First Meeting Ch. 02

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*all references to characters, locations and events are fictional. Any similarities between this story and real life are purely coincidental*

With my mouth and tongue occupied with your dripping cock, my mind begins to take in the details of my predicament. Here I am on my knees in front of you, my lips spread into a large O by the ring gag fastened around my neck. I am distinctly aware of the carpet under my stocking-encased knees and the toes of my high-heeled shoes in the floor under my round butt. The chastity cage around my swollen cock has been tight since you arrived and I can almost feel the wetness as it drips from the end. My wrists have finally become accustomed to the cold steel of the hand cuffs. The air is cool on the lube still coating my hole, recently opened by the rough fucking I received and still framed by the black open crotch panties which contrast with the rosy pink of my cheeks from the spanking. The boning in my leather corset is beginning to poke in places, reminding me of my place as your slut. My wig has begun to stick somewhat to my forehead and the collar around my neck has faded to almost an afterthought.

The mental explorations come to a close suddenly when I feel your cock shifting in my mouth from you settling in deeper to the recliner, using the remote to click between the channels on my television. News channels, sporting events, cable movies, all flash by behind me as my view of your cock in my mouth never changes.

“Yes indeed slut, the start of a beautiful weekend. Are you enjoying yourself?” you ask, looking down at me between your legs. I look back up at you, nodding my head as best I can with my mouth occupied.

“Hahaha! Hard to answer isn’t it bitch? Well you’ll get used to it,” you inform me with a wink and I can feel a deep blush pervade my cheeks at the attention. The minutes begin to tick by one after another until I’ve lost track of time, the only sounds marking the silence those of the changing channels and your occasional moans when I perform particularly well. I find myself trying to illicit deeper and longer moans from you, doing my best to please you. My reward is your precum coating my tongue, allowing me to taste you in my mouth.

“You are growing quite talented at this, slut. I wonder how long your training will last until you become the consummate professional. We’ll have to wait and see at another time,” you say, pulling your cock out from the middle of the gag and freeing my mouth. Grabbing my chin and looking down into my open mouth, I see a most wicked smile cross your face.

“Yes this mouth will become most talented indeed! For now however there’s nothing worth watching on TV so you’ll have to provide an alternative.”

Rising up from the chair and standing over me you reach down to the buckle at the back of my neck.

“Now I’m going to take this gag off and give your jaw some time to relax. But while it’s off you are not to say a single word, understand? Nodding or shaking that pretty little head will have to do. Got it?”

I nod my head up and down to indicate my understanding and I’m rewarded with the release of my mouth from the strict confines of the ring gag. Stretching my jaw I’m careful escort izmit not to utter any noise of relief. Looking up at you I can see a satisfied smile on your face and I blush once again from the attention and my own pride in myself for pleasing you.

“Feel better, slut? Well don’t get too comfortable. We’re going to play a little game. It doesn’t have a name, at least not one that I’ve come up with yet but I think you’ll enjoy it.”

“Rule number 1: no peeking!” I’m informed as you move to the table, taking up the blindfold and adjusting it around my head. My world goes dark and I can feel my other senses begin to heighten. Suddenly I feel your heavy cock smack into my right cheek, making me jump with surprise.

“Hahaha! Just checking slut. Rule number 2: this is a hands on game so these cuffs won’t be needed.”

My wrists are released from the handcuffs, allowing full movement once again of my arms. I bring my hands around in front of me, rubbing the red spot where the cuffs were sitting. With the circulation returning I place my hands on my thighs to either side of my cage.

“And finally rule number 3: you will use anything I give you to use in whatever way you think will please me to watch. Do you understand the rules, slut?” Remembering your instructions to keep quiet I nod my head up and down to indicate my consent.

“Good. First, I’m sure you’re getting a little cold so lay back and use those hands to warm up.”

I nod my head in understanding as I slowly lay myself back on the carpet and begin to run my hands over my body. Starting with my neck and slowly rubbing down over the corset my hands explore under the leather, pinching my sensitive nipples as I go. Moving down my smooth torso, my hands frame my chastity cage and make slow circles around my trapped cock. Raising one leg in the air, I run my fingers down my thigh and calf before massaging back up my legs. Repeating the process with the other leg, I soon have both legs in the air. Slowly spreading my legs I run my hands down the inside of my thigh, up my body and back to my neck and shoulders. My hands continue to explore my body when I feel a slight bump from an object landing on the floor next to me.

“Reach out to your right, slut. Take it and use it.”

I reach out my right hand and feel my butt plug next to me. I realize it’s the same butt plug that I had mistakenly worn to meet you at the door, the same one that had been harshly yanked out of my hole upon sight of my mistake. Taking up the plug I quickly raise my knees up to my chest and put the tip to my hole which is now on prominent display. Working the tip inside I push the plug in deeper before removing it back to the tip. Repeating the process I soon have the major bulk of the plug poised just outside the rim before popping it through with a quick push. The plug’s crown quickly thrusts against the insides of my ass as my hole closes around it, bringing a flush to my cheeks at the sudden feeling of fullness. As the plug finds its seat in my hole my hands begin their roam over my body again, becoming more sensual and insistent as the plug heightens my own state of arousal. My hands are interrupted when a small metallic chain lands on my izmit escort chest.

“I’m assuming you know what to do with those.”

Without seeing I reach down and take the chain off my abs, feeling the two clamps on either side. Reaching for the corset on my chest, I slowly unsnap the top hooks and free enough room to work both hands under the leather. My ministrations quickly have my sensitive nipples hard and I bite my bottom lip to keep from moaning at the pleasure. With one hand holding my right nipple away from my body I slowly let a clamp bite into the tender flesh. As the rubber coated teeth go to work, my back is arched and my breathing quickens. After a few minutes of adjusting to the new sensation I take up the clamp attached to the other end of the chain. Opening the jaws, I hold my left nipple out and let the clamp snap shut. A few minutes more and my hands are once again roaming my body with a noticeably quicker pace, pausing occasionally to tap the end of the plug in my ass or tug on the chain between the clamps. Before long I hear a very noticeable thump from beside me.

“Let’s see how you do with that one, bitch. Make me proud.”

Reaching out, my hand wraps around one of my toys and from the touch I recognize it as the pink vibrator. It’s not my longest toy but it’s one of the fattest and I can feel my face blush at the thought of my ass soon being wrapped around it as you watch. On an impulse I bring the vibrator to my lips, pushing it into my mouth and licking around the tip. From your brief chuckle I can tell you are pleased and I work harder to suck the tip of the vibrator. After a few minutes I find myself more turned on from the performance, my hips slowly thrusting into the open air and my ass squeezing down on the plug. As I use one hand to hold the dildo to my lips, the other hand begins its journey down the length of my body before finding its way between my cheeks to the base of the plug. Slowly pulling it out, the plug stretches open my hole before being released. Laying it to the side, both hands are soon busy with the fat dildo as I bring it down to my waiting and eager ass.

Pushing the tip of the pink vibrator into my boi cunt, I can feel my hole open around it. As the head slowly pops in, my mouth opens into a silent O and I hold the vibrator still to give my ass time to adjust. After a few minutes the toy is slowly pulled from my pussy before I push it back in farther this time. Repeating this slow fucking I am giving myself, I pull the vibrator out and push it back in deeper each time before finally the round base is snug against my hole. The feeling of being filled returns as I lay my head back onto the carpet and begin breathing deeply, enjoying the sensation of being stuffed.

Soon the urge for more overtakes me as I pull the dildo out of my ass until just the tip is remaining. With a quick thrust, I plunge the dildo back into my boi pussy until it’s once again seated deeply. Arching my back in pleasure, I begin a slow rhythmic fucking of my ass. As my legs grow tired I slowly roll myself over onto my side, keeping the dildo deep in my cunt. With one leg bent higher and resting on the carpet, I reach behind my bubble butt izmit kendi evi olan escort and once again begin fucking myself with the fat vibe. As the tempo begins to grow faster and faster I am soon pulling the chain between my nipple clamps with my free hand. The toy is reaching deep inside my ass and the constant pressure is creating an almost constant stream of wetness from inside my cage. The pounding I am giving myself continues at a frantic pace, the base of the dildo almost continuously smacking against my cheeks. I am soon breathing heavy as my pace begins to slow and the hard fucking is replaced with a deep grinding of the toy into my boi hole. Attempting to push the dildo in deeper I am moving it around in circles, further stretching my ass. As my almost feverish pounding of my butt comes to an end, I slowly start to withdraw the dildo until the tip itself breaks free. Feeling my ass gaping open to your sight, the vibrator is replaced by the plug from the floor which I firmly seat back into my hole.

Lying back on the floor to catch my breath I reach up and gingerly remove the clamps from my nipples, a sudden intake of breath all that belies the pain present from the blood rushing back to my tender nubs. Putting the chain and clamps to the side and using my fingers to work on my nipples, I feel you stand up and walk over to me. I blink in the light as you remove my blindfold.

“Very good show, slut. I am very proud of you! In fact I think you’ve earned a treat. Let’s get you dressed and head out.”

I slowly nod my head as I stand up on legs still shaking from the strain of my self-pleasuring. Walking on the heels I follow you as you walk into my bedroom. Indicating for me to sit on the bed you walk into my closet and return with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

“Stand up and take off those heels and that corset” you instruct me, tossing the clothes in your hands onto the bed. I bend over and remove the heels from my feet, giving you an open shot at my plugged backside and pink cheeks. Standing back up and unhooking the corset I lay it on the bed in a neat pile. Coming over to stand in front of me you remove the wig from my head, then reach down and unsnap the collar from around my neck.

“You’ve been good so far slut, so I won’t make you wear the collar around your neck when we go out. But remember that you’re MY bitch and will do what I say, understand?”

I nod my head in agreement as I look down to the ground.

“Plus I’m sure that this will keep you line, won’t it?” you ask as you reach out and take a firm grasp on my cock cage. I nod my head more emphatically this time.

“That’s good slut, because I would hate for something to happen to the key” you tease, laughing when my eyes go wide.

“Now get dressed so we can go out!” you order. Picking up the jeans I pull them on over my stockings and crotchless panties. They are a tight fit and do a commendable job of holding my cage in check and the plug in my ass. I put on the t-shirt then take the sneakers that you’re holding, put them on my feet and lace them up. Standing back up and looking at myself in the mirror I see the appearance of my normal self, something I definitely do not feel like as you reach out and give the plug in my ass a firm tap through my jeans.

“Alright, time to go” you announce as you grab the keys and hand me a jacket before leading me to the door and out into the night, leaving me to wonder where we’re going.

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Agnus’s Reawakening Ch. 01

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Hello my name is John and I am 46 years old. I have been working in the oil business for about 26 years now. I really enjoy being a roughneck and running the drilling rig.

I never had any desire to go into the upper management. I Don’t care much for wearing suits anyway, I would not know what to do with myself if I could not be in the trenches getting my hands dirty.

I have always made a good living for my family. I put my kids through college and they are off doing there thing now. My wife decided to give me divorce for my birthday little over 6 years ago. She never really like my job due to the long periods of time I had to be away from home. We grew apart in many ways and wanted different things.

I am 6’3″ and 290 lbs, I have green eyes and brown hair. I wear a goatee, never much liked wearing a full beard, always found them to be real itchy. I grew up in a single parent house with my sister. Our father died in a car accident when we were very young.

Mother had many friends and I was always surrounded by older women. Sneaking peeks down their shirts and grazing their breast and butts when they hugged me was one of my favorite past times growing up. I guess that is where my desire and admiration for older women came from.

Mom worked hard to support us and did very well if you ask me. My sister is older than me by 3 years and married some pencil pusher and now lives in Washington state. He makes her happy so I guess that is all that matters.

After my wife left I sold the house and with my part of the proceeds I bought a two bedroom condo on the lake. I love to fish and when I am off, that is where you will find me in the boat with my buddies.

My mom lives in the same house that we were raised in. She has taken good care of it, but she is now pushing 80 years old and is not able to do as much. I help as much as I can when I am home. But here lately we have not been able to keep up.

My last trip home we talked about her selling the place and getting her a condo in a retirement community. Mom agreed it would be best and so she put the house on the market and started looking around at the retirement complexes in our area.

To make a long story short, Mom ended up selling her house quickly and had to use my condo until she could get her new place bought. Mom stayed with me for about a month. It did not take long for her to find a place she liked. I was out on the rig when she moved in to her new place.

I have always been attracted to women that were older than me. But lately, I am finding myself attracted to ladies that are much older, like 20+ years older. I find myself fantasizing about them more and more when I masterbated. When I walk through a store I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have sex with the older ladies I see.

I have not been a real ladies man and tend to be more on the shy side until I get to know you. I guess my reluctance to pursuing older women was due to the lack of knowledge on how to approach them and not insult them.

When I finished my shift and got back home. I headed over to see mom’s new place to visit with her. I pulled into the community that it is very nice and well maintained. Everyone seems friendly, they smile and wave as you go by.

I make it to her building and as I am walking down the sidewalk a lady in front of me drops a bag of groceries. I stopped, picked them up for her and offered to carry them to her house.

“Why thank you, that is mighty kind of you young man, but I hate to trouble you.”

“No ma’am, it is no trouble at all, its my pleasure.” I followed her to her house and she had me place the groceries onto the kitchen table.

“She extended her hand and said I am Agnus Green”

I took her hand in mine, it looked so small but she had a firm grip.

“I am John Masters it is a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Green.’

“Oh nonsense it is Ms. and you can call me Agnus.”

Agnus stood about 5’2″ and had silver hair that is shoulder length. She had it pulled into a little ponytail that was very cute as it bounced freely when she walked. Her breast are small but proportional to her size. Agnus has light blue eyes and is thin but not bony. She is a cute little lady that just seemed to be full life and energy.

“My you have some very strong hands. What kind of work do you do?”

“I am a roughneck foreman on a oil rig.”

“Oh your mom just move into 801 in the next building over. She has told us all about you. It is a true pleasure to meet you John.Agnus feels my arms and chest and says you are a big man and feel so strong. Please forgive this old woman I get carried away with strong handsome men like yourself.

I feel my face get warm, as I smiled. I don’t know where it came from, but I just blurted out, “You’re not old, you’re mature like a fine wine that is just the right vintage.”

“Oh be still my heart, such flattery will get everywhere,” as she winked.

We laughed and I shrugged it off to as her being silly. “Well I guess I need to be getting over to moms place. Is izmit rus escort there anything you need before I head out?”

“Would you be a dear and hand me that sugar bowl on the second shelf.”

I walk up to the cabinet and waited a moment for her to move but she just motioned and pointed to bowel. I had to stand next to her to reach over. While I leaned in and picked the bowl up she sort of steps back, like she lost her balance, turns and her hand landed on my crotch.

Oh my she exclaimed!” but did not move her hand. I was frozen in place for what seemed like an eternity, but I know was just a few seconds. Her hand still squarely placed on my cock she gave it a little squeeze and ran her hand down the length. I could feel my cock twitch and begin to inflate.

“Agnus lets go and looks up at me and says, I am sorry,I was reaching back to steady myself.”

“No harm done, I said with a half cocked smile. Thinking to myself how good it felt to be touched,wishing she had kept her hand there longer. It has been too long since I had felt the touch of a woman.

“Thank you for indulging a foolish old woman. John are welcome to come by any time.”

We shook hands and I left Angus’s house and made my way down to my mother’s. I knock on the door. The door opens and my mother standing there smiling.

“I am so glad to see you. Come in let me show you around the new place.”

Mom seemed very excited. I have not seen her that way in quite some time.

“So mom you how do you like the new place?”

“Oh I love it, the people here are really nice. They have a community clubhouse were all kinds of activities are held. Not to mention that I only have to worry about keeping my house clean. They do everything else.

“Mom the place looks great, sorry I could not be here to help get you moved in.”

“Don’t don’t worry about it John, I had plenty of help and everything got done. I know you would have been here if you could have.”

“I met one of your neighbors this morning as I was walking up to your building, a Ms. Agnus Green.”

“Oh yes she called just before you got here and said you were quite the gentleman and help her with her groceries.

I think she was more excited about your visit than I was, if that is possible. What happened over there?”

“She dropped her groceries and I picked them up and carried them to her house for her. She asked me get a sugar bowl down for her.”

“She said y’all had your hands full for a while there.”

“I smiled and shook my head. I just helped her out, that’s all.” Not wanting to tell her about Agnus grabbing my cock.

She said to tell you, “To come by any time, you were a delightful young man.”

I laughed, “I am not so young any more. Starting to feel my age these days.”

“Compared to us you are still a young man.”

“I guess so mom.”

We visited for the rest of the morning and I took her out for lunch. I helped her with some odds and ends around her new house until about 5pm . I decided to head on home, we hugged and kissed good bye and I made my way back to my truck.

As I passed Angus’s house, she was in the window and waved for me to come over. I stop and nodded and as she left the window I shook my head and wondered if she had been in the window all this time waiting on me to leave. I convinced myself that it had to be a coincidence.

Lets go see what this feisty old lady needs I thought to myself as I made my way to the door. I knocked on the door and it open before I can finish pulling my hand back.

“Hello John come on in.”

“Hello Agnus,” as I walk into her house she is holding a plate of chocolate chip cookies handing them to me.

“I made these for you, as a thank you for helping me out this morning.”

“That was not necessary, you did not need to trouble yourself for me. I was glad I could help out.”

“It was no trouble at all. Come have a seat next to me and lets talk, unless you have someplace or someone to get to,” she said with curiosity in her voice.

“No ma’am I have no place to run off to and no one waiting at home,” I said with a grin on my face. I was wondering If I was reading the situation right.

I felt she was fishing for information and flirting with me. Well lets just see what happens, most likely nothing., but one can hope.

She smiled, “Good then we can have a nice chat as she patted the seat next to her.”

I sit down on the couch next to her and she ask about me and my work. I found out she came to the community 5 years ago after her husband had lost a 10 year battle with cancer.

She has 2 kids that live in the area a son and a daughter, and a few grand kids. Here son is a little younger than me her daughter just turned 55.

“Your mom told me about your wife that ran off with some younger guy! That must have been hard,” she said with concern in her voice.

“Oh did she, my mom has never been known to hold her thoughts and opinions back. Yes she did leave and is with a younger guy, but we had been izmit escort growing apart for a long time. We parted as friends and I wish her the best.

“That is nice John so many times divorce can end up really nasty, it is truly rare for people to part on good terms these days.”

“How long you been divorced now? “

“It has been a little over 6 years.”

“You dont have a girlfriend?” she says raising an eyebrow.

“No my job keeps me away for long periods of time and most women can’t deal with being alone. Guess I have not met the right one yet that can handle my schedule. I have not dated anyone in over a year.

“Shame on them, they are missing out on a real fine catch. If were 30 years younger I would chase after you myself.”

“I would not run fast at all,” smiling at her.

We chatted for several hours and she fixed us a sandwich for dinner. Agnus is a charming lady and is very flirtatious. I found out that she turned 78 last week. I wished her a belated happy birthday and hoped she had gotten all she wanted.

Laughing she said, “No, but the night is still young,” and patted my knee as she got up to take our plates to the kitchen.

“I told her to be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

Agnus laughed and looked back over her shoulder and said, “If only! Would you like a beer?”

“I said sure if you will join me. I make it a point never to drink alone.”

“Absolutely, two beers coming right up.”

We sipped our drinks and continued to chat about this and that. Agnus got us another drink when we hit the bottom of the first. I could tell she was trying to get me to loosen up.

“Easy now I still have to drive home, are you trying to get me drunk are you,” I said teasing her.

She laughed and said as she sat down next to me and handed me a beer, “You’re a big boy you can handle a couple of beers,” as she patted my leg at about mid thigh leaving her hand in place as she took a drink from her beer.

I said,”I can handle that and anything else you can throw at me.”

She raised an eyebrow, smiled and lightly squeezed the inside of my thigh, dragging her hand back an inch or two.

Her hand is resting very close to the head of my cock, causing it to twitch and come to life. I am every bit of 7 inches if not closer to 8 and I get very hard. My jeans keep it well contained but shows the profile off very nicely. I know she can see the growing bulge in my pants.

It has been over a year since I had been with a woman and I was really feeling it now. Our little game of cat and mouse with innuendos is getting to me. I don’t know if it is the beer or hormones or a combination of the two, but I am ready to throw caution to the wind and go for it.

“So Agnus,” as I place my hand on her thigh inches away from her crotch and lightly squeeze, “Tell me when was the last time you felt a man’s touch?” I could feel her warmth radiating from her crotch.

Drawing in a deep breath she says, “If I am not mistaken I feel one touching me now,” she giggled squeezing my thigh.

“That is true, you got me there. But when did you have one of these last?”

I lifted her hand and placed it on my cock. Her face turned red and her hand instinctively squeezed my cock. She sat there looking at her hand holding onto me through my pants for the longest moment.

Just when I thought I may have crossed the line with her, she turn and look at me and said, “It has been almost 20 years since I have enjoyed the pleasure of a man. I don’t ever recall feeling one as nice as you,” as she squeezed my cock.

“Well do you think you are up to enjoying one tonight?” As I place my hand on top of hers.

“I really shouldn’t you should be with a younger woman not some dried up old lady.”

“I said nonsense, I really do prefer older women like yourself, I find you very attractive and you are getting a rise out of me as I flex my cock in her hand. I lightly squeeze her hand , making her feel my hardness twitch

“Really, I would never have thought a good looking young man would be interested in an older woman. I would very much enjoy the feel of a man inside and out, ” she said with lust in her eyes.

“Well let the journey begin,” as I slide my hand back until I reach her crotch feeling her heat on my fingers.

“Oh my John (jumping a little) you don’t waste any time do you?” Letting a soft moan escape from her lips. She squeezes my hardon and slowly moves her hand back and forth.

“I cant believe this is really happening. I can’t wait to see this wonderful thing you have here,” giving another firm squeeze to my raging hard on.

“Wait no longer,” I stand up, take her by the hand and lead her to her room. We stop just inside of her room and I reach for the buttons on her blouse and she reaches for my belt . By the time I get the last button done, she is unzipping my jeans.

Angus’s mind is racing, She has not felt like this for so long now. She feels like a schoolgirl messing around in her parents house, nervous and excited all at kocaeli escort once. God he is so much younger and so good looking. I can’t believe he wants this old body.

I lean in and tell her I really want to taste her and hopes she doesn’t mind.

“Oh god John, I would like that very much,” she said in a raspy voice.

Her eyes drop down and become fixated on my crotch as she is tried to get my pants off. I help her out and push my jeans down and step out of them.

She puts her small fingers into my waistband and pushes my boxers down quickly making cock spring back up in front of her face almost striking her nose. Agnus wraps her hands around me taking all the details of cock. Tracing the veins and feeling my leaking head

She says, “It is bigger than I imagined it would be when she told us about it.”

I spoke up,”What did you hear and from whom?”

“You know old women like to talk about things.”

“So ya’ll sit around talking about my penis.”

Still stroking my cock she says, “Not just yours, we talk about all the ones we seen and or had. Your mom has told us about what a big boy you were.

Shocked, “I can’t believe my mother talked to you and others about me like that.” Now thinking back I remember a morning when mom was at the condo when she walked in on me as I got out of the shower. I thought nothing of it at the time.

“Don’t worry, she captivated the attention of all the women around here when she described it. I admit I was very interested in seeing it. Lucky for me I dropped my groceries,” she said winking. Relax there is nothing to worry about, we are both going to get what we want.”

“You rival any man we know in this department,” as she wiggled my cock. “Besides when they hear my stories and the fact you like older ladies, they will be lining up to talk to you.”

My head was reeling with this new information, I can’t believe my own mother would tell such things to people she hardly knows. Angus’s hands were really doing a job on my cock. She got it standing at full attention.

“John you are so big, I hope I can handle it.”

This brought me back to my senses and I told her I would go very slow and then not until she was good and ready. I stood her up and removed her blouse. I tossed it to the floor with my pants. She was wearing a plain blue colored bra that supported her well given her nice cleavage. Her skin had freckles and age spots scattered across her chest.

Her bra was padded and nicely hid the jewels that waited to be discovered underneath. Agnus was pale and her belly small and wrinkled. I reach down and unfastened her pants and she removed them and laid it on top of her blouse.

There she stood in only her bra and panties. Her panties were the same color cotton as her bra. I reach behind her and unhooked the clasp and her bra straps fall down her shoulder. As I kneel in front of her I pulled her bra down and off her body.

Angus’s breast are small, wrinkled and sag a little. She has small brown areolas and her nipples are long and meaty and droop downward. I pulled her panties off and she steps out of them.

I ran my hands down her legs and up around to her butt. She is soft but still has plenty of muscle tone.My hands have a firm grip on her cheeks, they were nice with just a little sag to them. I hear her softly moan as my hands explore her ass.

Her lady garden is thinly veiled in a silvery grey hair. Peering through the silvery curtain are two thin lips slightly drooping waiting to be rediscovered. I ran my hands up her stomach and take her breast in my hands.

I play with her rubbery nipples, gently rolling them between my fingers. Agnus closes her eyes and moans deeply. Her nipples get so hard they slightly point up toward the ceiling.They are so beautiful, I could just play with them all day.

“Oh that is nice John lightly pinch them, ummm yes,” as she sways a little., I steady her by her waist. I figure I better get her on the bed before she falls.

I stand up and pick her up in my arms and carry her to the side of the bed. My cock is poking her in her lower back as I carry her.

“John you are so strong, I have never been carried to the bed by a lover!”

We reach the bed and I lay her down softly onto the pillow. I make my way onto the bed with her.

Laying on my side, leaning on one arm I continued to caress her. I know I will need to take my time and get her good and worked up. I lean in and kiss her lips, they are soft and warm. I kiss her again and I play with her lip pinching it between mine. She relaxes and starts to kiss me back.

I slide my tongue into her mouth while I caress her face and neck. My hand finds its way back to her chest and I play with her nipples making her softly moan. I caress down her side to her hips and over her butt.

I trace the valley between her cheeks with my fingers. Soft sounds of pleasure are coming from her as i kiss her slow and passionately, and explore her body with my hand. She bends a knee up and opens her legs encouraging me to explore.

“She pulls her head back, oh goodness it has been so long since I have felt this way, my head is spinning. I want you to make love to me John. I cant wait to feel you enter me. I give myself to you. Make me feel like a woman again.

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First Glory Ch. 02

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Anal Sex

It was definitely going to be a long night. As this perfect cock got hard again I was in total shock and disbelief. How could I have waited so long to find out what this was all about? I kept stroking it, while at the same time lubing it up with a few left over dribbles of cum that were still leaking out of the head. I licked my lips and felt the spongy head of this throbbing piece of meat slip into my mouth once again. I knew this time I would perform even better than before. I knew exactly what to do and how to do it. I slowly let it slide in and out of my mouth while holding a strong suction on it like I did the first time. I guess the head was still ultra-sensitive because my new friend was moaning like crazy on the other side. I kept wondering if someone was going to come and try to stop us in our tracks because of all of the loud noises he was making. It turns out, they don’t care what you do as long as they get their money at the front door. I was guessing they just thought this guy was stroking off to a flick and moaning along to the soundtrack of some pretty porn starlet with a mouth full of cock.

I was no starlet, but I had found a new past-time. I kept sucking this big cock and it was getting harder and harder in my mouth. Occasionally, I would pull it out of my mouth, spit on it, and jerk it real fast in front of my face. I now understood the look all of the women in those movies got when they were staring down the shaft of a hot, juicy cock. This was the ultimate. My fantasy had become reality in just a matter of a few minutes. I slowed down my sucking because I knew he was going to cum again soon. He shot such a big load the first time, I guess it took a little izmit rus escort time for him to recharge. I backed off and started to tease his cock head by flicking it on the end of the head with the end of my tongue. His cries let me know I was on to something. I alternated between the flicking and sucking until he moaned he was going to cum again. I was determined this time to feel him cum with his cock in my mouth. I sped up my sucking just as the first blast hit the back of my throat.

My neighbor yelled from the other side of the wall, “Ahhhhhhh, yeah; suck it you fuckin’ whore.”

Sticky, thick jets of hot cum were flooding the insides of my mouth and I couldn’t get enough. I was even moaning in complete amazement at the feel of a cock cumming in my mouth while I sucked on it. It was indescribable. So hot, and to some people I’m sure, so wrong.

I began to wonder if my friend thought I was a chick. I didn’t know if his calling me a whore was literal or figurative to his mind. I’ve always heard that only a man knows how to truly suck another mans’s cock correctly; I guess because only we know what we like. I pulled him out of my mouth as he started to soften up. I continued slow stroking his cock as just a few more drops of cum trickled out of his slit. I had quite a bit of cum on my chin and my cheeks. I took my fingers and scooped it all up and then sucked my fingers clean. I had never tasted cum, other than my own, before I walked into this place tonight and I couldn’t get over how delicious it was. I don’t know if it was because this particular set of big balls was able to churn out cum that was so thick, rich and sweet or if it was just izmit escort the fact that I had instantly become a cum addicted slut in such a short amount of time. Whatever the reason, I knew that a whole new wonderous world had been opened to me tonight as I opened my mouth to give head for the very first time. As I backed off and watched this magnificent cock dissapear back inside the adjoining booth, I wanted to see the owner of such a fine specimen.

I stepped out of my booth and into the dimly lit hallway of doors and corners and waited for him to come out. I stood there for about five minutes and finally the door knob turned and out stepped a clean shaven, dark haired, tall and thin young man that I guessed to be about twenty-five or so.

“That was very, very tasty”, I said.

He looked at me like a deer in the headlights and said, “You mean that was you?… man, you are pulling my leg right?”

Then he dropped his head and stared at the floor, trying to not make eye contact with me.

I continued, “Didn’t you like the way I sucked that awesome cock of yours?”

He looked up at me very shyly and said, “I have to say that those were the absolute two best blowjobs I have ever gotten in my life.”

I smiled very deviously and said, “How would you like to take a little drive?” and he nodded his head.

We jumped into my car and left his sitting in the parking lot. I headed toward my apartment, which was just a short drive away. I wanted to get this behind closed doors for a little while so I could loosen up, relax and enjoy myself better. As we pulled into the parking lot of my complex, all I could think about was his cock.

I did turn kocaeli escort and ask him “Is this too weird for you; doing this with another guy?”

He smiled and said, “I was embarrased when you first told me it was you but it felt so good I just couldn’t believe it.”

That was a very nice compliment, I thought.

He said, “My name is Kenny, by the way.”

I replied, “I’m Todd; well, now we’re not strangers anymore.”

Then, before I could put all my thoughts together, I just blurted out, “So tell me, Kenny; would you like to come inside and let me suck on that big dick some more or are we just going to sit out here in the parking lot all night?”

Kenny smiled and answered me very quickly by saying, “Sure; you definitely know what you’re doing”.

I walked him up to my door and we stepped into my living room. I dimmed the lights and went into the bathroom after telling him I’d be right back. I stripped down and jerked my cock just maybe ten or fifteen strokes and shot the biggest load of cum ever in my life. I couldn’t believe how horny I was for this guy’s cock. I put only my boxers back on and walked back into the room. Kenny was sitting on the couch with a look of half amazement and half shock on his face. I knelt down in front of him and unbuckled his jeans and he slid them off to the floor. I started to rub his cock through his underwear and he threw his head back and closed his eyes. I wondered how I would ever give this up. I reached in through the flap on the front of his shorts and grabbed his hardening cock and brought it out. In just a few strokes he was ready to go again. As I stared down the shaft of his hot dick again, I knew I was doing what I was born to do.

As his cock slipped into my hot mouth for the third time tonight, I wondered if he had any hung friends he’d like to introduce me to; I had to practice some more at my new “hobby” if I wanted to be the best.

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Alice Across the Hall

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This story involves older people, which would make it a candidate for the Mature category, but it involves a wife who strays so Loving Wives is also a possibility although it’s not a vindictive story. Where it ends up is Literotica’s call.


“Oh well,” the woman who lived across the hall from me sighed after looking at the clock and setting her coffee cup down. “I better get back home because John usually wakes up around now.”

“All I can say is that I’m so glad we got to meet,” I replied as I rose to show Alice out, this time making sure that my robe was closed as I did. “Should you ever feel like another cup of my mediocre coffee when the papers arrive, feel free to tap on my door because I’m an early riser. And I get the coffee brewing early.”

“I may take you up on that Carl, because your coffee is far better than mine turns out,” Alice told me as she smiled widely, her blue grey eyes sparkling. “And I enjoy the company.”

I watched Alice Coleman pad across the hallway to her apartment which was directly across from mine on the second floor of the senior apartment building I had recently moved into, her tiny white socks and her pink slippers having her looking as cute as could be, and since all I had on was a robe and slippers my dress was even more casual than hers.

We had just actually met about an hour ago, although we had gotten glimpses of each other before then as I moved in, and to say we had a very unusual meeting would be an understatement. After peeking out into the hallway a couple of times hoping for the morning paper to be there, I opened the door again to find Mrs. Alice Coleman with my newspaper in one hand and her other hand moving to tap on the door.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she blushed after we startled each other. “I heard your door opening earlier so I assumed you were looking for your paper. He just got here.”

After introducing myself I thanked her and invited the senior in, and to my delight Alice took me up on my invitation for a cup of coffee. After ushering her to the kitchen I mentioned that I would put something more substantial on but Alice insisted that I was fine the way I was, mentioning that she spent most of her days looking at a man in a robe so this wasn’t out of the ordinary and added that she liked the variety I offered.

You see Alice was a married woman but her husband of almost 40 years had suffered a stroke almost a year ago and now the apparently once vibrant Mr. Coleman was pretty much confined to a wheelchair and a mere shell of his former self.

As I learned over the course of the visit, Alice was still as she phrased it, full of get-up-and-go which made it tough for both her and her husband, and I had figured out that there was still fire in the petite lady’s furnace the moment I had opened my apartment door and I saw where her eyes went.

It was an accident that when I opened the door my bathrobe was open, I swear to it. Seeing my neighbor startled me as much as it had Alice, but I didn’t realize my robe was exposing the fact that I sleep in the nude until I saw Alice’s eyes going down, and the fact that she didn’t avert her gaze made me think she liked what she saw. That was something I was used to, although revulsion was as common as a smile when a woman would see my rather sizeable endowment, so when Alice seemed to approve I took my time clinching the robe together and pretended not to notice her interest.

As we sat at my kitchen table and got to know each other a bit I was aware that Alice would glance down casually from time to time to see if my robe had opened up, but I was a gentleman and kept myself covered, in part due to the fact I had a semi-erect penis that was due to being very attracted to Alice who had a bit of a Florence Henderson look going on. That, her pert figure and shapely arms that looked nothing like those attached to most 65 year old women had gotten my attention, and the more I learned about Alice the harder I got.

I learned that Alice was 65, and when I told her that I was 64 she made a shocked expression and asked how I felt about older women, adding right after that she was only kidding, and that might have been true in part. She expressed the proper sympathy after I told her I had been divorced for about 8 years and laughed when I suggested that if she knew any eligible females in the community she should feel free to introduce me to them.

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll need any help in that regard Mr. James,” Alice had assured me, telling me that I was a well mannered and handsome man, and being a retired policeman didn’t hurt either.

The handsome part was a stretch because I consider myself at best very average looking, with my bald skull an intentional concession to losing the battle with thinning and graying, but my 6′ frame is still in decent shape so I suppose I’m alright overall. My only somewhat exceptional asset was usually kept a secret but was something that Alice had discovered when we met.

After Alice went back across the hall I eventually escort izmit took a shower, and still aroused from my little interplay with Mrs. Coleman ended up getting myself off while picturing her perky figure, her warm smile and those lovely arms, and it was that image of Alice brushing her hair off her shoulder and exposing her delightful underarm that had me cumming all over the tub.

I supposed that was an indication of how desperate I was for female affection that such a somewhat innocent morning got me so excited, especially since she was married and devoted to her ailing husband, but that’s what four months without sex does to me. In any event, I hoped that Alice would indeed come back over for a cup of coffee again like she said she would.


Alice did not return the next morning, perhaps not wanting to seem too forward, but she did come back the morning after and the next few mornings as well, always bright eyed and chipper and looking far too good for anybody to have a right to look at 6:30 in the morning. My strategy? Answer the door wearing my robe once again, although making sure to have the robe closed, but I did notice that Alice subtly glanced down each time s.

Our conversations grew more personal but never in a tacky way, and I couldn’t help getting the impression that Alice was flirting with me a bit, although it was nothing obvious. I enjoyed that and tried to flirt back, even if I might not have been as subtle as she was. Those blue-grey eyes had a way of really getting me, and while I had usually favored women who were a little more solidly built, her petite figure was growing on me as well. Alice had what seemed like an endless series of blouses, all sleeveless, and I suspect she knew her arms were her strong point because of the way she showcased them.

I believe it was the sixth morning Alice stopped by when our banter got a little more intimate, and I don’t think it was because I had gotten a couple of pastries from the bakery to go with the coffee but more an indication that we were getting closer. I mentioned that I was amazed at how great she looked each morning and how I felt like a bum greeting her in a robe.

“You have wonderful taste in blouses,” I mentioned, causing her to blush a bit, and that pink increased when I added, “I confess to being an admirer of your arms, how wonderfully toned and shapely they are, so I’m pleased you have so many sleeveless tops.”

“Thank you,” Alice replied. “It must be in part from helping John in and out of his chair. That’s how I get my muscles.”

Alice said that in jest because her slender limbs were toned but not overly muscular, but when she grinned and made a muscle I enjoyed seeing her little bicep bulge as she posed.

“You also have gorgeous underarms,” I added as I looked at the creamy little hollow formed by her flexing.

“I do?” Alice responded as she looked over at her armpit. “Well thank you again. I’m glad I shaved.”

“Wouldn’t have mattered to me either way,” I answered and then took a chance by confessing something. “That first morning you visited? You have this adorable habit of reaching up and nudging your hair behind your ear, and when I caught a glimpse of that tiny wisp of hair you had under your arm that morning – well I thought that was sexy too.”

“Oh dear,” Alice blanched as her face turned red, making me wish I hadn’t said anything.. “Didn’t realize it was obvious. You get forgetful when you live alone, or virtually alone as I do.”

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you Alice. It’s just that I haven’t been around any pretty women in a while, and besides, I think we’re of the same generation. Back when we were young things were different. More free, or at least I was.”

“Same here,” Alice sighed, apparently relieved I wasn’t judgmental. “Back in college I played the rebel for a time. Tossed the razor and the bras, although in retrospect that might not have been a good idea judging by what happened up top. I’ll consider giving up shaving my underarms if it means I keep getting coffee made for me.”

“That will give me a reason to keep waking up in the morning, Alice,” I confessed, the image of a hippie Alice equally erotic to me as the dainty feminine woman across the table. “Regardless, I didn’t mean to make you blush even if it does look good on you. Sometimes I’m TOO honest for my own good.”

“If we’re being honest,” Alice said in a hesitating voice, her fingers tapping the coffee cup nervously. “That first morning when I knocked on your door? Well, I know you didn’t realize it but your robe – it was open for a moment.”

“It was?” I exclaimed in my most shocked voice.

“Oh yes,” Alice continued.

“I – uh – sleep in the nude…”

“I know,” Alice giggled.

“I apologize. I had no idea,” I told Alice, with any blushing on my part due to the little white lies I was throwing at the gal.

“Why do you think I told you I didn’t mind you just wearing a robe to our little coffee sessions?” Alice confided in a hushed izmit escort tone as if someone else could hear. “I keep hoping that darned robe will open up again.”


“What must you think of me!” Alice said as she shook her head. “I think I’ve been way too honest myself.”

“I don’t think so. I guess we’re just a couple of folks who still have a little fire in the furnace,” I suggested. “Please take note that while I admitted to checking you out very thoroughly there was no apology for doing it.”

“Same here. Frankly, I’ve spent some time wondering exactly what you would have looked like back in your day when your manhood would get aroused and angry looking because it was quite impressive as it was.”

“That still happens Alice,” I explained. “The problem is when it gets aroused these days I’m alone.”

“Really?” she asked, and I shrugged in resignation.

“That’s happened more frequently in the last week or so too,” I admitted, and after Alice looked at me quizzically for a second, what I meant by that hit her.

“It’s just about that time,” Alice said after looking at the clock and starting to rise. “This has been a different morning to be sure.”

“I hope I haven’t ruined this because these mornings have been the highlights of my days,” I told Alice.

“I joined in on it, Carl,” Alice reminded me, but when I said that I would see her tomorrow like I had been suggesting each morning as she would leave, Alice said nothing this time.


The following morning as had been my habit of late, as soon as I got up the coffee started brewing and I took a shower. Was Alice was going to come over? That was something I wasn’t sure of because while our banter had become more and more personal and our flirting more obvious, it was obvious that my neighbor had reservations about what was happening.

Did Alice like me? Perhaps as much as I liked her? I thought so, but Alice was a married woman and it was clear she wasn’t the type to screw around haphazardly. She obviously loved her husband, or else she would have shipped him off to a nursing home instead of caring for him virtually all day and night, with her only respites being when the home health aide came over a few days a week for a respite.

Alice had me come over to meet her husband John, and I’m not sure if he had any idea who I was or even where he was. The poor guy just sat there in his wheelchair staring blankly ahead while Alice stood by his side trying to smile. That could have been me there, since I was about the same age as John. A blood vessel goes haywire and there I am, or if that perp that shot me in the side 30 years ago had better aim, I’m a vegetable today.

Alice had mentioned that they had talked often about what would happen if one of them was incapacitated and how neither of them wanted to be kept alive if there was no hope, but Alice’s husband wasn’t really sick and didn’t seem to be in any pain. He was just existing, and there I was lusting after his wife. And what was she doing? I had no clue.

After I turned off the shower and began drying I heard a familiar tapping at the door. Earlier than usual, but I knew Alice’s knock well and besides, who else would tap on my timbers at 6 in the morning. I put on my robe and hurried to the door, and there was Alice in a robe as well, smiling nervously with my paper in hand.

“I know I’m early,” Alice said as I stepped aside. “Couldn’t sleep.”

“Join the club,” I told her, since my days of sleeping soundly were apparently gone. “I do have the coffee on though.”

“Didn’t really come for coffee,” Alice said as we sat down at the table. “I need to talk to you, and please don’t interrupt me because I’ve rehearsed this speech all night.”

I just nodded and waited.

“We’ve been having our little fun every morning, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Never thought anything would come of it so it was easy to do,” Alice explained as she rubbed her tiny hands together. “The more I got to know you the more I liked you, but I figured it was just me happy to talk with somebody. Then it hit me that you might be attracted to me – and if I’m way off here please forgive me…”

“No,” I said after apologizing for the interruption. “You’re very correct there, and if you weren’t married you would have learned that before now.”

“Married,” Alice sighed. “Let me tell you some secrets. Back in our day John and I would go to these things they called key parties. Do you know of them?”

“I’ve heard of them but my wife was too square for that – plus I was a cop which would have presented problems – but I thought that a bunch of couples would go to a house and the guys would put their car key chains in a bowl and the girls would blindly pick one out and the new couple would go off to a motel or something with each other.

“Exactly. Tough to see me as a swinger I know, but we did that for about a year,” Alice related. Then for a time after that John would find a willing woman and he would watch the izmit kendi evi olan escort two of us – you know what I mean. That was a a long while back and we cut that out when I wanted to get pregnant.”

“So, I admit to not being as pure as the driven snow,” Alice continued. “Still, I’ve never for a moment thought of straying – until now. It’s just that – John used to kid around and call me a nymphomaniac because he couldn’t believe he had found a woman who loved sex more than he does. Did.”

“Does any of this make sense to you?” Alice finally concluded.

“It all makes perfect sense,” I said as I got up to lean down to kiss her, and when I took her hand to helped her up she rose to her feet.

“I need to take this slow Carl, and if I get cold feet…”

“You won’t even need to say anything,” I responded as I brought her to the bedroom.

I felt the bottom of my robe being parted just before we reached the bed. We were looking in each other’s eyes when I felt the senior fishing around and I reveled at her reaction when her hand found my semi-flaccid member and squeezed me lightly.

“Don’t know why I’m shocked because I got a peek at your penis before, but you’re quite large and not even fully aroused yet,” she gasped as her grip slid up and down.

“Oh, I’m aroused alright,” I confessed. “It just takes a while for my brain to pass the message down. Nothing much changes when I do get hard though. What you see is what you get. I’m a show-er, not a grow-er.”

“I”m glad to hear that – otherwise…” Alice said and let the sentence trail off. “Wasn’t I the one to say a few minutes ago I wanted to take this slow?”

I started to answer Alice but she was on her way down to her knees, making the trip a whole lot easier and more gracefully than I could have, and then my robe was being untied and opened up, Alice took my cock in her hands and raised it to her face, holding the shaft in her right hand while using her left to slide the foreskin up and down, exposing the purplish plum to her darting tongue.

“Mmm…” Alice mumbled as she played a game using the tip of her tongue to capture the bead of cum that would appear at the opening while she stroked me, and then surprised me when she ducked down and took my left ball in her mouth and gave it a vigorous suck before doing the same to the right.

Alice had a playful glint in her eyes as she moved back up to my cock, and after a minor scrape of the teeth had her full lips sliding up and down about half of my dick. She seemed ready, willing and able to go further down but I had enough for the time being because as I explained when I pulled her off, “You’re too good Alice, unless you want this to end before it starts.”

I reached down under her arms and brought her up to her feet, and when I slipped her robe off her shoulders she was naked underneath. As I eased her down into the bedding I took notice of her breasts – grapefruit sized globes with only a but of sag and crimson/brown nipples that looked eager to be nursed on – and below a tummy with just a bit of softness and reveled in the sight of her large triangle of light brown pubic hair.

On her back, I parted her pale thighs and knelt between them. She had an impressive thicket of hair down there, but I figured it had thinned a bit over the years like most do. That allowed me to see what had to be the largest labia I had even had the pleasure to see, slightly pink and glistening with dampness, and when I lowered my face with the intent of making them wetter, Alice moaned the minute my tongue touched her.

Alice was a vocal gal. I could tell from the start, and the way she groaned and moaned as I teased her clit with my tongue was music to my ears. To my way of thinking it was music to my ears, and as she ran her hands over my bald skull her moans graduated to words – naughty words.

“Oh, that’s good babe. Damn lick my pussy,” Alice encouraged as her thighs squeezed my head. “Gonna make me cum.”

“Oh no you don’t,” I noted as I lifted my head up and knee-walked up to the backs of her raised thighs, and as I ran the knob my member up and down her pussy I informed her, “When you cum I want to see it.”

“AW!” Alice grunted as I pushed into an incredibly tight opening, and since the sound resembled somebody getting the wind knocked out of them I feared I went in too hard and too deep, but the way she was raking my arms with her fingernails suggested she was fine so I started to thrust in and out slowly.

Alice was wet, a lively contradiction to the theory that women dry up when they age, because while there was plenty of my saliva in there, much of the fluid was courtesy of Alice and the squishy sounds my cock made as it moved in deep was testament to that.

My major worry was that it had been a while – not nearly as long as it had been for Alice – but long enough that I wasn’t sure how long I would last. As long as Alice came first I would be happy, and then she announced in no uncertain terms that her orgasm was on the way.

“Shit! Shit! Cumming!” she howled as her back arched, and just as her pussy stopped contracting around my cock I came, filling Alice’s womb with my seed, and I stayed inside that wonderful place until I went limp and slithered out.

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Back Rent Gets Paid

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When I started to invest in real estate, I had no idea what benefits I would receive from my tenants. Collecting rent seems to always be a chore, and the excuses for not paying on time always irritated me. I decided to crack down and inform all my tenants that I would enforce all late fees and after ten days. I would start eviction proceedings and the cost of that would be added to the late fees. I knew I probably wouldn’t enforce it, but they wouldn’t know that. I informed them that I would be unable to make any exceptions.

The first month everybody paid on time, but the second month on the 9th day I had a phone call from Amber, saying that they were having trouble coming up with the rent. I reminded them of the policy that I was now enforcing. She started crying and told me she had missed a week of work and wouldn’t I please understand. I said if I made exceptions for her and her husband I would have to make them for everybody. She asked if they could come by my house and talk about working things out. I said that would be okay, but I needed to be strict on the policy. I enjoyed being the tough guy, but figured after having them squirm and plead I would work something out with them. Hoping that if I were tough they wouldn’t make it a habit as they had in the past.

It didn’t hurt either that Amber was a looker; she was about 5’6″ and had a nice pair of breasts that had to be at least D cups if not bigger. She wasn’t what I would call skinny, or what I call fat. To me she was pleasingly just right.

They showed up at my door about 8:00p.m that evening. I invited them in and offered them something to drink, and we sat in my den. Amber was dressed in a very sexy outfit. I let them explain why I should be the nice landlord and make an exception to my new policies. Amber’s husband Randy just sat there looking at the floor and Amber pleaded through tears to let them have some time to come up with the rent. I asked what their plans were to come up with the money and by when?

She told me that after they were done with me. They were going to the new strip bar that had just opened across town, where she was going to audition to be a stripper. I asked her if that’s why she was dressed as she was? She said yes, and then asked me how do you think I look. I answered ” very stunning actually” she smiled and asked If I thought she had a chance of getting a job as a stripper, I told her it would take more then just looks to get the job and make lots of tips. I asked her if she had ever stripped before? She said just for her husband. I asked him how she was, he finally looked up and smiled and answered she definitely worked for him.

I said that if she got the job I would work out a payment plan and let them stay. I stood up and wished her luck; they got to up to leave and Amber reached up and gave me a hug and a kiss, her breasts rubbing against me. As they headed for the door, Amber whispered in her husband ear, I saw him nod okay, She turned to me and asked hesitantly if she could dance for me, to see if I had any suggestions that might help her. I said sure!

Since my basement has a home theater and a pool table I suggested we go down there so we can play some music and she could dance on the table. I put a cd in and turned it up, her husband helped her up on to the pool table. She began to get hesitant, but we cheered her on, and soon she was getting in to it. I figured I would let her get through the first song, she was all right but she could use some pointers. At the end of the song she still had her clothes on. She asked how she was, I said not bad, but we need to make some changes, so we would draw the attention of the big tippers.

I then told her what she needed to do, like to begin with teasing then showing her charms, it needed to be slow enough to build anticipation, and that timing was everything, to slow they would loose attention, to fast they would be done and the cash would stop flowing. So I turned the music back on, and stood by the table and gave instructions. When she couldn’t understand what I meant I would reach out and grab her and move her into the position I was talking about.

After a couple of songs she was really getting it down. She would tease us with a tit shot and cover it back up, and then finally she would remove her top. Then she would seductively remove her bra. I had her get down on her knees and shake them around, telling her to bring them to the guys’ eye level. Amber really had a nice set of breasts and her nipples were long and erect. I could see that her panties had a wet spot and could smell her aroma getting escort izmit stronger. I was really getting turned on.

I was really getting into teaching her. I announced that it was time for the final practice run. I went up stairs and grabbed a hand full of cash from my safe. I came back down and gave Rick a handful of various denominations. Telling him to start low and as she proved herself to raise the tips. I explained to Amber that the higher the dollar the better she was doing. I went over to the stereo and cued up “one in a million girl” by the Tubes, the song about watching through the glass, I turned it up.

We pulled up two stools to the table and told her to imagines us as customers. As Amber began to dance and strip, I tucked a $1 into her panties. In the process my finger felt her wetness. Rick, followed suit and this seemed to turn her on. She really started to pull out all the stops and was really dancing seductively. As she pulled her top off I let out a catcall and she smiled. Kneeling in front of me she squeezed her bra encased breasts together, this pushed her cleavage up and out. What a sight that was. Leaning towards me she stopped about a foot from my face, and shook them very erotically. I folded a twenty in half long ways and tucked it into her cleavage. She rewarded that by bringing them right in to my face. I couldn’t resist myself and gave her a kiss right on her erect nipple through her bra. She turned aside and pushed her other breast into my face. Allowing me to kiss it also. She stood and moved to her husband and he rewarded her with a $10.00.

All 3 of us were really getting into it by now. Amber returned to me and once again shook her fine tits in my face, this time removing her bra very slowly. As she did I put another bill into her panties, watching her slowly reveal her breasts. Soon she had her bra off and she kneeled in front of me and put the bra around my neck and pulled me into her mounds. I wasted no time in taking a nipple into my mouth and began to suck it. She let a moan as I wildly sucked away. Out of the corner of my eye I could she her hubby with a big grin and I noticed him starting to rub his crotch. I took my hand and started to play with her other nipple. Amber still held my head with her bra. I switched my lips to the other nipple, and moved my hand to her pussy. Rubbing the lips of her wet pussy with my finger, outlining them through her panties. The more I stroked the more I could smell the scent of her pussy, and how I loved the smell.

Amber pulled her breast away from my mouth, I didn’t let it go easy and watched as her nipple was pulled out to it full extent as I held it in my teeth. She sighed with relief when I let go and watched it pop backed to its base. She stood up and resumed dancing, and then pulled her panties off while she danced in front of my face. I stared at her glistening pussy as she strutted it inches from my face. As she danced I took another twenty from my pile and folded it into a tight little rectangle, and put it between my teeth, leaving it sticking out of my mouth I picked up the discarded bra and worked it around her tight ass, with an end in each hand I pulled her closer to me. I stood up and pulled her pussy to my face and inserted the folded up bill as far as I could get it in. And begin licking her lips, starting with the outer and working to the inner. She gyrated her hips rubbing her wet box into my face.

I dropped the bra, and began massaging her ass. As I kneaded her tight buns I allowed my finger to caress her rosebud. She shuddered as I moved my tongue to her clit. I was thoroughly enjoying myself as I devoured her juicy pussy. I caught a glance of Randy and he had his cock out and was stroking it. I guess that was a sign of his approval. I swirled my tongue over her clit as I dipped my finger into her drenched pussy, getting it wet and moved my finger to her asshole and began rubbing it, I slightly penetrated it as I massaged it. It didn’t take long and Amber began to shake and moan with an orgasm.

Since she was standing her legs began to give out as her orgasm moved through her body. I reached around her my arm just below her ass just as she began to fall. I moved her away from the pool table, and into a nearby bedroom. As I walked with her draped over my shoulder, Randy followed, and Amber reached out and began kissing him as we walked. The closest room only had a day bed. So I laid her down near the edge and with her legs dangling off the end. I dropped my pants, and stepped out of them. (I usually don’t wear any underwear) I lifted her legs over my shoulders, izmit escort this served to bring her pussy even with my hard throbbing cock.

I slowly pushed my tool into her box. She was so wet I just glided in, as soon as I was all the way in I began to thrust away, pounding her pussy as she begged me to do her harder. Being the gentleman I’m I obliged by picking up the pace and slammed away. Randy by this time had also dropped his pants and stood there playing with his cock, I pointed to Amber’s face and he knew immediately what I meant. He walked up to her and put his cock against her lips. Amber wasted no time in taking it all the way in, I stopped my thrusting and watched Randy fuck her face for a few, before I resumed ramming her hard. Randy had a tit in his hand and was pulling on Amber’s erected nipple.

I began rubbing her love button. I could her moans escaping form her lips and they sucked on Randy’s cock. As her moans grew louder I felt her tense and knew she was ready to have another orgasm. I announced my intention to cum, and if by queue we all let loose. My cum shooting deep into her pussy while Randy shot his cum deep into her throat. Amber was shaking and bucking as her orgasm rocked her whole body, but still managed to swallow all of hubby’s cum.

I just stood there, with my cock buried deep in her pussy and watched as she cleaned Randy’s cock clean. When she was done Randy pulled it out of her mouth. I also pulled out, my cock was covered with cum and pussy juice and was still semi hard. I moved over to Amber’s face, she grabbed my cock and began licking it clean. I watched as Randy moved over to between her legs that were dangling over the edge of the bed. I thought her was preparing to give her another fucking, but was surprised to see him kneel and put her legs over his shoulders. He then buried his face in her pussy. He was going down on his wife’s pussy that was filled with my cum. I had heard of guys doing it but have never seen anyone actually do it. I could hear him as he slurped and licked her clean.

I returned to watch Amber masterfully clean my tool of. She alternated between sucking and licking it. I grab a tit and began to vigorously massage it. Watching her take me all the way in and watching Randy devour her box soon had me hard as steel once again. I swung my leg up and over Amber’s chest, straddling her breasts laying my hard cock between her breasts. She pushed them up around my cock and I began fucking her lovely tits. As I would go up she would lean forward and kiss the head of my dick. Every few thrusts I would let her suck it for a couple of minutes, and then return to doing her breasts. Randy was now done eating her cum-filled pussy and had started to fuck her wildly.

Amber was once again heading for nirvana. I moved up and began fucking her face furiously, I really was amazed at how adept Amber was in taking cock into her mouth. She didn’t have any trouble taking either of us all the way in no matter how hard we would thrust are big cocks into her mouth. I could hear Randy start to let out a huge moan as he came in to his wife’s pussy. I grabbed Amber’s head and held it as I madly fucked her face. She reached up and started to finger my asshole and it didn’t take long until I was filled her throat with my hot jizz. Before I was done I pulled out and let it fly all over her face. She lay there smiling as she licked what she could from her face. I knelt over and began so suck her tits, her erect nipples made it delightful to suck. I moved my hand to her clit and began playing with it, stroking it and rubbing it. As I did, Randy moved to her face and began licking my cum from her face. I diddled her clit until she had another orgasm.

It was getting time for Amber to get to her audition. We helped her to the shower and I used the hand held shower to rinse her off, of course I spent most of the time making sure her pussy was good and clean. We both grabbed towels and dried her off. After we were done I grabbed a bottle of baby oil from under the counter and we rubbed her body down. Her skin took on kind of a glow that’s matched the glow from her face. I told her she would do just fine at her audition. We helped her get dressed and when she was set she had such a look of confidence, unlike when she had walked into my house with her eyes cast down. As I lead them out the door, Amber turned to me and gave me a long passionate kiss and said thank you. They then invited me to go and watch the audition.

We went down to the bar and Amber was awesome, and she was hired and we watched as she izmit kendi evi olan escort started her stripping career. The manager gave her two, three songs sets to start with. Randy and I sat front row center and others crowded around as Amber strutted her stuff. The men were enjoying themselves and it showed as they freely threw their money her away. She gave them an awesome show. When she was done for the night we left, and drove home in my truck. She sat in the middle and was clearly excited. She talked of how she couldn’t believe how much she had enjoyed it, and how turned on she had gotten over all those men goggling and touching her. She then laid a rolled up bundle of money between my legs. With a kiss on my check, she whispered, “that should cover the back rent and late fees”. I just smiled and said thanks.

When we got back to my house I invited them in to celebrate. It didn’t take long and we were made it back to my bedroom. I suggested to Amber, that she now give us our own private strip show. Randy and I laid on my bed as Amber climbed up on to the foot of it, I turned on the stereo with my remote and Amber stripped away and soon worked herself over to us kneeling and gyrating in front of us. We had our hands all over her body. As we did we helped her out of her clothes. She returned the favor stripping each of one at a time. We soon were all naked, and Randy and I each were sucking on a tit as she stroked each of our cocks. I had my fingers in her wet pussy and then moved my wet digits to her ass and began massaging her tight little hole.

Amber soon knelt down and took Randy’s throbbing member in her mouth; this left her ass facing my way. Not one to pass up an invitation, I got on my knees and began tonguing her rosebud I fingered her pussy as I devoured her tasty hole. I worked my wet fingers up to her ass coating her bum hole with her own juices. It was a sight to behold. I began to slowly insert a finger into her now wet asshole. I worked it all the way in and started to finger fuck her tight little hole, I continued to work her clit and she continued to suck her hubby’s cock. She was moaning as I worked her love button and fingered her ass.

I inserted 2 fingers and picked up the pace, expanding my fingers, stretching her chute. I only had one desire now, and that was to bury my cock in her tight little asshole. I pulled my fingers from her ass and went back to tonguing the now bigger hole. Randy was now coming and Amber followed shortly. When she was done I crawled up behind and put the head of my cock up to her hole. I grabbed her hips and slowly inserted the head of my cock past the tight muscles of her ass, once past I slammed my hardened member all the way in and began to fuck away. As I pounded away, my balls bounced off her ass. Amber was screaming in ecstasy and maybe some pain. She was yelling to do it harder and I obliged. Randy was stroking his cock and was soon hard again.

He worked his way under his wife, when he was completely under her. I stopped and keeping my cock buried in Amber’s ass I put my hand on her tailbone and pushed her down, as I did this it put her pussy right over Randy’s waiting cock I gave her a hard shove and impaled her pussy all the way on to Randy’s cock. She let a loud moan. I knelt there with my cock buried in her ass. Randy began to fuck Amber’s’ pussy. When I got a feel for his rhythm I began to thrust my cock in and out. We soon had perfect timing so when I was in all the way he was on his out stoke. I don’t know how long we pounded her this way, but I could feel my balls began to tighten in anticipation of an impending orgasm. I announced my closeness and told Amber I was about to fill her tunnel with my cum.

This set her off and she began to ripple with an orgasm. I soon was shooting my load as I buried my shaft to the hilt and let my member spew. We finished just as Randy let loose of his load. Amber collapsed on top of him and I laid over her back. Trying to regain some sense of strength we all lay there panting and moaning. Our cocks still buried in there respective holes. I rolled off to the side keeping my still hard cock buried. Randy also rolled with us keeping his member buried in her now thoroughly fucked pussy.

We lay there side by side. I remarked that that was incredible. They both agreed that it had been a remarkable evening. We talked as we drifted off to sleep. In the morning we all took a shower. Randy and I soaped Amber’s every part. Amber then returned the favor finishing us both of with an amazing blowjob. We got out and dried her off. None of us had any more to give so we dressed and they left with a promise to be back with next months rent soon. I also promised to continue my stripping lessons on a regular basis. I can’t wait for next months rent to be due, because the late payments were well worth the wait.

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First Fuck Together

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All I could remember during the whole dinner was my raging hard-on and me fantasizing about the evening to come. Steve and I had been on a few dates; however, we haven’t had the opportunity to sleep together. We’ve seen movies together, had dinner, and discussed books, but nothing inherently sexual. Both of us had the weekend off and were free from obligations so tonight was naturally a good night for us to take things to the next level. Every few minutes I’d catch myself with an erection while admiring his 6′ figure and caramel colored skin. I couldn’t wait until seeing the contrast of his tall dark body next to my shorter thinner white body.

Dinner was finally over. On the way out of the restaurant he lightly swatted my ass; which promised a fun night. It only got better. He started his car and before he put it in gear he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. The kiss started out soft and playful but became harder and more intense. In my life I’d been fucked by men, I’ve sucked on cocks, and I’ve been sucked off, but I’ve never full blown made out like this. He broke the kiss and told me to wait. He had to drive us back to his place. The drive seemed to take forever. All I could think about was getting close again. I wanted to feel his body and I wanted him to feel mine. escort izmit

Finally we made it to his apartment. He led me to his couch and gently pushed me down; I pulled him down with me. We began kissing again; this time hard and intense from the beginning. I was on my back and he was in top kissing me and running his hands up my back and sides. He kissed my throat which made me moan out loud. My cock was throbbing mercilessly in my jeans. Our cloths had to go. I started pulling his shirt off over his head. I gasped between kisses as I looked at his chest. He didn’t have a lot of hair and his stomach was nicely toned. Not surprising he removed my shirt and started running his fingers up and down my chest and stomach. The feeling of his chest against mine was simply indescribable. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore; I needed to see and feel his cock. I first placed my hand on his crotch to feel his throbbing member. He let out a soft and sexy moan. I unzipped his pants and started pulling them along with his boxers. Immediately I saw his dark 8″ cock pop out. He did the same thing to my pants. We both laid there naked with our cocks standing at attention between our bodies. Kissing another person had never been hotter. The feeling of a man’s hard cock pressed against your izmit escort stomach feels unbelievably sexy. I wanted more than naked kissing though. I started playing with his cock. He already had a nice collection of pre-cum dripping on my stomach. As I played with his cock he sat up and pushed of my legs aside and put his finger on my ass hole. He started massaging it as we kissed. Slowly he pressed his index finger in. I replied by pushing my ass towards his finger. When his finger was all the way in he began rubbing my prostate. It felt so good that I couldn’t stop myself from moaning, and dry humping him. I had my arms wrapped around him tight as he fucked me mercilessly with one and soon two fingers. I felt an orgasm build up and my humping got sporadic. Both of our stomachs were slick with pre-cum, happily sliding around. Just as I felt myself peaking he pulled his fingers out.

He got up on his knees and I looked him over. I don’t know if it was love or lust but looking at his dark, chiseled chest, thick arms, and sexy smirk created an almost perfect feeling. Then I noticed his cock. It seemed to grow from all of the excitement; it was slick and shiny from the mixture of his and my pre-cum, the head was purple, and his entire beautiful cock was throbbing. izmit kendi evi olan escort My ass felt empty and I wanted him to fill it. He moved forward and placed his cock at the now gaping entrance to my rectum. I winced in pain as the head of his cock popped in, but I wanted his entire length. He slowly fucked me with just an inch of his cock; just until it started feeling good, then two inches, then three. Finally he was using the entire eight inches of his manhood on me. My hands were all over his body, and I was gyrating my hips to his slow, but deliberate fucking. I don’t know how long it went on but we kept touching and kissing. His rhythm changed he would slowly slide out and then quickly thrust and pound his hips against my ass. Each time he did that I let out a moan. Mu cock was rubbing his stomach in such a way that I was building an unstoppable orgasm with each thrust he made. Finally we both hit the point of no return. He started moaning into my ear which set me off. I bit into his shoulder as my cock finally exploded between our slick bodies. My orgasm seemed to go on for minutes. I would shoot a stream each time he would do a power thrust. Just as I bit into him I felt his cock expand and release a torrent of semen into me. He finally emptied himself.

We laid there exhausted covered in sweat and cum. His cock got limp and slid out of my ass. I felt a tickling sensation as his cum started trickling from my anus and pooled between my cheeks.

Since we were so messy we decided to go shower…

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Job Interview

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Fuck Gifs

— dedicated to a special friend —

I was nervous about the interview at Johnson Publications with Gale Johnson, its founder and President. Before the interview, which was scheduled for noon, I had my hair done and dressed in my best outfit. At first I wondered if I was a good idea to wear the blouse which shows a hint of my tits, on a job interview. But I decided to wear it.

If she didn’t like the way I dress, too bad! I’m proud of my body and like to show it off.

I waited for the interview until 12:30 in an outer office. Finally, a secretary said, “Ms. Johnson will see now. Use the door marked with her name.”

When I came into her office, Ms. Johnson rose from her chair, came over to me, and held out her hand.

“Hello, Carnen, sorry to keep you waiting. Have a seat next to me.”

She was nothing like what I’d expected. She’s a big woman, with a commanding presence. I knew that she was in her early fifties, and divorced. The divorce case was a big deal in the papers. She caught her husband cheating and kicked his ass. But I had no idea that she was such a sexy woman.

I forced myself to focus on what she was saying, rather than her boobs. I have a thing for strong, dominant women.

“She looked at a folder on her desk and spoke, “That’s an unusual name, ‘Carmen’. Are you Hispanic?”

“No,” I replied, “Is there anything wrong with being Hispanic? My mother’s favorite opera was Carmen, and she named me after the heroine.”

“Just wondering,” she said. “Carmen is a lovely name…and you’re a lovely woman.”

I didn’t know what to say because a remark like that is not the usual thing in a job interview.

I almost said how much she turned me on, how much I wanted to lick her pussy, or how much I wanted to explore her tits, before she continued. But I kept those thoughts to myself.

She said, “Let’s get back to the interview. Tell me more about your job experience.”

As we went through the usual crap about my previous jobs and education, I stared at her boobs. I had visions of kissing all around her breasts, then licking and sucking on her nipples. I was lost in those erotic thoughts until she glanced at her wrist watch and said, “It’s getting late, Carmen. I have to get home for a Special Delivery that I’m expecting. Can you come with me in a cab to my place, where we’ll continue the interview? The cab fare and dinner after the interview are on me.”

I stared at her. What the hell was on her mind? Did she want me as much as I wanted her? I had nothing else planned that evening and told her I was izmit rus escort available. We caught a cab outside the building and headed for her brownstone in Greenwich Village. As usual, the backseat of the cab was cramped. Her skirt was pulled back enough to show lots of leg. I must have been horny as hell, because I had visions of kneeling down in front of her and kissing along her widespread thighs, all the way to her sweet pussy. I was oblivious to the traffic until the cab pulled up her place and she paid the cab driver.

She unlocked the door to the brownstone, saying ,”The maid is off tonight. We won’ t be interrupted during the interview. Come right in, Carmen.”

I followed her in. Then she turned on the lights. It’s a fabulous layout, with expensive furniture in the living room. I could see the kitchen, through an archway, and there was a door to another room on the first floor. A stairway led upward to what was probably a bedroom. It smelled of money and power.

She turned to me. “Let’s continue with the interview. Afterwards, we can relax together.”

I nodded that it was OK with me that we continue, and then ‘relax together’. I hoped that she meant sex by that. I had an urge to throw her down and jump her, although she’s bigger than me. I’m not usually that aggressive, but I could almost taste and smell her sex.

“Come into the office,” she said, and opened the door I’d spotted earlier. I followed her into an office equipped with a desk, several file cabinets, and two chairs – one behind the desk, and one alongside the desk.

“Take a seat,” she said, waving to the chair beside the desk, and sitting down behind the desk.

She pulled my job application from her briefcase and read it while I fidgeted in my chair. I wanted to come over to her and play with her tits and pussy so much that I could barely control myself.

She looked at me, as if she knew what I was thinking. My pussy started to get wet. Then she spoke.

“I’m very impressed with your background. Do you have any questions for me?”

I wanted to ask if she liked to have her pussy licked, or was into spanking – my favorite activity. But what I said was, “Do you think there will be some duties beyond the usual forty-hour week? I’m available, if that’s what you want.”

She arose. “Yes, there will be extra duties, you little slut. I had you figured out when you came to see me this afternoon. Follow me upstairs!”

She turned, left her office, and walked over the staircase to the bedroom, without looking back to see if I was izmit escort following her. Of course, I was following her. I had no other choice. When a dominant woman like her tells me what to do, I have to obey. That’s the way I’ve always been. And she realized that the first time we met, during the job interview in her office.

At the top of the stairs, I remembered something she’d said earlier. “What about the Special Delivery you were expecting?”

She laughed. “Carmen, YOU are my Special Delivery. Get your clothes off!”

I stripped for her, very slowly. When I was naked, she started to embrace me. But I stepped back, saying, “My turn first. Take your clothes off. I want to taste your tits and cunt so much that it’s driving me crazy.”

She was obviously surprised. But then she said, “You’re a greedy bitch. I like that. I want you to eat me!” She took her clothes off. There were now two naked women facing each other, an older lady with a big tits and ass, and a younger slim woman.

I led her over to the bed, now in command. She followed. She lay down on the bed, and I joined her. I kissed all around her lovely tits and then licked her nipples and sucked on them until she started to breathe real hard. Then I shifted focus to her pussy. “Spread wide for me,” I said. She did as I commanded, moving her legs so far apart that her pussy was completely exposed. She grabbed me real hard as I ate her. Her cunt was delicious! After she came, I held her until she relaxed. It was a marvelous feeling to lie there, side by side with a lover, after great sex.

I fell asleep until she poked me with her hand. “What time is it?” I asked.

“It’s three o’clock in the morning,” she said. “Time to get up.”

“What for?” I asked, half asleep. “It’s too early for anything.”

“Never too early for a spanking,” she said. “Get over my lap, you little slut!”

She was sitting up in bed, I discovered, waiting for me to lie across her lap.

I draped myself over her lap, and she started to spank my bare ass with her hand. At first, she didn’t smack me very hard. I wasn’t really hurting and started to tell her that. But then she turned on the heat, spanking me very hard.

I had to say something. “Please stop, Gale.” She answered me. “Call me ‘Mistress’ and I’ll stop.

“Please stop,. Mistress!”

“That’s much better. There’s something I want to show you.”

I watched as she took something out of dresser drawer, put in on, and faced me.

It was a strap-on! I’d never used one but knew how they worked. Gale’s strap-on consists of kocaeli escort a large flesh-colored latex cock, mounted in a black leather harness that fits low around her hips.

She came close to the bed. “Suck me off, you little slut!”

I was confused and asked,” Suck your cock? I don’t understand/”

“You’ve sucked a cock before, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress, I’ve sucked cocks, but always it was with guys.”

“Just do it,” she said “suck me off!”.

I licked along the length of the cock, then put it in my mouth, and sucked on it.

Amazing, it didn’t matter that it was a latex cock and my lover was a woman, rather than a man. It was the most erotic moment of my life, so far.

She looked down at me. “That’s enough you little cocksucker! Get on your back, beside me on the bed, and spread your legs for me.”

I spread my legs for her, but before she used the dildo on me, Gale reached down, touched my sex, and moved her hand around my pussy. My heart pounded when she did that.

She looked closely at the tip of the strap-on. “You’ve done such a good job of sucking my cock that I won’t have to use lube. Spread wider, I’m going to fuck you!”

She put the tip of the strap-on at the entrance to my pussy and pushed it in, slowly and not too deep at first. Then she increased the depth and force of penetration on each push into my pussy. It was like heaven, dyke heaven!

She fucked me better than any man had ever done before!

“How was that?” she whispered.

“Marvelous Mistress!”

“Here’s more for you, slut,” she said, and fucked me again.

That went on until I was a quivering combination of pain and sexual excitement.

Finally, she was done with me. Gale whispered, “You were great. Now go to sleep.” Then she kissed me on the lips.

I fell back to sleep.

In the morning, I realized that she was already awake and dressed, sitting on a chair next to the bed.

She looked at her wrist watch. “I have a very important appointment now. You’ll have to go home. I’ll call a cab for you. Get dressed.”

As I waited downstairs for the cab, she came down to the parlor. She’s truly a beautiful older woman. Then she spoke.

“You will report to work every weekday at eight o’clock in the morning. Nobody at the office will know that you come to my home whenever I demand your presence. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She added one more command: “Go home and dream of me, slut.”

That was an easy command to follow. I’ve been her submissive slut ever since, grateful for the gift of her dominance and sexual appetites.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Copyright 2005 by Lesly Sloan. This story may not be distributed or copied without the express permission of the author. Comments are welcome.

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Jenny Loves “Arse”

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I didn’t want to wind up like my sister, going to our local community college and residing at home. With our mom and pop looking over our shoulders all the time, living with them was not exactly a pleasant experience for a young woman. Though at nineteen and twenty-one respectively, me and my sister Lynn certainly regarded ourselves as two young women, mom and dad couldn’t stop thinking of us as their little girls, girls who had to be watched and told what to do every minute of the day.

What a drag!

So I had vowed that wouldn’t happen to me, staying at the old homestead. I could’ve gone to college locally and lived at home, like my sister, but, instead, I applied to and got into a university out-of-state. My folks disapproved and told me they wouldn’t help with the tuition or living expenses. So I decided to spend the year after high school working at two, sometimes, three jobs, and saving my money. Then I’d go to college wherever I wanted, even if I began my freshman year late, at nineteen. Plus, I got myself a scholarship.

In a week I was due to fly two thousand miles, to the East Coast, and begin school. Naturally, I was thrilled. Two thousand miles between me and dear old mom and dad! It was sheer heaven to think about it.

“I feel so good for you, sis,” Lynn said, hugging me, happy that I had chosen this path, a path she herself couldn’t muster the means to attempt. “You’re so lucky, getting away from here, getting away from them-“

“I know,” I said, squeezing my sister’s hand. I loved her dearly and we were always there for each other. Sometimes we wondered whether we had been adopted, the two of us a couple of live wire and very red-blooded American women, while our parents were the very picture of gloom and spite and envy and suspiciousness.

“You’ll have to come visit me whenever you can,” I told her. “Who knows, maybe next year you can transfer or something.”

“I don’t think so,” she said, sadly shaking her head. “It’s too late for that. I’ll just stay here and finish up. Then, when I get my degree and get a job I can finally get away from this shithole.”

Now my sister looked at me and that look told me there was something else on her mind.

“Listen, sis,” she said, leaning close, almost whispering, even though there was no one in the house but the two of us. “I want to tell you something. I’m going to have Jimmy come over and spend the night with me. So when mom and dad get back be careful not to say anything about him being over here, okay?”

Lynn’s boyfriend Jimmy lived at home too, with his mom and his sister and her two babies. So it wasn’t too much fun for Lynn to go over there either.

Now our mom and dad hardly every went anywhere, and were almost always at home, but through some kind of raffle or something they won a trip to Las Vegas. So we knew they’d be away from the house for the rest of the weekend, the first time in a very, very long time they’d both been away together.

“Oh mum’s the word, I won’t say a thing,” I said, reassuring my sister, secretly thrilled that she’d have her boyfriend over for the night and be spending the night screwing him right next door, right next to my room. Jimmy was this really sexy guy too. Lynn had been seeing him for a couple of months now and she had told me more than once that he was a really hot lover. She got off describing him and their lovemaking in detail, and I, of course, encouraged her. She’d tell me how they did it and what his cock was like, that kind of stuff. My sister could sense how hearing all that really turned me on, and she got a charge out of that, out of exciting me with her descriptions.

“Listen,” she said, leaning even closer, smiling conspiratorially. “You know, after we go to my room tonight, I’ll leave the door cracked open. So if you want, you can tip-toe over and sneak a peek at what we’re doing.”

I gulped when she said that. I had once told her, after hearing a long and detailed account of how Jimmy had fucked her up the ass one time, that it would’ve really flipped me out to watch them do it that way, or any other way. She smiled wickedly then, loving to hear how charged up I had become by the idea of watching her and sexy Jimmy making it. And now, here she was, telling me I could get to do exactly that!

They had gone out to see a movie and I waited anxiously for them to get back, counting the hours, the minutes after I knew the movie had ended and they were on their way home. I was in my room in bed, wearing a nightgown. I tried to read but I couldn’t keep my mind on anything but the thought that, if everything worked out, I’d be getting to watch my sister do the nasty with her horny boyfriend. Lynn and me talked about sex all the time; we were a little sex-crazy, you could say. Two years older than me, she was considerably more experienced. So I’d listen to her stories and her observations and, of course, shared my own with her, since I’d become pretty active in the sex department myself of late.

They say it’s mainly guys who get really turned by the visual side of sex, who like flipping through dirty magazines or watching porno films. But I guess I must be an exception. Once izmit escort I caught my mom and dad making it, which wasn’t exactly an exciting sight. But I love going through sex mags or watching hot, nasty tapes, stuff like that. So naturally, the prospect of seeing my sister actually do it in the flesh was incredibly exciting to me.

A few minutes later I could hear the door open and knew they were finally home. My heart started thumping in my chest as I heard them walk upstairs, past my room, to my sister’s. I had made sure to turn off the lights so Jimmy’d think I was asleep. The way my sister put it to me, about my sneaking over on tip toes, I figured she didn’t say anything to Jimmy about having her sister watch them. Although I knew that horny bastard would love it! Lynn probably figured that’d be going a little too far, having her sister openly watch her and her boyfriend doing the deed.

They went into her room and then I heard my sister’s footsteps as she left and walked into my room, coming up to my bed and whispering.

“Wait about five minutes till we get our clothes off, okay?” she said.

So I waited, staring at the illuminated dial of my clock, counting off the seconds. And then I got out of bed, quiet as a church mouse, and walked out into the hallway, towards Lynn’s room. The light was on and I tip-toed over so I could peek in. Lynn had made sure to leave the door half-way open.

There was my sister, completely naked already, unbuckling and tugging down Jimmy’s pants.

“We gonna leave the lights on?” Jimmy asked.

“Yeah,” my sister said. “Let’s leave them on tonight so we can see, I want to get a good look at that big cock of yours, Jimmy, while I suck on it.”

He smirked, loving it. Some guys expect the lights to go off right away, but a lot of women like to leave the lights on, a least a little, so they can see the guy they’re doing it with.

Suddenly there it was, his cock, fully erect, and as big as my sister had always claimed it was. I was so excited I was afraid the two of them could hear my heart beating in my chest.

“Oh yeah, I want to taste some of this now,” my sister said, twisting Jimmy’s rigid penis in her hand.

“Gosh, Lynn,” Jimmy said. “You’re a real talker tonight, let’s not wake up your sister.”

I knew she was doing it for my benefit, talking like that.

“Oh, don’t worry about her, she sleeps like a rock,” Lynn said as she leaned down to wrap her lips around Jimmy’s cock, quickly glancing at the door, seeing me there and winking, her mouth stuffed with his meaty shaft.

Now I just stood there, frozen, as I watched my sister give Jimmy a vivid, sloppy blow job. And she made sure that his cock and her face were positioned so that I’d have a perfect view, so nothing would be obscured.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck it down!” Jimmy growled, pushing her head down on it, thrusting forward, fucking her mouth. I’d seen plenty of blow jobs in porn tapes me and my friends had rented, but nothing came close to this. My sister was really going at it like a pro, and Jimmy couldn’t get enough.

“How about I get on top tonight?” my sister asked Jimmy.

“Yeah, sure,” he said, spreading himself out on her bed, on his back. Now I watched as she straddled his body. My sister is tall, taller than me, and lanky, with a great figure. So now I was staring at her back, watching her reach down to take hold of Jimmy’s cock, working it into her pussy, sinking down on it, impaling herself. I love to do it like that myself, getting on top of a guy, riding him.

I gazed straight ahead as my sister fucked the shit out of Jimmy, rocking up and down on his thick pole, twisting her pelvis, really doing it. It was partly for my benefit, she knew I was watching. But I also was well aware that my sister was a hot one. This was the first time I’d seen my sister fuck Jimmy, or anyone else for that matter. But I’d heard her fuck before, another time when my folks were away. And I could still remember all her howls and groans. Yeah, good old Lynn was a freak for hot, raw sex! Just like me!

I stared at the gorgeous sight of Jimmy’s straight, hard cock sinking into my sister’s cunt, her buns shaking from his rugged thrusts deep into her body. God! This was making me so hot! I couldn’t help myself now, lifting up my nightgown and bringing my other hand between my legs where I was wet as a swamp. I reached right for my clit, swollen now, as big and round as a pea, as hard as a marble.

Suddenly my sister turned her head to look back at me, smiling broadly as she saw me masturbate to the sight of her getting fucked. For a moment I felt a little exposed and embarrassed, having her see me fingering myself like this, but then I figured that’s what my sister would expect and want to see, me getting all charged up by the sight of her making love. Lynn always claimed she had a powerful exhibitionistic streak.

Now I just watched, spellbound, as my sister took her time fucking Jimmy in this most perfect of positions. At least perfect from my point of view, the observer’s.

“Hey Jimmy? How about you do it to my ass now?” I heard her say, as my heart skipped a beat.

“Sure, izmit escort bayan baby,” he said, and he started to push her off so they could shift into position for that.

“No,” she said, “This time, let’s try it another way. Let me stay on top. Go on and fuck my ass with me on top of it, okay baby?”

“Yeah, cool,” Jimmy said, loving it all.

I was astounded. I’d heard my sister talk about getting her ass fucked and how much she loved doing that. Jimmy had just done it to her for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I knew, but I guess it had become a part of their repertoire already — I myself was still a virgin in that particular department.

Now, thrilled beyond belief at what I was about to witness, I watched my sister reach over to her purse and pull out a tube of something. In the dim light I could see her squeeze the lubricant onto her fingertips, then reach back and slap it between her buns, Jimmy’s cock all the while still pumping up into her cunt.

“Okay, I’m ready for you,” she said, lifting herself off of Jimmy, freeing his cock from the grip of her cunt, but immediately reaching back and taking hold of it, working it back an inch. I knew at least one reason my sister felt like getting her butt fucked in this position tonight. That way she’d be pretty sure I’d have a perfect view!

And I sure did as, my jaw now hanging slack in awe, I watched her impale her lubed asshole on Jimmy’s cock. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Here I was, watching my sister get fucked right up the ass!

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass, Jimmy, fuck it hard!” she gasped, partly for my benefit again, I knew. She even reached back now to spread open her buns and touch his cock as it entered and filled her butt. And that, too, I knew she was partly doing for my viewing pleasure as well. I stared, mesmerized, watching Jimmy’s beautiful, thick cock busting open my sister’s asshole, disappearing into her bottom.

“Oh yeah, Jimmy, yeah!” she cried out now as she moved her hand back in front. I had been real curious when she first told me about it, when she said that whenever she gets her ass fucked she uses her own fingers to work on her pussy. Which is what she was doing now.

And there was someone else here too, standing in the doorway, working on her pussy!

Now I could hear Jimmy begin to growl and moan and then when he slammed it all the way into her ass with one savage thrust, burying the full length in her rectum, I knew he had just unloaded, spraying his spunk deep into my sister’s bottom. Just the thought of it made me swoon. And her too, because moments later she was panting and howling, her whole body shaking and twitching as she got herself off.

With one more flicker of a finger I could’ve gotten myself off too, but I held back. I wanted to return to my own bed now, to vividly re-live all this in my mind, what I’d just witnessed. And with those beautiful images swirling in my feverish, erotically-charged brain, I’d rub my pussy until it was raw, holding back until I was ready to explode in one shattering, volcanic orgasm — the kind that would leave my body numb, and let me sleep the dreamiest of sleeps!

A few weeks later I was ready to pack up and head East to begin my Freshman year in college. My parents had finally adjusted to my decision, although they never relished the idea of independence for any of their children, even my two brothers who were both pushing thirty. That’s just the way mom and dad were. But this would never be a concern of mine again. That, I knew for sure. I was going away to college. I intended to support myself fully from this point on, even if it meant I had to drop out for a semester here and there to work and save up tuition money. But I knew that from the moment I got on that plane and headed for my new home, a college campus, I’d be free!

I was a little concerned that, at nineteen, I’d be a year or more older than most of the other Freshman, but that should really be no big problem. After all, there were all those upperclassmen around and I could mix with them, especially the guys!

My main worry now was who my roommate would be. As a Freshman you don’t know anyone on campus yet so obviously you can’t choose your roommate, the college chooses one for you. Since I was aware that the rooms in the Freshman dorm were pretty small and that day-to-day life there would be at close quarters and intimate, I only hoped that my roommate would be someone I’d get along with. I’d heard horror stories from friends who’d already started college about how awful some of their roommates were, and how that could make your first year in college a real nightmare.

So when I finally arrived at the airport, got a cab, and headed for campus, I was naturally a little apprehensive,

I had the cab drop me off at my dorm. I’d already visited the campus when I first learned I was admitted, so I was pretty familiar with the layout. Now I headed for my assigned dorm room and immediately saw that there was someone already inside, my new roommate.

“Hello,” she said with a big, warm, cheerful smile the second she saw me. “I’m Fiona, your izmit sınırsız escort roommate. And you must be Jenny?”

“Yeah,” I said, shaking hands. “Fiona? Is that an English name?”

I had already detected that she wasn’t American, but probably British, or maybe Australian or South African.

“No, South African,” she said. “I’m from Johannesburg.”

Right away I liked her. Not only did she give off this direct, warm vibe, but I was thrilled I would be rooming with someone from overseas and not just another boring co-ed from Podunkville or somewhere like that. She was a lovely young thing too, all lithe and graceful and, I could sense, rather sophisticated. She did, after all, say she was from Johannesburg which I had heard was a pretty cosmopolitan city.

“I’ve always wanted to live in America, so after going to boarding school in England and taking my A-levels, I decided I’d go to college here in the States. You’ll have to be my guide Jenny, my guide to all things American.”

“I’ll do my best,” I said, deeply relieved, delighted that my new roommate seemed so nice, and so interesting. And, framkly, so lovely to look at.

And then there’s something else I have to admit now. I myself am bi-sexual. I’m as attracted to females as I am to males. So naturally I thought about what it would mean sharing close quarters — a single, modest-sized room — with another female. Now with Fiona being as lovely as she was, mixed feelings swelled up within me. If my roommate had been the sort who didn’t turn me on at all, none of this would be an issue. And, in a way, I hoped that would’ve been the case. But part of me also longed for a roommate who was cute, someone I could fantasize about a little. If it turned out she was straight, I’d just keep my fantasies to myself. If it turned out she was bi, like me, then we could be fully open with each other and share our feelings. And then of course there was that third possibility, that we’d become more than just roommates. That we’d find occasional solace and pleasure and intimacy with each other. I was, however, wary of having a confirmed lesbian for a roommate. I’ve known a few hardcore lesbians. They sometimes have a difficult time with bi-sexual women like me, and vice-versa. But I was pretty sure that Fiona was no lesbian and figured that, like most young women her age, she was probably straight. When I noticed a photo of a guy pinned to the wall above her bed that only confirmed my hunch.

Anyway, Fiona and I got along just swell, and the first weeks of our Freshman year, and the adjustments which that entailed, were made easier by having each other’s company. I, in particular, helped to smooth the way for Fiona, filling her in on the quirks of American student life, and the culture of co-eds.

I had brought just a few clothes with me to campus, and so one day, a few weeks after I arrived, I had gone out shopping for some items I needed.

“What’ve you got there?” Fiona asked, seeing me bringing in a bag from one of our favorite clothing stores. We’d gone shopping there together a few times already.

“Oh, I just bought myself some new underwear,” I said, “They were having a sale down at Scott’s, so I picked up a bra and a couple of pairs of panties.”

“Let’s have a look,” Fiona asked, eager to see my purchases. Fiona was a real clothes hound and subscribed to several fashion rags.

“Well, I’m wearing one pair right now. I put them on down at the store,” I explained, “But here’s the other pair, and the bra.”

I took out my lingerie and showed the items to Fiona. The panties were a simple pair of lilac-colored bikini briefs imported from France, and cut low at the hips. The bra matched.

“Oh, I love these!” Fiona said, picking up the panties, holding them up, feeling the fabric. “I should rush down there and get a pair just like them for myself. Did they have any more or was this the last pair?”

“I think they had several more pairs,” I told her.

“I wonder how they’d look on me?” Fiona said. She was addicted to clothes, and especially to lingerie.

“Well, why don’t you try them on and see,” I suggested. But I was being more than a generous roommate, I knew. With the feelings I’d recently felt building up for Fiona, especially since that one night when I secretly listened in to her masturbate, pretending to be asleep myself, this opportunity of having her try on a pair of my panties, having them pressed against her flesh as she tried them on, aroused me immensely.

“Could I?” she said, her big, bright eyes shining.

“Sure, go ahead,” I told her.

She pulled down her jeans and now stood there clad in her own panties, a very alluring pair of bikini briefs, too. Of course, as roommates sharing a single room we saw each other naked just about every day and took it for granted by now, neither one of us being particularly shy or modest. I had long admired Fiona’s svelte, waifish body. She had hardly any tits and her hips were only slightly rounded, but her boyish figure was nonetheless extremely sexy and feminine to me, reminding me, especially, of many of the English models who graced the pages of the fashion magazines Fiona had sent to her by her old school chums from London. Plus, she had the loveliest of faces, full lips, these big, emerald eyes, and slightly wavy blonde hair that went almost down to her waist. All in all, naked, she looked like a young Lady Godiva.

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Bachelor Party Ch. 03

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I am curled up in a ball on the couch, crying softly from pain and embarrassment. You and your groomsmen have been enjoying my body for over an hour now, and I just wish the night would end.

No, I think, no I don’t really want it to end. Did I really just think that? What have I become? Am I really a slut like they keep telling me I am?

“Hey Saul, did you see the way she sucked on the handle of that paddle? Bet that mouth sure feels good on a cock,” said Tim, as he looked at me greedily.

“Oh hell yeah, it sure does,” you say. “In fact, that’s a good idea, let’s have a go at it.”

I whimper in protest, but it is to no avail. You grab my arms and stand me up, moving me into the guest bedroom as everyone follows. You take me to the middle of the room and instruct me to kneel. I do as I am told, waiting for the inevitable.

“Here is how this is going to work,” you say. “Allysa here has self-esteem issues when it comes to sucking cock.” I am ashamed to hear you tell all these guys about this.

“She doesn’t think she is any good at it, so she doesn’t do it very often. I want you all to help me prove to her that she is wrong about this. So all five of us will take turns with her lovely mouth. I am the only one who is allowed to come in her mouth, though. The rest of you can make use of any other part of her body you want, just not inside of her.

“Oh, and as a reward for all of her efforts, the next person in line will go down on her while she is sucking off the person ahead of them. Got it?” All of the guys nod excitedly, and Tim steps up to my mouth first.

“Ready for this?” he says to me. I nod, but he wants more. He grabs my hair and yells at me, “Answer beylikdüzü escort me, bitch!”

“Yes, I’m ready,” I reply timidly.

“That’s better,” he says, and instructs me to unzip his pants and remove his cock. It springs forward, already quite hard, and he moves it toward my mouth. Faced with no other option, I open my mouth and cautiously take him into it. I begin to suck on it, using my tongue all around the head.

Just then I feel hands at my thighs, moving them apart. A head slides in between my legs, and Jake begins to lick my wet pussy. I moan into Tim’s cock, and he moans in reply. Jake’s tongue is fucking me as far inside as he can, and my head moves faster on Tim’s cock. Before I realize what is happening, he pulls out of my mouth and squirts his cum all over my chest.

“God, that was good,” he says, then steps aside as Jake crawls out from underneath me and steps in front of me.

Again I unzip his pants and pull out his cock. I stick out my tongue and lick all around his cock, from the back to the front, then take it into my mouth. Again I feel a head slide under me as Don takes his place on my pussy. Jake grabs my hands and leads them to his ass, instructing me to grab it while I suck.

Don’s tongue laps at me like a hungry dog as I bob my head on Jake’s rod. My tongue teases him as Don’s tongue teases me. Don begins to lick my clit, then all of a sudden bites it. I scream into Jake’s cock, and it doesn’t take much longer before I feel him pulling out of my mouth and emptying himself on my face.

“Here, let me help you with that,” he says, as he grabs a handful of my hair and wipes his mess off my face with my own hair, laughing at escort beylikdüzü my humiliation.

Don slips out from under me and come around to my head. I move to unzip his pants and he stops me. “With your teeth, slut,” he growls at me, and I do as instructed, with much difficulty. He is bigger than the last two guys, about the same as you, and I pause momentarily before bringing my mouth to his dick.

He does not like my hesitation and grabs the back of my head, forcing his cock into my mouth. I gag in response until I am able to accustom myself to the unexpected intrusion. He does not let go of my head and controls the pace of my face fucking as he wants it.

Mark’s head finds its way below me and his tongue to my wetness. He circles my clit gently, in great contrast to the force with which my mouth is being treated. I am moaning at his pleasuring of me and Don begins to pick up the pace in my mouth. He is pushing my mouth further and further down on his cock, hitting the back of my throat with each thrust.

“You are GOING to deep throat me, bitch, so just get used to it.” Fear rises up in me, as I have never been able to deep throat you, until the fear is drowned out by the amazing goodness of feeling on my clit.

Don continues to shove my mouth further onto him, until I feel my throat expanding to accommodate his cock there. I gag slightly, but manage to relax enough to stifle the feeling. Mark is licking my slit for all he is worth, occasionally sucking it into his mouth, causing me to moan even more. Finally Don pulls out and empties himself all over my stomach and breasts.

I take gulps of air that i wasn’t able to take easily with Don in my mouth, beylikduzu escort while Mark comes around in front of me and you take your place beneath me. I am completely aroused by all of this, and eagerly unzip Mark’s pants and take his cock into my mouth. I swirl my tongue all over the tip of it as I feel your tongue swirling my clit.

You begin to suck my clit as I begin to suck Mark’s cock. Suddenly I begin to feel hot and realize that I am on the verge of coming. You continue to work your magic on my clit and I suddenly come all over your face, screaming into Mark’s cock and flooding you with my juices. You greedily drink them all in, and before long I feel Mark pulling out of my mouth. He shoves my head down and shoots his cum all over my back and ass.

I regain my composure as you come around to stand in front of me. Tim takes his place, but instead of his tongue on my pussy, I feel it on my asshole. I moan, knowing the pleasures of a tongue there. You unzip your pants, and free your cock, then lift my chin so that I will look at you. “Do you still doubt yourself?” you ask me gently.

“I suppose not,” I say, and you smile down at me. You place the head of it at my mouth, and I stick out my tongue to lick it, looking up at you and teasing you. All the while I feel Tim’s tongue on my asshole, probing and teasing me there. I am in heaven. I am sucking off the man that I love while one of his friends pleasures my asshole and the rest watch.

I continue to suck on your cock, using my tongue as much as possible because I know you like it. I increase my speed as Tim’s tongue fucks my ass. I hear you moaning, and I know you are close. Just then you explode in my mouth, and I am careful to swallow all of it down.

I continue to suck gently on your cock until you pull out, unable to handle any more sensation. Tim crawls out from under me and I sit down on the floor. I look up at you, wondering what you have in store for me next…

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This is a true story to the best of my recollection. Be gentle, this too is my first time at writing a story. Names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty.


I had made it to 48 without a mid-life crisis event. No mistress, sports car, or job self-destruction. But there was a dawning realization that in all likelihood I was half done. There were regrets although by every stretch I had been very successful in life up to this point. And for some reason I focused my regrets on my sex life and what I hadn’t done.

I was a 22 year old virgin when I met my wife and she was the only woman I had ever slept with. But had a secret too that I had never told anyone. When I was a shy, naive, and innocent 18 year old I had been borderline molested by a male friend of my grandmothers.

I’m not sure if that’s what triggered what transpired but it certainly factored in where my head was.

Thirty Years Earlier

I was staying with her that summer and one of her friends hung around and drank beer on her porch during that summer. George would stay a month at a time in his trailer parked at her place and then go back and captain a fishing boat for a while. I was lonely and knew almost nobody in the small town. They’d let me drink beer and he had a bunch of penthouses and hustlers that I’d read and whack off to.

One day she was busy making something in her tiny house that was pretty much a bedroom, sitting area, and kitchen and I was dead tired as teenagers often are. My bed was her couch and with all the noise I kept on getting woken up. George finally said “Go crash in the trailer. It’s a lot quieter there” so I did.

It was kind of hot out on the metal trailer but I pulled off my shirt, socks and shoes and tried to sleep as best I could. I dozed in that way you do when it’s just too hot but didn’t hear George enter the trailer. My first realization was when I felt him grab my package and unbutton my jeans. He tugged them down in one motion underwear and all.

Now at this stage in my life I thing I was perpetually hard. Often so much it hurt and wouldn’t go down. And I had a huge erection at that moment and I’m sure it looked even bigger on my skinny 150 pound frame. It slapped my stomach when the pants came off and George reached down and stroked it with a big hand. My hips came off the bed with the sensation and he used the opportunity to kneel down at the edge of the low bed and take me all the way into his mouth.

He sucked at it powerfully and I was both groggy from waking up but my whole being was focused on the guy sucking my dick.

Now I was so naive that I knew vaguely of blowjobs that girls gave but I had no clue about gay sex and what was even done. I guess I knew they sucked each other but much more than that was a mystery. The fact I had a man actually sucking on me sort of blew my mind and I felt guilt but my legs were also twisting in a rictus against the bottom the bed as the new sensations hit.

I might have lasted a couple minutes tops and arched and shot into his mouth. George didn’t spit or anything so he must have just swallowed what was my large teenage load. He nudged me over and lay next to me after taking off his pants.

“Touch it” he said and grabbed my left hand and put it on him. It was warm and soft but it was the first cock I had ever touched at that point. “Shake it.”

I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I didn’t jerk off that way but apparently it worked for him. I shook him until my hand grew tired and he finally came and used a t-shirt to wipe off with. He dressed and I dressed and nothing more was said.

I was in shock at that point I think. That an overwhelming guilt. The next day I had a spot on my cock that was almost raw because he had sucked so hard and it hurt when it touched my clothes. I didn’t know what to do and just tried to hide it and walk normally.

I’m not sure what he said to my grandmother who still seems like she was unaware to his nature but I found myself staying in his trailer that next night. I knew what was coming but quickly faked going to sleep on the separate bed.

I laid on my side, facing the couch cushion figuring I could protect my sore cock and give him little opportunity but I know now that he was excited at his new plaything. Pretending to sleep I heard him move over towards me and then he attempted to roll me on my back.

The idea I had at the time was that by going rigid and not turning over he couldn’t touch my sore cock. I was horribly naive of course and didn’t realize that sodomy was another option if I would roll over. I rolled on my belly and went rigid and I’m pretty sure by then he knew I wasn’t asleep. He tried a few times to roll me over before grabbing the waistband and pulling the underwear I slept in over my bare bubble butt.

I had no clue at the time but I had one of those very round asses that combined with my slim but tall frame probably drove gay guys wild. beylikdüzü escort Perky, round, with very little fat but a naturally curved shape. I resisted turning over again and after a couple of tries the couch sagged with his weight as he straddle my thighs and I could feel his hard, warm member rest in the crack of my ass.

He rubbed it up and down the crease several times before getting up and then coming back. There was a cool, slippery squirt of hand lotion in my crack and he rubbed it in with his cock. Thinking back he was probably tempted to sodomize me but was afraid I’d make noise and fight it. I hadn’t said no but hadn’t cooperated entirely and being outed for that in a small town at that time might have at minimum gotten a beating from some of the local lumberjacks or police. Being gay in that setting simply wasn’t acceptable.

His finger slipped down up and down and felt my anus. It rubbed in the lotion and he tested the entrance. The initial penetration made me try to squirm away but he was sitting on my legs. That continued for several minutes but I think the uncertainty saved my virginity that day.

More lube got rubbed into my crack and he rubbed his cock up and down between my cheeks rapidly. The creased bubble half contained him and he picked up speed until there was suddenly a gasp and wet liquid spattering from anus to lower back as he came. A t-shirt wiped it from my body and he left me alone, underwear still pulled down to mid-thigh and slick residue still in my crease. I pulled them up ashamedly and went to sleep for real then.

That was our last physical contact. I was guilty and ashamed and he was worried I’m sure. He bought me little gifts that I accepted but wouldn’t let him be alone with me. He was worried I’d tell I’m sure but one time he whispered to me that next I should suck him like he had sucked me. That it was only fair. I didn’t say anything and the lack of acquiescence probably scared him off. A week later I went home.

George tried one more time to get me alone a couple of years later but my visit was brief and the opportunity never arose. About five years later he was dead from cancer and I figured I’d let it die with him.

Thirty Years Later

So here I was a 48 and I was thinking about my lack of experiences. What if I had let George continue? Sucking his cock and letting him put it up my ass. God help me I regretted the missed opportunity. This was pre-AIDS and the idea of having a man sodomize and fill up my rectum with his semen was somehow appealing now. And it wasn’t something I would let anyone do now because of fear of diseases that had since spread.

Being used and dominated was so foreign to my current role of husband, father, and business leader. Where everyone looked to me to lead and the constant pressure to do so sometimes felt overwhelming. Yet that’s what I wanted and it became an obsession. I’d fall asleep every night with the idea of being bent over and violated thoroughly. The cum leaking out of my dilated anus and sliding down my ball sack afterwards. Sucking that cock hard again and letting it spit cum into my mouth and on my face like a porn star. Like a whore covered in shame and guilt.

So I made secret accounts on a tablet. One that was non obvious and password protected. GPS and any other identifying items except IP address were turned off. I used my photography skills to take better than average pictures and tried to write a profile that would attract guys. I wanted them to lust after me, try to seduce me, and in the end take me. I wanted to be slut for it.

Most of them didn’t get it but a few did. The verbal jousting and understanding seduction went a long ways. I also had problems getting away for a couple of hours as well as having the time to clean out before hand. That winnowed the field more because most wanted to get their rocks off now.

Then Steve started saying the right things. A divorced father of one in his early fifties with his own apartment. He lived 10 minutes away but we didn’t run in any of the same circles thankfully. I had a Sunday morning free and set it up.

I was nervous as hell but cleaned out in silence while my wife slept. Followed it up by shooting two plungers of lube up my hole. I wanted to be lubed up like crazy because I wasn’t sure I could take a cock and my own was fat enough that I doubted I could take anything similar without a lot of work. I wasn’t sure how I compared either and his pictures didn’t give me a lot of clue. I knew I was slightly about average at 6.5 inches long but it’s 2.25 inches in diameter. The fattest dildo I had ever managed was 1.5 wide and that was a struggle requiring much time and lube.

As I drove to his apartment I could feel the wetness between my ass cheeks. I was really doing it. I was going to let a stranger fuck me and use me. I pulled the hoodie up as I walked the halls. No reason to let any cameras get a good look.

There was the beylikduzu escort number. I knocked twice, worried that the noise at that early hour would be too loud. There was a pause and I head the deadbolt move. It cracked. “Steve” I said. He opened the door and let me inside closing it.

He wasn’t handsome. Sort of thick and hairy with a porn star mustache and a slightly feminine voice. I really didn’t care. My thirst for cock didn’t care about aesthetics like it did women. Frankly I wouldn’t turn down anybody who looked clean. I just didn’t care.

With the door closed he pulled me in for a kiss. Which was sort of strange for me but I really wanted it to be good for him so I went along. We made out for a minute and then I wanted to see what he had. See another man’s cock that had me hard in my pants.

It was almost an out of body experience. I found myself on my knees pulling an absolute stranger’s cock from his underwear. Something I didn’t have any frame of reference on because porn stars are usually not average sized. It was rock hard, hot but thinner than my own cock which was probably a good thing.

Now as a drunken teenager stripped down in front of friends I heard one of them describe my own as a “horse cock.” Fat at about 2 and a quarter inches in diameter, I wouldn’t have wanted to try my own cock up my ass the first time as too thick. Lengthwise it was almost seven inches but was a solid mass of meat and apparently beautiful to other guys who were into that.

I gave a little thanks at that moment and had that strangers cock in my mouth with no hesitation. I was here to debauch myself and at that moment I was a no doubt cocksucker. A cocksucker I thought and tried to bury my nose in his curly pubes. I couldn’t do it with my small mouth.

I can’t say I was good at it either. A small mouth and strong gag reflex meant I bobbed there sucking for only a couple of minutes. He tugged me up and led me to his bedroom where he began taking off my clothes. I soon stood there just black boxer briefs that he tugged over my bobbing erection and then grasped it and pulled me onto the bed.

Sitting back on the bed and leaning back against the wall he said “beautiful cock” and pulled me into his mouth. He was good and the pent up cum started to move faster than I expected and wanted. I pulled out worrying that cumming might cause me to lose the will to go through with it. I had been waiting so long to be used and didn’t want to chicken out. There was a small spurt but he pooh poohed it and had me lay face down on his bed.

I absolutely give him credit for knowing how to loosen up a virgin ass. The Jergens came out and he massaged my back and ass for several minutes before concentrating on my ass. His hands split my cheeks and I looked back to see his face embed itself in my ass and his wet tongue rimmed my hole. I groaned and he continued a little while before pulling away and starting a finger in my hole.

It plunged and massaged with great ease and relaxed quickly. A second finger followed and they smoothly slid in and out through the band of muscle. Like nothing I’ve felt before and since. Then he pulled them out. I was apparently ready.

He rolled me on my side, knees up and ass towards the edge of the be and climbed off the bed himself. Grabbing my hips he tugged me to the very edge and pulled my cheek wide. I could feel him pressing down there and his hips pushed forward. He had loosened me enough that he just punched in. It didn’t hurt except for a twinge but I realized he didn’t have a condom on.

“Dude, put on a condom.” I was pretty emphatic at he pulled out and sheathed up. He poured lotion on his stiff cock and moved behind me again. With little effort he was back in me and soon sawing back in forth.

Now the side position I’ve since found is wonderful for taking a big cock deep but as receiver there’s not much you can respond with. He continued to fuck me and I could feel him slipping through my ring but not much else.

“Can we change to on my back” I asked and he pulled out and slipped my ankles up past his shoulders. He grabbed my hips and slid me forward with ease and positioned himself. Back in he went using my hips as handles and there was a rhythmic slapping as his thighs tapped my ass. I clenched and raised my hips to meet him. I wanted to be a good fuck and have him cum in my body. I no longer had any virginity left. My mouth and ass had both had cocks in them now and bringing him off with my ass was the next goal.

I reached up and rubbed his nipples. It was something his profile said he liked and he increased the pace. Unfortunately the lube wasn’t keeping up and I asked him to put more on. “Almost there” he said and knowing the state I’ve been in before I let him continue which was a mistake. There were continued powerful strokes until he grunted and jammed in as far as he could go and came in me. With little fanfare he pulled out and tossed away the escort beylikdüzü condom before climbing back on the bed.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted at that point. It seemed to fast and the camera was unused. He hadn’t come in my mouth or on my face. I hadn’t been sodomized doggy style.

“So that was your first time?” I nodded and said yes. He took a finger and ran it up my Nordic jaw line. “You’re so fucking hot” and I felt a surge of pride. Somebody lusted after me. They were happy to have the opportunity to fuck me. I felt guilty but I wanted him to do it again. To ride me from behind like a bitch to be mounted and taken.

“Do you think you can go again?” I was in the moment and didn’t know when I would get the guts to do it or even want to.

“Give me a few minutes and lets see about getting you off.” He had me kneel by his head and sucked my hardening cock back in his mouth. He also took a big handful of lotion and rubbed it into my ass while fingerfucking me.

Again he had me close with that deep sucking mouth but I wanted the rest of the list and pulled out. I could see his cock was hard again and I climbed down and pulled the small camera out that I had brought. “I want a picture of your cock in my mouth and another with it up my ass. I showed him the button to press and crawled down between his legs.

I was looking up, tongue extended when I heard the shutter and tried to suck him deeper and better but he was rock hard so I wanted the main event. I knelt on hands and knees and reached back to spread my cheeks. “Fuck my ass like a bitch and take pictures of your cock in my ass.”

He scrambled up behind me and pushed my legs wider to lower my ass. I looked back between my legs and could see him lubing up again. I could feel the tip enter and there were shutter sounds so I pushed my ass back until there was full contact.

I groaned as this position hit some new places and moaned “fuck me like your bitch” as I grabbed my cock and started to jerk off. He used the position to grab tightly and slam fuck. The sound was louder than before because I could freely move and he had leverage. I had let my ass go by now and was face and shoulders down in his bed. There was a wave of euphoria on my part. I was really getting fucked and he was apparently into it.

I could tell he was getting close again by the speed of the thrusts. “Finish in my mouth” I begged. That was the last bucket-item. Swallowing cum and a load on my face. It took several minutes and then he tugged off the condom while moving to my front.

I inhaled him and could feel the tension rising. A hand up under his balls egging him on to finish my story. He shook and the first spurt came in before I sucked hard and pulled him out. The second hit my nose and the third and fourth hit my lips and chin. In it the whole way I saw it dribble onto the head of his cock and used my tongue to suck it off. I was a cum eating, butt-fucked cocksucker. There was no doubt and nothing I hadn’t done.

I swallowed although it still coated my mouth. Like nothing else I had ever smelled or tasted. “Take more pictures” I rasped. I wanted to capture my depravity and he indulged me. Partway in my mouth with cum droplets sticking on my unshaven face. Tongue cleaning him and licking the spots I could reach.

I was spent and took a shower before exiting and going home. There was a liquid soreness sitting in the car and I felt it every so often the rest of the day. I was really sore the next day. My hole a little raw from all the friction of cocks going out along with surprisingly my lips. My jaw also ached from having my mouth open.

I got an opportunity to look at the pictures and there were some good ones I hid deeply in my computer before formatting the SD card. It was porn star stuff with my face and body. My anus clung to his cock and pulled out with it. My face covered with white streaks of come and my mouth around his cock. A no doubt record of the receptivity of my orifices.

Steve tried to contact me more and asked about being a boyfriend despite my statement of things being NSA. I simply didn’t have time and was a little pissed off that he hadn’t used a condom until I forced the issue although he knew it was a requirement. It made me nervous too and when I asked him he avoided the question by saying he was always healthy. I got tested and lived in fear for a week until everything came up clean but resolved to not see him again.

And that satisfied me for years and the urges went away. Until now.

My regular hetero sex life has dropped off and now I’m wondering what it would be like to take a bigger cock or maybe two at once. Act like a slut and get fucked again. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. There’s a guy in a nearby city who is saying the right things and has a nicely proportioned cock that looks like it’s perfect to get reamed with. And the dreams of being spread over a pillow, ass up with that hard meat sliding through my anus and fill my rectum have started up again. This time I want to learn how to suck cock too and he says he’ll teach me. Learn how to coax a big load from his balls to land on my tongue and paint my face with it. But that will be another story.

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