a walk a the parc

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it was a nice morning, i went out to walk the dog
there wasnt a lot of people in the parc, around 8am having a free day from work on wednesday

he came to me right away
he must have been around 50 a worker from montreal, parc /zoing/pets

my dog always loose is freaking medal from the city , i told him it was home and was living like next door

he was nice enought to talk with me about wjy they do it and stuff saying he wont give me a ticket , since i had my dog on a leash and a medal with my phone number and house address

he was tall and big , with salty hair but still quite in shape

”so you say you have the medal at home?”

”yes i do he just loose evrytime i wanted a new colar, the city one arent for over hyped dog like mine”

”alright well boy lets make a deal, i didnt have my cofee, you have some? i woud go check that medal”

”yeah sure , i can make you one”

and there i was in my appartement making a cofee to the city employee, a guy from haiti whom family moved decades ago

”so where is that medal boi”

”oh true wait”

and of course i coudnt find it

i came back to the living room

”i dont know where ive put it”

and he stood up

”you told me your dog is registered boy”

”i know i know he is i just cant find it”

”alright enought talking ”

and he drop his pants walking to me his huge black cock out flaping left right has he walk toward me

i turned around and ran to my room

”get out from my place”

the footstep behing me making me so scared

images of his bbc in my head , as i run for my bedroom door

opening my door getting in quick
and closing it as he pushed it so strong i flew over and fell on my ass the last image was him closing mt door

the room now in pitch dark
as i panic and feel him sit on me his heavy weight keeping me lock
my arms to my side his big legs over me locking it down

and i felt the tip poke my lipse
the weird feeling of a big fat head rubbing on my mouth his heands holding my head still afer i turn my head to stop him

forced to stay still down a fat cock at the edge of my mouth

wanting to say something but scarred of the big cock head waiting for an occasion to slide in

total darkness of my basement room fighting it but starting to feel my resolve quit me
he kept dry huping my face making me feel the full 8inch of hard cock , slowly and hot , just sliding his cock all over my face as i kept mouth closed but each stroke making me wonder how it feels

i didnt even realised i was slightly opening my mouth until it got in
forcing my lipse open the fat mushroom head taking its place in my mouth
slowly sliding in deeper, fucking slowly in my mouth

”just relax box , that mouth feel so good”

and i dont know why but as he talk about me , i got horny

down on my back in my room geting feed a bbc

by the time he moved to open the light, i had a wet face and drool strain all over my tshirt

”lol arm up boy your tshirt a mess”

feeling so weak infront on him on my bed getting undress

he sat where i sleep and help me over ass up to his side so he could rub it and help me head down on his cock

fully naked my ass arched up by him his finger rubbing my like i had a pussy my mouth around his fat cock sucking him on my own

jiggling my ass as he rub it down

in my basement willingly pleasing a nice gentle daddy who just wanted to get suck. he said

making me feel like i shoud suck him good and be nice for him

i felt him push me back

thinking he wanted to fuck my head on top of me again

but he got on yop of me
between my legs crashing down on me and kissed me

his hand down holding the cock over my lil cherry

it went in so fast as he kept diving his tongue in my mouth as i started to moan his fat head taking my ass
breaking it open slowly moaning helpless his tongue fucking my mouth as he pinned me legs up taking his cock

my bed head bouncing agaisnt the wall

as he diving in me again and again
leaving my mouth alone to stand straight holinf my legs up and fuck me like a slut in my tight hole he yelled

”in that tight sweat hole”

”deep in that sweat boy pussy, fuck yes boy”

”daddy gonna cream you full of cum , god damn little white whore, you take it good ”

bang bang bang my bed agaisnt the wall

i tried to tell him my neighbor could ear but he just fucked me harder banging the bed on the wall

”dont worry boy you moan like a girl , theyd think you are fucking one”

”please please he is there o dont want to be his bitchhhh”

”you stupid bitch, yes moan like a girl thats it, make that brother next door know you fuck slut”

i was going crazy
moaning like a girl so he woud think it was me fucking a slut, images of him , another lonely black dude probably wanting my ass too

he grunted and cum in me flooding me full of juice moaning as the feeling fucked my brain deep into feeling i was a real slut

and he left
just like that leaving a young white boy ass fuck into a cum slut

my neighnor was soon in my appart laughting at me he was wondering who moaned like a wore
”who was that , your black daddy ?”
his pants down watching me crawl on my bed unable to move
his daddy fat cock in my ass so easy i started to moan again

”thats what i tought, you are a good slut, stay down and moan baby, if id knew i woud have been fucking you too ”

”thats it moan like a slut, you fucking white wore”

i didnt know him, but now i was his slut

taking his dark fat cock and loving it, each day and night all the time 3 knock on my door and fucking me in secret

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Gangbanged by the cowboys

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As I might have mentioned I went to the USA for my holiday this year to visit cowboy country. I can’t resist the sexy cowgirls and the horny cowboys who look sexy in their check shirts and tight jeans.

I wasn’t there long when I noticed there was a rodeo just out of town. I donned my sexiest plaid shirt and ripped jeans, although they were quite dirty from a romp I’d had when I fucked a girl in school uniform that morning. Not my fault she got fucked, she was asking for it the way she wore her school tie down low to show off her developing round breasts which were bursting out of her open white shirt. She’d rolled up her sleeves and hitched up her plaid skirt to show off her long tanned legs, she seemed to be saying ‘fuck me if you dare.’ So I did. Afterwards she looked even more sexy and dirty with my spunk all over her but I let her go so others could find her and reward her style.

I arrived early at the rodeo site so I was able to get around the back to watch the cowboys prepare for their evening of action ahead. As they mounted the artificial bucking bull they worked up a sweat as they held on grimly as they were thrown about ever more fiercely until they were thrown off to the delight of their mates cheering them on. One guy in particular I noticed held on longer than the others and I noticed in his jeans a tight bulge revealing a huge erection. I watched transfixed as he rode, then I noticed one guy standing off to the side watching him also sported a huge bulge in the cock area. Both guys had their shirts open to the waist to show off tanned hairy chests earned from years of working out in the open air.

After the cowboy was finally thrown I saw him head off behind the staging and his admirer followed. Intrigued, I followed them to see what if anything was going to happen around the back and away from the sight of the other cowboys.

I wasn’t surprised to find the admirer sucking the huge cock of the cowboy who’d just had his go on the bull, and I watched with growing fascination and growing cock as the couple bucked sucked and fucked each other.

Just then I was grabbed around the waist from behind and somebody breathed in my ear ‘What do we have here? A peeping tom? And he seems like he’s enjoying the show’ as his hand slid down to feel my swollen cock straining at my jeans to get out.

With a grunt he unzipped my flies from behind and as my jeans fell to the floor my monster cock embarrassed me by reaching for the sky. The romping couple turned to look at us, and with admiring looks and guttural noises they headed our way. One grabbed me by my shirt collar to pull my head down so my face was in front of his big hard cock, and he shoved it straight into my mouth without saying a word. His salty smelly cock was so sexy and hard I couldn’t help but comply and suck ravenously, gagging as he hit the back of my throat.

The others muttered words of encouragement, ‘Fuck his face, show him you’re a hard bastard’ said one. The one behind me had grabbed my swollen cock, and stroking it to full size suddenly slipped his fingers of his free hand into my arse. The feeling was tremendous. A cock in my mouth, my cock being stroked and a hand starting to fist me.

Then there was a free for all as we all rolled over on the dusty ground, fucking each other in the butt and being fucked ourselves at the same time. I’d been gangbanged before but these cowboys were hard men with big cocks and they knew how to use them.

I felt spunk fill my mouth and I swallowed it greedily. A change of cock and there was more spunk to swallow when some dripped down onto my shirt while I could feel yet more squirting up inside my arse. I let fly with a groan and somebody’s arse was filled with my cum, and as I withdrew a hand grabbed my cock to pump it and keep it hard to keep the action going. We all gangbanged each other over and over to the tinny sound of country music from the loudspeakers. Cocks in hands mouths and arses we were all rolling on the dusty ground getting our fill.

After we’d all fucked each other until we were completely empty the sound of people talking warned us of the other spectators arriving for the rodeo.

The first cowboy grabbed my dirty ripped shirt and said to me ‘That was pretty good you horny bastard. We’d like you to come again. Meet us back here tonight after the show. If you don’t come I’ll find you, beat you up, tie you up with my lasso and rope your arse.’

I kinda liked that idea and I told him so, then I agreed to meet him behind the staging after the show so he and his hard mates could do just that. And they did.

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The Morning After

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Halley goes to the family planning clinic desperate for the morning after pill but gets to see the doctor practice unsafe sex on the receptionist and then she participates in even more outrageous sex acts with the both of them….

Never trust a guy I kept telling myself as I hurried to the local Family Planning Clinic intent on being the first person there.

I hadn’t lost my faith in hard cock and sensational backseat humping grinding sex. But when a guy’s frickin condom breaks and you get that seepy, oozy gooey creampie feeling between your shaved lady bits, in the full after throes of an intensely satisfying orgasm; you hate that nagging worry and guilt of possible pregnancy so much; you quickly try to push it to the back of your mind as you bask in the delightful selfish gratification of a youthful sensational climax at eighteen.

The clinic was my only choice for the safety of the morning after pill. I didn’t want my local GP reporting back to my mum unprofessionally at Church. Yeah my angelic choir girl days were long gone.

This clinic had a rep I knew for helping girls in need quickly and quietly. As I walked hastily to the clinic I recalled last night.

Jarryn had said to me as he packed his happy prick back in his pants and threw the torn leaking mess out the car window into the lookout bushes; “Sorry, but Halley you’d be unlucky to get pregnant your first time.”

Here was another dude suckered into thinking he had had virgin sex. Yeah, unlucky was every girl’s middle name with an over excited big hard fat prick between her legs when the frickin thing ruptures. Jarryn was actually a prick who should have invested in true extra large condoms not the cheap generic brand from the supermarket. His real big cock meant I needed extra protection.

This morning I was as incognito as I could make myself. I didn’t want a gossip trail in my street or at my local state college. I wasn’t denying my sluttish tendencies to myself or my whorish body needs to any guy but the frickin neighbourhood and my rival tramps at school could mind their own business.

Mmm while I was at it, I’d get a prescription for the regular pill; I had decided. Can’t trust males with bloody birth control and Jarryn’s cock was worth a second take. Fuck the dude was big and filling.

But as I turned the corner onto High Street I had my head down, my hoodie right over my fringe, my darkest sunglasses hiding my eyes; not even CCTV was getting me, as I sidled into the clinic entrance, earlier than I had anticipated. I saw the clock on the wall; it was only 8.15 am, with first come, first serve appointments beginning at 8.30. In my rush to get here and get that pill, I had been too quick. My hands were across my top. My ears full of dark brooding music from my headphones. My boots though were loudly clomping as I hit the lino floor. Surely all eyes would be on me, even if they couldn’t see my eyes. The waiting room though was empty. Good. I had that momentary; thank god none of my slutty friends were here either. They’d think I was here for a STD test.

I plonked myself in the far corner seat of the waiting area, adjusting my loose dress, my only concession to what might follow, when the doctor asked me to spread my legs for an examination; then I realised I had better see the receptionist.

I took my hoodie and glasses off. Turned off my music. Caught a look at myself through the glass front door to get my confidence up. Yeah I was fine. My brunette ponytail was cute and still neat. My shape sexy even in a loose dress and I obviously wasn’t looking pregnant, but it was only the morning after. Who knew what those devilish little semen on the loose were probably up to swimming around inside me still?

I couldn’t see anyone at the small glassed reception counter. Though the sliding panel was open. Then I realised again it wasn’t 8.30, but I wanted to be the first appointment and then I’d be quickly out of here. It was Monday. I checked with myself, my mental school timetable. I had biology at 9.00. I’d be late. Biology, well I’d failed the birth control basics last night.

I couldn’t see anyone at the counter screen. But I heard the sweetest of girly murmurs from inside the room. Oh I knew instantly a female was being serviced somewhere on her body where it was doing her the most good.

I peered in through and craned over the open service partition. OMG, the unexpected eyeful hit my senses like a dudes tongue tip on my aroused clitty, as I saw a guy, the doctor I assumed; rim the young receptionist’s gorgeous wet pink open arsehole, as she was spread doggy on top of the desk. Her crisp white uniform already creased and mussed as it was hitched up over her stunning rump and down over her lovely creamy white exposed breasts.

I mean I like my own arsehole getting the royal treatment from a guys tongue and it drives me wild. But there was something so deliciously naughty in seeing another girl get it, well not only get it, get it good, really good, and really enjoy it. She was craving it. I could see the enjoyment on her face with each delving wet probe of the guys tongue. I mean her arsehole was so glistening with tacky saliva, but I knew already my pussy was sopping as my panties stuck to my aroused girly lipettes opening like flower petals as I put pressure on them, opening and squeezing my thighs together as I soaked up a stunning dirty anal act as an unknown voyeur.

When the doctor’s middle finger started poking in and out of her flexing puckered pinkness, my fingers were just as active under my knickers enjoying spreading my smeary wetness over my engorged clitty and deeper into my pussy slit with every seeking prod of the guys now two finger deal, in the pretty near naked receptionists arsehole. The bastard I noticed had on a wedding ring which made me even more excited.

I was really turned on by the swaying jiggle of her cute titties, her cherry nipples so hard, but it was her perky breasts swaying like quivering perfectly moulded blancmanges that had me lust centred. I had never had a bi moment or bi experience, but I was having it now. I wanted to suck this girl’s tits.

Oh the bitch, she was off the desk, she had something in mind to suck herself. She gasped loudly as she saw the object of her desire and need. I barely got my hand over my mouth in time to stifle my surprise. I mean I thought Jarryn was well endowered. This doctor, probably about thirty, was packing serious male meat out of his zipper hole. And he was hard. I mean pointing to the sky, stiff and ready. Silky dangling demanding nuts too.

The receptionist started at his balls. Oh she knew what she was doing despite her youthful looks. I think I would have started there too. But right now I was watching and really frigging myself with two fingers deep in my pussy and my palm pressing into my swollen clit, as the blonde tart, licked his balls, then her tongue slid up his entire shaft in a smooth fluid motion of mutual appreciation and well then she gobbled his knob. I mean she was taking head with gusto. She was in the intense suck off zone; so fast. Focused on cock. Loving cock. Delivering her best for cock. It was a treat to watch, but I now wanted my share of this pecker too.

The speed of sex when you are in it, well you’re in it, and you reflect on the heady energetic burst of frenzy later, but to see sexual heat, to see sexual energy flare and pulse, so rapidly; god it took me by surprise. Yeah sex is actually a great spectator sport… but I was thinking it was better to come off the bench and join in.

I mean his cock was primed. Teased unbearably good by her tongue and mouth work. She was cock struck and gave her all. He had no option but to get her up hastily, spin her around, raise one leg on the desk and hold it under her thigh and plough his huge stiff pecker into her shaved waiting pussy. Their pleasure was instantaneous. He gave her the complete fat filling fit. She had the wetness. She had the grip. They had the mutual traction and attraction that made it, well great sex. It was all flesh locked and flowing together. So richly gratifying to the pair and to me. I was wetter than I had ever been between my legs. My mind so engaged in their sex too. My orgasm was a virtual body binder, everything got sensitive at once, my clitty pulsed, my thighs quivered, my chest heaved, my mind seared the pleasure, both theirs and mine in the instance.

I barely had time to realise the sod didn’t have a condom on, and yet this place was run with the intention of getting everyone to practice safe sex. Yeah I realised safe sex was as usual left to us girls. And I just hoped the receptionist was on the pill.

As the girl moaned with the doctors ramming insistent thrusting and the guy groaned with the receptionists encircling tight but leaking lubricated flesh duct, I hit the high guttural uncontainable fem-climax, the unstifled “OrRGHH” note, loud and clear. Impossible to contain. I mean I had a you beaut climax. Impossible not to, I had a front row view to amazing heated sexual synergy. I wondered as I peaked just how long these two had been working together yet holding back on getting each other and what had tipped the balance.

Of course they looked at the counter and saw me. I had made a pitched a****l pleasure sound, real loud. They saw my flushed heated face. Saw my glow of facial pleasure. Knew what I had been doing. Knew what I had seen. And was seeing.

The cocky doctor kept pumping the blonde’s exposed pussy with male pleasure. Takes a lot to stop a cock once it has pussy or arse. He was caught out but was obviously male delirious with pecker happiness yet still insisted I come in. The receptionist didn’t seem to care what I did; she was enjoying her pussy approaching the peak of her own orgasm. Nothing was stopping her pleasure. I doubt the doctor’s wife could have prised them physically apart.

As I came through the side door, it was the filthy doctor who urged both of us girls to kiss. And it was so easy to do. My first kiss with another woman ever and it was while she was being screwed senseless. I mean it was pashy and french and tongue twisting and so frickin sexy. That was until her face contorted and her body tightened as she orgasmed.

I thought the doctor must have creamed his load into her, she moaned so loudly and repeatedly. I was massaging her sweet titties that I had had my eyes on before. They were so soft and springy. Squishy and squashy as I shaped them with the push and lift of my spread hands. Her nipples so firm.

It was the grubby doctor who got me away from the young blonde’s body and eased me across the desk, my floppy dress up over my navel, my moisture stained knickers peeled off and my cute arsehole getting professional attention from the unprofessional doctor. But boy was I glad for it. His tongue action was arse riveting divine. His delving was sure and dirty in the same instance. He had the rimming and the application of mussy mushy wetness to a perfect combination. My arse craved his touch. My arse demanded his touch. My arse couldn’t believe it hadn’t got this sort of treatment before.

Just I was racing to cloud nine anal bliss, the whorette of a receptionist joined the bastard between my legs and was nibbling and sucking on my spread girly flaps at the same time. My arse in paroxysms of happiness and my pussy in spasms of girly contentment. I had it all and wanted it all. I didn’t want it to stop. I was twisting and flexing my body to try to meet the two tongues delivering unbelievable double bliss to my body.

The bitch was fingering my slit deep. Her tongue pashing with my clitty. The sod was plying two fingers to the knuckle, spreading my tight little bum-hole ready for something huge. I writhed. I moaned. I was soaking. I was aroused to the point of debasement. There was nothing the pair couldn’t do to my body that I wouldn’t approve of.

The absolute blonde harlot pulled my legs back towards my ears and squatted over my face. Her musky girly leaking liquid pussy greeting my wet lips and tongue with a smear of her inner flavours. Then she was face sitting me. Rubbing her pussy and arse in my face, seeking and urging my tongue to explore everything but especially her arsehole and her pussy. It was divinely smutty. A true pleasure treat as I licked and splashed and twisted my tongue wherever it had freedom to roam as she ground her buttocks over my face and teased her pungent sodden pussy flaps and shaved pubic mound over my cheek, nose and mouth. Filth never felt so engaging.

“Oh fuck…Oh yeah…oh fuck…yes…yes …arh…mmm…ah” from me as the doctor stopped flexing my arsehole with his fingers and eased his huge stiff knob head into my rear cupid’s furrow, my little pink puckered starfish somehow accommodating the seemingly unmanageable.

God I was brutally flexed by the bitch above me. She really pulled my legs back at the ankles, pinning my feet literally to my ears. My arsehole, I felt it give and really widen, as my body flexed over, oh hell was the doctor in bloody deep. I could feel his balls slapping against my bum cheeks. There is depth and there is the subterranean. I was arse pounded. I was bum flogged. My arsehole expanding somehow to take each deep thrust. And the pleasure plateau was achingly blissful and constrictingly intense at the same time. Like eating too much good food, my arse was over full, but I was leveraging to an intoxicating altitude of reward and punishment combined in the same decadent instance of each battering cock penetration and the sweet sensitivity of his knob close to withdrawing at my puckered rim.

Oh I knew there was heaven on earth; it was a huge cock stabbing in and out of my bum.

The bastard got his fingers teasing my clitty at the same time, as the receptionist tart somehow pulled my legs seemingly even further back and even wider. I had never felt so sexually vulnerable and so sexually voracious as in the following minutes of passionate full body encompassing bliss and open anal pitted exposure.

My arse was pummelled like a butcher tenderizing meat. Its limits of sensitivity tested and retested. I was comprehensively buggerised. I was anally gouged. I was pumped deep with creamy male seed as he finally released one hell of a huge load in my needy arsehole, just as his finger work on my clitty led to a stunning climax. But what caught me by surprise was my arseholes spasms as his cock jerked inside my butthole. My arse and my pussy giving me a series of powerful contractions together, so womanly intense and so earth shaking. I groaned. I moaned. My head was shaking from side to side. My chest heaved. My legs quivered. My body was flooded with another wave of orgasmic delight. My next orgasm catching the ripples of the climax just finished.

Well after the clean up and introductions to Dr Mark Jones and Ms Narelle Hastings, who yes had had the hots for each other since the lass had started here two weeks ago, we had coffee together. Closing the clinic with a notice that appointments would start at nine-thirty.

The suave sod gave us both the morning after pill, but in my case, only on the condition I came back this afternoon at two-thirty for a complete check up.

“What do you mean” I said innocently. I had seen the whole thing as a sensationally lucky one off.

“Oh the stirrups sweetheart and you think my cock is big, then wait till you get this” and he took from the draw a huge black linked beaded butt plug, and said, “see the ridges, designed to open your so cute rump hole, bump by bump, inch by inch, stretching you until…well that’s enough to get you thinking…off you go to college.”

As I exited the clinic; the waiting room was still luckily empty.

And there I was heading off to college. Firstly realising why the clinic was so popular with college girls. But also safe in the knowledge I wasn’t getting pregnant. My hoodie was down, my glasses were off and I was feeling so satisfied with myself and the world. My pussy and arse were both still giving me an after filled sense of happiness. And then I realised: had I said safe? But hey, safe is safe, and the wild, dangerous side of sex beckoned and I was up for whatever the afternoon held from the stirrups to that big anal beaded toy. I wanted more of Narelle too. I believed already my arse could hold anything shoved into it after the doc’s huge cock. Besides I wanted those beads, link by link, ploughed into me already.

I couldn’t wait. Who waits for sex when it’s been offered? I circled back to the Family Planning Center. I was having it all now.

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Honeymoon With 3 Men

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my honeymoon was so awesome and loved my hubby a lot..

Location: Coorg – An excellent hotel with bar facilities.

I used to dress always modern, especially when going to trips, picnic. that’s too hot that you could imagine. I like to expose my beautiful assets more. Even my hubby is modern and does not restrict me on my dressing. We reached coorg on a nice early morning. We made check-in in the excellent class hotel with all the facilities.

As soon as we both went into the room, my hubby was so hot and wanted to take me on the bed. Yeah.. he is so hard and his cute cock was much erect. Sweat .. Sweat… Sweat.. Hope you understood what happened for next 1hour. Then we took some rest cuddling each other. At 8 am we came for breakfast and had a nice time. We were scheduled to visit nearby places at 10 pm and a van will pick us up with an agent/guide.

Hubby got dressed up in 3/4 shorts and a t-shirt. I got dressed in cream color kurthi and skirt. On seeing my dressed up, my hubby made a sweet request, not to wear inners.. so during the site seeing he can play easily on me. Even I loved to be free without innerwear.

We were provided with a jeep so it can travel well in hill regions, 3 other guys joined us for sight seeing from the same hotel. My hubby had an intro with those guys as well, so it would be best during the site seeing location. Intro of the 3 guys are below

Matthew – Called as Matt, nice guy with thirsty eyes. He was scanning my body well with his cute eyes.
George – Normal physic – looks like a good boy.
Kannan – As the name says. he looks naughty boy and his hands were moving like he want to crush me

During the first hour of sightseeing I was sitting near my hubby and after seeing some places. I asked hubby that I wish to get seated in the back seat of the jeep, so I can get a better view. But the actual reason is. .. I want to show my thighs and make other guys hot. I love to be a seducer. Now I am in the back seat of jeep and George will have the best view point to me… especially on my thighs. Kannan is seeing my cleavage and scanning. But they are not ready to touch my legs or hit my legs with their legs accidentally. But I needed some hot touches near my knees or lower legs. During sightseeing, I tried much to show my cleavage by bending here and there during photo poses. After lunch when getting into the jeep, I purposely made a slip off, so Matt could get his hands on me to hold. WWOOWW, as planned I get his hands holding my hips and underboob. He should also have felt that shapes and softness, then after recovering, he was making smiles to his friends.

Evening 5 pm we are back to our rooms. Our program guide came and said that they have a pub on the backside of that hotel building. That night they are launching a DJ party with drinks as well. My hubby readily agreed upon the reservation. After the guide person left, my hubby took me to bed and made a nice session and hot ride. But this time he forgot to lick my pussy and then start the ride, that was hunting me down. I got to shower and got dressed well for that pub party. my hubby got dressed in a t-shirt and 3/4th pants. I dressed in a cool wear and skirt.

Dance party pub hall:
We entered the pub hall, I was so energetic. My legs were triggering me to dance well and get tired for that night. My hubby asked me to join for dance, there were several other couples dancing here and there. People were enjoying themselves, and there was DJ music going on.

I and my hubby made slow romantic movements in the dance floor. Our hands moved well and we were enjoying the music and relaxed touches. I could see some more men coming in and my eyes got fixed on the 3 guys who came with us for site seeing. Suddenly my body asked for some more needs, as a basic girl physical needs. Gradually we moved towards the main dance floor that has dazzling lights and nothing will be clear to visibility.

Now the naughty girl inside me started coming out. I was jumping well for the music as others were doing and my boobs were juggling well, so others can get impressed. Now the bar counter got started and drinks were getting supplied to all in the dance floor. I could see many men getting around and mix match on the dance. My hubby asked my permission for taking hot drinks there, as I had some kinky ideas I allowed him for the drink. As the bar counter just got opened there was a huge crowd at that point and my hubby was entering into there. Suddenly someone called “Madam, can you dance with me”. Ya a smart guy with nice dressing asked me for a dance. I said ok 2 min. We danced well for the music and while dancing I could see his hands rolling more in my ass and hips. Yes, certainly I loved that. But during the dance in that dazzling light, I got shifted to some other area and this smart boy gave me to another friend and shouted in that music area “this is my friend he likes to have a dance with u”. I nodded and this new boy’s hands moved in most parts of my body. We both very well know that we enjoyed. He also sensed that I did not wear panties or bra inside. Suddenly he took a visiting card from his pocket and slid that in my skirt elastic. I could surely understand that he wants to meet me for some more fun.

After completing that song, I came in search of my hubby. Oh god, he was sitting near the bartender and had lots of rounds for sure. He is getting out of his senses. I tried to get him up to the room so that he will not mess up with that bar. But it’s hard for me to take him as lone. He drank a lot of rounds, so he is unable to stand or talk. so my next option is to get the help of watchman or the security of that party room. While I walk through the crowd I could feel a lot of hands touching around me. At the part of the crowd, I could see those 3 boys who were also dancing. I went directly to them and asked for a help to carry my hubby to the room.

Matt with a hornyness in his eyes said… “Yes surely, but we have not yet started drinking, by the time we help your hubby, the drinks time would be over here”

Ramya: Yes that’s ok, if you help me out, I can buy you drinks as much as you all drink.

Matt: Let me discuss with friends and decide

Ramya: Please help me out, I can buy you drinks also.

Meanwhile, those 3 were exchanging some discussions and smiling to each other

Matt: Yes we will help you and you get us the drinks.

All 3 guys helped me in carrying my hubby to my room. When we are near the door of the room, I made my hubby face on my shoulder and asked one of the guys to open the door. Ohh god, my hubby did some vomit on my shoulders and we handled it in such a way that floor is not much dirty. I put my hubby on the chair and he was in the boozer and can’t walk up sooner. My dress got dirty. I asked the 3 guys to sit and I went to wash up myself.

I now went into the bathroom and without locking the door, I just took some water and cleaned my shoulder, so my left side body got wet. As I did not wear a bra inside, my left boobs were much clear on the wet spot. Suddenly I made a plan to seduce these guys and get them on my bed. I need a hard session for so long, mind now calculates what can be done to seduce these guys.

Now I came to the main room with my left boob on my dress is wet and all 3 could see my nipple poke. Matt did not take his eyes off my boobs. I asked them. “hey guys, thanks for helping me out. Let me know your room number, so I can order whatever you would need. I mean drinks”

Below will be like conversations, so it would be best for you to understand.

Matt – “hello madam, I would need to dance for some more time”

Ramya – but you asked that you like to drink in your room

Matt – our room is next to your room, but I would like to dance for some time. I would like to dance with you for some time.

Ramya – But we need some music to dance, here nothing is available and may be we need to go back to dance floor

Matt – hey, we have a small handy player and speakers. lets dance in our room

Ramya(now I called in the room service and ordered some drinks to those 3 in their room)

Ramya – i said I will change my dress and join you all in your room for a dance

Matt – No , this dress is fine to get dancing

In few minutes drinks got delivered in the other room and I was slowly dancing with Matt. I could feel his hands rolling over my hips. Other 2 guys finished the first round of glass and came near me for dancing. Now Matt went to take a drink. now, these 2guys were standing from and back to me and caressing my hands and hips.

Both guys hands were moving here and there. Finally, Kannan took the step, his both hands are on my boobs now and he started to squeeze gently. I was really shocked with this. On seeing this, George’s hands pressed my ass well and it was grabbing and crushing. I was still smiling and moving gently to the slowly to dance movements. Guys got more courage and now Kannan hand slide in my tops to grab the bare boobs.

Kannan – wow.. guys she is not restricting, she is hot and sweet

George is not lifting my bottoms to get bare access to my ass. now the guys are getting faster than it was before. They removed my dress in a fraction of second and I was posing like an actress before them. stylish pose. both tried to suck my boobs well and hands scrolling all the way on my body. Matt now joined them and he went straight away to my pussy and at his knees.He was sitting below, lifting my one leg to his shoulder.. wow.. imagine the pose. 3 guys caressing me to the core.

Kannan – let’s take her to bed, she is dinner for us

George – i will drink another glass and get on bed

Matt – her pussy is deliciously fresh and cute.. its already wet guys

The next minute I am in bed with Matt and Kannan. they were eating my body like they found a princess.

Ramya – Guys your deal is not nice. i am completely nude and you are all in your garments.

Next second I can see hot bodies of boys near me. Yes everyone got naked and licking me well. Slowly my hand caught Matt cock. Wow. it had its own size.. and black color. It was so nice that I am nude before 3guys on my honeymoon with my hubby in the nearby room. But sounds hot and hotter for me.

Kannan brought his cock near my mouth. I know he is willing to insert in my mouth. But I said I would like to offer a suck to the guy who licks we first well. suddenly all 3 were fighting to lick my wet pussy.

Ramya – all one by one lick me .. who licks best will get the first suck of cock from me.

Slowly all took turns, Matt was the one licked perfectly and made me leak some liquid. The order of suck was this Matt, Kannan, and George. while I started sucking Matt, I made George suck on boobs and Kannan on pussy.

Sucking Matt:
Slowly tasted his balls and cock on the face. smelled well the fragrance of young cock. Gave a lick to the balls so the erection gains well. tasting the tip of cock with my tip of tongue. kissing the tip of the cock, seeing his eyes slowly take whole of the cock inside mouth gasping.. ha ha ha ,.
Without using hands. rolling my tongue on cock with a full cock inside my mouth. He felt like heaven.

Slowly sucked all 3 cocks and boys were very happy. suddenly Kannan took his bag and grabbed a pack of condoms. I know well that what they are up to. Kannan wore a condom on his erect cock.

First fuck in the room:
I confessed that I can get in anal and nothing more. As I have been an anal slut during college days I can easily enjoy and satisfy guys with my ass fuck.

Kannan changed me to doggy pose and other 2 guys came to the front. In the doggy pose, Kannan first took his ride on this white horse. others were in my mouth. Kannan was fucking me in the ass more than 30min and finally about to climax his cum in me. I took a turn and pulled out the condom and caught that jelly cock in my mouth. The second I caught the cock in mouth, it started juicing out… wow.. the first cum in my honeymoon with a boy other than hubby.

Kannan went to rest. now Matt came into position.

Matt – Dear ramya, i want to continue from here.

Now he climbed into my ass with his condom covered cock.yeah.. that was amazing. George took my mouth properly. WOW, mouth and ass pounded with cocks. Now my imaginations went and remembered the way how I used my 2 cousins in Kodaikanal.

George – ramya i want to cum on your face i would really like to cum on your face.

I smiled

Matt – Ramya i would really need to pour my cum on your ass bum.

It sounds like a nice plan and wish of guys. But as I am a cum drinking slut I needed all in the mouth. But anyway whole night is for us.

Then started the hard hits of this cute cocks. they played on me like anything., I loved the way they fucked me hard in ass and mouth .., taking turns. lovely

Matt said in my ears – l loved fucking your ass, its really fucking awesome tight ass girl.

All poured their cum on me where ever they wanted to spray. I was really feeling the real slut inside me. wow what an awesome session. Freshen up again walking nude in their room and laid down with those guys in bed. They drank next set of drinks and touching my body like I am the side dish.

As all of us are nude, I could clearly sense Matt getting hard again. Now its my turn and my slutty brain is now activated. I am Queen of anal and I should play a super role dominating guys.

Now I gave pressed and squeezed my boobs for Matt and started stroking his cock. It got little erect and its time for my slutty mouth.. wow.. sucking sucking sucking. Again guys got more energy I was on top of all. enjoyed all 3guys again.

bla bla bla…. repeated all again by as i am queen dominating all others.

Now my time to do the KERALA style .. most south Indians know this. I am on top riding their cock in my ass.. wow. it feels hot. When I ride on one cock other 2 boys are sucking my nipples. now I am jumping on the cock faster and I am going to reach a nice climax. My pussy is now dripping a lot. At the same time both boys are chewing my boobs well and added pleasure. Pleasure Pleasure Pleasure I exploded now with pussy dripping lots and cock in ass. Matt was about to cum.. I jumped off and sucked his juicy dick again. mouth gulped and filled with more sperm. Again all took turns as if I am queen and they are servants, I love the feel. Drank cum of all guys and made them tired to think anything.

Now i am satisfied for that night alone.. haaa.. lovely.

I got up and dressed up to get back to my room.

I got inside my room and saw my hubby still in deep sleep. I also joined him on the bed. Again after 30min, I heard the door bell. I woke up and opened the door.. I saw those 3 boys again at door. I just made sure my hubby didn’t hear what we are talking. they said they want to give a nice gift.Came inside again and locked the door. Made me kneel and all 3 surrounded my face and took their cocks out and shag for my face and sprayed a good load of cum and said HAPPY HONEYMOON DEAR

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FIrst meet at university

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This story is mostly true, a few bits may have been altered to work better.

I had been at university for 2 weeks, managed to get through freshers week and was looking forward to studying. But by far and away the real excitement was the fact I was now living away from home. I had chosen Leeds as it had a good reputation for science, and was 4 hours from home so no chance of my parents or brother turning up unexpectantly. I had some money saved from my summer job and my first purchases were a pair of high heeled patent open toe t-bar sandals, black shiny opaque stockings, panties bra suspender belt and a french maids outfit. I just loved putting them on and standing in front of the mirror just looking at myself all dressed up. I was still worried about people finding out as I lived in dorms with 5 other guys on my floor. I used to hide my girly things under the bed behind a drawer!
Anyway, I had looked online before getting to Leeds and found two gay pubs on Call Lane (honestly this is what the road is called, and did have ladies of the night!). I finally plucked up the courage to head down one night after a few drinks. I was wearing my bra, panties, stockings and suspenders under my tight jeans and white t-shirt. Into a backpack went my maids oufit and heels. I arrived at the pub and walked past it about 5 or 6 times, getting very nervous as I had never been to a gay bar before. I finally plucked up the courage to go in and was immediately stopped at the door by a bouncer. Panic set in as I thought he would want to search my bag! But no, he just wanted to check that I was 18 and that I knew this was a gay bar. I showed him my ID and he let me in, saying “try not to get eaten alive!” as I walked past him. I had major butterflys in my stomach as I entered the bar. It looked just like any other pub, lots of guys (mostly old men) stilling around drinking. A few people looked up at me as I walked in and I got a few smiles. I went over to the bar, ordered a redbull and double vodka and sat down at a table. A few minutes later a guy sits down next to me and asks me my name. We chatted for a bit, he bought me a drink and he then wondered off to talk to some other people. I started feeling quite at ease. After chatting to a few guys I ended up at a table with Jon, he was 47, a little overweight, around 6″4 with a pretty big build. After chatting for a bit and another drink which he bought for me, he asked me if I had just come from Uni. “No, why” I asked as it was a Saturday.
“Just wondering why you have a bag with you that you seem to grasp so tighly whenever anyone walks past”
At this point I was pretty drunk, and decided just to tell him
“Well, I have a dress and some high heels in the bag”
“Really??” Jon said, raising his eyebrows. I was waiting for him to start laughing but instead said “interesting! why do you have those?”
“I love to dress up as a girl” I said rather quietly.
“Just a dress and heels?” he asked
“No, full gear” I leaned over to him and whispered “I’m wearing stockings panties and a bra under my clothes right now”
“Nice!” said Jon. “So what are you looking for? I guess you came here to find guys?”
“Yes” I replied nervously “I’m hoping to find a guy who would let me dress up for him”
“What would you do for a guy that let you do that?”
We moved over to a table at the side of the room out of the way, and Jon asked me to show him my stockings. I rolled up my trouser leg to my knee so he could see I was indeed wearing stockings. He took my calf in his hand and gave it a really hard squeeze. His hand was big enough to completely surround my calf.
“Anything you say?” he asked me, giving my leg another hard squeeze. I was so horny at this point, this was the first time a guy had laid hands on my stocking clad legs, even if it was a bit hard.
“Anything” I whispered as I sighed.
“Right, I am called us a cab” said Jon

So Jon and I get into the taxi, both of us in the back. He sits very close to me and puts his hand on my leg, again giving it a hard squeeze. He sees me looking at the taxi driver
“Don’t worry about him, he always picks me up from the bar” and leans over onto me and starts to kiss my neck whilst grabbing my body.

At this point I am a little scared, but also horny and know at least he is ok with me dressing up when we get to his.

The taxi drive seems to take a while and i start to think how am I going to get home! I have no idea where we are going. We eventually pull up and get out the taxi. It is a fairly non descript street with rows of town houses. He guides me to his house and nods for me to walk up the steps to his front door. As soon as he is behind me I feel his hands on my ass “Mmm, very nice” he mutters. As I get to the door he leans against me, putting the key in the door and I can feel him pressing against me.

Once we get in he tells me to go up the stairs to the bathroom and get changed.
“Come back down when you are ready, I will be sitting in the lounge just here”.

Up I go, very very nervous, what if he is playing a joke on me, or what if he laughs and kicks me out when he sees me dressed up? Oh well I think, I’m here and a bit drunk, and so want to dress. So I take off my tshirt and trousers, standing in a strangers bathroom in bra, panties stockings and suspenders, about to slip on my heels and maids outfit. I can’t stop my legs trembling as I do up the strap on my t-bar patent heels. Once I am ready, I look down at my stocking clad legs and my heels, seeing my toes poking out through the peep toe and I get hard. God do I feel so horny. I make my way down the stairs into the lounge to find Jon sitting on the sofa with a drink in his hand. He jumps up and says “WoW! You look amazing. I wans’t sure about this dressing thing, but just WoW!”

I smiled back at him, still thinking he was just being nice.

“Upstairs again now” he said to me, in quite a firm voice. I start to walk up the stairs, by the second step Jon’s hand is on my ass, by the forth step I can feel his fingers running up and down against my boy pussy through my panties. We get up to his bedroom, quite a big room with a big mirror and bed with iron railings for a base and head board.
“Stand in front of the mirror, take a good look at yourself” he pretty much orders me. I’m standing there as he moves behind me, his breath on my neck. I start trembling again, can’t stop it
“Nervous are we sexy” he asks.
“It’s my first time doing this” I say
“Mmmmmmm, good” Jon smiles and grabs my ass, giving it a good hard squeeze
“Don’t worry sexy, I will go gentle with you this first time”
“Thanks” I say
“You might not be when I am finished but lets see how it goes” he replies. God, I am so nervous now but so hard and horny.
“So now that you are dressed, it is time for the anything” jon smiles again as he says this. “have you ever been tied up before?” he asks. I tell him no but is something I have thought about. He goes over to a set of drawers and opens the top one, pulling out a ball gag, set of cuffs and a leg spreader
“I normally introduce these after a couple of meets with a boy, but as you want to dress, I’ll use them now ok”
I nearly came there and then, what had I got myself into? and why was I feeling so horny about it!
Jon comes over and puts the ball gag on me, then fastens my wrists behind my back. Finally, he puts the leg spreader on me as I am standing in front of the mirror. He takes his time, running his hands over my stockings
“I love your heels, makes your ass stick out, perfect for fucking” Standing behind me I hear Jons belt buckle open, his zip opening, his trousers dropping and hitting the floor
“Time to see if you really haven’t done this before, you better be tight bitch”
I feel his cock pressing against my boy pussy, probing and pushing against my hole through my panties.
I moan into the ball gag as his hands grab hold of my hips, pulling me tight against him. His hand wonders over the front of my panties feeling my hard cock
“Mmmmmm, good you are enjoying this aren’t you bitch” he whispers in my ear.
he guides me onto my knees, helping as the leg spreader is making it hard for me to balance
“good, you have your panties on over your stockings, otherwise I would have to cut them off” He pulls my panties down to my knees.
“don’t worry bitch, I am not going to fuck you yet, you need to lube my cock up first, I wonder, can you deep throat?”

Jon loosens the ball gag so it drops around my neck and then moves me side on to the mirror. Standing in front of me with his semi erect cock in my face, he takes hold of my head and says “open your mouth bitch”
I open wide and he laughs “greedy thing aren’t you, start by licking my cock”
I use my tounge, licking the head of his cock, running my tounge around it
“Mmmm you are quite good at this” jon says as he pushes his cock into my mouth.
I start sucking, working his cock in my mouth with my tounge, forward and back he moves my head, I can feel his cock getting bigger and harder in my mouth.

“theres a good bitch” Jon moves his hands away from my head and I hear him shaking a bottle

“ever tried poppers slut?” he asks. I shake my head and mumble, can’t speak with his cock in my mouth
“just take a big long drag when I hold the bottle under your nose”

It hits me, the smell like marker pens at school, I take a big long inhale, feeling my face flush, heartbeat race, waves of pleasure going through my body, my feet balling in my sexy heels, senses highlightened, feeling the suspender straps against my skin, I am in heaven. Then it happens, Jon grabs my head tight and rams his cock deep into my mouth down my throat. The gag reflex hits as he holds me tight
“Thats it slut, take my cock deep”
He proceeds to fuck my throat, thrusting into my face, I can’t breath, my legs trembling, wanting it to stop but loving it at the same time. Just as I think I am going to pass out, he pulls his cock out of my mouth, my throat spit dripping down my chin, and coating his cock.
“oh yes you will do nicely” Jon says as he stands over me, letting me get my breath back.

“Take another hit of poppers bitch” He holds it under my nose again and as I know what is coming, I take 2 or 3 deep inhales. As soon as the bottle is removed, I am back to having my head held tight, his cock ramming into my throat.
I take a look out of the corner of my eye at the mirror and see myself, tied, on my knees, this big guy standing over me, his cock in my mouth. It’s all I can do not to cum at the sight of it. He continues to fuck my throat, this time reaching down and pinching my nose. He doesn’t let up until my vision starts to darken, my arms and legs struggling against the restraints as I try desperately to get some air.

“Time for a break bitch” Jon says as he fixes my ball gag back in place, grabs the leg spreader bar and drags me across the floor over to the bed. He lifts me up onto the bed, puts me on all fours and fixes my wrist cuffs to the leg spreader, putting my arms under me between my legs so my ass is stuck up in the air.

he rumages around a little behind me, then puts the bottle of poppers back under my nose. I take another deep inhale, boy am I loving the buzz poppers are giving me. Next thing I feel is a cold wetness against my boy pussy as he squeezes lube against it, followed up my something hard pushing against my hole. In it goes and it feels amazing, is this it? is this what i feelsl like to have a cock pushed into you? I thought it was supposed to hurt. Then I hear pumping, Jon had inserted an inflateable butt plug into me “don’t worry slut, this is the smallest one I have, you should feel it properly in a moment”

I start to feel a fullness as the butt plug grows in size, pressure building inside me, trying to fight the urge to push it out, but when I try I can’t.

“Right bitch, that is enough air for now, back in a minute” he then slaps my ass very hard with his big hand and gets off the bed. I moan through the gag as he slaps me

“ohhh, you like that do you, well when I come back you are going to get ten hard ones, on each cheek”

After what seems like ages but was probably only a couple of minutes of being left on the bed, my wrists tied under me to the leg spreader with my ass stuck up in the air exposed, Jon returned to the room. Taking a log drink of the beer he had in his hand he climbed onto the bed and gave the butt plug another couple of pumps and tapped it a few times. It felt so big in me and when he tapped it I let out a moan
“good, you like that don’t you slut, time now for your spanking”
He sat next to me on the bed and put one arm around my waist holding me tight. Then thwack! His hand spakning my ass in a quick hard motion. I moaned and tried to pull away but he held me tight.
“Mmmmmmm bet you liked that slut”
After the first smack, his fingers lingered on my cheek, gently running over the hand print. The tingling sensation was amazing. He held the poppers under my nose and I took another big inhale and he proceeded to keep spanking and stoking my bottom. The pain and pleasure sent waves through my body, every time he spanked me I tied to pull away but he kept me held tight as he dealt out the punishment.
“Right thats 10 each, it’s about time you got fucked”
I wanted it to stop but also so wanted to be fucked all I could do was let out a moan through my gag.
He released my wrists from the ankle spreader and tied them to the head board. I was face down on the bed, leg spreader pushing my legs open wide.
I heard the butt plug deflate and Jon pulled it out, the feeling as the pressure released was intense and once he removed it I could feel my ass gape, opening and closing
“So inviting,mmmm” said Jon. Another deep inhale of poppers and jon was on top of me, I could feel his hard penis pushing against my tight hole. I could feel his head pressing, probing and slowly opening me up. I was so close to cumming, the waves of pleasure going through my body, the realisation that I was about to be fucked, that I was all dressed up, his hands over my stockings, my heels felt tight on my feet, I was in heaven
His head slipped into me and a wave of pain hit me, I screamed into the gag
“oh you are very tight slut” said Jon as he thrust hard deep into me
The pain became even more intense and I thrashed around trying to ease it but Jon held me tight
“yes thats is slut”
The pain started to subside as he started thrusting into me, to be replaced by an amazing feeling of his cock deep in me. My cock was rock hard, each thrust sending waves of pleasure through my body. I could feel the sheets below me get wet with my pre cum.
He pulled his cock out of me and rammed it back it deep.

I orgasamed, cum shooting out of me. I had never cummed like this before, each spurt causing my ass to clench hard on Jon’s cock, his moans of pleasure as I shot load after load for what seems like ages.

I collapsed unable to move, just lying there panting as Jon thrust away, fucking me deep and hard

“Wow I could feel you cumming slut, I knew you were loving it”

His verbal abuse increased
“yes slut take it, you dirty whore, take my cock, you love it you bitch” as he pounded away on my ass. I just lay there exhausted, taking his cock hoping he would cum soon
Sure enough after a few more minutes, Jon groaned and shook as he came, ramming me with 4 or 5 really hard deep thrusts.

I felt his body weight fully on me as he collapsed on top of me and lay there for a while, his cock still in me, breathing deeply in my ear.

Finally he rolled off me, cleaned himself up, left the room for a few minutes then returned to release me.

I slowly got up, my ass red and sore as he handed me my clothes.

“Hope you enjoyed that, if you didn’t rememeber don’t tell guys you will do anything” Jon laughed.

“I’ve ordered you a taxi, if it the same guy who dropped us off don’t be suprised if he asks you for a blow job!”

“If you want more you know where to find me, I am in the pub most nights. Oh and I did go easy on you tonight, next time will be harder so come see me if you want”

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Slut: I want to be a slut wife part 3

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Part 3

I stood outside our hotel room, looking at the door, butterflies fluttering madly in my stomach. I was dressed in thigh length boots, tiny tight mini skirt which was showing the lower part on my naked buttocks with a tight corset top barely containing my ample breasts. To cap it all I had thick strands of cum on my thigh length boots, glistening in the subdued lighting. I knew my sex life and my relationship had with my husband had now changed, but would it be for the good or would it be bad?
I slid the electronic key card in the slot as the light turned green, allowing me access into the room.
I stepped inside and nervously closed the door behind me.
“What the fuck!” My husband said in a raised voice, but not in an angry tone.
I looked at him as his eyes wandered up and down my body, focusing on the globules of thick white cum on black leather boots.
“Someone has been a very naughty slut!” Steve smiled, beckoning me toward him.
A smile broke across his face, letting me know I had his seal of approval.
“I’ve been a very naughty slut wife! I’ve even been a filthy whore!” I smiled teasingly.
Steve pulled me close to him, his hands around my corseted waist as he kissed me passionately.
He moaned into my mouth as he tasted my lips and breath, still possessing the aromatic scent and taste of cock. Breaking our kiss he looked down at my cum drenched boot and whispered.
“I want to watch you scoop that up and swallow it!”
I smiled as I made myself comfortable on the bed. Raising my left leg up, I scrapped the come on to the fingers of my left hand. I tilted my head back and let the spunk slide off my fingers into my open mouth. My legs were parted, showing Steve my wet shaved unfaithful pussy. I grazed my lips with the fingertips of cum drenched hand, using the spunk like a lip gloss. Steve was naked watching my little show, his erect cock thrusting from his groin as I licked clean my fingers.
I looked into my husbands eyes with a smouldering grin and whispered.
“Fuck me babe and I’ll tell you all about it!”
Steve knelt between my open legs and positioned the head of his cock at my wet pulsating opening. His cock separated my labia and slid delightfully deep inside me. I groaned with pure lust, taking my third cock of the day inside my slut pussy. Hubby began a slow fucking rhythm, watching his cock slide in and out, pleasuring his slut hot wife.
He moved down to my head and kissed my lips delicately. The taste of the cum was fresh on my lips as he nibbled and licked my burning lips. His panting and moaning as he kissed and tasted the cum of my client, sent me over the edge and a wild orgasm burst through me. I was riding his cock relentlessly, panting ferociously with each thrust.
“Fuck me babe! Fuck me!” I groaned “I’ve been a dirty slut fucking other men!”
Hubby continued thrusting, stabbing my cunt with his cock as I continued my verbal confession.
“I’ve sucked their cocks, let them use me and I let one fuck my ass!” I purred.
This last statement drove Steve over the edge, as he began to flood my pussy with his hot virile seed.
Gritting his teeth he snarled his way through his orgasm, emptying every single drop of his spunk deep inside me.
I held his head and kissed him gently as our orgasms began to wane. His cock was depleting, but still rubbing back in forth inside my incredibly wet pussy. He withdrew from my pussy and rolled over beside me onto his back. I moved down to his cock and licked every drop of both of our orgasms off his cock. I cleaned his balls, licking and sucking them gently and cleaned his cock, slurping up and down his length as I maintained eye contact with him throughout.
“So are you going to tell me how it all went, fucking two different guys only minutes apart?” He smiled, his cock coming back to life.
“I’ll have even more to tell you later as I’m going to pop out and fuck the hotel manager soon!”
Steve looked at me somewhat startled and laughed.
“Make sure he fucks your ass and see if you can work out a deal for hotel rooms!” He winked.
I smiled placing my hand on Steve’s erect cock.
“I plan to as we both seem to like our new arrangement. I’ll be coming back here to fuck guys in the future, even if it means I’ve to let the manager fuck me now and again!” I smiled.
“Will I be involved in any of this?” Steve enquired.
“Sometimes. But there will be times when I’ll pick a guy up in the mall or when I’m on a night out. It will be nice to know I have somewhere comfortable where I can be a slut!” I laughed, still stroking Steve’s cock.
“Sounds OK to me! Now lets hear your story and I’ll show you some pics and videos I made watching you get fucked by two different guys!”
I smiled at Steve, continued to stroke his cock and began to regale my tale.
“I left here and went to Simons room.He greeted me naked except for a shirt, which was open revealing his hard cock. It was the first hard cock I’d seen since we married and it had my pussy tingling immediately. His cock was much bigger than I anticipated and I couldn’t wait to have him inside me!”
Steve’s cock actually grew as he listened intently to my account of my infidelity.
“We placed a chair in front of the window and I straddled his magnificent cock! I looked over here and saw you watching me being a slut for another man!”
I have some pics of that moment!” Steve said reaching for the camera “Here you are, cock hungry and wanting to fucked!” He smiled showing me the photographs.
I looked at the pics and felt my pussy tingle at the memory of Simons beautiful cock. I looked a complete slut whore in the photographs, actually shocked at how short my tight mini skirt was and how much of my ass it showed.
“I came a couple of times as he fucked me and knew he was going to cum. I said to him to cum on the window and I would lick it all off. I did this as I knew you were watching and I thought it would be a very slutty thing to do!” I giggled stroking Steves cock.
“I licked all of his spunk off the window then asked him if he wanted to tie me up and fuck me!” I smiled suggestively.
“He used the white rope to good effect, using me like a kinky slut!” I grinned.
“I know!” Steve smiled “I have photographs of that also!”
He showed me the photograph and I smiled remembering the moment.
“Simon fucked me, telling me how much of a slut and whore I was, which I absolutely loved and actively encouraged!” I smiled “He told me to suck his cock and swallow his load, which I did obediently. Once he’d finished coming we swapped cell phone numbers as I want to fuck him again, then I left his room!”
“There’s more to tell!” Steve grinned.
I got in the elevator and there was a really hot guy in the car when I got in. He cheekily implied I was a hooker, which instead of offending me, it turned me on!” I giggled “He invited me back to his room, so I took him up on the offer. The elevator went to the ground floor and the Manager got in with us. We went back to the top floor, the guy fingering me all the way behind the managers back!”
Steve listened intently as I regaled the sexual antics I had just enjoyed.
“I texted you from his bathroom then went into the room. He gave me three hundred which I slipped in my bag and then took out his cock. He was as big if not bigger than Simon, it must be my lucky day. Cheating on my husband with two huge cocks!” I giggled, teasing my husband with a tinge of humiliation regarding the bigger cocks.
“He made me come a couple of times, then fucked me up the ass, which made me come again. Eventually he pulled out and sprayed his load all over my boots, for me to walk through the lobby back to here!” I smouldered stroking my husbands cock a little faster “He gave me his business card as he wants to fuck me again, then I left his room!”
Steve groaned at the thought of his wife returning to the guys room to perform as a hooker.
“As I walked through the lobby, loads of guys were checking in and checking me out. My ass was almost on display and when I reached the elevators I blew them all a kiss!” I giggled, feeling my husbands cock twitch indicating he was ready to come.
“When I got in the elevator, the Manager was in there. I gave him a deep tongue kiss and rubbed his cock over his trousers. He gave me his business card and I told him I would ring him in an hour!” I said just as spunk began to pour and spurt out of Steve’s cock. His come was running down my hand as I continued to stroke his exploding cock.
As his cock began to recede, I smiled at him and winked.
“Shall I give the manager a ring, then get changed into something slutty!”

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Making 60 Year Old Man Cum

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I had to be on a break thanks to all the sexual encounters I have had. Now that I am on a break with sex, I shall let you know about my encounters. After I ended up with my father-in-law thanks to my own mistake of accepting the offer from my father (you guys will have to read my earlier stories in order to understand the whole thing) I had to accept all the demands of my Sasurji (father-in-law) after he threatened me.

Being in good touch with the politicians, I was sure that he can easily mess my whole life, so, I had no other choice but do whatever he asked me to, and that too free of cost. In return, he did me a favor by not letting my husband know that I am such a big whore. He called me to his house in Delhi, telling my hubby that he could use my help with the household stuffs as he is alone and not in the best of his health.

I went to Delhi for a week after my hubby had requested me. He had a palatial house, and it was frequented by people from political circles. I had learnt that my father-in-law was very close to getting a seat in the parliament. The day I entered his house, he told me to prepare for a meeting of 5 men. He also forwarded me an old sari with blouse, petticoat, and lingerie that I should wear while serving the men. It was a red sari, and the petticoat and blouse were so small that they revealed more than they covered.

My entire waist was bare in it, and the blouse was so low cut and pallu so thin, that slightest bending would have revealed half of my moons. Just before the arrival of the guests, my father-in-law saw me near the guest and took a nice feel of my waist, saying, I will leave you fresh for Mantriji. I was shocked, he is gonna get me fucked by a minister. I never thought that he could stoop so low, to use his daughter-in-law to get a seat in the parliament. The ministers arrived soon, 5 men in 60’s wearing dhoti and kurta.

I was appalled to see them, and would have never wanted them to have me. Theye continuously stared at me as he entered, and one of them told my father-in-law, “You have a beautiful servant,” and my father replied, “I hired her especially for you sir.” I could not believe what was happening. Hiding my anger, I put up a smile, and said, “Namaste sahib,” greeting the entire team. The minister, held my arm tight in response. They seated in the drawing room, and I started serving tea.

I had to bend down quite a lot while filling the cups, and the ministers seated on the high sofas were getting a really beautiful view of me. I watched them stare at me breasts, and had to put up a smiling face. The old men continued to talk among themselves about work, as I served those snacks and beverages. My father-in-law ordered me to wait in the guest room for any further orders. After about 15 mins, the minister, who appeared to be the most important person in the group entered the guest room, when I was seated on the bed.

He left the door open and walked up to me saying, I didn’t know you were Sunil’s daughter-in-law, he is very determined to get the parliament seat.” He pulled off my pallu, and made me stand up, and sat on the bed. “Beti, I am an old man now, show me your moves, you would not want to disappoint your father-in-law. I slowly took off my sari and sat on the old man’s lap face to face, as he grabbed my waist, making a move to unhook my blouse. I was kissing him now, as he unhooked my blouse, and then the bra.

I kept on kissing him, and he continued to rub my back. He laid down flat on the bed, and turned me over, taking my blouse and bra off, I could feel his cock poking my crotch. I saw my father-in-law enter, and he asked, “I hope she is giving you a nice time sir. She is a great sucker. The mantri replied, “She is Ok I felt bad, when a man in his 60s called me Ok. My father-in-law walked up to me, pressed my teats, and said, yes sir, this could have been bigger. Anahita, give you best to sir.

I will leave the two of you alone.” As my father turned to leave, the minister said, “Don’t go, bring the others too, we can discuss matters as I screw her.” I was being humiliated by two old men, and I had to do it all for free. I took up the challenge of satisfying this minister. The minister was licking my neck, as I tried to take his kurta off. He suddenly slapped me and said, “You don’t get to strip me bitch.” I was lying topless on the bed, and he was sitting on me, with his knees by my side.

As the team entered, he slapped me hard again, “This is so that you don’t forget.” Then he started to knead my breasts, as the guys continued to discuss their issues. I have never had this kind of sex before, where the guy was ignoring me while he was doing me. He got off me, and holding my petticoat from the waistline, he tore it off. I never expected him to have that strength. He peeled my panties immediately and there I was totally naked in front of six fat men, including my father-in-law.

He looked at me for some time, and commented, “Sunil, she is not that bad, has maintained herself in good shape,” he turned me around patted my butts and continued, she has got nice tight butts too. He kept on pressing my thighs, and butts, and added, I could use her for my daily massage, after I test her how good she is. He got naked and oil was brought in for me to massage the minister. I knew this was my opportunity to impress this man who cannot be satisfied easily.

In a minute, the table massage table was brought in too, and the minister was lying on his back on it. Everything had been prepared for this man. I sat naked on his abdomen, and started rubbing the aromatic oil on his chest, which was surprisingly, clean shaved. As I rubbed oil on his body, I felt his dick grow up in my ass crack. But he kept on discussing things with his team, without paying any attention to me.

I decided to turn things up. I moved down on his thighs, laid down on him, and started licking him. The discussion paused for sometime; I knew he was paying attention. I started biting his skin gently now, sucking them and biting again. He tried to continue the discussions, but couldn’t focus on it. He grabbed my waist tight now and I continued to massage his chest in the same manner. I had also gotten a little wet, with his dick constantly poking me. I got down, put my hands in my pussy and with the wetness, I started massaging his cock.

The minister was mesmerized now and the discussion topic shifted from political matters to praises about me. I was successful in my mission. His cock continued to grow in my hands and I now started sucking it. The old man was now moaning in pleasure, while the rest of them watched in amazement. I started to suck it now, and I was sucking it really hard to keep the excitement going. After 20 mins of shaking and sucking, I got the 60 year old man to cum in my mouth. He started to tire out and told my father-in-law, Send her to my place tomorrow I am too tired to fuck her now. All of them burst into laughter as they moved out of the room.

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First time stallion Version 2

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So there I am analysing myself in front of my hotel room mirror, for a final check that I am ready to greet my man when he knocks on my door. With an excited nervousness running through me from the pit of my tummy, fuelled by the uncharted experience I was about to have with a top male for the first time, I do my final checks. Hair, coffee brown, shoulder length combed straight, check, Full makeup bronzer, blusher, foundation, mascara, eyeliner and of course pretty pink lipstick all in check and a flutter of my false eyelashes for good measure. Perfect, no sign of my male persona anywhere, except perhaps my small bulge at the lower centre of my dress, well, I was excited. So there she was looking back at me in the mirror, familiar eyes with a new look, a dirty slut that had been deprived for so long was finally going to go all the way. I gave one final pose for sassiness in my leopard print mini club dress being stretched at the breasts to accommodate my 34DD silicone bra infills. The bottom of my dress stopped just shy of the top of my super smooth silky black self-hold-up stockings, running down to my feet. My feet were hugged by some black high heeled peep toe shoes with my toes squished together showing just three of my toes at the narrow opening. Well, I had painted my toenails pink after all to match my nails, would be a shame to waste that especially if he’s into feet.

So a final message on my phone he’s in the hotel car park right now. My hotel room and floor number details had been sent in a text reply. He knows where I am now, no backing out of this. A dimer of the lights was in order to create a more sensual and exciting mood. Only the sound of the lowered hotel room T.V churns out music, a hip-hop music channel goes through some old chart toppers. Wait! that’s not the only sound, all of a sudden my fucking heart is racing, those damn gimmicky rabbits fucking like there’s no tomorrow comes to fruition in my mind, it kind of matches the speed of my pounding chest knowing that any minute now he will be here… “knock, knock ” , he’s here. Just go to the door and be the filthy Tgirl he’s expecting you to be, I tell myself.

The filthy tgurl knew she was ready, she’d been ready for so long in her mind to let go and be herself. Slowly she opened the door and stayed slightly behind it as he squeezed through the gap as soon as he could. Young Jess, the tgurl, could see and feel his large presence, as described he was a tall but tubby older Italian gentleman. Though not clean-shaven as his picture had suggested, never the less he was who he said he was and he was here stood in Jess’s hotel room. Jess closed the door and latched it back across. The moment she turned around his bag had already hit the floor and he’s right up against her fem body, pinning her to the door with authority, ready to take his filthy whore. Jess feels his big hands grab her soft waist on either side, so tight it hurts a little at first. Then he leans in with his body and his face, his eyes looking into hers, a look as if to say, “now I have you” lasted a few seconds. Jess realised all the cock teasing texts she sent had gotten to him. Jess switches her eyes down at his lips as his gaze was one with deep ownership written in them, too much to keep the eye contact. Jess was about to greet him and introduce herself by name and that she’d be his gurl for the night. But then before she could willingly give the final go-ahead for him to take her, he goes right in, in mid-speech, he just couldn’t wait. He French kissed Jess with a lot of lust and passion, then in one movement moves her to the sidewall. His tongue was still deep in her mouth with his heavy breathing. She wondered how far down her throat he wanted to be. But of course she was extremely excited, he wants the hotel whore badly, he really does want her. Jess felt exhilarated and her heart actually slows the nerves a little but her beats per minute had increased tenfold. Her cheeks blush with the shyness of being manhandled that way, his heart too would be pounding as his dick began to swell, all of the hotel whores tricks of masquerading her male persona had worked perfectly, her perfume was drifting deep into his nose. Jess was going to get the fuck of her life from this raging bull she’s just allowed to unleash on herself.

The initial kiss left jess feeling amazing and very lustful, the ice was well and truly broken. Sex was the only thing on their minds, filthy, raw, dirty hard sex that no one would ever know of but those two, the moment was theirs to enjoy. The Italian man, who still hadn’t introduced himself, gave jess the kind of look powered by deep lust, his manhood continued to swell as he couldn’t believe his luck with the bombshell tranny. A tranny worthy of the title too, though she really was just a convincing crossdresser who went above and beyond to please men.

Jess toyed with the man and pushed him back a little with a flirtatious “come get me stair in her eyes”. She then sat legs crossed on the double bed while he explains to her that he came right from work to be there.

‘is it ok if I didn’t shower yet’ he says in his strong Italian accent.

‘of course, your fine as you are’ Jess replied. Her eyes opened wider momentarily at the thought of a sweaty man being all over her.

So he continues to unbuckle his belt and remove his clothes with his pants left on, a large guy, hairy belly very sexy thick legs waited to be kissed and squeezed. However, he has a kind and rounded face, but those eyes of his do not display that. Jess can see he has one thing on his mind, to satisfy his sexual need and the sooner the better, his actions were fast and rushed in order for him to be back on her as soon as possible. That cock bulge Jess could see was still yet to grow fully. She guessed he is in a state of a semi as they say, and of course, Jess was in anticipation as to see exactly what it was she would be dealing with when he had gotten fully erect. Jess surprised herself, as she felt hornier than ever and yet her own boy-clitty has not even entered the semi stage. It was new for her, a different kind of feeling she’d never had before, wanting him, needing him yet she was not hard. Her ass, however, was clenching into her knickers tightly, and she felt all her arousal come from her sensitive smooth anal ring. She’d never been so fem around a guy in her life, that moment was the beginning of the end of Jess’s erections for erotic play, she would soon know the full extent of her fem sissy ways and how much they had taken permanent effect on her mind and body.

The horny gentleman finally advances towards Jess. She lay on her back as he crawled over the top of her. She rubbed her feet, now free of the peep toe heels, over his balls still in his pants, to entice his dick to go fully hard. And it works almost right away like a wand casting a spell. The result of this was what she wanted, however, be careful what you wish for came to mind as he grew to be huge. Jess just wanted to stare at it and take it in so to speak, but he pushed her head back onto the bed. His head came in line with hers and as he did earlier, he kissed her mouth. One hand reached up and around her thin throat with one of his fingers reaching up over her chin and lips. The other hand again grabbed harder than before on her soft waist. Jess let out a small “ouch” as he pinched her with his grip, now she felt totally his, stuck underneath him right where he wanted her. The large Italian man kept kissing and kissing with his tongue shifting his saliva into Jess’s open mouth, whilst rubbing his fully erect cock over her balls and near that very sensitive asspussy. She made it easier for him to rub her there, as her legs reach up and around his waist in a lock position exposing her butt crack to his shiny leaking helmet.

‘What’s up sexy whore, what’s the matter?’, he said to Jess with a sinister grin on his bearded face, whilst still on top of her. He could see the slight hesitation in her eyes, brought on by how big his manhood was, and the damage he could do with it, or better yet, the kind of deep pleasure it could summon.

His unshaven face has only slightly annoyed Jess as her only request was for him to be clean-shaven. In-between kissing and rubbing, Jess replies, ‘nothing’ Though her thoughts were shown in her eyes immediately after getting a glimpse of his size. Jess’s subtle eye contact was her tell tail giveaway that his manhood was definitely large and the largest she’d ever been invited to play with. Of course, she had prepared to engage with a man and she was ready. Her usual routine of light plays with her dildos and toys before the meet was just as important to her as being his “girl” visually or “sexy whore” as he put it. Her dildo is a good plaything of hers and a good 12 inches with average girth, though the length was still yet to be mastered completely.

A stinging sharp slap came from nowhere across Jess’s soft immaculate makeup brushed cheeks. This was a kink not brought up when the pair were sexting their likes and dislikes upon arranging the meet. Yet here he is with those big man hands one of which is still on her scrawny throat, but the other now inflicting sexual pain across her face rather than his grip on her waist. Unexpected and un-wanted the slaps were, but that was the point, he was in control now, so what is a girl to do when her man is laying with his full body weight on her engaging in naughty fantasies? Well if he’s happy and wants it this way, Jess let it be, it’s a new experience, after all, she said to herself. Just indulge in this, for now, she keeps telling herself, her submission to him had taken hold, her upper body lay limb at his mercy.

The Italian man enjoyed seeing his femboy take that pain as she looked into his eyes, now with a different tone, as in please stop you bastard. Jess had had enough, her face stung and buzzed out. With Jess’s stern look her nails dug into his back to try and give the same instruction, what a useless attempt she made to try and dismay him. Mainly because he enjoyed it but also because he slapped her even harder and then he held her wrists together above her head with just one of his hands. At least he has stopped slapping her with the grip he had, She thought as a tear slipped to the side of her eye and down the edge of her face, dragging with it some mascara. Though it was not an emotional tear, more a watering of the eye from his sharp domineering slaps. This man had clearly seen jess as nothing but a worthless whore for his own pleasure. What else was she supposed to be, dressed the way she was?

The other hand now finally released Jess’s throat and he moves his pants to one side to allow his bare cock that has started to produce lots of pre-cum to touch her tight dry asspussy. “Fuck” is what Jess is thinking, he doesn’t know her butt hole needs lube for a smooth comforting fuck. Her eyes glance towards the lube bottle she had left on the side table by the bed. She isn’t sure if he saw it there when he came in or he is inexperienced with tgirls. Then just as that thought was passing in her submissive mind, there he goes. He guides his massive self-moist dick right into her quivering asspussy, all the way in, in one movement as if she has a real female pussy. That training with her dildo all went out the window as she had never felt such a wide girthed cock enter her like that. It came with such thrust and determination of complete hardness and unstopped force. Though his length was long, she did feel his balls hit her smooth ass cheeks and thank god she thought, as her ass and what felt like her tummy was now full of this Italian man’s throbbing dick. Jess’s ass, as soon as he was in fully, clenched up tight around him almost asking him to not push again, though his pre-cum turned out to be the best kind of lube. He held it there for a moment as Jess had to let out a moan, which was mostly for shock, but he enjoyed the sound she made before thrusting out again. Jess’s pre-cum marked ass was empty for a split second, then…

‘arrhh fuck, fuck, no, no, no, hmmm, oh my daddy, your too big for me’ Jess said arching her back and head back so as to allow the dick that needed her to shunt in easier.

There he is, he is fucking the hotel sissy faggot. Faster and harder now with each stroke and jess can’t help but wonder what kind of night they were going to have together. Multiple strokes coming hard and fast deep every time he goes in and balls slapping on her relentlessly, a string of pre-cum linked between his balls and her ass. Nice big balls too, they complement his size and Jess imagen them to hang very low with a full white warm thick sticky load waiting to be shot out and end up god knows where. Jess lay on her back in dreamland as he rocked her body and mind on the edge of the bed. His hands now try to feel under her leopard print mini dress and lift it across her fake tits. He held her tight like he wanted to make passionate love to a wife, or even conceive with her, or was it just deep lust to fool around with the forbidden fruit? Lots of kissing and intense stares at one another continue while he keeps his dick hard fucking the slippery tight naughty ass. They both begin to sweat as the heat builds up between them, Jess feels a bead of his sweat drip on her bottom lip from his forehead, then 2, 3, 4 drops land. As it streams down his face on top of hers, he notices Jess’s face scrunch up with pleasure and pain, her nice teeth exposed to the sweet droplets, her own forehead beads with sweat too, sitting there waiting to be rubbed off. While he’s pounding his tgurl whore like a b**st he goes at her again, a huge slap to her face runs her makeup and sweat everywhere. It happened the moment she looked into his eyes again, his response as if to say don’t look at me like that bitch. Jess had never felt a buzz like it, even her nipples felt every rub of fabric on her bra. His face is frowning and his mouth open like he’s about to unload with every thrust something Jess had no control over and they hadn’t discussed bareback sex at all.

‘don’t slap me, don’t slap me’ Jess said during her moans of pleasure, adjusting to the large bare cock in her.
‘you are beautiful sexy whore shut fuck up and take how I fuck’ He replied, looking at her light she was less than human.

at that moment her request was answered and he even went up another gear with his fucking thrusts, which she hadn’t expected from her initial judgment of the man, she didn’t give him enough credit, but he was surprising her with his skills. Jess simply wasn’t sure he could fuck this good and hard upon her first impressions when he walked in. Though she knew to expect more slaps, however, he didn’t see it through. She knew her original thought of being fucked like a wife or potential breeding partner was quickly subdued to how she analysed his words in nanoseconds, he fancied the whore yes, all her hard preparation work had paid off, but he viewed her as a whore, a sexual object. Perhaps she had taken on the girl in his wild fantasies, so whatever he had fantasised about she guessed he was going to do to her, regardless of what her requests were.

Rest bite finally came, ‘god I needed it’ Jess said to herself, but now he had arched up and out of her, he stood by the edge of the bed where another glance of his big weapon still stood strong. He pulled his tranny whore towards him, Jess enjoyed this with her legs still parted for him, being manhandled this way was cute and she felt very fem, well as fem as can be expected on top of being fucked raw by an Italian stallion. As he got her in position he entered her again and fucked her ass from his standing pose. Jess was still on her back and now her stocking trembling legs were placed closed over one of his shoulders. She felt a run of liquid tracked from the top of her ass downwards right down and around her asspussy. She was partly worried he’d cum, but no way, not still being that hard and not even giving any sign of ejaculation. The run of liquid was simply ass sweat and pre-cum. We were both hot and wetter now, the very reason he’d changed position. No sooner can Jess feel her asspussy lips beginning to swell and jump with the smallest sensation, he enters her again. The head of his dick pushing slightly in an upwards, now towards her tummy or belly button though not that far inside. Jess’s ass slaps against his thighs repeatedly and she feels more relaxed somehow and allows him to do his thing, while she covers her boyclit with one hand and the other hand holding her right ass cheek slightly to the side, to allow clear access.

The strangers had been fucking for around 20 minutes at this point, hard and fast at it. He’s no sign of stopping either. Good thing too Jess thought, as he’s now really hitting her g-spot, making her moan louder now. Jess was worried a bit about the other guest next door hearing as she caught herself off guard from her own noises. The door connecting the two rooms is locked and she hears a guy knock on it from the other side. Whether this is to keep quiet in a subtle way or can I join, they were not certain. However, the lust for sex and this amazing new experience for this guy was overwhelming and he didn’t bother to acknowledge the other tenant’s remark, he needed his fantasy fulfilled after all.

After a few minutes, the rest bite did come as he went into the connecting toilet and washed his face. Jess had poured a glass of water for them both from the dressing table where she had done her makeup with a nice big mirror in the middle of it. She stood there, he had finished his water quite fast, Jess wanted to actually rest a little more and didn’t swallow it all too quick. Well Her mistake thinking she had a say in this matter. Her Stallion grabbed her and turned her around to face the mirror. Her water spills as he takes her, they both know what’s about to happen. He bends his hotel whore over and in a quick motion to stabilize herself her hands brush over the desk and knock over in a sweeping action all her lady things. The impatient man is in her again in moments, but softer this time, he looks at her through the mirror and asks, ‘you like cock, yes you take it like good bitch’.

That broken English accent gave her chills and excited Jess to smile at him, his hand now squeezed her bum cheeks and he moves them in a circular motion while 3 quarters of his meat is inside her ass. Then just as Jess thinks he is tired, the same thrust full forces came like he’d just walked in again, fresh as a daisy. Hard ass destroying strokes hit her ass, she was looser now and in full swing, somewhat wider and more accepting of his girth. Lots of pre-cum gushed around Jess’s hole and inside her ass. She could hear the sound of his dick thrashing her good along with his panting for breath. He was an a****l with a prize catch, Jess was out of his league in any other social situation and he knew it. Of course Jess is all too happy taking it, moaning louder and more frequent now, and this is the wall between the other guest next door, but fuck it, she deserves her man to use her now, and this is what she’d been asking for in none stop texts, a craving in her was becoming satisfied.

‘fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder! give it to me, oh yes, all of it now, yes right there. uhh yes, yes, yes, fuck that pussy’ Jess shouted to him, losing herself completely, void of her surroundings she moaned so loud in the feminist way she could.

Jess was stood legs apart looking into the mirror when he asked her to turn to look at him while he does as I instruct. This man didn’t want to even settle for a reflection of Jess’s eyes in the mirror, he wanted them directly on his, to peer into her soul. So the whore did so, she turned, they lock eyes and continue to fuck with power and egos growing. Jess knew he’d had no real care for the mess of her make-up, in fact, it may be a turn on for him, a statement that he’d been with her. Then slowly the door hand to the door that connects the rooms begins to turn downward and for a moment its reality that seems to hit Jess’s face. A few thoughts of “what if it’s not locked”, “what if he makes a complaint”, “what if what if”. Her ass tightens up very tight with this feeling of anxiousness, her man’s dick slows but still needs to be rubbing inside her. They both notice the handle moving, and almost as if in slow motion it reaches its full movement and thus comes a relief, the door is locked, and they are fine to continue their naughty session of sex.

The slowest withdrawal he’s yet made from her ass reaches its completion on exit and she knows he’s still hard, just from the amount of her asspussy rubbing and gliding along his hard long thick penetrative dick. The Italian man needs to ensure all his efforts were lasting as if to wipe all that pre-cum inside her or simply to enjoy that moment a little longer. Though he had no reason to stop, they had all night long to get through yet. He was more refreshed, she was just wondering now what position does he permit Jess to take? Well as she found out it involved being on her knees this time.

He instructed the messy fuck doll to the floor, so she sat with her feet returning under her ass cheeks as if to start worship. Well yes, she was in a way going to worship, to worship what this man had been using to give her what she needed. She was now to respect his cock with a sensual blowjob. Jess was gagging to thank him this way for that amazing session, though she was hoping not to end it all yet. Then he advances towards her with his solid wet cock and for the first time Jess get a good look at this b**sts cock, and fuck it is huge, not a monster cock or a BBC, but a thick uncut 9 inch long masterpiece of a sex stick. As expected from the slaps on her ass, the balls hung low and heavy, Her immediate thought was to lick them, feel their weight on her tongue and weigh up how long he had not ejaculated for. 1 day, 2 days, 3 days…a week maybe? It was wishful thinking from a cum hungry slut that Jess had become. Then as he took the final step to place it by her messy face, the scale of that dick’s head was larger than she could of hoped and had seen before, strong large wet shiny bellend looking at her with as much domineering presence as the guy’s eyes and stature. She looked up at him and he looked down at his whore. she was to do her best. She wanted slow and sensual but his dick was too impressive, and Jess simply couldn’t hold back the urge to suck it with passion, and to take those flavours into her lipstick smudged mouth, no wait, not just the mouth, but down into her throat too. So Jess did, she sucked so much on his dick it would have been tighter than when inside her asspussy. She wanted the full embrace of this man. He let out a moan and started to breath heavy as she was working her big lips and tongue around his bulging head and shaft. Even more, pre-cum now oozed out and she could swallow and play with it as she wished. Jess was in control now, but her eagerness was showing and she had to go deeper and deeper.

Deep throat it was then. His girth and head stretched her virgin throat but it was well oiled by now and she had taken him in. Pride brought about a smile on Jess’s face, it was going to be her mouth alone that would do the work of taming this b**st. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper she sucked. No cock had ever tasted this good, this manly, this ready. He let out a big loud moan, and she knew that, that was the sign of what was an injection of 4 full bursts of his warm thick sticky seed. She didn’t stop sucking and each batch of cum ejaculated right at the point where his dick was deepest in her skinny throat. However, on return, Jess could taste it all and tried to savour it. The feeling of his fast hard ejaculation down her throat into her tummy was the best moment of all, and the look on his face seemed to agree that it was for him as well. Jess carried on cleaning his cock up while he was in ecstasy, she showed him she had swallowed all of his man spunk. He stood Jess up and just looked at her closely as if to say she’s a guilty fed sissy. What happened next, however, was a shock. He’d taken a big grip to Jess’s throat again and another harder slap than ever to the same side of her red face. Then the most degrading thing of the night happened, this naughty stallion spat into Jess’s face and pushed her to the bed. He quickly got dressed and gathered his things leaving some money behind, he muttered something under his breath as he walked out the door.

Sat there in disgust of his last actions he was a guy who used his tranny whore, perhaps it was this stallion’s first time and when he was done he was done, no conversation to be had after 1 hr of amazing sex. Perhaps his kinks were rough with a sickening worthlessness Jess only wanted in role play. Then She suddenly recalled it, what he’d said when he left, “your beautiful” It was a little comfort but still, they had arranged to stay the full night and be more involved, though he was just there, for one thing, fucking his girl then leaving. Typical she thought. Then her hotel room door unlatched, Jess heard it open, is he back? Did he forget something?, does he want more? No, it’s the guest from next door. Jess just got caught with her pants down at her ankles sat on the edge of the bed, her makeup a mess, hair all over the place and she stunk of the smell of sex. Now there’s this tall black guy just looking at her in shock. Jess had to wonder if he was thinking the same as her, when they looked at each other in the eyes, her boyclitty responded.

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Date With Internet Friends

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I’m a married women. As u all know all women have their own secret. I also have but never got bold to write it. My friend encourages me to write this story. As I told, I’m married and my husband is very good in sex. He is an employee in company. We always have money problem. If I have to buy anything like dress, gold, purse; I have to think twice. But I was happy with my husband. He bought a new computer at home. Slowly we had internet in it.

Then when he went to office i operated. This is where I read sexy stories here. I was amaze to see the sex world. New fantasy had come up. But u all know how the Indian culture is. I never came out with my shyness. Once i logged in yahoo messenger and I started chatting. All ask my statistic. I m bit fatty women. 36 32 38. Whoever know me or seen my photo on messenger becomes my fan. Every one asks for sex and all. I feel very cheap. But new fantasy started to flow in my mind.

Here in some day I found a man with good sense of humor. He was of 42 age. He was married and has a son who is in abroad. Does nothing in life and has lots of money. He wanted to meet me just as friend, no sex nothing. I felt nice talking to him. I’m just 31 years of age. He was just like my uncle. He has a car. I asked my maid Laxmi that I has a net friend and want to meet me. She was very nice to me. She told me to meet him, no harm in it. But Laxmi told me the idea to ask for a gift in return to meet him. I find it was nice deal.
So in the next chat I asked him to meet me only if he comes with a gift. He told it’s no problem to bring any gift for me. So we set a date to meet. He would pick me at station. We will have lunch and back to station.

On that day I wore a normal saree, brown saree and a normal blouse. Nice simple makeup and bit of lipstick. My hubby never knew I will meet uncle Ravi. So it was a secret; so as decided uncle Ravi came with his car. Nice car it was. He asked to sit beside the driver seat in front, as he was driving the car. We were talking so nicely. We came to the restaurant. It was a nice big restaurant. I never saw such A grade restaurant. The food was their expensive. I saw all the public. All rich class people. Ravi uncle saw me. He said I look very Indian and need to be bold. He ask to go to wash room and rearrange the saree below naval. I was under his command type I said OK and went to wash room. I wore the saree below navel. My tummy looks out and I look quite sexier. Due to tummy, my boobs also bulge out. I tried to pallu of my saree on one side showing my cleavage a bit. I was in that environment so I thought this will suit me a lot.

I came out to the table. I was looking at Ravi uncle expression. He was just looking at me, no my boobs, no my tummy. I felt very shy. But what were these. I saw a one foreigner old man beside Ravi uncle. I went to the table. Uncle Ravi told that he is his friend from London. His name is Steve. I said hello to Steve. Steve was also seeing my asset. He said I’m very sexy. I felt blush. Slowly we started our lunch. The talks went on. When they came to know about my husband is a normal man. They started talking of big money. I was just impressed with Steve more the uncle Ravi. Then we went in car. In car there was some shopping bag in back seat. They said it was for me. I was very delighted. Steve and uncle Ravi sat on front seat and I was on the back seat. I open on bag. It had a nice top, with underarms cut and thin strips on shoulders. I said them that i don’t wear this type of wear.

They were in nice mood. They said don’t take at home, but wear here and show me. I saw the car was moving. It was lonely road that go to the fort are. In noon time no one go to fort. I felt shy but as they insisted more I said OK. They both said they will not look back and I can change. I believe in uncle Ravi but Steve was also nice guy. So i told OK. I dropped the pallu of my saree and saw. They were not looking back. Then i slowly removed the hook of my blouse. The hooks were at behind. So I had to reach there. I manage that and removed the blouse. At that time Steve said that don’t wear bra. It will look bad in top. He was right. Even uncle Ravi encourages me to remove the bra. I felt shy. But I have to remove. I quickly wore the top. I asked them to look behind. They said I look very nice. Steve was just admiring the beauty. Uncle Ravi stopped the car in jungle near the fort. He asked me to raise the hand.
When I raised my underarms was exposed. I had little big hairs there. Steve said he never seen any women with such under arms hairs. He wanted to touch. Uncle Ravi told to touch. But I never permitted how uncle Ravi permitted him to touch as I was thinking these Steve touched the hairs under arm. I felt tickling. I laughed.

These gave them wrong signal that I enjoyed. Steve pulled some hairs between his fingers. I moan. I was getting turn on. They asked to come out of the car. But i was in half saree. Steve told me to remove saree and be in petticoat. He just stood behind me. I somehow agreed to these and came out of the car. Steve said I look very hot lady in petticoat and sexy top. I saw uncle Ravi taking some pictures of it. Then from behind Steve came and asked about the string on petticoat. I said its petticoat string. In the mean while purposely he pulled it out so hard that one minute the petticoat was down. I was in my white panty. They all were laughing. I felt shy. I tried to cover my big thighs with hands. But there were laughing on my panty. It was old fashion Indian type panty. Uncle Ravi told me to not worry and took the snap. In the mean while Steve from behind was tacking something on my bare back. It was his lund. He removed his pant half way and was tacking my bare back with his lund. I tried seeing his lund. It was just like we saw on net. Pure white big lund. I never saw this big in my life. He asked me how I like it. He took my hand and put on his lund and rubbed it. Again from behind uncle Ravi came and started pressing my boobs from the top.

Uncle Ravi told me in ears to suck Steve lund. I hardly take lund in mouth of my hubby. But these were something special lund. Uncle Ravi saw i m not bending down so he put his hand in my panty and from behind started groping my ass. I felt hard to stand with this action. I bend down. And his lund hit my face; on my eye. I could smell the lund. It smelled very nice. Steve guided his lund in my mouth. Uncle Ravi was asking me to suck. I have to suck it. I was in really turned on.

Uncle Ravi told me that he knew I was a randi type lady. Just need to start properly and I become a sex starve girl. I need hard sex and they will give me that today. I really should have felt hearing this but i felt encouraged with these words. He said Steve to fuck my face more aggressively. Steve took hold of my head and was pushing his lund right into my mouth till end of my throat. Uncle Ravi tried removing my panty from down. He just pulled it down and removed the panty. He showed it to Steve and they had a smile. Here I was busy sucking Steve cock. Ravi uncle then lied down on the grass and started rubbing his tongue on my chut. Let me tell u it was a wonderful feeling. My hubby hardly does it. He says real men never suck the chut. But here two real man were pleasing me like i m in heaven. My chut became wet soon. I was cumming in uncle Ravi mouth. Steve also reached climax and put his semen over my face.

Uncle Ravi said that I’m a randi and all randi lady looks how I look; all semen on my face. Then Steve made me bend and went behind. I knew it will be from behind. My hubby was simple in sex but these people were fast and furious. They change the position very fast. Uncle Ravi pulled my top and put his old lund in my mouth. My mouth was already wet with Steve semen. But i took Ravi uncle lund too. I love it. Here Steve was stroking my chut from behind and hitting my ass. Ass got red fast. My boobs were with all the stroke Steve was giving me. Uncle Ravi was squeezing my boobs hard. In 5 minutes I came hard. Now it was again time to change the positions. They put me on bonnate of car and uncle Ravi started fucking my chut in missionary position. Steve was taking rest and was playing with my boobs. The heat was very much. I was sweating more. He said I’m perfect housewife and very nice randi.

Uncle Ravi also filled my chut with his semen. I was fucked so much that I was not able to walk. Steve made me stand. Now he lifted me like a baby. He positions me on his lund and put his lund right in my cut. Now he carried me in air up and down. I was swinging in air. He was making me up and down with his strong arm. The old man had lot of stamina. I was bouncing in his arm. Uncle Ravi liked all these; he was clicking the photo of me. Later he was hitting my ass too. My ass was burring red. They said me to dress up fast. I got up wearing my panty. By the time I went for my petticoat, Steve came and took the petticoat blouse and saree and put it in one corner. He pees on it. Seeing that uncle Ravi also went and did toilet on it. They said wear the top and jeans they brought or wear such dirty clothes.
I cannot wear top and jeans. All people in my area will look at me. Even if my hubby had come he will ask me where I had gone with these outfits. What to do I was thinking. Steve and uncle Ravi were asking me to do fast. I took that dirty toilet clothes and wore it. It smells so terrible. They made me sit on back seat and open all the window of car because it smells dirty. I was felling so embarrassed. Uncle Ravi first dropped Steve on the way. While getting down Steve gave me 2000/- rupees to take whatever I want. I asked uncle Ravi to drop me near my place instead of the station. While I got down he gave me more 1000/- rupees to make up myself. He told he will keep the photo with himself only and will not show to anyone. I hope this time what he promised was true.

As I went inside my house, my hubby has not come from office, but my maid Laxmi was in. She asked me how the date was. But after smelling my clothes, she knew I had been a rand for today. She made me bath nicely. My husband came by that time. He saw I was not able to walk properly, he asked for it. But Laxmi told I slipped in bathroom today. She was there telling lie for me. In night husband slept early but whole night I was thinking about uncle Ravi and Steve. They fucked me like a rand and paid me my price.

Next day after husband went office I started my net, chatting on net. Uncle Ravi met me in chatting. He was telling that Steve had a plan now in a hotel room. Will u come? He will give u nice gift like last time. Guys what should I do. Shall I go or not. Please tell me your comments about story

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Friend or Mistress??

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I was never very good at talking to girls, especially pretty ones I was interested in, when I was young. I think it had something to do with the constant bullying I took throughout highschool. I was an easy target being a skinny (105lbs when I graduated), scrawny (could barely bench 80lbs), with long blonde hair (at the time, I thought it was cool…but looking back it was terrible and I was constantly mistaken for a girl), and I had pastey white skin. What made it worse was that I hadn’t a single hair on my body at age 19. I looked much younger than I actually was. I had only one friend from school…Tina. We both grew up in the same trailer park and if it wasn’t for her, I’m not sure I would of survived highschool. It took me till I was 19 to finally confess my feelings to Tina. What I didn’t know was, that she had known for years and our relationship was about to change.

Tina was one of those girls who “matured” quickly. She was the first girl in school that had to wear a bra. I can’t tell you how many times I thought of her breasts as I masturbated. She always wore low cut shirts and wasn’t afraid to show off cleavage. Tina was a thick curvy girl. She was about as wide as she was tall 5’4″ to be exact. Tina always had long brown hair she wore in ponytails. She was very loud compared to me being so quiet. She had a mouth on her and I wished I could speak my mind like she did. Tina dated lots of guys but she always would let me hang out with her. It killed me when she’d tell her boyfriend’s that I was like a “brother” to her and when she told me of her sexual exploits. I would imagine myself in them while masturbating all the time.

Fast forward to the summer after my freshman year at college. I had been away from the small town I had grown up in. My complexion had cleared and I was finally confident to tell Tina how I felt about her. I was excited to see her and catch up. But I was sidelined, Tina had gotten engaged! Tina had stayed back in our home town while I left the state to attend college. We had talked on the phone to each other for the first month but I stopped calling her back after making friends and meeting a girl. Tina didn’t take the news well and her attitude changed towards me which left me confused. Still, Tina haunted my mind… I found myself masturbating while thinking about her. I couldn’t stop myself. It led to the dissolution of my first relationship with a girl. I decided I had to tell Tina how I felt!

I had been back for two days when I heard about Tina’s engagement. I was initially shocked but decided I had to tell her. Instead of calling, I drove out to the house she was living at with her fiance. I knew the guy she was engaged to and also knew he wasn’t going to be home since he worked the second shift at a manufacturing plant. I pulled up and there Tina was. She was mowing the grass on a riding mower. Tina had on shorts and bikini top. She had gained weight but still looked sexy to me. She saw my car and waved me over to the barn. I got out and before I said a word Tina asked “Where’s your girlfriend?” In a mocking tone. She had derailed the speech I had been planning in my head for weeks in just a few seconds. I stammered out a sad story of how she left me for someone else. Tina smirked, almost broke out laughing. Her body was covered in sweat, her long brown hair was caked to her body, I found myself staring at her tan chest, and the tanlines from her bikini showing off small bits of pale skin. I felt my penis harden in my shorts. Tina knew I was staring. She shook her head. Smiled and walked up to me and hugged me tight. Her sweaty body pressed up against me. My cock swelled. She looked up at me with her dark brown eyes. “Want to fuck?”

I nearly fell over. My legs got weak. My hearbeat was racing. I couldn’t respond. Tina broke out laughing. “I figured you came here to get laid. You’re still a virgin, right??” I awoke to reality. Tina was just teasing….or was she? I figured she probably was as she walked away up to the house. I followed instinctively behind looking at her hips move and ass shook as she strutted ahead of me. I finally spoke confessing that I was no longer a virgin. Tina turned around, “Well, good for you.” She gave a golf clap. I felt embarrassed and my cheeks went flush. I’m sure she thought it was with my ex girlfriend but she couldn’t of been more wrong in that moment. I got angry with myself and how Tina was mocking me. I considered leaving for a brief second. My anger fueled me to catch up to Tina just before she opened her screen door. I grabbed her arm, turned her around and said “I have been afraid to tell you this but not anymore”, my whole body got a warm sensation,” I have strong feelings for you!” Tina wasn’t even surprised! She smiled and said “I always knew” She jerked free of my grip and headed inside. “Want something to drink?”

I followed in quietly into the kitchen. She got two glasses out and filled them with water from the sink. Tina handed me one. As I drank, “I always knew you had a crush on me and I had hoped you would of done something about it”, she sat down in a chair by the kitchen table. “But you never did anything, I assumed you were gay!” A thought ran in my mind… I wanted to rip my clothes off and take her there on the kitchen table…. I got lost in that thought for a few seconds. Tina cleared her throat”Hello!?!” I then confessed about me masturbating while looking at pictures of her and thinking about her. I opened up about the sex she had with her previous boyfriends and how I wished it had been me. I could help but stare at her enormous breasts in that bikini top. I was so hard and I knew she could see the buldge sticking out towards her in my shorts. Then Tina took a long drink, slamming the glass on the table. She leaned back, stretched her arms behind her head, stuck out her chest and stomach, spread her legs apart and in a surprisingly cold tone ” well, let’s see you masturbate.”

I’m unsure if it was the challenge or my willingness to be naked in front of her. I took my shirt off, unzipped my shorts and pulled them down around my ankles. I started to rub myself in Tina’s kitchen but she raised a hand to stop me. My tiny thick cut cock bounced up and down pointing directly at her. Tina stood up and walked up to me. She put a hand on it and softly closed her hand around it. I shivered at her touch. I couldn’t be she held my rod in her hands. The thought passed quickly as she tightened her grip and jerked hard on me. I’m sure the painfully confused look was met with Tina’s intense look. “Follow me!” She held my cock firmly, turning me around and up the stairs. She let my throbbing cock go. Tina looked into my longing eyes. She untied her bikini top and unveiled the most magnificent tits I’ve ever seen. Small pale triangular shapes surrounded her puffy erect nipples. Her breasts fell down to round belly. She slipped out of her shorts and panties to reveal her completely bare pussy. Tina came over and rubbed my body. “I like no body hair” She pressed her fleshy body up against mine. Her sweaty body melted me. I felt weak and warm. She walked behind me and pressed her breasts up against my backside. She reached around and began jerking me off in front of a large mirror. She stared at me from behind as I reached back for her. Tina stare was dark and she got this evil grin on her face as she touched me. “I bet you like from behind.” Just the way she said it made my whole body shiver. “I imagined that tight little ass of your filled with cock” Tina slyly spoke into my ear. Just then she shoved a finger up into my ass. I jumped, then my body jerked as cum squirted out onto the mirror. A mixture of emotions flooded me , I was angry for cumming already, I was mad at how weak I felt in this moment, I felt relief that she somehow knew about my virginity lost to a 37year old man I barely knew, I felt extacy as the cum was extracted by her second finger now jammed up inside me continuing to finger fuck me. The cum had escaped through me tip and now drained out over Tina’s hand. She continued to work in a third finger up inside me from behind. I fell forward and struggled to stand against the dresser in front of the mirror. Tina looked pleased by my weakness. She pulled her fingers out and released my cock from her talons. I didn’t realize how hard she was gripping me. A strong wave of pain crippled me and I fell down to me knees. Tina walked over to a closet and disappeared into it. “Get on the bed!” Tina ordered.

I collapsed onto the bed. Tina commanded that I lean over the bed and face the mirror. She walked out wearing a strap on. It was a large long black cock. She was rubbing lube on it. “I want you to watch me fuck your brains out!” Tina wasn’t smiling any more. “I’m going to give it to you just like I do to my fiance.” I reached forward on the bed gripped the mattress as tight as I could. Tina kicked apart my legs. She pried my cheeks apart and pulled my hole apart. She spit down into me. I was grossed out by it amazingly. Instead it was a curiosity of what was about to happen next is what kept me doing what Tina told me to do. She thrusted the thick rubbery cylindrical shaft into my backside. My legs quivered and shook as she drilled deeper into me. I felt like it was traveling up my throat the deeper she pressed. “Say his name!” Tina shouted. I called out “Mike! Mike!” Tina pounded deeper. I felt my hole being enlongated . My stomach began to extend outward from the penetration. The curiosity sensation became one of pain. I no longer wanted any more. Tina began panting, shouted out “You’re mine you gay bitch!” My head was bobbing up and down my neck ached along with my entire body. Tina dove in as deep as she could burying her strap on completely inside me. I began to cry out “I’m done! No more! Please stop!” My one leg curls up and was shaking badly. It was cramping up. I tried to pull away but Tina’s weight pinned me down as she wiggled a little deeper. Her sweaty body was matched by mine. I bit down on the covers and screamed as loud as I could into them. “If you want it out, push it!” Tina unharnessed the device and pressed down on my cheeks as she spread them. I pushed hard. I made juicy fart noises as is finally slid slowly out of me. With a loud gasp I pushed it all the way out. It hit the floor with a loud thud. I pulled myself up on the bed into a ball position. Tina sat next to me and ran her fingers through my sweaty hair. I looked up at her curvy body into her eyes. She smiled and seemed like she wanted to say something but held back. Tina let me recover for a few minutes longer before rolling me onto my back. She moved her thick thighs around my head and forced me to lick her as she tortured me with suffocation. I almost blacked out two times as I performed oral. Three hours later I was sent home with further instructions…

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