Sue Finds Fun

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Sue rang me because her computer was crashing.

“After I use it for a while I get a blue screen and then I have to shut it down.” She said.

“Do you remember what the blue screen said?” I inquired.

“Oh yes I wrote it down, fatal exception OE.”

“Ok I get it, can you bring it here? I will need to check it, could be a faulty memory chip or anything.”

“Ok give me your address and I will bring it straight around, my kids need it for their homework.”

A knock on the door came about 20 minutes later, when I opened it a woman in her early 30’s was standing there. She was about 5′ 6″ with short blond hair and a pleasant face, smiling. She was wearing a shapeless dress that sort of hung from the shoulders and made it impossible to tell what her figure was like but I would bet she wasn’t overweight.

“Bill?” she inquired.

“You must be Sue, I will carry in your PC for you.”

“Thanks it is in the car.”

I brought it in and told her I would ring her when it was done. After running a memory test on it and finding nothing I opened the case and saw it was full of fluff and dust. I vacuumed it out and gave the processor heatsink special attention first sucking the dust out then putting the vac on blow and blowing it out. After that I ran it up and played a game on it, worked fine.

Of course I looked through the hard drive but it had nothing much on it, some homework stuff and some games was about all. I shut it down and gave Sue a ring and told her it was done and she could pick it up any time she liked. She was most appreciative and said she would be right over. About 20 minutes later she collected her PC and paid me and went. Overall she was very pleasant to deal with, I had no idea where all this would leave tho.

I didn’t hear from her for about 3 weeks, when she rang to say she was having some other trouble with the computer. For some reason they had lost the printer driver and had no idea how to set it up and one of the games she had on it was playing up. Also she had just got a pre paid Internet connection and wondered if I could set it up for her. I told her I would be over that afternoon.

It was a nice brick veneer home with nice gardens, your average suburban house. I knocked on the door and Sue opened it, wearing a smile and a similar shapeless dress, it was a hot day and wondered if this woman ever wore shorts or short skirt. She showed me in and I proceeded to start work.

I setup her printer first, printing a test page. Then I backup up the saved games, booted into safe mode and uninstalled the game and deleted the directory. I re-booted and reinstalled the game, which then worked fine, so I copied back the saved games. Then I setup her Internet connection. Once that was done I called Sue over and showed her the Internet.

“Will you be chatting on it?” I asked

“Oh, I don’t know really, I hadn’t thought about it at all.”

“Well I will setup Yahoo messenger and another chat program for you and give you a start on chatting, can I add my yahoo id so you have someone on your list?”

“Sure that would be nice, then I can bug you if I have problems” she said “but what will your wife think of you chatting to strange women on the net, or do you do it all the time anyway?”

“My wife passed away 2 years ago.” I said

“Oh I am sorry…”

“That’s ok I am mostly over it, it is harder for the kids, and anyway your not strange” I said with a laugh.

“My husband died 4 years ago so I know how you feel. It is hard at first but you manage.”

“Your right there” I said wistfully “I better go got some stuff to do but if you connect tonight we can chat on line.”.

“Ok, and thanks.”

So with that she paid me and I left. At least I knew she was not married and she knew I wasn’t.

That night we chatted. She told me that she was really shy and it was a wonder she had even rung me the first time. She had not gone out with any guys since her husband died and got the Internet connection because she was quite lonely. She also suggested that I would have heaps of girlfriends. I told her that I had met a couple but nothing steady. We chatted for hours and I gave her some URL’s to look at.

This went on for a few weeks, each time a bit friendlier and more relaxed. She even laughed when I called her sexy. She asked me about the web-cam sites as she had seen them and I told her about them and also told her I had a web-cam and yahoo, which we were using, would support web-cams. I asked her if she wanted a demo and turned it on for her. She was intrigued with it and wanted to know more, so I told her she was welcome to come over any time and have a demo.

“Do you really mean that?”

“Of course, you can go on cam if you want, there is a good cam site I know where everyone chats and some are on cam. Come over, I am free tomorrow afternoon if you like.”

“Ok, I don’t think I could go on cam but it will be interesting. One o’clock tomorrow ok?”

“Fine by me.”

So at one o’clock there was a knock on my door and Sue was there, still in the tent dress and gebze escort I really wondered what she was hiding. We sat down at the PC and I connected with the site.

“You can go on the site without a cam and see others and chat but it is more fun with a cam.”

I was dying to show her some nudity “accidentally” to see how she would react, so I looked through the list to see if someone was naked.

“Oh” she squealed, “He’s naked and oh dear…”

“Yeah” I laughed “lots of that on here too, guys girls and couples, but lots dressed too depending on what you want.”

“So this is what you do all day, watch naked ladies.”

“Not all day, usually at night” I laughed.

“Show me more….please!”

So we browsed through the cams, there was one couple were the woman was sucking a nice hard cock which she liked and a guy masturbating which interested her. Then I opened the chat and set her up chatting to one of the naked guys.

“I have to do some office stuff, why don’t you chat here while I do it and call me if you need me.”

“Ok, thanks.”

I went off with her slowly catching on to the chat and talking to a naked guy and a room full of other people. After doing some things in the office I wandered out to see how she was going.

“This guy is really full on, but quite nice” she said, “he keeps asking to see me, even my face.”

“Well I can turn on the camera if you like” I replied pointing to the web-cam.

“Oh I don’t know,..”

“How about if I turn it on and show just your eyes, then you can see how you go?” I asked.

“OK but will you stay here too please, I am not sure about this.”

“No worries” I said “I would love too.”

I turned on the web-cam and set it on her eyes, which were a lovely blue. She chatted to the guy on cam, well she chatted to his cock as that’s about all you could see. I was amazed really how she just relaxed looking at his cock. There was a couple trying to talk to her so I suggest she chat to them also, this meant she had two chats in private going. They lived in the same city as us and were quite interested in chatting, they said they would turn on their cam for her to see but she needed their password. I had been trying to get their attention a few times but gave up, obviously they were not interested in a guy on his own.

When their cam opened up there were the couple on cam, they were around our age and looked nice. She was wearing a bikini top and shorts and he was just in shorts. He had a tattoo on his chest and she had one just peeking from under her top on her breast.

“Ask her what the tattoo is’ I told Sue

The other woman, Nick was her name and Jim was her partner, asked if we wanted to see it. Sue wasn’t sure but I told her to say yes love too. Sue said yes and Nick undid her top and took it off exposing her breasts. She had greats tits with nice hard nipples, which was pointing straight at the camera. Sue was surprised, but soon relaxed with this nudity. When Nick asked to see Sue’s face she wasn’t sure but then agree and I lowered the camera and zoomed out a bit so they could see Sue’s face and her shoulders.

As Sue chatted I studied her a bit more. Her movement caused her dress to press against her and I could see the outline of her breasts, and even a little of her nipples, which seemed to be hard. She was moving in her seat, moving her legs a little and I wondered if she was a bit aroused. The naked guy, his name was Kevin, asked her to show him a bit more, so I suggest she stand up behind her the chair and let him see all of her, she surprised me when she did, even turning around. Nick asked if she wasn’t hot in the dress and Sue replied she was. Nick asked if she was gong to task it off then. Sue wasn’t sure about this though.

“Sue If I am cramping you I can find heaps to do while you have some fun.”

“Don’t be silly, I am just not sure about being seen on camera, I only have underpants on you see.”

“I have a t shirt you could wear if you liked, and you could change in my room. If you want to tease them, you could turn your back to the cam and take your dress off and pull on the t shirt showing your bare back, that would drive them wild”

“Ok, better get me this t shirt then.”

I went and got the t-shirt and she stood up with her back to the camera, which I adjusted so they could see all of her and she pulled her dress off over her head. She had a great figure, cute arse and shapely with little fat. Her legs were great and came to fine ankles.

“You’re a surprise packet” I said, “I didn’t imagine a goddess under that dress.”

She laughed at me and I knew it made her feel good. The t-shirt I chose had no sleeves just in case she wants to flash but also so I could get a good view and that I did. She didn’t have big breasts and the t-shirt opened up so I could see her nipples, which were getting harder by the minute. Nick asked why I was so dressed and Sue laughed and said I was shy.

“Maybe you better get your shirt off too seeing as I am nearly g├Âztepe escort naked, oh and your pants”

I was rock hard and was worried about her reaction but when I stood up she looked straight at my cock and smiled. I stripped my shirt off and she whistled, I had been working out lots and was in great shape. Then I took off my pants and my cock moved, peeking its head out of the top of my underpants. Sue looked down and smiled.

Nick leaned back and started to play with her nipples then she reached down and slid her hands in her underpants and started to work her fingers over her cunt.

“I have never even done that, let alone watched someone else do it” Sue said shocked.

“Never masturbated?” I asked

Sue looked at me “I was a virgin when I was first married. Brought up in a very strict religious house and was taught that sex was only to have children and that was dirty. I have never done it, when I was married we only, you know, did it to have our kids and nothing else. I don’t think I could.”

Now it was my turn to be shocked. I had read about women like this but never ever met one. I looked at the screen just in time to see Nick lift her arse up and pull her panties off. Sue Gasped

“She’s got no hair down there, why would she do that.”

“It feels good when you’re licked” I said and waited for her shock

I didn’t have to wait too long, she looked at me with her eyes wide open, stunned.

“Licked? Down there? Why would you do that, it is dirty.”

“And it feels wonderful, makes a women feel good and makes her cum, just ask Nick.”

We looked at the screen at Nick running her fingers all over her cunt, you could see the juices glistening on her fingertips and lips and leaking down her slit. Next we saw Jim stand up next to Nick, his excitement was visible through the underpants he wore. Nick reached over and pulled his pants down letting his hard cock spring free nearly slapping her in the face. She took it in her hand and slowly worked her hand up and down it. Then she leant over and pushed her tongue out, flick the tip across the head of his cock. Juices appeared at the tip and Nick licked them up then she slowly started to work the hard cock down her throat, all the while fingering her wet cunt.

I looked at Sue, she just sat there in stunned silence taking in a scene that she had never dreamed of in her life. The amazing thing was her nipples were hard as anything and her hips were moving just a little bit. I reached over and touched her arm, she never moved so I pulled the t-shirt out a little and slide my hand in on her nipples, running my fingers over it. She gave a big sigh and slightly pushed her chest into my hand. I softly started to roll her nipple and then pulled it a bit, it was hard enough to explode. Sue emitted a moan but sat there watching Nick and Jim. Nick had his cock almost right down her throat and was playing with his balls. He then pulled away from her and moved her chair around so she was side on to the camera. He knelt down and she put her legs over his shoulder and he started to lick her.

“What does it taste like?” Sue asked me.

“Him or her?” I replied

“Both” she said

“There is only one way to find out Sue”. She looked at me in stunned silence.

“I don’t know if I could lick you like that, but I would like to feel what it is like being licked, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t mind” I replied “But there is one condition, we wait till Nick and Jim are finished and we let them watch us in private of course. Take your top off now so they can see your enjoying them”

Sue sat up, grabbed the hem of the t-shirt, pulled it off over her head and threw it on the floor. She sat there watching the screen as I switched our cam to private and typed the password into the chat screen with Jim. The main channel erupted with disappointment at not being able to see Sue but they would have to wait. Nick was breathing heavy now and moaning as Jim buried two then three fingers deep inside her, working them in and out as he licked and sucked her clit and lips.

“Sue take your underpants off for me please.”

She never uttered a word just stood up and pulled them off. They were large briefs and in white, I made a mental note to get her to buy thongs and g-strings in future. She sat there, eyes glued to the screen watching the scene unrolling in front of us. Nick said something to Jim and he stood up, she leaned forward and started to suck his cock working it in and out of her mouth. It was obvious to me he was going to cum, but not to Sue as she had no idea.

“Sue rub your nipples so they can see you’re aroused.”

She reached up and started to rub the flat of her hand over her nipples pressing hard on them. She was breathing heavily now and watching the couple on the screen intently. I moved over and started to lick the unoccupied nipple, sucking and flicking it with my tongue.

“Oh I can’t take this anymore, what do I do.”

“Play with yourself Sue”

“You mean with haramidere escort my you know.”

‘It is called a vagina Sue but you will call it a cunt when your with me, now repeat it”

You mean you want me to play with my…c..c..cunt?”

“Yes Sue, you saw what Nick did now you do it, then I will eat you up.”

She had not taken her eyes off the screen but slowly slid her hand down to her cunt and started to rub the outside of it. She was not very hairy being a natural blond but had too much hair for my liking. On the screen Jim was holding Nick’s head and thrusting deeply into her mouth. He was staring then you could see him explode. Nicks cheeks puffed out a little then she swallowed his juice, her throat and mouth working to get it down. Sue was stunned at this.

“What what happened” she panted out.

“He just sprayed in her mouth and she swallowed it. Now it is our turn”

Nick sat back facing the camera once again her legs spread wide open and rubbing her wet cunt. Jim asked us if we enjoyed that, and commented on how much more relaxed we were. I got Sue to type that we loved it and Sue is especially interested in Nick’s bald cunt, Sue hesitated to type this but then did it anyway. We told him to watch now. I was sitting there rubbing my hardon, I knelt down in front of sue and got her to open her legs wide for me hooking her legs over the arm of the chair. She lay her head back and closed her eyes and I slowly ran my tongue all around her lips, she was dripping wet now.

I used one hand to pull her lips open and run my tongue straight down the middle of her wet cunt tasting the exquisite juices running from her. Not only her cunt was wet but her arse too. I slide a finger deep inside her and started to suck at her clit, instantly her hips came up, she arched her back and moaned loudly. I worked another finger deep into her tight cunt, she was almost squashing my fingers in a vice like grip and I wondered how my cock was ever going to fit inside her. As I sucked her clit then flicked my tongue over it and worked my fingers in and out she started to moan loudly. Her hips were thrusting madly and then her legs unhooked and clamped on my head. She screamed and I felt a sudden gush of fluid as she madly fucked my face. She had cum but I wasn’t going to stop there. I kept working my tongue and fingers as she built to another climax and cum and then another, finally she opened her legs and pushed my head away.

I stood up and looked at her and smiled then I leant down and kissed her, she opened her mouth and sucked my tongue in.

“So that’s how I taste” she panted ‘Now lets see how you taste”

I looked at the screen and Nick was sitting there with a big black dildo working it it and out of her cunt obviously enjoying the show.

I stood up and offered my cock to Sue. She took it in her hand and run her tongue around the head, then she licked down the bottom of it, holding it up in the air, then back up to the tip. She put her lips around it and slowly started to suck on it working it in and out of her mouth. I ran my finger through her hair gently guiding her head as she worked it in and out. I was in heaven her mouth felt so good and I had been dying to get it in her somewhere. I had been imagining her bent over the back of the chair watching the screen while I rammed her form behind.

I looked down at her “I want to cum in your cunt not your mouth” I said

“But you taste so yum” she replied.

As I felt myself building up I pulled out of her mouth and leant down and kissed her deeply.

“Stand up behind the chair” I demanded

She stood up and turned to the screen, seeing Nick with her playmate for the first time.

“What is she doing there?” she gasped

“Bend over I want to fuck your hot little cunt. She is using a toy to fuck herself with, you can see how much she enjoys it by the look on her face”

Sue bent over, eyes glued to the screen. I rubbed my cock all over her slippery cunt then I put it at the entrance and slowly worked it in. She was so tight she felt like she had never had anything inside her and she gasped as I stretched her out with my cock. Her hips were pumping and pushing back and I quickly found myself buried to the bottom. I held her hips as she held the arms of the chair and started to work my cock in and out of her. Her hips were pumping and moving then I realised she was rubbing her clit against the chair back. I started to slowly work up the pace and she reciprocated thrusting back on my hard cock and moaning out loud. I moved one hand to her arse and started to play with it a little, she looked around a little at me then back at the screen,

Nick was really hot now and had this huge black dildo buried right inside her cunt. She reached over out of view and another smaller on appeared in her hand. She rubbed over it some jell and then put it at her arsehole, slowly sliding it deep inside her. As she did that I slide my finger, slippery with Sue’s juices, into her arse and rammed my cock deep inside her, I was about to cum.

Sue reacted to the finger in her arse, she went ballistic thrusting and pumping onto my cock and screaming out loud in ecstasy. I couldn’t hold back as I let my load spray her insides. I thrust into her and pumped my sticky cum juice deep in her, my finger buried in her arse. I grunted loudly as I thrust deep making sure my cum was buried deep in this sluts cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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