Eylül 22, 2021

Summer in USA 3rd part (Public Sex 7th part) – 1st


Summer in USA 3rd part (Public Sex 7th part) – 1stSpanking session was something I was really enjoying in, but it was much bigger thing for Mr. Bailey. “Sandra I was never so horny and turned on, I had feeling that heart attack will hit me. Honey here is my credit card – I know you want to see city, malls and other stuffs, so have fun until I do not call you for early dinner”. “No problem” I replied, “See you later Mr. Horny”, kissed him and went out of office. After few hours he called me and invited me for dinner in new restaurant near to his workplace. During the dinner he told me that he will gonna be busy tomorrow, but his best friend Mike will visit villa and make me company. “He is morning type, so he will be in villa before you wake up, but do not worry, he knows you are on vacation”.Next morning I was sleeping till 10 am as usual. Just few seconds after I woke up tall black guy in mid thirties went into room, just in pants without any shirt on his body. “Oh sorry, I thought you are sleeping in another room! I am istanbul escort bayan Mike.”“I am Sandra, nice to meet you” I said realizing that I am wearing just tiny black shirt and black lace panties. Also I noticed bulge on his pants. He laid on bed next to me and started to talk about himself, his job. I was listening him, but also my eyes were checking bulge on his pants.Few seconds later he told me that he knows story about my vacation and slowly started to descend my tank top shirt revealing my left boob.“I noticed that you are looking at my pants and probably asking your self is it really big like they say. Believe me Sandra, it is big and ready for you, but first wanna feel your big tits which I saw on photos”. After this words, I became really wet and almost hypnotized by him and his demands.First, he oiled my boobs and played with them…… Than he moved one hand in my panties and started to massage and finger my pussy…After few minutes I was breathing and moaning feeling his finger in my pussy. He stopped fingering me, moved me from him self, pulled down his pants and laid in front of me “As you see Sandra it is big one and now you will suck it and ride it”.I was stunned by size of his dick – almost 25 cm and thick as hell. Like hungry whore, I took his cock into mouth and started to suck it hard…He was just laying and enjoying and few minutes later I was riding him while moaning on his huge black cock…… Few minutes later he took me for thighs and started to fuck me… I was moaning and enjoying while his huge dick was filling my pussy…“Oh Sandra, you are riding me so good. It is time that you give me that sweet tits here” he said and flipped me over. Next moment he was already pushing his fat cock in my pussy, while holding me for my butt…… and than he started to fuck me hard. Oh, It was so good feeling!Later on, I took control and rode him, while he was enjoying in slapping and squeezing my boobs…“Sandra, you are such beautiful young lady and really bitchy one, you know? Come here and suck my cock again before I bend you over and destroy you from behind” he told me and stood up. I was following his wishes and started to suck him again…“Yeah babe, suck it slow and deep” he was moaning and than simply pushed me on bed, bend me over and started to fuck me hard…“Oh Mike, you are fucking me so good! Give me that huge cock, want to feel it deep in me, aaahh” I started to beg him to fuck me harder. He replied to me “Sandra, you are my bitch and from now you will call me Mr. Bone since my cock is harder than ever! Say it bitch!” Once again I was dominated and I said “Yes Mr. Bone, please fuck me harder, I want to feel you deep inside my pussy”. “ You are good girl Sandra, and after I finish with your pussy I will spread my sperm all over your face and boobs”. And he did it.First he spread his sperm on my tongue…… and rest of it all over my boobs…“This was amazing Sandra. I am glad to have some fun with you this summer – Bailey and me will take you on trip with my yacht. Think about it little slut” he said to me and went out from room :*(This story is originally posted by me on my tumblr blog, but I wanted to share it here :*)

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