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Subject: Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 63 Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 63 By JJ [ ail ] For the past year with everyone quarantined Nifty has provided countless hours of enjoyment and orgasms!!! Please give what you can to keep this great site up and running!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Let’s all hope 2021 will be a great and prosperous year for us all. Chapter 63 After I went through the freezer and fridges I settled down at the island to make the shopping lists. At soon as I sat Zachary was on my lap, as I perused the flyers. It felt good to have him close to me. It seems like forever we were this close other than some time spent in bed. Of course there were the essentials dairy, produce, and fruit. I asked him what he wanted this week for meals. I actually did a lot more fattening cooking the past few weeks then what we are normally used to. Zachary wanted chicken breasts to eat whole and plus chicken salad, he had a craving for lasagna (there were 3 in the freezer that I made a few weeks ago). We decided on pork chops and lamb chops. Once that was done I was still restless and Zachary suggested we go to Costco get gas in his vehicle and pick up a chicken pot pie or two for supper and the freezer and check out there produce etc. So we got ready and left I drove his Explorer and he called the grandparents to see if they wanted anything. I know we could have stayed home and had sex but I wasn’t there yet and I’m sure Zachary felt the same way. But I’m knew if either of us had brought it we would have done it :). Costco wasn’t bad for a Saturday afternoon we got through the gas line pretty fast. The store was crowded more crowded then I liked but we got a few potpies and I looked at the produce and we got halos. The grandparents didn’t need anything. We looked around at the clothes, etc. and nothing caught our eyes except there were white crew socks on sale and we got a couple of packs that was twenty-four pair of socks that will last us a couple of months. We got home he threw the socks in the wash and I put a pot pie in the oven and the other two in the freezer. I went and sat on the couch and Zachary came in and leaned on me. The TV wasn’t on we were just sitting there no one was saying anything and Zachary got up and sat on my lap we started kissing. It felt good to hold him and to kiss him. I looked at him and he looked at me and he looked like he was going to cry. I told him get up let’s go for a walk, I told him the pot pie had about 45 minutes left. I told him I was sorry that it wasn’t him but I couldn’t explain how I was feeling. Zachary bumped up against me the way guys do and tells me you don’t have to explain he is feeling the same way. I also say I hope Stephen is doing better than us, but he shouldn’t being that he has his whole family around him. It is dark out now and Zachary grabs my arm and says so do you and reaches around and pats my ass. That makes me laugh and also makes my cock twitch. I look around and I stop and grab him and kiss him hard and fast catching him by surprise. I could tell by his eyes even in the dark I got a rise out of him. We walked a little further and turned around and headed back I didn’t want to burn the pot pie. The pie was perfect when we got in and decided to have it tomorrow night for supper. Zachary opted for peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwiches and I agreed to it. This was one of our comfort foods. Zachary had milk with his whereas I had water. We had two sandwiches each Zachary had some cookies for dessert I ate a pear. He suggested packing our work clothes for Monday getting it out of the way we were up on laundry seeing that we had to pack for Stephen. After we did that I asked him if he wanted to go shopping tomorrow with me and he answered maybe and I laughed and he swatted me. Zachary went up to shower while I straightened up the kitchen. I went up when he came down and we settled on the couch. There was nothing really on TV so we watched ‘The Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life’ He already saw half of it but he said he would watch the beginning all over. I knew he was four years old when the show ended but my wife, daughter and his grandmother loved the show and watched all the reruns in syndication. So the way I grew up with ‘I love Lucy’ he had Lucy and the Girls. They both were still on TV. Zachary would still watch an episode every now and then if he caught it while ankara escort flipping through the channels. Zachary turned to me and laughed no wonder they knew I was gay before I did. I told him I knew he watched it and didn’t think anything about it. Well this thing is in four two hour parts so we got part one in and I am kind of intrigued I do remember some of the old show from it always being on in the house. There was no way I would make it through part two. I told him I was ready for bed and I locked up and we went up. Zachary pulled me into his room and he had everything all ready for us. Then he gave me the puppy eyes and said only if you want to. I was already starting to chub up; we were undressed in seconds and naked in each other’s arms. It seemed like forever that I felt his naked body against mine. Zachary had his usual bear hug on me and I didn’t mind at all. It had been a long time since he was on the bottom. Zachary let me up long enough so I could lube him and myself with the cocoa butter. I pushed toward his pucker and he whimpered and was biting the inside of my arm. I knew I was going to be marked I could feeling him sucking on my lower neck as I picked up my pace. Zachary came fast and I slowed down I wasn’t ready to end this dance just yet. I looked at him and his eyes were rolling into the top of his head. My balls were slapping his ass and I knew him well enough that he was getting close again. I sped up and he was meeting my every thrust. We kissed and he was sucking and chewing on my bottom lip and whimpering. Zachary whimpers more than being a moaner, it actually turns me on. I reached the point where I couldn’t hold back any longer and I came so much that it was one of those times that you think you are pissing. Zachary came with me and we laid there for a few minutes and even though I was still inside him I knew we had to get up we were getting stuck together from his two loads. As soon as I softened and popped out of his ass, he pushed me off and ran to the bathroom. We both jumped in the shower after he emptied himself. We climbed into bed and spooned and I still felt kind of a void, missing Stephen. Zachary whispered and asked ‘When will this loneliness go away?’ I replied ‘Believe or not I think after we talk to him tomorrow it will.’ I don’t think ten minutes passed and we were asleep. I woke up and washed and got dressed put on coffee I went back upstairs an got on the bed and nuzzled his neck. He stirred and I asked if he was getting up that it was after six. Zachary groaned and I told him he didn’t have to and went back downstairs and had a cup and left. It was the usual routine I hit two stores and was back by eight put everything away, checked on Zachary and he was lying there awake. He asked if I was coming back to bed and I said ‘No I am heading out in about ten minutes and I should be back before ten.’ Zachary just nodded and lifted the covers and flashed me his ass and I swatted it and left laughing. I actually made good time and was back home a little after 9:30. I walked in with everything and I found Zachary in the kitchen, He had made oatmeal and English muffins with butter and honey. As I put everything away he set the island and we sat and ate. I was surprised that he made oatmeal and he thought we should stay away from the fattening breakfasts for a while, I had to agree. We were going back to fruit and yogurt for lunch. After eating everything else for almost the past month I had mixed feelings. Neither one of us hadn’t put on weight but that was only because we worked out and kept active. Zachary already eggs on the stove he was hard boiling of us for the week and he asked for lamb chops for tomorrow night. I just nodded and smiled. We cleaned up and decided to go for a walk, he was going over for Sunday dinner with the grandparents. We got a good walk in and went home where Zachary washed up fast and left for across the street. Andrea texted me and said they were calling around 3:30 and I texted Zachary to let him know. I took a nap on the couch. I slept for a short time woke up and ate a couple of pieces of fruit and a cup of coffee. Zachary came bouncing in about 3pm with some pasta and roast pork for me from Maria he was smart enough not to bring back any dessert, but he had the devilish grin that he had dessert over there. Zachary came and sat on my lap while I was finishing my coffee, he had escort ankara his laptop with him. It was near 3:30 and I had my hand up under his sweatshirt and tee and was rubbing his back hand to skin. The call came through and it was Andrea and DJ. I asked ‘Where is everyone else?’ Andrea said Eric and Stewart were at a friend’s house and Stephen was with Sr. picking up pizzas. I was surprised that he would miss the call and Andrea said she never told him or else he wouldn’t have left the house. But he will be back before we hang up. Andrea wanted to talk to me before he came in. Andrea said surprisingly everyone was on board and happy about the move. I asked DJ if that was true and he nodded and said he was never crazy about the summers in Virginia and missed the winters he remembered as a kid. Eric and Stuart said it didn’t matter that they gamed and what not more than socializing with people. Andrea was hoping that would change being in this neighborhood. Zachary asked and ‘What about Stephen?’ DJ started laughing and answered ‘He wants boxes and totes so he could start packing.’ Andrea says ‘Dad I got an April date circled on his calendar figuring if it happens sooner he will be happy.’ Andrea told me the inspection was going to be this coming Wednesday at 12:45. I told her that I had to meet a couple of painters and floor men next week also but it was after work. Zachary said how the Berrios’ came over to say goodbye to Maria and Mario on Saturday that they were leaving and this morning everything was moved out that they were taking. Zachary told us how Mario told him that there were about 20 people working there yesterday and about 10 this morning finishing up. He also that Maria was going to call her later on to tell her she knew what furniture was left. DJ stayed a few more minutes and left to do get things ready for school in the morning. Andrea asked ‘How we were doing?’ Zachary spoke first ‘I miss him bad.’ I said ‘I would be lying if I said everything was fine, yesterday was bad and today is better.’ I asked ‘How is he doing? He should be happy being home with everyone.’ Andrea said ‘He is fine to a degree, then he gets quiet and I know he maybe can’t figure out how or what he is feeling and I also know he isn’t about to hurt any of our feelings.’ Just then I heard noise in the background and he comes running in. Stephen stopped dead in his tracks when he realized we were in the middle of a call. Stephen got on his mother’s lap and with a big smile and eyes lit up he goes ‘Papa I miss you, guess what we are moving up in two months, Mom marked my calendar, we got boxes at the pizza place tomorrow I’m going to start packing the toys I want to take. We are moving to the house right behind Noni’s the woman that lived there would give me cookies sometime.’ Then he looks at Zachary and says ‘You are sitting in my spot, swamp butt. But that is okay, how else can you see.’ Zachary says ‘I miss you too.’ Stephen says ‘I do miss you; I told DJ all the things we did together.’ Then the two of them start laughing. Andrea got up to let the boys know the pizza was in the oven to eat when they were ready. Zachary asked Stephen what has he been doing since he has been home. Stephen told us he was planning on how to make money to come back to Connecticut then they told him about moving and he is thinking of a way to come up sooner. Zachary asked ‘But aren’t you happy to see your brothers and your parents?’ Stephen whispers ‘My brothers have their own things to do and they go to school and are gone all day then they have homework, gaming, and sports. My mom and dad go to work all day, it’s not like you and Papa and Noni that do things with me.’ Zachary asked ‘Are you going back to school?’ He smiled and said ‘No I lost my spot while I was visiting you and I’m not going back.’ Stephen whispers ‘Papa I miss you and love you. I even miss swamp butt.’ I looked right into his eyes and whispered back ‘I love you and miss you too.’ Then to lighten it up and said it has to be great to sleep in your own big bed again alone. Stephen answered it did but he missed having the tree to look at and the snoring and whistling. Zachary laughed and said ‘Papa doesn’t snore.’ Then the both of them laughed like mad. I just said ‘I don’t snore.’ They both laughed even harder. I told him all the bedrooms are big in the house so no matter which one he gets there is room for ankara escort bayan a big bed, a TV and a tree. He looked like he won the lottery. Andrea came back with a slice of pizza for Stephen, she told us she had just talked to Maria. The Berrios’ left the kitchen and dining room furniture the blinds on all the windows and three chests of drawers. Maria told her the blinds were only 2-3 years old and that the kitchen was big enough for an island even with the table and chairs. Andrea says she is thinking of leaving her dining room and living room with the house or will sell it. The only thing she is taking all the bedrooms and maybe the den. She then asked Zachary to take a video of the dining room, kitchen, den and living room and for me to measure them at the same time. I laughed and said what about the bedrooms, and she said not necessary they were all huge bigger than what they had here so everything would fit. At that point Sr. came by to say Hi and to say there are three showings for next week luckily all during the day when the boys will be in school except for Stephen. I asked if they are moving themselves or hiring someone. I suggested seeing they don’t have any appliances that the mattresses and bureaus would be the heaviest we could rent a couple of box trucks and do it ourselves. Sr. says that would be feasible and Andrea says ‘No way we are not that poor that we can’t afford movers plus she reminded him if we get our asking price we will be even in better shape. Sr. says anyway we are selling both vehicles and he plans on taking all his tools but leaving his yard equipment. Sr. also informed me that he put in a notice at work and his bosses told him they would help him find something in the area up here. Andrea is working second shift for the next month then leaving in March. DJ will have to watch Stephen most of the week, so his afterschool activities will come to a halt. Stephen looking at me says to his mother maybe he should come back up to Connecticut to stay with Papa so DJ doesn’t have to give up anything. DJ happened to hear that while he was getting pizza came over and rubbed his head and told his brother ‘Nice try, but I am between sports and I won’t be here to play baseball so you are stuck with me’ as he rubbed his butt on the back of his head. The parents just laughed and told Stephen before you know it we will be up there. We talked a little more then got ready to end the call, the parents left him alone to say goodbye and Zachary did the same. When we were alone Stephen says ‘Papa I do miss you a lot and I can’t wait to move up there and if they knew we were moving why couldn’t I stay with you just to come back home then leave again.’ I answered ‘Stephen think about it your whole family down there missed you, you almost spent a month with me and don’t forget only you know what things you are keeping and what you are giving away.’ Real sad like he replied ‘Papa you are right but I still miss you. I love you’ I answered ‘And I you.’ Then Andrea was calling him and we said goodbye and ended the call. I felt like shit all over again. Zachary came back and sat on my lap and rubbed my hand and forearm that wasn’t holding him. He whispered ‘Jared please don’t be sad, I don’t know how to comfort you and it hurts me to see you like this.’ I nuzzled his neck and I told him I would be fine. It was getting close to supper he wanted to make me something and I really wasn’t hungry. I said let us get our lunches together, we both settled on fruit, hardboiled eggs and yogurt and I made oatmeal so we could take it to work for breakfast after our workout. Our work clothes were already packed and he put out our gym stuff and our lunch totes. I said tomorrow we definitely have to eat the potpie and I put the lamb chops in the freezer for Wednesday night. I asked him if he would make me pb, jelly and banana sandwich that would hold me till the morning. The rest of the night kind of floated by, we watched the next part of the ‘Gilmore Girls’ and we went up to shower. Yes, we had sex in the shower it was hard and fast and after Zachary stayed upstairs and went to bed while I went down locked up and turned everything off and headed back up. Zachary was already dozing. I made sure the alarm was set and climbed into bed. Zachary backed up to me and I held him and we kissed goodnight. I looked at the clock and it was 8:30 that was the last thing I remembered. JJ Happy New Year everyone!! Feel free to write, comment or whatever. A shout out to all who wrote after the last chapter big Thanks. PLEASE DONATE TO NIFTY THIS SITE TAKES A LOT TO KEEP IT UP AND OPERATING AND FREE!!!

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