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my girl friend had dark brown hair light blue eyes and was realy skinney. i was skinney dirty blond and have dark blue eyes. we were a good match. We had been set up by friends and relay hit it off.

one week end my and her parents both had to go out of town. so we told each other where we were going and we both were going to the same beach, and were staying at the same hotal i was on the 5th floor she on the 6th. when our parents would leave. we went to each others rooms and made out.

well one day i went over and she was naked watching porn on the tv. she told me to sit down by her so i did. she started to p;ay with her self and i got hard watching her. she saw the big tent bening put up in my pants and started to play with it. when she did it just got harder and started throbing.

i could not control it any more and started to moan so loud. well that just made her want to do it even more. befor i could look up and see what she was doing she had put her hand in my pants and started rubing hard.i got realy close to cumming and she stoped pulled out my dick and went back to it. i final came and she opened her legs and pulled my hand down to her pussie. It felt so good warm and wet.

sence i was only 13 i did not know what to do so she slid Büyükesat Escort one of my fingurs into her pussie. she told me to just go in and out so i did and she came with in two min. at that point i was tried and wanted to take a nap. we did in her bed we were woken up by her parents. they said it was time for me to go home because it was like 10 so i did. when i saw her parents leave in the moring i went back to her room. she told me her mom knew what we had done on the account we did not clean up the cum on the couch. oops.

her mom told her that when we do it just clean up the mess and that night her mom gave her a condom. we watched a nother porno but this time when she got my dick out she started to give me a blow job. i was on cloud 9 i was in heaven. i said between gaspes of air babby i am going to cum. she just keep on going picking up more speed. i shot at least 6 strings of cum in her mouth.she swallowed most but left a little and kissed me and pushed it into my mouth.

the went right back to sucking but i had just came so i had to make her stop. i had watched a movie the night before and the man had eaten the girl out so i did the same. she could not take it she came 3 times before i stopped. by then i was hard again and Beşevler Escort she started sucking me hard. about a min in her mom and dad walk in the door. there was no way to hide what we were doing.

so just stoped and waited her mom told her dad to go lay down on their bed and she would handle this. when he left the room she said to use finsh and then i will talk to you. so we did and i came about 3 or 4 cum streams into her mouth. her mom watched and was shocked at all the cum i shot.

she talked to use about safe sex and that kind of stuff.she left and said for use to go up to my girl friends room but to leave the door open we did but she still masturbated again that night i went to my room and all i could think about was her all night.

the next and last day of the trip we went to the beach and i rubed her down with sunscreen and got hard touching her body all over. she knew it and now it was her turn she stared on me she got close to my croch and lefted up my swimsuit and just rubed my dick like she was jerking me. she went on and did the rest of my body.

she was getting horny and told me we were going back to the room. i did not know what for but i went . she drug me to her room and handed me the condom her mom gave Cebeci Escort her. She told me to put it on while she went to the bathroom when she came back she layed me on the bed and got on my bellie she kiss me and played with my dick I got hard and she climes on top and fucked me. Right after that I crashed and we were woken up by her mom. She looked at all the cum on the bed and just stared at it.i felt like I was geting hard again but was to tried to look. Her mom left the room and we snuggled up and fell back a sleep. We sleep all night togather. I woke up in the moring and I went to my room and my mom. Told me that I was riding home with them. But that is a diff story.

she said put this on i did while she went to the bathroom. when she came back i had striped and had it on. she went over to the bed and said come here i did she layed me down flat and got on top of me. she was on my stomack and made out with me while playing with my dick. soon after she felt me getting harder and harder.

so she climbed on to my cock i was in shock. i had knew it was coming just not that fast. we both had just lost our virginity. she was moving up and down on my dick and slowly speed up. i know she came 6 to 7 times and i came 4 to 5 when she finaly got off me we fell right a sleep. and again we woke up to her mom.

When we did I left went back to my house and crashed. The next moring we were leaving and I got to ride home with them but that is a nother story.

Tell me what you think it is my first story so leave input sorry about the typing I am typing on my iPod

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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