Stories for Mom

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Lucy sat at the computer reading, engrossed in the document she had come across. Under normal circumstances, she may not have given it a second glance, but the name of the file had caught her attention. “My Mother, My Lover” sounded intriguing, and curiosity had got the better of her. It was a pdf file, hidden in plain sight amongst the other shortcuts on the desktop, so many that it now took her ages to search through them all to find the one she wanted and would have been quicker just to go straight to the program index. She had stumbled on it purely by accident while scrolling.

Her eyes had skipped past it and then returned as her brain processed its name, wondering what the document contained. Opened, it appeared to be a story and Lucy had started reading, momentarily forgetting what she had initially been about to do.

It had only taken her thirty minutes to complete the story which covered about twenty-five pages and at the end of it, she had felt breathless and if she had dared to admit it, slightly aroused. It had been about a mother and son, a daring story of love and incest, the sex scenes graphic in their descriptions. The story had been erotic, her body responding to the words and making her feel excited as she wondered how it had got there. Who had written it?

The computer she was using was a family one, mainly used by herself, but also occasionally used by her husband, son, and daughter. They each had their own laptops, but sometimes the kids, if they had large assignments to complete, would use this computer with its bigger screen to complete their work. She wondered who had put the file there, going through each member of her family in order. The likelihood of it being her husband was remote, it was only very occasionally that he would use it and then normally just to print out documents for his job as a college professor the following day.

Why her daughter would be writing a story about a mother and son didn’t feel right to her, which only left one other person, her son Nathan. Was he the culprit she wondered, on an impulse, she checked her browsers history? It was clean, nothing at all suspicious.

Closing the file, she mostly forgot about it as she completed her work. A couple of weeks later she found a new story had replaced the old one. She had spotted it immediately, had been searching honestly for weeks, this time the file was named, “My Mother took Me.”

The tale was very similar to the previous one she had read, this time though, it was the mother who had the hots for her son and, she had eventually enticed him into her bed. As she had on the first occasion, Lucy found herself aroused by the time she had finished reading it. She felt the need to go and masturbate, but with everyone at home, she knew that she would not get the opportunity.

She had been married twenty years and at first, her life had been perfect, but as she got older and her children grew, life had become mundane. Her husband seemed to have lost interest in her long ago, only occasionally that they made love, Lucy sometimes wondered if he was having an affair. Their love making was brief and she rarely if ever was able to orgasm before her husband finished. Nathan was nineteen, attending a different college than the one his father worked at. He’d made it plain from the beginning that he had no intention of going to a college where his father was a teacher and all the indignity and suspicion of bias that it would arouse. Katie was still at highschool in her final year and had just finished her finals, hoping that her grades would be good enough to join her brother at the same college.

Lucy was at a loss as to who was leaving these stories on the computer, the trouble was she was not diligent enough to notice the file before all of the rest of the family had used the machine. Over the next three weeks, she tried to note each time someone other than herself used the computer and tried to remember to check each day to see if the story had changed. The trouble was she was busy, working as a manager of a hotel, and often forgot to check before at least two of her family had been on it

She wasn’t overly bothered, it was the type of thing that adolescents would read, she just couldn’t understand why they were doing it on the home computer, and not on their laptops.

Several weeks had passed when she noticed another new file, “My Affair With My Mother.” That morning she had the house to herself, she wasn’t due in work until after lunch. Making herself a coffee, she settled back and read the tale, beginning to feel the normal sorts of arousal as the story unfolded.

When the mother opened her legs and granted her son permission to fuck her, Lucy’s own hand had found its way between her own legs as she rubbed sensuously at her vagina through the material of her panties. When the story ended, her body was demanding a release as she glanced at the clock, noting she just had time as she rushed up to her bedroom, undressed bursa escort and lay on her bed.

Lucy stroked herself, her eyes screwed shut as she enjoyed the pleasures she was eliciting. Unfortunately, the three stories she had read had all been about relationships between mothers and their sons and she quickly found it impossible to stop Nathan creeping into her thoughts. As she played with herself, she thought of his body, and the words of the story, inserting herself and Nathan into the stories.

She had no inclination to have sex with him, but with her body aroused as she slid several fingers in and out of her cunt, he kept slipping into her mind. Lucy pulled and twisted at her nipples, her hand massaging her breasts as her other hand moved to her clit, two fingers rubbing either side of it as she excited herself further. When she climaxed, he slipped into her thoughts again, her orgasm seemed so much more intense as sudden images of her son fucking, sliding his cock deep into her enveloped her brain, just as she was plunging her fingers deep into her dripping wetness. Driving her wildly over the edge, she came with a shriek, her body shaking wildly.

Afterwards, of course, she felt disgusted with herself, the thought of having sex with Nathan, it was crazy, depraved. It was those damned stories, she told herself, feeling annoyed at whoever was leaving them on the computer and not laying any blame on herself for reading them.

In a rush now, she cleaned up and dressed before going out to work. Why she had never thought to delete them the moment she found them on the desktop was a mystery to her.

Throughout the summer, she had no chance of checking who used the computer during the day, both her son and daughter having come home for their summer breaks. At regular intervals, a new story would appear, the old one, being strangely deleted. Lucy tried checking the history and recent files, trying to work out who the culprit was, her problem agonisingly was that the other three knew far more about computers than she did, and so whoever was leaving them there, knew enough to hide their actions from her efforts.

The newest story which had appeared a couple of days ago was titled “Mom’s Fantasy” and she was trying to avoid reading it, trying to ignore the file on the desktop despite the way it continually seemed to attract her attention. Lucy was going to leave it until the morning, again she was not due in until after lunch and was sure that both her son and daughter would be out with friends. It mocked her as she worked, like a fly around her head, impossible to fully ignore.

It was typical of the ones she had previously read, graphic descriptions of sex between a mother and son which left her highly aroused and excited by the time she reached the last page. At the end of the page, there was a link, simply entitled Madeline and Damien, the two main characters of the story. Lucy clicked on it, sitting back in amazement with her mouth open when the picture appeared. It was a man and a woman, the female sat reverse cowgirl on the man’s lap, his cock plainly buried in her cunt. What startled her was the appearance of the woman, while the body was similar to her own, it definitely wasn’t her body, unfortunately, the face though was hers. Photoshopped onto the actresses body in the photo.

It was impossible to tell who the male was, all of his body except for his legs and penis, hidden by the female. Lucy continued to stare, if she didn’t know better, she would have sworn it was a picture of her naked and having sex with her own son.

Immediately she deleted it, afraid that one of her family would decide to read the story and click on the link. It had to be Nathan she concluded, the trouble was that over the last few days she was sure he had been nowhere near the computer. She switched off and went for her shower, ending up fingereing herself as water sprayed from the showerhead and her legs turned to jelly, as a wild and powerful orgasm hit her. She was ashamed that the thought that had driven her over the edge was the picture from the story, the thought of what Nathan’s cock impaled in her would feel like, riding him wildly like the woman in the photo.

Nothing more happened until the end of summer. Katie had turned eighteen and had started college, her husband was back to work after his summer break and Nathan had also returned to his classes.

Lucy had taken a week off, determined to get some housework done now that they were all out of the way. She had logged on that morning with her coffee and read the headlines, no new file had appeared on the desktop yet. Her first job was to do the bedrooms where she changed the bedding, and cleaned. It took most of the morning, Lucy making herself some lunch as she sat at the computer once more and spotted the new file immediately, “Mom’s a Milf.”

She was astounded and a little scared, the file had certainly not been there beforehand, and no one had been on bursa escort bayan the computer, or even in the house, only her. During her lunch, she sat and read the story, surprised that certain elements of it could easily pertain to herself and as was becoming normal, feeling highly aroused by the time she was finished. Once more at the end, there was a link, this one titled “Charlotte,” again, the character of the story. Tentatively, she clicked on it, in a way already expecting the picture that appeared.

It was her face, a different picture this time, but still her face, laughably, there was no way it was her body, not with breasts of that size. On a whim, she printed the picture out, wishing she had done the same with the previous one as she took it upstairs to her bedroom.

It just had to be Nathan who was doing this, she could see no reason for either of the others to be leaving these files on the computer. What troubled her was why he was doing it. She had an inkling that she currently refused to face, he was nineteen, a month away from his twentieth birthday and had an extremely attractive girlfriend who he had been dating for the last year. Surely, he wasn’t considering the thoughts that ran through Lucy’s mind, it was too ridiculous to contemplate.

Lucy liked Nathan’s girlfriend, even though she considered she wasn’t good enough for her son. This was her problem she knew, no matter which girl he brought home, she would never consider any of them good enough, maybe there was a touch of jealousy there, he had come from her body, and she never wanted to lose him to another woman.

The thought of her son seeing her sexually scared the life out of her, it was so wrong, but at the same time, there was a definite excitement and thrill about it, that someone half her age considered her attractive and arousing, was something she had never contemplated. It excited her to think a sexy young man would be attracted to her in that way.

Did she confront him and say something? What if he denied any knowledge of it, what then? The subject matter would be out in the open, the fact that she had read and become aroused by stories of incest. Would he laugh at her and deny all knowledge, would he repeat her accusation to his father? The more she thought about it, the less inclined she was to say anything.

“This is ridiculous” She was talking to herself in the empty room as she gazed at the picture, her body sending a dull ache to her stomach, her nipples protesting and feeling swollen as they pressed against the cups of her bra.

‘Damn you!’ she said aloud as she quickly undressed, opened a drawer and from beneath a pile of panties, took out her vibrator. Laid out on the bed with her legs open, she applied it to her pussy, the buzzing toy soon having her lips open and her juices flowing.

When she plunged it into her cunt and started fucking herself with it, Nathan again sprung into her mind. She had no idea what he looked like naked, nevertheless, her brain painted a picture of him over her as his cock violently abused her pussy, the vibrator becoming his shaft as it plunged into her cunt until her climax overtook her and she screamed in orgasm.

Afterwards, she felt dirty again, tears pricking the back of her eyes because she had descended to this animalistic level. Not sure anymore if she was losing her mind, or just caught up in the fantasy.

At his college, Nathan sat in the library gazing out of the window, his mind elsewhere. He wondered if his mother had read the new story he had left on the computer’s desktop. He knew she would immediately suspect him, he couldn’t help that, but at least she had no proof, and the way he had left the most recent one would surely confuse her. It had been easy to set up remote access to the computer at home from his laptop and he could easily see when she was using it without her having any idea that he was watching.

She had been on earlier, reading news sites and then all movement stopped, he took the opportunity and placed the file. He would check later to see if she had opened it, she had with all of the others and the links to the pictures. They had been easy to create in photoshop, his cock protesting as he gazed at the image of his mother with his own shaft inside her, an element which she would never suspect.

Like all adolescents, he had discovered online porn and by now had progressed through young women to milfs. There was something about mature women that captured his attention, and when he discovered clips where the two characters were supposed to be a mother and her son, he had become obsessed.

It hadn’t taken long before his thoughts had turned to his own mother, wondering if she was still happy with the situation at home. Nathan wasn’t a child anymore; he knew his parent’s marriage wasn’t perfect and that the noises that used to come from their bedroom had ceased long ago. Once or twice, he had spotted his father with a much younger woman, escort bursa some no older than himself, and while they were not doing anything to raise his suspicions, he did wonder if he was having an affair with one of his students.

Once the idea of his mother was planted in his brain, he began to see her differently, wondering what she would look like naked and what it would be like to make love to her. Despite her age, she was still attractive, her figure slim with full breasts. He imagined her coming to his room each night, removing her negligee as she climbed into his bed and offered her body to him. His resulting ejaculation would be caught in a pair of panties that he had taken from her drawer.

He knew he couldn’t approach her and divulge his true feelings, sure that she would be shocked and upset. Her generation and his thought about sex differently, and while it would probably not surprise someone of his age, to his mother it would be abhorrent. He had hit upon this idea in the hope that eventually she might say something when they were alone and give him an opportunity, an opening to tell her what his true feelings were.

It sounded so easy in the stories he had left on the computer, in real life it was nothing like that, you didn’t suddenly declare your fantasies about your mother to her.

There was another tale and picture ready on his laptop, encrypted and hidden in case his sister decided to pry. He had downloaded it and then altered the story so that it more related to his mother, it would be hard for her not to realise that the woman in the writing could easily be herself. He had thought about altering the names too, but that was a step too far and would bring about a confrontation he was sure.

It wasn’t easy for him, his frustration at his hidden desires caused distractions when he was home, his eyes continually following his mother as he wondered if she was wearing sexy underwear, his mind suddenly creating images in his head of his mother dressed in stockings and garters, the rising bulge in his pants causing him to squirm as he tried to hide it. Occasionally a button may come open on her blouse and he would catch a fleeting glimpse of her bra, his brain creating a scenario where he was removing it and fondling her breasts, her erect nipples pressing into the palms of his hands.

Nathan shuffled in his seat, edging his chair farther under the table to hide his growing erection, aware that he couldn’t move yet until it subsided.

He was glad when his next class was due to start, at least it would distract him from his present thoughts and keep his cock under control until he got home and could have release. He was getting desperate as he thought up outlandish scenario’s where his mother fell into his arms and begged him to take her to bed, she had read five stories so far and seen two pictures and much to his disappointment had said nothing.

He was becoming desperate, wondering what more he could do, surely she must have realised that he had feelings for her, feelings that as her son, he shouldn’t be having, but he was afraid of being the one to initiate the conversation and of losing the relationship they currently had.

His birthday was due soon and she had asked if he wanted a party or anything. It hadn’t bothered Nathan, his next birthday after that would be the important one. He had told her he would just be having a few drinks with his girlfriend Milly and his friends, but if mom wanted, they could go out as a family and have a meal.

His mother had come back to him, and let him know she had booked a table at one of the local restaurants for the family. As it was, things didn’t go precisely to plan. He had told Milly and his friends he was out with the family that evening and that he would see them the following night. Then his sister Katie dropped out, ‘a pressing engagement,’ she explained. The next was his father, a conference had come up and he had been invited as a guest speaker and he would be away that weekend.

His mother had been angry, but he had told her not to get upset, he wasn’t worried, and said they could still go out and have dinner together if she wished. Hopeful she would accept.

When the night came around, Nathan even donned a suit, something he only ever wore for weddings and funerals. His mother appeared in a cocktail dress, instantly sparking a huge desire in his loins, she stood very close as she straightened his tie, any closer and she would be feeling his erection pushing against her.

It was to be a very enjoyable evening, Nathan had flirted with her at every opportunity as the both of them had far too much to drink. With the table cleared, and the paid check in front of them, he had suddenly appeared a little subdued, and nervous.

“Is everything all right Nathan,” Lucy asked, wondering if he had perhaps drunk too much, and was feeling ill.

When he raised his head, she was sure that he appeared to be on the edge of tears. He had drunk enough though to give him the liquid courage, his brain fuzzy as he dared to try a new tact.

“I’ve got a problem mom, and I don’t know what to do about it.” Immediately Lucy was full of concern, wondering what was wrong with her son.

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