That First Night! Ch. 1

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A smile always comes to my face as I remember our first night together. I had watched you around the office for several weeks. I remember you in a maroon colored cotton dress. You had gotten caught out in the rain and were soaked. I remember you in a yellow dress, flashing me, supposedly, unintentionally. I remember you in a red sleeve-less sweater. You always looked great! I couldn’t keep my eyes off you.

I was a little surprised and shocked, but flattered, when you told me that you were going to come over to my apartment that evening. I told you not to and that if you did, I wouldn’t open the door. It was about 9:00 pm and I was putting up the dishes. I was wearing a yellow t-shirt and blue gym shorts, nothing else. I had decided that you weren’t coming by and was somewhat relieved.

Then, I heard a knock at the door and my life changed, definitely for the better! You were standing there wearing a sleeve-less gray t-shirt, black nylon shorts and loafers. You were smiling, not knowing what I would say. You said, “I told ya that I’d come by”. I replied, “Yes, you did”, and I let you inside.

We talked a bit and then we sat down on the love-seat. I had gotten us both a glass of wine and we talked until the wine was gone. We talked mainly about work, but also, about ourselves. I could feel it, this strange and very intense attraction to you. And, just as important, you seemed to be excited about me.

The longer I sat there, talking and looking at you, the more excited I became, until I couldn’t deny it any longer. I leaned over, put my right hand around your waist, and kissed you. You never hesitated or resisted.

It was even more exciting than I thought it would be. It was electric! Once was definitely not enough. I kissed you again, wondering if you would push me away and say, “That’s enough”. You didn’t. In fact, you seemed quite eager for more.

I kissed you again, passionately, and moved my hand from your waist to your breast. I waited for you to push my hand away and stop everything, but you didn’t. Your breast was so soft and full. By now, my excitement was uncontrollable.

The room was getting very warm. I realized that there was a wet spot on my gym shorts, and that my cock was straining to get out. I suggested that we lie down, and you did. I got up, turned off the lights, came back to the couch, removed my t-shirt and lay down beside you.

I leaned over you and put my leg ankara escort between your legs. We kissed again and I moved my hand up under your shirt to your bra. I could feel your nipple throught the fabric. You were breathing heavily by now. I ran my hand behind your back. You arched your back, allowing me to unhook your bra.

Once the pressure was released, I slipped my hand under your bra and moved it to your breast. It was incredible. Your breast was so warm, soft and full! The nipple was tight and got harder as I stroked it with my fingertips. I can’t describe my excitement, but you could feel it.

You rubbed your thigh against my erection. The pressure was building. I kissed my way down your neck, raised your t-shirt and bra up to your shoulders and began playing with your breasts. Your bra and t-shirt kept sliding down your chest, so I sat you up, took your shirt and bra off, dropped them behind the couch, and laid you back down.

I slipped my fingers inside the waist of your shorts and asked you to raise your hips. You did, but then you said, “I’m not wearing any underwear”. I wasn’t sure what you meant by that, so I left your shorts on and laid down over you again.

I took your breast in my hand and kissed, licked, teased and caressed it until the nipple was so hard it felt like a rock. I then turned my attentions to the other one and played with it until it was equally hard. You were breathing even more heavily and continued to rub your thigh against my cock.

You whispered into my ear, “Why don’t we go lie down on your bed”? I said, “OK”, and we got up, and headed for the bedroom. The bedroom light was off but the room was light enough from the open blinds. I led you over to the bed and pushed you back on to it.

You lay down with your head on the pillow. I started to climb onto the bed and decided to turn on the fan. I walked over, turned it on and turned around. You had raised your hips and were in the process of removing your shorts.

As I walked back to the bed, I watched as you drew up your knees to your chest, slipped the shorts off your feet and dropped them on the floor, and lay your legs flat on the bed. You looked fabulous!!!

Your beautiful breasts hung to the sides of your chest, your hair was cut short and you were well tanned, except for the white patches. You had a band of white skin across your chest, your dark nipples clearly visible, and a white triangle that ankara escort bayan ran from the top of your hips down between your thighs. The dark patch of fur was also clearly visible.

I slipped my shorts off. My cock was standing at attention, saluting you. I climbed onto the foot of the bed, crawled towards you and started to lie down beside you. As I did, you drew up your knees, keeping your feet flat on the bed, and spread your thighs, offering yourself to me. You weren’t going to let me lie beside you. You made your intentions quite clear!

I crawled over you and you spread your thighs even wider as I lay down over you, my cock coming to rest in your hot, wet slit. You have the most incredible body!!!! You were so soft and warm. I kissed you, passionately, and ran my hand from your waist, down to your thighs, back up over your hip, past your waist to your breast.

“Excitement” does not fully describe how I felt at that moment! I wanted you more than any man has ever wanted a woman. I kissed you again and asked if you were on any kind of birth-control. You responded, “You don’t have to worry about that, I’m one of those bad Catholic girls who’s on the pill”.

I couldn’t deny you any longer. I had my left arm under your neck and my right hand on your hip. I raised my hips and felt the head of my cock slide over your clit and then along your slit until it fell between your hot, wet lips. Once more, I kissed you passionately.

I could feel you sucking on my tongue as it explored your warm, sweet mouth. You moaned as I leaned forward. Your pussy was very warm and very wet, but was not receptive. I lay over you again, kissed you, and asked if you were sure that you wanted to do this. You replied, “Ahuh, try it again”. I slipped my right arm around your waist, raised my hips and let my cock fall down to your slit. I tightened my embrace and leaned into you, forcefully.

You moaned, dug your heels into the bed and tried to push yourself away from me. I held you tightly and forced your pussy to take me. You groaned, inhaled deeply, arched your back and thrust your breasts against my chest as the head of my cock violated you.

You remained that way until you had completely received my cock. You then collapsed onto the bed and began thrashing your arms and legs like some wild animal impaled on a spear. I lay on you, pinning you to the bed, and wispered in your ear, “Just lie still and relax”.

I escort ankara nibbled and kissed at your ear as you regained your composure. You were breathing heavily and your body was incredibly warm!!! Years later, you would tell me that I had taken your virginity that night. If you were, you weren’t any more! I wish I had known and I sometimes wonder if things might not have turned out differently between us.

We kissed passionately, and I remember you holding me tightly, as I slowly slipped my cock in and out of your pussy. You had drawn up your legs and wrapped them around my waist. My balls were lying against your soft, wet upturned ass. The pressure and pleasure was building too quickly! I stopped grinding my hips and when I did, you began rocking yours, back and forth along my shaft. You were about to send me over the edge. I pressed you to the bed, stopping you, and told you that if you didn’t quit, the party would be over. You whispered into my ear, “That’s OK, go for it”! I asked, “Are you sure”? You replied, “Ahuh”, and so I did. I started moving my hips slowly. Your pussy was now more relaxed, but still plenty tight. I knew I wouldn’t last long. Your pussy slurpped as my cock slipped in and out. I tried to hold it as long as I could but the pleasure was too great. I began thrusting, my balls slapping against your ass! You removed your legs from around my waist and put your feet flat on the bed, allowing you to raise your hips to better take my thrusts. A half dozen strokes and you sent me over the edge.

With one final urgent thrust, I buried my face in your neck and my cock in your pussy and let go. I held you tightly as my cock throbbed inside you, shooting streams of warm sticky semen into your eagerly awaiting and highly receptive pussy. I kissed your neck and your ear, savoring the pleasure your body was offering. I slowly ground my hips into yours, prolonging the pleasure. I could feel my semen oozing from your pussy onto my balls and your ass. The involuntary throbbing subsided and I forced the last drops of semen from my cock into your pussy. I lay over you, catching my breath. I whispered into your ear, “Thank you”. You smiled at me and replied, “You’re welcome”. My whole body was tingling. With my senses regained, I quickly raised up and slipped out of you. You inhaled and raised up, taking my cock and balls in your hand and stroking them. I pushed you back onto the bed and told you we needed to take a break. I asked if you wanted any more wine or some water. You said no, but I needed some. I went into the kitchen and got a drink of water. I stood there, wondering if this was all real, or was it a dream. It had to be real!

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