, the bitches; have to realize that it can only be extended for so long. I know bitches can get a far delayed orgasms and also the repeated orgasms but without a man’s cock inside your pussies, those delayed or repeated orgasm are just useless. A damn dildo can never replace a real cock like mine inside your şişli escort cunt. I quickly squeeze my stiff shaft, as if I was wringing, rinsing my length from the base, where my cock emerges out of my body to the tip of the cock head. A big flow of pre cum appears and I quickly spread it all over my cock and balls also. I want you to remember my shining cock forever. It is so fucking hot and fun moment. Being an alpha male, I now believe, your hand coming to help myself and start stroking my swollen cock shaft. Watch, watch the hand go up and down in a rhythm. You bitch, you don’t know, how close am I and still putting all this effort to entertain you. My body is trembling, shaking, shuddering in final stage before being hit by the orgasm train. I quickly drop to the floor from the sofa and lie straight on my back to give a full view of my pole length. I want to make sure, you can see and enjoy your wish being granted to you; when I begin to squirt my semen like the force of the fire hose. I want you to understand how forcefully I have to gush to flood the areas you do not even know, exist inside your cunt. I am cummmminggg baby. May be another about a dozen strokes and I will breed you; love. I shine my cock with rapid moves and then slow down. I want you to see me blasting. Watch me dear as my hands move away and make sure, your view is not blocked. Just for you my slut, watch me cum and enjoy the feeling. With the teeth gritting, balls knotted under the cock shaft and my eyes shut tight, I push my pole towards the ceiling and here it is, I am cumming, more cumming, one more squirt, more, one more. My sperm makes acrobatic moves as it ejects my cock hole, tossing and tumbling finally to thud on my chest and nipples. Fucking, never ending spurts continue till almost a gallon of the ball’s brew is ejected in over a dozen thrusts. Finally, it ends but my hands keep on milking every last drop. Every jetting, gushing had been more potent than the previous one. Ah my God; It feels so mother fucking good. Nothing is coming out, my cock is almost hurting, my balls are empty but I am going on like a bunny. I want to be sure, I did better than I could for you. I am pulling on my limp penis. So fucking delirium, euphoria, elation is taking over me. I hardly open my eyes and see a big pool on my belly. My fingers run through it. Damn!! What a waste. I know, you will never let it go waste. I wish you were here to lick and lap it all up like a good bitch cleaning the bowl.I look, my cock is all shriveled once again but it is happy, knowing and putting a great show to make someone very glad. Lucky, paper towel. Collects and consumes the liquid fire. The room is super saturated with the intoxicating smell unmatched by any other aura. Come babe, fall on my chest, put your nostrils to work. Inhale deep. I shall wait and then we shall take a shower together. I am sure, the warm water and your pussy can make me hard once again for fucking fun.The End. Your comments are appreciated. Lomdebaaz Chohan September 26, 2019.

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