The Deepest Sleep

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Cameron fell asleep with her hand on Margot’s throat, her fingers twitching softly against her lover’s pale flesh. The pads of her fingers were pressed precisely over Margot’s pulse, that rhythm lulling Cameron into a deep slumber. Margot found herself holding her breath, knowing her heart was racing. Knowing her gentle lover was floating in a sea of bliss, utterly unaware of the effects her hand was having on Margot. But that touch made sleep impossible. The sound of Cameron’s soft, steady breathing surrounded her, white noise meant to help Margot’s mind find quiet so she might drift off, chasing her butch to a land of dreams.

But Margot was wide awake, staring into the overwhelming darkness of their bedroom. The weight of Cameron’s hand had awakened in Margot a deep, primal hunger, and she found herself aching.

Pinned beneath Cameron, Margot could scarcely move. Cameron’s knee was bent upward and resting on Margot’s thigh, her whole body acting as a plush pillow for her lover to rest upon. And while this constant contact usually brought Margot a great peace, tonight was different. Tonight, Margot was craving something more carnal, and it scratched at her brain relentlessly.

“My love,” she whispered, hoping for any hiccup in Cameron’s gentle snoring. “Honey…”

Cameron stirred, just barely. She shifted, smacking her lips together dryly as she sighed into her pillow. With every twitch, every unconscious adjustment, Margot found her desire building. She couldn’t sleep, not with that unrelenting hunger pooling in her belly, demanding flesh.

Slowly, Margot reached a hand down to her hips, allowing her one free leg to spread and fall off the side of their bed. As her hand crept closer to her sex, Margot let out a soft whimper, unable to deny herself. Cameron twitched, sighing and stretching languidly. Her hand flexed, thumb brushing against Margot’s throat in such a way that Margot couldn’t help but groan, her hips bucking upward. She plunged her fingers further down, spreading open her folds and finding herself drenched, her clit already hard and throbbing.

She moved slowly, her eyes rolling backward in the pitch black as she moved a single finger in steady circles around her clit. This was a dance she had practiced a thousand times, her expert hand moving on muscle memory. Margot felt that familiar warmth rising deep between her hips, electricity bouncing back and forth between her throat and her cunt. Margot moved faster, the circular motion of her finger growing faster and tighter as the pleasure built. If only Cameron could twitch again, squeezing Margot’s throat as she did her pillow. If only she could stir and awaken enough to see what lay before her, a veritable treasure trove of pleasure hiding in the inky darkness of their bedroom.

Margot bit her lip, allowing her mind to drift into fantasy. She imagined Cameron growing annoyed with her, as she so often did when startled awake. Inching a finger downward to tease her opening, Margot thought of her lover teasing her, slapping her cheek and reaching her free hand down to inspect her dripping wetness, chiding her for waking her butch over something so frivolous.

You woke me up for this? Margot imagined her saying, voice rough and still thick with sleep. God, you’re pathetic. It made her cunt seize and twitch, desperate to be filled. Quickly, she found herself losing her steady rhythm, her circling giving way to a mad flurry of movement as she massaged herself. Her legs twitched, the arc of her back rising as the first waves of orgasm flooded her system.

Margot couldn’t help but gasp and whimper, the spasmic throbbing of her sex relentless as she rubbed her aching istanbul travesti clit. Cameron stirred beside her, her knee sliding away while her fingers, still resting over Margot’s pulse, twitched and momentarily tightened.

“Fuck, fuck,” Margot mumbled, turning to the side in search of her pillow, trying to muffle her voice as she came.

Not that it mattered, of course. Cameron sighed and chuckled as she awoke, feeling Margot twitch and flail against her. Margot’s hand had slowed to a stop, but her body still shuddered with the last vestiges of her release. Margot’s mind was drifting, still lingering half in fantasy and half in that sluggish afterglow that so often precedes deep slumber. She barely noticed as Cameron shifted to rest upon her elbow.

Cameron could barely make out her lover, the vague outline of her features glowing in the dark. She moved one finger up to Margot’s jaw, tracing along her chin until Margot whimpered, that sound dissipating in the air like sweet birdsong. With every touch, Cameron could picture the growing blush on Margot’s cheeks and the way her nostrils would flare out as her breath slowed to a gentle crawl.

“Margot,” she said quietly, smiling to herself as her low tenor sent a shiver down Margot’s spine. “What are you doing, baby?”

Her fingers trailed down the center of Margot’s throat and Cameron couldn’t help but chuckle as Margot swallowed heavily.

“I just,” Margot stuttered, licking her full lips as she struggled to find the words. “I was just…”

“You woke me up,” Cameron teased. “And wasn’t that so naughty of you, Margot? To wake me up when I was so tired? I was having such a nice dream.”

Margot could hear the smile in Cameron’s sultry voice, that teasing tone making her ache with need all over again. She whined softly and turned to her side to face her lover.

“I’m sorry I woke you,” she said sheepishly.

In that dark, dim light, Margot could just barely make out the glint of Cameron’s teeth as she grinned. She imagined the wrinkled skin around her sky blue eyes, the deep lines around her lips from decades of raucous laughter. She lifted a hand up towards Cameron, reaching for the soft shock of dirty blonde hair cropped around her face. Cameron hummed pleasantly as she felt her lover rake her pointed nails across her scalp.

“You’re going to make me fall right back asleep, doing that,” Cameron said, listening for Margot’s breath hitching as she spread her fingers to wrap loosely around her throat.

“Do you want me to stop?” Margot asked softly. “Sir?” she added, her own voice lilted and teasing.

Cameron chuckled, but her fingers tightened all the same. Margot groaned, holding her breath as best she could as her pulse quickened beneath her lover’s palm.

“You’re such a brat sometimes, Margot,” Cameron chided.

She shifted, moving to lay on top of Margot. Despite the lingering sleep in the back of her mind, Cameron couldn’t deny the way her clit throbbed with animalistic hunger. She couldn’t resist the growing tightness in her chest, the way her fingers and tongue seemed to ache with pain at not being inside her. And she couldn’t ignore how she felt so strong, so imposing and powerful with Margot – sweet, dainty, bratty little Margot – pinned beneath her.

Cameron brought her other hand to Margot’s throat, both palms spread wide over the breadth of her neck. She exhaled and squeezed tightly, relishing how Margot’s hips bucked up towards her.

Margot’s eyes fluttered, her body twitching and shifting with the force of her yearning. She felt that familiar radiant heat building at the base of her skull, a flood of warmth istanbul travestileri bursting like fireworks in her throat and echoing in her pussy. The room felt suddenly small and hot with Cameron’s body pressed atop hers. Seconds crawled by, white stars swimming in Margot’s vision as her legs began to twitch and kick in her desperation.

“You like that, baby?” Cameron asked, her voice low and deliciously sinister.

Margot gasped and sputtered. She couldn’t help but reach out and grab at Cameron’s hands, desperate for her touch elsewhere.

“Yes… Sir…,” she said, struggling to get the words out.

Cameron released her, moving her hands down to feel Margot’s chest rise quickly as she fought to catch her breath. Her hands seemed to buzz, alight with power. It sent a shiver down her spine, pure electricity shooting into her core.

She bent down, listening close to Margot’s unsteady breathing. For a moment, she pressed her ear to Margot’s chest, listening with a pleased sigh as her lover’s heart beat fast – a caged bird, wings fluttering furiously to try and break free. Cameron’s mind was racing, her mouth watering. She wanted more than anything to keep Margot here forever, to keep her blood pumping impossibly fast and her muscles spasming in a flurry of movement until she was utterly spent.

It was times like these that Cameron would fall back to pure instinct. Like a lion stalking its prey, Cameron was all movement, silent and steady. Her thighs were tensed around Margot’s form, every muscle activated and singing with excitement. She moved fluidly, guiding herself downward in search of Margot’s scent; her tender, aching flesh. She trailed her wet tongue down her soft stomach, listening with a smile as Margot whimpered.

Margot brought her hands once more to Cameron’s hair, clinging to her scalp in a desperate search for anything that might anchor her to the earth and that, too, set Cameron’s mind spinning.

“Please, Sir,” Margot stuttered, sweat pooling at her hairline.

Cameron chuckled, kissing Margot’s hip as she nestled into the space between her legs. Sleep was impossible now, a distant memory. Margot’s tightly coiled patch of dark hair tickled Cameron’s face, the scent of her come pulling some primal need out from the depths of Cameron’s mind. Her tongue tingled, the tips of her fingers aching – every inch of her needed Margot. Needed to taste her, to fill her, to fuck her until neither of them could stand it any longer.

Cameron slid her fingers along Margot’s folds, reaching her tongue out to draw a slow, torturous line from her opening and up to the sensitive bulb of her clit. Margot shivered, her voice quaking.

“Oh Sir, fuck,” she whispered, squeezing her eyes shut as her back arched.

Cameron moaned, eyes shut as she felt the need to devour overtake her. It consumed her: the hunger, the relentless craving, as though some hungry, predatory animal had been unleashed from her ribcage. Her tongue moved in fluid circles, lapping at Margot’s clit without end. Cameron listened for Margot’s breath, her desperate gasping, slowing down and speeding up in time so as to keep her teetering on the edge of orgasm.

It was delicious, delirious torture. Margot felt frantic, overwhelmed by her desire. She didn’t know what to do with her hands – they grasped at the sheets, shot up into her hair and over her eyes, her fingers clenching wildly with the force of it. She, too, was an animal: a wild thing, small and defenseless, trapped in a constant, reverent helplessness. She moaned as Cameron wrapped her lips around her clit and sucked, pulling from Margot a low, guttural moan.

She travesti istanbul brought her hand down to grip Cameron’s hair as her butch slid her fingers down her folds and towards her soaking hole. Two thick fingers slid in easily, hooking upwards and pumping in a steady rhythm. Margot cried out, her legs splayed out on the bed in a thrashing mess as her hips bucked in time to Cameron’s thrusting. She felt Cameron’s hot, shallow breath crash against her tender flesh; she felt in her bones the way Cameron’s moaning would send shockwaves through her entire body.

It was altogether overwhelming. Margot was lost in the throes of such divine pleasure, her lover’s fingers fucking into her and sending her headlong into oblivion.

Cameron felt much the same, her whole body aching with the force of her desire. She wedged her arm between the mattress and her stomach, stuffing her hand below the waistline of her boxers. Her clit, an elongated, fleshy mass of perfect beauty, throbbed with need as her fingers made their way to it clumsily. Cameron shuddered and moaned against Margot’s sex. Every stroke of her clit brought her closer to the edge, closer to losing her mind entirely. Her other fingers, plunged deep into her femme’s dripping cunt, pumped harder as she fit a third inside and ripped a wild, desperate moan from Margot.

“Cam, fuck!” she cried out, tugging hard on Cameron’s short hair. “Please, Sir, I want to come so bad…”

Cameron’s fingers ran wild, senseless circles over her clit, her own floodgates opening. Her mouth watered, hungry for more of Margot’s taste on her tongue. Every muscle felt taut and every nerve alight. Cameron’s moaning grew louder and louder, until the sound seemed to soak into the walls. The world fell away as finally, Margot came.

Her hips rose, suspended in a haze of euphoria, and Cameron rose to meet her. She sucked and lapped at her relentlessly, their cacophonous groaning mingling in the air between them. Cameron ground her hips against her hand and the mattress, thrusting with the force of her own climax.

Finally, Cameron pulled away, pressing her face into the soft fat of Margot’s thigh as she fell apart, a shivering, incoherent mess. Her fingers slowed and she pulled her hand from her boxers so it may lay, thoroughly exhausted, at her side.

Margot twitched as she collapsed against their mattress, her pillow cold and damp from sweat. She loosened her grip on Cameron’s hair, running her thumb mindlessly over her forehead. Sleep beckoned to her, her body finally finding that perfect peace it has been seeking.

“Cameron,” she whispered, licking at her dry lips.

Every muscle protested when she tried to move, and her eyelids seemed impossibly heavy. And Cameron wouldn’t budge.

“My love,” she tried again, ruffling Cameron’s hair softly.

Cameron groaned. “Shh,” she said, nestling against Margot’s thigh.

Margot giggled and let her hand fall away from Cameron’s head. She gave up trying to open her eyes, gave up trying to move at all. She reached for their blanket, long since thrown to the wayside, and pulled it over her legs haphazardly. Cameron, her fingers still wet and sticky, wrapped around Margot’s thigh like a pillow, determined not to leave her spot. She pressed a firm kiss against Margot’s flesh and sighed in contentment as Margot hummed pleasantly in response.

“Can you please go to sleep now, you brat?” Cameron asked, smiling against Margot’s skin.

Margot blushed. “I guess so,” she said mockingly, though a yawn cut her teasing short.

Cameron chuckled, and said nothing. She gripped Margot’s thigh, breathing in her intoxicating scent with every slow, steady inhale. She felt finally sated, listening to the silence shared between them as her lover slowly drifted off to sleep beneath her. And finally, once Margot’s gentle snoring rose into the air, Cameron could allow herself to follow her, drifting off into the deepest sleep she’d every had.

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