Haziran 30, 2020

True Orlando airport story!!


True Orlando airport story!!This is a true story, that i was recapping to someone recently and thought i would share. I’m not much of a writer but I’ll try to keep it readable. I have been lucky with my work to travel the world and have some fun, interesting, sexy stories that i might share. Being 6’5’’ and quite athletic I’ve had few fun adventures.This happened a while back while on an over night stay at the airport hotel in Orlando. I had just come off a long haul flight so checked in, grabbed a shower and went down to the hotel bar for a beer. I like to sit at the bar and find people to chat to and hear their stories. I get to the bar and end up sitting next to a guy (we will call Gary), we chat for a while about sport, travel and work. He had his own business and had just returned from somewhere in Asia with his wife (we will call her Sue). Just as he mentions her she appears and pulls up a stool and places it between us despite there being a spare seat the other side of Gary. Sue had that freshly showered smell with long blonde hair, amazing tan legs, tight ass and quite a small figure (maybe 5’2’’), Gary was slightly rounder and they were both early yozgat escort to mid fifties (I was early thirties). We sat for a few hours drinking and gently flirting before they invited me up to their room. I had some experience with couples but usually prearranged so i knew what was expected and letting myself in for. When we got to the elevators Sue leaned in on tip toes and i bent down to kiss her, as i did she rubbed her hand against my cock so i slid up her dress and felt her underwear was soaked (the elevators there are glass so I’m sure we put a show on for those looking up from the airport).We headed along to their room and Gary walked in and sat on the chair while by the time me and Sue hit the bed sheets we were naked. After kissing and fumbling about Sue started to suck my cock while i sucked and nibbled on her sweet tasting wet pussy. As i was eating her out i used some of her juices to lube her ass and slid a finger in to her tight hole. At that point Gary stood up with his cock in his hand and i wondered if i over stepped my mark as no limits were given. Then i mentioned that i wasn’t in to guy on guy play just in case that escort yozgat was something they wanted and Gary said neither were they but requested that i only fuck her in the ass as her pussy was for him, she seemed a little hesitant (or so she pretended).Gary then positioned himself under her and she sat on his face, i watched him licking her pussy before positioning my cock still wet with her spit and her ass covered in her own juices against her asshole. As i gently pushed past the initial tightness She let out a moan then pushed back hard taking my cock all the way, i nearly came then. We then got into some pretty rough ass fucking, i kind of forgot Gary was laying under neither her until i pulled my cock out and Sue moved her hips forward leaving Garys open mouth beneath her. Without any warning i decide to stick my cock in his mouth while grabbing him behind the neck and hit the back of his throat making him gag. As he was gagging hard on my cock he had it lubed backed up in no time so i then pulled Sue back towards me and went back to work on her perfect tight ass. Not long after she begged me to come in her ass and after i shot my yozgat escort bayan load she squatted over her husband and let him lick/suck it out. Once cleaned up we chatted and relaxed and for a bit before i headed off to my own room.The next morning as I’m finishing up breakfast i see Sue walk in and she said she had come down ahead of her husband to get a table but she now wanted to go to my room. We got to my room and as she laid down i was curious to see how her pussy felt so while standing next to the bed pulled her towards me and slid my cock in to see if she would object. I slid into her warm wet pussy, she felt amazing and there were no complaints so i went in slow and deep. She said she could feel my cock all the way up in to her stomach and she loved it. Not long later she got a face time call from her husband, I answered her phone and pointed the camera at my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. While she was moaning loud i could see him trying to turn the volume down on his phone and get a closer look at what was happening. He said something I didn’t hear but Sue replied to keep his mouth shut and once again asked me to cum in her pussy and then she told him she would keep it for him later to clean up later. I didn’t last long and shot my load she then quickly got dressed and left as I collapse and went back to sleep.After a nap I jumped on my flight home with some pretty fun memories.

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