The Purple Panties Eater

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When Shannon’s mother volunteered to tutor me in English I was trepidations, I mean this woman practically chases me away from her house with a broom if Shannon and I get too close and now she is having me over to help me with school. Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the help as my English marks are failing and a free tutor is better than no tutor, it is just the sudden change of heart makes me nervous as to what she is up to.

I ring the bell to her door and only have to wait a short while until the door swings open. Standing in front of me was the woman that every young man in the neighbourhood held secret fantasies of. Her dark hair straightened and long enough to drape over her shoulder, her figure concealed in her loose fitting clothing, but the obvious fact was that she was lithe and athletic.

She leads me inside, walking in front of me and giving me a clear view of her rear swaying with each step in a provocative manner, I had to shake my head to remind myself who I was watching. She leads me to the living room where there is a table laid out and a couple of chairs with a white board set up, obviously all this was for me and I was certain to make her aware that I appreciated all the effort, which of course she downplayed as nothing and accepted the praise.

She talked to me for a while about how things would work, apparently Shannon was going to be at a relatives for the weekend so it would be the two of them for the afternoon, and as for studying, we were going to discover the problems and find a different way of looking at them.

She starts by leaning over the table from the other side to take a look at where I am having difficulties, as she does, I see her shirt open slightly and expose some of her breasts to me, the milky white flesh becomes irresistible and causes me to stare down her blouse while she talks until she finally catches me.

“Are you staring down my shirt?” she asks tartly as she stands up abruptly, her hands finding her hips in that disappointed pose that every young man dreads to see in a woman.

I stutter in response, unable to form words to defend myself, suddenly terrified of the consequences and she speaks again, her voice louder this time, “You were too you little pervert.”

Finally managing to form words I respond in the most apologetic tone I can muster, ” No, no, I would never, I mean not intentionally, I mean-.”

This sparks an even more abrupt reaction as she interrupts me “And why not?” she asks, “Am I not attractive enough for you to ‘check out’?”

Stuttering again and my face flushed red as cherries I stammer around back and forth trying to defend myself only finding that it digs a hole deeper. Eventually she finds some degree of mercy, and stops turning everything I say against me.

Now looking at me with a look of a predator that has been cunning enough to outwit his prey and was now savouring it for the kill she changes the conversation, “OK then you little pervert, since we have established that the only thing you can focus on is attractive women, we are going to play a game, if you answer a question correctly, ankara escort I will get a little more edgy for you, if you get it wrong, less so.” then with a wink she looks at me expectantly.

I nod with hesitance and a hint of eagerness, thinking to myself that all learning should be more like this, forgetting entirely that I am dating her daughter and my better sensitivities all together.

The questions start off relatively easy and each one correctly answered earns me a button undone from her top, each one progressively more risque in how she opens it until her bottom button is all that remains, leaving her bra slightly uncovered and a hint of her breasts showing.

Her questions now become more difficult and a few buttons are done up until I can finally earn them back with a bit of focus and restraint. Getting back to the bottom button I nail the question to get the last button with such confidence she grins at me like she has won something insubstantial but important. Another question and she removes her blouse completely, taking a moment for me to enjoy the sights, propping her breasts up using her shoulders to enhance them.

Her upper figure now visible it becomes obvious that her clothes do her no justice, her toned figure borders on muscular, and her abs flat and inviting at the same time. Her breasts seem massive in comparison to what I expected, appearing to strain against her purple bra eager to be released, heaving up and down with each breath.

“You seem to like what you see, maybe next time you wont judge a book by its cover.” she says with a wink and makes like she is going to continue with the lesson, “OK, bonus question, get it right we will go to the bonus round, get it wrong and we will continue as we are, so for all the marbles, can you tell me what colour are my panties?”

I nearly choke on my breath as she asks the questions and have to concentrate hard to be able to reason out what colour they are. A myriad of colours come to mind, red, black, even white, but eventually I decide that the most likely case is that they match her bra, “Purple?” I ask questioningly.

She looks shocked, then amazed as to how I was able to figure it out. The look on her face looking like some air head who just learned some simple fact that amazed her, the her eyes betray her and it becomes obvious she is faking it as I clue in to what is going on. With that she walks around the table to stand near me and turns my chair to face her. She leans in close and makes a motion with her finger for me to come with her and turns to walk away, watching over her shoulder to make sure I am following her as told.

She leads me down the hallway, her shapely behind the focus of my attention again, especially as she unzips her pants at the side and drops them to the floor, stepping out of them with a glance back and a wink with a mischievous smile. She leads me down to a room at the end of the hall as I resist the urge to do something that would get me in trouble, which turns out to be a large bedroom.

She directs me to a bed in a corner of the room and orders me to lie down. “It ankara escort bayan is time for you oral exam mister, how well you do here determines what happens next, understood?” she queries with a look of distinct seriousness and a sharp tone.

I nod as I lay myself back on the bed and watch as she removes her bra freeing her breasts to the dim light of the room, the light highlighting them in a delightful manner. In my mind I had never seen anything so beautiful and sexy in my life as those, and I become so caught up in them that I don’t notice that as I stared she had dropped her panties to the floor without a care. She walks over to the foot of the bed and crawls towards me looking like some wild cat stalking its prey.

Her impressive breasts caress along my body, making me wish I did not have them on as she places her hands on my shoulders and lifts herself up vertically until her crotch is directly in front of me. My first glance nearly becomes too much for me as my manhood strains against my pants, eager to be freed and join in. The beautifully shaved mound glistened in the dim light inches from my face, her labia split just enough to show her pink tender flesh that seemed to beg to be eaten.

I understood immediately what she wanted and slide myself downwards so she can sit herself perfectly over my face and I can lick her tender flesh with ease. I had heard about this before, even been exceptionally curious to the point of desperate to try. Now right on my face was my first real chance and I was determined to do this perfectly. Applying everything I had read and imagined about it, I set to work.

After a little direction from her I had my tongue twisting and flicking all the right spots for her, occasionally sliding it in and out of her hole to simulate what was becoming obvious as was next. She takes up my hands in hers and caresses her breasts with mine, pressing them in hard and caressing them together in a random sequence. She tells me constantly how much she loves what I am doing and moans about how much she loves what is being done, I just grin and press on in my efforts.

Her climax builds inside of her until it is obvious to even me that she is going to climax, her muscles tightening in pattern as she fights to hold out as long as she can until it all becomes too much and she lets it go with an intense moan that reminded me again that I was in the grips of a predator, a prey to her delights, a victim to her pleasures. Her legs tighten against my head as if to reinforce the point and drive it home that I was hers to do with as she pleases yet still providing me with the special treat of her juices spreading all over my face as she grinds herself onto my face.

As she comes down from her climax she tells me to keep going, saying that I have to do it again to make sure it was not a fluke, and I follow orders like a good little victim. I repeat my earlier attentions to her now dripping wet flesh, this time not needing nearly as much time to push her over the edge. Her scream from this climax pierces the otherwise still and quiet air of this cool afternoon. As the escort ankara sounds dissipate to nothing she falls forward in a heap and musters just enough energy to shift off of my face.

After a short rest she speaks again in a voice with a hint of shakiness “OK so your oral exam is a pass, shall we see how well you can do with the practical side?” sliding herself downwards resting just as her crotch touches the top of my pants, “We will have to take these clothes of yours off for this.”

Lifting herself up by her knees she unbuttons my jeans then waits for me to remove them, I make sure to brush my face against her breasts as I do, followed by my shirt exposing myself completely to her. Now stripped of everything and left naked and exposed to a predator so capable of dominating me I never really had a chance I find myself so turned on that my erection ached and seemed willing to burst out of its skin. Seeming to sense this she lowers her upper body to allow our flesh to merge with each other, her milky white breasts contrasting sharply against my skin, my breathing deep and heavy as I nervously await what is to come next.

She reaches in behind herself and grips my manhood for the first time, winking at me as she gets a measure of my size and leans in to kiss me. Again she out performs me as it is clear she is the better. I try to kiss back but just stumble over my own tongue. Easing herself upright again eases her hips up and over top of it as she stands it up. With a pace that would make a turtle seem like a rabbit and lowers herself to contact it. The warm wetness against my strained flesh overwhelms my senses and my eyes roll back in my head as my body tenses. I fought with every ounce of will I had left to keep myself from climaxing right there. Sensing just that, she takes her time maneuvering herself until she gets me where she wants me to be. With a glance to make sure I am ready she lowers her self onto my shaft, greedily impaling herself with a grin that can only mean victory.

The sensation of her heated wetness encompassing my manhood tips me nearly to the edge again forcing me to concentrate harder then I had ever done before to hold back. Sensing my readiness once the impulse passes she begins to gyrate in short motions easing me in and out in short motions and scraping my head around her insides stimulating her to start moaning.

Ever the predator, she taunts my climax onwards with whispers of how much she loves my cock inside, and how badly she wants my cum inside of her. Holding out on picking up the pace until she knows my limits are reached. Her pace picks up quickly now seemingly desperate to drive my shaft in and out of her as fast as possible. Her eyes close and she sways her head around letting herself get taken over by the experience while I fight not to cum too soon.

Within a minute of the intense speed of her riding me I lose my control and release my load inside her thrusting in what could only have been described as death roues thrusting desperately against her weight until I finally collapse silent and still.

With my eyes closed I can only feel as she lifts herself off of me and slips into the bed beside me, resting her head up in her hand off the bed.

We discussed the experience for more than an hour and she made me promise to keep this a secret, not like anyone would believe it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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