The Six Month Challenge

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I met Sophie when we were both 20 through some mutual friends and pretty much knew straight away that we had a connection – and her smoking hot body didn’t put me off. We started going out about 3 days later and spent a lot of time together – but I realised equally quickly that I had a problem. Sophie had been brought up as a strict believer and didn’t entertain the idea of pre-marital sex. The more time I spent around her, the more I wanted to take our relationship to the next level. Everytime we went out she’d dress to impress, tight tops clinging to her large breasts, figure hugging low cut jeans that gave the occasional glimpse of her thong’s whale-tail making me swell every time. I knew she wanted more but her beliefs were getting in the way – and although I was suffering from a serious case of sexual frustration the prospect of undressing and caressing and breaking in an untouched virgin was just irresistible. I gave myself 6 months to take her cherry….

I started gently – we’d go out and catch a film or watch a video and during/afterwards we’d make out. We both lived with housemates but generally we had plenty of alone time. A month of kissing and cuddling and spending time together, feeling her firm breasts against my chest, trying to imagine what they would feel like in my hands. Occasionally seeing her bullet hard nipples through her blouse and wondering what they would taste like between my lips – I was finding it hard to focus on anything but her cherry. Slowly I moved up a gear allowing my hands to rest on her shapely ass as we kissed – expecting all the time to get a rejection. In the middle of the second month we were snogging after a movie – about to go back to our respective houses when I slid my hands down to her ass, planning on gently squeezing when my thumb caught in her waistband. As my thumb slipped inside her jeans I felt the string of her thong. Having been starved of any action the effect was electric – my cock stiffened so quick that I couldn’t prevent Sophie from noticing.

The next time we went out and got to the same stage – lots of french kissing I moved my hands down her back, slowly ever so slowly I slipped my fingertips inside her jeans, again feeling the string of her thong, then moving past to caress her soft smooth ass cheek. She broke off the kiss so I swiftly retreated fearing I’d gone too far. Sophie didn’t say much – but moved back for a kiss and cautiously moved my hands down her back. I paused at her waistband and was pleased when she used her hand to guide my hand back inside her ankara escort jeans. I felt we were making progress and my cock itched with anticipation.

By three months I had free range of her ass, groping and squeezing as we made out. I made my next move, moving my hands round her sides and upwards, just brushing against the underside of her full tits. She didn’t resist as every night I moved a little further up, brushing my hands right over her chest until daring to pause with my hand over her left breast feeling her chest rise and fall as she breathed. Sophie didn’t object to making out whilst one hand squeezed an arse cheek and one hand squeezed her 32E boob through her blouse.

It was a stroke of luck that my housemate had some friends round – although initially i thought I was going to miss out – as Sophie suggested we went to my room. We sat together on the floor watching tv (the bed was a step too far) after a while I suggested she sat in front and leaned back against me, my hands naturally going over her shoulders and resting comfortably on both her breasts. I was gently massaging and squeezing, tracing my fingers round the contours of her bra when silently she took my hand and slipped it inside her blouse. A little while later she again took my hand a guided it down the top of her bra – her boobs were big and heavy and her bra well fitted so it was a little difficult to fit my hand inside as well – but I managed! Slipping inside i felt for her nipple which responded to my fingertips. Within moments it was rock hard and I concentrated on gently circling and tweaking, feeling Sophie’s breathing quicken and respond to my actions.

I was 1 month away from my deadline and thankfully things were progressing faster – after our dates now we always went back to private bedrooms and made out on the bed, lying next to each other then on top of each other – gently dry humping each other progressing to grinding intensely. We never talked about the increasingly sexual nature of our relationship but at about 5 1/2 months we were lying on my bed facing each other, kissing with my hands now under her Tee squeezing her mounds when she guided my hands round to her back. I didn’t catch on to what she wanted, so she reached round and un-fastened her bra clasp. I was happily stunned but wasted no time in pushing her bra upwards and taking her glorious melons in my hands – for the first time properly feeling them, feeling her nipples harden and stand proud of the soft flesh. Not waiting for any encouragement I pushed her T-shirt up above ankara escort bayan her tits and for the first time saw the pale skin of her boobs with the girly pink nipples standing hard in the cooler air. I could not stop myself telling Sophie the truth – that she had the most magnificent pair of breasts I’d ever seen. She blushed as I slipped down the bed so my face was level with her rack – immediately taking first her right then left nipple into my mouth and sucking and nibbling. I could not believe that her already erect nipples could get harder but they did – standing ever more proud from the soft flesh of her tit. I stayed latched on for what felt like hours, savouring the sensation of being the first man to ever see, touch and feel Sophie’s magnificently firm, natural tits.

A week later when we went to my room I sat on the bed and Sophie sat in front of me like before wearing a tight breast enhancing t-shirt and a knee length skirt, I waited a polite length of time before slipping my hand under her top and lifting her top over her head then undoing her bra and cupping her tits. We stayed like this for a while, all the time I worked her boobs to keep her nipples hard. We moved, Sophie lying back with me taking position on top gently dry humping, I kissed her starting on the lips, then moving down her neck, shoulders and onto her boobs and nipples, I played until her nipples were maxed out and her breathing deepened before slowly kissing down her stomach and down her clothed body till I got to her bare knees. Then I started kissing up her legs, inching her skirt up as I went, all the time regularly moving a hand to her tit and nipple, keeping them hard. I very slowly kissed up her leg, moving towards her inner thigh heading towards her pussy. I pushed her skirt up the final inch revealing her black thong covering her bushy sex. Without hesitating or giving Sophie a chance to object I kissed her pussy through the damp fabric of the underwear, breathing in the musky scent and hoping for more. After a couple of minutes I could taste her pussy juice soaking into the fabric so I backed off, and reached forward to slip her thong off.

Sophie responded by lifting her ass off the bed and after slipping her underwear off I paused only briefly to admire the darker skin of her pussy before I dived straight back in, unable to concentrate on anything except her pretty pussy. I licked along the length of her cunt and got an immediate response of a low groan and a trickle of juice from between her pussy lips. The taste of escort ankara virgin pussy was irresistible as I licked between her lips up to her clit and back. She responded, her breathing quickening and pushing her mound into my facemore as I concentrated on her clit. I used my tongue to explore her pussy, drinking her sweet juice which was flowing down over her anus and wetting the sheets. Flicking her bud with my tongue, whilst playing with her nipples took Sophie over the edge and into her first ever orgasm. As she came she bucked her hips uncontrollably and pushed the back of my head into her sopping cunt.

Whist her body recovered from her orgasm and without asking I stripped off, revealing for the first time to Sophie my rock hard penis – already oozing pre-cum. I returned to the bed and lifting her knees I spread her legs, opening her virgin pussy lips just a little. Kneeling between her thighs I looked Sophie in the eye and she nodded very slightly before looking down at my throbbing penis and slipping her hand around ny shaft and wanking me inexpertly a couple of times.

I re-positioned so I could rub the head of my cock up and down between her slippery pussy lips, lubricating the swollen tip of my penis in Sophie’s cum. I moved my cock into position, paused a second then slowly pushed into her pussy. Gradually the length of my cock entered her tight tunnel until I reached her un-broken hymen. I felt Sophie tighten which nearly pushed me over the edge, so I gently made small thrusts in and out watching as Sophie’s face relaxed. Then with one sudden powerful thrust I penetrated Sophie’s wet cunny, sinking balls deep and breaking her hymen and finally taking Sophie’s cherry. Her face flashed with pain but just as quickly retuned to gasping pleasure as I built up a steady rythmn. The sensation of being the first to fuck the virgin pussy, knowing how long I’d waited but relieved that Sophie’s cherry would always be mine was the biggest turn on and I knew I wouldn’t last long.

I quickened my pace hearing my balls slap against her arse and feeling her pussy tighten around my cock as she approached another orgasm. Sophie came, again her gentle moaning reaching a peak as the waves of her orgasm pulsed through her body pushing me beyond bursting point. I unloaded a long hot stream of cum inside her which just kept flowing as Sophie experienced being inseminated for the very first time. Having blown my load I pulled out and sat on the end of the bed, Sophie stood up suddenly looking unsure about what had just happened. As I tried to think of something to say I noticed the mixture of my cum and her pussy juice start dripping from her sticky pussy tinged pink with blood. The sight of this made my cock grow again and I decided actions spoke better than words…….

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