Soldiers Temptation

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Having just gone off duty for the day, George and his friend Harry marched from the mess hall towards their barracks. Dressed in their no1 blues uniform, parade shoes and beret, all in tip-top shape.

They talked about various video games they had been playing recently during their vacation and which they preferred. They soon spotted the mechanics workshop coming up on their left, noticing someone inside. The person had their head under the bonnet of a van.

As they marched closer, they realised who was working on the vehicle. “Oh god, it’s him.” Said Harry, keeping his voice down.

“What, Brody? You heard much about him lately?” replied George, glancing at Harry briefly

“What weird shit has he been saying now?” Asked Harry.

“Nothing actually, surprisingly. But I’ve heard that people think he might be, you know, gay,” said George reluctantly, trying to keep his voice down.

“Ha, it wouldn’t surprise me, to be honest…” giggled Harry. He paused in thought for a moment, coming up with an idea. “Hey, how about we find out if he is actually gay… Then they won’t be just rumours then. If you find out, I’ll buy you a beer every day for a week!”

“Oh fuck off! A month at least!” Said George, tempted by the idea.

“Done! Go on then; see you later. Try not to get molested.” Harry joked, breaking away from George, urging him to head over to the workshop; George looked back at Harry as he marched away.

Harry waved and smiled mockingly, heading away and leaving George to gather himself before walking into the workshop. Brody poked his head out from under the bonnet as he saw George approaching.

“Evening Sergeant. What can I do for you?” He chirped.

George stood close by, almost brushing up against Brody as he said hello “Evening. It’s alright; I’m just seeing how you’re doing; what’s up with this one then?” He asked politely.

George had become increasingly more handsome after he’d passed into adulthood a few years ago, only getting hotter as the years slowly rolled by. For a man of 24 years, he was a well kept and clean-shaven guy, tall, slim and relatively muscular.

His smouldering good looks meant the ladies were often all over him, eager to flirt regularly. Which he had no problem with and often enjoyed the attention. But the thought of another finding him attractive hadn’t crossed his mind before, until now.

“Oh alright, um… looks like a coolant leak; that’s why it’s overheating all the time.” Said Brody.

George stood pretty close, almost touching him but keeping a slight distance for now. Brody couldn’t help but admire George’s gorgeous body, trying to be discreet about it as he moved around behind him, catching a glimpse of his arse as he ducked under the bonnet again.

“Ah, ok. Sounds like that could be a lot of work.” George replied, sticking close by as he peered under the bonnet too; this time, he was right up against him, seeing how he would react. Brody tried to ignore how close he was getting and continued working to find the leak.

“Well, it could be, depending on where it’s coming from. It could be the water pump, the Radiator, or just a split hose.” Said Brody.

George stuck close, brushing against him a few times. Brody coughed slightly, feeling a little uneasy as he felt a few flutters down below, his dick threatening to become erect being in such close contact, his mind picturing various explicit thoughts, which steadily became all he could think about as George stayed close by.

“Sounds expensive,” said George, reaching into the engine to look around, seemingly touching Brody’s hand by accident a few times. George began to notice how Brody seemed a little uneasy now, unsure if it was because he was so close or because he was genuinely getting in the way.

George reached into his pocket, momentarily brushing Brody’s arse, as he pulled istanbul travesti out his phone to use his torch. Brody sighed as he suspected something was going on but wasn’t sure if George was just careless. Doubting himself and just saying in his head that he was overthinking it, as usual, seeing signs that weren’t actually there.

“So, anything interesting happen lately?” Asked Brody, trying his best to carry on without seeming bothered.

“Um, not much, I guess… rumours are floating around as usual, though. But never really been one for gossip.” Said George with a slight shrug.

“Oh really… hear my name amongst them, did you?” Said Brody coldly, continuing with his work.

George got the impression Brody knew why he was even talking to him, but he refused to give up without hearing him say it flat out “Well, yeah… There’s rumours about everyone really… I’ve heard that people think, you might be, you know, into guys…” he said carefully, watching Brody’s reaction.

Brody chuckled quietly to himself, shaking his head. “Look, mate… I don’t mean to be rude, but my personal life shouldn’t be the gossip of mere acquaintances and colleagues. That’s why I’ve always kept to myself around others; the less they all know, the better. Now, if you don’t mind, I have work to do.” He said sharply, giving George a stern look, hinting he should leave.

“Hey, hey chill man, I don’t mean to cause any offence… like, I’m just curious, you know?” Said George, stepping back a little with his hands raised.

Brody seemed unsure, still suspecting something was up but questioning whether George was hinting at something. “So what if I am? What’s it to you?” He replied.

George shrugged slightly. “I got nothing against it. I’m just curious. If you know what I mean?” Approaching Brody again cautiously.

Brody stood his ground as George reached for his hand, being slow and cautious just in case. Brody gulped, his mind racing with all kinds of imagery. George soon noticed a bulge forming in Brody’s trousers; he was about to laugh when Brody grabbed hold of him, pushing him around the side of the van and slamming him against it.

Before George could react, Brody kissed him, taking the chance to cop a feel of George’s superb arse, squeezing his firm cheeks eagerly. George was stunned, unsure of how to react at first. But soon felt a warm rush of excitement flooding through him as he kissed back, grabbing Brody’s bulge and rubbing it as he remained pinned up against the van.

Brody pressed himself closer as he felt George groping him, feeling that he was willing to carry on; they continued kissing, moaning softly as they began to tongue each other lightly.

Not daring to be seen by anyone whilst in uniform, Brody urged George towards the back room, stopping briefly to head out of sight and lock the door. Once hidden away, they resumed kissing. Brody backed George against a worktop, groping his muscular body when he realised there was a bulge in George’s trousers.

George surprised himself that he was getting turned on by this, his breathing becoming ragged as Brody groped his growing bulge. George felt around for Brody’s belt, undoing it and quickly unzipping his trousers. He reached in, slipping a hand into Brody’s boxers and grasping his throbbing dick.

Brody moaned deeply as George started stroking his shaft, already trickling with pre-cum as he trembled with excitement. They kept kissing as George pulled his trousers down, revealing his manhood. Urging Brody to sit down, he took a firm hold of his dick and started stroking, making Brody moan and curse.

Brody tried to keep quiet, hoping no one would hear them and interrupt this heavenly moment. George took to stroking Brody’s cock with ease, thinking of it as his own and trying to do it how he would on himself, which so far was going istanbul travestileri well as Brody gripped the sides of the desk chair he was slumped in, his legs spread apart with George between them.

George hesitated a few times, tempted to go all in and take a mouthful. Eventually, he did, causing Brody to squirm and gasp as George began sucking on his dick. His head bobbing back and forth as he slurped on it, using his tongue swirling around its head, trying to make Brody moan out loudly, finding it entertaining to hear him groan blissfully.

With restrained gasps, Brody leant his head back, squirming in his seat as George kept sucking, “Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum!” He gasped, feeling his body tense up as his blood pumped harder than ever.

George stopped sucking and continued beating him off, stroking as fast as he could to keep the climax building until eventually, Brody groaned blissfully, straining and wriggling as cum burst his penis, spraying all over him.

Brody sighed heavily, straining for a few moments before slumping back in the chair exhausted, cursing as his dick twinged sporadically, cum still trickling from it as he began to relax.

George smiled, still stroking Brody’s dick slowly. “Not bad. That went fucking everywhere, though!” He laughed, playing with Brody’s balls while he recovered.

“Let’s see if you can do better!” Brody sighed, catching his breath before hopping up and switching places, undoing George’s belt and pulling down his trousers. He began rubbing George’s dick through his boxers for a while, making sure he was nice and hard before peeling them down slowly.

George’s dick sprang to attention as it was freed from his restrictive clothing; Brody nodded, smiling proudly as he began stroking it. George sighed softly, relaxing in the chair as Brody toyed with him. “What?” He asked, curious why he was smiling so much.

“I always figured you’d be pretty hung.” Brody grinned, stroking George’s dick eagerly with both hands.

“Really? Thought about my dick a lot have you?” Said George, groaning as Brody used a variety of movements on him.

“Oh, you have no idea! I never thought I’d actually get the chance to ever do this….” Said Brody happily, taking almost the entire length of George’s cock into his mouth and starting to suck. George would’ve responded, but he was quickly interrupted as he moaned deeply, resting his head back as Brody slurped away.

Brody’s head bobbed back and forth as he sucked, forming a tight seal and the head of George’s dick and swirling his tongue between his foreskin. George groaned blissfully, his eyes rolling back into his head as he struggled to keep quiet. Brody moaned too, looking up at him as he sucked, watching the expressions of ecstasy on George’s face.

Now using his hands on George’s shaft whilst he sucked the tip of his cock, Brody moaned softly, watching as George tried to hold back louder moans of ecstasy. He wanted to reach up and stroke his toned muscular chest, tearing off his clean, crisp uniform and scratch that hairy chest of his, but unfortunately, they didn’t have the time.

Brody started deep throating him, taking his dick in as far as he possibly could, going all the way to the base and gagging on it several times, coating his dick in fresh spit.

After gagging on his dick some more, Brody went back to a tight seal around his head, stroking the rest of his dick rapidly. George groaned, grabbing the back of Brody’s head suddenly as he let out several loud gasps. Leaning back, George tensed up, thrusting his hips up, holding Brody’s head as he came.

Brody felt him squirt three large loads into his mouth, gulping it down without hesitation and continuing to suck as George finished orgasming. He listened to George’s deep and satisfied moans, no longer caring if anyone heard travesti istanbul them as they simply enjoyed the moment together.

Eventually, Brody came up for air, laughing as he rubbed George’s thighs. “Big dick, and a big load! I’ve hit the jackpot with you, mate!”

George chuckled back, catching his breath. “You’re not so bad either,” he sighed. Brody looked at him with a smile as the two of them began to realise what just happened.

“So uh… Yeah. Guess that confirms those rumours you heard. Bet you didn’t expect to find out quite like this.” Said Brody, standing up and straddling George, keeping him in his seat.

“Not really, no… that was… Intense.” George sighed, stroking Brody’s clothed legs, the smile gradually fading from his red and almost sweaty face.

“Maybe some other rumours might start floating around… That maybe a certain someone is also a bender? Huh?” Said Brody sternly, leaning closer to George, placing his hands either side of his head on the back of the chair, almost leaning close enough to kiss him.

George gulped, looking to and from Brody’s eyes and mouth. “Um… Yeah, I don’t know what rumours you’re talking about. I’ve not heard anything, definitely not about you.” George shrugged, squeezing Brody’s legs as he smiled.

“Not gonna lie, that felt pretty good… It was the last thing I expected, but fuck, imagine what we could get up to with some more privacy.” He added, pecking Brody on the lips.

“Well, if you don’t tell, I won’t. And we can find somewhere better to have some fun next time, how about that?” Asked Brody, pecking him back and soon starting to kiss again.

They were groping one another longingly, enjoying their newfound intimacy. The temptation to keep going grew stronger, itching to take one another’s clothes off and start fucking. Despite the urge to keep going, they had to stop.

As George started unbuttoning Brody’s shirt, Brody reluctantly pulled back, kissing him one last time before staring at him with a proud grin. “We should get back… If we’re caught doing this on duty, we’ll be out on our asses before the end of the day.” He sighed, resting his hands on George’s chest.

George groaned unhappily, rubbing Brody’s crotch as they stared at each other “I guess so. But I’m really getting into this. So… When are you free?” He asked, threatening to unzip Brody’s trousers again, eager to start playing with his dick again.

Brody bit his lips, taking a deep breath as he grasped George’s dick again before he could undo his trousers. “Oh really? Shame we have to cut it short. But I’ll be free in a few hours, depending on what you had in mind?”

George smiled. “Tying you down to a bed and playing with your dick for hours, edging you the whole time?” He said, squeezing Brody’s bulge.

Brody shuffled back, standing up and neatening his uniform. “It’s a date then. I’ll see around 7?”

George sighed, wanting to carry on, but eventually, he gave in and pulled his trousers back up, also neatening his uniform. “Alright. See you then. Where do you want to meet?” He said, checking he no suspicious stains on his uniform.

“You know where to find me.” Brody smiled, slapping George’s arse as he head for the door.

George nodded, making sure his uniform was perfect before they head back out into the workshop, opening the door and stepping out, expecting someone to have been there listening to what they’d were doing. But surprisingly, not a soul was in sight.

They reluctantly parted ways. George head outside, resuming his march back towards the barracks, eager to change into some civvie clothes. Whilst Brody returned to work, stopping by the vehicle he had been working on, trying to recall where he’d gotten to, but all he could think about was George.

Barely able to suppress the almost constant erection he now had, he sighed, shaking his head and trying to focus. Still, his mind kept wandering, remembering the feel of George’s hands around his dick, he slammed his hand on the bonnet of the vehicle, unable to fight the warm fuzzy sensation rushing through his body, and neither could George.

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