Kasım 22, 2021

Used after Daddies Poker Night


Used after Daddies Poker NightThis happened back when I was a young lad who didn’t fully understand which way my sexual thoughts would take me.I was very sporty as a young boy, always running, football, cricket, rugby anything that allowed me to burn off energy and get a little physical and sweaty.But I never expected my energy levels to be used in the way they were last summer.My mother had left my father and run off with a salesman from the local car dealership.My dad started to drink a lot, and have his friends over for poker nights, at the start once a week, but soon two and three times a week.Jenny my neighbour would always check on me to see if I had been fed and got clean clothes for the next day at school. Now Jenny was very hot and seemed happy to look after my dad and I, but my dad just seemed to want to drink and hang out with the lads.My friend and I had such a crush on Jenny and we would often look out of my bedroom window to see her working out in her spare bedroom, or we would move pendik escort into my dad’s bedroom and watch her doing the garden, or hanging out the washing, her body was incredible, and we would wank our little cocks daily looking at her. So the events of this weekend really shocked and confused me.I came home around 8ish after playing football with friends. My body was all sweaty and sticky but I knew a cold shower would sort me out. It was a Friday night so I knew my dad would have his friends over for poker night and they would all be drunk and talking shit as soon as I walked in.I tried to rush past them and get to bed before they could give me too much shit, but some of them grabbed my arms and held me there to chat shit to me about how lucky I was to be home with my dad in our bachelor pad. I felt a strange feeling like they were looking at me in a sexual way as they held me and cuddled and touched my body making out they were just messing around. kartal escort I felt strange being in my little football shorts around all these men touching and holding me.I managed to get past them and up the stairs and into the bathroom without any more drama. After my shower, as I tried to walk to my bedroom in just my towel I found it a different story. I had Dan my dads best friend trying to hug and kiss me, his hands groping my tight little boy ass whilst I pushed him off. Then once I had got him to leave me alone and got his drunken ass into the bathroom I bumped into Mark who was so big he just lifted me and pressed me against a wall saying he wanted a kiss.I begged him to leave me alone and managed to get out of his grip and run into my bedroom. I shoved my bed against the door and then flopped down onto the bed in just my towel and fell asleep.I woke up around 3 am, my bed had been pushed back from the door and the towel had been removed from maltepe escort my body. I wondered if I had rolled over in my sleep and allowed my body to become uncovered, or if someone had come in. I then felt sticky patches on my skin all over my body, knowing I had been in the shower before I went to bed made me know something had gone on.I got up to put the towel around me and went downstairs to see what was happening. My dad was asleep in his armchair as normal, the house seemed empty but the TV was still on and two of the lights. I switched off the TV then moved to the hallway to go back to bed and switch off the lights when I felt two sets of hands lifting me up.The shock made me lose my breath for a couple of seconds and before I knew it I was being carried back into the living room where my dad was sleeping.His two friends Dan and Mark had me bent over his armchair from behind, they had some form of lube and were slipping their fingers into my ass making me squirm and wiggle begging them to stop and asking my dad to wake up and kick the shit out of them.edgewalker and Stacey_Degrade is this starting to go down the right lines before the full force and depravity starts? The stories will be around 12 to 15k in words, this is only 4k words, but just needed to get the story line started

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