18-Year-Old Girl Needs Discipline

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The lady that moved next door was very attractive and had obviously had the money and interest to look after herself. We talked over the garden fence and she said how her husband had died suddenly and she could now not maintain the standard of living that she was used to. They had had to move to my neighborhood having sold the family house. She said this with regret but was keen not to sound as if she was feeling superior.

Her eighteen year old daughter (Patty) was going to be able to carry on going to her very upmarket fee paying school as the funds had been left in trust to be used only for her education. The daughter was impeccably polite always acknowledging me. I am afraid the sight of her in her school uniform stirred feelings in me that a man in his thirties really should not have towards a teenager.

After they had been living next door for a couple of months Brenda said, over the fence, that she had a huge favor to ask me. Making it quite clear that she was not inviting me out for a date she asked if she could cook me a meal that evening and ask me about the favor then. I was intrigued. Brenda was a very attractive woman who was probably older than me but looked younger. I was certain that she was not interested in me as more than a friendly neighbor so I could not fathom out what the favor might be.

The two of us had a lovely meal chatting about our experiences and she was very careful to down play the obvious advantages she had had during life. She talked about her daughter and how her behavior had got worse since her father’s death. As we sat drinking, what I suspect was a very good whisky, I asked about the favor. She stared into her glass for what seemed ages before she said

“I have been trying to bring this up all evening but am not sure I can.”

“I promise if I am not happy to do whatever it is I will tell you. Now just spit it out.”

“I know Patty is missing her father badly and there is very little that I can do about that.”

She paused again seeming unable to say anything.

“Is there a specific way that I can help her? She seems a lovely kid and so polite.”

“Thank you that is nice to hear but her behavior has slipped quite badly in the last two terms. Her father was very strict with her and I have never been so good at disciplining her as he was. She really misses the father figure in her life.”

“I understand what you are saying but I am still not sure how I can help. Please explain.”

“There is no easy way so I am just going to say it. My husband used to discipline Patty when her behavior slipped below the standards required. I think she would really benefit from a mans firm hand to keep her on the straight and narrow.”

I nearly spat the whisky out of my mouth. I was completely blind-sided by the request. It was me now staring into my glass not being able to speak. I thought of so many things at the same time. None of those thoughts could possibly form any part of my response. I could not seem to form any response that I would not regret. The answer was yes, yes, yes when do you want me to start but I knew I had to sound calm and be at least considering the problems.

“I am sorry I knew I should not ask you to help me in such a delicate matter you must think I am very insensitive.”

Still reeling from the shock and trying to get very inappropriate thoughts out of my mind I knew I must respond quickly.

“Oh no it is fine, just a bit of a shock. Of course I would be delighted to help you and your daughter out.”

I immediately regretted the word “delighted” as in seemed far too enthusiastic. My mind now kicked into a different mode. I think I am not too different to most men and suddenly became scared of how I would react to having a beautiful, classy schoolgirl over my knee taking a spanking. I had assumed that disciplining the teenager meant at least spanking her but I had to make sure I had not completely missed the point.

“There are many ways a girl can be disciplined can you be a little more specific?”

“Her father used to spank her regularly but did resort to a belt and even a cane on a couple of occasions. I am sure now she is older a spanking over the knee, used along with other things such as grounding would be enough.” He always said that an important part of punishment was to embarrass the recipient.”

Trying to sound very matter of fact about the suggestion and to put Brenda at ease I said

“I think it would be appropriate if you were always present while I disciplined Patty.”

“I was not when her father punished her but you are right that would be appropriate. I thank you for your consideration of the delicacy of this matter. It is important that you are not put in a difficult position yourself.”

Years later I often wondered if things would have been very different if I had been alone when spanking Patty.

We both had another large whisky and Brenda seemed much more relaxed. We arranged for me to be at the house when Patty arrived home from school the next day. Brenda Anadolu Yakası Escort would not tell Patty that I would be spanking her.

I do not remember ever having suffered or enjoyed an erection for as much of the day as I did the next day. I considered giving myself an orgasm to try and relieve my own tension but decided against it. I did choose a tight fitting pair underpants and a loose fitting pair of trousers to wear when I arrived, rather earlier than agreed. I was keen to have a whisky to calm myself but settled for a cup of tea.

It was a very happy Patty who almost bounced into the living room. As always she greeted me very firmly and politely.

“Hello Mr. Brownlow, how are you today?”

“I am very well thank you Patty. Did you have a good day at school.”

“Yes thank you Mr. Brownlow. Mum can I go and get changed?”

“No dear. Mr. Brownlow is here for a reason and I think it is appropriate for you to stay in your uniform, don’t you Mr. Brownlow?”

I was afraid that I would not be able to speak I was so excited. I am ashamed to say that my erection was so hard it hurt.

“Yes I think it would be most appropriate for you to stay dressed just as you are.”

“I don’t understand why do I need to stay in my uniform and what is the reason for Mr. Brownlow to be here?”

At this stage Brenda explained as if to both of us that Patty had had some very average grades in her mock exams and detailed two occasions when she had been rude to her mother. I was surprised at how Patty listened to her mother and barely challenged anything that she was accused of. When Brenda finished admonishing her daughter she added.

“Mr. Brownlow is here because he has agreed to punish you for your bad behavior. I explained to him how your father used to punish you as necessary and how your behavior was always improved afterwards. You have slipped into bad ways since your father died and it is time that things improved.”

“Oh mummy you don’t understand he can’t punish me like daddy did he is not my father. Daddy used to spank my bare bottom you can’t be suggesting that Mr. Brownlow takes my panties off?”

I felt it was time for me to take control of the situation.

“I am not your father and I will not be taking your panties off or requiring you to. You will however get over my knees when I tell you to and you will receive the spanking I see fit. Do you understand?”

The look on the girls face was a picture. I was not sure whether it was excitement, fear or something else but it certainly excited me. I had been delighted how forceful my comments had sounded. She suddenly dropped her eyes to the floor.

“I am sorry da…. Mr. Brownlow. Yes I understand. May I at least go to the bathroom before you spank me?”

“No there will be plenty of time for that later. Now stand up straight and look at me while I explain how this will work. Your mother is going to stay in the room to ensure that the spanking is appropriately harsh. I will start with a dozen firm spanks after which you will be able to collect your thoughts and thank me. You may take as long as you wish to ask me for the next dozen. I will decide how many dozens you receive but after each you will thank me and ask for the next dozen. If I am not happy with your behavior during the spanking I will put you over the leg of the sofa and cane you. Do I make myself very clear Patty?”

“Yes Mr. Brownlow, crystal clear.”

The sight in front of me was simply any normal mans dream. The uniform was old fashioned. A blue pleated skirt, white socks and black boring shoes completing the bottom half. The top half was a white blouse tucked in at the waist and a blue cardigan. It was designed to be boring and sexless but on this teenage it was stunning.

She still carried a little weight that she would lose over the next couple of years. She was clearly into sport as her legs showed signs of strong muscle development while remaining shapely. Although she was facing me I had noticed that her bottom was larger than she probably wished it was. Clearly her boobs had grown quickly over the last months as neither her bra or her blouse were quite fitting her. The gaps between the buttons of her blouse were straining, giving just a peek of her bra, which had obviously fitted her, perfectly a couple of months earlier. The cardigan did not obstruct the view of her boobs, as it was so wide apart. I tried to make out her nipples but the bra was too substantial.

The look on her face now was a mixture of defiance and even a little bit of challenge. I wondered at that second how she would have felt if I had just got up and left. Would there have just been a little bit of disappointment.

She slipped the cardigan off her shoulders but hesitated to get over my knees. It only took a smile from me to get her to move into position. I was surprised to see her mother move to the furthest chair in the room and pick up a book as if completely disinterested in proceedings. She actually stayed like this Kartal Escort until the spanking was complete.

If the sight had been good earlier it had now got even better. I took my time wanting to experience the whole event to its very fullest. My tight pants were at least keeping my painful cock in a suitable position as intended. I could not resist making the folding of the skirt up above her waist an act of pure drama. I actually didn’t hold the skirt but slide by hand up the back of her legs, starting at her knees. The contact with the back of her legs was electrifying for me and her sigh followed by her holding her breath seemed to indicate it was profound for her too. I hadn’t seen a pair of traditional schoolgirl knickers for years. They were an ugly garment but somehow very sexy.

It wasn’t until my hand first spanked her across her large cheeks that she exhaled. The sound could have been either of pain or sexual arousal I could not tell but either way it aroused me. I delivered the dozen equally splitting them from one cheek then the other and the third straight across the middle. When all twelve had been delivered the color of the skin outside the area of her knickers was turning red.

“Thank you daddy, I am ready for the next dozen please.”

I did not fail to notice her referring to me as daddy but decided for my own pleasure not to mention it. The knickers were so all encompassing and with the elastic around the legs looking uncomfortable (well that was my excuse) I decided to pull them right up between her legs. With the beautiful full shape of her bottom they disappeared totally by the time I had pulled them fully up. I did not quite understand her whispered comment.

“Thank you daddy.”

The next dozen were firmer and the color appearing on her cheeks was very satisfying. Each spank was accompanied by a sigh from the now very relaxed girl. When I paused after this dozen I was a little naughty as I got hold of the waistband of her knickers and pulled hard twice ensuring they were even more fully wedged in place. As I did this she lifted herself slightly off my lap and reached between her legs as if to adjust the garment. I allowed her this without comment expecting her to remove her hand quickly. Instead she said

“Thank you daddy, I am now ready for the next dozen please.”

There seemed no reluctance in her request more like expectation. The use of the word “now” seemed designed to communicate something and I thought I understood what.

The next dozen were quite different. Her hand seemed quite active between her legs and by pushing her bottom up off my lap she was clearly telling me when to deliver the next stinging blow. I could not believe how this girl had changed the whole nature of what was happening and taken complete control. I looked over at her mother who seemed totally engrossed in her book and oblivious of her daughters growing arousal (or mine for that matter).

My mind was spinning. I could do nothing more than carrying on the “punishment”. By the end of the dozen Patty was positively bouncing on my lap. I wanted to regain at least a little control of things and pulled her hand away from between her legs.

“No please daddy no.”

She whispered almost as if talking to herself. As she said this the hand that had been between her legs reached up towards my face. I could smell her excitement and I could see her fingers were soaked by her arousal. I took hold of her hand and gently sucked her wet fingers into my mouth. Her voice now had urgency about as she said

“Thank you so much daddy, I want to be ready for the next dozen.”

I held her hand just long enough to make it clear that I could stop her from returning it to her pussy if I choose to. In fact I was almost as excited by her playing with herself as she clearly was. This dozen was barely more than her masturbating herself while I delivered the hardest spanks yet that were clearly arousing her to new heights.

While delivering the last couple she was obviously getting very close to orgasm. I considered delivering more than the dozen to let her get the relief she was working so hard to achieve. I decided against it stopping after the last stinging spank landing very low down towards her pussy.

When it became obvious to her that the dozen was up she wailed making it sound like she was in pain. In fact she was frustrated at not getting herself off. I was now back in charge and decided to up the anti.

“I think that you have had sufficient punishment for today don’t you? That last dozen seemed very effective didn’t it?”

We both knew exactly what I was saying and it took her a minute to work out how to answer me. I knew she wanted more but could not be seen to want more punishment. Her answer was simple she removed her hand from her pussy and easing herself away from me found my erection through my clothing. I knew even an inexperienced hand would be able to have me exploding into my boxers in seconds. As excited as I was I really had Maltepe Escort to draw the line somewhere.

“After second thoughts I think you will remember your punishment far more if I deliver just one last dozen.”

“Thank you so much daddy you understand me so well. I am nearly ready for the last dozen.”

I let her get comfortable or more to the point get her hand in the right place before bringing my hand down sharply. I had expected her to build up again towards her climax but was staggered when she exploded on my lap immediately. Her hips were now pumping as if fucking an invisible lover. All I could do was to try and match her thrusting hips with my spanking. It was quicker than the previous dozen as towards the end the spasms racking her body became weaker and her hips settled down.

I have never been so pleased that the sound of a woman having an orgasm sounds almost the same as a woman in pain. I could only hope that her mother didn’t find it easier to differentiate between the two than I did. I had to work very hard during her orgasm not to have one myself but just survived. I did remove the knickers from their deeply wedged position in case her mother paid any attention. It took some effort but I was rewarded by feeling not only the soaked panties but also how wet she was around the whole area. Finally I pushed her skirt back into place before the now fragile and still shaking Patty slide off my lap.

Brenda realizing that the spanking was over now reengaged with her daughter and asked her whether she would remember the punishment if she went to misbehave again.

“Oh mummy I will never forget that punishment. If I feel like being naughty I promise you I will remember exactly how that felt.”

I quickly watched her mum’s reaction, which I was relieved to see was one of satisfaction. Patty walked very gingerly out of the room. Brenda thanked me and said she hoped that the job had not been too taxing. I assured her I was fine. She offered me another tea, which I happy accepted as I was in no fit state to stand up.

We talked as we drunk our tea and Brenda said that she noticed Patty calling me daddy during the spanking. I went to apologize but she hushed me saying that she was sure it was just that Patty obviously associated being punished with her father and maybe we should allow her that. As we finished our tea a radiant looking Patty arrived in the room dressed casually and looking five years older than her age.

I was a little concerned when she approached me and gave me a big kiss on my cheek as said

“Thank you dad…, sorry Mr. Brownlow is was kind of you to give me what I quite clearly needed.”

I saw Brenda over the next few days and she said the change in Patty since the spanking was incredible. She was back to her bouncy happy self and had not been rude or short with her once. I said it was my pleasure and not to be frightened to ask me again if it was necessary.

It turned out to be necessary on a regular basis. Her grades improved but Patty admitted to behaving badly or getting into trouble quite often. Brenda never doubted these “confessions”. Patty asked me on one occasion to spank her without her mother present but I declined being concerned what might happen.

The spanking followed a similar pattern to the first each time. Patty always experienced what I can only describe as stunning orgasms every time. I am ashamed to say that after the first time I always wore a condom while administering the spanking and had my own orgasm as the final dozen were delivered.

Ten years after the first spanking Patty looked me up. She was married without children. She asked me to meet with her and her husband as she had a huge favor to ask me. It sounded all a bit familiar so I was excited to hear what she wanted.

We met at their house and she explained that she had shared the stories about me spanking her as a teenager and her husband was very keen to see me spank her. This time I accept without hesitation as it was obvious that he was excited by the idea. They suggested that there was no time better than the present and Patty excused herself to go to the bathroom.

When she arrived back two minutes later she was dressed exactly as she had been that first time. I couldn’t speak I was so excited. Her husband set the scene as her mother had years earlier explaining why she needed to be punished.

Patty and I knew the script and slipped into it easily. Her husband kept right out of things but unlike her mother did observe every single part of the action. When we got to what we both knew would be the final dozen Patty whispered that I was not to cum in my pants. It was slightly embarrassing but it was clear she had shared everything with her husband. Her orgasm was as spectacular as always but as she calmed down she got off my lap and knelt in front of me.

I knew what she intended but looked to her husband for agreement. His smile and nod were quite enough. She had me naked below the waist in no time. Her mouth engulfed me at the same time as her husband removed her blue schoolgirl knickers and gave them to me. His entry into her wet and willing pussy followed in seconds. I wish I could say that both of us men lasted for hours but in fact we both exploded in her in less than two minutes.

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