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She-male, T Girl, Flashing, Hand Balling, Fisting, Multiples and Cream pies

It was a Lazy Saturday. Porter and Gloria were leisurely cleaning house. She in a simple cotton house robe, he in loose fitting shorts, bare chested. He sat on a deck chair as she passed by. On her return pass, Porter grabbed her, she toppled into his lap. Her bare ass rested on him as he removed his cock, probed around for her ass hole as she giggled. She squirmed helping him find it and sank on him saying, “you can’t be ready to fuck me again”? Then she felt the sudden warm, wet flow inside her, she giggled, “Oh, you needed to pee”. She sat quietly then said “are you finished”? Porter grinned, she laid on him saying, “next time just tell me that you need to pee. I’m here for your every need”. She got up smiling, walked to the edge of the deck, squatted and seconds later Porter heard her releasing his piss. She stood, shook her hips grinning saying “spoiled! I even have to piss for you”. She kissed him saying “Nasty Man”.

It was 2pm, bored, Porter said, “let’s go flashing”? Gloria rose going to change. She came back in a simple summer tube style dress. It was off white with a broad black swirl across her breast, and around her hips to her knees. He knew she was nude beneath. She lifted the hem, spun flashing her hairy bush and bare ass. Porter grabbed her forced her against the wall and quickly fucked her. As he spent a wad into her in minutes, she giggled “is that pre lube”? Am I getting fucked by someone”? Gloria turned and kissed him saying “I need to get my string”. He held his hand up showing a tampon string attached on a small rubber band, she chuckled, “I guess I am getting fucked”. She slid the band on her little cock, tucked the string into her hair saying “lets go”. If her flashing drew someone, she would say she was on her period and offer her ass. She grabbed her small ground cushion, a book and snapped her Smart Watch on her wrist. The Smart Watch was actually a small video/audio camera. It transmitted to Porter’s Cell phone.

Keeping his distance, Porter monitored her as she sat reading her book on the ground under a tree. She turned her arm flashing an small up-skirt to the camera, Porter said “perfect”, she giggled. Reading as her camera scanned with each twist of her wrist, he said “incoming, your rear left”. The man passed her glancing back, “he’s slowing, he will be back”, he said. Her wrist cam caught him turning around. In a minute he was talking with Gloria. The man sat directly in front of her, the cam saw his eyes staring into her crotch as they chatted. In 10 minutes, the man was slowly squeezing his stiffening cock directly in Gloria’s view she said “that’s a nice one” and slightly raised her knees giving him a better view of her hairy patch. He replied that she could get it! She told him that she she wished she could but she was on her period. The cam showed his face grimace, she said “my back door is open”. His face lit up as he stood offering his hand. Porter followed them keeping his distance as they walked to his SUV. The passenger rear door opened, the man laid down the seats as Gloria turned her arm camera around on her wrist. Porter saw him watching her as she climbed in flashing her bare ass and laid on her stomach. It viewed him as he climbed in, spat into his hand, covered his cock and laid on her. In seconds he was “rabbit fucking” her ass hole! It didn’t take a minute before he huffing air and cumming inside her! The cam saw him lift and watch his cock stretch as he pulled out of her. He spread her cheeks, looked at her dripping ass hole and got off her. As she reached back to cover her ass, the cam saw it also, covered in cum and her finger dip into it before she pulled her hem down. In another, she was walking away as he drove off. With Porter at her side she giggled, “he’s not getting any! He was dribbling cum before her entered me! He gave me a heavy load”! Moving around the park, she pulled the same stunt 3 more times. Twice in a park restroom and once pressed against a tree.

At home, Porter placed her on her hands and knees and hand balled her scum filled ass hole she said, “you like having me fucked”. His hand was inserted deep inside her, thrusting slowly at least 8 inches deep, she said, “your girl out there turning her ass up so some man can fuck her… Some man scr****g his cock inside me until he cums”. Porter was pressing deeper she said, “they’re getting your pussy. I’m whoring for you”. He balled his hand into a fist, pulled clear of her and punched into her sloppy ass hole, Gloria said “You know you’ve given me a prolapse. Ruined me. I’ve more loose ass pussy than real women have pussy”. Porter heard her as his breathing grew rapid. He pulled his hand out, clasp both hands together, then slowly pressed both into her gaped ass hole she moaned “ughhhhh….Uh….Uh….Ahhhhh” as they slid inside she groaned “open me up Baby. It’s all yours”. She grunted as he stretched her saying “make your pussy”. In a minute, he pulled free. She heard his pants dropping and knew what was coming next. She felt his hand slid easily into her, then his cock slid in. He grasp his cock and started jerking it inside her loose ass canal, she said, “jack it Porter! Think of those men fucking me today”! His hand was flailing inside her as he rapidly jacked off! “Grip that cock and make it cum” she growled! In seconds she felt his cock throwing cum, splashing from side to side, as he jerked his self to completion. He flopped on her back gasping she said, “douche me Porter, wash me out”. It took a minute until she felt his piss flowing into her as she laid down. They lay for several minutes before he rolled off her. Gloria immediately turned, cuddled him, kissed him saying, “ is my Baby satisfied”? He smiled saying “I Love you Ms Gloria”. She cried like a baby telling him that she hadn’t expected to hear that”. Still sobbing, Gloria stood up, lifted her hem exposing her hairy crotch. Her little cock remained hidden as Porter saw a trickle of watery cum break through the hair, steam downward and begin dripping to the floor. When the flow stopped she said “you love me”, and the trickle started again. Her knees shook as the flow stopped again, she said “Porter, you love”? He answered “yes, Ms Gloria” and she swayed, almost falling as cum streamed through her hairy crotch in mass!

Gus, a friend of Porter’s had come to visit. The first day, she had pantie flashed him many times. The second day he got cleavage shots and by days end he saw a naked tit. As she lay in bed being hand balled after fucking Porter, she told him that she needed her “string”. He said, “you’re going to give him some of this big ole ass pussy”? Gloria giggled, “if you kept your hand out of it, it wouldn’t be so big”. He laughed as he removed his hand and sank his cock back into her replying “If I didn’t keep it open, the damned thing would close up”! Porter thrust slow, she said, “Is it really still good to you, Baby? I don’t know if I’ve ever been fucked as much before. Am I getting loose”? Porter thrust in deep saying “No! You’re the best pussy that you have ever been”. Gloria giggled, swirled her hips as his cum throbbed into her.

The next morning, she fed them breakfast as Porter had to work. As Porter left, he groped Gloria making sure he flashed her panties. She finished the morning dishes, sat watching TV with crossed legs. Gus kept his eyes on her. She uncrossed her legs and flashed her sheer yellow panties. Gus could clearly see her thick hairy bush filling her panties. Acting as if she caught him, she quickly slammed her legs together! Gus looked up, she said “you know better” and giggled. Gus replied “I’m a man”! Gloria laughed, “and what does that mean”? Gus laughed “I’d fuck you until my cock fell off”! Gloria gave a fake blush saying, “I’ll take that as a compliment but….my playground is shut down, my monthly thing unfortunately”. She gave her “let down” look, he said “maybe I could…slide behind you”? She faked surprise then said “I’m a very versatile girl. Porter requires his “daily” so I don’t mind a man who likes a soft behind”. Gus grinned and snickered, she giggled “Porter had me twice this morning so I’m well lubricated”. Gloria stood up, bent over, slid her pantie leg opening to the side. Gus saw her ass cheeks with the “string” hanging down. He opened her ass cheeks and could see the shine of spent cum. Her ass hole was set deep in her crease, dark and wrinkled. Gus stood, slid his cock into her in full push, he said, “now that’s good! Warm, soft, Heck girl, Porter has made “this” pussy”! Gus stroked into her slow, feeling her walls sucking and gripping him he added, “ woman, this is so good that I understand Porter getting it twice”! Gloria giggled.

Gus was stroking faster, she said “Get it like pussy! Bang me! Fuck that cum out”! He started ramming, slamming, she said, “now you’re doing it! Get that cum in me”! Gus shouted, “Hell yeah!…Uh Huh!…There it is!..Cumming in you”! She felt his cock “grunt splashing” into her, shooting like bullets! In 15 minutes, they sat side by side he said, “you know I want more before Porter gets home”? She giggled, “I thought you might”. Gus fucked her twice later with the last time occurring as she bent over the kitchen table. Gus’s load was shooting inside Gloria as Porter walked up to their front door. She stopped away letting his cock slid out, Gus sat at his table seat with his cock outside his pants as the door opened. Porter spoke, went to wash his hands and Gloria giggled as Gus stuffed his cock away. Gus told her that he still wanted more. She giggled telling him that she would see what she could do. The ate, Gus left them as they cleaned the kitchen. Porter ran a hand under her dress, felt her wet panties plastered on her ass which still oozed cum, he grinned. Gloria said, “he was cumming in me as you came in”.

They sat chatting and hour before Gloria excused herself. She came back to them wearing a short flowing house robe. It was long enough until she sat down and it crept back. If she crossed her legs, her top leg exposed her to an ass cheek which was bare, as she was nude under the robe. She sat flashing glimpses of hairy crotch to Gus. After a few minutes, Gloria crossed her legs. Gus’s eyes popped onto her ass cheek. She leaned into Porter’s shoulder rolling her exposed cheek up. Gus saw a perfect pair of lower ass cheeks and her “string”. She even managed to casually drop her hand on her hip and completely exposed her ass. Gus had sweat beads on his forehead. Knowing what she was doing, Porter threw an arm over her shoulders causing her to slightly lean more. Gloria dropped her hand lower, lifted an ass cheek letting Gus see her fresh, clean ass hole. They chatted as she flexed and clenched he ass. In minutes she had pulsed her flexible ass hole to bud out. Gus was actually breathing loud. Porter had laid his head back, closed his eyes as they chatted, Gus mouthed “more”, Gloria winked. Porter felt her body tremble knowing she was straining. He could only imagine how much she would push out? Gus was viewing a “first”! Her ass hole was budding and flowering outward in meaty red, wet rolls. The naughtiness of what she was doing had turned her on to the max! She could feel the coolness of the room on exposed ass meat. Gloria strained looking into Gus’s eyes which were watering in lust!

He sat locked on the red mass protruding from her ass. His tongue flicked and licked his lips as he mouthed “wow”! She quietly mouthed a giggle as she literally turned herself inside out. In another minute, she had it all out. Gus rubbed his cock through his pants. She slid her under her prolapse meat, cupped it in her palm as if she was offering it to Gus then flat palmed the end, pressing it back inside her. In a minute, she shifted herself from under Porter’s arm. He sat up saying, that he needed to get a shower and left. Gloria was on her side with Gus thrusting into her before Porter’s shower water started! “How did you do that”, he asked? Gloria giggled, “Porter really likes taking me there and over time, it just happened”. She felt him changing his stroke direction, probing around inside her he said, “Damn I swear it’s better than pussy”! She grinned to herself, seconds later she felt his cock pulsing out his cum. She sat up as he fell back into his seat. They heard the shower running, she told him that she was going to wash Porter’s back and left. She walked in the bathroom and grabbed her ankles. Porter slid his cock right into Gus’s hot cum inside Gloria’s well fucked ass hole. He stroked asking “think he’s got any left in him”? She giggled “I’m sure”, he told her they would flip fuck her. Porter shoved deep, then sprayed his cum into her. He pulled free of her, she left with a wet ass. Back with Gus, he sat with his cock standing. She straddled his lap sinking on his cock.

Gloria rode him, fucking him, he said, “you’re something else! No wonder Porter adores you”. She grinned, “just give me that nut before he comes back”. Gus grunted and threw his cum upward into her! She got up saying “I’ll give you more after he’s asleep”. Gus replied “I’ll Damn sure be waiting”. Porter returned, sat and chatted then left going to bed with Gloria in tow. In the bedroom, she lay as Porter sucked her cock. “I fucked him, she giggled, and he still wants more”! He used his fist like a piston, thrusting into her cum soaked ass hole. His fist sloshed easily into her, drawing cum out each time it slammed into her. “He saw my prolapse and loves it”. Porter gnawed her cock and she came giggling. Porter slid up, kissed her saying “go get him and have fun”. Gloria stood up, changed into a chemise that barely covered her ass. She leaned to hold the night table as she forced her prolapse completely out. Porter saw it saying, “he’s going to freak out”! It hung down like a red tail, as she left him.

She walked in, Gus saw her and smiled. She stopped at him and turned. Gus hissed loudly as he saw her glistening, red meat! “Damnnnn, It’s ugly pretty! Can I touch it”, Gus asked? She giggled, “ You’ve been fucking it, why not”? He softly lifted it, it had no weight, just softness, he said, “no wonder it feels so good to fuck you”. The next thing she knew his tongue softly licked it. Gloria moaned. His hands took her hips, directed her to the couch. On hands and knees, her ass in his face, Gus lapped, licked and gently ate her. In a minute, she hung clean and dripping with his spit. Gus stood, lifted it, found it’s center hole and eased his cock in. He pushed slowly, sinking his cock only into the 5inches that was outside. He made slow gentle strokes literally only fucking her prolapse. “oh my god, that’s good”, Gloria whispered. He fucked her a full 20 minutes then pressed an inch deeper into her and came. His cum gushed into her in thick ropes. Gus unloaded all he had left. With drawing his cock, her prolapse spat his cock out with a wet “pop”! Gloria reached behind her, pressed it back inside her and sat down. Gus sat beside her, she hugged him and kissed him. She told him that he was the first to fuck her prolapse like that. He kissed her telling her that he hoped he could do it again in the future.

Six months had passed. Gloria and Porter had been celibate for a week in preparation for a visit to Reno, Nevada to celebrate. Once there, they gambled, made the Bar rounds dancing and having the usual fun. Gloria flirted, flashed and primed them both for sex. That night it was all about them and the sex was stellar! Worn out at 2am, she stepped out on their small deck. Gloria was in a sheer, black chemise trimmed in red lace. She walked to the rail, leaned forward and saw a tall, bald black man beneath her on his deck. Their eyes met, she spoke as his eyes surveyed her. His deck was at ground level and in a few minutes he stepped out to face her as they chatted. She knew his upward view of her would be revealing. “BJ” stood 6ft 3inches was only 26, averagely buff. His eyes took her in from her well shaped legs, hairy crotch and full ass cheeks. Bare chested in Gym shorts, she saw his cock swell as they continued talking. After finding out she was not alone, Gloria saw his cock fade. In minutes, he told her that he enjoyed their chat and left.

They saw “BJ” at the complimentary breakfast. Seeking something different to do, he suggested that they all go to the River Walk. Dressed casual, Porter thought it was perfect. BJ drove them in his Volkswagen Beetle. Gloria had worn a long Jersey over a denim mini skirt. As BJ drove, he admired her legs as she rode up front. Her skirt rode back exposing her plain white cotton panties twice. He saw her thick, puffy bush plumping her panties. Assisting her from the car, he saw a wide gap exposing her full frontal mound. He also saw that from the high cut shape, it was probably a thong. They walked the area stopping at nearby eateries, sitting spots and even walked in the water’s edge. For hours, Gloria flirted and flashed. Once as she attempted to sit on the bank side, Porter held her hand as she sat. She flashed her crotch at BJ, he saw the slim band of her thong passing between her ass cheeks. Back at their Hotel, they rode the elevator up to the 20th floor Bar.

It stopped on every floor, filling the elevator. Porter stood in front of Gloria, BJ behind. She stepped back into him and felt his solid cock press against her. Reaching behind her, she grasp it then slid her hand down it’s length. BJ closed his hand on hers encouraging her to play. On the 8th floor, he lowered her hand to his shorts leg hole. Her fingers felt his bare oily glans. She felt his pee hole, slimy with oil. On the 10th floor, she lifted her skirt, d**g his cock over her ass band then forced his cock head under it. BJ held her hips as she paused then pressed it against her ass hole. It slid in easily and seconds later BJ was rapidly short stroking into her. On the 19th floor, he pushed deep inside her and shot “snot thick” cum into Gloria. She pressed back into him as he unloaded. When she stepped forward, she used her skirt to wipe his cock then turned saying, “you alright back there”? He grinned “other than the heat back here, I’m good”. In the bar, BJ immediately went to the restroom as Porter and Gloria grabbed a booth. Gloria giggled “I fucked him”. He replied “really”! She told him that her ass was full! Felt like he dumped “pudding” inside her! On BJ’s return, Porter made a restroom run. BJ said, “Damn! That was your ass”! Gloria giggled “ I couldn’t let Porter find my cunt filled could I”? Back at their room, Gloria stood and purged BJ’s cum out snickering. Porter watched her squirt and dribble a long stream trailing down her leg saying “Fuck! He was full”!

Showered and dressed for the evening they going to a place Porter had planned to visit. It was a infamous, notorious Bar. When they entered, Gloria felt eyes crawling on her. They had drinks, danced and she she danced with others. At 11pm, a bell rang! The waitress’s dropped their blouses and served topless. The air inside the bar electrified! Gloria noticed the Restroom area seemed extra active. When she needed to go, Porter smiled telling her that he would go also. She entered the door and saw at least 30 unmarked doors. Finding an unlocked door, they went it. She saw a wall with a flap covering a glory hole and giggled. Porter hugged her, rolled her dress to her waist, thumbs grabbed her panties and he slid down removing them. Porter stood, kissed her, backing her against the glory hole saying “Happy Anniversary”. As their tongues meshed, an unknown cock slid into her ass hole. She hugged him being rocked against him, as the person fucked her. As Porter made love to her face and neck, the cock rammed then squirted hot cum into her, she said “thank you, my Love”. The cock pulled free, another replaced it instantly! She whispered “2”. This cock was short but wide. It felt like a meaty beer can plugging into her. Her arms went around Porters neck, holding and letting the cock have her, he said “are they getting good pussy, Baby”? Gloria moaned, “yes Baby, you made it that way”. Seconds later, that cock splashed cum inside her! Gloria giggled “3” as another cock shoved into her. They could hear it making wet, squishy sounds. “MMMmmm, this one has length, long, deep strokes”, she whispered. In that second she giggled, “Damn! He’s already cumming” as she felt him throwing cum. Another cock pushed into her, she grinned “4 and short! Only his cock head is in”. A minute later she felt his cock spraying cum against her outer ass hole. He was quickly replaced “5 and he’s got size and Oh my god! He;s hung like a Horse”! Porter kissed her saying, “he’s all up in your guts”! She whispered, “feels like your arm, Baby”. Porter dropped to his knees, suckled her cock inside his mouth and Gloria moaned loudly! Instantly she spurted cum into his mouth saying “he’s fucking it out of me, Baby”. Porter nibbled her as she bent over holding on his shoulders and offering more of her hole to the unknown cock.

Porter could see the wide, black cock stroking beneath her! It made loud slapping sounds as old cum flowed beneath it, collecting on his balls. His kinky black pubic hair was slimmed in white foam, as his fucking churned it. The cock pulled free, He saw an apple sized glans with a pencil sized pee hole. In seconds, it slammed back into Gloria! After several more strokes, he saw his ball tighten and squirm wildly! Gloria groaned and he knew the cock was dumping inside her! A minute later the cock pulled free and cum gushed below Gloria like white water! Porter raised kissing her and she returned the kiss like a wild woman! Gloria broke the kiss, sat on the commode and relieved herself. She stood, cleaned herself saying “have they had enough? If not, I’ll go back”? Porter kissed her and smiled as they left the restroom. Behind them they heard “Hello neighbor”. They turned to see the black man who had been on the other side of the glory hole. Boldly Gloria replied “Hi! Did you enjoy yourself”? Porter turned, shook his hand replying “hello”. They walked out, shared a table and chatted. “Shaft, is what I’m called”, he said. Gloria grinned “They got that right”! Porter was calm smiling. “Really nice ass. She-male”, Shaft asked? Porter replied, “100%” as Gloria giggled. “You ever had a double”? Gloria grinned “No, I’ve only recently gained size thanks to Porter”. “My Hotel is next door if you’re interested”, Shaft said. In minutes they left.

In Shaft’s room, she stripped nude and climbed over Shafts naked body. Gloria squatted, then slowly sank on his cock. He fucked upward several strokes and urged Porter to join them. Porter stripped, oiled his cock, got behind Gloria and thrust his cock into her! Porter stroked a few minutes feeling his cock being pressed by Shaft’s cock. Gloria’s inner ass walls, folded open and closed tightly with each stroke. He stopped and Shaft stroked upward, Gloria moaned, “Mmmm Porter, he’s fucking both of us”. Soon they had a pattern of both of them stroking into her, she said “Goodness! I like this double fuck”, she wailed! That set Porter off, she said “Baby! You’re cumming”! Porter blew his loud strongly inside her and not missing a thrust! Shaft laughed “Lady, Good pussy like yours will do that to you”! Soon both men were ramming into her knocking grunts with each stroke! Gloria laid on Shaft groaning as her little cock blew cum on him. “Stroke her Porter! She’s cumming”, he growled! Gloria jerked her hips, gripping them with her ass hole as she came. She relaxed wheezing and Shaft felt her wetting him, he said, “we got her! She’s pissing like a cow! Flooding like a fucking river”! Porter felt Shaft’s cock actually lurch as he fired cum into Gloria. He said “Kiss her! Tongue fuck her mouth until she can’t breath! Make her pass out”!

It was 20 minutes later that Gloria woke up feeling them towel washing her. In a daze she looked around as Porter said “welcome back”. She giggled, “I’m done. You two got it all”. She told Porter that when they got back home they had to do it again! Porter and Shaft laughed loudly!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Erotic Show Put Up By Our Wives

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Erotic Show Put Up By Our WivesErotic Show Put Up By Our Wives 2

Hi. I am going to narrate a real incident happened during our visit to my best friend’s house. This was the start of our sexual exploration. Me (Ranjith) and my wife Deepti have a few common friends whom we visit regularly.

One such friend is Vishal and Pratibha. Vishal is my college friend. My wife and Pratibha get on very well as they have the same frequency. On this day we were having our drinks just beer and watching cricket. Unfortunately, India lost.

We were very much frustrated and we changed channels finally came to FTV seeing a girl walking topless. At the same time, our wives came down from the other room to check if we want some snacks. They saw the TV and smiled.

My wife teased asking why we are watching girls with the almost flat chests. Prathiba pulled our legs by saying that their catwalk would be far better. Vishal said there is nothing to watch on TV. He is ready to watch their catwalk for a change.

Now my wife backed off saying she just said it for fun. I told the girls they should keep up their words. I added that my wife had done ramp walk in college. Vishal insisted them to go ahead. Both girls finally agreed and got up to get ready.

We took another beer. Switched off the TV and put some music. Now the girls are back they are wearing a floral design low cut night dress and white pants. Nothing exposed but their shapes and assets could be clearly noted. They walked one after another making some coordinated moves.

Wow, we noted the girls had not worn their bra. The wobbling movements of their breasts showed and nipples pointing out explained that. They made gestures like they were removing the tops but didn’t do it. When they finally bowed to say thank you, we could see their cleavage.

Prathiba said that they have proved they are better than those European models. Both of us agreed and cheered their show and said they could have shown more. My wife said better watch FTV itself and went to bed. Vishal and I decided to encourage our wives.

I said both girls looked like twin sisters. Vishal jumped to say they have got the matching size. I was shocked and laughed saying the girls have guts to come braless. We spoke for a while and came back to our rooms to sleep.

I saw my wife still awake. She asked me did I like the show. I said awesome. She asked did Vishal like it. I said obviously. I asked her did they come braless. She nodded with a smile. I asked her if she liked it?

She said she was thrilled and loved it. I went near her grabbed her face, started kissing it and sucked her lips. Now my hand lifted her shirt and exploring her breasts and her nipples were erect and hard. I moved down to kiss her nipples.

She was kneading my hair and asked what else my friend said? I told her he liked your ass movements and guessed your breast size right as 34c. I said maybe Vishal is thinking of you while fucking Pratibha. She said, “Cheee.”

I started to cup her breast and suck her nipples and moved down to her. I pulled down her pants and started kissing her thighs and licked her pussy. I was surprised to see it already wet. Now she asked me did I watch Pratibha. I said her boobs were bigger for her size and I got a glimpse of her naked boobs while bending.

I came on top of her she moved her legs wide open. I was positioning my dick on her hole. She asked if I wanted to fuck Pratibha. Imagine her as Pratibha. My cock got stiffened more and fucked her imagining as Pratibha. I kissed her and moaned Pratibha.

I asked her if she is imagining Vishal. She said, “Cheee,” and moaned after a few seconds. She moaned out Vishal. This is the first time we are having a roleplay. We fucked our imaginations and my wife was very shy after having a lovely roleplay sex.

We were about to leave for our place. I went to the toilet found some inner garments hanging, definitely not my wife’s. I went back to bed and told her about it. She went in, wore it and asked if I would like to fuck her again. I pulled her to the tub and had another session of steamy sex.

We left for our hometown that evening. We spoke about the fun we had and giggled. It had spiced up our sex life. After that, we were concentrating on our jobs. In the weekend the girls were again on the phone. I asked her what is it about.

They said they are planning for my birthday. We were again planning to meet on my birthday at our place. The girls were doing extensive shopping and makeovers. The day arrived.

We invited them we had a chat and played cards. We had a good dinner. My wife had made some special dishes. It was about 12, so we decided to cut the cake in our garden. We played by putting cream on each other’s face.

I asked my gift from the girls they said to wait it is a surprise. Vishal had moved the sofa, put lights in dim mode and nice songs. Two chairs and a stand fan on the side. It seems he was aware of the plan. Now the girls came out in white tops and red satin skirt till the knees.

Walking in heels, push up bras projecting their lovely asset. Swaying their asses. They had the boldness but they were blushing. Now girls started performing. Prathiba came first wished happy birthday stood near the fan with her hand on head and hips.

I was ogling at her sexy boobs hidden behind the push-up bra. Now Deepti came to show her assets. Posing the same as Pratibha and Vishal were ogling at her now. They turned around did some sexy ass swaying movements. They danced uniformly, removing the bottom buttons of their white tops.

They danced as if lifting their gown up showing more of their thighs. Wow, it was creamy white and I started to get a hardon. They sat on the chair by the sides, exposing their shapely asses covered with white satin panty. Both the girls made seductive facial expressions.

They opened all the buttons of the white tops. Standing in front of us with red bra and skirt but the white shirt is not removed completely and still covers the back. The girls helped each other by removing the bra and threw the bra to their husbands.

But we exchanged our wife’s bra and we smelled it. Our wives blushed. They buttoned their shirts but the top three buttons are still open. We saw the breast is almost exposed and their thick big nipples sticking out of their white shirt

We clapped for them and I said the girls are bold. He said Deepti is like a model. I told Pratibha too, and he blushed. The girls had removed all the buttons and walked holding their tops. Next, they crawled with their breasts hidden between the clothes. The area between the boobs and umbilicus were exposed.

Our jaws dropped as they walked sideways. I showed Vishal Pratibha,s awesome boobs, and exposed nipples when she walked sideways. Vishal showed my wife’s big umbilicus and thick nipples. We whistled and cheered for more.

Our wives stood showing their ass towards us. We asked for more. They looked at each other and now the girls removed their tops completely. They covered their boobs with the hands and we could see them blushing.

They were very shy and hesitant to face us. They said the show is over and they decided to run into the nearby room to change their dress. We begged them to continue. I said we will never get a chance to admire them.

We convinced them that I and Vishal are both enjoying. Vishal said he is already aroused and pointed his tent. The girls agreed with shyness and they turned towards us. But still covering their boobs with hands and folded arms.

They were doing slow movements. Our wives asked us if we are really ok with nudity and something more than that. We voiced yes for that and convinced them, saying we are not cheating each other.

The girls agreed and slowly started removing their hands away from their breasts. Then stood still. I exclaimed, “Wow what a view!” I was totally lost on Pratibha’s big set of boobs with small brownish areola and thick short nipple.

Vishal was salivating and moaned while describing Deepti’s beauty. He said, “My wife has bell-shaped boobs and big areola, adding the beauty with big nipples,” and said he would love to suck and press if allowed. The girl’s nipples are getting erect seems they are getting aroused.

Deepti and Pratibha discussed something among themselves in a whisper when they ordered us to remove all our clothes except our briefs. They walked towards us exposing the lovely boobs and just wearing a red skirt. They stood in front of their husband and said, “Love you, guys,” and they said they will treat us equally.

But the birthday boy gets the first surprise and asked us to be patient and enjoy the fun. Now they switched their place. They kneeled in front of us. Smiling and blushing started to rub our chest. Vishal looked at my wife’s boobs so closely his hands were ready to fondle but Deepti told him not to be in a hurry.

To be continued.

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how I became a sissy…

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I’ve Always dreamed about sucking big juice, hairy, cocks. So I registered on a gay hookup Site, And met there this man. He is much older Than me. He is very dominant, and kinky. So I grabbed is chance, And agreed tó meet him. I quickly booked a lovers nest. Went there And get prepared did my makeup, put on sexy stockings with cut undies, And finally kneed in front of the door blindfolded. I waited for him. once i heard the door open and immediately i coupe feel his presence, his cologne. I had a raging hardon. he watched me very closely, fingered my mouth. he pulled up me guided to the bed and said: knee down and lick my ass! I did azaz he said. I dig my tongue out And began to lick slowly his hairy ass. IT had a very strong and musky smell, And a little bitter taste. It turned me more and more on, so I started to go deeper in his ass. I felt a tense building up in his body And a big tart came I. my mouth. hé grabbed my head And said: take a deeper breath, IT is yours! you add from on my fart sucking slut! it was só degrading, but liberating As well too… he stood up grabbed my face and spit on me.
– now you will suck my dick dry. put slut hands up And open your stinky mouth!
Ince I did it, he started to fuck my face. he started with full force so I gagged a lot, but he kept facefucking me. it took about twenty minutes he came with a lot of sticky cum on my face…

after a short pause in wich I licked his balls and dick his cock came alive again.
I was ordered to get on the bed doggystyle. he poured a pint of lube on my Ass and began to finger fuck it. ohhh god it felt so good. As I was moaning he quickly spanked my ass! I almost had an orgasm!
-oh yes please sir hit my ass! thank you!
-please sir spank the ass of this cumdump!!!!
-oh yes, oh yes! thanks!

now he was spanking me constantly and he bed three fingers in my ass.

-please sir fuck this boipussy, please give your big hard dick to me!
once I said, he did it. it went all the way in with one trust. I screamed but not from the pain. from the pure extacsy. he quickly picked up a pace And with each trust he went balls deep And almost completly out. my ass felt so full with it. I was in seventh heaven. I knew I was born to be a slut. Soon I felt i’ M going to come. I tried to hold it back but he was fucking me with such a force And speed that I was unable tó control my body.

-sir i’m cooooomiiiing!

And with the next trust my cum started to leak of me. he kept pounding my ass hard and fast. so instead of a single orgasm I was kept in an orgasmic state. my cum was leaking with every trust I completly fell out of control. I Think my orgasm lasted for at least fifteen minutes.
it ended when with a huge trust He went deeper in me I could feel his cock stiften And he blow his hot semen in my belly. it felt so good.
we were laying on the bed totally exhausted. I could fel his cum leaking from my ass As his cock was softening in me too.
i was so glad that I could satisfy this mastercock. I was sure that this was just the beginning of my New slutlife…

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Mother’s Story Final: Parts 7 and 8

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(No point in starting here, its the end, but first read parts 1 to 6)

7. Jane’s Fourth Testimony

Well in some ways I suppose it was to be expected, what with them fingering our anuses. But it still came as a surprise, these two were really taking any opportunity they could get, and they had obviously been well informed about matters sexual! I for one had never had anal sex, in fact I was a bit inhibited about my bottom, worrying that I might not be clean down there. But I’d had a shower that morning and I’d put such thoughts aside as Roy had fingered me, so I persuaded myself that no harm would come from letting him have me there, but was it right to let the boys do that to us? Was any of this? And would I be able to take a penis up my anus anyway? I looked at Anna, seeking her approval. She gave me an encouraging half smile, indicating some worries but not a refusal. So: “OK both of you, we’ll let you try. I have never had anal sex, so I don’t know if I can and I dont’t know if Anna has either.” I looked at her and she shook her head. “No, neither has your Mum Roy, so you’ll both have to be really careful, go very gently and make sure we are well lubricated. You must stop if either of us says so. Understand?”

“Oh gosh yes,” they chorused. I stole a quick look at their underwear, they were sporting absolutely massive erections that were threatening to burst out of their pants.

“First we need to get ourselves really clean. Anna. Come with me to the bathroom and we’ll get sorted.”

“Oh no, Mum, let us come with you and help you get clean, we’ve already had our fingers in there, we can add soap!” said Joe, the cheeky little bugger (or at least he was going to be…)

So Anna and I led them back to the bathroom, us Mums in just our suspenders and stockings, with the boys in their underpants. I ran warm water into the sink and got it nice and soapy, got out a facecloth for each of us and began to wash my crotch, only to have it taken off me by Roy, who also took Anna off her and handed it to Joe. “Crouch down both of you, legs nice and open, we’ll do this!” said Roy.

So, holding on to the side of the bath, both of us adopted a disgusting pose – bent at the knees, squatting down, thighs wide apart – as the boys stationed themselves behind us and began soaping us with their fingers, putting at first one and then two fingers together up our back passages, twisting them and turning, then using the face-cloths to wipe and probe our most intimate area. Then they rinsed us out, more fingering and probing until they were satisfied with their handiwork and I was gasping with anticipation. I was ridiculously ready for penetration. But first the boys wanted us to spread ourselves open on the bathroom floor while they licked our crotches and peered at our privates. It seems they can never get enough of that.

Finally they led us back downstairs and positioned us on our knees next to each other elbows on the sofa, knees apart, bottoms rearmost and raised. Joe produced a jar of vaseline which he must have taken from the bathroom cabinet, the boys removed their underpants, and they began to spread the greasy stuff onto and inside our anal openings. As the goo went in they widened us up by putting in two fingers and reaming around to loosen our rings. Then they were ready. I had been ready for some time! I felt the pressure of Roy’s cock head against my ring-piece, his helmet was just gently resting there at first. I looked across at Anna – my Joe was positioned similarly, his cock just pressing into her, Anna smiled at me and the boys grinned at each other. Then I felt a little more pressure and my anus yielded and Roy’s cock just entered my bottom! Just a fraction of an inch at first. I felt stretched, but it wasn’t painful. He asked if I was OK and I nodded. “Go slowly though..”

In response he withdrew completely and I felt him place a large dollop of Vaseline inside me. Then he pressed back into place and this time I felt my anus take him in easily. “Oh fuck Roy, you’re up her bum mate!” Joe called over, “Anna’s a bit too tight… I’ll lube you up a bit more too Anna, OK?” She nodded as Joe also get his vaselined fingers up her and helped stretch her a bit more. Meanwhile I was overcome with new sensations as Roy shafted me where I’d never been shafted before! His cock seemed massive in my back passage as got into a rhythm of long deep strokes. I was far away, enjoying this new feeling, almost detached from reality as I saw my son eventually enter Anna, her expression hard to read as she in turn was buggered for the first time.

The boys were ecstatic, saying how wonderful and tight we were, how erotic this was, how they never wanted it to end. I was feeling the same to be honest, when Roy reached under me and began to finger my clitoris and put fingers in my pussy: “Oh crikey Joe, I can feel my cock in your mum’s arse from inside her twat! Oh sorry, I mean pussy. Oh its lovely.. Oh shit I’m cumming up her!” and with that the pace of his thrusts went into overdrive, I was already on the edge, but his fingers in my vagina and the sensation of his cock in my anus pushed me over and I came along with him, both of us screaming in delight. Anna and Joe watched us intently as Joe put his fingers down and into Anna’s pussy, learning from Roy. Then it was our turn to watch. Roy came out of my arse, cum slithering down my thighs, and we both took up station next to Anna and Joe. Roy began to fondle his mother’s breasts and I kissed her passionately on the lips, following up our little lesbian display from earlier. Joe just continued to impale Anna’s anus and finger her vagina and clitoris. Roy then got under Anna and began licking her stomach and down towards her mound. Joe took his fingers away and began to fondle my flaps (I was positioned next to Anna and the action, with my bum towards my son). So there was Anna on all fours with her son lying under her and licking at her vagina, while my son was buggering her joyously while fingering his mother’s (my!) “twat”!

It was over shortly after. Anna began bucking with orgasm and that set off Joe as he pumped and pumped his sperm deeply into her colon. Anna came so hard she almost broke Roy’s nose as she couldn’t help but thrash downwards as she climaxed. Joe’s hand left my lady-bits as he extracted himself from Anna’s tight hole, but I was left feeling that something hadn’t been quite right just then. I was happy with being buggered (pardon my French!) but Joe’s fingering me, and Roy’s licking his mother’s flaps felt too i****tuous – even after what we’d all been doing together…

Anyway I put these thoughts aside as I basked in post-orgasm glow. Roy slid alongside me and cuddled up to me, kissing anything he could reach with his lips. Joe and Anna got into sixty-nine style cuddle with Anna, legs wide apart had Joe’s mouth on her vagina and she had his, now limp, penis in her mouth. I think we all fell asleep just after that, shagged out you could say, though it was barely midday.

8. Anna’s Fourth Testimony

Jane and I woke first and untangled ourselves from our sons. We dressed and got lunch ready, deciding to let the boys doze as long as they wished. We knew what would be in store for us once they woke and got their energy back – more sexual fun! Jane shared with me her worry that we were on the brink of i****t, and I agreed that we had to be careful. I remembered the fact that I had given my son a blow-job and was determined that this was definitely a limit and certainly not to allow his penis in my vagina or anus!

The weekend was coming to a close and we were to return home later – the boys had school the next day, and Jane and I both worked. We had a couple of hours left. The boys eventually came around and we had a pleasant buffet lunch mid afternoon. During the meal the boys kept touching and fondling us. They wore only dressing-gowns, clearly ready for more action. Jane and I had new clean sexy undies on under our normal day-wear. We cleared away the crockery and cutlery as the boys followed us around feeling up our skirts, over our breasts and pulling up skirts to rub our panty-crotches.

Eventually we were ready for further action. We called the boys together and told them this was the last session before Roy and I would have to go home. But we said we could get together again next weekend, at our house this time. Then we asked them what they wanted to do. Joe spoke up and said that he and Joe had some ideas that they thought we would enjoy, as we had been so wonderful to them in allowing them to have us and feel us. We said we wanted to make sure they had a nice ending too. So we agreed to get started. Immediately the boys said they wanted to undress us first and so we all stood up, put the radio on a music station and they boys began the usual feeling and fondling of us as they gradually removed our skirts, blouses then our brassieres. Finally, after a lot of crotch rubbing and putting their hands down into our knickers, they removed our panties. I suggested that a nice thing would be for us Mums to both have a bit of fun with each boy, as the other enjoyed watching. They agreed so first I got Joe to lie down on his back, then I pulled his pants off him (he’d discarded his dressing-gown immediately!) held his cock in my hand and fellated him gently to full erection. Then I slipped a Durex on him and guided him inside my vagina as I straddled him. At this point I motioned to Jane to join us and she placed her feet either side of her son’s head, facing me as I sat on his cock, then slowly lowered herself onto his smiling mouth. He proceeded to lick and suck his mother as I felt the intensity of his erection grow in my pussy. Jane was spreading herself all over his face and he was salivating strongly so that she seemed to slide around on him. It looked like her vagina was wide open as he was pleasured, and she had a glazed look in her eyes… Roy was watching closely and began to feel my breasts and then Jane’s. He also felt down between my legs and rubbed my anus, then did the same to Jane. Then I felt Joe cumming into me. He was done.

“Same for you Roy?” asked Jane. But Roy had other ideas.

He left the room for a short while leaving us wondering what he had in mind. On his return he said he had washed himself thoroughly and wanted us Mum’s to satisfy something he’d read about. He stripped off completely and sat on the sofa, his bottom right on the edge, then he lifted his legs up and apart and held his cheeks open, his erection huge. “I want one of you to suck me while the other one licks my bum-hole!” I was shocked, where do they get these ideas? Well he was my son so I thought I’d better do the anus lick, I told Jane to go ahead and take him down her throat, which she did, positioning herself next to him, taking his erection deeply into her mouth and gently fellating. He was still holding his legs up and apart so I tentatively approached his ring-piece. He smelled of soap so I knew he had been telling the truth about being clean. First I got some saliva on my fingers and rubbed it gently on his hole, which opened slightly as I applied a little pressure, then, in for a penny, in for a pound, I began to lick over his ring. He began to groan and writhe with pleasure, opening his legs even further and thrusting both into his mother’s mouth and against mine. I continued to lick and, as the area got wetter I pulled him a little wider apart and his anus opened further. To my shock, and his obvious delight, I began to lick inside, then I inserted a finger, covered in saliva and frigged his colon as I dipped my tongue in and out alternately with the finger. This was too much for him and he began furious thrusts into Jane’s mouth, sperm escaping from the sides and dribbling down her chin. The look of ecstasy on his face was a picture. I looked at Joe who was also grinning widely.

“So what are you going to do for us then?” I asked after they had calmed down.

“We think you’d both like a spit-roast,” said Joe.

“What’s that?”

“We read about it in a men’s mag; we do each of you from each end – one in the pussy and one in your mouth. What do you think?”

“Well I think I’d like to try that,” I replied. “Can I go first?”

So I got on my hands and knees and Joe positioned himself behind me, gradually opening my legs and gently pulling my knees apart so that my crotch was fully open and my pussy ready for insertions. Meanwhile Roy knelt at my face, erect again after cumming so hard a few minutes ago. I took him into my mouth and he slid in and out. Then I felt my bum cheeks being parted and Joe had the vaseline out again, only he wasn’t preparing my pussy, he was lubing up my anus! “I can finger your clit this way,” he said “ and I don’t need a Durex!”

There was no trouble in getting his penis up me this time, my small hole dilated nicely and I felt him enter me, long and slow and deep. This was a spit-roast.. wow! Jane came alongside and put her arm around me, ensuring I was OK and being supportive. I couldn’t speak, but nodded that I was fine. She began to massage Roy’s bare bottom as he shafted my mouth. Then Joe began to finger my vagina and my clitoris. I was dripping with juices and he almost got his entire hand up me. The feeling of his cock deep in my back passage and the attention he was giving my love button were phenomenal. I began to orgasm like never before. They were right, this was a nice thing to do. I collapsed onto the carpet as both boys extricated themselves and began wiping their cocks. I lay exhausted as they just changed ends and began to service Jane. This time Joe was in her mouth and Roy up her bum! I was dimly aware of her having her own orgasm a few minutes later, but I think I drifted off to sleep.

Well all good things come to an end and eventually, after cleaning up, it was time for us to go. In the hallway Joe thanked us Mums on behalf of them both and we had long lingering French kisses with the boys.

Just as Jane opened the door Roy blurted out: “Next time we’d like to DP you both!”

“What does that mean?” asked Jane.

“Err, well its a bit like the spit-roast, you’ll love it. But it means one of us has you in the pussy and one in the bum!”

Jane looked at me. We had discussed the issue of i****t earlier and talked about drawing lines.

“Sorry boys, I’m sure we’d love it, but we can’t have that… ” said Jane. The boys looked crestfallen, “…but if you can get a school-friend to come along…”


(Well that all took some time to write. Hopefully other stories I’m working on will be along soon. In the meantime, enjoy my other ones and please give me feedback. I know there are spelling errors dotted about, put it down to my poor proof-reading… Best wishes and keep smiling/wanking)

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Naughty wives I have had = 2 out of 4 eg No2 and

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These video’s take me back 45 years,porn was tame in those days. First marriage was what we called a shotgun wedding ,became normal boring sex split up after 7 years. Second was a stunner ex beauty queen ,blonde beautiful great tits ,ass and legs and horny as hell ,she used to suck me off as i drove her home (swallowed) and i used to fuck her tits outside her mothers home . Loved being groped between the legs (upskirt) then i found out she loved it up the arse ,what a dream . In those days video cameras were expensive ,but polaroid cameras were cheap ,she loved being photographed ,skirt up ,knickers off ,or bent over showing her knickers and stocking tops ,would always put on a good show 2 and 3 fingers up her cunt ,dildo her arse and cunt ,and said she would love to try a cock in each hole at the same time ,love to know what her dreams were ,as every night ,middle of the night i could feel the bed going as she gave her cunt a good seeing too ,so i would fuck her arse as she wanked .
Back then i used to own a custom Bedford CF all supped up ,side kick exhausts,custom paint the works ,so i took my best pal out for a drive while he and his wife were visiting our house for a Saturday nite meal ,during the drive i handed him some of our filthy polaroids , he loved seeing my wife teasing and showing all ,i knew he was always trying to cop a look up her skirt ,caught him a few times but didn’t mind , i told him if he fancied it and called without his wife ,i recon Nel would be up for a good fucking (after saying she would like to try a cock in all holes at once).We got back to the house the conversation got around to the Hoffbrau house beer Keller as they used to give prizes for a line up of girls willing to lift their skirts ,they always dressed for it stockings sussie’s and g’strings, 1/2 cup bras ,real horny stuff . I knew my Mrs had been on a girls nite out . My pals wife left the room to visit the toilet upstairs ,i wispered to Bry if you ask Nel nicely she might lift her skirt for you ,she shot off the table real quick ,lifted her skirt to her waist ,she acted quick so he got a good long look at her tiny gstring ,nothing left to the imagination ,she whispered next time i will wear stockings ,Bry’s tongue was hanging out . The next Saturday afternoon Bry turned up ,Nel was out shopping ,so i put a video on ,a young female fucking herself with a hairbrush ,Nel arrived home walked in saw the video ,and said i could do better than that , i said come on then dress up for Bryan . Fifteen minutes later the living room door moved ,and a leg appeared showing stocking tops ,she walked in sat in an armchair ,slid her skirt back ,opened her legs wide ,then said is that what you want to see Bryan ,he was there kneeling between her legs in seconds ,she invited him to get as close as he likes ,his eyes were taking it all in as he stroked both her thighs ,she then crossed the room lifted her skirt to her hips ,i said is there anything you want to take off Bryan ,he went over on his knee’s and started to loosen her suspenders,i said you have choice and you go for the suspenders ! i would have gone for pulling her knickers down myself ,he took the hint ,he slowly started to peel them down ,think he was savouring her cunt coming into view ,Nel was only bothered that he would think she was not a real blonde,he gave her a good licking as he played with her cunt ,next she told him to lay on the floor ,which he did as she stood over him and he got the best ever upskirt ,he gave her a good finger fucking . She then sat on a dining chair as Bryan sat on the sofa ,she spread her legs wide so he got a good view ,she gave her clit a good seeing too ,finger fucked 2/3 fingers ,i went and got a banana ,passed it to her ,she stuck it up her cunt asked Bryan to give her a good seeing too ,cum was dripping from her slit, I said you’ve given Bryan a rock hard cock i think you should sort it out ,she took his hand took him upstairs to the bedroom ,he was 15 minutes,then she shouted next .She said his cock was standing to attention as she sat on the bed giving him a wank ,she said i think he wanted me to suck him,i replied he would have loved it as his wife was Mrs prim and propper ,she said he was so excited at getting my knickers off he shot his load as soon as he entered her cunt ,so i had to make sure she would cum ,so i fucked her hard (ROUGHLY) as i fingered her arse .
As he was saying goodbye to her at the door (Kissing) I said go on Bryan get your hand up her skirt and down her knickers and bring her off ,as i said to her next time we are going to fuck you standing up ,one up your arse the other up your cunt ,then spin you around to swap holes ,you will be sick of cock ,no i won’t get sick of 2 up i would love a gangbang if you can sort it ,i will put a show on for them first ,to wank over ,so they last longer in my pussy/arse/mouth and tits ,yes she doe’s a fantastic tit fuck .
3rd Wife Boring and 15 yrs younger than me 7 yrs got divorced
Now 4th wife was 30yrs younger than me (what a dream she was /is)
Been divorced from her after another 7 years ( but carried on fucking to date) even after 15yrs of divorce ,married her when she was 20 ,now 44 still a good figure and have loaned her to pals ,guys off the nett over the 24 years ,told her about wife No2 and what we got up too ,this one blows their socks off .

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Slut: I want to be a slut wife part 4

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Part 4

“You still think you can handle more cock?” Steve said with a puzzled look on face “Haven’t you had enough yet?”
I began to unzip my boots and smiled. The boots fell away from my thighs, as I kicked them off my feet. Unrolling the black hold up stockings, I bent over to remove them from my feet.
“I’m going to fuck the manager and get myself a room deal for when I want fucked in the future!” I smiled unhooking the black corset.
“I never knew you were this horny! In fact I wasn’t convinced that you would actually go through with it!” Steve said his forehead frowning.
“Not only did I go through with it, but I fucking loved it!” I smiled “And it seems the more cock I get, the more cock I want!”
“I know! I have the photographs to prove it you dirty slut!” Steve laughed “So the manager is going to slip inside you next!”
“I’m going to fuck him so good! I’ll swallow his cum, let him fuck my ass, take some photos on his phone, there is nothing I won’t do for him! I want that room deal!” I smiled pulling the cash I’d just earned as a hooker from out of my bag.
“Hurry back this time as I want a piece of your ass also!” Steve smiled endearingly.
“You can have a little jerk to the photographs and imagine what the hotel manager is doing to me!” I said teasing Steve “Just think what depraved things I will be letting him do to me!”
“What is my little slut going to wear when the manager fucks her?” Steve enquired.
“I’m going to take a shower, so why don’t you pick something slutty out for me!” I giggled “a first though I’m going to call the manager!”
I took his card from my bag and dialled his digits carefully. The phone was answered after three rings.
“Is that the manager as this is the slut from the elevator!” I purred hearing his breathing quicken.
“Yes, this is the manager!” He replied obviously scuttling to somewhere he could speak.
“Here’s the deal. You want to fuck me and I want you to fuck me, I need an agreement about future rooms!” I said in a business like manner “Or you will not know how tight and wet my shaved pussy is or the pleasure of sliding your cock in my asshole!”
His breathing became rapid at that point as he said in a nervous tone.
“I’m sure we can come to some arrangement!” He spluttered excitedly.
“Tell me which room to go to in thirty minutes and you can do anything you want to me, if we have a deal that is!” I whispered seductively.
“We most definitely have a deal. I’ll bring your executive members card guaranteeing you a room in future. Come to room101 and I’ll be waiting!” He said.
“I’m not just wanting a room, I want it for free!” I stated “You’ll get a regular fuck out of it, and believe me I am such a dirty slut, you’ll want more! And don’t forget you can fuck any hole you want!” I hung up, looking at Steve, shaking his head in disbelief.
I made my way into the shower, pleased with myself at how things were progressing.
Turning the shower on I stepped under the warm cascading water, watching small rivers running down my cleavage. I took the head of the shower, soaped up my pussy and asshole and rinsed the soap suds from my recently fucked holes. I washed my sexy curves thoroughly ready for my next stud to use. I turned off the shower, wrapped the large bath towel around myself and walked over to the bathroom mirror and began to apply my make up. I chose a smoky eyeshadow with black eyeliner in a cat like style. I rouged my cheeks and applied my crimson lipstick. I took out my clear lip gloss and applied a thick coating to my red lips, making the shiny wet look undoubtedly visible.
Happy with my slut make up, I went out into the bedroom to find Steve had laid out on the following.
A quarter cup PVC bra, a matching high waisted garter belt, black shiny seamed stockings, a very tight black mini dress, which was almost as short as my tight mini skirt and finished the whole ensemble with black strappy six inched heels.
“Good choice mister!” I smiled “Help me get into these!”
Steve opened the stockings and slipped my feet into the stockings, carefully rolling them up my legs. Next he fastened the garter belt around my waist, mesmerised at how it cinched my waist making my figure totally hourglass. He tatted the stockings to the garter straps, ensuring my seams were perfectly straight. He turned me around and place the cups of the bra underneath my huge breasts, fastening the PVC bra at the back and adjusting the straps to ensure my breasts were displayed as magnificent as was possible.
I was admiring my reflection in the bedroom mirrors, when he slipped the tiny tight stretchy mini dress over my head. Slipping my arms through the sleeves in to position, he smoothed the dress down as it clung to my body like a second skin. My quarter cup bra, garter belt and garter straps were clearly visible due to the tightness of the black mini dress. I smiled as I drank in my reflection, delighted at how much the outfit confirmed I was a slut and ready to be fucked. Steve knelt at my feet and slipped the high heeled shoes on to my feet, fastening the ankle straps and completing the look. Steve was sporting a massive erection, looking at his slut wife all prepared to leave the room and give every one of her holes to another man. He kissed my cheek and growled.
“Phwoar you look like the ultimate slut!”
“That’s just the look I was aiming for!” I giggled.
“Don’t be out too long!” Steve smiled “Perhaps you could give my cock a little suck before you head off!”
“That’ll be perfect, going to get fucked with the taste of cock still on my lips!” I teased, grabbing the base of Steve’s cock as I sat on the bed.
I twirled my tongue around his hard meaty length, hearing my husband moan at my oral skills. I stroked the length of his shaft a few times then deep throated him. Steve was groaning and moving his hips slowly, fucking my face. I removed his cock and gave the tip a few delicate kisses.”\
“Make sure it’s as hard as that when I get back!” I giggled “Shall I bring his come back in my pussy or ass?”
Steve laughed and said.
“Why not both?”
I scooped up my bag which now had a rather large life like cock with a suction pad tucked away inside. Winking at Steve I walked out of the door to partake in my next sexual adventure.
I got the elevator down to the first floor. The door opened and I was delighted to find that room 101 was opposite the elevator. I gently tapped on the door to find it opened abruptly and my arm grabbed and pulled inside. The manager was flushed and excited, looking me up and down. Reaching into his jacket pocket he pulled out two card, one was gold and the other was black.
“The gold one guarantees you a room and the black one is an employee card, which gives you the room for free!” He smiled as my taloned fingers took the cards from him. Placing them into my bag, I pulled out the big plastic cock and licked it, looking him directly in the eye.
“Get stripped and then I can do this to your cock!” I smiled, smouldering and teasing him.
His suit, shirt, tie and underwear were gone in seconds, hanging on the hook on the back of the door. I was n’t expecting what was poking out and pointing at me. His cock was a little thinner than my two earlier victims, but fucking hell it was at least ten inches long. I heard myself moan excitedly just looking at it. I placed my right hand on his shaft and began to stroke his incredible length slowly. He pawed at my dress and began to roll it up my body, revealing my slut underwear, eventually peeling the dress over my head and on the floor. His eyes widened at my huge firm tits and my smooth shaved pussy. I pulled him closer to me, to kiss his luscious lips. His huge cock was running along my shaved slit, throbbing and pulsing, exciting my hungry pussy. The length of his cock was mind boggling, raising my arousal level immediately. I know I love cock, but was I becoming a predictable big cock slut.
I knelt before him in my stockings, garters and quarter cup bra, holding the base of his shaft and began to run my wriggling tongue up and down of his huge length.
“You like this big cock don’t you, you filthy slut?” The manager growled.
“Mmmmm!” Was all I could muster as my lips shrouded his blood engorged tip.
My tongue and lips were beginning to work their magic on his impressive cock, his moans becoming deeper and more vocal.
“Fuck! You suck my cock better than any whore!” He snarled as I continued to pleasure him.
My pussy was tingling in the anticipation of receiving this magnificent specimen inside me.
I was now slobbering on his cock, almost worshipping the magnificence of his length, feeling the hard veiny flesh slide in and out my mouth.
I removed his cock still holding the shaft, and brought the tip to my shaved pussy.
“Fuck me standing up!” I smiled, stroking his cock as it nudged past my pussylips.
The hotel manager was a true cocksman, moving his hips slowly, guiding his huge cock into my cheating cunt. I kissed him deeply as my pussy gratefully accepted the full length. The tip of his cock was banging at my cervix as his hairy balls were tickling the smooth flesh around my pussylips. I placed my arms around his neck and clung on tightly as I raised my feet off the ground, wrapping them tightly around his waist as he moved us over to the bed. Placing me gently on the bed, his cock still embedded in me, he began to thrust so slowly, letting me feel every vein and ridge on his massive cock. My breathing was a mixture of panting and sobbing as the greatest cock I’d ever experienced fucked me in a way that I knew I had to experience on a regular basis. This guy was absolutely magnificent in bed, his cock giving me pleasure I never thought possible whilst his lips and tongue excited and stimulated my lips, mouth and deliciously dirty mind.
My stockinged legs were wrapped around his thrusting hips as I broke our kiss, to allow my moans of passion to escape.
“Fuck me with your huge cock!” I panted “You’re making me cum!”
He thrust hard and deep as my orgasm encapsulated my entire being. A relentless gush of female ejaculate, sprayed out of my orgasmic pussy. The thrusting and squelching were unbelievably erotic as I felt my orgasm was never going to end. The pleasure level was incredibly high as I almost fainted the onslaught of pleasure was so intense. The hotel manager smiled as he looked down at me, his smile quickly becoming a smirk at his sexual prowess.
“You’re going to want this cock again aren’t you?” He smiled confidently.
“Yes! Yes!” I panted.
“Well I have a deal for you. You’ll get this cock again, but first you will have to be a hooker for some of my special clients. We’ll split the money fifty fifty and I’ll fuck you afterwards!” He grinned, thrusting his cock deep inside me, knowing I would agree to anything at that moment as long as his cock was fucking me.
“Yes!” I screamed “I’ll be your whore!”
“That’s what I hoped you’d say!” He smiled “Now turn over and we’ll see how much of this cock I can fit in your ass!”
My eyes startled at his statement. Instead of fear at the thought of his huge cock impaling my ass, I was excitedly aroused, wanting to feel this snake slithering in my asshole.
He slid his magnificent length out of my pussy, the light bouncing of the shiny coating of sexual excitement on his shaft. I couldn’t believe that my pussy had accommodated such a monster balls deep. I turned over, raising my ass in the air and arching my back. Spreading my knees apart, I placed my hands on my buttocks and spread my cheeks, revealing my puckered pink ring to the hotel manager. He slapped his huge cock on my asshole, the sound resonating around the room.
He slapped it once more then spat directly on my asshole, making me shudder. He worked his saliva into my asshole with his index finger then spat once more. He then spat into his hand and began to rub his palm over the head of his huge cock, lubricating the blood engorged head. I bit my lip nervously awaiting his cock entering my asshole. The tip of his cock pushed gently past my sphincter as it snapped tightly around his shaft. He began to slide his cock slowly inside my ass, stopping every few seconds to allow me to get used to the incredible length. I was moaning with ecstatic pleasure as his huge cock slid deeper inside my asshole.
“My clients are going to love having you as their whore!” He snarled and pushed the remaining length of his cock deep inside my ass. I’d now took this magnificent length in my pussy and my ass. He stopped moving, enjoying his cock embedded in my ass. The pain and searing heat were worth it, the pleasure was so remarkable.
“I’m going to enjoy being being your whore!” I panted as his hairy balls tickled the flesh of my shaved pussy, enhancing my pleasure even further.
“It bodes well that you’re going to enjoy it as my first client arrives tomorrow!” He laughed “And you will be sucking his cock, and letting him fuck your ass and pussy. Wearing something leather as he does like his sluts wearing leather!” He snarled and began to fuck my ass, sending me over the edge with an anal orgasm.
I was panting deliriously, a slave to his enormous cock.
“He’ll come on your face and you’ll lick every drop off and swallow it!” he growled “Which is what you will do in a few seconds when I blast my load all over your pretty face!”
“Come on my face!” I panted “I’m your slut! Spunk on my face!”
He removed his cock from my ass, leaving me gaping in his absence, as he moved to the front of me. I turned my head toward his magnificent weapon as a huge spurt of thick creamy spunk splashed on my cheek. I opened my mouth and caught the next three strong spurts. His come was spilling out of my mouth and running down my chin as the last few spurts splashed on my cheeks. I looked at his throbbing cock and slid my mouth over the hypnotic flesh. Swirling my tongue around the dome of his cock, I licked every drop of spunk from his weapon. This was my first ass to mouth experience and I have to admit this was by far the most wonderful slut experience I could imagine.
I was licking his cock, moaning loudly with pleasure as he stroked my hair.
“I think our little business venture could prove to be very fruitful!” he smiled.
“I’ll do whatever you want as long as you fuck me with your beautiful cock regularly!” I whispered.
“Oh you’ll get it regularly, but so will some of my clients!” he grinned “How do you fancy being a stag party stripper slut next weekend. Five guys?”
“I’ll get practising my stripper routine!” I smiled seductively giving his cock one last lick.
“I need to get back to work. You’ve got my card and I’ve got your cell phone.” He smiled putting his business suit back on “Call me tomorrow about 1:00pm and I’ll give you details and what room number for your night of whoring!”
He opened the door and blew me a kiss as he left the room.
I went to the bathroom and looked at my spunk drenched face in the mirror. I smiled at my slut reflection, placing the dress over my body and decided I would return to my husband still wearing the hotel managers orgasm on my face.
Closing the hotel room door I pressed the button for the elevator. The door opened and I had my head down just in case. Thankfully the car was empty as I rode the elevator to my floor.
Walking out of the elevator, I swayed sexily to our room, gently tapping on the door.
Steve opened the door naked, sporting a huge erection. I smiled as he looked at my spunk drenched face. I walked into the room and giggled.
“He re did my make-up!”
Steve looked at my demeanour and laughed out loud.
“I’m going to fuck you while you sc**** that off your face and swallow it!” he snarled, pushing me on the bbed and easing my tight dress up my stockinged thighs. As the dress reached above my pussy, I opened my legs wide, holding my pussylips to show my pink hole, I smiled and said.
“Come on and fuck your cheating slut wife!”
Steve knelt between my opened legs and slid his lovely cock inside my wet tight pussy. I moved my hands over my cheeks, scr****g up all of the spunk, placing my fingertips to my lips and letting the spunk run into my mouth. Steve kept ramming his cock deep inside my pussy as I continued to remove the spunk from my face until all was gone. Steve looked down at my spunk free face and spat on my face.
“Wipe that into your slut face!” he snarled.
His actions were a complete shock to me and brought on the most wonderful orgasm. I was loving the way my husband was treating me as I orgasmed and rubbed his saliva into my face. His face moved closer to mine, his warm breath flowing over my saliva coated skin.
“Would you like to kiss me and taste the cock I’ve been sucking?” I giggled.
Steve’s lips locked on mine as our tongues entwined. His thrusting became more frantic as I felt the hot powerful squirt of his orgasm being to flood my cunt. In all of our years together, I’ve never known Steve to come so forcibly or energetically. I held him close as he completely emptied his entire load inside me. My stockinged legs were wrapped around his back as he moved his head down to kiss and suck my erect nipple. There was something maternal and foetal regarding our post orgasmic embrace, as Steve licked, sucked and chewed gently on my erect nipple.
His cock receded and slowly slid out of my cum drenched pussy. A rivulet of spunk poured out of my pussy as I lay back allowing the air of the room to cool my aroused pussy.
Steve looked up at me smiling, removing my nipple from his mouth.
“I think we’re both enjoying the new slut you!”

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My First Goodbi

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Well, I am kind of at a loss as to how to start this, but my whole world was rocked this weekend. It all started with going to a Halloween Party. I dressed up as a Roman. Just for fun, I thought it would be fun to not wear anything under my costume. I mean who is gonna know? It was great and fun was had. Shots were shot and smoke was smoked. As the party wound down, the hostess and her boyfriend retired to bed. Her cousin and her boyfriend and myself, were the only ones left still smoking and doing shots. Her name was Michelle and his name was James. Both are 20 years younger than I. We were on opposite couches. They were on one and me on the other. It was late and they started to make out on the couch. Michelle was dressed as a witch and James had dressed in drag. To my surprise as I tried not to stare, Michelle raised James dress to expose his cock and began to stroke it. Michelle looked over at me, and asked, “Do you like to watch?” I responded with, “Yes. I do.” And with that Michelle raised her skirt to expose her very bald pussy, and started to play with herself. Apparently I was not the only one who thought it would be fun to not wear anything under my costume. I was caught in a trance. After what seemed like forever, Michelle got up and walked over to me. Now Michelle has several piercings and tattoos, which I find sexy as hell. She has purple hair, B-cup breasts and a nice round ass. She leaned in and started to kiss me. I returned her kiss with full force. This is when I found out that Michelle had her tongue pierced as well. I was so turned on. We kissed and continued to kiss. I finally broke our passion and asked,” What about James?” Michelle responded, “James likes to watch too.” With that Michelle got on her knees in front of me and exposed my by now very hard cock. She started to suck my cock like I have never felt before. She was my very first pierced tongue I had ever felt. She sucked me for a little while and then stood up, raised her very short skirt and proceeded to mount my hard cock. I could not believe the pleasure I felt as her tight pussy engulfed my rock hard dick. She started to ride me and pulled down her top to expose her lovely young breasts for my hungry mouth. I sucked on her pierced nipples, tonguing them and nibbling on then gently. She started to moan and I could feel her juices running down my shaft and balls. She was so wet. I was in heaven. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes just so into the moment. Michelle eagerly kissed my mouth and we became a tangle of tongues as she rode my cock. I suddenly feel a new sensation. Waves of pleasure hit me as I feel a tongue on my balls and shaft as Michelle bounces up and down on my cock. I open my eyes enough to glance at the now empty couch that is in front of me. It is then that I realize that James is the one licking my shaft and balls. With that Michelle raises up off my cock enough for it to slide out of her soaking wet pussy. I then feel my cock being sucked. As I process this, a hand grips my cock and guides it back into Michelle’s dripping pussy and she starts to ride me some more. I again feel a tongue on my balls. Now I have always considered myself straight, and maybe it was the weed and shots dancing in my head, or maybe it was Michelle’s pussy on my cock or her tongue twisted around mine, but I just closed my eyes and decided right then and there that I was just going to go with this.
I broke the kiss of twisted tongues with Michelle and nibbled on her ear as I whispered, “I want to eat your wet pussy. I want to taste you.” Michelle just responded with a moan. She rose up off of my cock and had me lay down on the couch so she could straddle my face. The first touch of my tongue to her pussy was exquisite. I lapped, and licked and sucked for all I was worth. She moved her pussy back and forth so I could lick all parts of her pussy and ass. As I was so intoxicated with Michelle’s pussy juice all over my face, I felt a mouth engulf my cock. Again, I knew it was James. I must admit, between Michelle on my face and James sucking my cock, I was in Heaven. Michelle started to moan loudly and I knew she was about to cum. I grabbed her hips and pulled her tighter to me so I could focus on sucking her clit. This sent her over the edge and she exploded into an orgasm. She soaked my face with her juices. James had picked up the pace on my cock and had brought me to the edge, but Michelle stopped him when she recovered from her orgasm. “Not Yet.” She said. Michelle guided James to the couch and straddled him in reverse cowgirl. I watched as his cock buried itself into Michelle’s wet cunt. I stood in front of her, kissing her lips and sucking her breasts. I also reached down to rub her clit as James’ cock slid in and out of her. I thought, “What the Hell?” I reached low enough to give James’ balls a squeeze as Michelle rode his hard cock. He seemed to respond to this as he let out a moan and rose up a little bit for Michelle to take every inch of his cock. I was mesmerized watching his glistening cock, coated with Michelle’s juices, slide in and out of her wet pussy. Michelle stared to moan again. I kissed her mouth and plunged my tongue deep between her parted lips. She returned my kiss full force. I grabbed her tits and rubbed her clit, and James’ balls some more. Michelle had another exploding orgasm. She soaked James and my hand as she came. Michelle kissed me on the lips as she rose from James’ cock. I didn’t know what was going to happen next, but I had already decided that I was going to go for it and enjoy where this night took me.
Part II

Michelle kissed me again, this time plunging her tongue deep into my mouth . I returned her kiss full force. I as I kissed her she lowered herself to her knees, pulling me down to my knees as well. I knew where this was going and I seemed powerless to stop it. Besides, Michelle was very persuasive, what can I say? I just kept kissing her back and we were really building up some passion. Suddenly, something parted our lips. I instantly knew it was James cock. Michelle and I continued to kiss and lap our tongues at one another. I could taste her juices on James cock, mixed with his precum. Michelle broke our kiss and started to rub her open mouth up and down James cock. Well, I am dressed as a Roman and figured “When in Rome”….What the hell? I opened my mouth and did the same as Michelle. I just tried to follow her lead. She gripped James by the cock and pulled him to her lips. She started to suck up and down his cock, pausing momentarily to deep throat him. She then continued to suck up and down his cock. She pulled off of James cock and turned and plunged her tongue deep into my mouth and we were kissing like mad again. She broke our kiss and motioned me towards James cock. This was the moment of truth. I opened my mouth and started to suck up and down James cock like Michelle had done. I didn’t try to deep throat him though, baby steps here. Michelle and I traded off like this for a bit until finally we started to kiss with James head between our tongues. It was a combination of her tongue and his cock. Michelle picked up the pace of her tongue and I followed suit. I was determined to drop all inhibitions and see this through. As we picked up the intensity, James started to moan. I knew this was it. I just closed my eyes and focused on Michelle’s tongue. James groaned as he shot his load. The first spurt landed on my cheek. I just kept moving my tongue with Michelle’s. I could taste James cum as he continued to unload. Finally Michelle took control and went down on James cock to suck him off the rest of the way. When she had drained him, James fell back on the couch. Michelle then leaned in to kiss me. She kissed me with such passion as she shared the rest of James cum with me. Once again I was so under this witches spell. Michelle got up to get a towel and handed it to me to clean up. She then pushed me down on the couch and started to suck my cock. Without a word, James got on his knees beside her and started to share my cock with her. It was then that I felt what James had experienced. I had never felt two mouths on my cock at once. It was like nothing I had ever felt in my life. I just closed my eyes to focus on the pleasure I was feeling. As one licked my balls the other sucked the head of my cock. While one sucked up and down my cock, I could feel a tongue on my ass. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. They both flicked their tongues across the head of my cock as Michelle and I had done to James. I felt my load building. Michelle seemed to since this as she started to rub her fingers across my ass. That was all it took. I cried out as my cock erupted and shot my load. I seemed to just keep on squirting hot cum. I felt as I’d never stop. Finally Michelle sucked my dry as she had done James. And like before she shared my cum, this time with James. I just lay there on the couch unable to move or process what had just happened. Michelle cleaned up with the towel and passed it to James who did the same. Michelle looked at me and smiled. “Anyone ready for a shot?” James and I answered in unison. “Yeah.” With that Michelle got up to get the Patron. “I’ll roll another joint.” James said. It looked like this evening might just really be beginning. “It’s a Halloween Party after all,” I though. “What the Hell? This story might be far from finished.”
Part III
Michelle sat next to me after we finished up a round of shots. She started to rub my leg up and down. James sat next to her as he finished putting the joint out. Michelle started to rub his leg as well. James was a very quiet, soft spoken guy. He seems very feminine almost, and except for his long blonde hair, he doesn’t have a hair anywhere on his body. I found him oddly intriguing I watched as his cock grew from Michelle rubbing his leg. This in turn made my cock grow as well. Michelle took full advantage and gripped both of our cocks, one in each hand. Her touch was intoxicating. The rush up feelings I had mesmerized me. I wanted them both. Michelle had us both hard in no time. She stroked us simultaneously. She got down on her knees and motioned us to stand up. She took both of our cocks into her mouth at the same time. I could feel my cock rubbing against James’ as Michelle sucked us both. It was very erotic. Michelle finally had James get back on the couch. She had him on his knees facing the back of the couch. She started to rub his ass and then went to sucking my cock some more. I was so hard by now. Michelle could feel this and got up to get a bottle of lube. She started to rub lube on James’ ass. I watched her start to finger his ass. I longed that it was me she was doing this to. I watched her work three fingers into James’ ass. I could tell he was loving it which made me all the more jealous. Then Michelle turned to me and started to lube up my cock. I knew before the words left her lips what she wanted. She whispered into my ear, “I want you to fuck him.” It was right then and there that I realized that I wanted to fuck him too. I stood up and let Michelle guide my cock towards James’ ass. With Michelle’s help I slide my cock all the way into James’ ass. Michelle watched closely as my cock slide in and out. She stood up and got behind me. The feeling of her body against mine from behind as I fucked James’ was unbelievable. She rubbed her tits on my back and stroked her hands up and down my legs, ass and balls. I just closed my eyes to absorb it all in. I was lost in my pleasure when I felt Michelle start to rub my ass with lube. I just kept fucking James’. I felt her slip a finger into my ass. Then I felt another. I was in heaven. Then she started to whisper into my ear. “That’s it, Fuck him. Fuck him good. That is how he likes it. He loves it when I fuck him like that.” I was so hot and horny by now. I felt Michelle walk away for a moment and then return. She was moving up and down my body and soon I was to lean why. She had put on a strap on. I felt her rubbing the head of it up and down my ass. I maneuvered to give her better access while still fucking James’. I felt her sliding into me. I wanted all of her. I was lost for a moment and had forgotten about James’. He stared to push back on my cock. I was being pushed from both sides. Penetrating and being penetrated. Michelle had decided she was going to take charge. She removed me from James, and pushed me onto the couch the same as he. I watched her bury her rubber cock into James’ ass. “I told you this is how he likes it.” She cooed. I reached over and grabbed James’ cock and started to stroke it. He moaned out loud as I did. Michelle stopped immediately and said, “I didn’t say you could do that.” And then removed her strap on from James’ and slid it into me. That was when James’ gripped my cock to return the favor. Michelle was an expert with that strap on. She fucked the both of us for a few. Then she whispered in my ear, “You want to feel the real thing?” Without even thinking, I said “Yes.” So with that I closed my eyes, leaned against the back of the couch and waited. James got up and I could feel the head of his cock rub up and down my ass. I reached back and pulled my ass open as far as I could. I wanted him to fuck me. I needed him to fuck me. I wanted to feel it for the first time, and for what might be the last time. But I was going to try this once. As great as it felt to have Michelle fuck me with her strap on, there was no comparison. James took it easy and made sure I enjoyed it. As he picked up pace I could not help but moan out loud. This seemed to get to James as he picked up the pace even more. I felt him twitch and then felt him blow his load into my ass. It is like nothing I have ever experienced ever in my life. It was amazing to say the least. James collapsed on the couch. I just fell back against the couch motionless. My cock was still hard. I regained my composure and turned to Michelle. “Now I am going to fuck your ass.” She smiled with delight and bent over the couch. I slide my cock into her ass from behind. She was so tight I knew I wouldn’t last long at all. Michelle must have sensed this and rubbed her pussy like crazy. She started to moan and I knew she was going to cum, which was good because I was going to cum too. As Michelle cried out from her orgasm, I moaned as I pumped her ass full of my cum. Afterwards it was time to go. I was exhausted and my head was whirling from the night’s activities. I was going to have to figure some things out. I had learned new things of myself. It was an amazing evening. I hope to run into Michelle and James again. Who knows what the future brings. Does this mean I am bisexual now? Maybe…just maybe it does.

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Judith’s Punishment

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Chapter 1 Judith Concedes

Sir Jolyon Lattimore reached into the inside pocket of his pinstriped Savile Row suit and took out a gold ballpoint pen which he handed to Judith. “What if I choose not to sign?” asked the young woman as she took the pen from him, a note of defiance in her voice.
Sir Jolyon paused for a moment before answering. “Well, whether or not you sign is entirely your decision but should you choose not to sign you will leave me with no alternative other than to fire you on the spot. I must also add that should you choose that route you’ll be lucky to find employment beyond working on a supermarket checkout or stacking shelves in a DIY store, rather a waste for an ambitious young woman with a Master’s Degree from Cambridge I’d say.”

Judith swallowed hard as her eyes hastily reread the agreement which Sir Jolyon had placed in front of her a few minutes earlier. She breathed deeply as she contemplated her options, her thumb nervously clicking the nib of the pen in and out. The position at Lattimore, Harvey and Errington had been the perfect start to her professional career, that is, until she had been foolish enough to be tricked into providing personal information about one of the company’s top clients to a rogue reporter over a dinner date.

Judith’s moments of contemplation seemed like forever, but eventually she gently nodded her head “Okay, I’ll sign.” her voice little more than a whisper. After placing her signature at the bottom of the agreement she handed the pen back to Sir Jolyon. “I think you’ve made a very wise decision Judith.” His deep cultured voice almost providing some comfort to what the young woman had agreed to.

Sir Jolyon Lattimore was a distinctly handsome man and although more than twice Judith’s age she could not deny that she found him extremely attractive. As he picked up the signed agreement and walked across his office to place it in the safe, Judith’s eyes followed him. For a man in his late forties he was in excellent physical shape, his swarthy good looks and dark hair flecked grey at the temples had caught her attention from the first time she had met him, but never in her wildest dreams had she expected to face what was in store for her on this particular Friday evening.

As Sir Jolyon began preparing for Judith’s punishment, she glanced at the antique dial clock which hung on the wall opposite his desk. It was fast approaching 6.00pm, almost a full hour since the working day had officially ended and the other staff had headed home for the weekend. After a few moments of consideration, Judith asked Sir Jolyon if she could contact her friend,” I was due to be meeting a friend in Covent Garden at 7.00 pm, may I go to my office and send a text to let her know I’m working late and won’t be able to make it?”
Sir Jolyon smiled “Yes of course, I suppose in a way that’s exactly what you are doing Judith, working late.” Sir Jolyon smiled and tilted his head in the direction of Judith’s office, she wasted no time in hurrying off to message her friend.

Judith returned a few minutes later and as she entered Sir Jolyon’s office her eyes were immediately drawn to the implements which Sir Jolyon had placed across the red leather inlay of his desk. Judith had little doubt that Sir Jolyon intended to enjoy every moment of punishing her, subjecting her to a level of pain and humiliation which she had been cornered into accepting without redress. Judith smiled inwardly though, as a growing level of excitement invaded her body and had she been given the option of walking away at this very moment, her job intact, she knew that she would somehow be compelled to stay. She did not intend to share this strange desire with Sir Jolyon and would want to make him believe that being punished by him was truly unbearable.

Sir Jolyon stood beside his highly polished pedestal desk and rested a hand on its edge. His eyes appeared to scrutinise every inch of Judith’s perfect body as she stood before him. “Take off your clothes Judith” instructed Sir Jolyon, his voice calm yet powerful, not unlike that of a trained actor.

Judith made no verbal reply and began removing her clothing in a controlled and unhurried manner carefully folding each item as it was removed and placing it neatly on the seat of a nearby chair. Beneath her blouse was a see-through top and as Judith started to remove it Sir Jolyon told her to leave it on. She wore no bra, her pert young breasts were firm and hung well unaided. “Turn around Judith” commanded Sir Jolyon, using the index finger of his right hand to draw an imaginary circle in the air “Let me see your bottom”. Judith turned as instructed and after a couple of moments of visual scrutiny Sir Jolyon stepped forward and ran his hands over the perfect contours of her young buttocks before squeezing them firmly with his large, masculine hands. Judith wriggled, as even this mild attention was not without discomfort and she could only imagine the true pain she would be subjected to when Sir Jolyon began to spank her.

Stepping slightly back Sir Jolyon’s cultured tones again echoed in Judith’s ears “Let me see your arsehole Judith”. Judith couldn’t help but think that the word ‘arsehole’ when spoken by one less cultured had a crudeness to it which could easily repulse, but in Sir Jolyon’s hands the word sounded almost refined. Judith placed her hands on her buttocks and slowly eased them apart. “That’s excellent Judith, just stay like that while I take a good look at your arsehole”.

Judith almost savoured the use of the word for a second time and as she stood with this most private orifice on full display to Sir Jolyon, she somehow curiously imagined that it may be a word which featured more regularly in her own vocabulary from now on. Sir Jolyon placed the tip of his index finger against the neat bud presented to him and pressed against its centre. “Beautifully tight Judith, but I’m sure we can coax it open when we need to.”

Judith enjoyed anal sex, but this too would remain a secret from Sir Jolyon. It was now her turn to use a word which sounded crude in the wrong hands “But Sir Jolyon must I really be buggered?” She knew that he would not change his mind, men like Sir Jolyon rarely do and in truth she probably didn’t want him to. Sir Jolyon chose not to answer the question directly “You’ve read and signed the agreement Judith, so let’s get on with things shall we?” Sir Jolyon pointed toward his desk and as he removed his jacket and rolled up his sleeves Judith took her position bent over it with her hands on the leather inlay and her eyes focused on the implements which were soon to challenge her endurance.

Chapter 2 The Hand and the Plimsoll

Judith had been born far too late to have ever encountered corporal punishment at school but had often been fascinated by the stories she had heard of punishments carried out in years gone by. The boarding school her parents had sent her to was steeped in tradition and as she looked at the black, size 6 plimsoll and the two, different sized crook handled canes in front of her, her mind flashed back to the display cabinet in the entrance hall of her former school which contained an array of similar items which had been used on errant bottoms in decades before, a kind of tribute to the era.

She also recalled a time when she and another girl, Shelley Bailey had stood before the Headmistress’s desk during their final year of school after being caught with two boys in the sports pavilion. “If you’d been at this school a few years ago you’d both be getting your bare bottoms soundly caned for this,” the Headmistress had growled. Judith had never forgotten these words, they always sent a tingle of excitement through her body whenever she recalled them, triggering memories of how much she had wished the Headmistress could have caned her and Shelley on that day.

Both she and Shelley had lost their virginity in the pavilion to those boys, and somehow watching each other getting their bare bottoms caned for this act had become etched in her fantasies. She also imagined the two boys there also, eagerly watching as she and Shelley were caned before thrusting out their own bare bottoms for the cane as she and Shelley were made to watch. Facing away from Sir Jolyon as she was, she allowed herself the opportunity to run her tongue across her top lip as she savoured this delicious thought.

Judith’s time for reminiscence and fantasising was soon over as Sir. Jolyon placed his hand against her left buttock. “I’m going to warm you up with my hand Judith, just to break you in. Are you ready?” Judith inhaled and exhaled a couple of times before answering, “I’m ready Sir.”

Sir Jolyon drew back his hand and brought it down with a resounding smack against Judith’s left cheek. Judith kept her composure but within her the sting which blossomed through her left buttock was enough to let her know that this spanking was for real. With little time for contemplation Sir Jolyon placed a similar smack to her right buttock before beginning a rhythm of alternating rapid smacks from one cheek to the other, a pattern only broken by the occasional slap to the centre of her bottom. As the spanking progressed, Judith’s small, firm young bottom was soon glowing pink.

The spanking hurt, there was no denying that but Judith mostly remained stoic, the occasional wriggle and deep intake of breath the only sign to her discomfort. Sir Jolyon did not count the number of smacks, his purpose was to ‘warm her up’ in preparation for the selected implements and this was best judged by seeing her bottom reach the desired level of redness.

Eventually Sir Jolyon stepped back “How does that feel Judith?” “It stings Sir and my bottom feels really hot,” her voice almost haughty in tone. Sir Jolyon reached forward and picked up the plimsoll from the desktop. Gripping it firmly at the heel end he leaned forward and held it a few inches from Judith’s face and slightly to the side, “Have you ever been punished with one of these Judith?” Keeping her head still, Judith moved her eyes to the side and focused on the plimsoll. “Of course not Sir, they’d banned corporal punishment by the time I went to school, I’m surprised you didn’t realise that.” Sir Jolyon chose not to react, if Judith wished to goad him then it would be her bottom that would pay.

Sir Jolyon turned the plimsoll to hold it by the toe end. “I was going to spank you with the lighter end of the plimsoll, but on reflection I think the heavier, heel end is what you deserve.” “Oh, must you Sir?” responded Judith, her voice more humble than before. “Now bend a little further forward and stick your bottom right out.” Judith slowly did as instructed and as she reached forward her fingertips accidentally pushed one of the canes a little nearer the edge of the desk.
Sir Jolyon had deliberately left the canes where Judith could not avoid seeing them, a reminder that she would soon be feeling their bite across her naked buttocks. As Judith pushed her bottom outwards the slight opening of her cheeks allowed air to pass between them and made her wonder whether Sir Jolyon was getting another view of her arsehole.

”You’re going to get twelve with the plimsoll, or did you call them daps at your school?” “We used to call them pumps Sir Jolyon, I believe you’ll find they have different names in different parts of the country.” “Well Judith you really are a mind of information but regardless of what you call them, the pain they inflict is exactly the same.” Sir Jolyon gently tapped the heel of the plimsoll against Judith’s left buttock before drawing it back and delivering the first blow. The solid thud as plimsoll displaced flesh caused Judith to cry out “AAH! AAH! OW! that really hurts Sir.“ and as she wriggled her bottom to quell the discomfort the plimsoll delivered another fierce whack to her right cheek causing Judith to jolt forward knocking the thinner of the two canes from the desk. “OW-AH-OW, I’m sorry Sir, I’ll pick it up” said Judith apologetically, her voice trembling in discomfort as she spoke.

Sir Jolyon stepped back and watched as Judith went around the desk and bent down to pick up the cane and replace it on the leather inlay, his eyes drawn to the two deep red imprints which the plimsoll had added to her already well-coloured bottom. With no prompting required, Judith repositioned herself with her bottom once again offered for Sir Jolyon’s attention.

The heel end of the plimsoll was hard and unforgiving and as Sir Jolyon applied another whack to her left cheek Judith cried out “AAH! Oh God, that hurts Sir.” It was all that Judith could do to stay in position and as an experienced spanker Sir Jolyon moved in a little closer and placed his left hand against her lower back before adding, “It’s a spanking Judith, it’s meant to hurt”

From this closer position, Sir Jolyon adjusted his aim to bring the plimsoll down more vertically and with his hand firmly restraining her back, he proceeded to add further alternating whacks to her already challenged bottom. Judith wriggled and cried out with each one but resisted any protest. She had underestimated how much the plimsoll would hurt, her only experience to date had been secretly spanking herself in the privacy of her own apartment.
Judith had always liked her own bottom, she had no explanation for this it was just the way she was, and when at home she would often study it in the large mirror which hung on her bedroom wall. Despite the agony of the moment Judith knew that in truth, she wanted to be here.

With one more whack of the plimsoll remaining Sir Jolyon paused for a moment. “Tell me Judith, what’s always special about the last stroke?” Judith hesitated before answering, she instinctively knew what she should say but had no intention of giving Sir Jolyon the satisfaction. “It means that there won’t be any more after it Sir.”
Sir Jolyon chuckled and drew his arm right back before delivering a blistering whack to her already roasting right buttock. “EEEOWCH,OW-OW-OW!…. it’s the….the h-h-hardest Sir.” her voice displaying an almost strangled tone. Sir Jolyon smiled, “You’re a quick learner Judith, I’ll give you that. You may rub yourself.” At this invitation Judith began frantically rubbing her anguished bottom.

The hand spanking had certainly stung but it had been nothing compared to the plimsoll and as her hands traversed the surface of her buttocks she could feel the pattern which had been embossed on them by the hard, rough, rubber sole. Judith’s buttocks stung more than she could have imagined and as her eyes were again drawn to the canes which lay in front of her she could only imagine the pain she still had to endure.

Chapter 3 Time for the Cane

It had been more than six years since Judith had stood shoulder to shoulder with Shelley Bailey in front of the Headmistress’s desk and since that time she had often found herself fantasising about being caned. She knew though, that in truth her interest in corporal punishment had existed well before that time, the display cabinet in the entrance hall of the school had captured her interest from almost the day she had arrived there and she knew that this curious desire was just something that was part of her. Somehow, Judith had never shared this with anyone else. She’d been tempted certainly, and knew that with her looks it wouldn’t be hard to find someone, male or female, who would relish the opportunity to spank and cane her naked buttocks.

After receiving the twelve whacks of the plimsoll Sir Jolyon had escorted Judith back to her own office and made her stand facing the wall. He had decided to allow her a short period of respite, making her stand with her well-spanked naked bottom on display within her own office. Placing his hand on her cheeks as she stood, Sir Jolyon gently stroked them, feeling their warmth as he did so prompting Judith to say “Thank you Sir, that’s very soothing.”
Apart from Sir Jolyon there was no one to see Judith, but he mischievously imagined her, this moment etched on her mind whilst dealing with a handsome male client, perhaps wondering his reaction should he have seen her spanked bare bottom displayed as it now was.

Sir Jolyon returned to his own office and after making a brief telephone call he made a few adjustments in preparation for Judith’s caning before requesting her return. As Judith came through the doorway, she could see that Sir Jolyon had cleared the surface of his desk and placed a plump velvet cushion near the centre. “I’m going to cane you now,” announced Sir Jolyon, his educated velvet tones almost matching the texture of the cushion, ““You’re going to receive twelve strokes Judith, six with each cane. Should you fail to remain still, use any inappropriate language or displease me in any way you will receive extra punishment. Is that clear?” Judith drew her lips together and gently nodded, “Perfectly, Sir.” came her eventual, almost whispered vocal reply.

Sir Jolyon had hung the two canes on the brass doorknob of the heavy oak door which led through to his secretary’s office and as he selected the thinner of the two canes, Judith found herself wondering whether Sir Jolyon had ever punished Sophie, his attractive blonde secretary, in this way, she truly hoped he had. Sophie also had a magnificent bottom, so often perfectly packaged within the tight skirts she favoured.

Bent over the desk, Judith placed the cushion beneath her belly, at Sir Jolyon’s request she gripped the far edge of the desk and widened her stance as he addressed the centre of her bottom with the cane before drawing it back and testing it through the air. Judith flinched as she anticipated the cane striking her buttocks, but was soon to realise this was just a ‘practice stroke’. The unmistakeable swishing sound as the thin, whippy cane displaced air, sent a wave of nervous excitement through every cell of her body as in a way she felt a sense of relief that the caning she had waited for so long was about to become a reality.

Again, Sir Jolyon squared the cane to the centre of her bottom, before saying “This is going to be painful Judith, very painful indeed.” “I’m aware of that Sir and I know I deserve it for the embarrassment I have caused.” replied Judith, making every effort to sound sincere. This time the air was not Sir Jolyon’s target and as the first stoke landed crisply across Judith’s buttocks she tightened her grip on the edge of the desk as a deep intake of breath hissed through her perfect teeth. For Judith, the feel of the cane’s bite was different to how she had imagined.

She had tried caning herself at home, using a cane she had bought to support a tall delphinium which grew in a pot on the balcony of her apartment, but generating an accurate, forceful stroke had not been easy and although she had made her bottom sting, she knew it would in no way match the strokes she must now endure. Sir Jolyon’s intended target was the lower, fleshier part of Judith’s bottom and as he delivered the second stroke parallel to the first Judith flexed and straightened her knees causing her bottom to move up and down “OW, WOW, WOW!” she cried.

With her caning barely underway Judith somehow felt cheated, she had wanted to be caned for so long but now that it was happening for real, she truly hated it, the cane felt so different to her expectations, its hard explosive bite unlike the sting of the broader implements she had been more successful in experimenting with at home. Sir Jolyon raised the cane for a third time before delivering another crisp stroke. “OUCH!…. OUCH!… AAH!” yelped Judith as she contorted her upper body at her discomfort before adding “It really hurts Sir, my bottom really hurts.” “It’s supposed to hurt,” replied Sir Jolyon gruffly, as he again addressed the target area with the cane, tapping it alongside the slender red stripes which had already emerged on the pinnacle of both of Judith’s buttocks.

The next two strokes added further to her discomfort but as many who have been on the receiving end of a caning will attest, as the caning progresses it becomes more bearable and with just one more stroke of the thin cane remaining Judith was beginning to acclimatise and despite the pain, or perhaps because of it, she began to feel aroused by her ordeal. Once more, Sir Jolyon drew back the cane, this time a little further than before. As the final stroke of the six this would be the hardest and aware of this fact Judith braced herself accordingly. As the cane began its descent Sir Jolyon employed greater wrist action and speed, driving it close to the point where buttock and thigh merge. “YEEOW, AAH! AAH! OW, WOW!” squealed Judith as the bite of the cane exploded in her bottom.

Desperate to clutch her wounds but aware that she must be given permission, Judith hovered her hands behind her before Sir Jolyon gave her that permission, “If you wish to you may rub yourself.” he said, his voice showing little sympathy for her plight. Judith wasted no time in clutching her cheeks and as her hands traversed them in an attempt to ease her discomfort, Sir Jolyon replaced the cane on the doorknob, exchanging it with the heavier, thicker cane. Judith watched his every move. Judith’s bottom was sore, she could not deny that but within her blossomed a height of arousal she had never before experienced. She momentarily recalled an article she had read in a spanking magazine about a young woman who despite finding the pain of a caning almost unbearable claimed to prefer being caned to having sex.

The shock of the first few cane strokes she had received seemed now almost a distant memory and with both mind and body in harmony Judith was ready for the rest of her punishment. “Bend over again Judith,” requested Sir Jolyon, holding out the cane as a kind of pointer to where she should place her hands. The sound of those simple words, ‘bend over’ sent a quiver through her body and Judith felt compelled to run her fingertips along the end of the outstretched cane, as if sensuously acquainting herself with what her bottom was about to experience. “Six with the senior cane should help keep you on the straight and narrow.” added Sir Jolyon.

Sir Jolyon’s experience was enough to make him sense that despite the anguish Judith had displayed to her punishment to this point, she was beginning to be absorbed into the true submissive role. Any temptation to suggest to her that she was enjoying her ordeal would though have to wait, but Sir Jolyon’s instincts told him that it may not be much longer before she fully convinced him of this fact.

Sir Jolyon’s eyes focused on Judith’s magnificent bottom. The slender stripes left by the thin cane made a perfect template for the application of the senior cane. If the thin cane had challenged Judith, she was now about to experience a proper ‘six of the best’. “Are you ready Judith?” asked Sir Jolyon. “I’m ready Sir, she replied timidly.

As Sir Jolyon once more offered the cane to Judith’s buttocks, gently guiding it over their perfect contours, he questioned in his mind whether Judith’s bottom was indeed even more delightful than that of Sophie, his secretary. His mind travelled back to the first time he had caned Sophie, her screams each time the cane had struck her luscious bottom had been almost enough to raise the roof of his office, but now after a whole year of regular spankings and canings Sophie could accept her punishment without undue fuss.

Sir Jolyon’s mind quickly refocused on the bottom now displayed in front of him. Drawing the cane back, he wasted little time in delivering the first of the six strokes. The more rigid nature of the senior cane caused the firm young flesh of Judith’s bottom to ripple on impact and for her to arch her back in an effort to quell the agony of the stroke. “EE-OW!” she shrieked, but almost before the echo of her voice had faded from the room Sir Jolyon applied the second stroke. The white stripe it painted on the delicious canvas of her bottom soon flushed deep red as Judith’s grip on the edge of the desk tightened, showing near white knuckles as she contorted her bottom wildly. “OUCH! OUCH! ..OUCH!.. OH MY BUM! she cried.

Raising the senior cane for a third time, Sir Jolyon delivered another hard stroke, this time his target area the upper portion of Judith’s buttocks “OW..OW..OW” squealed Judith, and as the forth stroke landed close to the third, her response was less than ladylike, “OW-OW-OW, OH FUCKING SHIT!” she yelled. Sir Jolyon made no response to Judith’s outburst other than a private smile, and allowed her a moment to regain her composure before offering the cane a little lower on her bottom. The fifth stroke was a fairly routine one, hard but not excessive and apart from a low gurgling sound Judith showed little distress. Sir Jolyon’s experience though, had taught him that delivering a penultimate stroke that erred on the milder side was a ‘false security’ for the punishee and made the traditionally harder final stroke all the more effective.

“Remind me Judith, what’s special about the final stroke of the six?” enquired Sir Jolyon as he repeatedly tapped the cane across the centre of her bottom, his rich tones presenting an almost menacing air as he spoke. “It’s the hardest Sir.” replied Judith trying to avoid flinching as the tapping of the cane against her sore bottom was in itself enough to impart an uncomfortable sting. Judith screwed up her face as she awaited Sir Jolyon to pull the trigger. Somehow though she wanted this stroke to be severe, to test her every fibre, had she been asked she could never have explained this to anyone, it was just part of her curious desire. Judith didn’t have to wait long and as the sixth stroke with the senior cane was unleashed against her bottom it was as though a red hot poker had been placed across her behind. “OH SH-SH-SHIT, BLOODYHELL…..OW-AH-OW,” screamed Judith as she reached back and clutched her bottom without permission.

Sir Jolyon paused and secretly enjoyed the ‘floor show’ as Judith struggled to regain her composure. He allowed himself a smile at the sight of her glistening labia which from her bent over position, peeped erotically between her sumptuous, spread thighs. If there had been any doubt about this young woman’s inner desire to be caned, it was now completely erased. “This is no more than you deserve Judith.” Sir Jolyon added, resisting comment about the moist lips of her cunt. “I understand that Sir,” replied Judith, uncomfortably aware of her wetness. Sir Jolyon reached forward and ran his hand over the raised weals which now adorned Judith’s buttocks before offering a finger to the tell-tale juice which oozed from within her. Judith remained silent, the embarrassment of her arousal making the cheeks of her face a near match to the redness of the cheeks of her throbbing behind.

Bringing his hand back, Sir Jolyon savoured the aroma before secretly sucking the nectar from his finger. “Six more strokes Judith, for using bad language, failing to wait for permission to rub yourself and apparently enjoying your punishment just a little more than you were supposed to,” he announced, “you’re going to receive these as a straight six, one after the other without a gap.” Judith stood upright and turned to Sir Jolyon, “Oh but please Sir, I don’t think I can take any more, please just bugger me now” she pleaded, her voice sounding genuinely distressed. “You’ve got thirty seconds to present yourself back over the desk or I’ll make it a straight twelve,” growled Sir Jolyon. Judith wasted little time in returning to position, she had once seen a girl in a video clip get a ‘straight’ caning and knew that it would take every ounce of her self-control to endure six strokes, twelve was just unthinkable.

“Are you ready Judith?” Sir Jolyon’s deep, authoritative tone appeared more of a command than a question. “I’m ready Sir,” replied Judith. Sir Jolyon paused for a moment to visually savour the delight of the magnificent bottom which nature had given to Judith, the creamy, smooth appearance of her perfect buttocks which had been revealed to him as she had slipped off her panties earlier that evening, had now been replaced with a vividly colourful and rugged landscape. For Judith the few seconds of visual scrutiny Sir Jolyon afforded himself seemed like forever as the nervous anticipation of the remaining cane strokes grew within her. Sir Jolyon reached forward and ran his index finger across the lower part of Judith’s bottom “I’m going to cane you in line with the position of your arsehole Judith, it might just help to rouse it before I bugger you.” Inwardly Judith once more relished Sir Jolyon’s reference to her ‘arsehole’ and his use of the word ‘bugger’ had a richness to it which seemed so much more preferable to terms like ‘take you up the bum’ or ‘fuck you in the arse’.

Judith swallowed hard as Sir Jolyon offered the cane to the target area. As she felt the cane drawn away from her she pressed her upper body hard against the desktop as almost simultaneously the cane returned with a ferocity she could never have imagined. The sound of the impact as the cane bit deep into her flesh resembled a pistol shot as it echoed around the room. As ‘THWACK’ followed ‘THWACK’, Judith barely had time to distinguish one stroke from the next as she writhed and contorted, with little time to cry out before the caning was over. “YEEEOW….Mmmmmm…. OWAH… AHA….OW!” she shreiked as the cane came to rest.

With the six strokes skilfully placed close to each other, the lower portion of Judith’s bottom felt like it was on fire. “OH IT BURNS!….IT REALLY BURNS, SIR!” she whined as Sir Jolyon gave her permission to rub herself. Judith clutched her bottom and began frantically rubbing her wounds, the feel of the raised weals through her fingertips resembled a ploughed field and she immediately wondered whether the marks of her punishment would be gone before her holiday to Florida in a fortnight’s time.

Thoughts as to whether she would be able to wear the new bikini she had purchased for her holiday flashed through her mind, it’s skimpy design did little to protect the modesty of her bottom and any marks which remained would be clearly on view. “You may stand and turn around,” announced Sir Jolyon, “you can have a few moments to recover before the final part of your punishment. Slowly, Judith responded to Sir Jolyon’s words, even more uncomfortably aware of the wetness between her legs as she presented herself to him. As often happens with a caning, the pain it inflicts is quick to subside and as Judith continued to rub herself, the feeling in her bottom was soon to transform into a hot, pleasurable glow.

“Well done Judith, you did very well indeed,” announced Sir Jolyon as she watched him place both canes into a well-worn leather sports bag similar to the one she remembered her father using when he had played cricket many years ago. Sensing her interest in the bag Sir Jolyon, informed her that both he and his father had used it during their cricketing days at Oxford, but now that he no longer played cricket it made a useful container for his spanking equipment. As he spoke he produced a sturdy looking birch which he held up in front of Judith whilst reaching down with his free hand and offering a finger to her wet minge. “I could use this birch on you now Judith, as it seems you really have enjoyed your punishment just a little too much, but I’ll spare you this time.” Once more Judith blushed, unable to find any words which could reduce her embarrassment. “I think though, we may have to use the birch the next time I need to punish you,” added Sir Jolyon. Judith gulped hard, “You’re going to punish me again?” Sir Jolyon smiled before responding, “I think we just might need regular sessions seeing as how much you seem to have enjoyed this one.”

Chapter 4 Buggered before Dinner

Once more Judith found herself bent over Sir Jolyon’s desk with her bottom presented to him. She was now completely naked, Sir Jolyon had ordered her to remove the see-through top she had worn during her spanking and caning and with the spanking implements safely tucked away in Sir Jolyon’s leather bag, Judith was now at his mercy for the final part of her punishment. Her bottom stung like it had never stung before, but as Sir Jolyon stood behind her and grasped her buttocks with his hands she could not deny that the aftermath of such punishment was not altogether unpleasant.

“I’ve booked a table for us at a little Italian place I know in Covent Garden so that you won’t completely miss your night out Judith. It’s rather a basic little restaurant with plastic table cloths, tacky cruets, and although the wooden chairs they have may be a tad uncomfortable for someone with a well-punished bottom, the service is marvellous and the food is just exquisite,” announced Sir Jolyon as he began to knead the flesh of her buttocks. “’s very, OOH! thoughtful of you Sir J.J..Jolyon,” replied Judith, her voice wavering as she began to writhe to his touch. The attention he was giving her hurt, there was no denying that, her buttocks were covered with raised swellings and although these swellings had soon lost their bite as the caning had ended, squeezing and manipulating them was quick to reignite some of their fire, but it was like that curious feeling that can be got from pressing a bruise and not being sure whether the sensation it creates is pleasure or pain. Judith could only imagine the discomfort she would have to endure whilst sitting on a wooden chair at the restaurant. She was again made to think of the display cabinet at her school where genuine handwritten punishment records contained in the cabinet made a number of references to pupils who had needed to ‘stand for the remainder of the lesson following a caning as it was too uncomfortable to sit’. One particular entry which had become fixed in Judith’s mind stated that ‘Following receipt of twelve strokes of the senior cane applied to the naked buttocks at 9.15am for talking during assembly, Miss. Elaine Hamilton-Davis was provided with two pillows from her dormitory bed to enable her to sit more comfortably whilst completing her Ordinary Level English examination.’ Judith had no idea who Elaine Hamilton-Davis was but had frequently found herself drawn to the display cabinet just to reread that entry.

Sir Jolyon continued to tease Judith’s flesh for a while before offering a finger to her anus. It was a finger he had lubricated from her own juices, a finger he had run in between her cunt lips collecting more of her delicious nectar. As he eased his finger into her hole Judith gave out a sigh, she had always hated that first intrusion, it always made her squirm, but her ex-boyfriend had visited this most private orifice many times and she knew that beyond the initial discomfort, pleasure would almost certainly follow.

Sir Jolyon’s hands were large and strong, the hand spanking she had received from him had certainly challenged her and now that his sturdy index finger explored her inner realms Judith began to breath heavily. As Sir Jolyon began to work her open, he offered a second finger to her anus, coaxing it even wider. Judith could no longer contain herself at the attention her attractive boss was giving her and with her hands clutching the far edge of the desk she began to sway back and forth enabling her pert nipples to rub against the leather surface, igniting an arousal she could no longer contain.

“Oh, bugger me now Sir Jolyon, please bugger me now.” The words had slipped from Judith’s lips against her intentions, it was one of those dreadful and embarrassing moments where thoughts turn into words without control. Sir Jolyon though, needed no such invitation, his large, erect cock stood proudly before him and with his pinstriped trousers settled below his knees he was more than ready to offer himself to her beckoning hole. As Sir Jolyon began to slide inside her, Judith felt the challenge of his girth to her anal sphincter, she had always been able to accommodate her ex-boyfriend with ease, but as Sir Jolyon’s hardened member journeyed to its limit in her arsehole, Judith knew that she was about to experience being buggered by a real man.

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The birthday

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I,ve been waiting for that day for the last years , finally i woud be legal to buy beer and go in bars without a fake ID

I was at a [art downtown with friends

I was getting drunk but still was prdering drink at the bar

”hey look Dee its the birthday boy, getting a bit drunk arent you?”

2 hot ebony milfs looking at me sit at the bar

”ahah yes , my first time legally!”

”oh wow you turned 18! you remember our 18th birthday Dee?”

”you got caught sucking cock in the bar alley!”

both laughting about it ,looking at me getting my drink , shy and trying not to look at them hot tits , both milfs in sexy tight summer dress

i left feeling horny , images of them big black lipse aroundt my cock

i drank my rhum quick , wanting to get back at the bar and maybe….

I got back at the counter to order and she turned around

”Hey you again, Dee I think we make the birthday boy horny”

and i felt her hand grab my crotch
finding out i was actually hard
my 6inch grabbed and rub

”oh you dirty boy , you got hard for us?”

”maybe you want to follow us out for a cigarette?’

i coudnt believe it
i was discretely goig out

walking between 2 tall milfs getting in the parking lot

they were giggling and rubbing my ass as we reach the black SUV

i was jumping in without any question

on the back seat were pushed down in the floor , the cabin so huge without seat i look at em get in and close the door

both not loosing time and stripping my jean down

grabbing both girl tits and kissing em pulling the cute dress down both hot milfs tits rub in my face

”oh he is cute, i love how he suck our tits”

”be a good girl Dee and suck him”

my cock soon out of my boxer Dee who was younger it seems , working her mouth on my cock

sit on the floor legs spread watching the hot black milf sucking on my cock

”she love to suck cocks, i teach her good”

and i was looking at her friend, pulling her dress down

getting on her knees near me

her panty pull to the side

not understanding how and why

still a big half hard cock got tucked out from her panty

i look up at her smilling

”let me teach you boy”

and she help herself in my mouth

my cock sucked by Dee ,sit down face up in her hands my mouth getting filled too

”like this? let my cock in, its big and all for you birthday boy”

god it wasa crazy
i felt so hot getting suck by a talented mouth

wondering how many time she sucked her friend bbc to be that good

her friend having fun in my mouth

telling me i make her big for my cute young mouth

getting her cock out asking me to kiss it

watching me kiss her big cock , all around like a horny boy

she was so hot , i kept looking up , her hot tits dancing has she pumped in my mouth

”Dee i need that cum quick”

and dee just jacked me off quick tip in her mouth until i coudnt resist it
unloading in her mouth , all of it ,as i grunt mouth open only to be shut up by the bbc

Dee mouth full getting up
my back pushed on until they had me lay on my stomach

wondering what they were doing

Dee open her mouth and let my load fload down right between my cheeks
her friend rubbing her big cock in the pool of cum

dee sit on my back helping my cheeks open spitting all of my load on my ass crack
her friend bbc sliding over to spread my cheecks open and wet

all i coud do was moan in the cabin ass up getting wet and slowly open
Dee continous spitting on my cherry and sucking of her friend help my lil hole open each time it got teased

Dee help her friend in me and i coudnt believe i was letting myself fucked

the big black cock sliding in and out

Dee spitting and spreading me open made sure i took her friends cock like a champ
moaning helplessly under the 2 milfs having their way with me

”good girl , my love you can get your pussy lick now”

and Dee giggle getting infront of me , taking my head between her spread legs making me see her wet horny pussy

”kiss her , make her feel good boy”

i was lapping on her pussy
ass up , getting fuck slowly , feeling way too good between the hot girls

feeling privilege i met such special girls, a couple loving to play
not knowing this is actually a tradition between them

Dee loving to offer cute white ass to her lover
getting lick watching her lover fuck the white ass up to obediance

how hot and beautifull she was tits boucing has she fuck the boy

they cum together bith holding me on them , tongue digging in the chocolate delicious pussy and feeling warm cum in my ass her Lover moaning so cute as she cum

i tried my best to clean and wash before going back to my friend

some had left wondering what happen

i got more rhum and coke before leaving

but the black waiter caught me before i left

i shoud have seen him before but i guess he started his shift later

”hey wait a sec, these 2 girls said you woud pay for the drinks boy”

i just let him walk me to the backstore

i knew exactly what was going to happen

as he closed the door of the small office

his jeans removed and getting me on my knees

”you must have loved her , i love when she does that”

not understanding it all , too occupied to pump the fat cock in my mouth

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Gay taxi ride (part 2)

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So if you have read my story about my “gay taxi ride home” you know the taxi driver had left me his card and told me if I ever needed a lift or wanted an encounter with him and a group of his taxi driver friends I should give him a call.

Well one Friday night I’m sat in a pub alone after two of my friends had gone home early that evening and left me on my lonesome. So I remembered about the driver and open my wallet and pull out his card before sending him a message saying “sat in a pub thinking about your offer”

I don’t get a reply back for about half an hour when my phone beeps with a message reading “ can pick you up in about 10 minutes got 2 friends and maybe a 3rd “ I instantly felt my cock getting hard

So I message him back telling him where I am and the 10 minutes flys bye before I get a message saying “I’m outside”

I walk out of the pub trying not to reveal my raging hard on. I enter his cab as he says “hello how are you this evening?” And before I could reply he laughed and said “don’t worry I can tell by your bulge”

So we are on the the road when I female voice comes over his radio “hi John the guys are here at the base waiting for you” to which he replied “will be there in a minute “ before looking back at me and telling me I’m in for a real treat.

We pull up outside of the taxi base as he turns his engine off and exits his black cab as do I ,before my nerves kicked in big time. The man opens the front door of the base and shows me inside, I enter the reception to be greeted by a woman in her mid 50s who was very hot. She looks up from her desk and says “welcome come in” before looking at John and says “the guys are in the back have fun”

John quickly walked through to the back as I stood there a little bit shocked as to what just happened. The receptionist looks at me and says “don’t worry your not the 1st guy they’ve had back there” before giving me a cheeky wink and says “you are the fittest, maybe we could have fun someday but my husband wants you again first, go on now and have fun” I give her a little wink back and head through the door to find John and 2 other guys in the room

As I close the door behind me one of the guys instantly strips down to his boxer shorts before John says “damm mike your a horny fucker” and he replies “no time to waste, I’ve got to get back out there on my shift it’s ok for you, you own the firm” and laughs the 3rd man then whips his pants off and says “good point “

John looks back at me and introduces me to Mike and Sam, I look at the guys who are now both stood there in their underwear and both have a bulge in their boxer shorts. All three guys are similar age late 40s early 50s and a similar body shape too, about 6ft tall and a little tubby.

As I stare at both the guys John has begun to strip down to his boxer shorts the same as his taxi friends and stands next to them. Each guy has a huge bulge in their shorts as John says to me “strip naked, come here and get on your knees” as I begin to strip each guy slowly lowers his boxer shorts to expose their cocks, each with a different length and girth.

John has the longest cock at around about 9 inches with mike a close second Sams is the smallest at about 6 inches but the thicker of the three, each cock was fully erect and standing to attention.

I was in awe of these three hard cocks and I was rock hard myself, so I stripped myself naked and slowly move towards the three huge members. I reach for johns first as I drop to my knees. I take johns huge cock and take it in my mouth as the other 2 guys force their cocks towards my face too.

So I’m kneeling in front of three amazing cocks with one in my mouth and two trying to force their way in to my mouth. It don’t take long before I’m switching between the cocks taking turns slurping down on each cock, with each change trying to take as much as I could down my throat, at one point I managed to get two cocks in my mouth

As I’m there sucking two cocks Mike makes his way behind me and lowers himself under me before digging his tongue deep in my ass, it does not take him long to get my ass nice and sloppy before he slides a finger into my hole. I could feel my cock was rock solid.

Sam looks down at me and calls me “a right dirty slur boy” before asking me “ can I fuck you now” I look up at him at him and give him a nod he asks for condom as John goes to a locker and takes out a bag which has a box of condoms in and passed one to Sam, he slips it onto his cock before guiding me towards a chair and bends me over it.

He takes hold of my hips a places the tip of his cock on my hole and slowly pushed his way into me, as he does mike and John make their way in front of me and try to slide their cocks in my mouth. Sam is now deep inside my ass and really getting into a nice rhythm fucking me. As he does the blonde receptionist knocks on the door and pokes her head in and says” Sam you’ve got a pick up in 5 minutes you need to leave.” Sam just looks at her and says “ no problem I’m nearly done “

Sam really begins giving me a good fucking as he is now in a rush and I could feel that he was about to cum before he quickly pulls his cock out of my ass whips his condom off and shoots his load over my back and lets out a big moan before he walks away gets some tissue,cleans his cock off and begins putting his clothes back on.

As Sam is getting dressed mike says” it’s my turn” and gets a condom on before making his way behind me. Sam opens the door as he leaves an d says his goodbyes as the receptionist asks him if he had a good time? As she looks through the door way to see me now getting spit roasted by the remaining two guys and saying to Sam “don’t worry I think I can tell” and let’s out a little laugh as the door shuts behind Sam.

Getting back to it mike and John are really working both my holes now and I’m really loving it gagging slightly on John as mike trusts harder and harder with each passing minute. After a little while the door opens and and the receptionist comes in and closes the door swiftly behind her before saying “Steve has arrived and he’s manning the lines” before taking her seat and begins to which me getting spit roasted.

As she watching her husband and a college fucking me and receiving head she slowly unzips her jeans slips them down to her knees before moving her knickers to one side and starts to play with what looks like an absolutely soaking wet pussy. She then begins to give out orders and tells her husband to fuck me, and straight away John pulls his cock out of my mouth and walks behind me and just about gets a condom on his cock before she opens her mouth again and tells him” I want him to ride you in the chair” so mike pulls out of me and moves to one side as John lifts me up and sits in the chair.

As I’m stood up I could feel Sam’s cum run down my back and dribble between my ass cheeks, mike then quickly gets on his knees behind me and begins to lick the cum from my ass and back before pushing me forward onto John. I climb on top of John as mike takes hold of Johns cock and guides it into my ass, I slowly lower myself on to him as his big member enters me.

I’m now in a real bounce on John riding his cock from tip to balls taking it all inside me when his wife asks mike to “get his cock and get in that tight hole too” I’ve never been double penetrated before as mike takes hold of his cock and forces himself into me.

It takes a bit of time but mike eventually works himself into my ass along side John and I’ve never felt so good these to horny bastards were really giving it all they had as a hot blonde watched on fingering herself.

So after a while mike and John both let me know they are about to cum and mike pulls out and John does too. Maybe ken stands back and whips his condom off before taking hold off my and getting me my knees in front of him jerking off, John hops to his feet and joins him getting ready to shoot his load.

As these two guys are about to blow their loads I begin jerking my own cock as the receptionist tells me to stop playing with my self, I quickly take my hand off my cock as she says” good boy”. It’s not long before both of the guys shoot their load over my face.

As spunk I covering my face the receptionist stands up walks towards me leans over and licks most of the cum off my face and laps it all up leaving me a little for myself before taking hold of my hands lifting me to my feet and laying her lips on mine and sharing the cum with me while burying her tongue deep in my mouth.

After we are done she takes a step back and drops to her knees and swallows my cock deep down her throat and gives me the best blow job I’ve ever had. I take hold of the back of her head as I blow my load down her throat. She still had my cock in her mouth as she sucks it dry, she slowly rises to her feet before locking lips with me again and passed my own cum into my mouth and then says “taste your own cum slut boy”.

John then passed me my clothes back and says “that was very fun” before putting his own clothes own. As we get changed his wife asks what I was doing next weekend as her and John were both off and if I wanted to go round to theirs for some more fun. I let them know I’m available and arrange a time as I do mike says he will stop by for a quick bit of fun before he leaves the room, as he does John asks me if I want a lift home I nod my head we both go to leave as his wife takes hold of my hand pulls me in and gives me a kiss and says see you next week lover boy.

Hope you all enjoyed

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