Kasım 22, 2021

Three friends, looking for cum lauder


Three friends, looking for cum lauderThree girls come to the apartment at the approved hour, find the opened door and a seated man faces. – Come in, do you know what will you do, why are you here? – Yes,Sir – the three answered at the same time. All in a whore’s perfect uniform: strapless short dress without with front zipper, on heels and without underwear. – give a step to the front, introduce yourself and say why you are here.- I am Liuba, consider myself to be a sexual slave and want to improve my learning. – decided and with challenging gesture, she looked at his friends to encourage them to do same.- I am Marine, Liuba’s friends since c***dhood and I come to take revenge for my ex-husband, who could not make me have a good time, I want him to know what he gets lost.- I am Natacha, Liuba’s co-worker, she proposed me to be one whore for one day and … this experience seems to be interesting to me. Well, dear whores, today you´re going to ascending to submissive, I am Joseph and these are my friends: Albert and Marco. Two men appeared with his respective videocamara and stay around the room.Action! Jajaja. Take off the dress! Face to the wall, hands in the nape and opened legs!They looked doubting a few seconds, Liuba was the first one in lowering the zipper, without opening the dress, waiting for his friends who did it slower. The three, to a time, stopped to fall his dresses to the floor remaining totally nake in front of those strangers. They pendik escort turned back again and stayed in the indicated position, toghether, touching the elbows like supporting each other on that madness.Joseph was walked behind them, valuing that everything was correct. Depilation, position…Something´s wrong, quiet!! The one that moves, takes double sessionHe started distributing spank here and there, like in a concert of buttocks. randomly and changing the intensity playing with his shouts and gestures of surprise with pain.When it seemed to him that six buttocks had the pink suitable color, he stopped.-Now yes, perfectLiuba was showing the ass upturned, wagging asking for more. Marina whines thinking that maybe this was not what she wishing more. And Natacha had rested against the wall silently, looking at Liuba as if she had cheated her.The three seemed to be fragile but look the pussy brilliant of excitation.-Lesson one: pain, delivery and pleasure. Look at me, Liuba, all fours on the floor..He placed her a leash and walked her in circles around the room.-A submissive petgirl makes the Sir happier, and it is your maximum end. He placed to Liuba a mask and placed to Natacha two tweezers joined with a chain in her nipples.You (he did not name her in order to get Liuba confused), on your knees to lick Liuba’s ass, I want it ready for my cock. Natacha opened the eyes very wide (first they leave her red ass her and kartal escort now she has to lick the companion one?. A pull of the chain removed his doubts and in a moment already it was lick the ass and pussy of the one who this morning was proposing a fast fucking in the chat of the coffee.-And you, come to suck my cock, leave it hard and shining.Marina approached Joseph to crawl, since it saw to do his friend and with the hands to the back she started licking the cock of the Sir of submissive. While it was becoming stiff, was penetrating into his throat forcing the arcades. With his husband it was not coming to so much and was starting her pleasing. The swaying of his tits was called him the attention and devoted itself to give them slaps and to pull the nipples, which were hardened to the moment on the already pink udders of so much shaking. While, Liuba was moaning with Natacha’s good work in his crotch, which already was amusing itself sinking his face between the dampness of the slave for conviction.-Good work, submissive. You (Natacha) of foot you masturbate without moving along. (Marine) you it scrubs the teats for Liuba’s face, that enjoyment of this preciousness while I open her ass.A little of spit and a finger entered without difficulty; two with a bit of push; another spit and the top of Joseph’s cock already was opening way itself. Natacha was putting a finger and other one, throwing itself of the chain-stitch maltepe escort of the tits, undoubtedly excited by the scene that happened under her. But it could not move along! Push after push, entered everything, with Liuba’s drowned shouts between the tits of his friend.- Perfect, today you all will go out of here with a new and shining ass.Natacha stopped masturbating and Marina fell down of ass. They were for putting on and it was not entering his plans but …-Get up – he said to Marina – put here of foot and I itself prepare it for you. Marina offered him his crotch supporting the hands on the back of his friend. Joseph was pumping with rithme while he was making the blond young woman sexy.- Are yoy ready?, ask for it me!- Open my ass Sir, release what my husband did not want to prove.To four legs together with Liuba and Joseph already it was pushing on his backLiuba, lick me behind. You can take the mask from you. Natacha, here ahead, I am going to prepare you yours.The eggs and Joseph’s ass worked well while was getting it thoroughly to Marina, who was asking more and more between groans, but it did not allow that she cum, still not.He changed to release Natacha’s garage, which was wagging asking for shift. Liuba and Marina were looking and were touching each other on the verge of cum.-Jajaja, final examination! The three of knees to absorbing the cock, when sees the one who takes the distinction to himself. The three were devoting themselves and fought to lick eggs, cock and what they were plundering. Joseph’s milk gushed out, splashing the face of the new three apprentices of submissive, that were licked between them looking at Joseph to look for the longed title.-The first approved lesson, you can touch up to cum us.

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