0258223 , the Purity Laws Ch. 06

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Chapter 6 – An encounter in the night

I sat in the cell with my hands tied behind my back – my balls were aching from the hangings that they had undergone. My prick was sore from its imprisonment within the barbaric Cage – although it had withered to nothing I could feel that it was bruised by the rough metal inside.

I must have slept – for it was dark when I woke and realised that I could hear someone in the cell.

“Who is it? What are you doing?” I asked.

“Shhh!” came a quiet voice. A small torch suddenly blinded me as it shone in my eyes – I had no idea who was holding it. The beam dropped to my privates.

“Who are you?” I demanded.

“Shh! Do you want to wake everyone?” The whisper was so quiet I could only tell it was a female voice.

“What are you going to do?”

“Make you comfortable. This may be your last opportunity.”

“Last opportunity for what?”

“Stop talking or I’ll go.” By now the torch had been put down, I could make out only the dark figure of a woman with long hair – it could have been any colour – it could have been anyone. It could have been Josie, or raven-hair – or anyone. I somehow had the feeling that it was raven-hair and the thought made my weary member begin to stir.

Soft hands brushed my balls and I felt the catch on the Cage being unlocked. The relief as, firstly, my balls were released, and secondly my dick was eased out of the contraption was immense. ısparta escort It was nothing to feelings that were to follow.

She gently ran her fingers around my balls and traced the line of my growing shaft from roots to tip. All the while I was helpless as my hands were still tied.

Her hands felt cool and were soothing – but, at the same time, causing a fire to burn in my loins. Slowly she ran her hand up and down my now fully erect penis – her strokes were deliberate and long. Her other hand cupped and uncapped my balls – occasionally I was reminded of the damage done by the hanging but other feelings were beginning to take over.

All of a sudden she stopped – she began to move and I though she was leaving. It soon became apparent that she was doing other things. She shuffled me away from the wall that I had been leaning against and helped me to lie on my back. I had to get my hands in a position where they weren’t digging into my back. She moved way and I felt like a submarine – lying there with only my prick standing up like some kind of periscope. What was she doing? I still couldn’t see as she’d switched off the torch.

I soon found out as I felt her hair brushing my face (I could picture her dark tresses from earlier in the day) – travelling down my body. She was straddling me moving towards the 69 position. I felt two soft and floppy breasts drag themselves down my face – it would have kars escort taken a stronger man than I not to catch a nipple as it passed, roll it round my tongue, and give it a good suck before it continued on its journey southwards.

As her breasts dragged slowly across my chest I became aware of the musty smell of her sex approaching my face, followed by the tickle of her pubic hair as it slowly moved down my nose and finally came to rest on my mouth. Again I had a mental picture of her earlier in the day with her fingers in this very place as she had stood amongst all those other women.

My tongue hungrily found her cunt and hunted out her clit. Having found my mark I spent some time sucking and licking her “third nipple” and the lips of her vagina – which was wet with her own juices.

Meanwhile her mouth had reached my cock and she was running her tongue around its tip in an infuriating way – I wanted her to take the whole thing in her mouth. She preferred to lick up and down the shaft and then take one ball at a time in her mouth and suck it like a boiled sweet. The coolness of her saliva soothed the pains I’d suffered during the day. Eventually she did take my prick into her mouth and I answered her movements with flicks of my tongue and sucking round her cunt and clit.

She clearly enjoyed the effect as she tensed and released her own orgasms over and over again.

This mutual mouth masturbation continued kastamonu escort for what seemed like hours. – until I felt that tingling sensation building in the pit of my stomach and moving to my balls.

It was a matter of moments before I started bucking like a mad horse and cumming into her ever-active mouth. I was in heaven.

And then it stopped.

She was off me, dressing and leaving the cell without a word.

I lay there, exhausted, satiated, confused and, after a sudden panic, terrified.

The raven-haired woman hadn’t replaced the Cage (there was no way it could be replaced in my present condition!). What would happen when it was discovered that I’d somehow got out? My cock began to shrink at the thought and the damp patches on my face and groin from each other’s juices simply felt cold.

I spent the rest of the night in despair.

When morning came it was Josie who came into the cell – her blonde hair was tied in a pony tail and had with her a cup of water.

“Breakfast,” she said. “Sit up and drink this.”

She pulled me up to a sitting position and put the cup to my lips. I could barely drink (though I was thirst – the only liquid intake I’d had was the girl’s cum from last night). I was waiting for her to notice.

It was a matter of seconds before she glanced down.

“Fuck!” she said. “Did I forget to put that back?” She moved quickly to the door, pushed it to, returned to me and, in a few deft movements replaced the Cage before returning to open the door.

When she returned with the drink, “That was close.”

Call me dim, but it was only gradually that I realised that last night’s visitor had not been the raven-haired woman.

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