What is Family for

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Readers: This story is going to be incomplete, for a reason. I’ve now published one hundred stories and am proud of that landmark. Readers like you are not only my audience; but my critics and my muse as well. It has always amazed me how some seem to think the erotic writer is also a professional writer; most of us are common folk who simply want to share fantasies and desires.

I’ve had a lot of people ask about second chapters, kinks, or plot twists to my stories. A few times I’ve done extra chapters, some were even designed as chapters; but most, frankly, are single chapter events that inspire me at that moment. I probably have fifteen or more other stories in my files either unfinished or just never published; because the inspiration faded.

This time, I wanted to try something different; I wanted to write for you the reader. Let the readers manage the flow, the plot twists; all of it. The only tag this first chapter will get is “incest”, and you might even consider the “sex scene” to be a bit tame. It’s intended that way.

Yes, I read all comments readers send in, I can’t say how much I appreciate them; good and bad. Just knowing people read the stories makes the writing worth the effort.

So; what is this story about? It’s about you the reader; your thoughts, your ideas. I will watch my comments; and try the best I can to fulfill requests. It may cause different changes than even I expect, but that’s the fun; the unexpected.

So read away, comment away; and let’s see where things go. Suggestions or comments that fit within the ‘flow’ and seem to be popular I will expand in the following chapter(s).

It wasn’t that I hated farming, I loved the quiet and peace, it just wasn’t for me. Farmers are the most hardworking, solid people I know; and the biggest risk takers that ever lived. To have everything you own; your life blood, out in that field. Let’s see; there is rain, snow, cold, hot, flooding, drought, oh and don’t forget the diseases and bugs that can wipe out a crop. And not a single one of them you have an ounce of control over.

By the time I was ten I knew I wanted something else. I wanted money, I wanted stability, and I wanted freedom. None of that comes cheap, so the next eight years I busted my ass. I graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA, Valedictorian of my class; and a full ride scholarship to the University of Virginia Law School.

Seven years later, at twenty-five; I passed my bar exams and joined a firm in Atlanta. Now at thirty, I am a junior partner, and climbing. No I didn’t do it on my knees; I did it by working my tight little ass off.

It was at this point the real world took a shitter. Years of dust, hard work and sweat; were rewarded when my mother passed away from a stroke at fifty-five. The firm I was at gave me two weeks paid to go home and see my family and attend the funeral, so I packed my things and headed east, well kind of.

Home; that seems like a strange word at times; home for me had been the city the last few years. Oh I went back now and then, but honestly I never really fit in. My family farms in South Carolina; which means acres and acres of sweet potatoes…and tobacco. It’s all right to grow a crop that kills millions, but make sure you go to church on Sunday. It’s all right to marry your second cousin, but make sure you don’t have sex before you get married. And God forbid you are a female at thirty without a husband and a brood of kids behind you. That’s where I was, so needless to say I was always a bit of an outsider.

My name is Margaret Mae, at the law firm they call me Margaret, and I never told them my middle name. Going home, I was going back in time; to Maggie Mae, and I shuddered in the car as I drove.

I come from a fairly large family by the standards of today. My father Robert E. Fenton runs the family farm; you got it he was named after Robert E Lee. The rock that had always been at his side had been Mae Fenton, my mom; I wondered how he was doing. I honestly couldn’t remember a single time in my life it wasn’t always the two of them.

So you know the whole scenario; I’ll go through the four kids for you. The oldest is Marcus Fenton, my eldest brother; he just turned thirty-two. He runs the farm with dad and is basically the second head of the family. He married his high school sweetheart, a cute southern blonde by the name of Kara; and the last I heard they had three, or maybe four, kids.

The youngest of the family is my other brother Ben, the last I knew he wasn’t married yet; but I’m sure at twenty-four, mom had the list of approved names ready and waiting.

Then there is me, at thirty. I’m the second oldest, the first born girl; the apple of dad’s eye; and just as big of a disappointment. He had boys lined up and ready to wed and bed me when I headed off for college. By the time I returned I had ‘changed, and not for the better’ he claimed.

The ┼či┼čli escort fact he thinks I am going to die a virgin spinster always makes me laugh. Not because of the spinster part, but that he actually thinks because I’m not married I’m still a virgin. Hate to tell you dad, that hasn’t been around since college.

And if you did the math, yes I’m missing one; my younger sister Lilly. She’s right behind me at twenty-seven; and if I have to say; a bigger shock and disappointment to the family than I will ever be. She, like me; went on to college and got a degree in chemical engineering; and works for some big pharmaceutical company now. No, it wasn’t college that gathered such a reaction from my family; it was the day she came home toting her ‘partner’; a raven haired beauty with a stunning smile and a killer body. Yep, Lilly is about as gay as they get. The girl will munch a carpet any day of the week, but won’t let a dick near her.

To say I am an outsider is a stated fact; to say Lilly is an outsider; is putting it mildly. The fact she refuses to hide she’s gay is like shoving manure down the families throat. I tried to get her to not be so adamant about it; but she insists it’s the only way they’ll ever accept her. Poor Lilly, she hasn’t figured out they never will accept her.

So that’s the world I drove from Atlanta to South Carolina for. Loving…caring…tight knit…and as backwards as the swamp in Louisiana. I knew mom’s funeral wouldn’t be for a couple of days after I got home, so I was going to be there at least a week of my two weeks; and it was going to be a LONG week.

When I pulled into the yard at the old farmhouse and stepped out of my car; I was immediately attacked by a flurry of knee high hands and arms, and a chorus of ‘Aunt Maggie’. Well, you can skip the three or four; I counted five small heads as I was surrounded.

“Kids, give the woman a break” I heard a deep baritone voice.

Turning, I saw Marcus come out on the front porch of one of the two houses. Well, I can see why there are five kids, I thought briefly. They sure don’t grow them in Atlanta like they do on the farm. Marcus stood about six two and weight probably over two hundred pounds, and there wasn’t an ounce of fat on the man. Biceps bulged in the tight t-shirt; and those jeans sure packed in nice. Yeah, he’s my brother; but he’s also a man; and a damn good looking one at that. I bet it isn’t reading you do in your spare time, I thought of my sister-in-law Kara.

The kids untangled themselves enough for Marcus to slip in and wrap me in a big hug. I have to admit, when those powerful arms wrapped around me, it gave a tingle I shouldn’t have had.

“Good to see you sis” Marcus said as he squeezed me to his chest.

“Me too” I told him. “I’m just sorry it had to be this way.” I added.

“Its life, we are born, we live and we die” he shrugged. God they were so pragmatic.

“How is dad doing?” I asked as he released me from his bear hug.

“Ask him yourself” Marcus gestured.

I turned and watched as an older, but spitting image of Marcus walked across the yard from one of the buildings. In some ways it looked like dad hadn’t aged a bit; for a man of fifty-one he could still hold his own against his sons. But, I could tell from the way he walked he was worn and tired, the loss of mom had to be hard.

“Dad” I said as I stepped over to embrace him.

“Hey sweetie” he murmured as he hugged me back.

Yep, it was the same biceps, the same powerful hug; only this time what pressed into my gut was even more pronounced than it had been with Marcus. I resisted the urge to look down, barely.

“Anyone else here yet?” I asked.

“No, Lilly comes in tomorrow” dad shook his head. “And the rest, they stayed on the farm.”

I knew the comment was about me living in Atlanta, but I let it slide. Now wasn’t the time for an argument. I dug my suitcase out of my trunk and turned to them.

“Where to?” I asked.

“You’ll stay at dad’s house” Marcus gestured at one of the homes. “He has spare bedrooms” he shrugged.

Yeah with that brood I was surprised my brother had any room in his house at all. I followed dad inside and he showed me to my room. He mentioned Lilly would be staying with us as well, which I was glad of. It would be good to have someone close at hand to commiserate with about not fitting in.

I got settled and then we had a family dinner at Marcus house. It felt more like a banquet when you have five kids and four adults, but it was family. It was loud and raucous, but it was fun at the same time. It was the same usual questions; how was the law practice going, where did I live, and the all important did I have a boyfriend yet.

“I’m just not ready to settle down yet” I explained.

“Well that clock is ticking you know” Marcus threw out.

I glanced over at Kara. I had to admit, for a woman of over thirty, even after five kids, she held her figure damn nice. All this healthy country mecidiyek├Ây escort living and being active on the farm had some advantages.

“It may be ticking, but I didn’t set any alarms.” I laughed.

“Nature sets those” dad said. “You can’t fight Mother Nature.” He said softly.

I let the subject drop, and the conversation went to how dad was doing, how the farm was doing. We even talked about Lilly, though I quickly discovered that was one subject left unspoken.

By that time it was well after nine, and things had settled into a quiet. The kids were all in bed. Marcus was somewhere inside, and I was out in the growing dark, breathing in the evening air, and remembering. As I wandered the large yard I remembered growing up with my brothers and sisters, I remembered mom hanging clothes out on the lawn. All the memories flooded through me as my quiet steps took me to places I remembered, and everything had its own memory.

I don’t even know what time it was as I slowly headed back to the house. It had been a long drive and I was ready for a soft bed and feather pillow.

It was only out of the corner of my eye that I caught the movement, and I was glad I did. I froze in the shadow of the corner of the house, watching as Kara walked up the steps and through the door without even knocking.

What was she doing here at this time of night? I glanced over at the other house, and when I turned back, a light snapped on in one of the side rooms. Now, I have to say, curiosity may have killed the cat, but it roars to life in the dark late at night.

I quietly stepped over to the side of the building, and peeked in through the glass. The shade was pulled mostly down, but there was a gap of a couple of inches at the bottom that gave me a full view of the room.

This had to be dad’s bedroom, I realized. I recognized the large four poster bed against the far wall, and all the furnishings sang of my parents.

I watched dad walk into the room, he was unbuttoning his shirt. Now I have to tell you I’m not a virgin, like I said; and yes I like sex. I can be particular about my partners, but I would say if anything I’m pansexual more than any other label. It isn’t about the sex or looks of the other person, it’s about the mental connection. But, and a strong but, there is one thing that turns me on. As a strong career minded independent woman, there is nothing like a big powerful, well built man who can just take control. You don’t find too many of those in the city, but God help me there was one on the other side of the glass.

Like Marcus, I watched strong biceps tanned from the sun come into view, along with a powerful chest with just the right wisps of graying hair. His hands reached for the front of his jeans and I felt my pulse quicken. Then movement caught my eye and I stared as Kara walked into the room.

Why was she in his bedroom, especially if he was undressing? I stared wide eyed as Kara reached up and tugged the shoulders of her dress down. Was she….and then I turned and watched as dad’s jeans dropped to the floor. Oh my God, my eyes locked to the bulge in the front of his tight white briefs, Jesus he was fucking HUGE.

I turned back just in time to see Kara’s dress fall to the floor in a puddle at her feet. Holy shit, she was stark raving nude underneath. Her breasts had just a hint of sag, but not much. Her dark areoles and nipples stood proud and firm. Like most women here she didn’t shave, and the straw colored hair of her bush was just enough to hide her womanhood.

Dad’s lips moved, but I couldn’t hear a word; it was like watching a silent movie. Kara smiled and stepped closer to him. In shock I watched her reach out and trace her fingers over that huge bulge. Christ if the thing didn’t twitch while I watched the two of them.

Kara took his hand and the pair slowly walked over to the bed. I stood there in the dark, mesmerized as dad stretched out on the bed. Kara, kneeling, crawled on between his spread legs. Jesus, were they really going to… I looked over at the other house and wondered if Marcus knew.

When I turned back, I froze, Kara had somehow divested dad of those tight briefs, and what waved in the air took my breath away. God he had to be like nine or ten inches, and fuck was he thick. Her tiny hand couldn’t even fit around his girth as she gripped me, slowly stroking up and down.

Dad said something, and then reached down and wrapped his hands in Kara’s dirty blonde hair. Her head sank lower and lower, her lips getting closer and closer.

“Oh fuck” I moaned as Kara opened her mouth and swallowed that fat head.

I don’t care what anyone says; you can’t watch this kind of steam and not be affected. Family or not, watching a woman as beautiful as Kara, giving head to such a magnificent specimen; sent a flood of juices into my panties.

“Suck it” I whispered as one hand slid inside the front of my jeans.

My fingers slid inside the elastic of my panties istanbul escort as my other hand popped open the snap and lowered the zipper. I quickly found the swamp between my thighs as Kara’s head picked up speed. I couldn’t hear a thing through the window, but in my head I heard the slurping and sucking as I watched her cheeks cave in.

By the looks of dad’s face, she was doing a damned good job. I could see the pleasure and raw lust that coursed over his features. His hips bucked and began to pump in time to her head movement. Yeah, fuck that hot mouth, my frazzling brain thought.

I teased my throbbing clit as I watched a pro give my father the hottest blowjob I had ever seen. After five kids it was more than evident Kara knew exactly what she was doing; and judging by dad’s growing jerking, he was rapidly losing control.

Cum in her mouth, I thought; and then he jerked on her blonde curls, pulling her mouth free. Kara slid up his body and I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

They were positioned with dad flat on his back on the bed, and Kara slid up until she was straddling his waist. His feet were pointed at me; I got a totally clear view of the tight cheeks of her ass, and that thick telephone pole as she held it upright under her.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I heard Kara scream faintly through the glass as her body lowered down.

I couldn’t imagine what it felt like to have that thing shoved into you; and when the swollen head popped inside Kara; I jammed three fingers into my tight channel, trying to imitate the sensation.

“Shittttttttttt” I groaned as my walls stretched around my fingers. “Fuck me” I grunted as my fingers started pumping.

Inside, Kara was slowly rising and falling on that fat cock, and I could see the growing white froth covered his dick. There was no way this wasn’t getting to her; you don’t turn all creamy like that unless you feel damn good. I could see her juices cling to him when she rose up, and in my head I heard the wet squelch when she slammed back down again. It took about five minutes and Kara suddenly sat up straight, arching her back. She ground her pelvis down on Dad as her entire body started to quiver.

Yeah, cum on him; I thought as hot cream pulsed from between my thighs. My only regret was I couldn’t really see from this position, I wished there was another window that would let me see their faces. Then, dad took care of that problem.

As Kara slid down from her orgasm, dad reached up and gripped her waist. With a powerful surge he brought both of them over, and then him on top. They were now stretched out sideways on the bed, and when dad rose up on his arms; I got the perfect porn video view.

I jammed my fingers in hard, hearing my own wet slosh as I ground into my clit; staring through the glass as I watched the biggest cock I had ever seen slide into Kara. Lucky bitch, I suddenly thought.

I finger fucked myself deep and hard as I watched his cock slice into her. I could tell by the pure rapture and pleasure written on her face what that thing was doing to her. I wanted them to switch to doggy, see how deep he could go, but it wasn’t my show.

That became more than apparent when dad collapsed down onto her; Kara’s arms coming around him, her nails digging into his back. Her legs lifted in the air and I watched her toes begin to curl.

Cum hard baby, I dimly thought as my hand hammered my dripping pussy.

Kara’s head turned to the side and tilted back, I could see her eyes rolled back, her mouth hanging open. Her entire body heaved under dad; and I knew she was having a massive orgasm.

The mattress bounced as dad hammered her through it, his hips never even slowing. God for a man his age he was a pure sex machine. Then, his head rose from the pillow, and I heard his faint roar.

“Ghhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” drifted through the glass as he released himself into her.

“Daaadddddddddd” I couldn’t control my own moan as my orgasm swept through me.

I stood there in the dark, quivering and shaking as hot cream flooded my panties and jeans; it was one of the most mind bending orgasms of my life.

I watched as dad slowly lay on his side on the bed, I could see the creamy mess between Kara’s thighs and knew he had blown his entire load inside her, and by the looks of it, his cock wasn’t the only large thing, he had left quite a mess.

To my amazement, Kara slowly rose from the bed, and leaning down kissed dad on the forehead. He said something, and she calmly retrieved her dress, slipping it on. She turned off the bedroom light as she left the room, and a few moments later she slipped out the front door, across the lawn and into her own house.

Silently I slipped inside and up to my room. I stripped off my wet jeans and totally drenched panties. As I stretched out under my covers, questions swirled through my brain.

Did Marcus know? How long had this been going on? I needed some answers, but which direction. I could spill the beans to Marcus, and maybe fry his marriage. I could confront Kara; and make her public enemy number one. No, the safest was to go to the source…dad.

I figured in the next day or so I would get a chance to corner him and ask. What I hadn’t figured on…was the answer.

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