The First Meeting of Lovers

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I am waiting for him to show up at the corner where we agreed to meet, as I wait I watch the people go by and I’m quite entertained, taking in the many different walks of life here in Seattle. I wonder why no one holds hands or shows any affection. The cell phone rings, my son calls wanting to know if I’m okay, just then, I see him across the street, on the corner where we agreed to meet, I lock my truck and walk toward him trying to get my son off of the phone, finally I tell him Agotta go and I hang up the phone. He is in the crosswalk walking toward me, I walk up and ask him where he’s going and he looks at me rather shocked, he turns around to walk back toward Pikes Place Market with me, holding my hand. We walk as we decide what we want to do with the afternoon ahead.

I want to jump into his arms and feel his body ever so close to mine, but I am too shy to do that with so many people around and I am not sure of what he is feeling at the moment. We decide to go to a park to seek out some privacy and take the opportunity to talk to one another. We head down stairs to wait for the trolley that will take us closer to the park he had in mind.

This is really fun for me, I am thrilled and excited, nervous and anxious, so many emotions to sort out right now. The trolley is almost like being in San Francisco, but this is much more special, because I am finally with him, in the flesh, feeling his gentle touch as he cuddles me on the trolley ride. I could take the feeling of him close to me, ankara escort touching me, forever, but I sense our time is limited today. Even so I know I will settle for what ever time he has with me, just to feel him this once, maybe kiss him a bunch of times, to me it was worth the trip.

Now that I feel his touch, I want to tell him that I lied, I want much more than that gentle touch, much more than the kiss I was anticipating, I want to be alone with him, naked, touching him as he feels my body next to his, I want to make long, slow, passionate, unrelenting love to him.

I was remembering every word of his letters from over the internet and I am drunk on all of the feelings, being with him, being outside, seeing different parts of Seattle with him and wondering what he is thinking about, we talk small talk to feel comfortable with one another in real life. Very soon after we sit down in the park, I feel his lips gently seeking mine. I don’t think I have ever felt anything more electrifying than his first kiss.

His tongue seeking mine, I have dreamed of this moment for a long time, I respond to him from deep within, I just can’t help it. His kiss is more than I could have ever imagined, I thought I would be prepared for the initial feel of him, because I have imagined this moment over and over, replaying it in my minds eye. This is a feeling I had never felt before, I ache and hunger for more of him, and my pussy is dripping wet, hot, wanting his mouth, his fingers, and his cock. I know ankara escort bayan I can cum from him just kissing me and if we were somewhere else I would have spent lots of time just kissing him, everywhere, over his entire body, if we were somewhere else he wouldn’t have gotten away so easily.

As we kiss and take in the sights of Puget Sound lying before us; I can feel his hand as it works up my thigh toward my pussy, I am so hot, and yet very shy and reserved for some reason. I feel him take my hand and place it on his raging hard on, showing me exactly what kind of effect I have on him. As I feel him through his pants, he feels so very good, so thick and I want him to find a picnic table, and fuck me on it, right this very moment. I want him to bury his cock deep inside of me, take me with all the emotion we have shared while on line together. If this park were less populated and it was just a bit darker; I absolutely would take him right here and now, at this very moment.

We spend a couple hours just kissing touching and hugging. We walk and talk stop to view more of the sound, the ships and ferries on the water as well as on the docks. We hold hands and watch as the sun starts to drop in the sky. I don’t want to let him go. He is still so hard, I am still so wet I wish we had a better plan for the day, but our time is up. We walk back to the trolley and catch the last ride back to the market. A gentle breeze on my skin makes me tingle. I am so hot and wanting him.

When escort ankara we get to my truck I offer him a ride; secretly hoping that his car is really far away and secluded so that I can have more of him, I want to hold his cock, naked in my hands, feel the hardness of it and taste him. I would give anything to have him but I know we are not prepared today we had not discussed time limits, or anything really, all we planned was just meeting. If either one of us were thinking properly we would have better planned on how this day would have gone!

It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, just drop him off and drive away but I did it anyway, because I knew he needed to get home, and I knew that is what he needed for me to do. I drove through Seattle, down First Street and up Denny Way then onto Interstate-5 south. I couldn’t keep my hands from roaming over every spot he touched on me today. I could still feel his lips, as my finger lightly traced my own, I could still taste him, I felt his hands all over my body, as my own hand lightly touched each place his hands touched; I was so hot and wet; I finally slipped my hand down into my pants and fingered myself. I was playing where I wanted him to play, touching myself where I wanted him to touch, reaching inside of my wet pussy, where I wanted his cock to be. I have never wanted to live in a big city until today.

So, after many miles of playing with my wet pussy, I finally had to stop to remove my bra and change into my sweats, so much more comfortable easier access, it feels so much better as I continue to drive south on Interstate-5 not really wanting to go, but not prepared enough to stay either. Wondering what will be in store for us on the next visit.

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