The Mpreg Attraction Pt. 01

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*Contains NSFW luckily, all but one sent nude pics of themselves, aiding my ability to make a decision between them.

I went with Craig: 6’3″, 260 pounds and counting, almost completely covered in dark brown hair (face, entire torso, limbs, etc.), and 8 massive months pregnant. Judging from his pics, he had clearly opted for the glandular implants that provide some pregnant men with fully functional, milk-producing breasts, a feature I found myself immediately drawn to (not too shocking given my usual heterosexuality). His breasts hung down heavily, milk having already arrived, though not quite low-hanging enough to reach even the top of his dropped, crotch-obscuring bump. I wanted to lift his heavy belly out of the way and see what he was packing beneath it. Not possible with just a photo, of course, but maybe if we got together…

Craig and I exchanged three or four messages that mostly functioned as evidence that neither of us creeped the other one out. We’d meet at a coffee shop, have a little conversation about what we were both looking for, then, presuming everything was going smoothly, head to my place and take things from there.

He was already at the coffee shop when I arrived for our rendezvous. I’d sent a pic of myself so Craig knew whom to look for; he stood and waved to me from a table in the back corner as soon as I entered the shop. He wore a button-down navy shirt and khakis, definitely designed for a pregnant man given the fact that his tremendously protruding belly appeared comfortably contained. Did they call this “paternity” clothing? Did a maternity store like Motherhood have a men’s section now? It struck me that I had a lot to learn about the whole male pregnancy situation.

I went over and shook Craig’s hand before taking a seat across from him. “Nice to finally meet you, Peter!” he exclaimed, immediately very friendly. Luckily for him, the chairs and table weren’t attached to the floor and could be positioned individually, as he clearly needed a lot of clearance for the bump. He had to sit so far back from the table that it seemed like a significant stretch for him to even reach his cup of tea. I desperately wanted to touch that space-monopolizing bump, but I figured it could wait until we were in private; I could be a little patient to avoid potential public awkwardness.

“Nice to meet you!” I replied in kind. “You look fantastic in that shirt, Craig. Very attractive.”

He smiled and even blushed slightly. “Well, thanks. It fits, which is about the only criterion I can afford to abide by at this giant point in my pregnancy.”

I laughed. “Yeah, that must be tricky for you now. You are, and I hope you take this in the complimentary spirit with which I’m saying it, quite huge.”

Rubbing his bump with both hands, he smiled contentedly. “Thank you: I’m pretty proud of the bump. Never thought it’d get this big, it’s pretty ridiculous. But I love it more and more as it grows, to tell you the truth. I love being so conspicuously pregnant: it’s a lot of fun.”

“Well, I’m enjoying it on you, too. You must be pretty exhausted by this point though, huh?”

He frowned a bit and nodded his head. “Yep, definitely exhausted. Kinda comes in waves for me, though. I’m lucky, I seem to be able to muster some reserve energy when I need it. If, for instance, I have someone to play with…”

I laughed. “I’d sure appreciate you tapping those reserves for my benefit. I think we can have some fun, if everything’s agreeable to us both. I know you saw my ad, but I just wanted to reiterate how much of an experiment this is for me. I mean, sitting here, looking at you: I find you extremely sexy. I’ve never dealt with another penis, though, or with a man at all in a sexual way. Like I wrote, I definitely want to rub a nice hairy pregnant belly, and I definitely want to at least istanbul travesti touch a penis, hopefully feel it harden in my hands. Beyond that, though…well, time will tell, I suppose. Are you okay with that very modest baseline for our activities?”

He nodded emphatically. “Absolutely. And I totally get it, the attraction to the male pregnancy thing making you attracted to men for the first time. It’s hot that you have no experience, honestly. And if getting my belly rubbed and getting a hard-on is all that happens, I’m still honored and turned on by being your first.”

“Awesome, awesome. I think things will probably progress a little further than the baseline, honestly; I just really don’t want to promise anything I’m not positive I can deliver.”

Craig shrugged. “Whatever we do, even just a little, is going to be hot for me and informative for you. We’ll go with your comfort level, communicate a lot, just be nice and kind as we ease you into homosexuality.”

I laughed. “That’s very kind of you. Homosexuality sounds very welcoming. So…I’m kinda desperate to see and touch that bump…and to do other things. Wanna head to my place?”

He was starting to stand before I’d finished my question. “Let’s do it.” Craig followed in his car the mile or so back to my apartment, where I welcomed him in and offered some lemonade before we got started. We drank our glasses quite quickly, obviously both eager to begin. Finally, after some small talk neither of us seemed particularly invested in, we headed for the bedroom.

Craig didn’t say a word once we arrived at our destination: he just removed all of his clothing efficiently and unceremoniously, revealing that fantastically sexy physique I’d seen in his photos. He was even more impressively big and hairy in real life, his bump bigger and rounder, tits heavier: everything looked fantastic. Contrary to my experience looking at the pics he shared, his dick hung down a bit past his drooping bump. He was circumcised, which was a pleasant surprise: it was definitely my preference, though I hadn’t thought to ask any of my potential hook-ups about it. Craig’s outie belly button protruded enough to escape the jungle of dark hair covering his torso, another detail I’d missed in still photos.

He faced me, hands on his bump. “Would you like to get a rub in?” he asked, both of us obviously knowing the answer. I nodded and approached, pausing halfway to take off my shirt and jeans: it seemed only fair to get at least partially nude, eventually fully if things went sexily enough. I took his heavily hanging bump in both hands and lifted it to feel the substantial weight. Craig was seriously gravid. His skin was soft, a not-so-thin layer of fat surrounding the far firmer uterus I could feel beneath when I applied a bit of pressure. I rubbed him all over, thrilled by the sensations of hairiness, roundness, softness, tightness: the bump was all-around delightful.

I noticed him looking down at my crotch; I followed his gaze and saw my erection had come out the slit in my boxers. Oops. “Well, there’s a decision that’s been made for me,” I mused. Craig chuckled. “I think I want you to touch it, but…could I touch you first?” He nodded and lifted his belly with both hands, fully exposing his impressive cock. He was half-hard, maybe, but achieved fully-erect status about three seconds after I kneeled down and got him in my hands. Touching this pregnant man’s penis was fantastic, the feel of it hardening at my caress about as arousing a sensation as I’d ever experienced. I stroked his erection slowly and rhythmically, just like I liked to be touched. I looked up to see a look of pleasure on his face, his eyes closed and head tilted back.

“I’m going to make you cum,” I announced just as I made that particular decision. He nodded, a istanbul travestileri quiet moan escaping his lips. My rhythm increased in tempo and my grip got firmer. I could hear his gentle vocalizations, adjusting the rate at which I increased the intensity based on the sounds of his pleased reactions. After two or three slower minutes, I was stroking about as energetically as I would with my own dick. I even started playing with his balls with one of my hands, a move that elicited immediate sounds of pleasure from Craig. A few minutes of firmer and faster stroking in, I felt him get even harder in my hand and knew he was approaching climax. “Where do you want to shoot?” I asked, nearly breathless due to my own intense arousal.

“Right on that hairy chest of yours,” he replied between moans. It was something of a bold request, an act we hadn’t discussed whatsoever. In the sexy heat of the moment, though, I didn’t even hesitate. I angled his cock down to point right at my chest and jerked ever more intensely. The feeling of his cock spasming in climax was absurdly hot; my own cock was near-painfully hard at this point. He shot rope after rope onto my chest, the hot sensation of his cum on me arousing me even further. I wondered if I might just cum myself, unprecedentedly hands-free. Getting him off was straight-up amazing, in short. Finally, I’d drained him of his load and felt him start to turn flaccid in my hands. I glanced down at his cum splashed across my torso. “Should I just leave it there?” I had no idea what to do with it, or if there was some etiquette I should be following.

“No, you don’t need to do that. Here…” Craig hustled over to my bedside table and grabbed a few tissues for me. I wiped myself off, the stickiness partially remaining on my chest hair and making it go in all different directions. What a sexy sight we’d created on me! With cum! This was going swimmingly, better than I even could have hoped for. I’d given a pregnant man a handjob! I was elated…and seriously turned on…

“So…” I began hesitantly. “Would you like to play with my dick?” He nodded his affirmation. I quickly got out of my boxers; he motioned for me to sit on the edge of my bed. He kneeled in front of me, belly pressed firmly against my legs, and started to stroke my cock slowly. The feel of strong, manly hands on my dick was sensational; I thought I might shoot after about four up-and-down motions. I managed to hold off from cumming, though, which was very lucky indeed: after a minute or two of his handjob, he started to blow me.

Goddamn, did Craig know his way around a cock! We hadn’t discussed him sucking me off at all, but I was not even close to protesting. His suction, his swirling tongue motions, his rhythmically bobbing head, even the scratchy feeling of his beard against my shaft: it was all phenomenal, easily the best head I’d ever received. “Can I come in your mouth?” I managed to get out between pleasure-labored breaths. He nodded with my cock still in his mouth; a moment later I shot my load and shot it hard. It must have gone straight to the back of his throat: he seemed to swallow immediately after every one of my orgasmic spasms. I was spent, finally, after one of the most intense and protracted climaxes of my life. “Shit, Craig, that was fantastic!” I complimented him once I was out of his mouth.

He smiled. “Glad you liked it. Sorry if I took a bit of a liberty…it really didn’t seem like you’d mind…”

I shook my head emphatically to dismiss any feeling of his having crossed a line. “It was perfect, you were great, I totally wanted it.” The words rushed out, my excitement not having departed when my erection did. I’d gotten the best blowjob of my life. From a man. From a pregnant man! At the moment this all felt like some weird, extremely hot dream. travesti istanbul Craig stood up in front of me, his crotch right at face level for me as I remained on the bed. He was hard again, his cock shooting straight out with his hanging belly resting atop it. “May I return the favor?” I asked hopefully (but pretty much knowing the answer).

“Blow away, Peter. Have fun with it!” Boy, did I intend to! As soon as I started opening my mouth to take him in, I realized I was not going to be able to fit anywhere near the whole thing. The girth alone had me stretching my jaw to an uncomfortable degree, soreness occurring after just a minute or so. Length-wise, I was only able to fit about a third of his rather long cock in before I started to feel like I might gag.

I tried to ignore the soreness and gag reflex, though, because I instantly loved having a dick in my mouth. Feeling him harden further inside my mouth was even cooler and hotter than the equivalent hand sensation. I went at it slowly at first, then got caught up in the sexiness of the activity and started going faster and faster. It turned out it was more like half of him I was able to take in before I started to gag, I found out.

Loving performing fellatio, I didn’t even think to ask Craig about where he’d shoot, or to consider where I wanted him to shoot. Instead, I just kept going with overflowing enthusiasm for six or seven minutes; ultimately, I only really thought about the imminent cum once I felt him starting to spasm towards climax in my mouth. He shot straight onto the roof of my mouth, rope after rope requiring me to swallow five or six times to get the great volume down. I was happy I took the load orally and swallowed: it was fun to bring him to completion with fellatio, and swallowing felt like a slightly perverse thrill. (Cum tasted inoffensive to me, but the texture did weird me out slightly. Just a side note from a first-timer!)

“Lay next to me,” Craig suggested; I did just that. He started playing with my dick, which would probably be ready for another round any minute. Meanwhile, I played with his hairy belly and breasts; I was aroused in no time, of course. Craig’s handjob technique was excellent, too, with a finger dedicated to gently massaging the underside of the head of my cock, that ever-so-sensitive and -arousing little piece of the male anatomy. He stroked faster and faster with perfectly-timed acceleration, bringing me from just starting to be sensitive to his gentle strokes to being jerked hard by his strong hand. Maybe 90 seconds in I was already holding back my climax. Somehow, though, I managed to last five or six minutes.

Another great orgasm resulted. I watched my load drip down Craig’s hairy knuckles; it was hot as hell. The intermingling of cum and hair gave me a flash of an idea: “Can you rub that onto your belly?” I asked. He smiled, nodded, and wiped the semen-coated back of his hand off on his hirsute midsection. He rubbed it in all over both his belly and his breasts, making a terrible and terribly sexy mess of his hair. On the tiny patches of skin I could make out through the dense forest of his body hair, the rubbed-in cum produced a sticky white shininess. It was awesome.

Post-coitally, we remained laying side-by-side naked and idly playing with each other. I jiggled his massive bump, fascinated by the fat jostling around while the firm core remained steadfastly in place. The pregnant belly was an amazing thing to behold and explore, I was finding to my great satisfaction. I played with his tits, too, making them leak milk when I squeezed near the nipples. “Get in there, shoot it out!” Craig encouraged me. I squeezed harder and with more purpose, shooting his milk halfway up to the ceiling, sticky mist raining back down on both of us. I loved every messy second, right up until Craig jumped in the shower and took off before he was late to his fast-approaching work shift.

And that was my first sexual experience with a man; and a pregnant man at that! It was great from start to finish, hotter than I’d dared hope. I could not wait for the next one; and there would 100% be a next one…

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