Suzy’s Story – Part 6 (Final)

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(I strongly suggest you read parts 1 to 5 first…)

I was beginning to think that maybe I’m some sort of a freak. No other women I have known have ever indicated that they may have the same kink as I have. I have done internet searches and found confessions from women who like sex with older men, but they haven’t been group sex. And most seem to be fantasies. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I have a feeling I’m in a very small minority here. Anyway, I’m having a great time and I don’t feel I’m exploited; I’m certainly appreciated! And well treated. But I do have times when I worry about what I’m doing. Then, after a few days, and when the weekly meet is coming up I get so damned horny I forgive myself for having these thoughts. This week I also had a little visit to my usual underwear supplier.

When I got to the hotel next time I was quite early, but Gareth was there already and reminded me that he wanted me to have plenty to drink. I reassured him that I hadn’t forgotten and that I was already feeling in need of a pee, but not desperately. I went into the loo to get changed as Gareth began opening a large hold-all and taking out towels.

I wore a rather nice matching set of red satin undies: tie-sided panties, under-wired push-up bra, deep suspender belt and red stockings. Then I had some rather old, but still serviceable, red high heels and over it all a forties-style red dress with white polka-dots. As I came out I noticed everyone was present and all were brandishing their cameras in readiness. Someone put on a music channel on the hotel TV and I began to move around for the boys. Gareth took control, getting me to sit and bend in various positions, ensuring they got a flash of panty and especially panty-gusset.

After a few minutes of this teasing Gareth unzipped my dress for me and helped me off with it. Then we moved into what was clearly his main interest. This entailed my crouching down with my knees well apart so that my panty-covered crotch was nicely visible. Gareth got down low and got me to lean back against the wall so my gusset was pushed forwards. Then he went to work with his fingers over the panty crotch area and I felt tingling in my vagina as he played with me. He had one hand under my bottom feeling the panty nylon over my anus and the other hand was paying attention to my clit and external lips. I felt my panties getting wetter with my juices. Gareth’s camera was on the floor pointing directly between my legs, the guys were generally focusing on the same area. As he stroked me, I felt his fingers move briefly to the side and he undid the ties that held the panties in place. He continued his wanking of my privates and the panties fell away, exposing me fully, as I’ve been exposed to these men so may times. Once again they roared with approval and I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. Then Gareth opened my pussy lips and pulled a couple of towels under me. He signalled one of the others and another towel was put in place. Then he whispered “let it go whenever you want, Suzy, but try to make it last!”

Having drunk quite a lot of water in the previous hour, and with the pressure of my suspender belt on my bladder from the squatting position I was in, this request didn’t come too soon. I began to relax my vagina and felt my pee-hole begin to distend. “Oh, yes, she’s opening up” said John and I felt the first drips of pee begin to flow.

“Fuck, yes!” breathed Gareth as I began to piss onto the towels. Gareth still had one hand on my anus, with a finger gradually entering my ring, while with the fingers of the other he held my lips apart as the pee flowed. I did my best at making it last, which wasn’t too hard as there seemed to be pints of it. I managed to raise my pelvis a little to give a better view, and Gareth’s hand on my arse helped lift me more. The pee began to flow with more intensity and was shooting forward into the room. Just in time, Teddy threw another towel out and managed to save the carpet. I slid forward and lay on my back, Gareth had to take his hands away and then I lifted both legs up, back and apart and continued weeing for my audience. Gareth looked like he was in heaven as he took his prick out and began wanking over me. In seconds he ejaculated great gobbets of cum over my nice bra. “I hope some of you got good shots of that” he said, “I got carried away and forgot the camera!”

I looked at him to make sure he was satisfied with what I had done for him, and I saw he had another little scene in mind. “Let me clean you off, Suzy” he said, standing over me as I lay on the damp towels with my legs wide apart, my panties off and the rest of my red underwear dotted with his cum. Then he began to pee over my chest and washed the cum off me and my spattered brassiere.

“Blimey Gareth, you’re a kinky sod!” said James with a big grin on his face and everyone gave us a round of applause. I winked at Teddy and mouthed “Your turn next” at him as I retreated to the bathroom to wash myself down and get into another outfit.

I could hear murmurs from the room as the men discussed Gareth’s session and presumably readied themselves for the next one. I concentrated on Teddy, knowing that his fantasies included sexy underwear big time, and that he really appreciated what I wore. He was never just a man who wanted me to get them out, or get naked as soon as possible – I had watched him in previous sessions and could see how he focused on my underwear as he took his shots, how he liked to catch the fabrics, how he sought out interesting angles to capture me as I unzipped, or unhooked, or unclasped stockings or bras, and he loved it as I slowly removed my panties, gradually exposing my secret places. I knew he would love my newest purchase.

I joined the boys and we had tea and a chat. It was a very pleasant time as I fondled some of them through their trousers or unzipped them and held a dick or two. We had a lazy feely session for about 30 minutes where they attended to my breasts and bottom over my clothes. I didn’t let them see my underwear, but I was happy that this was getting us all into a state of excitement. Finally I was ready for Teddy. Groan!

Actually Teddy turned out to be a surprise.

For a start he handed his camera to Harold and instructed him to capture everything for him. So I got him to sit on the end of the bed and I sat astride him and ground myself onto his lap. I felt him respond as his penis tightened his trousers. I was wearing a long full 50’s style skirt and a plain white blouse. I had no stockings on, but some mid-height blue heels. I took one of his hands and pulled it down onto his lap and lifted my skirt over it so no-one could see it as I sat with my legs apart on his knees, facing him. I watched his face intently as I felt his fingers slowly run up my leg seeking my panty crotch. Then, as he found the edge of my panties the look of surprise and elation when he discovered that they didn’t cover my pussy was great fun. I felt his penis jump as he slid a couple of fingers into my vagina. “Oh Suzy, split-crotch panties! Thank you, thank you!”

“Want to see them?” I asked, and I stood up and removed the skirt by unzipping it at the back and letting it fall.

I stood in front of Teddy nice and straight so he could see the panties properly. They were really lovely, made of a mid-blue silk with black lace around the waist and the legs, but also the entire crotch area was missing. This too was framed with black lace; the panties were beautifully made and quite expensive. They could have been tailor-made for my privates; whoever designed them certainly got it right. Just standing there you couldn’t fully appreciate how well they did the job, so I turned round with my back to Teddy and bent forward to touch my toes, standing legs-apart as I did so. You could hear a pin drop as I slowly bent forward and the gusset, or lack of it, came into view. My vagina and my anus were completely visible, framed sensually by the black lace of the panties. I swayed slightly from side to side to open up my lips and to make my anal-ring wink a little. I was pretty wet by now.

Suddenly I felt breath on my pussy and Teddy’s mouth was planted full-square on my lady-bits. I was wet enough, but Teddy’s saliva poured onto me and he began sucking and licking with a fury. I was stunned. I opened my legs further and pushed back at him as he hungrily devoured me. Then seconds later I began to shudder with my own orgasm and a surge of juices ran out of me.

Teddy was pulling off his clothes and pulling on a Johnny as I came, then he plunged his dick up my vagina and pumped away. My heels made me just the right height to accommodate him. Everyone else followed his lead and stripped off; there were six completely naked men and me in the room. Some put down their cameras, others operated one-handed as they began to pleasure themselves.

“Can we DP you Suzy?” asked Michael, and I realised what the guys had been talking about as I had been changing.

“Oh, yes” I replied, “do me in both holes, guys. Do me in all holes!”

“Hang on a minute, though” said Teddy “This is my session!”

I was feeling completely wanton and desperate for all of them. I felt almost wild and feral at that moment. But there was a different atmosphere in the room too, and I was just beginning to pick up on it. I wish now that I hadn’t been quite so positive about the dp.

I was standing up – just; bent forward with Teddy up my pussy, my lovely panties still in place and my top still covered by my bra (which they hadn’t seen yet) and my blouse. I was in heaven, feeling Teddy’s long cock sliding in and out of me, gradually speeding up and seeming to get further inside me with each thrust. Sometimes he stopped when fully up me, his body pressing against my buttocks as his penis was pushed right into my uterus. I felt someone stand beside me and begin to fondle my bust as it hung down, it was Michael. Then his fingers were undoing my blouse buttons and then transferring fondle action to my bra. This matched the split-crotch panties – mid-blue silk with black lace trim; “lovely matching undies” breathed Harold as he videoed the action, “someone get her blouse off so we can see it properly” he continued, and Michael helped me remove it, as Teddy continued to do me.

I spread my legs a little as the guys stood back so Harold could get good shots of me being rogered in my underwear; I took the opportunity to take a look at all the stiff penises ready to have me, and felt more juices forming in my vagina.

“Come on Teddy, I thought we were going to dp her!” shouted James, with a hint of anger in his voice.

“OK, I’ll take a break” agreed Teddy.

James said “lets do her standing up” and stood still with his engorged prick magnificent. He rolled a durex over it and got a handful of lube on his fingers while he gave me a dirty grin. I walked over to him and pressed my anus against his manhood as he reached down and slipped his slimy fingers in my little hole. Seconds later his big dick was past my ring and reaming me out. Michael came over and stood in front of me, his prick johnny’d-up and attentive. He grabbed my bra cups and lifted them over my boobs so they came free, then reached round behind me to undo and remove the bra completely, then he pushed his chest against me, sandwiching me hard between himself and James. His penis pressed against my mound. I was dripping. He reached for his erection and pushed it down as he moved his hips slightly away from mine. Then he was in my pussy and I was full! I had James in my arse and Michael in my pussy! I felt dizzy with the naughtiness of it! The others were frantically trying to get good views of me being double penetrated. James and Michael were really going for it, really pumping me vigorously. Rather getting carried away.

“Michael, lift Suzy’s legs off the floor, then we can see better” said John, as Michael reached down for me legs and I felt myself being held by a combination of his arms and both men’s bodies. I was at their mercy now and no mistake. I was almost in a sitting position but three feet off the floor. My crotch was being pulled open and the guys were able to look right up and see those two cocks entering me, as well as all the juices dripping out of me and onto my thighs.

“Fucking hell, you dirty bitch” said John as he came alongside us and put his fingers on my perineum, feeling my holes as his mates dicks went in and out of me. “I reckon I could get a finger alongside each prick guys!” he shouted. He was breathing hard and fast, his face was purple.

I wasn’t sure about this. I felt uncomfortable about his language and he wasn’t asking my permission. I looked across at Harold who was still filming and he looked concerned. But before I could say anything I felt John’s fingers pushing into me as the other guys thrust up my holes. Fortunately I was VERY wet down there but even so, it was painful as my anus was stretched to its utmost and his finger and James’s cock went up me. My vagina was more accessible and John’s finger and Michael’s cock were just about OK. But I didn’t like the feeling of being quite so taken for granted.

“Shit, this is good, Suzy’s twat is fucking begging for it! Her flaps are sopping wet; God she needs this!” said John as he pulled and pushed at my privates.

“Oh yes, Suzy is being VERY dirty” agreed James and he started roughly pounding my arse along with John’s finger. Michael was whistling and going at me like a hammer. I was being tossed around and was helpless as I had no foot on the ground.

“Please guys, that’s enough!” I cried. “John, I’m not ready for your fingers too! You’re hurting me, its too rough. Let me down now”.

They ignored me. “Harold, I hope you’re getting this, this is fantastic. She’s getting a real seeing-too now the randy cow! This is what she really wants from us!” said Michael. I was shocked and felt horrible. I felt that I was being ****d. Harold put down the camera and he and Gareth and Teddy sprang over and pulled the others off me.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!” erupted Gareth. He looked appalled. “How can you do that to Suzy after all she’s done for you? Didn’t you hear her? Didn’t you realise you were being rough and that she didn’t like what you were making her do? What kind of people are you? I thought you were decent blokes. Get the hell out of here!”

I ran to the bathroom and shut the door. I wasn’t hurt, just really, really shocked and disappointed and let down. I had been having such a fantastic sexual life in the past weeks, thinking I had found nirvana, when these guys, who I thought we had built up a mutual trust and respect, had acted like b**sts and let me down so badly. I burst into tears as I could hear sounds of scuffling and the slamming of the hotel room door.

Eventually I calmed down. I put a bath towel around myself and left the bathroom. I saw Harold, Gareth and Michael standing there looking embarrassed and morose. “Oh Suzy” said Michael, “that was so awful. We’re so sorry that happened. How can you trust any of us ever again! We can’t fathom why they did that. They had been talking together in corners in recent weeks so we think they must have planned it. They clearly had a different attitude to sex and women than we do. We’re so sorry. We don’t know what to say. How can we make it right?”

They looked so dejected and depressed I almost broke down again. Instead I went over to them and grabbed them all in a great big hug. We stood like that, just holding each other for ages. No-one touched me inappropriately. It just felt warm and comforting. Harold had tears running down his cheeks.

“Well” I said, “if there’s just the four of us we can meet in my flat in future; and you won’t have to share me so much, will you?” I paused for a few seconds. “Their loss!”


(Let me know if you wish to see more of my stories)

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A Sensual Encounter with Sir and Lady J

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It was a warm July afternoon. I was sitting on my bed poring over various profiles on a sex website. As usual, like an addict not knowing when to stop I lay there torturing my sexless manhood by drinking in the images of wonderful couples who had taken the time to display their most intimate moments to the world. Couples who had everything in life I so desperately wanted but knew I would probably never have because of my lack of get up and go, my anxieties, my self-doubt and fear.

Several hours later, I still lay there reclining against the headboard on my bed, rubbing away more and more furiously at my frustrated manhood as the images made me drift away into deep sexual arousal.

I studied an image of a Gentleman pleasuring his Wife’s rosebud with his tongue. You could see his saliva glistening in all it’s high-definition glory on her tender rosebud. I imagined what he must be feeling tasting such a private place. I traced my finger softly between my buttocks as I imagined what the Lady must have been feeling as his eager tongue worked it’s hungry magic.

All of a sudden I noticed a message on my account from an account named “Oldrope”. I gathered myself together and clicked on it. The message simply read, “6pm Sunday July 15th, Master and his good Lady require assistance for their anniversary celebrations”. At the bottom of the message was a hotel name and room number.

As I lay on my bed I wasn’t sure what to think. All sorts of thoughts raced through my mind. I couldn’t believe I’d received such a message. My account profile was so dull I thought nobody would ever message me. My heart raced a little, I felt a little afraid, I felt a little excited. Was I really considering turning up to meet two strangers in a strange hotel tomorrow ?

I woke up the next morning and tried talking myself out of going to the hotel, but as the morning dragged on my sexually frustrated manhood began making the decision for me against my better judgement.

Soon enough the clock read 4.30pm and I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity. I told my family I was going for a walk on this warm summer afternoon. I knew the hotel was only a one hour walk away and I could gather my thoughts as I made my way their slowly.

I took the scenic route and walked along some pleasant country lanes. Every so often I’d feel butterflies in my stomach, closely followed by apprehension and then a warm tingle in the tip of my virgin manhood. My emotions were all over the place, but still I walked on.

Soon enough the hotel came into sight. It was now approaching 5.50pm. My heart jumped a little as I realised there was no going back now. I made my way through the car park and into the reception area of the hotel.

I walked hesitantly to the desk and told the Lady I was supposed to be meeting someone there. I gave her the room number and she said, “ah yes, they told me to send you straight up”. “Thank you”, I replied sheepishly as my paranoid mind wondered if she had any clue as to the nature of my visit.

I made my way up the stairs and the room was facing me immediately. “Well, there’s no going back now I told myself”.

I timidly knocked the door and a Woman’s voice said “Come in my darling”.

I turned the handle and immediately I was hit by the scent of a dark and deeply sensual perfume luring me inside. As I pushed the door open further, time stood still for what seemed like minutes. Then my eyes adjusted to the sight of a beautiful Woman sitting up on the bed completely naked. Her wrists were bound to the headboard and she wore a mysterious black mask over her eyes. Her delectably attractive face carried a most inviting and very comforting smile. I was frozen in awe of her delicious, most perfect curves and her deeply entrancing eyes accentuated even more by her mask. All the while she kept her strikingly flawless legs crossed tight.

“Come in and shut the door silly boy. My name is Lady J” she said in a sensual voice. My trance was broken momentarily as I obeyed her request.

As I neared the bed I hear the door shut behind me and the door lock. I turned around to see an extremely imposing muscular Gentleman standing bare-chested wearing a tight pair of leather trousers. “This is my Sir” said Lady J.

As Sir walked nearer to me he gestured silently by ruffling my collar swiftly. “I think he wants you to remove your clothes” said Lady J. I felt a little scared and intimidated, but Lady J’s smile had a wonderfully comforting quality.

I began removing my clothes until I was naked all but for my boxer shorts. I looked at both of them wondering whether they wanted me to go further as a sense of embarrassment came over me. “Take everything off silly boy” said Lady J.

As I slipped off my boxer shorts I caught glimpse of my much less than impressive manhood. Excited as I was I always struggle to achieve an erection at the best of times. Perhaps it’s because of a nervous sense of inferiority or inadequacy, I’m not sure. Nonetheless, coupled with the anxiety I was feeling in my present situation, my lazy looking manhood made no attempt to stir, even in the presence of such a divinely beautiful Goddess lying naked before me.

Lady J studied me from head to toe and gave Sir a slight smile, who in turn gave a seemingly uncharacteristic smile back to her.

“First things first. Do you agree to submit to our will boy” Sir’s voice boomed. Startling as it was, Sir sounded pretty much like I had expected given his stature. “Y…Y…Yes” I stuttered, having been convinced by Lady J nodding softly to me encouragingly in her now familiar comforting fashion.

“Me and my good Lady are going out for dinner in a short while for our anniversary and we need you to put us in the mood for our romantic candlelit evening together” Said Sir straight to the point. Sir then reached behind him and pulled out a collar and chain. He fixed it firmly to my neck and padlocked it. At the other end of the chain want a leather loop which he placed in Lady J’s bound hand. Lady J then gestured for me to kneel at the foot of the bed and I did so without hesitation.

As I looked into her eyes and turned my gaze slowly down towards her divine toes, Sir gave her knee a push and Lady J smiled up at his dominant figure. She then began slowly uncrossing her legs. Immediately I felt my 29 year old denied manhood stir a little. This would be my first glimpse of a Woman’s intimacy in real life and I was almost shaking with excitement. At that moment my trance was broken by Sir tapping me on the shoulder with something. “Here, put it on” said Sir. It was a silicone chastity cage and padlock. I immediately felt a little overwhelmed.

“If you want to see my good Lady J’s body in all it’s glory and make our evening special, then put it on boy”, said Sir.

I began putting on the chastity cage as Lady J said, “Oh, we brought the one with spikes in the end. We hope you don’t mind. It is for your own good after all my darling. We wouldn’t want to corrupt our little virgin.”

I slid my slightly more erect manhood inside with a little difficulty and closed the padlock shut in line with Lady J’s urging. Sir then placed the keys to the padlock on Lady J’s chest just above her voluptuous breasts.

Lady J then began opening her legs once again. I was aware of her divine feet moving away from one another in my peripheral vision as all my attention began to focus on the sacred place between her delicious thighs. There it was, slightly parted and glistening subtly like a pink rose covered in morning dew. I started becoming aware of the spikes in my cage as they gently prodded at the tip of my manhood.

Sir walked around the side of the bed and reached between Lady J’s legs and gently parted her soft petals further. “Beautiful isn’t it” Said Sir. “Yes Sir” I simply replied.

“I want you to kneel on the bed and get a closer look at my Lady” Said Sir.

I climbed up on the bed as I watched the chain to my collar sag in the middle and fall across Lady J’s thigh as I moved closer.

“Now, get as close as you can but don’t touch” Said Sir.

I moved in closer and I was greeted with the most heavenly scent on Earth. A scent of sweet perfume mixed with the most exquisite carnal musk.

As I inhaled Lady J’s most erotic scent Sir appeared to be a little overcome with desire himself and pushed his face against her breast. He gently teased her nipples with his tongue leaving a glistening trail of his desire on them.

Sir could see my eyes falling heavy under the trance of Lady J’s scent and immediately cut my arousal short by telling Lady J they needed to hurry up or they’d be late for dinner. Immediately Lady J crossed her legs and Sir walked over and untied her bound wrists. Lady J then handed Sir the loop from the leash attached to my collar and he wrapped it around the headboard before padlocking it in place.

Lady J waved the keys to my chastity cage playfully and gave me a wicked smile before heading off to the bathroom.

Sir began changing ready for their romantic evening out. Lady J emerged from the bathroom, minus her mask, carrying a small pouch, placed it on the bed, and started slipping into a beautiful dark red backless dress. I just sat on the bed feeling more aroused and vulnerable than I had felt since I arrived.

When Sir and Lady J finished getting ready, Lady J picked up the pouch and said to Sir “We mustn’t forget this”. Then sir took hold of the pouch, reached inside and pulled out a gold plated butt-plug adorned with a pink jewel.

Lady J walked around the side of the bed nearest to me, Sir then hitched up her skirt before Lady J bent over revealing her most delicate pink rosebud to me. Sir ran his finger tenderly along the spine of Lady J’s exposed back and spanked each of her buttocks playfully. Lady J let out a delighted purr.

Sir looked me in the eyes and told me to move closer to Lady J’s exposed rosebud. At that moment Lady J pulled her buttocks further apart revealing her glorious treasures to me explicitly.

I placed my nose near Lady J’s rosebud and my senses were filled with the intoxicating scent of a dark, overtly human, yet most feminine and deeply arousing musk, quite similar to freshly ground pepper.

I drifted of into a trance as I heard Sir’s voice saying, “You want to please Lady J don’t you. You’d do anything for Lady Jay wouldn’t you”, and shortly after that I saw Sir moving Lady J’s divine bottom away from me. Sir then ran his finger between Lady J’s buttocks and I saw her tender rosebud twitch with each gentle touch. I could feel the spikes punishing my arousal once again.

All of a sudden Sir started rubbing the butt-plug between Lady J’s buttocks and teasing her ever more eager looking rosebud with the tip of it.

Lady Jay looked back at me and said, “Now it’s your time to help us darling”.

She stood up, took the butt-plug from Sir’s hand and run her fingers around my lips, gently parting them momentarily. It was at that moment Lady J moved the butt-plug to my lips and said, “Lick it for me my darling, take it in your mouth and make it as wet as you can for me. There’s my good boy”

I licked the plug cautiously as Lady J gave me a reassuring glance and probed it deeper into my mouth. As I looked back I could see Sir on his knees with his face buried between her buttocks. “Whatever would I do without a Man in my life purred Lady J.”

In an instant Sir stood up and wiped his mouth. This was Lady J’s cue to get back in position. She removed the plug gently from my mouth, handed it to Sir and bent over with her buttocks pulled apart facing me once again, only this time her rosebud was glistening with Sir’s hungry saliva.

Sir started probing the plug into Lady J’s rosebud. Little by little the plug went in deeper and deeper, until finally it disappeared into it’s heavenly place of rest with a greedy surge.

At that moment, I thought to myself, “I’ve gone full circle”. Just yesterday I was watching this in my bedroom on a computer screen and in 24 short hours I was a part of it.

“Right, all ready now” said Sir, interrupting my thoughts.

“Yes, time to go now” concurred Lady J.

“We’ll leave the Do Not Disturb sign on the door handle when we leave. We won’t be back until around 10pm at least. Now you be a good boy and sit there quietly on the bed until we get back” said Lady J.

As they moved nearer to the door Lady J stopped, turned around and said,”By the way, I’ve left something for you to amuse yourself with under the pillow. See you later my darling”.

Sir opened the door and they both stepped out of the room. Lady J gave one last glance back accompanied by another one of her now famous reassuring smiles and at that they were both gone.

As I lay alone on the bed, naked, collared and chained. I noticed my clothes were nowhere to be seen. They must have put them somewhere when I was distracted. There was no getting away now, not even if I could somehow break the chain attached to my collar.

I then remembered what Lady J had said just before she left about her leaving something for me under the pillow. I lifted the pillow and staring me in the face were a most beautiful pair of knickers. I couldn’t resist holding them up to my nose and inhaling deeply. My senses were once again filled with a familiar scent I had experienced a short while ago. The scent was a little more subtle but it was definitely Lady J. At that moment I started to feel the spikes in the end of the chastity cage once again punishing my deeply explicit thoughts.

I trembled with lust as I lay there naked and vulnerable, clutching Lady J’s most intimate garment, completely lost in her scent, awaiting the return of two strangers I had given myself to completely. I felt like a silly fool,like a hopeless addict, but it all felt so exquisitely good.

I had barely felt the touch of Lady J but for the touch of her fingers on my lips, yet in spite of that I was addicted to her, completely addicted to her through sight and scent alone.

Whatever does the future hold ?…………………..No doubt that is best left to Sir and Lady J’s imagination.

The End

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Game Day (Mom/son, erotica, romance, depravity)

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Kelly Linden turned over and accidentally touched her son, or rather his penis.
“Oh My God!” she exclaimed when she realized that her unruly teenager had a super sized hard on. His penis, “its really a phallus” she murmured, was in its full 11″ glory, glistening and shimmering in the faint light of the room.
Kelly ran her fingers up and down the massively thick shaft gently, all the while rubbing her clitoris with her other hand.
“My baby!” she groaned. “My sweet little baby” she moaned again before lowering her mouth on her son’s cock.
She sucked her favorite candy cane and it helped her forget her pain, her asshole of a husband and Kevin’s father, sleeping in the other room and the fact that her life was sad, pathetic and lonely but for her son’s presence.
She felt safe and secure when she sucked her son’s penis, felt rewarded when he unloaded his massive balls into her mouth and down her throat and felt specially honored when he let her suck his sweet anus.
“I love him”, she reflected and sucked harder.
“He is the only man I ever wanted”, she thought and sucked even harder.
In response to this relentless vacuuming by his mother, Kevin’s balls started moving under the velvety sack as he stirred in his sleep.
“Mom…” he groaned in his sleep.
“Shhhh baby.” Kelly soothed him before going back to her job of providing massive suction on his teenage cock.
It took less than a few minutes for Kevin to cum. He groaned, sometimes loudly, as he filled his mother’s mouth with his delicious, warm seed.
Kelly gulped it down. As always it tasted sweet as it coated the insides of her throat and food canal with gooey goodness.
She kept sucking to get every last drop and didn’t leave her son’s dick till it started to deflate.
Then she loosened her lip lock around that big shaft and let it slip out while retaining all the white fluid inside her mouth.
Sitting at the edge of his bed, propped up on her right elbow, her massive tits resting on the bed and her wide ass hanging off the bed, she threw her head back, letting the thick cream flow down into her belly slowly, letting gravity do its work.
She savored the moment of being eternally bonded with her son, the third time that night.
Then she smiled and slowly got up.
She hated the next part but knew she still had to do it.
With heavy feet and her sheer nightie d****d on her arm, she walked to the door of her son’s room and unlocked it and began the long and unpleasant trek to her own bedroom.
She noticed herself in the full length mirror as she passed the open bathroom. Her entire body was glowing. Even her breasts looked less saggy and her ass definitely had perked up.
“My body has grown so radiant!” she thought stopping in front of the mirror.
“Its his cum. Its my fountain of youth!” she said to herself excitedly.
Then she sighed and stumbled into her own bedroom where her husband snored, sprawled on most of their king sized bed.
“Asshole.” she cursed him under her breath and then slipped under the covers without bothering to put her nightie back on.

She dreamed of her son and his big cock as it plowed her soft cunt somewhere on the beach. Suddenly a huge wave washed over both of them. Kevin smiled but the wave took her. She couldn’t breathe anymore.
Panicked, Kelly opened her eyes, fighting for air and saw her husband’s ugly face as it closed in, trying to kiss her.
“What the fuck.” she almost yelled at him.
“Stop it Dan!” she yelled.
“I can’t get hard”. Dan said disappointed.
“I know. And the doctor said you have a weak heart so you need to watch out for that too.” she reminded him, almost gleefully.
Dan rolled off her and landed with a thud.
“I will make you some coffee.” she said with a sigh.
“Okay!” Dan said, happy that his wife still cared even though he suspected she was seeing someone else.

Kelly put on a more modest gown and quickly applied light makeup before heading to the kitchen.
She didn’t have to wait long. In less than 2 minutes, Kevin sneaked up from behind her and grabbed her tits while grinding his cock into her wide ass.
“Good morning!” he said massaging her large pendulous tits, rather roughly.
“Go and sit at the table. Lose the underwear.”
Kevin smiled. He loved their dirty games though he always felt his mother didn’t know where to draw the line.
In a few minutes his dad come and sat on the table too. He was already dressed for the office.
Then, five minutes later Kelly came out of the kitchen. Kevin almost fell off the chair as he saw his mother’s naked breasts bouncing around on her chest as she walked out with a pot of steaming coffee in one hand and cups in the other. Fortunately, his dad always sat with his back to the kitchen so he couldn’t tell what was making Kevin’s jaw fall to the floor.
“Give your father his newspaper.” Kelly said nonchalantly as she reached over her husband’s shoulders and put first the coffee and then the cups down. Her tits hung precariously close the Dan’s head.
Kevin nervously pushed the newspaper toward his father who picked it up and started to flip through it, muttering to himself.
Kelly, now emboldened, swung around and poured her husband his steaming cup of java and then pushed it to him, staying topless, her gown fallen off her shoulders and around her ample bottom.
Dan picked it up without looking up from his paper.
The slutty mother meanwhile walked over to her son and put the other two cups down. She then poured his coffee.
“Do you want any milk in yours hun?” she said, rubbing her nipples suggestively and pointing them over his cup.
Kevin gulped nervously, looking from his mother’s large tits to the top of his dad’s balding head visible over the newspaper.
“No?” Kelly said again. “May be you’d like to suck it straight from my breasts.”
Kevin was now nervous as hell.
Kelly laughed gently.
“Oh don’t worry about that asshole. He can’t hear a damn thing on his left side.”
Then, with her husband less than 3 feet away, but safely tucked behind a newspaper, Kelly Linden pushed her engorged nipple into her son’s mouth and urged him to suck it.
As he did, she massaged and milked her other breast, letting the thin streams of her breast milk fall straight into his coffee.
In a few minutes both of Kelly’s breasts were empty, the dark coffee had turned light and Kevin had a huge hardon.
“I want cream in mine too.” Kelly whispered.
“And I am gonna get it straight from the source too.” she said caressing her son’s cock through his PJs.
As she ducked down, Dan looked up suddenly.
“Hey, where did your mother go? I wanted more coffee.” he said grumpily.
“Umm….I think she went into the kitchen dad.”
“Hmm…..” Dan mumbled and went back to his newspaper.
“Pour him his coffee. If he asks, tell him I did it while he wasn’t looking.” Kelly whispered from under the table.
Kevin, got up but stayed low to hide his nakedness as he poured more coffee in his dad’s cup. Then he stole back to his side on the table.
Kelly poked her head out to look at this and smiled and when Dan started to sip his coffee again, both mother and son laughed at this stupidity.
As Kevin squirmed in his seat, his mom kept polishing his cock.
It had been less than 2 hours but Kelly could feel that her son’s balls had had enough time to restock their delicious supply. She worked harder.
In 2 minutes, Kevin started to groan.
“You OK?” Dan asked Kevin suddenly?
“Ye….Yeah.” Kevin said nervously.
“Stop whining. You sound like your mother.” Dan muttered and went back.
This made Kelly fly into a rage she hadn’t known for a long time. She almost bit Kevin’s balls off but then started to suck even harder and made him cum with her experienced mouth.
With her mouth full and tits still naked, the 50 year old mother ducked out from under the table and marched to her husband and circled around to stand behind him.
She looked up at Kevin and blew him a kiss, caressing her supersized breasts.
Then, with her son watching slutty mother reached around and kissed her husband, unloading her son’s fresh cum into his mouth.
Kevin watched open mouthed.
“Mmm….” Dan moaned but Kelly didn’t let go. She kept pushing all of her son’s cum into her husband’s mouth, forcing him to swallow it.
Thinking that it was her saliva, Dan didn’t hesitate.
After she was done, Kelly looked up at Dan and kissed his forehead, leaving a big, invisible cum stain there.
“I love you” Dan mumbled and then realized his wife was topless.
“What the….” he started to say.
“Oh my God! Dan!” Kelly screamed in mock anger.
“Control yourself. You will scar my son with your lascivious antics.”
“Sorry” Dan said sheepishly looking at his son.
Meanwhile Kelly straightened up again. Making no attempt to cover her tits, she stood behind her husband.
She pretended to put a finger in her mouth and mock gagged on her husband’s head, as her lover across the table relaxed.
“You are late for office.” She finally said while flipping Dan off with her middle finger.
“I will get ready.” Dan mumbled again and started to get up.
Kelly quickly pulled her robe around her shoulders and let Dan plant a kiss on her cheek. But as he did that, she flipped him again, letting her son see how little she respected her husband and his father. Then she mouthed “I love you” to her son while pushing her clingy, overweight husband away.
Dan trotted off, gathering the pages of his newspaper that he intended to read in the bathroom.
“Asshole”, Kelly said as Dan left the room and shrugged her robe off, getting naked once again.
“Mom! That was fucking awesome!” Kevin said excitedly. He was now standing, his large but spent cock stirring again though still resting on his large balls.
Kelly almost ran to her son. The two unholy lovers embraced and kissed each other several times before Kelly led her son to the upstairs bathroom, naked.
Dan was now in the bedroom, probably getting dressed.
The naked mom-son duo entered the bedroom while Dan leaned into his closet looking for his clothes.
“Honey!” he yelled out thinking his wife was still downstairs.
Kevin jumped but Kelly remained calm.
“HONEY” Dan yelled again.
“What?” Kelly whispered walked over to stand right behind him, making him jump.
“Where’s my blue suit?”
“Its in the back. You will have to go into the closet.” Kelly said, refusing let go of her son’s cock even as she stood 6 inches away from her husband.
“Oh Yeah!” Dan muttered. “I see it.”
Kelly walked into the bathroom with her son.
“What are you doing mom?” Kevin whispered as his mother knelt on the plush mat and took her son’s cock into her mouth, without bothering to close the bathroom door.
“Having some fun” Kelly whispered, letting go of his hardening rod.
Then while they heard Dan trying to put on his old suit, for which he was clearly too fat now, the mother continued to perform fellatio on her young son.
“These damn suits.” he cursed. “They keep shrinking”
Kelly now pushed her son into the bathtub and closed the shower curtain, while she stood outside, both still fully nude.
“Ssshhh…” she motioned with her finger as his dad walked in.
“What are you doing?” he said, a little surprised to find his wife naked, her wide ass and shapely back gleaming in the recessed lights of the large bathroom.
“What does it look like I am doing Dan?” she retorted, irritated.
Dan sighed.
“Remember I fucked you in the bathroom the first day we moved in.” he said looking into the mirror.
Kelly made the gagging gesture again, letting her son see from the little crack how little she cared about it.
“I wish we could be like that again.” Dan continued.
That made Kelly gag for real.
“But you still stuck around. Thank you Kelly.” Dan said.
“Yeah. You don’t know how lucky you are.” Kelly said nonchalantly and then knelt again.
Then, with her back to her husband and her son still hiding behind the curtain, the depraved mother grabbed the thick cock and closed in on it.
Kevin slapped his hand on his mouth, shocked at his mother’s depravity and afraid that his dad may hear him.
But this just excited him more. He started to fuck his mom’s mouth, trying to cum into her.
The very next second, Dan was done. He looked at himself one last time, sprayed his cologne and then wheeled around and marched out.
As soon as Kelly heard him leave the bedroom, she threw the curtain open and grabbed her son, kissing him madly.
“I want you to fuck my ass.” she said, breaking the kiss and no longer caring to keep her voice low.
“I want you to fuck my cunt”. Kevin smiled.
“I want you to bathe me in your cum.”
“Yes mom.” Kevin said.

Part 2 coming soon.

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The bottle – a fisting story

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I am in town and we agree to meet for a coffee or something. I can’t stay long, as I have a plane to catch. You meet me and we go to a no-tell motel for a quick bit of no-strings fun.. I kiss you deeply my hand on your ample, mature ass, pulling your dress up to probe you. As your legs part, my fingers slip inside the leg band of your panties. I push two fingers into your most willing cunt and you moan as I enter you.

I finger you and as you get so wet, you put one foot up on the chair as I begin to work three fingers in and out of your pussy and my thumb in your ass, My finger is probing the dimple of your cervix, as you encourage me. I am looking around for something for lube, because I’d love to get more of me into your gaping cunt

I grab some motel conditioner from the bathroom, and put some on my fingers and push into your pussy, then I get a lot on my hand and push four fingers into you. I push and turn and soon my in in up to my thumb. I have large hands, so I make the ‘duck’ position, tucking my thumb into the palm of my hand and we push and twist, you grab my wrist, saying “shove the fuckin hand in me, spread me wide Dan!!” and you squat down a bit forcing my fat hand into you. once we get past the open, my hand easily fits in your cavernous cunt.

I twist and push, mashing your cervix, pulling my hand out, only to struggle to get it back in. After about 10 minutes, I am going in and out of you, punch fucking your expanding cunt. We keep adding conditioner, we got a puddle going on the floor of your cum and conditioner. I keep shoving my hand up, forcing it deep into you. A sound of “ummph” every time I hit the back wall of your cunt.

I look around wanting something bigger than my hand to force deep into your cunt. “What have you got handy Mary??”

You get me the bottle of wine from your purse, I have you on your hands and knees, your gaping pussy presented to me. I take a look at the wine before I use conditioner on the bottle and push the long neck of the bottle into you. it really does not want to go in, the wide part stops. but I push and twist forcing your pussy to open. It hurts a bit, but a bit of pain will not stop me from destroying your cunt today. We only have a bit of time together , and I hope to make the most of it. . I push and you push your hips back and the bottle starts to go in. Your cunt lips are tightly wrapped around the wine bottle, as I push it in and out. I can not go far, because the neck is hitting the back of your cunt.

I take it out and swiftly lube the bottom of the bottle and begin to force your cunt open to accept the bottle, I begin to slide the bottle in and out of you, pushing deep with each stroke. holding it deep in you, stretching you. Your asshole is sideways as it is stretched as well as I push the bottle deep in you. I bear down watching your lips begin to close over the tapered part, the rest of the fat part of the bottle buried in your cunt. I use my phone to take pics of you….a bottle deep in your cunt.

my cock is dripping with pre-cum and I have you turn a bit and offer you my cock to suck. You tell me to give it to you…all of it, make you gag if need be. I grab your head and force my cock down your throat, you gag and retch a bit, drool is dripping out of your mouth. Your mascara is running, the copious amounts of saliva from your gagging only makes my cock push past into your throat. I bury my cock in your throat, hold it there until you push me away, gasping to get a breath. the bottle is still in your cunt, and I’m so fucking hot. I face fuck you, every stroke or two goes down your throat. I can feel my load about to cum. I know how much you love to taste my cum, so when I’m about to blow, I make sure my cock is not in your throat, and I pump my load into your mouth. squirt after sqiirt of my cream goes in your mouth.

I bend over and force my tongue in your mouth as I pull on your nipples. tasting my cream in your mouth, only makes me horny. I’m going to give it some time, I need to go play with your cunt some more before I go.

You are very hot right now, I go to the bottle and pull it in and out of you, I lube up my hands and push one hand in you, and try to start push a second hand in you. I alternate, push one hand in, pull it out, push second hand in, pull it out. back and forth ..punch fucking your cunt with closed fists. soon I can get both hands inside you and you have lost count of how many times you have cum.

I am hard again and I press my cock to your ass and begin to fuck your ass. My cock is hard, but not as hard as it should be. I know you are not fond of anal, So I pull my cock out of your ass and tell you to suck me. I lay on the motel bed and you grab my cock, and lick and suck, You love the idea that it was just in your ass. You suck me quite hard , going deep, getting my cock rock hard. and you sit on me, my cock in your cunt as I pull hard on your nipples. you bend over to kiss me and after we kiss I bite and tug your nipples as you move your hips, rocking on my cock in your cunt, rubbing your clit until you can cum a couple of times.

Alas, I must get dressed and go. I kiss you goodbye, you lie on the bed, one hand tugging a nipple the other rubbing your clit as I leave to catch my connecting flight, you are in no rush to leave just yet, your cunt is a bit sore from the bottle. Your phone buzzes, it’s a text from me with two pics of your cunt tightly stretched around the wine bottle. You smile, and begin to get dress, thinking of how good a hot bath, a glass of wine at home, while gazing at the pics…you just may have to rub out another orgasm

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ROAD TRIP A CD STORY Chapter 1.4 (New Orleans)

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Chapter 1.4 New Orleans

We were just out of Mobile when I went to sleep
When I woke up; I looked a around and there was no one here the van was not moving the generator was on with the AC going all the curtains were closed and the van was lock.. Oh no did they leave me? I started to panic.. I open the side door and went out looking around it was dark.. Where the Hell am I !! I think it a rest stop I could see the bathrooms but no Black Mercedes the parking lot was empty..
My heart drop the guy’s just left me here and took off !! I set on the step of the van in my pink nightie Heartbroken thinking those Bastards got into my panties Used me and Dumped me the first chance they got… I started crying I thought they were happy with me.. I gave them whatever they wanted and then some.. And started to cry again with my head down for about 15 minutes my nightie was all wet from the tears…Then I thought Fuck Them why am I sit here balling like a baby..
I started this on my own I will Finish it that way!! I turned around and went in the van and got Dressed but I was still Heartbroken I think in the 2 days I had started falling in Love with them and how happy they made me and started crying again… I sat up thinking stop these get your shit together Gurl !! Make yourself something to eat and get a plan.. I grabbed a rag and blew my nose straightening myself up.. I went outside to the back of the van I felt so alone and empty.. I notice a black car with a trailer and nice black Custom Harley on it.. I open the backup setting up the kitchen and started to cry thinking of Mark standing there with his hand on my ass.. I shook my head; Stop it get it together..
I started making something quick and easy but when I was cooking it… I started to cry again thinking of Steve with his head under my skirt playing with my Butt and laughing… Fuck it; I stopped cooking and put the stuff away wiping the tears off my face and made a sandwich.. Sat on the back of the van and ate it.. Thinking those Bastards and what I would do them if I ever seen them again.. Then thinking; I’m going to head up the road and get the Hell out of here.. I closed it up and headed to the driver’s seat.. I walked around the front of the van crying and looked at the black car with the trailer.. It was a Mercedes coupe. I look inside; There was Steve’s pen and cup and the T shirt that Mark had balled up for a pillow.. They had parked on the other side of me taking 2 spaces.. I tried to open the door but it was locked.. What the Hell is going on What did I miss.. And what the fuck is this Motorcycle doing here !!! Now I’m Really Confused… I walk over and open the drivers door of my van and there’s a note with a set of keys

[ Hey Baby] I Have Been to New Orleans Quite a Few Times.. After We Got You All Set up and Locked Up.. I Took Mark to This Badass Harley Shop.. It’s One of The Biggest In The U.S.. I Wound Up Buying 2 Bikes and a Trailer.. There Not Brand New But Only Have a Few Miles On them.. The One We Have is a Touring Bike Fully Dressed We Left You the Lighter Sportster.. When You Get This Take the Bike and Meet Us at Bouligny Tavern 3641 Magazine St Downtown I Left a Map Between the Seat and the Tank on the Bike.. I Come Here Every Time I Go to New Orleans.. Park the Bike in the Alley Beside it We Didn’t Want to Wake You Because I Know You Haven’t had any Sleep the Past Couple days So We Let You Sleep (You’re Going to Need it) I Love You Steve PS What’s the Sense in Being Rich if You Can’t Spend it and Have All the Toys..

My heart started racing and filling up with joy again; He said he Loved Me.. I blew my noise and dried my face.. Them the First thing I did was get the bike off the trailer. I hurried into the bathroom and shave my legs and trimmed everything up real nice and raced back to the van… I had never got dolled up so quickly!! Then locked everything back up..
I put my hair up into a ponytail through on the helmet Tucking my hair up in it… I Jumped on the bike It felt so good the leather seat was kind of wide between my legs..It made me feel tough.. It was like I turned into a Wild Sexy Biker Bitch in Heels.. I fired it up and WoW what a feeling between my thighs..I open the throttle a few times to get Used to it.. sending chills up my spine mmmm it started shaking between my Legs.. I started to get that loving feeling back as I put it in gear and let out on the clutch and Stalled it lololololol.. I Started back up and got it rolling..
I can feel my heart pounding just knowing I was headed to meet them.. The bike drove real nice with the belt drive my heels Locking the pegs…My legs felt alive with the Silk Stockings catching the wind.. I was a real bad-ass Bitch with the wind blowing in my face and up my skirt !! But Gurls/Girls I’m telling you have to try it with a plug in your puss when you wrap your legs around that thing and fire it up the vibration in the seat would make your panties wet.. With a plug or something in you it sends that vibration right up inside mmmm.. (I Love This Thing) and going to meet my 2 lovers makes it even more exciting..
I reached between my legs pulling out the small map from between the seat an tank… Holding it on the tank with one hand I could see I was lucky Magazine Street was close to I-10 just after the Mississippi River where it dumps off into the delta. I had to get off at Tulane ave and make a few rights and lefts bring me to ST Charles ave & Antonine st Then take a left and it’s 5 blocks to my Boys filling with anticipation as I turned left onto Antonine st Knowing they didn’t Leave me..
But 3 blocks away the streets were blocked off there was some kind of Festival is going on.. I pulled into a packed business parking lot Cautiously moving in between the cars pulling right in by the building.. I quickly jumped off grabbing the keys ripping the helmet off locking it all up and started running.. I could hear my heels clicking loudly on the ground as I ran.. I just wanted to get to them (2 blocks away)
When I came upon all the people it was crazy…There were 1000’s of people dressed up in costume Girls walking around naked with their clothes painted on… Guys yelling and screaming from the balconies with beaded necklaces and girls lifting up their tops and showing them their boobs to get them!! Guys kissing guys girls kissing girls guys all painted up in different colors with crazy wigs Little bands set up in some of the alley ways.. Guys on stall tall stilts with pants over them I pushed my way through the crowd.. The sidewalk was getting full so I moved to the street but there were people everywhere drinking and Yelling having a good time.. I finally make it to the place Knowing they were inside..
I quickly open the door and it was packed.. looking around I couldn’t find them.. 4 guys are standing at the front they stopped me and started hitting on me asked me if I wanted a drink?.. One of the guy’s asked me IF I TOLD YOU!! YOU HAVE A NICE ASS WOULD YOU HOLD AGAINST ME? I gave him a mean look and said NO I WOULD NOT HOLD IT AGAINST YOU !! I just pushed the guy to one side telling him DOES THAT LINE EVER WORK ? I move deeper into the pub.. Finally I seen them in the back in a booth I push my way through the crowd.. They looked at me and said WELL HEY; and Steve stood up to let me in.. But instead I jumped into Mark side on my knees and gave him a passionate kiss then stood up and gave Steve a real passionate one and slid into the booth next to the wall…
They can see I was all excited and Mark said WE’RE ONLY HAVING DRINKS WHAT’S GOING ON ? I told him SWEETHEART IF YOU ONLY KNEW.. and kissed Steve again I started feeling like a giddy school-girl again and right then it hit me !! I’m in love with these 2 guys.. The waitress walked up I told her I wanted some wine and she handed me A wine menu it was 6 pages.. Steve just took it from me and handed it back to her and told her BRING US YOUR BEST BOTTLE OF WINE AND KEEP THE BOURBON FLOWING FOR ME AND MY FRIEND HERE.
My heart just melted he was such a strong bold in control type of guy.. And Mark was Kind and Sweet but yet a solid man.. I put out my hands to them and they took them.. I settled down a little bit and then told them.. I LOVE YOU GUY’S and they said WE LOVE YOU TOO.. I squeeze their hands tight and said no look at me I stared Mark right in the eyes and told him I REALLY LOVE YOU AND THERE’S NOWHERE I WOULD RATHER BE THAN WITH YOU.. He didn’t say a word..
I turn to Steve and told him Steve I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YOU AND JUST BEING BY YOU MAKES MY HEART FLUTTER.. He looked me in the eyes… LET ME TELL YOU I’M FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU TOO I CAN’T GET YOU OFF MY MIND I KEEP PICTURING YOU LAYING BACK ON ME BY THE TREE WITH THAT SMILE ON YOUR FACE LOOK OUT OVER THE STREAM and he kissed me like I’ve never been kissed before.. I kissed him back running my fingers through his hair.. The waitress came up with the wine and drinks HERE YOU GO GUY’S..
she set it on the table Mark just raised his hands; like I don’t know ..
We both looked at Mark and he said YOU GUY’S DON’T WANT TO HEAR THIS!! OH COME ON.. IT’S JUST A SMALL THING NOT AS WILD AS YOU TWO… OH COME ON ALREADY… I JUST WANT TO FIND SOMEONE WHO COULD SUCK ME TO THE BASE… I just stayed quit and smiled knowing I was the one who fulfilled his fantasy and he winked at me…
We finished our drinks.. Steve paid the bill and went to the bathroom.. Mark leaned over the table and took my hand.. I WANTED TO SAY I LOVE YOU TOO AND I GLAD I MET YOU AND I LOVE TO BE AROUND YOU.. His green eyes looked right through me; My heart melted & my panties got moist I want to jump him right then and there.. But we stood up.. He took back my hand and went to meet Steve halfway.. It was still packed and when we found Steve I took his hand making our way to the door.. when we got there I told them to wait a second… I yelled to the 4 guy’s SORRY GUY’S I FOUND 2 REAL MEN.. I held up there hands and we when on out into the crowded streets it was so loud firecracker going off just the noise from all the people hooting and hollering was loud..I put my arms around the guy’s and they had they hands on my ass..
I was kind of Dancing between as we walked.. All-of-a-sudden a cute little blonde come running up with no top on her boob’s bouncing and a neck full of the beaded necklaces and she jumped up on Mark rapping her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss!!! I grabbed her arm HEY !!! But before I could do anything she let go of him and
Kissed Me!! I was so shocked I let go of her and she took off disappearing into the crowd!! We just looked each other WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT Mark said FUCK MAN IT HAPPEN SO QUICK I DIDN’T HAVE A CHANCE TO ENJOY IT!! We started laughing lololololololol Steve said THIS TOWN IS OFF THE HOOOOOK…This people were partying hard !! We were walking up the sidewalk Steve told us to go in the alley and we will have to push the bike out of the crowd..
When we got to the bike Steve told us WAIT RIGHT HERE and he took off into the crowded street .. I sat on the bike and Mark kissed me I gripped his 13 inch cock in my hand and kissed him back we started making out in the dark alley… I Love to feel his cock growing in my hand.. When Steve showed back up I had Marks cock laid out on the seat gently petting the top of it shaft with my hand.. WILL I SEE YOU GUY’S ARE READY he stepped up and flip up my skirt and slid my panties to one side.. He pulled out my plug and put it in the saddle bag and started munch on me..
So I moved back and bent over laying on the seat and started sucking on Mark’s big cock.. I felt Steve stop and move away so I looked back and he was waving 3 guy’s over.. I trust him so I went back to sucking Marks 13in cock slowly working it down my throat..with no worry’s Besides Mark was looking out for me.. I almost had it worked all down when I felt Steve rubbing my ass when I came up for air and started to look back tell Steve MMMM THAT FEELS G.. It was 1 of the 3 guy’s..
He was painted all gold with wings he is dressed as Poseidon god of the sea with a Trident spear..
One of the others was a cowboy in leather chaps, vest, and a hat and that was it nothing else.. The other 1 I don’t get a good look at.. I looked at Steve he said I’M GOING TO MAKE YOUR FANTASY COME TRUE.. I stood up and turned my side to the bike and looked the guy’s over good Steve made real good choices especially the cowboy he had two 6 guns and a 12in club between his legs STEVE I WANT THE COWBOY 3rd.. I went to my knees jerking off Mark and the other guy while sucking Poseidon the cowboy moved over and started shaking and stroking his cock in front of me.. My puss was dripping juice from Steve eating it..Oh man I had a cock in my mouth and one in each hand I was heating up Poseidon was hard I pulled his cock out of my mouth.. I stood up and lifted my skirt showing them my ass and sexy lace panties then putting it back down teasing them 3 or 4 times.. Then I pulled it all the way to my waist and Presented my ass to them.. I open my legs some razed up on my tippy toes and started moving it around slowly enticing them to take it..
I put my.hands on the tank and looked away from them; Slowly swaying my ass waiting for them do whatever they want with it.. Poseidon step to my side and started rubbing my ass.. Then he slipped up my top and started squeezed and groping my tit’s..The other guy step up and opened me with his fingers then stabbed his cock in me as Poseidon watched with and hand full of my tit’s.. Making me start moaning Mark moved over and laid his 13in cock on the tank for me to suck I got down my throat and reached over and grabbed the cowboys big club and started jerking him off.. It wasn’t 4 minutes and I could feel the guy’s warm Cum shooting in me.. As soon as he was done he stepped back and Poseidon immediately jammed his in and started fucking me. I was enjoying the rhythm of his cock.. I had the side of my face laying on the tank with Marks cock all the way down my throat jerking of the cowboy waiting his turn…
When I felt another cock rubbing on my other arm.. I couldn’t turn my head to see.. So I just grabbed it and started jerking it off too think this is a good size One it was nice and thick..
I was in full Slut mode a cock in the front one in the back and one in each hand they were all going to town on me.. I started fucking Poseidon back real hard slamming my ass down on his cock.. Mark put his hand on my face and started throat fucking me hard as I jerked off the other 2 guy’s.. I couldn’t cry out; it just made me fuck and suck harder..
I could hear Poseidon crying out as he blasted Cum in my ass slowly pulling it back and then jamming back with every load… I was getting so Hot and wound up from all of this happening to me.. When he was done he step back and the cowboy quickly took over..
I wanted to see this I gently pushed Mark back till I was free of his cock.. Looking back I watched as the cowboy work that club in me .. It open my puss wide as he got the head in.. Making me cry out OHHH FUCK OHHH FUCK AA AA AA EASY COWBOY OOO… He did not care he was go to hit it a forget it.. He roughly jammed it to the base forcing my insides to open making me cry out louder..OOHH MY GOD OOHH MY GOD.. There was so much noise from all the people echoing in the alley no could hear me.. Ones it was all in and he was roughly fucking my ass it started to feel good and my puss opened up Loving every long stroke..YA BABY YA MMMMM FUCK ME.. Another guy came up with his cock out rubbing it on my arm..
I grabbed it; jerking them off in rhythm with the cowboy I look over to see who was next it was a tall young Black Guy with a big smile knowing his turn was coming up.. I looked back at Steve With my head bouncing around from all of them Using me and scene what look like a line of 20 guys in the shadows..
I just laid my head back down on the tank and started sucking on Mark again it was so long and stretching open my throat as it went down.. I could feel the head moving way down in my throat every time the cowboy jammed his
cock forward forcing Marks Deeper.. the cowboy started to Cum in me.. He grabbing my hips and jamming his cock from side to side forcing my puss to open even more I could cry out.. It was making me gag on Mark’s cock…
As the cowboy is shooting his loads in me it was the roughest anybody had ever Cum in me before.. but I really enjoyed it.. feeling the head being wildly driven around way up in me then a blast of warmth …
When he was done he stepped away and the young black man stepped up… None of them said a word to me they just kept stepped up and started fucking me… when I felt another cock rubbing on my arm I just grabbed it and started working it as the black guy was giving me his best moves my puss was gobbling it all up enjoying every second of it being fucked five different ways in a half hour..I could feel Marks cock down my throat starting to throb he started shooting big massive loads down it.. Moaning out with each one.. it was so wild I can feel all the Cum flowing down my legs and Mark shooting loads down my throat it was kind of gagging me and sticking to the walls of my throat as his giant cock slid in and out of it.. I started puking up cum when Mark would pull it out for me to get air..
I would quickly suck it up off the tank and swallow it again tasting it each time it would come back up and I would Swallow it letting Mark work it back down the young black man was fucking me real good my ass was on autopilot fucking him back my arms are getting tired from all the jerking..When Mark was all done he step back and watch these guy fucking me… I looked over at the one guy beside me thinking; Where is Steve finding all these big cocks and this guy dressed up as Darth Vader I look to my other side and it was a guy dressed up as Robin Hood I laughed to myself thinking I’m fucking the cast from every major film in the past 20 years lolololololol The young black man started to Cum I was so full of Cum my stockings we’re soaking wet down into my heels when he pulled it out his Cum just flowed out of me and Darth Vader stepped up quickly and started fucking me hard my chubby clip started to come all over the bike. Another guy stepped up and my hands were full of cocks again my puss started Cumming I was going crazy on Darth Vader’s cock riding it hard and jamming my ass up and down on it.. My puss was clamping down so tight I can feel every vein in his cock it felt so good I couldn’t stop it he started to Cum in me more.. I was crying out; GIVE ME MORE GIVE ME MORE fUCK MY ASS FUCK ME He stopped and before I could catch a breath Robin hood jumped in and started pounding me.. All of the Guy’s were Punishing my ass.. The guy to my left pulled his out of my hand and started shooting Cum on my face I lift my head up trying to catch it in my mouth but he was just wildly shooting it all over me.. when I look up;!! My heart dropped there was a cop standing right in front of me (BUSTED) He just stood there for a few seconds then unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock shaking it in my face I started sucking it as it was getting hard in my mouth I figures out he was not a real cop.. I stopped looking around and just took every cock that came to me.. My puss was just pulsing quickly My ass was wildly moving on it’s own fucking everything that came up to it..One would pull out his cock as another one jammed his in me.. Oh it felt so good it was a none stop.. The side of me face started to hurt from it being driven all over the tank and my throat was hurting from all the different size cock being jammed in it… But I didn’t care it was better than I had imagined.. When one would pull it out I could feel my pulsing puss gape open begging for another one to fill it… Some of the guy’s I was sucking would Cum wherever they wanted down my throat, in my mouth, on my face, some I could feel it shooting on my back and in my hair.. And whatever was on the tank I would lick it up till the next one filled my mouth.. I think some of them would get back in line and fuck me again because some of them would Cum in just a little while and some would fuck me for some time.. All I know is they were Tearing My ass up and I was covered with Cum and it was flowing out of me and down me Legs into my heel and out the pep toes…My feet were soaking wet and slipping around in my heels.. I was in a state of euphoria all I wanted was more cock and more cock if two more guys stepped up I started jerking them off or if there was a fourth I would suck him.. This went on for 2 1/2 hours in the dark alley.. When the line was all gone and no one was there.. My ass was still moving like there was a cock in it !! My puss was pulsing so fast I couldn’t stop it I had been fuck for so long so hard and so many different ways it was waiting for the next one… Then Mark stepped up with his 13in cock and started slowly fucking me Gently making me slow down but keeping my hot… As he finished mixing all that Cum and pushed it Deep inside me I had finally calm down enough he pulled it out and had me suck it clean.. Steve finally came up telling me IS THAT WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN FANTASIZING ABOUT ALL THESE YEAR…
I told him oh God yes thank you I never thought it would be like that it was a hundred times better than I had imagined… I wanted to jump up and kiss him but I was just so damn tired I can only move real slow.. I sat on the bike with my top up around my shoulders my bra was on but my tit’s were out of it.. I took off my heels and stockings off
I used my stocking to wipe out the insides of my heels and Steve took them and wiped off my back as I put my tit’s away .. I was lucky that the first guy pull up my top so they could play with my tit’s it was half way dry and clean.. I put it down and slipped on my heels.. Mark took off his nice club vest and shit and bent me over a little and pulled up my skirt and used his shirt to dry my ass then cleaned my plug and worked it back in me and through the shirt on the ground and put the vest back on mmmm He looked So Sexy with most of his chest and arms showing… He put his arm around me and help me walk back to the other bike and used his other arm to help Steve push the big touring bike.. I asked Steve HOW MANY GUY’S WERE THERE… He said I WANTED 10 or 12 BUT ONES THE WORD GOT OUT THERE WAS 16 or 17.. I TURNED A LOT AWAY I ONLY USED THE BIGGEST ONE… We all laughed lolololololol Oh AND WE DID MAKE $2,000 IN 2 ½ HOURS I WAS CHARGING THEM $100 A PEACE AND MOST OF THEM GAVE ME A TIP.. I told him ARE YOU k**DING ME He laughed and said NO BUT SOMEONE HAD TO PAY FOR THAT $800 BOTTLE OF WINE YOU DRANK and he looked at me and smiled.. All of us started laughing again lololololololol…..
When we got back to the other bike I gave Mark the keys and a big kiss then jumped on the back of Steve’s bike I wrap my Legs around him with my heels in his lap and my arms around his chest and pulled him up tight to me and laid my head on him..he fired it up and hollered over to Mark WITH THIS EXTRA MONEY I KNOW WHERE THERE’S A DENNY’S LET’S GET SOMETHING TO EAT IT’S 4:00 IN THE MORNING I’M HUNGRY AND STEPH’S BUYING.. And we took off quickly with both of the Harley’s roaring together (It was real loud).. I felt like a real biker Bitch with my Legs wrapped around Steve; it held my legs up a little and plants my ass firm on the seat with the bike shaking the plug around inside me making me Cum again mmmmmmm Yes I am there Slut and can’t help but to Love them both mmmm !!!!! I was squeezing him so tight and rub my tit’s on his back as we were going down the road…. When we passed a cars they would hit their high beams because half of my ass and panties were showing I couldn’t keep my skirt down with my legs up around Steve but I didn’t care it felt good with the wind blowing on it… If we stopped at a red light I know they could see my ass moving around!! But not knowing about the plug and Mark would howl like a wolf and Steve would answer him back making us laugh… and besides I was being a real Biker Slut lolololololol all 3 of were being wild and carefree; What a Good Feeling….

This Is The End Of; ROAD TRIP A CD STORY Chapter 1.4 New Orleans
Chapter 2.0 Side Tracked is next it will be up soon

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Bobbie to bitch Part 1 -A

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Tom and I were having a wonderful sexual relationship.I gave him everything but my boy butt. My wife was quiet although she asked a few questions. “Does he have a nice cock? Have you gone all the way?Are you ready to admit that you are gay?”I gave her some information but not all.”Paula thinks you 2 are a cute couple.She wants to watch when Tom bones your ass for the first time. Meanwhile we are using the time share next wk . If you guys want to come along then you share a room ..Paula and I will share the other room. I assume you will be his GF all week.It will be nice to see you walking around the condo in your panties and negligee.When we go out you will wear a dress and be your natural girly self. Tom can fuck all three of us girls”

I was surprised at her kind words.It will be awesome to be a girl in public and stay in public.I asked my wife very little.So this Saturday is the condo time share.Tom already knew. He also explained that his wife will not give him a divorce because he has a large inheritance due him soon.Well some cold water on our love affair.I still was with him most days and some nights. Although I slept at home most nights.
Off we went to the resort town near the beach. It was almost friendly between us four. . We arrived at the condo and the first evening was fine.The next evening the girls were drunk and we put them to bed.

I wore my red lacy panties with a black lacy short cami. Tom was so hot for my pussy. He grinded up to me.I helped him out of his clothes. We kissed and hugged while standing in our bedroom.His hard cock pressed against me. My panties were wet.My tongue was in his mouth as I stroked his naked cock. Becoming the girl is best decision of my life. Feeling his cock knowing that I turn him on.I knelt down on pillows and gave him a long wet blowjob.Kiss kiss.Lick lick.Sucking him making slurp noises as he moans.I made little girly noises and purred as I suckled his man meat.I pulled down my panties looking into his eyes. I stroked my pink small girly cock just like the CD’s in the movies.”You sweet bitch. Jerking off while sucking your mans cock. My sissy cocksucker. My Marica marica.You need my hot sperm in your mouth and tummy.I ready….come off…”. He came in my mouth as I came off too.Smell and taste of sperm.Smell and taste of his cock.Most white guys with small cocks like me are destined to be sissy cocksuckers.He softened and I released his cock from my wet warm mouth. Tasting his fine sperm.Sissy bliss.I burped his sperm.We laughed “Tom its so smooth thick and tasty.Your hard cock is so sexy to me.I love you honey.” He sighed deeply”Tonight Roberta your ass is getting fucked.I am going to eat your pussy then slip my bone in you until you cry with pleasure.” We got in the bed and snuggled up and spooned.His soft cock pressed my panties.He hardened and I held his hard cock.I teased and massaged his cock.My panties came down. I rubbed his cock up and around my asshole.His cock began twitching.Oh no .he is about to come. I teased him too much.He jumped and shaked coming on my asshole.”Sorry honey.Next time for sure.I do love your wet sperm on my asshole.We will make our first baby tonight.” We spooned again. This time I knew to not tease him too much. We talked a long time and dozed off.It was about 7 AM.Tom was in the bathroom.I heard the girls laughing and asking for aspirin.
“You faggots were quiet last night. TY. We go for some breakfast and aspirin.Then we go shopping.Bobbie do you want us to buy you some sexy panties.? A new bikini?How about some tampons.?”
Laughter. “TY girls so sweet of you.” Tom came back to bed with me.I loved seeing his soft cock flipping around.He is 3 inches soft. I am 3 inches hard. Laws of nature.I guess.Soon we were making out again.I thinking of all the years of chasing pussy and trying to please pussy. Now I am a pussy and it feels so natural.
I rubbed his tummy then his balls and cock.He was hardening fast. Me too.”Tom isn’t it nice that your GF,me, has a hard on for you.I am your dream girl. Our dream girl.Bury your prick in my asshole. Make me your cunt.Fill me with your sperm.” I kissed him while holding his hard cock.We are about to get laid.The right way. He pulled down my panties.I lubed us each and climbed upon him.I wore my negligee as I mounted him.Today is my day.Totally sissy girl gay. I held his big cock pushing out my anal lips .I feel his crown hitting my narrow opening.”That’s the place.Hold him still.I moved a bit and felt some penetration.I pushed down while he pushed up.”Awww. Your tip is in me..Little more cock in me.Hurts me. Awwww. Slow BB. Easy.” He popped my cherry.I felt 3 then 4 inches then the whole hard cock was up my asshole.I moved my ass.He moved his cock. “Feeling better. Throb your cock again. Yes.” I moaning.Purring.He stops growls and gives me all of his hard cock. I am filled and fulfilled.”How it feel Roberta?” He goes up and down .I meet him and we are pushing into a nice harmony.My ass rocks slowly on his cock.I am so tight.His cock is hitting me in deep places of peace.I am getting laid for the first time.Perfect fit.My soft cock sits on his tummy.”Tom you are fucking me”. Groans moans and purring. “I am fucking you right and right up your cute little ass.Your ass is cuter,tighter and more warm than any vagina.I knew right away that you wanted to get butt fucked” He goes faster. “I can get you as a girl or boy.I love you.” I wiggle my ass as we fuck.”Cum in me BB. This is better than any sex with a female.” He is close.So am I. I dribble some cum out and he shakes.He growls as he dances and shoots his warm sperm up me.I feel his wetness. My toes curl. I vibrate as he loads me up. I dribble out some more. Time stands still. I hear girl voices sounding miles away.He softens and slips out.I feel his load dripping from me.Wonderful moments.I am gay.a girl.a sissy.I am well fucked. I scoot up and my ass leaks his sperm on him. I go up for a lovers kiss then down to do my sissy duty. Eat and clean up the mess.I smile as I suck up his sperm.My sperm. I show him my lips and mouth with the white fluffy loads mixed up.
Now all is quiet. I notice the shades are open and I can see into the tiny courtyard.We spoon a long time. He is hard again.”Eat me out lover. “I sit on the pillow spreading my legs.”Look at my little sissy. Pink hole, cock and love sac. Sure I am eating this menu.It should be girlu not menu. ” He laps my pussy. MMMM. His tongue inside me. Tasting me.Sucking my hole and flicking my soft shriveled pink girl cock.
“Lets lie on the floor.” I get my lube and put a pillow or two on the floor . I lube us each as he takes me doggy style.He removes my negligee. “Now you are my BF.” I half stand and kiss him.My cock is hard. He is so hard in me.I am his BF or GF. I just need him and his big bone.Now he is doggy fucking me again.I hear girls voices and laughter.

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Mason Letter 04

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Dear Figaro,

This week has just been so fucking crazy, I will do my best to fit everything in. I just do not know what is happening with my life right now. I seem to have such high points and then really low points, I just want it to even out but I don’t think that will happen any time soon.

So I finally met Theo’s pen pal Brad. After I found the strange letter I just went to bed and didn’t hear them come back from their day out exploring. I was going to the kitchen after a crap night sleep, they were already awake and making breakfast in the kitchen, Theo was making breakfast I should say, Brad was sitting at the counter drinking coffee. He was wearing black briefs and nothing else.

“Morning,” Theo said, turning around from the stove top, “There’s pancakes if you want some?”

“Sure,” I replied, stifling a yawn, “that’d be great.”

“No offense but you look like shit,’ he said returning to the pan. “This is Brad.”

“Fuck you! and hello it’s nice to meet you.” I said extending my hand and taking a stool at the bench.

“Yeah, you too.”

I couldn’t help but take in his body, he definitely used to work out but I had a feeling he had been skipping the gym for a few months at least, he was defined but a little soft around the edges. By no means fat or anything, just a tad squishy. His chest was hairy; dash of dark brown hair between his pecks and around his nipples, trail leading from his belly button to his groin. I was surprised that Theo seemed so keen on him, his face was cute and all, Mediterranean heritage for sure, but the body type seemed a new direction for him. I glanced a peek at his package and it was bulging. We sat and made small talk and ate the pancakes, he was in town looking for work and was very grateful for a place to crash.

“What type of work do you do?” I asked, setting down my fork.
“Bar stuff, security, that sort of thing. I had an accident playing football last year so my fitness is not what it used to be. What do you do?”

I looked at Theo, who just smirked back at me and grabbed the plates.

“Well, my dream is to be an author but right now I am doing some adult entertainment videos, online stuff.” I felt my cheeks warm up.

“That’s so cool,” he said animatedly. “Must check out some of your videos.”

Theo stopped washing the plates and looked at me, letting out a laugh that sounded more like a bellow. After that the ice was most definitely broken, we discussed our plans for the day, I said I was waiting for a call from Curtis, he and Brad were going to go to some bars and see if they could find him a job. I stood up to get ready after Theo announced he was going to get changed, that was when Brad leaned across the counter and whispered.

“Maybe sometime the three of us should hang out sometime, you know, have some real fun.” His eyes lingered on me, eyebrow slightly raised and I quickly filled in the blanks.

“Yeah, maybe.” Got to hand it to him Figaro, he had balls.

When I was drying after my shower I could hear my phone ringing, I dashed quickly to it, dropping my towel along the way. Expecting Curtis I was a bit taken aback to hear Lockie’s voice. He sounded drunk.

“How you been Mason?” he said in an sarcastic tone.

“Lockie, are you drunk? it’s fucking barely twelve o clock.”

“Yeah, I have had a few.” He slurred.

“What’s up, I have not heard from you since the club.”
“I been busy, why’d you do it Mason? it was the one thing I asked you not to do.”

“Do what?” I asked as I found some underwear to pull on.

“You fucking got involved in camming!”

“No I didn’t, I told you I wouldn’t and I haven’t.”

“Well then, how come every time I fucking log in I see your big smiley head promoting the site, the clip interrupts my show Mason, my fans are nearly as pissed off as I am.”

Shit! I had filmed the subscription promo two days ago, Curtis had assured me that it would only be displayed after the teaser clips, he never mentioned it being used as in site advertising.

“I’m sorry Lockie! Curtis said it was for teasers only.”

“Oh did he now, well you can’t fucking skip it either, so for 30 seconds each hour during my session, they fucking see you half naked, chatting smut. As I have said I am happy for you to have all those views and fans but not if it affects my camming, talk to Curtis and tell him to change it Mason, I am serious!”

He hung up after that, I could understand his anger but it had nothing to do with me, I started to feel angry but took a few deep breaths and calmed down. I shot him a quick text, apologising again and saying I would try and make it right and that I would call him in a day or two. As I put on my sweat pants and t-shirt I got a message. It was from Tommy, asking how I was and that he hadn’t heard from me in a few days. I felt bad, I had cancelled on his offer for coffee twice now and was, in general, treating him badly. I replied that I was sorry (I seem to be apologising a lot lately) and that I would make it up to him, I’d just been ran off my feet.

I heard Theo and Brad leave as I flopped down on my bed. I thought back on his offer of a threesome and laughed, it summed up my life right now, that Theo’s current squeeze wanted to fuck around. I dismissed it as a joke but couldn’t help getting semi hard at the thought. I dragged my laptop to the lounge area and began to rewrite the third chapter of my story. Twenty minutes in and my phone rang, this time it was Curtis.

“Mason, how are you?”

“Fine, thanks.” I replied coolly, still stinging from his lies about the promo vid.

“Please say you’re free right now,” his exasperated tone grabbed my attention. “I have a guy here ready to shoot but he is only available for the next two hours. You would be perfect for the scene and it will really put you and this site on the map. It’s Dylan O.” He said, barely containing his excitement.

“Dylan O, the fitness model wants to do porn?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes, I been working on him for the last few weeks, and since the exposure from your videos recently I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, he flies out for a model shoot this evening, so it is literally the quickest shoot in history, please say you are free.”

I thought it over for a few seconds, I always found Dylan to be mega hot but one of those types I would never approach or message online, his body was chiselled as if it was from marble and his blue eyes had women and gays swooning the world over. Everything about him just screamed unapproachable.

“Thought he had a girlfriend?” I asked, trying not to get my hopes up.

“Dumped her two weeks ago, he’s looking for a career change and the money he’s getting for this is outrageous, even for me. So will you do it?”

“Yes, I will be there in thirty minutes.” I asked, butterflies in my stomach.

“Excellent, I knew you wouldn’t let me down, his agent said he will only top and no kissing or oral. I’m not too happy about it but I just want it in the can.”

“I want a meeting when we are finished Curtis, there are things we need to discuss.”

“Fine, whatever you want, just get here ASAP!”

I hung up the phone and ran to the bathroom, getting my douche out from under the sink, I couldn’t fucking believe it, I was bottoming for the first time on camera and the top was Dylan O. As I was prepping for the scene I began to look at his online posts. They were all mainly outdoor shoots, him on a farm just wearing jeans and cowboy boots, the others him emerging from a swimming pool, soaking wet you could see the outline of his cock in one, it looked chubby Figaro, between douches I slid a few fingers in there to loosen myself up.

I read a bit about his bio: he was blonde, 19, 5’5, straight, was a high school football player and wrestler, he enjoyed working out and travelling the world. Damn! he was the whole package really. His smaller height extenuated his muscles. Packing my backpack, I began to wonder how this would all play out, this could make my star rise even further. I shook off all negative thoughts and stresses and was firmly in the zone.

As I walked up the stairs to Curtis’s office I seen Sy standing in the door way.

“Mason! thank God you are here, Curtis has been stressing so much.”

“Why? I am actually early and prepped, all I have to do is shower and change.”

“No it’s not just that, Dylan arrived fifteen minutes ago, his team are making all demands, Curtis has no choice but to cave in.”

I could hear loud voices coming from the office.

“Fine! ok we will do it your way, but this is not how I run the studio.” Curtis shouted, worn out.

I noticed three men in suits outside the doorway into the set, Curtis had his eyes closed rubbing his temples as I sat down.

“Mason, thank fuck you are here, I am literally about to lose my shit, these demands are driving me mad not to mention the fucking time pressure I am under. I want your best today, nothing less.” His voice raised almost to a bark.

“It will be fine I will do my best as always.”I retorted, eying the men in suits.

“I know you will, sorry. That’s his entourage if you can believe it, he is getting his makeup done as we speak, we are good to go once I get the signal.”

In the dressing room, I had a final douche and shower. Curtis sat on the chair writing furiously into his note pad.

“Fucking ridiculous,” he muttered, shaking his head.

“What kind of demands is our star making?” I asked as I applied the numbing cream to my hole. Not the most glamorous position Figaro, but Curtis had seen basically all of me.

“Well as I said on the phone, no kissing or oral of any kind, I thought he just meant him but no, no oral across the board. He is not willing to speak on camera either, so the intro is out the window.”

“What does that mean then?” I begun to blitz some squats while we waited for Dylan to be screen ready.

“It means that our biggest video ever could be pretty tame. We will start with you both on the bed naked, then he will fuck you in the reverse cowgirl position, then doggy style, then apparently his favourite position is with the receivers legs closed. Likes ’em tight I guess.
I ignored his attempt at humor and began to do some push ups.

“I was thinking that he could cum over your ass to finish with, since he is not big on eye contact, you will only be taken from behind during the scene. I know this is not ideal or fun but I really appreciate you doing this for me Mason.”

He looked genuinely down Figaro, I felt so bad for him.

“Listen we will talk after this scene, and I will try my best to make it as hot as I can,” I placed a hand on his shoulder and stroked it reassuringly. “It will be fine.”

He covered my hand with his and said thanks, Sy knocked and said that Dylan was ready to go.

Curtis shot off ahead of us to get the camera positioned, leaving Sy and I alone. It felt odd to be talking to him as if last week’s bang never happened.

“You happy with all the comments you are receiving online?” I asked to break the silence.

“Pfft,” he said, waving a hand dismissively, “I was just glad to be in the shot, you are the real star, you were awesome. I know Curtis and his investors are thanking their lucky stars that Lockie recommended you… how is he after yesterday?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, side stepping one of the suited men, “What happened yesterday?”

“He didn’t tell you! Curtis had to suspend him for a week for doing a session drunk, it’s strictly against our terms and conditions, he was so mad, caused a bit of a stink really, I walked him to the train but he was a mess. I hope he sorts himself out soon Mase, he is our number one cam star.” With that he patted my arm and joined Curtis behind the monitor.

What the hell was going on with Lockie, I made a mental note to visit him on my way home. I had never seen him like this Figaro.

The room was totally transformed, instead of the couch and glass coffee table, there was a king-size bed in the middle, dressed in a grey blanket with green cushions. I smirked, those were the same colors as the “In’DaMan’d” logo, Curtis was not missing a beat. I could see Dylan standing talking to a guy who I presumed was his agent, he had a tablet and was skimming through some pages waiting for his approval.

I looked him up and down, he was a lot smaller in real life but was extremely attractive. His blond hair was short and neat, his body had a natural tanned glow to it, his thighs were bulging and his short briefs were stretched to capacity, he was totally hairless. His jaw line could have cut glass, he had a classic movie star look. My mouth started to go dry and as if reading my mind Sy handed me a glass of water. The movement caught Dylan’s eye and he ignored his agent and walked towards me, hand outstretched.

“Hey, I am Dylan.” He said confidently, I was taken aback by his pleasant approach, I was expecting a stuck up diva.

“Mason. Nice to meet you, I follow you online.” Fucking hell Figaro, why the hell did I say that.

“Thanks,” he added bashfully. “Sorry to keep you waiting, just wanna get this done before my modelling gig finishes. My agent wants the best deal for me so have to do what he says.”

“They’re cool with you doing porn?” I asked finishing my water.

“I am their biggest client I don’t give a fuck if they are cool with it” he laughed. “The money is just too good to turn down, you know what I mean.”

I did know what he meant, I had finally been paid and I still had troubling processing all the zeros at the end of the cheque.

“My first scene I was so nervous,” I said as we both moved to the bed.

“I am not nervous, I just hope you are as good as they say you are.” He said as he pushed me away playfully.

I couldn’t get over his friendliness and was glad he wasn’t nervous. Pulling up my white socks to the knee I could see him playing with himself. His cock was a lot pinker than I was expecting, it was roughly the same size as Lockie’s except Dylan’s had a curve to it and more girth. He was already hard.

“You mind if I play it a bit rough?” he asked, gently tugging his foreskin back and forth over his lightly purple helmet. “It gets me off.”

“Whatever,” I replied with a smile, “Just don’t leave any marks.”

Our laughter stopped the conversation between Curtis and the agent .

“Ok, you are both ready and know what to do, let’s go.” With that he walked behind the monitor, while Sy approached us with the handheld, the agent and entourage left the room.
“Once I yell action Mason, that is your cue to strip off and sit on him.”

Dylan and I looked at each other.

“Good luck.” I muttered as I pulled off my underwear.

“Thanks,” he replied a little less confidently.

I quickly stood up and squirted some lube onto his thick shaft, rubbing it up and down the condom before applying some to my hole. I prayed I had fingered myself enough to take him. I slowly slid down, his tip rubbing my backdoor, I squatted a little more and could feel his head press against my hole. It slowly opened to welcomed him inside, I took a deep breath and lowered more. Ugh! it felt so good, I could feel my rapid heartbeat pulsating around his cock, I rose slightly feeling my ass hug his shaft. After a few more tries I was loose enough for him to take over. I gently tapped his right side, he placed both of his strong hands on either side of my hips.

His thrusts started off slow at first, his manly grip forcing me down harder until he was balls deep in me, I grinded on him every third slam, my ass felt electric. I leaned back and put both my feet on his thighs, that was when he really picked up the pace. The slamming sound of his balls slapping against my cheeks was bliss, he was so deep in me that it hurt but there was no way I was stopping. The numbing cream had little effect and I could feel every inch of his cock as he buried it in me. Sy was between his legs now, getting the best angle of my hole getting pummelled. I reached down and lifted my ball sack, crying out at the sensitivity of my touch.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I cried.

Dylan sure knew how to screw Figaro, before long my face was red and my body was sweating. Dylan gently pushed my back and I sat up for a few more pounds until I was on all fours. He didn’t take his dick out of me during the transition and my cunt clenched around him as he began to fuck me doggy style. HIs curve really added to the sex, I could feel my prostate getting hit, the pre-cum trickling out of my piss slit. It felt glorious, I reached in and began to tug myself, matching my jerks to his thrusts.

The fact that he was ‘Gay for Pay’ and didn’t want to be kissed or sucked off only increased my desire. Against all odds his fucking tempo increased. My cock was getting jostled around so much by the frantic momentum I couldn’t grab it. The sensation was getting too much to bare, I lay on my chest and grabbed the blanket with two hands, biting into it to quieten my moans. Sy was walking up and down getting the action from the side before moving behind, catching all the rear view angles. I was face down ass up when Dylan began to spank me. The sting of it shocked me but I loved it, I leaned my head back and he grabbed one of my shoulders, pulling me back harder and deeper on to his cock. For a nineteen year old, he knew what he was doing.

He alternated slapping each cheek, pretty soon both of them were smarting. Then slowly, without warning, he leaned his full weight onto my back, my legs gave way and I could feel his muscled torso against my back. It was so fucking sweaty Figaro, the feeling of his rock hard abs grinding on my back was amazing. The full length of his shaft was inside of me now. He moved much slower, I could feel one hand push my face into the cushion as he slowly pulled out of me to the tip before slamming into me again. It felt like my back was going to break, it was pure ecstasy. My butt was arched towards him so I could receive all of him. All the nerve endings in my shitter were on fire, accepting his cock, missing it when he pulled out. He moved his body backwards, kneeling behind me, he grabbed one of my ankles and pushed my legs closed.

I could knew where he was going with this and I got even more excited. With my legs closed, he slowly entered my cunt again, this time it was so much tighter, my arse hole clenched, I could feel his hands pushing my ass together around his cock as he fucked me. I felt as if I would burst. He quickly got into a rhythm, throwing it in deep. My eyes began to roll, I was unsure of how much more I could take of him, his pounding was relentless and he showed no signs of slowing down. It was in this position that I could truly appreciate his girth, it was stretching me to nearly breaking point.

He pulled out of me and I was waiting for the re-entry but it didn’t come. I heard him pull off the rubber and his breathing become ragged. I lay there panting myself, I felt the first splash of his hot sticky seed hit my ass cheeks, it felt like he was squirting forever, I could feel some of his gunk trickling down my crack and onto my puckered hoop. Honestly feeling it dribble around my cunt was the best feeling I have ever had. My back felt soaked. I glanced at Curtis who pointed at me, it was my turn now.

I laid on my back and began to fuck my own fist, similar to the position Dylan and I had first done. I was rubbing my nipple when I felt his hand on my ass. Slowly his fingers crept towards my entrance, not looking at me he slid in two fingers. The action took my breath away, I couldn’t believe he was fingering me, this wasn’t on the program. I loved the spontaneity of it all and soon began gyrating on his fingers while bashing my cock. It didn’t take me long to nut, it gushed out, landing on my pecks and torso. I felt as if my whole body was on fire, he slowly withdrew from me and I could sense my cunt slowly closing up .Sy was there filming me from top to bottom. I must have looked used up, I fucking loved it.

“Cut!” said Curtis, snapping me out of my joyous haze. “Fucking epic, this is gonna put us all on the map.”

Sy handed us both a towel, while Curtis left the room to speak to the agent.

“That was fucking awesome!” Dylan said as he slid back on his underwear. “I haven’t fucked like that in weeks.”

I couldn’t form two words Figaro, my senses were in over drive, I just looked at him and smiled.

His agent came in shortly after that, Curtis assured him that the scene was going to be the biggest the site had ever had, Dylan spoke to his agent before turning around and giving me a quick thumbs up and left. His agent approached me as I slid on my shorts.

“Dylan told me to get your contact info, he would like to hang out when he is back from his overseas shoot.” He said in a bored tone.

I quickly gave him my details, not quiet believing that Dylan O wanted to hang with me, maybe I was about to get on the map, as Curtis put it.

After my shower I walked back into Curtis’s office, Dylan and his entourage had left the building.

“They snuck out the backdoor,” Curtis said as he handed me a glass of champagne, “to protect the reveal on Thursday night. The investors are gonna cream themselves when they see the clip. I expect it to go viral, I really do.” He was so excited as the three of us clinked glasses.

“You did brilliant, boss.” Sy said. “You’ve been on fire recently.”

We finished the bottle, Sy went to get more but I told Curtis I was leaving soon. When we were alone I told him about the letter I received. He said it was no big deal, that it happens a lot, it just shows that my name is getting around and I should be happy. He also promised to remove the promo vid from the cam side of the site and that it was a mistake to begin with and he was sorry.

I felt light headed as I put my keys in the front door of the apartment, but was feeling the most content I had felt in a long time, I would sort everything out Figaro. I left a voicemail on Lockie’s phone telling him I was worried about him and that Curtis was going to take down the video from his sessions. Tommy had replied to me also, saying that he thought I was a really nice guy and would like to catch up soon. I smiled reading his message, he was a really nice, normal guy. I needed normal right now. I poured myself a rum and coke and sat at the bench. I didn’t even see the envelope until I had finished the drink.

I slowly opened it, the familiar stink of the cologne hitting my nose. It was the same handwriting as before, this letter said:

‘Mason, you continue to impress me so much. I am so glad you are mine. YBF’

I went into my room ,got the other letter, grabbed my keys and left. I didn’t even put on shoes as I marched to 108.

“Mason, hey I was wondering when you were going to call for a visit.” Myles said.

He stood against the door, wearing a purple singlet and shiny blue shorts. He was barefoot, did he ever wear shoes?

“What’s wrong?” he asked, seeing my expression.

“Sorry if I am disturbing you.” I said as I tried to look behind him. “It’s just I have gotten two letters recently and I was wondering if you could check the CCTV for me, neither of them had addresses on them so I assume they were hand delivered.”

“Come in,” he said moving aside. “We can check together, when do you think they arrived.”

I quickly told him the story behind them. He sat at his computer desk, it housed three monitors.

“Excuse the mess,” he said as he began throwing candy wrappers into the waste bin and tiding up files. “No one usually comes in here.”

I glanced around his place, his apartment was identical to mine except for this office area near the front door.

He began clicking through the footage slowly.

“I am not really used to this program,” he said shyly, sensing my impatience. “What don’t you grab us some beers.”

I don’t usually drink beer, as you know Figaro, but I was just so tense I would have drank anything at this stage. His fridge stocked the usual food guys eat when they are bulking up. I grabbed the beers and walked back to him, his face was scrunched in confusion. I took in his body properly, the other times I have met him I am usually in a rush or trying not to make eye contact. He has full sleeve tattoo’s and one of a dark rose on his neck, he had a trimmed beard and a man bun, his look was lumber jack for sure. His arms and legs were massive, he made the computer chair look small compared to his mountain like stature. He was one hundred per cent my type.

“Any joy?” I asked, handing him his beer.

“Not a lot, there is a guy in a hoodie sliding the letters under your door, but I can’t see his face.”

I leaned over his shoulder to get a closer look at the screen, hoping to see something that could tell me who it was. Nothing stood out. He was medium build and height from what I could see, hood drawn tight across his face. I could sense Myles looking at me, my hip brushed his broad shoulders. His manly scent was intoxicating, beer and sweat. I looked back at him, he continued to stare.

“Fucking creep!” I spat, “I have no clue who it is.”

He continued to stare at me as he drank from his beer, I watched as he placed his lips around the bottle.

“I will keep an extra eye on your place during my inspections,” he said almost apologetically. “What do the letters mean anyways?”

“Hopefully nothing, just someone who is a fan of my work apparently,” I stood up and walked behind his monitor. All the events of the day were hitting me hard. The booze was helping though.

“How long you lived here,” I said, swigging some beer.
“About four months before you, I was lucky to get the gig,” he said standing next to me, he was so tall he loomed over me.


“I kinda left my old job in a way that I cannot go back to it,” he chuckled.

His place was minimally decorated, just abstract paintings, no pictures.

“I never see you with anyone, you live here alone?”

“Yes I am focused on my career at the moment, so no one special, how about you?”

“I have my fun, but no one steady.” The beer buzz was making me more chatty than usual, I found that he was actually really easy to talk too.

“I find it hard to believe that you are single,”

“Well if you count that creepy fucker sending me letters than I have at least one fan,” I said, setting my beer down on his desk. “Better be leaving, thanks for checking the cameras.”

I went to walk past him, his arm shot out and gently grabbed me by the wrist.

“I am always here to help Mason, in any way I can.”

I stared down at his arm but he didn’t remove it.

“Good to know,” I whispered my mouth going dry.

We stared at each other for a few seconds before he grabbed me by the back of the head and kissed me passionately. I was completly caught off guard. The beer on his breath tasted so good Figaro, he stuck his tongue in further, exploring my mouth, after a few seconds I responded with my own.

He slowly pulled away from me. His lips still wet from my saliva.

“Sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

“Don’t apologise” I replied heart racing, I grabbed the bottle from his hand and drained it, placing it on the table. “You did nothing wrong.”

“So if I kissed you again you wouldn’t mind?” he asked bashfully,

“Not at all.” I meant it, this day was going so well, bar the letter, I didn’t want it to end.

I put my hands on his hips and pushed him gently against the computer desk. His giant hands cupping my face as he kissed me firmly and deeply, his light beard rubbing against my face, which made my lips come alive. I could feel a pang of desire in my stomach. I slowly reached down and cupped his junk. He stopped kissing me and slowly rotated his hips.

“It’s been so long,” he muttered. “I haven’t had a chance to shower yet.”

“I don’t care.”

I sank to my knees, kissing his bulge through the fabric of his shorts. I was so horny Figaro. I pulled them down to his ankles. His hairy massive thighs were a sight to behold, not as good as the snake staring at me though. His mushroom helmet was a dark brown, his cock was a lighter brown, he was cut and his balls had contracted. It was a beautiful cock, I could not wait to taste him. I put my hands on his feet, feeling the thin wisps of hair on his toes and took him in my mouth. His bulbous helmet was soft at the tip and hard at the edge. I licked it with the underside of my tongue, skimming away his pre-cum. Moans escaped from his lips as he placed one hand on the back of my head, gently guiding me up and down his 6′ schlong. I could taste the sweat on his junk, he was a real man, not the twinks I was used to fucking with.

My throat was opened up now, the beer buzz mixed with my horniness made me so eager. I began to bob up and down on his dick, hands free. I positioned my head so that the head would graze against the roof of my mouth before it hit my throat. I was so turned on by all his moaning that I became even more aggressive. I loved the feeling of his head slam into my tonsils, I started gagging but didn’t stop, a thick stream of spit oozed from between my lips. With him firmly in my mouth, I stuck out my tongue and began to lick his sweaty bollocks, he placed his hand more firmly against my head, burying his cock in my face. I pulled back and inhaled deeply.

“Face fuck me.” I almost whimpered, desire coursing through me.

He looked at me for a second before placing both hands on top of my head, I opened my lips and accepted his throbbing erection into my warm mouth. He was on his tip toes now, angling into me. He began to fuck me mercilessly, I was in heaven, his ass knocked the files and bottles of his desk. I groaned then, sending the vibrations up his shaft, his balls continued to slap against my chin.I felt him pull away.

“Don’t!” I said earnestly, grabbing his hairy ass,I shoved it right back into me. After a few more thrusts his tempo slowed down as he emptied his jizz into me, it hit the back of my throat before spilling into the rest of my mouth. I swallowed instantly, tasting his salty milk. I had really made a mess of his dick, it was covered in spit and his own cum. I marvelled at it for a while before looking up at him. He was still panting, his face looked so relaxed.

“What the fuck just happened?” he said, pulling some hairs that had come astray from his bun.

“Not sure,” I replied, “But it was fun.”

I bent to pick up the stuff that had fallen off his desk.

“Leave those,” he said as he pulled off his singlet and kicked away his shorts from around his ankles.

I stared at the files. I started to tremble.

“Join me for a shower?” he asked.

I just looked up at him, he glanced from my horror struck face to the files in my hand.

“Mase,” he said, reaching for them, “it’s not what you think, please let me explain.”

He went to pull on his pants, but I was already at the door, I ran up the stairs two at a time, I could hear him calling my name. I bolted inside the apartment and jammed a chair under the handle.
My head couldn’t comprehend what I had just seen.

Why the fuck did Myles have files on Channing and I!

Nothing is making any sense right now. I really can’t wait to meet you face to face so we can discuss this, I am going to ask Lockie if I can crash at his place, I just don’t want to stay here right now.

I will try and write as soon as I can

Mason X

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Pretty Blonde Sissy

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Naked and young – in bed with a big black MAN! Both of our naked bodies entangled together. I learned to give blowjobs early.

I started masturbating when I was very young. Once I started doing it, it was all I thought about, 27/7 it seemed like. At that time I was living with my mom and her boyfriend Micheal. I never knew my real dad, Mom never talked about him; once, when she was drunk, she told me she wasn’t even sure who he was.

Mom always had boyfriends as far back as I can remember. Three or four of them lived with us at different times, but they never stayed for long. She met Micheal when I was ten, and he moved in soon after.

Micheal was Mom’s first black man. She met him in a bar. He had recently been released from state prison, and Mom was crazy about him. I used to listen to them fucking every night. She was always hanging on him, treating him like he was a king, massaging him, kissing on him. He didn’t like me much. He treated me ok when Mom was around, but when we were alone he mostly ignored me. I think it was because I wasn’t a very masculine k**. In fact, looking back on it, I was a downright sissy. I loathed athletic sports, and was frail and a weakling. Once he told me that his young old son could kick my ass.

By the time I was young I was jerking off several times a day. I used to go in Micheal’s and Mom’s bedroom and sneak Micheal’s’ fuck mags to masturbate to, while looking at the sexy nude women. Sometimes I’d pop in one of the porno videos that Micheal had, and jerk off while watching the beautiful white women making love to – servicing – their gorgeous black men. Around this time I got into going into mom’s bedroom and going through her lingerie drawers. One afternoon I found some lipsticks in the drawer and on impulse applied some to my mouth. I looked in the mirror and was shocked; I saw a sexy woman staring back at me! I stepped into a pair of mom’s high heels and almost came right then and there. With my shoulder length blond hair I literally looked like a woman. From then on I jerked off in heels and lipstick.

One afternoon when Mom was at work and Micheal was out I put on some black spike high heels and applied some sexy red lipstick on my pouty lips. I was admiring my image in the full-length mirror when I gasped: Micheal was standing behind me with his arms folded, watching me. I grabbed for Mom’s Frederick’s of Hollywood silk shorty robe, but his hand lashed out and grabbed the robe from my hand. He gave a long low whistle. “Like mother, like son”, he said.

“Micheal, I was just – “

“Naw, it’s cool, Keven,” he said. “You lookin’ fine as fuck, girl. Turn around, honey.”

I did like he said and he whistled again. “Girl you got some pretty laigs on you – just like yo momma – prettier even.” He reached over and ran his hand up and down my bare legs. “Fuck! Soft as silk an’ sweet as sugah! Ain’t hair ONE on that fine young ass!”

He pulled me close and bent his head to mine – and we kissed, his hungry mouth clamping over mine, his tongue snaking into my mouth and down my throat.

OHMIGOD! I was SO hungry for love and affection! I never had a Daddy before! I responded to his kiss and my tongue was wrapped around his as his big arms encircled me and I felt SO safe, and SO secure. Suddenly he picked me up and carried me to the bed, lowering me gently onto the sheets.

I watched as he stripped off his t-shirt and kicked off his jeans. I almost shit when I saw the size of the bulge in his jockey shorts. He came close. “Feel of it, Keven,” he said. “Go haid, squeeze on it.”

I reached up and felt the hard boner under the material of his shorts. He groaned in pleasure. “Take my shots down, sissy,” he said. I hooked my fingers and thumbs under the waistband and pulled his shorts down – and gasped as his huge black cock sprang free. OmiGOD! What a big cock!

“You like that cock, baby?” he asked me. “Go haid, girl, feel of it.” I squeezed down around his thick black cock and I saw a big pearly bead of semen form on the purple head. I knew about sucking cock because I had watched a lot of Micheal’s porn tapes. I got off the bed and knelt at his feet. I knew he wanted a blowjob, and I was flattered that he wanted me to give him one. I flickered my tongue out lapping up the bead of cum. Mmmm! My first taste of semen! And it was SO good!

So, soon after getting my first kiss, I was giving my first blowjob. Micheal was a good teacher. He told me how to suck cock and balls. I sucked his cock until he said, “I’ma cum – open yo fuckin’ mouth!”

I opened my mouth wide, just like the ladies in the porno tapes and waited as he masturbated over my mouth. Sudden he groaned in pleasure and ejaculated into my mouth. Fuck! His nut tasted SO sweet!

After that I became Micheal’s woman, having sex with him behind my mom’s back. Actually our first fuck came 2 days after the first blowjob. We were in the bed nude and we were making out and I begged him to fuck me in the ass. As we kissed he greased his finger in Vaseline and inserted it into my rectum. When I was comfortable with that he inserted a second finger. We kissed and he finger banged me until I was maddened with sex desire and I begged for his cock in my ass. He kept telling me no, and I kept begging him to fuck me.

He laid me back and had me raise my legs. He placed my heels over his broad shoulders. This position automatically had the effect of spreading my buttocks and immobilizing me, because my back was on the pillows up against the headboard.

I could feel the head of Micheal’s cock near my anus as he bent to kiss my mouth and neck and tits. I was squirming, wanting – needing – his dick inside of me. Then he began to push his cock into the mouth of my hungry anus. OH! FUCK! IT FUCKIN’ HURTS!

I tried to squirm away but there was nowhere to move. I was lucky if I weighed 70 pounds, and Micheal had his 250 pounds of big black muscles on top of me. I was completely helpless as his cock tore into my clenched sphincter muscles. I screamed in pain and naked fear. “Shut up, Keven!” Micheal barked. Then more gently, “Relax, relax you ass, baby.”

I tried to do as he said and sure enough, the greasy cock suddenly eased deep into my fuck hole, and the pain subsided. Micheal began fucking me with long slow strokes – all the way in – all the way out. He was kissing my neck and sucking on my tits and I felt SO feminine and sexy! Here I was, completely nude, lipstick on my mouth, high heels on my feet, being fucked by a handsome black muscleman! Not just fucked, but made LOVE to!

“Am I like a woman, Micheal?” I whimpered, my bare white skinny legs up over his big black forearms as he fucked me.

“You ARE a woman, Keven”, Micheal whispered in my ear. “You MY woman – ALL woman, baby.”

We were mating like sex mad a****ls. Suddenly I felt his body tense and he began shaking. His deep bass voice was groaning and he plunged in balls deep – and I felt his hard on jumping inside of me as he released his semen flooding my bowels. He relaxed and lowered my legs from his arms and fell on top of me, breathing heavily. We kissed and I could feel his cock softening inside of me. He eased it out and it felt like I was taking a big greasy constipated shit. I cuddled up against Micheal’s big chest and he wrapped his arms my head full of stars, smelling his flesh, and soon I slept, too.

Eight months later Micheal violated parole and was sent back to prison. After he was gone, Mom was cleaning out his stuff and she found a videotape of Micheal and I having sex. I have never seen her so pissed off. She bought me a bus ticket to my grandparents and dropped me off at the station. Well, I was young and I had no desire to go live with them because they were religious nuts and very strict.

I traded my ticket in at the counter for a ticket to Dallas. I don’t know why I chose Dallas, God knows I didn’t know anyone there, I just wanted to get as far away as I could from Mom and my grandparents. In my bag I had stashed away a couple of pairs of high heels and some lipstick. I also had – in addition to the hundred bucks Mom had given me – 200 bucks that Micheal had hidden from Mom.

The bus pulled into Dallas in the late afternoon. It was June and really hot. I wandered around the city for hours with no idea where I was going. Eventually I found myself in what I was later to learn was a ghetto. Being from a small town I knew next to nothing about the world. I went into a store and bought a couple of fuck magazines. Everyone I saw around me was black or Latino – which was strange to me because there were very few black people in the town I had spent my life in.

After leaving the store I walked a couple of blocks. I spotted a decrepit looking building with a flashing neon sign in front that said “Hotel Dallas”. It was getting dark. I went into the lobby. I passed some worn out looking furniture where some bums were sleeping and went to the desk. The clerk was an older Latino guy who seemed surprised to see me. I guess I didn’t realize how out of place my youthfulness and skin color made me. I asked him how much for a room.

“How old are you,” he asked me?

“I’m 18,” I lied, which, looking back on it must have seemed very funny to him because I looked much younger

“Forty bucks,” he said, pushing the register toward me. “Sign there,” he said.

I signed a made up name and gave him the money. He handed me a key. “Room 402 – take the elevator,” he said.

The elevator was really old and it had a folding cage like door that you had to close first, then the big door closed when you pushed the floor number button. It took a long time for the elevator to get to the fourth floor. I stepped out into the hallway. The lighting was really dim. I found my room and went in.

The room was surprisingly large. I flicked the light switch. A single bare bulb filled the room with a sickly pale light. In the middle of the room against the wall was an old iron bed. The mattress was lumpy and had stains all over it. It smelt like piss. There were sheets folded on the mattress. Against another wall was a sink. There was no bathroom; that, the clerk had told me, was located down the hallway and was communal, meaning all the guests on that floor had to share it.

I threw the sheets on the bed and took off all my clothes; I couldn’t wait to masturbate. I was crazy horny! I couldn’t get sex out of my mind. It was like some, I don’t know, some -DEVIL – was in my head! Nowadays when I jerked off, in addition to the fuck magazines, I thought of when Micheal and I made love. I jerked off 3 times in a row before falling to sleep, cum drying on my belly.

I don’t know how long I slept but when I awoke it was still dark. What woke me was a noise. I opened my eyes and was shocked: the Latino clerk was standing over my bed! I pulled the sheet over my bare body. “What do you want?” I said.

He stood there looking at me. Finally he said, “I want the money for your friend’s room. They checked out and said you were paying.”

I was confused. “What friends?” I asked. “I don’t have any friends. I just got off the bus – I don’t know anyone here.”

A crafty smile played over his lips for a second. Little did I know it, but I had just confirmed his suspicions – a runaway k** on his own. He reached out and began pulling the sheet off of me. I tried to pull it back but he yanked it to the floor. “You got smooth legs,” he said. Then his look got hard. “One way or the other you gonna pay that bill.”

I was really frightened now. “Ok,” I said. “I’ll pay. How much is it?”

“Six hundred bucks,” he answered. My heart sunk. I knew that it was all I had, and the thought of having to give it up like that was depressing. But I realized that I had no choice.

“Can I have the sheet – to cover myself while I get you the money?”

He handed me the sheet and I wrapped it around my body. “I don’t know why you want to cover up a pretty body like that,” he said, licking his lips as I went to my bag. I dug around and suddenly I felt sick. The money I had was gone. I dumped the bag out – nothing. I picked up my pants and went through the pockets. I had been robbed while I slept. “It’s gone – all my money is gone – someone stole it!”

The clerk reached out and grabbed my arm in a vice like grip. “Look, bitch, don’t fuck with me or I’ll beat your ass so bad you’ll have trouble walkin’. I want the fuckin’ money you owe me – NOW!”

I started to cry. “Please,” I said, “please don’t hurt me! I’m telling the truth – my money is gone!”

He relaxed his grip. “Ok, bitch, if that’s the way you want it.” He bent down and scooped up my clothes and stripped the sheets from the bed, including the one I had wrapped around me. He headed for the door.

“Where are you going?” I asked, crying. “Can I please have my clothes back? I’ll call my mom and get you the money.”

He paused at the door and laughed harshly.

“Your mom? Fuck that, puto. You gonna earn that money.” He left and closed the door behind him. I heard a clicking noise. I ran to the door and tried to open it. It was locked. I began to panic. I ran to the window. It was so filthy I could barely see through the glass. I opened it but there was a heavy metal screen bolted to the outside. The street seemed a very long way down, even if I could get the window open it was too high to jump. I saw some people on the street and I yelled to them for help. A few of them looked up, but kept on walking. I realized that no one cared. I was trapped – a prisoner.

An hour must have passed when I heard the lock and the door opened. It was the clerk. There was a big black guy with him. They entered the room, locking the door behind them. “Ooooo-WEEE! You wasn’t shittin’, Jose!” the black guy said, staring at me, “This some sweet lookin’ pussy!’

I tol’ you, man,” Jose said. “So, we gots a deal?”

“We gots a deal”, the black man said. He took a wad of bills out of his pocket and handed it to the clerk, who took it and stuffed it into his pocket. The clerk opened the door and looked at me, cowering on the bed, naked and scared. He shook his head. “Good luck, girl,” he said. He left, closing the door behind him.

The black guy was looking at me with a hard look. He was about 30, six foot two, at least 200 pounds and ripped. He was wearing a tank top. He had a shave head and a goatee. His arms were bigger than my legs, and covered in tattoos. “You know how to suck cock?” He asked me. “And don’ lie – I seen the lipstick an’ high heels in yo bag.”

I nodded. He stood there staring at me. “Stan’ up,” he ordered. “I wan’ check you ass out – see what I done paid fo”

I got off the bed and stood in front of him naked. “Turn yo ass aroun’ “ he ordered. I obeyed him numbly. I tensed at the big, calloused hand feeling up my bare legs. It moved to my buttocks, up my bare back, up the back of my neck and through my long blonde hair. Then he ran his fingers up through my hair, twisting it into a topknot. His other hand was feeling his groin. He took my topknot and forced me to my knees. “Unzip my pants,” he said.

I was on my knees, my head kind of twisted to an angle because of the grip in my hair. I did as he told me. Oh well, what the fuck, it was only a blowjob – at worst a fuck – I had done it all before, with Micheal. I unbuckled and unzipped his pants. They fell to the floor. I didn’t have to be told – like all black men he wanted to be served. I eased his undershirts down. He had a big cock, about 8 inches, no worse than Micheal’s, I thought. His dick was erect and veiny. He pushed my face to it. “I want a nice blowjob, sissy,” he said. “Lots of tongue and saliva – no teeth – I feel teeth Ima knock ‘em outchyo haid.”

He stripped off his tank top and kicked his pants aside, standing there like a naked black bull. I felt my dick getting hard, too, as I ran my tongue and lips over his cock. I began sucking his dick, using all the tricks I had learned from Micheal. As I blew him I ran my small hands all over his big muscley legs – men like that – I had learned that from pleasing Micheal. Then I kissed his balls, sucking them into my mouth. He groaned in pleasure as I sucked his cock and balls. Suddenly he tensed and I felt my mouth flooding with sweet tasting cum. There was so much cum I had to gulp it down to prevent it from spilling out of the corners of my mouth. I swallowed it all and cleaned his penis off with my lips; nibbling and sucking the last drop out of his cock. “Didja like it, honey?”I asked him.

He grunted. He quickly dressed. “You definitely gots some skills” he said. “Stan’ up, I wanna see that pussy.”

I stood up and he took me by the arm and turned me around. “Bend over and spread yo ass.” He said. I obeyed and he whistled. “Yeah, nice and pink and tight,” he said.

I felt better now; I had sucked him off and he had gotten his money’s worth. “Can I have my clothes back now?” I asked him.

He glared at me. “You don’ get it – do you? I paid 300 bucks fo you ass. You belong to me now – you my hoe. You gone pay my money back an then some.”

Then he reached into his back pocket and took out a pair of handcuffs. He took my left wrist and clamped one of the cuffs on it, the other cuff onto the iron bed board. The cuffs had a length of chain connecting them that were longer than the usual length – about double. At least it gave me more movement. But there was no getting around the fact that I was chained naked to the bed; I was no better than an a****l. I was a black man’s whore.

Beginning that night the black man – his name was Odell – brought men in to fuck me. I began to dread the click of the locks in the door because i knew it was another trick for me to service. At first I was sullen and uncooperative, but a severe ass whipping from Odell put the fear of Lord Satan into me.

It happened after the second trick; the guy complained that I was a dead fuck, according to Odell. He came in the room, cuffed both my hands to the sink, and started giving me a beating like I had never had before. He used his fists and a big leather belt. When he was done my right eye was completely swollen shut and my upper lip was swelled up double. I had big purple bruises all over my body, and I ached something terrible. He cuffed me back on the bed and pinched my jaws between his big hand, his face inches from mine. “Every time I get a complaint from a trick”, he said. “An’ you gonna get a ass whippin’ just like this. Are we clear?”

I nodded, blubbering – “I-I’ll do anything you say” – whap! He belted me across the face with his open hand.

“Anything I say what?” He roared. “Anything I say DADDY!”

“Anything you say, daddy”, I sniveled meekly, cowering on the bed, small and naked under this big brutal black man, a man to whom I now belonged.

Imagine how I felt, both physically and emotionally, when less than a half hour later, the door lock clicked and Odell let in another trick. Odell had led me to understand in no uncertain terms that I was to act feminine and seductive, and to make every blowjob and fuck so that the trick left feeling like a king. So when this guy came into the room and approached the bed I smiled and said, “Hi, handsome!”

The guy was a Mexican who looked like he’d done plenty of time in the joint. He was wearing sweat shorts and a sweatshirt with the arms cut off. He was about 5′, 10″, and built like a weight lifter. His big arms were covered with tattoos, as was his back and chest I saw when he stripped off his clothes. He was built like a bull. He had a very cruel looking face with a thin slash for a mouth – which cracked into a humorless smile – when he saw me up close. “Looks like you been misbehavin’, puto”, he said.

I smiled. “Yeah, I been bad, so my daddy hadda beat my ass”. I reached out and ran my hand over his big muscles. “Ooooh! So BIG!”

He was completely naked now and he got over me on the bed, the springs creaking loudly as he did. He kissed on my neck and tits. “Squeeze my dick, puto,” he said.

I obeyed him, encircling the base of his rigid penis with my thumb and forefinger and squeezing. At the same time I felt my own dick getting hard from the feel of his hot kisses on my bare body. His mouth searched out mine, and our lips clamped together and I felt his tongue snaking into my throat.

Now I was so horny! His big body moved over me and he was ravishing my neck and tits, kissing my ears and mouth. “Am I like a woman, Papi?” I asked him.

“Just like a woman, beautiful”, he answered me huskily. “You are a woman – you are my woman!”

“Oh si, Papi – I am your woman!” I whimpered, reveling in the feel of his sandpaper face as it nuzzled my soft, bare flesh. I felt his fingers working into my ass and I wiggled my hips in pleasure and anticipation. “You gonna fuck me, Papi?” I whispered in his ear.

“Gonna put a baby in you”, he whispered back, kissing my belly.

I almost went crazy when I heard those words; they inflamed me. “Oh, honey, yes! Put a baby in me, darling – make me pregnant – pleeeze!” I sobbed. His big strong hands cupped my buttocks, lifting them as my legs went up over his shoulders, and he mounted me, his hard cock seeking the mouth of my hungry anus. With my free hand I reached down and grabbed his cock, guiding the head to my anus.

It hurt as the head ripped in past the tight ring of sphincter muscles, and I tensed and cried out – “Aiiii, Papi!” – this made him crazy horny and he began fucking me hard – like an a****l. He had very muscular thighs and he used these to pump his groin into my ass.

I’ve been fucked a lot since then, but I remember this fuck as one of the best I’ve ever had. His cock inside of me, his muscley arms around me, his mouth nipping and biting – I felt the way two a****ls must feel in some cave – mating, savage mating.

When he came inside of me he quickly dressed and knocked on the door for Odell to let him out. A few minutes later Odell entered the room, smiling.

“Now, see, that’s more like it”, he told me. I smiled back at him. I had just had the best fuck of my young life and it showed. I was positively glowing!

“You need to take a piss?” he asked me.

“And a shit, Daddy”, I said.

I thought Odell was gonna give me my clothes for the trip out to the hallway bathroom, but he just cuffed my hands behind my back and took me in a vice like grip by my upper arm and walked me – completely naked – down the long hallway to the toilet. Halfway down the hall a guy came out of a room. He looked at Odell and me briefly before lowering his eyes and walking in the other direction. I wonder what he was thinking: A big black guy, pimp-walking a handcuffed nude white punk – who’d obviously had a beating – down to the toilet. Well, if it bothered him he must have put it out of his mind, because no cops ever came to rescue me.

I took a shit – it was shit and cum both – and Odell stood outside with the door wide open as I defecated. When I was finished I started to come out of the bathroom, but Odell stopped me. “Get in there an’ wash that pussy”, he pointed at the bathtub.

Obediently I got in the tub and ran the water. It came out ice cold and rusty, but I took the bar of soap and soap up my ass and ran water over it with a can someone had left there. When I was finished Odell handcuffed me, took me by my upper arm and walked me back naked to the room. We passed a couple, a man and a woman both intoxicated. The woman, obviously a prostitute stopped and looked at me from head to foot. Then she looked at Odell. “Wassup, Kendra?” Odell said.

“Same ol’ shit, ‘Dell”, she said, staring at me. “I see you gots some new stuff”. She took her hand and put it under my chin, raising my head. I felt totally humiliated. “Mmm, MMM!” She said. “She cute. You been seasonin’ that I see”.

Odell chuckled. “Yeah, we had to come to a unnastandin’, feel me?”

The whore laughed. “Fo’ sho’, I feel you fo’ sho'”, she laughed. What’s you name, girlfriend?” she said to me. My eyes turned to Odell. “Keven”, I answered in a low voice. I felt Odell’s grip on my arm tighten.

“Finesse”, he corrected. “This here be Finesse. Right, Finesse?”

I hung my head. “Yes, Daddy”, I said. The whore shrieked with coarse laughter.

“Daddy! Ha, ha, ha! Odell you Daddy, sweetie?” she asked. Then to Odell: “Where you keepin’ her?” she asked.

“402”, he said. “You know anyone lookin’ fo’ Finesse’s type, you let me know, coo’?”

“Oh, fo’ sho’, she answered, grabbing her trick by the arm and leading him to a nearby room.

Odell kept me locked up for over a month. During that time I had sex with the men he brought to the room, often as many as 20 or more a day. I never knew when, he’d just show up with the trick – could be any time day or night. Most of them were black or Latino street types, but occasionally they would be well dressed white men, usually in their 50’s or 60’s. One told me that he was a judge. But after he fucked me he never offered to help me. I gradually got used to the idea that I belonged to Odell. Sometimes he was very kind and even loving to me. Some nights we would lie in bed together after making love – just like a husband and wife – and the fact is, I fell deeply in love with him and would do anything for him.

That’s when he put me out in the street. One day he came to the room and handed me some tight short shorts so brief the cheeks of my buttocks were exposed, and high heels. He had lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, and hairspray. When I was all dolled up he took me out of the hotel for the first time in almost 2 months. I was so young, but in drag I looked easily like a 20-year-old woman. We got into a beat up old Cadillac and he drove across town to an area with a lot of bars and clubs. He pulled over near a liquor store. “Get out,” he said.

I looked at him. “Where I’ma go?” I asked him.

“You gone get you ass out on the stroll and hustle you ass, that’s what you gone do!” he said.

So there it was – I was a street ho now – hustling to give blow jobs in the back seats of men’s cars or in alleys behind dumpsters, giving everything I made to my man!

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Call Me Daddy, Part 8

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‘Oh My God’, I thought to myself. ‘He brought a woman into my bedroom.

“Take your place up on her pillow.” I heard Daddy say. “Perhaps your scent will be a constant reminder as she sleeps.”

I felt to bed move as this woman climbed up and took her position in front of me, her legs on the outside of each of my arms. I then felt His hands on my rump… at least I assumed it was His Hands. After all, maybe He invited an entire bus load over.

“SMACK!” I jumped as I felt his open hand make contact with my bare butt.

“Focus, Slut” His powerful voice filling the bedroom… my bedroom, OUR bedroom. The room where my hubby and I sleep every night. the room where we are trying to conceive our second c***d…. and now two strangers, well, Mt Daddy and this woman, are in that same room and I am giving myself willingly.

I then felt Daddy stoking my ‘tail’ since the plug was gently being tugged.

“Do you like your present from Daddy?” He asked, knowing the answer.

“I do, Daddy” I said very nervously, knowing that this strange woman, seated on my pillow in front of me, was inches away and seeing and hearing everything. I then felt her soft hands cup my swaying breasts.

“Tell Daddy what you like about it best.” He asked.

“I loved how you had me pampered” I answered “and how it made me feel so special.”

“You ARE special” Daddy replied. “And what about your new tail?” He continued.

“I love that too” I replied

“Why?” He continued

“Because it is a gift from You” I tried to sound as genuine as I could ” and I love the weight of it and how it fills me up. It reminds me that I belong to you.”

“She catches on quickly” said this other woman… the second time that she had spoken. “Her breasts are very full, so you know.”

“Here that?” asked Daddy. “Your breasts might need milking.”

“Yes Daddy” I softly replied.

“So” Daddy continued, “You might wonder why I brought someone with Me today?”

“Yes Daddy” I confirmed.

“As My slut” Daddy went on, “You need to know all of the aspects of being a perfect whore for Me”

‘WHORE?’ I thought to myself. ‘Did he just call me His WHORE?’

“I will, on occasion” He continued “Require you to entertain another Woman with or for Me and you need to be able to please and not embarrass Me. If you do well today, then you will be rewarded. If you do not, you will be given to My special friend here to teach you the art of pleasuring another woman.”

I was shocked with what Daddy was saying…..

“And let Me assure you, slut” Daddy continued “She will be very strict with you. A Woman can inflict much more pain on another than any man can…. wanna know why?”

“Why Daddy” I asked while trying to remain calm.

“Because another woman knows where it hurts the most!” Daddy said as He laughed. He then lifted my tail across my lower back, exposing my wet vagina and roughly pushed His fingers into me.

“Now, lower your chest down and lick that very desirable cunt that is being offered to you” Daddy ordered “It’s right there, in front of you, on your pillow.” Daddy added, as He roughly dug into my depths.

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I Made Him Cum TWICE!

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Hi everyone! Wow – I am really enjoying this summer! The hot weather really brings out the sex in people. I had a really busy weekend at the adult arcade this week. Yesterday – Sunday – it was really hot and humid, so I chose a pair of hot pink, butt baring short shorts with suspenders, a black bandera style halter top, and 3 inch black and pink high heels! I had a really cute little pink bow in my hair, a cute black clutch purse, and rhinestone sunglasses. Oh – and a frosted pink lipstick! I got such an erection, looking at myself in the full length mirror before I left!

The adult arcade is about 3/4 a mile from where I live, so even in high heels it’s not a bad walk. I left my apartment at 2:30 and headed for the arcade. Under my clothes I had a black string bikini that I wear in the arcade when I’m outside the booth. The management is very lenient about what goes on back in the arcade, but I had a complaint from a customer once because I was walking around completely nude in just high heels. He was a regular there, a gay guy, and he was so offended he ran to the manager and complained. The manager was nice though, he told me that if I’m going to be out in the arcade I’d have to wear something. So I started wearing the bikini when I was in the arcade, and going nude in heels in the booth.

Anyway, I always dress like a ho when I go to the arcades. Yeah, I get a lot of looks, catcalls, horn blowing, and propositions when I’m on the street. Yesterday I stopped in the 7-11 to get a water, and I heard some guy say, “Look at the legs on THAT!”

I turned and saw two latino construction worker looking men staring at me. I’m totally passable, and I’m pretty also. I smiled and walked past them to pay for the water. When I was walking out I heard Ahmed the clerk whisper: “That’s a guy! she’s a tranny.”

I smiled to myself. I knew Ahmed would fill them in on me, and that I hang out in the Adult arcade up the street. Believe it or not I get a lot of guys who follow me into the arcade from the streets. There’s a “modeling studio” located in the same building, so a lot of them think I work there, but the girls at the counter know me and usually tell them what the deal is with me. Most do not care that I’m really a guy.

It was a little slow at first, so I just hung out, talking to this one old fag who hangs out there. Then I heard the loud click of the door to the arcade and I knew someone was coming in. I was wearing just the bikini and high heels. I heard footsteps and talking approaching. I laughed – it was the guys from 7-11! I smiled as the got near and I noticed that one of them had a huge boner tenting his shorts! I reached down and gave it a tight squeeze. “Want a blowjob, honey?”

He nodded running his calloused hand over my legs. “Both together? I asked.

“Me first,” he said. I smiled and led him, still holding his hard boner, into the booth. I stripped naked and watched as he took off his t-shirt and kicked off his cargo shorts. He stood there in just his work boots and jockey shorts! I knelt at his feet and hooked my thumbs into the waist band of his jockeys, and slowly eased them down. His hardon sprang free and brushed my pouty lips. I lifted his boots out of the shorts and ran my hands over his muscular legs – his calves and thighs were like IRON! I felt his strong hand run up the back of my neck and through my blonde hair, his other hand pushing his cock to my lips. He groaned as his boner sank into my spit filled mouth. I applied suction and began giving him a sweet blowjob. He was groaning loudly, and I knew that his friend was getting an earful. I drew back, spit hanging from his cock to my mouth. “You wanna fuck me? I asked.

I stood up and got up on the bench, my face to the wall, my bare buttocks protruding. I felt him mount me and whimpered softly as the rigid cock entered the mouth of my anus and he began working it in balls deep. I shivered as his rough hands crept under my arms and cupped my bare breasts, and laughed to myself as I felt him kissing my neck and ears as he fucked me in the ass. Like most Latino men he was very rough, slamming his pubis hard up against my buttocks. Suddenly I felt his body tense and he shouted out in a strangled voice, “I cum!” and I felt his semen pumping deep into my bowels, felt the contractions of his strong cock as it pumped cum into me. I used my ass muscles to milk him dry. He was breathing heavily as he backed off and I felt the motion of his penis as it slid from my ass cunt.

I dropped to my knees and took his cum covered cock into my mouth to suck him clean. Most men are starting to get soft by this time, but his was rigid hard. So I began sucking his cock again and he grabbed my arm and pushed me to the bench. Oh my GOD – he’s gonna fuck me again!! He mounted my ass like a sex mad bull , his dick sliding up my cum greased anus and he began fucking me like a maniac – the entire booth was rocking, my head was pounding against the wall with every thrust – “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!” And when he came this time he had his arms around me and for a minute I seriously though he was gonna crack my ribs! And you know what? When he walked out of that booth, his dick was STILL hard!

When the door opened and he walked out, I saw a line of men craning their necks to see who had been getting fucked so hard. The other Latino was next to the door and so he came in and I had sex with him too. After that I didn’t get a break until around 5:30, then around 7 it all got busy again.

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