Eylül 25, 2021

The New Manager


The New ManagerEventually Donna got a permanent job at the store, she had been working there in a temporary part time position but now she’d landed a permanent part time position. After she’d been there a good couple of months she was doing an extra two hours when her line manager, Sally, asked if she’d sort out the clothes for the sale in the store room at the back of the store.She was walking round to the area when Steve caught up with her, “Oh you’re back with us” he said, “Yes and I’m permanent” she replied, “Shame as I’ve got a promotion I leave the day after tomorrow but be careful the new guy does things literally by the book” she thanked him and made her way to where she was going. Ten minutes later the door opened and there stood Steve.As he came towards her smiling he said “One for the road” and she replied “Only one more time”, as they got in a clinch they were soon kissing and he was fondling my wife’s tits, as her hand was behind his head, after a few minutes he moved down and was kissing her neck just like he’d done before, unbuttoning her blouse and then unclipping her bra his lips were soon on her nipples.As she stroked his erect cock through his pants she was moaning. Then the door opened and there stood Sam, the new guy, 6’2” slim build dressed neatly in a well-made suit carrying buldan escort a clip board, oh and he was a black man. “What the hell is going on” he demanded, Steve started to stutter when Donna said “Come here” as he walked towards her she said “We can sort this”.As he stood in front of her he said “How” and she reached forward and ran her hand up his crotch, “I’m happily married” was his reaction as Donna rubbed his semi, as Steve carried on licking her nips, “Shush once won’t matter will it?” she replied, he looked a little embarrassed but he had been married for ten years and had always been faithful except for one time.Donna unbuttoned Sam’s suit trousers and as they fell down it was plainly obvious he had a large tool as it was nicely shaped in his boxers. Donna ran her finger up and down the shaft as he moaned, as she turned to face him he rubbed her nipples as she stroked him, but they didn’t kiss but they did keep eye contact as she smiled at him he smiled back at her.Steve lifted up her skirt and was running his finger up and down the outside of her pussy, as she moaned Sam moved his hand forward and soon Steve was rubbing her clitoris as Sam fingered her wet gash, as she hung on round Sam’s neck her climax ripped through her, two men giving her cunt çal escort simultaneous treatment.As she recovered sweat was evident on her forehead as she bent down in front of Sam, slipping down his boxers his 7 ½” cock sprang up as Donna slipped half of it into her mouth, holding it and slowly wanking him her tongue ran up and down his shaft and onto his helmet and then back into his balls and repeated, he was moaning, “My wife doesn’t do oral” he announced.Steve had lifted up Donna’s skirt and after giving her crack another feel he slipped down her knickers so they were just above her knees, opened her chubby thighs and with his cock in his hand edged himself into her warm sopping wet cunt, as he fucked her she was groaning as was Sam. After a few minutes Donna said “Sam lay on the floor” as he laid down she said “Pull out Steve”.As Steve took his cock out of my wife’s pussy she stood up and took her knickers off, hitching up her skirt she straddled Sam’s monster cock, as she crouched over him she grabbed him and fed him into her waiting hole, sitting down on him she let out a loud UUUUGGGGGHHHH as she bounced up and down on his pole, “Steve fuck me up the ass”.She’d asked Steve to do this before and he couldn’t but now as she had her cunt totally filled he çardak escort hadn’t much choice, he came round behind her and rubbed his finger up and down her anus until she moaned all the more, slipping his finger inside her she said “Fuck me” as he attempted to get his cock in her ass it was too much and he said “I can’t”.As it happened it didn’t really matter as Sam announced that he was coming, Donna got off and knelt at the side taking his cock in her right hand she licked all her fanny juice off him, Donna likes fanny juice also, as she was doing this Steve was behind her and sure enough he pushed his cock deep inside her cunt, she moaned again.When Sam’s cock was dry she started to slowly wank him off, he was thrusting towards her mouth as she built up a little speed as she dipped his helmet in her mouth and then he went still, sighed, and filled Donna’s mouth with his salty seed, as usual for her she swallowed as much as she could as it poured down her throat.Watching the event from behind Steve groaned as he came as he shot his cum seed deep in her pussy, it sent her over the top as she moaned out another climax, they had all nearly come together. As all three of them got dressed Sam said “That didn’t happen and we won’t mention it again Ok” as Donna nodded “It won’t happen again”.Donna went to the toilet as Steve’s seed was running out of her hole and filling up her gusset, as she came out of the cubicle Sally was washing her hands “What was Sam like then” “Too fucking big and no experience, in fact he was useless”, Sally kissed Donna and said “Never mind” as she left smiling.

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