The Mixed Wrestling Club Ch. 01

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They had been good friends for some time now. Their movie nights had become increasingly frequent ever since they broke up with their partners. They decided to go for a random action movie this time because all they wanted was to switch off their brains and enjoy some fast paced action.

“Wow. That was…. average.”

“Who cares? I liked the fact that they showed the scissor sequence. The girl knocking the guy out with her bare thighs was a treat to watch.”

“Haha. Unrealistic scenes are always the most fun. Especially when you can use it to sell ‘Girl Power!’ merchandise.”

“Oh you think a girl couldn’t do that for real?” She cocked an eyebrow.

“Well, if a guy and a girl wrestle, the guy will most likely win. And even if he loses, it wouldn’t be to some chick squeezing his head with her thighs. I mean, how unrealistic was that!” He almost laughed.

“Tell you what honey. Let’s go a few rounds. And I’ll have you tapping like a bitch while your head is between my thighs. How does that sound?” She winked.

“You know, let’s start off in that position. And I’ll get out of it to show you how easy it would be!” He moved over to the carpet and gestured her to come and get him into the hold.

“You do realise I work out, right? I mean it would be one thing if you challenged some regular chick. But my legs are strong.” she said, standing up and looking down at him.

“Yeah, Escort Bayan Esenyurt I know that. But it wouldn’t matter. Come on, let’s see if you’re right… or not.”

She knew he’d be purple in two minutes. She knew what power her legs could produce. And she knew that he was probably not familiar with how strong scissor holds can be. But she thought it would be fun to teach him a little friendly lesson and she was on the mat. She rolled onto her side and grabbed his head by the hair, gently putting it between her thighs.

“You sure you ready for this?” she smiled.

“Oh just squeeze. I’ll tell you how ready I am when I break free from it.” he shot back.

And in the blink of an eye, her squeeze was on. She could see on his face that the power was more than what he had expected, and this was not even her maximum strength. She was probably squeezing with somewhere around 70% of her strength.

It started to become obvious to him. This was much more difficult than it looked, especially when you’re running out of breath and the blood flow is constricted in the head. He tried hard to pry her thighs apart but his arms were never going to be a match for her legs.

“Do you see it yet?” she chuckled, keeping steady at the 70% mark. He was beginning to go red in the face. His breath was starting to get harder. And she Escort Bayan Avcılar decided to go in for the kill. She bumped up the pressure to 90% and his eyes grew wide as he began to flail his legs and try even harder to pry her legs apart. But they wouldn’t budge. And now she went in for the knockout, squeezing more and watching him as he tried to break free, and then tap. But he had tapped only twice or thrice when his strength left him and he began to pass out. She could feel a power rush as she watched him go to sleep. She released her grip immediately and quickly crawled up to him.

“Are you okay?”

He took a minute or so to come back to his senses. The blood began to recede from his purple face and he looked up at her.

“Fuck! That was crazy!”

She couldn’t help but smile. “I told you. It’s not easy to break this hold. And poor you, you literally asked for it!” She let out a laugh.

Soon, he got up and she brought him a glass of water from the kitchen. But her mind had been racing. She wanted something, but she was not sure how to ask. But now she did.

“Here you go.” She handed him the glass of water which he gulped down in one go.

“You know, I have an idea…….” She couldn’t resist bringing it up right away.

“Oh don’t tell me you want to do this every day. I am not going to be volunteering for this again. Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü Heh..” He sat up on the carpet, his back against the couch.

“No, not that. But….. what if we actually had a wrestling match? I mean you just practically gave me a winning position right now. But what if we started on a level ground…. and wrestled to submission?”

“What? What’s the point of that?”

She knew this was her moment. And she went in for the kill. “Nothing. Just that I think it would be cool. And it would be a great workout. I mean, I understand if you don’t want to be embarrassed losing to a girl…..”

“Hey hey. I am not embarrassed. Just that… what does the winner even get? Why should I agree?”

“Well. The winner gets the loser. If I win, I make you my bitch, my slave and that weekend you have to be there for my pleasure. And if you win, I’ll have to be there for yours..”

“So it’s like a conditional friends with benefits thing?”

“You could say so. I mean, we could always experiment with different concepts. Like sex wrestling, first to make the other come… bunch of stuff. Are you game?”

He gave it a thought. It did sound like a fair deal. Wrestle. Have fun. And even if he won half the fights, he’d still get a lot of pleasure from it. Sounded like a win-win.

“Alright. You have a deal. But no sex wrestling and all, for now.. Let’s just experiment with it and see how it goes.”

“Fair square.” She extended a hand, beaming. And he shook it. Somehow she already knew she’d win. And somehow, she felt he would like it. They had not discussed sex very often but he seemed like a guy who’d enjoy being broken, if he was broken properly.

… To be continued

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