Three Times the Fun in the Sun

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My God Parents own a beautiful set of villas in the Caribbean that they rent out. They and my mother talked it out and every summer since I turned ten I would the work under the Athletic Activity Director and Coordinator down there then spend a week back home with mom before heading off to school again.

With this summer being my last before college, I’m especially looking for the time away so I can forget about all the high school drama and seeing people everyday that I’m going to miss when I move. I understand that going away for the summer means I’ll miss them for a bit but I’m trying to think of this trip as a pre-college move type trip and a chance to reassure myself that I can handle myself and my life on my own. I was given the title of AADC at the end of last summer when the current announced he was moving in the fall anyhow.

The first month of summer is typically the busiest because all the parents want to get their rowdy crazy kids out and pack as much summer in as they can before they’re thrown back into that same routine for ten more months. Most everyone’s first thought is ‘beach’ so we often get the fresh-out-of-school crowd first thing. After weeks of swimming lessons for tots, of snorkeling, and reciting the ‘proper scuba safety protocols and procedures’, it’s always a little bittersweet to see the families dissipate to experience the other things the season has to offer.

Tuesday afternoon is my first desk shift of the summer where I check guests in and out, take calls for reservations, and essential perform all concierge duties. A little while after three I check in a couple, the Heathers, that are quite friendly. He appears to be in his late twenties/early thirties at most and she looks about the same, maybe a little younger. His rich brown hair had that natural wave in the front, he wore a foggy grey tee with a handsome black undershirt that match his rounded-square black hipster-type glasses and casual grey-stonewashed jeans. She very much resembled the laid-back vibe he gave off with her tan-beige slouch hat, red and gold vintage jacket with astrology symbols all over it, white tee, and torn up faded jean shorts. There are streaks of a reddish pink and of purple throughout that gave off a fairytale feel. They’re both rather attractive actually. But I figure ‘they’re married and your just another employee.

Typically, open water activities close at sunset, and, to my pleasant surprise, I check my schedule and last time slot open for the day is booked by the name Heathers. “Hey Heeeey” I hear called out and I see Mr. and Mrs. Handsome Couple. The two were scheduled to learn Paddle Boarding.


Heading back to my own villa, I hear my phone go off in my bag and see that I’ve got a new text from a number I don’t recognize, reading;

Thanks again for trying to teach my husband and to learn to PB tonight, im sure we are 2 of the clumsiest people you’ve ever seen try — Brenna H.

I chuckled as I recall the look on her face as she started to tilt and knocked both herself and her husband in the water.

Stepping inside and putting everything away for the night, I strikes me that I don’t recall giving either of them the number to my phone. Changing out of my bathing suit and shorts, I realize just how sore and tired I am, and just shrug it off as I step in the shower. After finishing and drying off, I tie up my hair in a big messy bundle, throw on my pajamas, then I’m pretty sure I fall asleep the second my head hits the pillow.

After a night of very deep sleep, I wake up the next morning feeling well rested and only mildly sore. Following breakfast, I take a warm shower and finish, wrapping myself in a towel and brushing out my caramel brown hair. Right as I finish I hear my cell phone ringing on my bed in the next room and trot over.

“Good morning, Grace. I hope I haven’t woken you” I hear from the deep voice on the other end.

“No, not at all. Ummm, who is this by the way?”

“I’m so sorry. This is Derrick and my wife, Brenna, Heather.”

“Oh hi! Good morning!”

“Thank you. Do you happen to have a particular lunch break time?”

“Yes, I have lunch around 12:30. Why do you ask?”

“B and I would like to buy your lunch today, it’s the least we can do after making you work so hard ulus escort last night.”

“That is very generous of you but–“

“No no. We insist. Why don’t we meet you at your lifeguard cabin so we can eat together? Alright?”

Before I even get a chance to respond he adds “Good. It’s settled. See you then”


At 12:15 I’m inside the shack, drying myself off the best I can before pulling on my jean shorts over my suit and slipping on my light grey sandals with the silver sparkly straps. I clock out to mark the end of my shift and hang my lanyard with my whistle on my indicated hook before putting my walkie back on the charging station and head out. Grabbing my bag, I head out, my hand over my eyes to shade them then someone calls “Hey lifeguard lady! We’re here to save you from starving to death!” I chuckle as I look to the boardwalk and see Brenna Heather and her husband, her hand wildly waving at me while she jogs across the sand to me.

“How’s it going there Gracie?” she asks, hooking her arm in mine. I tell her that things are pretty slow beach-emergency wise lately and she gets the prettiest smile on her face.

“Thank you.” I say to the local food truck vendor as he hands me my Island Barbecue Chicken. Brenna, Derrick, and I find a nearby picnic table and sit to eat. “Thank you so much, you guys. You really didn’t have to do this. You paid for your lessons just like everyone else.”

“You’re welcome, Grace, and don’t think anything of it. Derrick and I wanted to leave you a nice tip last for being so patient and helpful with us yesterday, but we know the Villas, as nice as they are, don’t allow tipping.”

“Well, thank you, again, for lunch. You are a very generous couple. Not too many visitors go out of their way for the staff around here.” Taking a bite of my chicken and rice, a thought occurs to me “How did you manage to get my phone number by the way?”

She explains that since the head of each department is on a list with their numbers, they had looked up Athletics then Activities Director and took a chance that it was me. They figured if it wasn’t, whoever they had texted would pass on the message.

“What other activities are there around here?” he inquires, a curious look on his face. I tell them about canoing, kayaking, snorkeling, and then “Ooo! My personal favorite! Later today we’re opening up the lessons and tours on Jet Skis!” I can’t help but beam with excitement! Mr. and Mrs, Heather look at each other and smile big as well.


Doing a last check that all the cords are tight and everything is properly buckled, I first push Derrick’s Jet Ski into the water, then his wife. I step into the water, wiggling my toes in the watery sand then get on my own Ski. I secure my wrist band before starting the motor and push out a few feet, I hear Brenna line up behind me and giggle, and her hubby behind her. “Now, like I said; these things can get pretty loud and fast, so I want to go over the hand motions one last time before heading out on the water.”

The two pass the quiz perfectly and I nod, a smile of approval on my lips. “You guys ready to follow to the cove?” I call over my shoulder. Just before starting the engine I faintly hear Derrick say behind us “I would follow that sweet ass anywhere.” I blush as I entertain the idea that his comment is about me, then shrug it off, figuring he means Brenna, then rev my Ski a few times and take off!

Just a few minutes later, we pull onto the shore of Couple’s Cove, where nature somehow managed to create a rock formation with a large opening, leading to a short cave, that resembles a heart.

After myself, Derrick is the first to get off his machine, the goes to where B has pulled in and gives her a hand as she steps off hers. They couple walk hand in hand on the beach and share a cute kiss. “Oh my gosh Grace! Thank you so much for bringing us here!” she squeals.

“This sight is truly remarkable!” he says.

Breaking hands with her husband, Brenna walks towards me uttering “It’s really amazing, isn’t it?” She winks with her last word, slipping an arm around my waist, her limb precariously low.

“Outstanding” I answer, looking her in the eyes. I see something there that I can’t yenimahalle escort quite interpret. I almost miss Derrick walking over to us, encircling my midriff in the same manner. “Just stunning” he says next to me. I turn and see that he’s already peering my way. The same mysterious something is in his eyes as in hers. I’m likely wrong but in that minute, it almost feels as though a kiss is the natural next action as he stares unblinking at me.


Having gotten to know Brenna and Derrick Heathers, I know they are quite wealthy, Derrick having inherited his father’s prosperous insurance business at just 23 years old. Hence their renting the most ornate private villa for the remainder of the season.

Over the last few weeks, Brenna and I had formed a good friendship where we were sort of goofy and flirty with each other as Derrick looked and sometimes joined in one the fun. Anytime she smack my butt or made a comment about how good my body looked, I didn’t think anything of it. After all she is married and sometimes people are just like that, so I always just figure it’s all in good fun.

As Brenna and I lean on the edge of they’re infinity pool, we pose over the edge, arching our backs to give her husband a good look at our asses, giving them a little shake. I play with the straps of her bikini top as we sink back into the water. I feel her grab at my cheek as I step out of the pool for a minute to drink more of my tea.

Brenna then hoists herself onto the edge of the pool and I grab her drink from the table and join her there, our feet moving through the water. As per usual, we make silly and flirty faces as we hydrate poolside when suddenly Derrick’s phone rings. When he steps out, opting to take the call inside, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t let down a little, but at the same time I can’t stop staring at that firm ass in those swim trunks.

I’ve never said anything to Brenna about what I think of her husband but I’m pretty sure she knows anyhow. While we’re sitting alone, she inches closer, putting her hand on my knee and letting her hand drift up and down my thigh for a bit, then slowly leans, myself thinking she wants to tell me a secret, until I feel those beautiful lips on mine. We pause for a few seconds then continue.

In the back of my mind, I hear the hysteric commentary; ‘Oh my god you’re kissing a married woman! Oh my god you’re kissing a woman!! Why do her lips feel so good? Why is this feeling so right? What the heck will Derrick say when he catches us? Why the hell should I care what he says when he catches us?’

I reach over and put my hand to her cheek as we continue. Our tongues twirl and tease in each other’s mouths as her hand rests near the top of my thigh. Brenna hops into the water, planting a hand on either side of me as we kiss some more. Her hands move up to my jaw as mine land in her hips. We pause several times as we kiss, never saying a word, just gazing into one another’s eye before resuming our activity.

Before I know it, we’re both standing naked in the water as we kiss. She gently pushes me back against the edge, and I lift myself out, opening my legs wide, somehow knowing what she wants and not giving it a second thought. Brenna stuck her tongue right and instantly began licking that precious clit, her fingers taunting and teasing that pussy. Her tongue moves in a counterclockwise motion at a very gradual pace as I gasp, struggling to catch my breath amidst such amazing sensations.

So enthralled by what’s happening and so many feelings, I can’t even seem to care as I watch Derrick walk back outside and see his wife eating out my blooming pussy! What surprises me is that he doesn’t appear to mind! In fact, he sits at the entrance of the pool and lies back, hid wife untying his trunk and pulling them down until his handsome gorgeous cock springs out! Brenna flashes me an enticing look and I slip back into the water and stand beside her. Getting closer I guesstimate 5.5″! She and I both wrap a hand around it and twist, my jaw practically in the water at how smooth it is. Derrick softly rubs my back, then my breast as we work his shaft. I’m a little surprised, and flattered, if I’m being honest, since my breasts are no bigger or smaller than his wife’s.

Speaking of, Brenna then guides my head to his penis and I glide my tongue from the base up. Taking her cue, I wrap my lips around the head, sliding my lips and tongue along his shaft. I suckle to tip of his dick, Derrick moaning quietly as I do so. She and both suck part of his sack then, together, return to giving him a fantastic blow.

He sends us a look and offers “I have an idea we will all enjoy ladies,” pulling himself from the pool, gesturing for me to take his outstretched hand, B holding my other, whilst we head inside.

Derrick lies flat on the bed, his wife crawling up beside him, looking at me expectantly. As I mount the bed he makes a gesture to turn, explaining “I want to feel your breasts bounce for me before watching them,”. Complying, I turn away from him and straddle his lap in reverse. I whimper as she loads his manly cock into my pussy. I’m a little anxious, having never taken dick this way and just having a pussy full of cock right now felt so great! He holds my waist, Brenna’s hand tenderly gliding up and down my inner thigh, while I bob up and down on her husband’s cock. She’s even so gracious or generous or horny or whatever to stir my wanton clit as I ride like never before!

Her hand and mine wander my bare form as he brings me to an amazing orgasm! B helps me dismount, a fun *pop* filling the room as he slips from my pussy, and I return the favor as we swap places.

Crawling around Derrick’s head, I get up on my knees, putting my right hand on her knee, my left on her back, as I muttered dirty encouragements. “You look so hot riding that cock Bre. Is he fucking you good? Yeah? Hmm?” Her replies only coming as moans of sweet torture. I must’ve been distracted by the incredible hormones and emotions and sensations before because the slap of his skin against the back of her legs was making my toes curl so hard! I distract Brenna for a moment with my lips against hers in part to help her and in part in a fruitless attempt to lighten the throb in my now empty pussy! “Yes Honey! Yes! Fucking yes!” she wails as her orgasm barrels through her and flows down his penis.

Derrick and his wife both eye me in that suggestive way as she removes herself from his penis and I know I’m up to bat again, so to speak. I extend one leg over him, ready to engulf him a second time, when, instead, he sits up and pulls me in for a very hot, very passionate, very racy lip-lock. I even have to take a few seconds to catch my breath after we part whilst he lowers me onto his dick once more. “Ooooh shit. Yeah. Yeahyeahyeah!” I moan, his cock sliding in and out of me lick a coin in a slot! I faintly heard her mumbling what I only assume are dirty naughty comments, though I can’t quite make it her words as I moan. “Oooh yeah!” I scream as my next orgasm crashes through me!

My hands shivering and trembling some, Brenna helps me back to the bed again. Gradually kissing a trail up my arm to my shoulder, she asks “Have you ever fucked doggy-style? That’s my hubby’s favorite.” I cant even say a word, fatigue setting in, then she helps me up onto my hands and knees and Derrick does not hesitate in the least before shoving himself back in!

She reaches under and masturbates for me as I struggle to hold steady during his relentless thrustings! “Yes! Baby yes! Look at that fine ass!” he grunts, smacking his cock on my cheek! Out of no where Brenna pulls me back to the bed, replacing me with her on his dick! In a split second I go from being jealous and mad to desperately scrambling to the top of the bed and spreading my legs wide open for her every viewing and eating pleasure!

She licks and sucks hard as Derrick fucks her from behind with no remorse. She practically screams into my pussy as that first orgasmic wave quakes through, myself fondling my clit as she inserts a pair of fingers and they disappear into my sexiest hole. She bites her bottom lip and groans again, almost animalistic in tone when her eruption begins, her husband following mere seconds behind her with a large orgasm of his own!

The two of us hurry onto our stomachs at the end of the bed, granting him a secondary dual-bj. It is somehow wordlessly decided that Brenna take care of his nut sack whilst I handle his main piece. The two of us are very dedicated and thorough with our tasks, Derricks stroking our hair as we fuck him then soon signals our forthcoming reward with a deep grunt. She and I perch up to him, our mouths wide open and every part of us eager to receive his salty-masculine cum.

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Tawny and the Farmhands

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For the most part these stories are from Tawny’s viewpoint, with some segments being from her husband Eric’s viewpoint.

Tawny loves to be used by multiple guys who treat her roughly. Her being a slut to be used by strangers is something that Eric understands and supports, not only because he loves her, but because hearing about it is a huge turn-on for him as well. Tawny charging her “customers” for these parties is an idea she had to get the type of sex she enjoys, but still have boundaries. She’d happily do it all for free, the money is just a way to ensure that the guys feel entitled to treat her as roughly as she wants to be treated.

Ideally, these stories should be read in order. However, if the reader’s only interest is in hearing what is happening to Tawny in this installment, it’s not strictly necessary.

It is strongly suggested to at least first read her origin story “Tawny and the Value Given” to better understand her lifestyle, and to get an idea of what will (and won’t) be happening to her in these stories.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Unlike the real world, STI’s don’t exist and The Pill is 100% effective. In reality, the lifestyle depicted here would present a large health risk, and a low but non-zero pregnancy risk. Tawny’s sexual tastes are not shared by all, or probably even most, women.

Also note that when Tawny goes to a stranger’s house for sex, they have been vetted and someone she trusts always knows where she’s going and who she’s meeting.

The Tawny Chronicles so far:

– Tawny and the Value Given

– Tawny and the Five Guys

– Tawny and the Fraternity Reunion

– Tawny and the Charity Food Drive

– Tawny and the Farmhands

Copyright © 2021 by EightBits.

All Rights Reserved.

Tawny and the Farmhands


As I drove to the farm, I was excited by the prospect of again getting to be fucked by a bunch of hard cocks. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed all of the torments that I had experienced at the charity event, but I had been slightly disappointed at not being gang-banged there!

Eric had promised me that today would, as he put it, “scratch that itch”. So I was optimistic even though a produce farm didn’t seem a likely venue. All of my previous parties hadn’t started until at least early evening, so it felt weird to be headed to one during the day. The thought of being naked, and probably outside, in the broad daylight made me feel even more slutty than usual!

I pulled off the rural road I’d been on for the last 20 minutes, and up a long dirt access road to the farmhouse and its collection of outbuildings. As I’d driven up the access road, I’d seen seven or eight men in various fields, doing… farming things. (Hey, I am a city girl!) That was encouraging, in a Tawny-gets-a-lot-of-cock way!

As I parked my car, a guy walked out of the barn. He looked to be close to 40, and well-tanned. I had expected overalls, but he was in jeans and a t-shirt, although he did have on boots. I got out and said, “Hi, I’m Tawny.”

“Hi Tawny,” he said, “I’m Wayne. Wow, you are one good-looking gal! I’ve been telling the boys that they’d really like the surprise I had coming, but I don’t think they were expecting a girl that looks like you.”

I too chose blue jeans, but mine were shorts that didn’t totally cover my ass. The tank-top was one of my tighter ones. And without a bra, my nipples were very obvious. I looked damn sexy, and knew it! I smiled at him and said, “Thanks, Wayne.”

“Well, not a lot of time to waste, we’ve been harvesting like crazy the last few days. Let’s get started.”

We walked into the barn, and he said, “Off with the clothes, bitch.”

I pulled off my tank-top, exposing my tits. His calloused hands were rough as he grabbed and kneaded them, rubbing his thumbs across my soft pink nipples.

“Damn, these are great tits,” he said. He let go to let me unbutton my shorts and slide them down my legs. I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

In the same no-hesitation way he’d grabbed my tits, he reached down and rubbed my pussy lips for a few seconds, then I jumped as he abruptly stuck a finger in me and rubbed it around. “Your pussy feels good too, bitch. Gonna make my farmhands damn happy!”

He pulled his finger out, took my arm in one strong hand, and led me over to a large cross of wood that was propped up a little on the floor of the barn.

“Lay down,” he ordered, “Arms there.”

I lay down, and spread my arms out along the crossbeam as he’d indicated. The crossbeams were a little longer than my arms, and the top barely came to the top of my head, but the lower part extended quite a bit past my feet. He took a coil of rope off the table, tied it to a eyebolt near my hand, and starting at the wrist, began winding it around my arm. When he got to my body, he drew it across behind the beam and wound it around my other arm. He got to that wrist, pulled it tight tandoğan escort and tied it off. The rope was too tight for me to move my arms at all, but not painful.

Using more ropes, he looped them around behind my knees, pulling my legs open and up towards my arms, where he tied the other end of the rope to a couple more eyebolts. He held out a small bright red apple and said, “Open up.”

I was surprised to see the apple, since our rules were ball gags and ring gags unless otherwise agreed. I was pretty sure you’d have told me about a waiver, but I decide to go along with it anyway, and opened my mouth

He wedged it between my teeth, saying, “Some of the guys think women should be seen, not heard. You better not let that fall out, because if it does, I’ll find something much bigger.”

I decided I’d do my best. My mouth wasn’t stretched as wide as it could go, but wide enough. I could open wider and dislodge it, or even bite through it, but I didn’t want it replaced with anything larger where I might not have those options. It seemed safe enough – if I did happen to bite off a chunk of the apple, since he wasn’t tying it in I could always spit it out, so no risk of choking on it.

He left the barn, and returned in a few minutes with a couple other guys.

“Oh, you found a hot one this time Wayne,” one of them said. He was short and a bit chunky, and wearing the overalls I’d expected to see on everyone. He leered at my exposed pussy, and I saw him swallow hard.

“Thanks Owen. You’ll get to have fun with her, just be patient. I want to give the guys a nice incentive to get their work done quick today. Help me get her out to the field,” said Wayne.

Out to the field? I was expecting these guys to just start fucking me there in the barn.

The three of them picked up the cross with me tied to it, and carried me out the other end of the barn. We walked maybe 100 feet, and came to a post-hole dug in the middle of some field that was still full of crops. They lifted the me and the cross upright, my weight becoming supported by my arms and the ropes tied to my legs. Lifting the cross, they slid the bottom of it down into that hole. It fit tightly, holding the cross straight up, no tilt or unsteadiness at all. They stepped back and looked up at me as I hung there, knees pulled up, my legs open and my pussy completely exposed.

“Bitch, you’re the best looking scarecrow this farm has ever had!” exclaimed Owen.

Wayne said, “Now, those big titties look like they might like a little ‘support’.”

I know my tits are a little too big to be in the “perky” category, but I’ve always been proud of how firm they are, and how nicely they stick out. Plus, with my arms spread wide on that cross, they were sticking out even more than usual! So I knew that meant he had something creative in mind, and no-doubt painful.

Quickly proving my line of thought correct, he picked up a pitchfork, and said, “Owen, lift one of those up.”

Owen cupped his hand under my left breast, and lifted it as Wayne pushed the handle of the pitchfork down into the soft dirt below. He positioned the pointy tines of the pitchfork just below Owen’s hand, my eyes widening as I protested into the gag.

“Relax, bitch,” said Owen, “They ain’t sharp. Well, not real sharp anyway.” He let go, and I felt three or four of the tines poke into the tender underside of my breast. He was right, they weren’t sharp enough to break the skin, but my breast being supported by like that still hurt!

Of course, there were two pitchforks, and soon both of my breasts were painfully “supported”.

“Now for the finishing touch,” Wayne said in a satisfied tone. “A hoe for a ho,” and he placed the handle of a garden hoe between my legs. He proceeded to slide it into me, going slow and wiggling it to work it in since he hadn’t bothered with any lube.

I yelled into the gag, “At least use some lube, goddamnit!” but I knew it wouldn’t matter, even if they had been able to understand me. He wanted the wooden handle to hurt as he worked it up my pussy. When he’d gotten it deep enough to be totally uncomfortable, he stopped and wedged the end of it into the ground, which kept it firmly in place.

“Perfect,” Wayne said, “Owen, go let the boys know she’s here and they can wander by to take a look at her when they take their breaks.” The older man nodded at his boss, and went off to share the news as Wayne headed back to the barn.

I hung there, tits hurting and my wide-spread pussy full of that hard wooden handle. I was glad it wasn’t a hot time of year, and that it was nice and overcast – sunscreen was not something I’d expected to need. Being on display like this made me feel super slutty, and I wished it was a hard cock in my pussy instead of that handle.

After a while, the first of the farmhands stopped by. “Well don’t you look comfortable,” he said mockingly. He reached out and shook the handle of the hoe, tunalı escort making me moan. He stood there looking at me with a smile that made me feel like a present ready to be opened. Knowing that a guy was not only thinking about getting to fuck me, but that he was definitely going to get to, was a huge turn-on!

For the next hour or so, as they took their breaks, all of them stopped by to “see the whore scarecrow” as one of them put it, as he gave my ass a squeeze. Other comments I recall were, “nice bra, bitch” and “damn, can’t wait to fuck this little slut”, which I heard more than once.

Wayne came by several times during that hour, both to check on me and enjoy himself my lifting my tits by my nipples and moving them to find fresh spots for the tines to poke.

A few of them started to work in the field where I was displayed, and I think they spent as much time looking up at my naked body as they did working. I did love being just a decoration for a bunch of horny men to enjoy while they worked!

On one of his visits, Wayne said, “Some of the guys were disappointed your cunt was occupied”, and roughly removed the hoe handle from my pussy. He also taped a crude cardboard sign to mt stomach that said “Check it out”..

After that, all of them who came by did just that. They all took their work gloves off before feeling my wet pussy with a finger or two, except for one guy.

This guy held his gloved hand up to my face, grinned, and said, “Not going to bother taking off my gloves for a cunt like you. I did wipe them on my pants-leg real good though!”

He then shoved two fingers up me, enjoying my reaction to the pain and humiliation of the rough, stained leather scraping around inside my tender pussy. It made me feel like a dirty slut, both literally and figuratively!

I was happy to finally see Wayne and Owen coming to take me down. They’d done a good job of using ropes to support my legs, but I was still in an uncomfortable position, and wanted my tits off of those damn pitchforks!

Barn Fun

It was obvious that Wayne and Owen had worked together for a while, as they exhibited good teamwork untying me from my perch, helping me down, and they even removed the apple gag. We entered the barn, and I took a quick break to drink a little water before they led me over to a sawhorse-looking thing. The top was wider than a normal carpenter’s sawhorse, and lightly padded. There were lengths of rope attached at the base of each leg, making its purpose pretty obvious.

“Lay down, bitch,” said Wayne.

I laid face-down along the padded rail, one breast on either side. Wayne and Owen used the ropes to secure my ankles and wrists, leaving my pussy helplessly exposed at the end of the rail, at perfect dick-height.

Wayne began to rub his hand between my legs, teasing my pussy lips with his fingers. “Yeah, this pussy is going to make a lot of cocks happy tonight,” he remarked.

Owen said, “Wayne, should I tie up her hooters?”

Wayne smiled and said, “Sure, Owen. Enjoy! I’m going to go see how Freddie’s doing.”

He walked away, leaving just me and Owen, who went over to a nearby bench, bringing back a coil of baling wire and some tools.

“God, I always love tying up a bitch’s tits,” Owen said, “and yours are going to look great.”

He cut a foot or two of wire from the coil, and formed it into a loop. With my breast hanging down, it was easy for him place the loop of stiff wire around the base of it, holding the ends crossed with his strong fingers.

“Here’s where it get’s fun,” he said, breathing a little harder. He took pliers and began twisting the ends of the wire together. With each twist, the loop got noticeably tighter, making me moan. Unlike rope, or even the band clamps that Bill had used on me, the thin wire felt like it was cutting into my skin. When he’d constricted my tit enough that it looked like a taut smooth globe, he stopped and squeezed it, causing me yell as pain welled up in my tit.

That made him give a cruel smile, and he tied my other breast the same way. “Those are some nice round titties now!” he said, and squeezed them again, causing my tits to press outward even harder against the unyielding wire, making me scream in pain.

“I’m gonna squeeze those again when I get to screw you,” Owen said, “but right now I need to help Wayne with the tractor that Freddie got stuck. But don’t you worry, I’m sure one of the boys’ll be along right quick.” He left me alone in the barn.

As Owen had promised, it wasn’t long before the first farmhand to finish his workday showed up. This guy looked to be in his twenties, and he clearly spent a lot of time out in the sun, being well-tanned despite the straw hat he still wore.

“Hey bitch, you ready for some dick?” this guy snarled. “Yeah, I bet you are.”

I didn’t answer the obviously rhetorical question. I heard him unzip his pants, and, without any warmup, türbanlı escort I felt the head of his cock enter my wet pussy. Oh yeah, it was wet. Ttied up so a bunch of guys could fuck me? You know it was!

He went slow at first, savoring the feeling of my pussy around his hard cock. As his excitement increased, so did the speed and force of his thrusts. My body rocked back and forth just enough to make my tied up tits sway, making me very aware of how sensitive they’d become.

His rough hands rubbed and squeezed my ass as he continued fucking me. I was making little gasps of pleasure with each thrust. I love having a hard dick in me and the first one at each party always feels so good!

He moved his grip onto my hips, and began thrusting harder. After several strokes like that, he pressed into me hard, and I felt him come.

“Oh, damn, bitch – that’s some nice pussy!” he said, slapping my ass. He zipped up, mockingly tipped his straw hat to me, and left the barn.

Again, it was just a couple minutes before another farmhand came in. He was a little older, and had the same tan as the first guy, but no hat. He didn’t say anything, just stepped behind me and dropped his pants. He used his fingers to spread my pussy lips, and then shoved his cock all the way in one thrust and began to fuck me.

I saw Wayne enter the barn and come over to watch. He didn’t say anything either, just watched while his farmhand used the slut he’d provided as a bonus, my pussy nothing more than a reward for their hard work.

Unlike the first one, this guy started fast and finished fast. It was maybe two minutes before I felt him push hard and come in my pussy. He held his cock deep inside me, groaning as he emptied his balls. Then he left just the way he’d arrived, not saying a word.

“I see you’ve been introduced to some of my workers,” Wayne said, teasing me.

I responded, “Well, not exactly a formal introduction, but I do feel like we got to know each other.”

Wayne chuckled, “Good – plenty more of them for you to get to ‘know’ before you’re done tonight. But since you’re currently free, I guess it’s my turn!”

He reached into his pocket, pulled out a carrot, and held it in front of my face. “I wanted you to become familiar with what we grow here.”

Walking behind me, he slid the carrot into my pussy, wiggling it around a little before withdrawing it. He held it in front of me again, and I could see it glisten with cum and pussy juice.

“Figured you could provide your own lube,” he snickered. He moved behind me and stuck the tip of that carrot against my asshole. “You should probably relax, bitch,” he said as he began to push.

I took a deep breath, and let it out slowly as it entered my ass. Even with the lubrication from my pussy it was rough enough to be painful as it slid into me. When he had it as far as he wanted it, he stopped and said, “There, all decorated!”

He unzipped his jeans, and then very slowly slid his cock into my pussy, making me moan in pleasure.

“Heh,” he said, “You love things in both your holes, don’t you slut?”

His cock wasn’t any bigger than the previous ones, but the invader in my ass made it feel bigger as he began slowly sliding his dick in and out of me as I continued to moan. I answered him, “Yes, oh god, I do love having both my holes filled!”

Hearing that, he did start fucking me harder, and I felt my excitement build. He’d been at it for a couple minutes when Owen returned to the barn.

“Hey Wayne, see you’re giving it to the little tramp. How do you like those titties?”

“You did a good job, Owen,” he said between thrusts.

“Thanks. Hey, since I’m not big on waiting,” Owen said, “mind if I use this whore’s mouth before I screw her?”

Apparently that was ok with Wayne, because Owen immediately dropped his pants, pulled down his underwear and stuck his dick in my face, saying, “Lick my balls, bitch.”

His cock was medium-hard, and up close I could smell that he’d worked hard today. I wrinkled my nose, but began licking them. Having a guy make me lick his sweaty balls made me feel like a total slut, and between that feeling and Wayne’s cock in my pussy, the excitement was getting me close.

After I’d tongued his balls really well, his cock had become fully hard, so he gave me his next command, “Suck it, bitch.”

I opened my mouth and let him put his cock in it, and began to suck him. Having two guys using my mouth and my pussy at the same time always turned me on, and it didn’t take long before I yelled on his dick as I shuddered with an orgasm.

“Oh, man, Wayne, I think you just got this bitch off!” Owen yelled.

Wayne replied, “Uh, yeah, I know. Felt her cunt get nice and tight!”

“Hey bitch,” Owen said, smacking my cheek, “Doesn’t mean you can stop sucking me!”

That slap distracted me, and got me even hotter. I tried to focus, and resumed my rhythmic licking and sucking of his dick.

“Oh, yeah, almost forgot my promise,” he said. He reached down and gave one of my swollen tits a light squeeze. I screamed on his cock, coming very close to biting him! I shuddered at the thought of his reaction if I did, and prepared myself. I was glad I did because his next squeeze was a hard one. He did the same to my other tit, the pain bringing tears to my eyes for a moment.

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Prize Island Pt. 02

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Harry woke up with Diana still snuggled up to him. During the night she had thrown one arm across his chest and one stocking leg was lying over his thigh with her knee bent. This caused her thigh to rub against his balls and the friction of the nylon rubbing against his scrotum was probably what had woken him. He carefully moved himself out from underneath his wife and went to the bathroom as he urgently needed to pee. He pulled the door shut so as not to disturb the sleeping Diana. Once he was finished on the toilet he jumped in the shower and spent a relaxing fifteen minutes under the warm water and even switched the shower head to massage mode. Stepping from the shower he filled a basin with hot water and shaved off the two days of stubble from his face.

Once finished he carefully opened the bedroom door and peered in. Diana was still sleeping peacefully and he watched as her breasts rose and fell with each breath. She was still wearing the bra but it was trapped under her gorgeous tits where he had pulled it last night to give him access to her nipples. Her thong was surprisingly on the floor as he couldn`t remember he or she taking it off last night. Her long legs were still wrapped in the dark black stockings and he thought she provided the most erotic tableau. He was just starting to tip toe across the bedroom as he heard a dawn chorus of Jim screwing Mary and that was soon answered by the mating calls of Dave and Sandy. Their neighbours rather loud antics and the view of Sandy lying on the bed still clad in those sensual stockings meant his dick was hardening as he approached the bed. Diana stirred and rolled over as a particularly loud groan came from Dave next door. She groggily opened her eyes and probably the first thing she saw was Harry`s erection waving in front of her face as he climbed into bed next to her. A broad smile spread across her face and she adjusted her position to enable her to slip her mouth over the head of his dick. Keeping just the head in her mouth Harry felt her tongue begin to flick around his glans. The tongue then pushed hard into the small slit at the top causing Harry to lean back onto the pillows and groan quietly. Her tongue started to swirl around with more intensity and Harry felt her rise onto her knees and push downwards and take more and more of him into her receptive mouth. He felt himself being sucked deeper and deeper until his tip was resting at the beginning of her throat. Harry felt her hand come up and start to gently knead his balls and with the other one she took his shaft in her fingers as she slowly pulled herself up his entire length. Her tongue played over his bulbous purple head as she stroked his shaft slowly, using just her fingers. Harry was breathing heavier now, and Diana sensed this, and licked harder on the tip and concentrated on the small slit from where pre-come was starting to ooze. Her fingers increased their tempo and a minute later his hips were thrusting upwards as he ejaculated into her mouth. She continued to lick and tease him even though the sensitivity was making him squirm. She sucked him hard one more time to ensure that she had milked him completely before releasing him from between her lips.

She licked her lips in an exaggerated fashion before smiling up at him with a salacious, “Good morning babe. You tasted so good after the shower. Now, I think I need one as you gave me such a good fucking last night. You are my super stud baby!” She laughed, sprang off the bed and ran into the bathroom. Harry heard her pee before the shower started and she let out a small shriek as he had left it on power massage mode.

Harry and Diana entered the dining room at exactly nine o`clock for breakfast. Jim and Mary were already there and tucking into huge plates of bacon, eggs and sausage. There was toast on the table plus a pot of both coffee and tea. They all greeted each other and Harry and Diana had just sat down and been presented with their full English breakfast when Dave and Sandy entered. They had all dressed casually in shorts and T-shirts but Sandy had taken it to another level. She was dressed in shorts that were nearly obscene as they were tight and cut so short. The pronounced camel toe was there for all to see. Her cropped T-shirt stopped just below her nearly non-existent boobs but you could still the gentle rise of the flesh.

Harry and Jim stared at this overt display and Harry felt a stirring in his groin even though Diana had emptied him only twenty minutes before. He dragged his eyes away from Sandy and he looked round the table. Mary was also staring at Sandy with what could only be described as lust. Harry thought that Mary was definitely into women as much as men, as she had alluded to last night. Breakfast was good and the selection was fantastic with fruit, yogurt, cereals and croissant. The full English breakfast was like a meal in its self. Once they had all eaten they went out onto the patio with their teas and coffees and sat rus escort there enjoying the early morning sun.

Sandy, who seemed to have been nominated as the unelected group organiser and spokesperson due to overly outgoing personality asked them all, “What shall we do today? I think it would be great if we all did things as a group. I feel we have a nice team here and everybody seems to get on well!” The others were all nodding along as she spoke.” I read the forecast, and it will be in the middle thirties today and sunny so why don’t we use the beach. We all know how Scottish weather can change in a minute and it could piss down for the next week and then we can use the indoor facilities.” Again Sandy received nods of agreement from the others. “Shall we meet here in 30 mins then? I am sure we all want an after breakfast shag! If it goes on like this I will be walking bowlegged onto that fucking boat next week!” Sandy laughed loudly and was soon joined by the others as her candour was truly infectious.

Harry and Diana went to their room and changed into their swimming stuff. While Harry waited for Diana to finish in the bathroom he casually flicked on the TV to see what was on offer. Selecting the menu he read the list. “TV”, “Movie Channel”, and then there was written,


, . After checking the TV listings he saw it was the basic BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV 1 and ITV 2. Flicking onto the Movie channel he saw four or five of the newest blockbuster releases and then an adult section that listed pornography of every gender. After deciding to check that out later he pressed the button to bring up the channel


He almost had a heart attack as a hi-definition video filled the screen and showed a similar room to their own. It could have been their room if it wasn`t for the fact that the video showed Dave with his cock in Sandy`s mouth and he was fucking her hard. His hands were on her head and he was pulling her hard onto the biggest dick Harry had ever seen. Sandy was salivating a lot and the streams of her spit could be easily seen running down her cheeks onto the small naked breasts. Harry wanted to switch it of but he was hypnotised by the scene, watching Dave push himself aggressively into Sandy’s mouth. Harry watched as a bulge appeared in Sandy`s throat and she was obviously deep throating him and Dave held her in place with his strong hands. For Harry the time stood still until Dave released his grip and Sandy fell backwards coughing and spluttering. There was no volume but you could see her distress. As Sandy gasped on her knees Dave`s hand was a blur as he masturbated until shooting five large spurts of come all over Sandy`s face, although she did catch the third one in her mouth. Harry switched channels to # 2 and saw himself in the video.

He was no voyeur but Harry couldn`t resist the temptation. Pressing
the screen showed Jim and Mary. She was riding him cowboy style and he was pinching the nipples of her huge breasts. Harry watched for a few minutes until it was apparent that both had climaxed. He was so engrossed that he hadn`t heard Diana leave the bathroom and that she had been standing and watching with him. Only when she said quietly, “That was fucking hot!” did he notice her presence and hastily switched channels to to try to hide the fact that he had been spying on their neighbours.

Unfortunately his choice of channel did not help. He was looking at Diana when he saw her eyes widen in surprise at what was now showing on the large TV. Turning he saw what had shocked his wife. Moira was on the bed dressed in just thigh high black stockings and Gail was easily recognisable as she bobbed her blonde head between Moira`s thighs. They both watched for the next four or five minutes until they saw Moira writhe on the bed and her mouth open into a silent scream as she achieved her climax. They were stunned and Harry switched of the TV.

Harry just had beach shorts on but Diana had appeared from the bathroom in a burnt orange two piece that left nothing to the imagination. There were small triangles covering just her nipples and the bottom half of the suit made last night’s thong look like old granny pants, “What do you think?” she said doing a twirl. “Another part of the Scott`s package!”

Harry could hardly speak but did manage, “Fuck!” He never removed his eyes from her body and eventually managed, “My God Diana, you look fabulous. Is it not slightly small for mixed company?” Harry paused as he remembered all the chatter from last evening and he finished by saying, “Unless we really are going to do all of those things we talked about last night. Mary is definitely into the bi-thing and if you go near her dressed like that she will pounce on you like a lion!”

Harry was shocked at Diana`s reply, “What happens on McKinnon stays on McKinnon!” and with that she slipped on a pair of flip flops and went downstairs without bothering sıhhiye escort to replace her T-shirt and shorts. Harry needn`t have worried about Diana’s appearance, as when they arrived at the patio he saw that the other two women had selected the same bikini with their gift card and Sandy had gone further and was topless. Her lack of size in the breast department was obviously not a problem for her and she made no attempt to cover herself. Harry gazed at her small mounds and the rock hard, dark red nipples at their centre. The little patch of green cloth left very little to the imagination as it was squeezed between her legs.

Mary`s large boobs were only 10% covered by the red bikini top and her large nipples were hard and pushing against the straining material. As she turned, Harry saw that the red material of the bottoms had been absorbed between the large globes of her buttocks. Being a bit of an arse man he couldn`t deny his fascination. Jim had caught him staring and leaned into Harry so the others couldn`t hear and said, “Not bad eh? I love to get in there between her arse cheeks. She gets like a crazy thing when she gets it up the arse,” He took a deep breath before continuing, “Whoever it is in her arse!”

Harry blushed a strong shade of scarlet and walked over to where Diana was talking to Mary and Sandy. They were doing twirls and comparing notes on the same bikini that they had all purchased from the on-line shop. Harry heard Mary say, “I love it when I think other men are looking at me. Jim loves it as well. If we go out and I am wearing short skirts or dresses and inadvertently flashing people he cannot wait to get home. The sex is dynamic,” she cast her eyes to the floor before finishing, “And quick!”

Sandy cupped her miniscule boobs in her hands and theatrically juggled them saying, “To be honest nobody fucking notices if I have a top or a bra on anyway! “The three woman all giggled like schoolgirls who were seeing their first dick behind the bike sheds at school. Sandy finished by pushing her head forward conspiratorially towards the other two women and whispering, “They may be small, but they are so bloody sensitive. Dave only has to blow on my nipples and I am creaming my panties!” causing another fit of giggles. Sandy wasn`t finished though and Harry held back as he was enjoying listening to the women discuss their sex lives. Sandy continued, “Talking of my boobs. That Dutch woman knew what to do with them. I must have come twenty times just from her hands and tongue. There is no man in the World that can do that as well as a woman when it comes to oral or getting you off by playing with your tits. You should try it one time Diana, as it will blow your fucking mind!”

Harry watched as Diana blushed and Mary nodded frantically saying, “She`s right Diana. You have never had a proper orgasm from somebody licking your pussy until you have had a woman down there!”

Diana said nothing so Harry walked over as if he was just arriving and had not been listening for the past five minutes. “Shall we go ladies?” and he put his arm around Diana`s waist and started to walk down the gravel path in the direction of the beach with the two other couples following. The path led directly to four or five steps that were cut into the rocky cliff. The steps descended to a small, secluded strip of sand that was maybe twenty yards long and five yards from cliff to the sea. There were rocks piled up on each side to block the wind and it was a really beautiful place. The couples laid out the towels that had been provided by Gail on the patio.

Harry lay down and rested on his elbows gazing out at the clear blue sea. The sky was azure and he couldn`t spot one cloud. He looked down at Diana next to him and swallowed as she was now topless having discarded the miniscule bikini top. Her breasts were truly fantastic and Harry couldn`t resist stretching his arm out and playing his finger nails over her nipples, that were already hard from the cooler sea air. The expected slapping away of his hand never occurred, as it would have done normally and instead Diana let out a contented,”Mmmmmm!” and then followed up with, “More please!”

Harry had never known Diana to show any interest in exhibitionism in all their time together. Actually the complete opposite. Whenever he had suggested getting frisky in a park or at the cinema or anywhere there were other people present she had always pushed him roughly away and told him to wait until they got home.

Harry wasn`t going to let this opportunity go to waste. He licked his fingers and slowly circled Diana`s nipples one at a time. Stopping occasionally to keep his fingers wet by dipping themin his mouth. After ten minutes of this, the delighted, “mmms,” and “Ahhhs,”grew more frequent and louder. Harry cast a look around the beach and saw that the two other couples were watching and enjoying the show. Harry was not that sure how sincan escort he felt about all of this, but he knew one thing for sure. He wasn`t going to stop. Harry bobbed his head forward and took one of Diana’s nipple between his lips and sucked and his tongue played with it in his mouth.

Diana was now emitting longer and longer moans as he worked her nipples and Harry`s eyes widened as he saw Diana snake her right hand down her body and under the small bikini bottoms and she moaned again louder than ever. Harry knew he should stop this now as a quick glance around revealed the other four guests were still enjoying the show. Harry and Diana had gone so far now he thought it would be a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse had bolted.

Diana`s hand was now moving furiously inside her bikini bottoms and she had raised her knees and spread her legs as wide as possible. Harry went back to sucking and biting her nipples until Diana screamed out as her orgasm surged through her body and she curled her toes and threw her head back hard into the towel covered sand. Harry didn’t know whether to laugh or run back to the hotel as a round of applause broke out from the other two couples. In the end he made a mock bow from his half seated position and Diana waved lazily to the crowd with a silly grin on her face.

“We`re next!” shouted Sandy and pulled Dave`s shorts off in one movement. Harry watched all of this as if it was all some surreal dream. Dave had a huge cock, that was growing by the second in Sandy`s experienced hand and when she knelt over and took him in her mouth he rose to a good nine inches. Once she was satisfied that he was as hard as possible Sandy jumped to her feet and pulled her bikini bottoms down revealing a small patch of neatly trimmed black pubic hair. She dropped to all fours in front of Dave and pushed herself back against his huge member. Dave grabbed his dick with one hand and after steadying himself on her arse with the other he fed his cock into Sandy doggy style. Once he had fully buried all nine inches into his wife he pushed two meaty hands under her body and pinched both of her nipples really hard. True to what she had told the other girls earlier Sandy experienced a small orgasm from the minimal contact with her nipples.

Harry was so engrossed in watching Sandy and Dave he hadn`t noticed Diana move position and she tugged at his shorts repeatedly until he raised his bum and allowed her to pull them down to his knees. He glanced away from Dave who was now pounding at pace into Sandy and saw Diana swallow is fully formed erection into her mouth. She never took her eyes off of Sandy and Dave so Harry also swung his eyes back in that direction luxuriating in the feeling of Diana licking and sucking his cock while he watched the erotic spectacle before him, where Dave had paused once more to squeeze both of Sandy`s nipples eliciting another orgasm that was bigger than the last.

Dave resumed his pumping actions and he was now sweating and breathing heavily. As Sandy came for the third time Dave let out a loud grunt and collapsed onto her back and Harry could clearly see his body spasm as he shot his load into Sandy`s vagina. Another round of applause came from Mary and Jim.

Diana couldn`t clap as she was too busy sucking Harry`s dick and cupping his balls with one hand and wanking his shaft with the other. Harry also did not applaud as he now had his eyes closed and was trying desperately not to come in Diana`s mouth in front of all these people. He eventually lost that battle and moaned deeply as Diana`s actions were rewarded with a mouthful of Harry`s creamy, salty, warm spunk.

Mary looked at Jim and said loud enough for all of the others to hear, “I don’t know what we can do to top those efforts Darling? Any ideas?”

Jim thought for a minute before saying, “There’s always our favourite if you are up for it?”

Mary scrunched her face into a frown and then replied, “Would love it but I didn`t bring the lube down with me!”

Sandy shouted, “I have Vaseline if you need it. I use it for my lips when it`s sunny and windy, but your welcome to have it!”

Jim looked at Mary for her opinion and she nodded saying, “That’ll work,” And she walked over to Sandy and took the proffered tub and returned back to Jim, who had removed his shorts in the meantime and revealed a healthy five or six inch erection. Mary knelt on the towel and took a huge dollop of Vaseline from the tub before smearing it all over Jim`s bobbing erection. Once she was done she pulled her bikini bottoms down to reveal a perfectly trimmed blonde landing strip. Mary handed Jim the tub. He repeated her actions of scraping a large amount of Vaseline onto his fingers before parting his wife`s ample buttocks and pushing two Vaseline covered fingers into her anus. The fact that they had done this many times before was clearly apparent. Jim slid two fingers into Mary`s anus as she wiggled about. He then made circling motions to widen her rear exit more before he added a third finger. The circular motions continued until Mary began mewling and moaning and pushing her arse back against Jim. He removed his fingers and replaced them with the tip of his straining dick. He eased himself forward using his hips and Mary pushed back against him.

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Letters to Nicole 29

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Dear Nicole,

Oh yes that really is interesting! You know the older I get, the more I’m convinced that there’s no such thing as a coincidence! Here you and Patrick have moved three times in the last couple of years and when you finally settle down, what happens? Tell me again; you are in the grocery store and your Ex Lover Scott was looking at you across one of the produce tables? That is astounding! I suppose if you’ve never told Patrick about some of your old boyfriends you don’t have to tell him about this encounter. But if Scott suggested you and he should get together sometime, I would strongly recommend you have a conversation with Patrick.

Anyway so there we were planning our wedding for mid August, and Felecia and Teddy were planning theirs in mid-September. It was such a busy time! Both couples decided we would have small ceremonies with maybe twenty to thirty guests invited; but still, the details for even that are complicated. Felecia was going to be my maid of honor, and I was going to be hers. That decision was quite easy being that we were both an “only child.” Organizing everything was challenging, but Franklin, Samantha, and Rachel were invaluable assets to me. Franklin’s basic contribution was finding an apartment for us. He did an awesome job too! And, did I tell you that in the lead up to the weddings he and Samantha got pre-engaged? That was pretty exciting!

My big day went off without a hitch, and really there was only one surprise; Rachel showed up with a date…Steven Conroy! You could’ve knocked me over with a feather! How they got together was quite a fun (and erotic) story; I’m not going to include it here, but maybe I’ll tell it to you sometime on the phone. Rachel seems to have found herself, and I couldn’t be happier for her!

So we got back from our honeymoon on a Friday, and school started on the next Monday. It was Jason’s senior and my sophomore year. The first semester was about him completing the requirements for his degree and beginning the job hunt. I was happy just settling into the routine of my classes and learning how to navigate a marriage and a home. You know some couples have issues the first year or two of their marriage; there was none of that for us. Right from the start we were a team and a really good one at that! The following March Jason took off for a six-week internship in Lexington, Kentucky. This was a challenge as we hadn’t been apart much at all, and having sex three or four times a week for the last year? How could we manage this? But you know me; I’m flexible, haha! I asked Rachel to move in with me for three of those weeks, and she did! I know what you’re thinking, and yes…we were pretty naughty three or four times! It was during that time I got the story about her and Steve Conroy.

When Jason completed his internship at that company, they were very impressed and offered him a job after graduation. The only thing was we had to move to Atlanta for a year of training which meant I had to drop out of school. From there we moved to Greenville, South Carolina for two years. It was during this period of time we discovered that I would never be having children. That was so discouraging, but only a few weeks after that we were moving again to Charlotte, North Carolina where we are now. The busyness of moving helped take the edge off of the sadness.

Now, backtracking just a bit, I need to catch you up on Felecia. After Teddy’s first year playing football for Western Kentucky, he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers and within a month they took off for California. I wouldn’t say that Felecia and I had grown apart because we still talked on the phone at least once a week; but certainly things were not the same. About a month after Felecia and Teddy moved to San Francisco, (this was during the year in Atlanta,) we were catching up on the phone and Felecia said, “Nance, I have to tell you something.” From the tone in her voice it was clear that this was something very serious. “You remember Lauren?”

“Of course, Teddy’s next-door neighbor who you played with that one time.”

“Yes, it wasn’t just once though; it became a lot.”

“Well sure, we both love threesomes…always have!”

There was a long pause, “This is different, Nance; Lauren moved out here with us. She’s taking courses for nursing at the University of San Francisco, and she’s living with us in our condo.”

“Oh my God! That’s quite the turn of events!”

“It certainly is, no one really knows what’s going on except us…and now you!”

“So where is this heading in the future?”

“I’m not sure at this point; we’ve had long discussions about the direction. Number one, we’re not going to tell anyone else about our polyamorous relationship. Number two, we decided that Teddy and I want to have children, but we’re not going to allow Lauren to get pregnant. Number three, we decided this would not be permanent; when Lauren finds someone else, we will part with no regrets. That’s all we have right now; there’s no timetable for anything.”

When mamak escort I hung up the phone, I started crying. While I thought Felecia and I would be friends forever, the “best friends forever” part of that was definitely over. I should have seen this coming for the last two years, but just didn’t want to admit the finality of it to myself. That call was very emotional for me; so much so that when J got home that night, I still didn’t have myself together.

He walked into the kitchen, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and saw my face. “Uh oh, what’s wrong, Babe? Did I leave the toilet seat up again?”

I smiled at him crookedly and gave him a playful shove, “No, you big dummy…I just got off the phone with Felecia.”

After hearing the whole story, Jason said, “Ya know, Nance, we’ve never had an at-length discussion of our lives before we met each other. Do you think maybe it’s time we did?”

“Yes, perhaps; Felecia’s situation must raise a lot of questions that need answers.”

J chuckled, “Uh, ya think? Not every husband has a wife whose best friend is into wife-swapping!”

I gave him another shove, “It’s not wife-swapping; it’s polyamory!”

“Okay, the first part part of this discussion will include me looking that up in the dictionary.”

I tried to laugh, “Yeah, you go do that while I start dinner.”

“I have a better idea; let’s go get a burger and continue this talk without any distractions.”

Once we were sitting in the car, Jason turned and said, “I’m gonna start because my history will be easier to unpack, okay?” When I nodded he continued, “I’ve had two other relationships in my life, three women I’ve been with and that includes you. With the first two, it was all was pretty straightforward; we connected, we had sex, it was pretty great for a while, then it got rough…we broke up. Looking back I realize…fate had me waiting for you!” He started the car, then looked at me again.

I smiled as warmly as I could, “My history is not that simple,” Jason cocked his head and I put my hand on his thigh. “Would you like the long or short version?”

He put the car in gear and started down the road, “Give me the short version and allow me to ask questions; how about that?”

“The short version, okay…Uhh, I’ve had sex with many people, guys and girls.”

“That I figured.”

“You did?”

“Sure, the first time we had sex, I knew you weren’t a novice; it was clear you were very experienced,” he reached for my hand and gave it a squeeze, “It was fuckin’ amazing, Nance…I really enjoyed trying to keep up with you!”

“I’ll take that as a compliment!”

J drew my hand to his lips and kissed the fingers, “You should! You blew my mind…among other things!”

I laughed, “I knew I loved you pretty quick and that will never, ever change, Honey!”

We pulled up at a light, and he leaned over and kissed me, “I told you, this is fate…and my fate is forever! This conversation won’t change any of that!” We got the green arrow and he turned left, “So… How many people are we talking here?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t keep a list; do you need an exact number?”

“Not really, but is it a number less than ten?”

I hesitated, “Umm, more like twenty.”

His eyebrows shot up, but a smile played at the corners of his mouth, “Ohhh, okay…so experienced is not the right word, “you’re more like a professional!”

He said it so funny; I knew he was teasing, and I burst out laughing, “I prefer to think of myself as an artist!”

“Ha! Yeah, either way you have a skill set that’s off the chain, Babe! So besides Felecia, how many women have you been with?”

“Again, I don’t know but it’s been about half and half.”

Jason looked thoughtful, “I don’t think I need to know them all, but can I ask you about a few of them?”

“Of course, keeping secrets at this point would not be wise.”

“That girl from the fraternity contest…”

“Meredith…no, we were just trying to win the money.”

J paused again, “Rachel?”

I put my hand on his leg again, “Yes, several times!”

“That’s pretty fucking hot! She’s a looker!”

“She’s a great friend too; you had to see that from all the work she did for the wedding! And just so we’re completely transparent now, Honey…I did play with her a couple times while you were gone on your internship and she was staying with me to keep company.”

Jason grinned, “And now she’s with Steve, I wonder if they’re having this conversation? But anyway, is there anything else I need to know?”

I giggled, “I would like to know something!”

“What’s that?”

I reached between his legs, “Are you hard right now?” J burst out laughing. “Whoaa…oh my God, you’re kinda hard. Do we need to forget the burgers and hurry home?”

He laughed again, “Nah, we’re almost there; but you best get prepared, I just might need to fuck your beautiful self later tonight!”

“If YOU pick up the check, ofise gelen escort you have a deal!” Jason pulled into the Fuddruckers and we went inside holding hands. After ordering our food, we picked out a booth and sat down. “Jason? I do want you to know something, since you and I started dating, I have not been with any other man!”

“Good to know, Babe!”

“You’re my hubs, forever! Is this conversation over now?”

“Not quite, I just want to know a little something else. Have you ever been with more than one person? Like a threesome?”

Pursing my lips, I replied, “Yes, both kinds.”

“Both Kinds? Like you were with two guys at the same time?”


“Were these two guys Bi also?”

I giggled again, “No, I don’t believe any of the men I’ve ever been with were Bi-sexual.”

“How was it with them?”

“It was really fun; I was the center of attention!”

“Yeah, I bet you were!” he chuckled, “Did you wear them out?”

Nicole, I laughed so hard when he asked that! “All three of us probably slept well that night!”

“Oh my God! Okay, one more question then…what, if anything, did you do with these guys that you and I have never done?”

I looked at him long and hard; this answer was going to be tricky…maybe. “Oh, J, is that very important? You satisfy me better than any of them!”

He grinned, “Thank you for that, Babe…but I would like to know.” Just then our food was ready; we loaded up the burgers and got our drinks. I was hoping he would forget that question when we began eating, but I should have known better. “So, having sex with these other guys; did they ever do something that we haven’t?”

I took a big bite of my burger and looked at him thoughtfully. He was staring at me, chewing and staring. Finally I said, “Well…yes, there was some anal.”

“Oh my God…really?”

“Yes, is that bad?”

“No, did you like it?”

I smiled and shrugged, “It was fun! And I tried it with them because I’d had some anal fun with toys and thought I’d give it a go!”

J grinned and shook his head at me, “I didn’t expect that, Wow!”



“I don’t need anal, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t really want to try and fit that big dick of yours in there!”

He covered his mouth and laughed, “No, me and my big dick don’t want to hurt you!”

With my mouth full of French fries I said, “Thanks, I appreciate that!”

“As I’ve always said, Babe, what you do with your Bi-side is okay with me; but number one is our relationship and number two is your and my health. You’ll protect those for us, right?”

I reached across the table and put my hand on his, “J, I’ve never loved anyone like I love you! We’re going to grow old together and I hope we die on the same day; you can trust me!”

But you know what, Nicole? After that conversation, I realized that my past sex life had been kind of hanging over my head; there had always been a little bit of fear that Jason would someday hear something about it, and it would mess things up. Now that fear was completely gone!

And then (I know that after this whole, big, long story…this will seem totally out of character for me,) for the next three years, I didn’t have sex with anyone except Jason. Oh my God! Yeah, right? I know what you’re thinking, you naughty girl! You’re thinking that there’s no way THAT could happen; but it did! We finished the year in Atlanta and moved to Greenville, South Carolina. Jason moved through the ranks at his company lightning fast, so fast that when the promotion to the number two spot in Charlotte, North Carolina came up, he got that job with virtually no opposition! The only downside to all of this was that we were moving again for the third time in three years.

Here’s the good part though…we bought our first house! Yippee! J’s company put us up in a hotel for the first month, and (with Jason’s full support) I spent the first five days looking at communities within range of his office. There was a lot of on-line information available; and after researching that, I took two days to drive around looking at these different neighborhoods. That Friday I walked into a small, independently-owned real estate office in the area and met a very nice middle-aged woman named Marge. We had a fun first conversation where I described everything I wanted in a house, and then we set up an appointment for the next afternoon when J and I could look at some properties. Even though it was just a starter home, two bedrooms and two baths; we were beyond excited!

It took Marge about ten tries to show us the perfect place! We made it clear to her that this house had to be “move-in ready;” every dollar we could spare went to the down payment. Remodeling anything was out of the question. But Marge found it, and not only that, but our first offer was $5,000 below their asking price, and they accepted it! Yippee

! The closing and moving in was tricky, (we ended up staying otele gelen escort in the hotel an extra three weeks,) but it all got done…and Nicole? That first Saturday night, when we laid down on our own bed, in our own bedroom, in our own house…I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! It was better than sex, and we had THAT the next morning… Yippee

It took us about a month to set up the house the way we wanted. I obviously wasn’t working then, so I had a lot of time to plan and implement. Like before we moved the rest of our stuff in, we repainted every interior wall and used one of our two credit cards to buy new appliances for the kitchen and a new dining room table. After all, we had a house-warming to prepare for! I’ll spare you the rest of these “get it ready” details; or maybe I’ll call you one of these days and tell it to you over the phone. My parents came for the party and stayed for four days; Jason’s parents couldn’t make it…Booo!

The house-warming was so much fun! (And here is where the erotic part of the story gets going again.) We couldn’t invite too many people, goodness…we only had 1300 square feet AND a good old-fashioned southern porch! So we ended up with eleven people there: Jason’s boss with his wife, Jason’s secretary with her husband, and J invited one of the tech guys who brought his fiancee. With us and my mom and dad, that makes ten…Who was number eleven, you ask? Jason introduced me, “Nancy, this is Matt Perez, the guy in the office next to mine? I told you remember…the guy who’s a royal pain in the ass?”

I laughed, “Oh, THAT guy huh?” Matt was cracking up right in front of me. “This is the guy only a mother could love?”

“Yes, this is him…Matt, this is my wife Nancy, but only her friends get to call her Nance, so watch it!”

Matt looked at me with an amused twinkle in his eye and said, “Hello, Nancy! Damn, you two are scary!” That cracked us up!

Nicole, at the time Matt was twenty-five years old; and (trust me when I say this,) there is “good-looking,” and then there is REALLY good-looking! Matt was clearly Hispanic (Perez?) with black hair and dark brown eyes. He wasn’t tall, maybe 5’9 and I would have guessed 160-170 pounds. He also had perfect teeth and the kind of genuine smile that no one can fake! Oh, and his shoes were awesome! J and I spent ten minutes talking with him, and I remember thinking “God, it’s a good thing I’m married now!” You do remember I talked about Matt in a previous letter; that’s what I’m leading up to here!

Anyway, two things happened in the next five weeks that were lifestyle changing. The first one was that Matt started coming over to our house for dinner virtually every Thursday night. He and Jason would work late on Thursdays so they could wrap things up by Friday afternoon and have their weekends free. J and I usually had supper between 6:00 and 6:30, but on Thursdays I would cook for the three of us, dinner at 8:00. He and Jason were becoming very close friends, and I liked him…a LOT!

The second thing occurred the day after the house-warming. J and I were sitting on the porch enjoying the weather, the sunset, and our lives together; everything was just going so well! All of a sudden a couple went by; they were walking their dog. It appeared they would pass and not even notice us, but Jason said, “Hello there!”

They looked up at us, and the woman spoke first, “Oh Hi, Wow! Are you new in the neighborhood?”

I said, “Not real new, we’ve been here five weeks now, we’re just kind of new! I’m Nancy and this is my husband Jason.”

The man spoke, “We’re the Traynors, I’m Bill and this is Jenny.” He looked down at the dog and said, “And this is Sporty…say hello, Sporty!” The dog decided to sit and look at us, “He gets confused sometimes,” Bill admitted.

“That’s what I do when Nance tells me to take out the garbage,” Jason cracked.

The Traynors laughed and I said, “Don’t mind Jason here, he’s just a smart-ass!”

Jenny playfully elbowed her hubby in the ribs, “Well then, Bill and Jason should get along well, he’s a legend in his own mind!”

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed, “Two legends in the same time continuum; they could change the world together!” All four of us laughed so heartily, even Sporty jumped up and tried to climb up Bill’s leg.

J said, “You two want to sit a while and get acquainted?”

“Um, maybe we could,” Bill replied, “Can Sporty shit on your lawn for a second before we sit down?” All that got him was another elbow in the ribs from Jenny!

So for the next hour, we got acquainted with the Traynors. Little did I know at that point that we had just met our new best friends. Know what, Nicole? I’m going to save this story for last!

Now, getting back to the “Matt” situation, you already know we ended up in a threesome together, but the backstory of that is quite interesting. Two and a half months after we moved in, my birthday was coming up. We were sitting on the porch swing again and Jason asked me if there was something I wanted for it.

“I don’t really want anything, but you know what the house needs. Maybe you could get that set of table lamps we saw in Target?”

J squinched up his mouth, “That’s no fun; birthdays should be special!”

I leaned into the crook of his arm, “Birthday sex? Hey, we haven’t ‘christened’ the guest bedroom yet, have we?”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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Asian Porn

The following is based on actual events which happened about 15 years ago. Names haven’t been changed. Fiona, my good friend, has given me permission to publish her story, and depending on how it is received, I might write further instalments. At the time of the story, Fiona was heterosexual. Later she discovered the delights of lesbian sex, and she is now one of my lovers.

Fiona woke up on Saturday morning next to her husband Mike. It was their wedding anniversary. They had been together 20 years and married for 18. They still loved each other and still had sex on occasion, though it was nothing to write home about. Mike was good with his tongue though, she had to admit. He had a talent for being able to bring her so close to orgasm and hold her there for what seemed like an eternity.

Fiona had been very attractive in her 20s. She spent time looking after herself, kept herself fit and in shape, and wore clothes that showed off her best bits. In her opinion, her best bits were her legs. When she first got to know Mike she would always wear short skirts and dresses and Mike felt proud walking down the street with her on his arm. After 18 years of marriage she’d let a few things slip and heads no longer turned when she walked into a room. Her clothes were a little dowdy and practical and she didn’t bother too much with her nails, hair and makeup. It was true that she still had appeal and a sexuality that became more obvious as one got to know her. Now in her mid 40s she had made a decision that some changes were needed. She’d been revamping her wardrobe and was enjoying wearing more provocative outfits. She’d started shaving her pubes which surprised and delighted Mike in equal measure. In short, she regained some of her libido which she had thought had gone for ever.

They’d been mainly faithful to each other. There was one time many years ago when Mike came home from a business trip abroad. Fiona could tell something was up straight away. That evening Fiona was in bed and Mike came into the bedroom in tears. He knelt by the bed and blurted out that he’d made a terrible mistake with a woman he’d met on his trip at the hotel bar. He probably expected Fiona to tell him to get out of the house, and that she wanted a divorce. He wasn’t expecting what happened next.

“You have been a naughty boy. And you know what happens to naughty boys? They get a damned good spanking. Now, get your clothes off and then I’m going to tie you to the bed.”

He looked at Fiona in blank amazement. “You serious?”

“Get your fucking clothes off now!”

Fiona tied him face down with some old pairs of tights from her underwear drawer, wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed. Then she found a leather belt from the wardrobe, thick and heavy.

“You can scream and beg all you like, but I’m not going to stop until I think you’ve had enough. The windows are open, so I imagine the neighbours will hear what’s going on. I’ll leave you to explain.”

Then she started whipping him as hard as she could for at least 10 minutes. He shouted and screamed and begged her to stop. She took no notice, but finally took pity on him and then snuggled up beside him and made him tell her all the details. She made him describe her body and tell her everything that he had done to her, and what she had done to him, what they’d talked about, what she tasted like. She occasionally gave his sore bruised bum a slap to keep him talking. Much to her surprise, she found herself getting more and more excited as he was talking. Soon she was wet between her legs and her nipples were hard and erect pressed against Mike’s torso. When she was satisfied that he’d told her everything she untied him and told him she wanted him to lick her until she came.

Later they were lying in each other’s arms. Mike was feeling well and truly chastised and had a raging hard-on.

“Next time you cheat on me it will be far worse. You’ve been warned. And you won’t be cumming tonight, so if I were you, I’d start thinking about cold tripe or something. now I’m going to sleep.”

As far as Fiona knew, that was the only time he ever cheated on her. He certainly never admitted it if he did do it again.

Fiona, on the other hand, had a fair number of flings with guys she met through work, or friends of friends. She never said a word to Mike. She wasn’t at all sure how he would react to the news, so she thought it was best to keep it her little secret. Anyway, it made her feel good, it made her feel special and wanted. It gave her a release for her pent up sexual energy and boosted her confidence. It satisfied her cravings for raw passionate sex, for cocks and cum.

Most recently, about 2 weeks ago, she spent a wonderful evening with one of her colleagues, Fred, while Mike was out for an evening work do. He came round to their house about half an hour after Mike had set off, and spent 3 hours fucking Fiona in their bedroom. He fucked her arse, something which Mike didn’t do, but which Fiona adored, and pumped a huge load of cum deep kızılay escort inside her. After he’d had time to recover, he fucked her pussy and left another load. Noticing the time, he made a hasty exit after giving Fiona a long lingering kiss and a final quick orgasm with a finger on her clit. Fiona got dressed without showering, pulling her knickers and tights up her thighs which were wet with cum and her juices. There was a sizeable sticky damp patch in the middle of the sheet, but Fiona just pulled the duvet over it. She got quite excited thinking that soon she would be climbing back into bed with her husband with two loads of someone else’s cum leaking from her holes. A bit risky, but worth it for the thrill. Mike arrived home not much later. He’d obviously had a few drinks and was feeling a little horny. Soon they were heading upstairs and then they were kissing on the bed, Mike’s hands wandering over her thighs and bum under her skirt. Fiona was getting quite worked up too – especially as she thought about Fred’s cock and his cum that was at this very moment leaking out of her pussy. She suddenly jumped up from the bed and quickly took off all her clothes, throwing them in a pile on the floor and making sure that her cum sodden knickers and tights were hidden from sight under her skirt and blouse. She slipped under the duvet and smiled provocatively at Mike and hoped he hadn’t got a whiff of Fred’s pungent cum. Mike didn’t dawdle. Seconds later he was in bed next to her, pressing his hard cock against her thigh and exploring the folds of her pussy lips with his fingers.

“My God, you’re so hot and wet tonight. I want to lick your pussy and make you cum.”

She thought that she couldn’t possibly let him do that now. As Mike’s fingers slid in and out of her pussy all she could think of was that Fred’s sticky cum was such a good lubricant. She pulled Mike’s hand from her pussy to her face, and licked his fingers hungrily.

“Mike, I just want you to fuck me with your cock. Now! I want your cock in me. Lick me later. When you’ve fucked me and filled my pussy with cum, then you can lick me.”

Mike climbed on top of her and the full length of his cock slid effortlessly into the depths of her vagina. Fiona’s orgasm started almost immediately, and as he started pumping her, she sobbed and trembled as the ripples of pleasure coursed through her body, ever increasing in intensity until the moment when Mike’s cock began throbbing uncontrollably and spurted cum deep inside her. At this moment she was transported to another world of such intense pleasure that she could hardly believe it. It took some time for them both to come back to Earth.

“Now you can lick me.”

She gently pushed his head down her body, letting him have a good suck of her nipples on the way. Then his mouth was firmly planted on her parted pussy lips and his tongue was probing deeply into her hole as he slurped and swallowed.

Later they were lying side by side both feeling deeply satisfied. Fiona was on the point of telling him that what he had actually been slurping up from her pussy was a mixture of his own and Fred’s cum, but she thought better of it. Better add it to her list of little secrets – a list that was getting longer and longer.

A few days after her evening of passion with Fred, Fiona caught Mike watching porn on his laptop. She knew it was something he did on occasion. She’d found images on his phone when she’d managed to get a sneaky peak, but never said anything to him about it – images of women sucking cocks and close-ups of faces dripping with cum. She’d also looked at his browsing history on his computer and found he’d been watching a whole range of pornographic videos, from single girls masturbating to elaborate orgy scenes, from mistresses whipping their helpless bound slaves to men being forced to drink wee. But on this particular day, she’d walked in to his study and found him so engrossed in his video that at first he didn’t even notice she was there. When he did notice her, he tried desperately and unsuccessfully to close down the page on his computer and hide the fact that his erect cock was sticking out of his opened fly. He looked up at Fiona with the most embarrassed expression.

“Sorry,” was all he managed.

“Let’s start it from the beginning and watch it together,” suggested Fiona. “I want to see what’s got you so hard.”

It turned out to be a 10 minute video staring a reasonably attractive 30 something housewife, who for some reason was wearing fishnet stockings and a short nightie whilst she was doing the hoovering. She had just invited a couple of younger blokes into the house, and then she led them upstairs to the bedroom. Of course there was lots of fucking with her various holes being filled with their stiff cocks, fingers and tongues, and the final scene showed the two guys ejaculating simultaneously over her face and tits.

“So you like watching women being pleasured by men do you? You like to see kolej escort her getting sprayed with cum? Would you like to be there joining in, slapping your cock against her face? Or is it that you just like watching? What would you think if it was me in the video? Would you like to watch me getting fucked by a couple of young blokes?”

As Mike struggled to think how on Earth he could answer his wife, she reached down and ran a finger over the head of his cock which was wet with precum.

“I think it would turn you on. Am I right?”

“I’m sorry Fiona. It’s just a video. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just fun.”

Fiona started to stoke his cock and whispered in his ear, “Just be honest with me. If you found me with a couple of hunky blokes who were giving me a lot of pleasure, would it turn you on? Would it make you hard like you are now? Would you like to watch them fuck me? Watch them make me cum? Tell me the truth.”

He was close to cumming. Fiona licked his neck and his ear as she worked more vigorously on his cock.

“Yes, I think it would turn me on.”

“Would you prefer to fuck me, or watch someone else fuck me? Which?”

“Oh Fiona, I love you. I don’t know. Oh my God…”

He was shooting his cum all over his jeans and shirt.

“Have a think about it. Tell me later. Now, you’d better get yourself cleaned up!”

Mike never brought up the subject again, but Fiona couldn’t stop thinking about it.

So now they were in bed together on the morning of their 18th wedding anniversary. Fiona was contemplating the day ahead. They were going out for a meal at a gastro pub in the evening followed by a night club. Fiona was going to wear a dress she had recently bought, but which Mike hadn’t yet seen. It was black and very short and fitted her beautifully. In the changing room in the shop when she first tried it on she couldn’t believe what she saw in the mirror. She twirled, bent over and touched her toes, and did a little dance, and tried to work out whether she had the guts to wear it in public. She might as well put a sign round her neck saying ‘Come and fuck me’.

But first, she was going to have a long soak in the bath. Shave her legs, underarms, and her mound. Then they were going shopping. It was a bit of a ritual, but every anniversary they would go shopping together for sexy underwear. It was a sort of treat for Mike who got a bit of a thrill wandering round lingerie departments. After that, Fiona had an appointment at her salon for a haircut and then she was going to have her nails done. She was beginning to get quite excited about going out in the evening. What would Mike think when he saw her in that dress? She was going to wear it with black hold-ups – she’d just bought a pair with pretty lace tops which she knew would be visible every time she bent forward or crossed her legs. She’d also decided on bright red heels and she had some new lipstick that was a perfect match. Without letting Mike know what she was doing, she slipped a finger between her pussy lips and found her clit. She was dripping wet already.

“You never did tell me whether you’d prefer to fuck me or watch someone else do it. So, which is it?”

“Fiona, the though of you having sex with someone else sort of turns me on, but in reality, I just don’t know….. I don’t know how I’d react, or how I’d feel.”

“OK, just concentrate for a minute. Imagine you’ve come home a little earlier than expected. You go upstairs, walk into our bedroom and you find me with some bloke. He’s fucking me. My eyes are closed. I’m moaning with pleasure. We’re both so into the moment we don’t notice you. What would you do? Think it through before you answer.”

Fiona reached down to his cock and found he was rock hard and throbbing.

“I wouldn’t disturb you. I’d back out quietly. I’d be so fucking turned on. I’d want to watch, but I’d be too embarrassed to stay.”

“Imagine I opened my eyes and saw you before you managed to slip out. I tell you to stay and enjoy the show. The bloke I’m with doesn’t mind you being there. In fact he likes showing off how good he is in bed. Would you like that? Watching me get fucked in our own bed? In our own bedroom? In our house?”

He managed a groan.

“Would your cock be as hard as it is now?”

“Oh my God, I’d be so hard.”

“And when we were done, he’d get up, get dressed and go, and I’d stay in bed. What would you do? Would you kiss me?”

“Yes, I’d kiss you. I’d kiss you deeply and passionately.”

“Even though I’d just been kissing someone else?”

“Yes, of course I’d kiss you.”

“Even if I’d been sucking his cock?”

Fiona could tell he was so close to cumming so she let go of his cock and grabbed one of his nipples and gave it a hard squeeze and a twist.

“Yes, even if you’d been sucking his cock, I’d kiss you.”

“And would you go down on me and lick my cunt?”

“Oh yes Fiona, I’d love to.”

“Even if it was full of his cum? Would maltepe escort you lick his cum out of me?”

“Yes Fiona, I’d lick out his cum. I’d do anything you wanted me to.”

“Mmmmmm. Interesting! Well it’s about time we got up. We’ve got some shopping to do. You’re going to find me some sexy knickers.”

She ran the tips of her fingers down the full length of his shaft. “And you can save that for later!”

They spent an enjoyable couple of hours in the high street shops. Eventually Mike chose some red lacy knickers and a matching bra which was designed to maximise her cleavage. The red went very well with her heels and lipstick she thought. Then she was off to have her hair and nails attended to. Late in the afternoon she got back home to Mike who was full of compliments. He told her she looked 5 years younger.

“Wait ’til you see me in my dress.”

She went upstairs and quickly changed. Her new knickers fitted perfectly and her bra did what it said it would. She rolled up her new stockings and then put on her dress and high heels. She shouted down to Mike to get that cold bottle of Prosecco opened, then she expertly applied her eye liner and mascara, and finished off with her bright red lipstick. She looked stunning.

As they sat and drank their bubbly, Mike couldn’t conceal the fact that he was getting harder by the minute. Her tits looked amazing and the tight dress showed off all her beautiful curves. She undid the straps on her heels then laid back on the sofa with her feet on Mike’s crotch and gently massaged his cock through his jeans with her nylon toes. Fiona got the feeling she was going to really enjoy the forthcoming evening.

This time, as they walked into the dining area, heads did turn – male and female. The waiter who attended them could not take his eyes off her legs and she made sure he got a good look at her stocking tops.

After their meal they moved to the bar and found an empty table.

“So, how does it feel to have been married to me for 18 years?” she asked, rubbing her knees against Mike’s thighs. “Have I satisfied you?”

“Yes you have, my darling.”

She took Mike’s hand and placed it on her thigh. “I’ve satisfied you so much that you have to watch porn?”

“Oh Fiona, I don’t watch it much, but it does turn me on sometimes. Look, I know we don’t have sex as often as we should, but when we do, do I satisfy you?”

“You do, but I sometimes want more. I love it when you eat me. I’d also love it if you were a bit more spontaneous with me. A bit rough. Take control. March me upstairs, rip my clothes off and fuck me hard. Know what I mean?”

“I guess I’m just not that sort of person. I like it when you take control. And I love eating you. I love it when you sit on my face and force me to eat you.”

“There’s a guy sitting at the bar who might be that sort of person. Don’t turn round and stare. He’s been checking me out for the last 5 minutes. He’s with a mate, and I’m sure they’re talking about me.”

“Everyone’s looking at you Fiona. You look so fucking hot. I’m not surprised he’s checking you out.”

“Well, maybe he’s a bit young for me. Probably not more than 20. Oh God, he’s coming over. And he is gorgeous. Mike, tonight might not go as you planned. Just trust me.”

As he walked across the room, he smiled at her, and then he was at their table. He put one hand on the back of Fiona’s chair, and the other on the table inches from hers. Mike had moved his hand from her thigh which he had been caressing as they were talking.

“Hi, sorry to interrupt you, but I’m sure I know you from somewhere.” He was gazing into Fiona’s eyes. “I’m Simon and that’s my friend Pete,” he said, gesturing towards the bar.

“Well, I’m Fiona, and this is Mike. I can’t say I recognise you, but why don’t you both come over and join us? There’s room here.”

“Thanks, we will. I’ll go and get him”

Fiona took Mike’s hand again. “Mike, we’ve got 30 seconds. I’m going to make a suggestion. You go home and leave me with these two. I’ll see if they want to go to the night club with me. I know it’s not really your thing. Wait for me at home. And no watching porn and definitely no wanking. I’ll be wanting your cock later – whatever happens. It is our anniversary after all! Trust me? Yes or no?”

“Shit, Fiona. I don’t know. I love you.”

“Yes or no?”

Simon and Pete had come over with their drinks and were pulling out chairs from under the table to sit down, one on either side of Fiona.

“Yes”, said Mike to Fiona in a whisper.

Fiona started the conversation. “Hi Pete! This is my husband, Mike, and tonight is our wedding anniversary. Now, Simon, where might you know me from?”

“Well, I’ve been racking my brains, but I just can’t recall. But, look, I didn’t realise it was your wedding anniversary. Maybe we should leave you to get on with your evening?”

Mike joined in the conversation. “Actually, Simon, we’d planned on going to a night club to celebrate, but I’ve had such a busy and stressful week at work that I don’t think I have the energy. I might have to go home and catch up on some sleep. But, Fiona is so looking forward to having a night out dancing. I wondered if you two wouldn’t mind going with her? And you know her from somewhere, so it’s not like she’s going off with two total strangers. It would make her day.”

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Threesome With Incest

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Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and all characters, both male and female are over the age of 18.


My name is John and I am 26 years old. I had only been dating my girlfriend Susan for 6 months when this story took place.

Susan is a petite 30 y/o, blonde at 5’4″ tall and 102 lbs. She has short blonde hair and blue eyes, a pretty face and small perfectly shaped breasts with small areolae and half inch long nipples when she is aroused. Her stomach is flat leading to a bare camel toe pussy, long firm legs and small pretty feet.

She was over at my apartment and we were sitting on my couch. We were naked and she was straddling my waist and slowly rising up and down on my thick 7 inch cock. Her pussy felt wonderful and she was incredibly wet too.

We had been going at it like this for about 10 minutes or so, when I whispered in her ear, “I want you to suck me baby.”

Susan smiled and removed herself from my dick and then got down on her knees and started to suck my dick.

She didn’t even hesitate when I asked her to suck my dick which is something that really turned me on about her. You see Susan is very submissive and takes direction really well.

So there she was, between my legs and sucking on my cock. The cock that was recently inside her wet pussy. The cock that was literally dripping with her juices. She didn’t even hesitate as she took my wet dick into her mouth and licked her slimy pussy juices from the thick shaft.

“Mmm,” she moaned. Her mouth moved up and down my cock.

I then brought her back up to again straddle my waist and after she settled down on my hard dick, we began to kiss. Our tongues engaged and it was really hot. I loved tasting her pussy on her lips and I moaned into her mouth.

When our lips came apart I kissed my way to her ear and growled, “I love tasting pussy on your lips.”

Susan then leaned back and stopped her pussy grinding my dick and said, “You do?”

I smiled and said, “Yes slut, I do!” And added “I love watching you lick your slimy juices from my wet cock and would love to see you lick another woman’s juices from my dick sometime.”

Susan then got all serious with me then and said, “Sweetie, I’m not a lesbian and I don’t feel comfortable having this conversation with you!”

I looked down and saw that her nipples were still erect and taking them in my fingers I said, “I think you are lying to me slut and your super erect nipples would agree with me.” I gave her hard nipples a playful tug which made her groan and her pussy squeezed my dick in response.

Susan grabbed my shoulders with her hands as my fingers increased their pressure on her nipples. Without even moving, she suddenly cried out, “Fuck sweetie! Oh fuck!!!” As a powerful orgasm swept through her body. Her pussy gripped my dick so hard that it was too much for me and I began to shoot my cum deep inside her.

I pulled her close then and growled in her ear, “For someone who isn’t a lesbian, your pussy certainly is in conflict with your mind slut. Now get off of me and lick up the mess of our combined juices like the good little whore you are.”

Susan smiled and started to lick up the mess that dripped out of her pussy.


The following Friday, My girlfriend’s sister Janet invited us over for dinner. So I picked up Susan and then headed over to her sister’s house.

Janet greeted us at the door and I was eve gelen escort blown away at how gorgeous she looked. The last time I saw Janet (and met her for the first time) at a party that her and Susan’s parents threw, she looked decent but nothing like she did now.

Janet is 36 years old. She stands 5’9 and weighs about 118 lbs. She has shoulder length dark brown hair and green eyes. And her face resembles Tara from the tv show, ‘Sons of Anarchy’. Her breasts are a 36c, with a flat stomach and curvy hips and long lean legs.

Seeing her standing there in heels, a short black skirt and a light peach blouse made me feel very underdressed. She invited us in and gave us both a quick hug before leading us into the living room. Her perfume was very nice with a hint of cinnamon and sandal wood and something else that seemed to awaken my dick.

She had some cheese and crackers on the coffee table in front of the couch.

We sat down and Janet went into the kitchen and came back with some white wine. Pinot Grigio, I think it was. And we made small talk and ate some cheese and crackers.

I did notice that as Janet bent over to spread some bree on a trisket, the top 3 buttons on her blouse were unbuttoned and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Hmmm. She handed me the cracker and smiled. (I wondered if she caught me looking down her blouse)

Anyway, dinner was ready and we sat down to eat. She made a pot roast with mashed potatoes, a salad and asparagus. Everything was delicious. And occasionally I stole glances at Janet’s breasts which I could clearly see her dark areolae through her blouse. And when we finished eating we went back into the living room where Janet served us a lemon dessert and coffee.

Susan and I were sitting on the couch and Janet was across from us in the love seat.

“So John, my sister really likes you. And I think you look good together.” She said casually.

I smiled and held Susan’s hand and she snuggled up to me. “Thanks Janet. So I guess that means that I have your approval?” I asked.

She returned my smile and said, “Yes. Yes, you do.”

“But you know there’s one thing that disturbs me. Susan and I were talking a few days ago and she told me that you wanted to have a threesome with her and another woman.”

Janet’s comment caught me off guard and I felt hot under my collar. Her comment also gave me an instant boner.

I smirked at her and said, “You’re right, I did say that, but what business is it of yours?” “

“Well Susan is my sister and I am very protective of her. And you might have noticed that she doesn’t stick up for herself very well. So that’s why we are talking now.” Janet said defensively.

I nodded my head and said, “Okay. That’s fair. So ask me whatever you want about it.”

“Thank you John. So have you thought about what you want my sister to do with this other woman?” She asked.

“Of course I have, and I think Susan would enjoy the experience.” I told her frankly.

“You do? What makes you think that?” She questioned me.

“Well, for starters, your sister is a wildcat in bed and she takes direction really well. She is completely submissive and does whatever I ask of her.” I explained.

“Okay, I get that. So let’s say this woman joins you. Do you want to see her kiss the other woman?” She asked.

“Of course. Susan would kiss her and play with her breasts and suck on her nipples and finger her pussy and then gaziosmanpaşa escort they would go down on each other.” I filled in for Janet, since she seemed uncomfortable leading me to this point.

Janet’s face grew concerned. “G-Go down on each other? You can’t actually expect my sister to go down on a woman and l-lick her pussy?”

“Well yeah!” I practically blurted.

“Isn’t that gross? I mean it’s her juices that you expect my sister to taste with her tongue. That’s really sick John!” She said heatedly.

“Well when you put it like that, it does sound pretty disgusting. But I don’t look at the secretions that come out of a woman’s vagina when she is aroused as gross. Instead I find it really hot and I think Susan would as well.” I told her frankly.

“What? That’s sick!” She said excitedly. “What makes you think such a twisted thing?”

I looked at Susan and said, “Do you want to tell her or shall I?” But Susan just sat there quiet.

“Tell me what?” Janet shrieked.

So I continued, “When Susan and I have sex together and I am really driving my dick deep inside her pussy, she is extremely wet. And sometimes I pull out and she begs me to suck on my wet dick.”

“She licks off her slimy juices from your your penis? Oh God Susan. I’m so disappointed in you. That’s, that’s…”

Susan jerked her hand out from mine and got up and ran from the room.


Janet looked at me and said, “I-I didn’t know John.”

And when she sat on the end of the sofa to look towards where Susan went, I noticed 2 things. 1) her nipples were erect and pressing through her blouse and threatened to spill out at any moment. and 2) her skirt had ridden up and there was a wet spot on her panties.

And I did the only thing I could, I stood up in front of Janet so that she could see my hard-on thru my pants. She licked her lips and brought her hand up and traced my thick shaft through my pants. I then brought her to her feet and embraced her in a hug and kissed her on the mouth. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and her kiss excited me further.

When we broke the kiss she looked into my eyes and said, “I’ve wanted you for weeks now. It has been months since I had a real cock in my pussy and I hope that you will last long enough to make me cum.”

Janet unbuckled my pants and pulled down my boxers and gasped when she saw my raging boner. “Oh John! It’s bigger than I thought it would be.” She groaned as her hand circled the shaft. She looked at me lustfully and continued, “I’m so wet that you can just shove it inside my pussy if you want.”

But I had other plans.

I turned her around and grabbed her blouse and pulled it open roughly, sending the buttons flying in all directions. “I’m gonna make you my slut Janet. Just like your sister Susan.” I growled and started to kiss her neck which made her moan. I then moved my hands to her breasts and cupped them aggressively.

Janet’s nipples were erect and I roved my fingers over them making her moan. “Am I making you wet slut?” I asked her. And when she hesitated to respond I grabbed her hard nipples with my thumbs and index fingers and pinched them.

“Ohhh!” Janet moaned.

I continued to twist and yank on her nipples. Perhaps a bit too roughly because she cried out suddenly, “Owww. Yesss!!! Oh fuck!!!”

“Shhh, slut, or your sister might hear us.” I chastised her.

“I gölbaşı escort can’t help it. I’m dripping John!” Janet told me.

“Show me slut!” I growled. “Slide your hand down to your pussy and insert two fingers in your gash and bring them up so I can see how wet you are.” I commanded her.

Janet did as I asked and when she brought her left hand up, her index and middle fingers were coated with her milky secretions. She started to bring her wet fingers to my mouth when I told her, “Put them in your own mouth.” And she did. She didn’t even hesitate.

And then she moaned, “Mmmm”.

I was still working her nipples pretty hard, when I turned her around and bent her forward over the couch arm. I lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down roughly and then lined my 7 inch cock up with her gash opening. The head went right inside her and with a little push my whole thick length was deep inside her. God she was wet!

“Oh fuck!!” Janet cried out as I speared my dick into her snug little cunt. Her juices spilled out around my cock and dripped down her thighs as I pounded into with her cervix. I then pulled back out and rammed it in again only harder this time. My balls slapped her clit and she grunted. I grabbed her hips and fucked her wet pussy with deep long strokes. “Oh fuck John. I can’t convey to you how much I needed this.”

I looked up then and there was Susan with her phone out recording us. She was completely naked and her free hand was busy fingering her pussy with 3 fingers. I smirked at her and motioned her over to me. When she stood in front of her sister, Janet looked up and said, “I was wondering when you would decide to join us sis. God, John’s dick is amazing! I’m so close to cumming. Oh fuuuuuck!”

“Get on your knees slut.” I growled at her. Susan complied instantly handing me her phone.

Her face was right next to her sister’s thigh and I slowly withdrew my hard cock from Janet’s slippery cunt and pressed it to Susan’s closed mouth. I worked it over her lips and cheeks, smearing her sister’s juices on her face. “Take my wet cock in your mouth or get the fuck out.” I berated her.

Janet looked back at Susan and said, “Open your mouth sis. You know you want to.” And my slick cock slid into Susan’s open mouth. It went all the way in to the back of her throat making her gag. She sucked my wet dick expertly and moaned the whole time.

After she licked her sister’s juices from my shaft, I rammed my dick back inside her sister’s drooling twat.

Susan was still looking at us fucking and was playing roughly with her long nipples.

I really fucked Janet hard. I hit her cervix with every stroke and she started to make these cute little grunts with every thrust. I was really close to cumming and rammed my dick in hard and deep and bellowed, “I’m cumming!!!” And started to spurt my cum against Janet’s cervix.

“I can feel your cum shooting in me and oh fuck yeah! I’m cumming!!!” Janet cried out loud. And boy did she ever. I felt pressure against my dick and suddenly it was expelled from her cunt. I then moved Susan so that her face was inches in front of Janet’s messy twat opening (and held it there) seconds before a huge gush of her sister’s milky juices jettisoned out of her cunt.

It looked like a fire hose on full blast and it caught Susan right in her open mouth. She gagged and sputtered but since I held her face firmly against Janet’s pussy she was forced to swallow it as she was totally caught unawares. Janet’s cum went all over Susan’s face, neck, tits and dripped on the carpet.

Janet then turned around after she calmed down from her orgasm and began to kiss her sister’s face and lick up our combined juices from Susan’s body.

“Mmmm, I can taste your cum John, and I really like it.” she beamed at me.

And as proof, I got it all on the camera.

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Away Game Ch. 01

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Waking up to a flat tire as we were about to leave on our trip had ruined my plans for a early jump on a long drive. Delaying our start for five hours until I could get into tire shop, we were seven hours behind schedule in my mind as I passed a line of trucks on the highway. Glancing at Jess dosing in the passenger seat I put the SUV in cruise as I tried to distract myself from the fact we would hit some big traffic before we got to our first stop. Wishing we had just flown now, I knew it would work out best not to do so. Our first extended trip in a couple years we both were looking forward to a couple weeks of just doing what we pleased with no set plans aside from our final destination that was still over nine hours away. Jess’s sister had a cabin on a lake about twelve hours south of us and we had access to it whenever they weren’t staying there.

Running my hand over Jess’s bare leg as I drove, my eyes ran over her backside as she turned a bit. Pulling up her sun dress I smiled as I saw her usual choice of panties, a sheer thong slid up tightly between her cheeks. Having always maintained her gymnast body, she could still turn any mans head at forty-five. Standing at five foot two, her ass and legs had always been her best feature, something she wasn’t shy about showing off. Pulling her long dark hair from her face I squeezed her shoulder as she stirred a bit.

We had known each other since highschool though we were just friends back then and never had dated. Going away to different colleges about an hour apart, we got together on a break in our sophomore year. Marrying soon after graduating we both concentrated on our careers for the couple years, then Jess became pregnant with our only child. Empty nesters now for the most part, we both enjoyed life to the fullest, having both worked hard over the years to get to where we were now.

Our sex life had always been great, with each of us being open with one another and open to new ideas. We had both been with others before we eventually got together, Jess’s experiences seemed to me much more vanilla than mine though. The first time I went down on her she freaked out a bit at first saying no one had ever done that, ten minutes in though she was squirming wildly as I pulled her clit into my mouth. It was a bit longer before she gave me a blow job, telling me she loved the feeling, she had soon mastered her technique and frequently slid between my legs taking my cock to the base. We had talked over the years to each other about various fantasies, swinging with another couple or single being one of the most frequent. Even though it was a turn on to talk about, it remained just a fantasy until a few years ago.

Jess had promised Amy, a friend and former coworker a girls day out after Amy’s recent divorce. Having had to cancel a couple times they finally got together on a Saturday for a day of shopping and then to their favorite winery. Enjoying having the day to myself to watch college football, our plans were interrupted when a storm front changed course and began dumping snow over our area. Jess and Amy returned early, and even though they hadn’t got to hit the winery they did hit the liquor store and each had a bottle in their hand when they walked in. Our son was gone for the weekend so Amy had planned to spend the night, knowing they both would have a little to much wine for her to drive home.

After a short talk between us all, the girls made themselves something quick to eat and then put on some suits to hit the hot tub. I declined the invite to join as the game I most wanted to see was about to start. Checking on them throughout the game they both seemed to be enjoying their selves and the falling snow actually made for a very nice scene. Walking out after the final whistle I found them both a little tipsy as they popped the cork on the second bottle. I was never big on sitting in the hot tub for long but as night fell along with a heavy snow I decided to join them for a bit. Both of them were giggling whispering to each other as I sat across from them sipping my beer. Amy was around or age, an attractive full figured woman, she was always fun to be around though I wasn’t sure I had ever seen her drunk. Enjoying the snow falling over us, I soon hit the bottom of my bottle and went to stand to get another. Jess quickly said she would get it for me and leaned over kissing me, whispering that her friend was being naughty. Unsure what she meant Jess pulled her bikini top off as she got out of the tub and threw it towards Amy calling her a chicken. Assuming she was trying to talk Amy into losing her top, we both sat silently until Jess returned.

Handing me my beer as she slipped back into the tub Jess turned to Amy and straddled her. Both giggling again, I saw Jess whisper something into Amy’s ear then glance back at me as she pulled her one piece suit off her shoulders. My mouth dropped open as I heard Amy gasp out, Jess turned back to her kissing her softly at first, but quickly becoming more passionate. Jess looked back at me as grup escort they broke their kiss, I was still in shock and had no idea what was about to happen, the look in her eyes should have told me though. Both of their hands were beneath the water, and as they began making out again, both were softly moaning into each others mouths. Jess had told me the idea of being with another woman was a turn on, but said she had never experimented in any way. Watching her make out with Amy had my cock instantly hard.

Jess spun around bending at the waist kissing me deeply as her hand ran over my rock hard cock. I felt like I was about to explode as I saw Amy slide in behind her peeling her bottoms off. Jess quickly turned and pulled Amy out of the tub saying we needed to go inside. Pointing to the hall closet as we neared the bedroom she asked me to get some towels. When I walked in I found Jess on top of Amy kissing her wildly as she pushed her suit down her legs. Sitting in the chair at the side of the bed, I ran my hand over my cock as I watched me wife slowly kiss her way down Amy’s squirming body. Resisting the temptation to join them I sat in awe as they brought one another to a leg shaking orgasm as I watched. My number one fantasy playing out in front of me, I had never seen anything so erotic as Amy slowly sliding up Jess’s body, kissing her softly as she slowly came down from her orgasm. Both turning to me at the same time holding out their hands for me to join them, we were soon entangled in our bed exploring each other for seemingly hours on end.

Amy admitted later that night she had experimented with a friend in college but that they had only kissed and done some heavy petting. Both busted my chops telling me they had been doing just this as I sat watching football. Jess couldn’t seem to get enough of going down on Amy and I woke to them going at it twice through the night. We enjoyed numerous threesomes with Amy after that, though with our son still at home Jess and her would often meet at Amy’s place for some time alone. Amy didn’t date anyone after that night for about four months and our time together after did diminish. Our night with her did open up deeper conversations with Jess and I and anytime the subject came up about her with another guy I felt a little torn about it. Admitting to her the idea did turn me on, I was honest and told her I thought I would be able to know she had done it, I just wasn’t sure I could handle watching her with another. Jess said she understood but then would joking tell me to man up and made me promise to fulfill her fantasy of two men at once if the opportunity arose.

Our talks about her with others continued for months and I did become more aroused by the idea, though I still had my doubts. Then one night Jess told me she had spent the afternoon with Amy and that Amy had asked her if we would be interested in getting together with her and her boyfriend that weekend. Amy said she had met him a few weeks earlier and he was a great guy, and left no doubt that she wanted us to invite them over for the night. To say she was a little disappointed when I told her I didn’t think I was ready would be an understatement, she also seemed shocked when I told her I was okay with her meeting with just them. Jess was okay with that even though she tried to talk me into going with her to Amy’s that weekend until she got into her car to leave.

Sitting at home knowing my wife was about to crawl into bed with another man was a bit unnerving for me. I had all sorts of bad scenarios running through my head even though I felt confident in how solid our marriage was. Jess sent me a text when she arrived and I almost sent one back telling her I had changed my mind. Hoping that my decision would work out for the best, I poured myself a glass of bourbon as I wondered what was transpiring over at Amy’s. The more I thought about it and the more it hit me it was really happening, the more anxious I became wanting to know how it went. Jess didn’t text me anymore after she arrived, I thought it was on purpose, just making me wonder what she was up to, teasing me for not going with her. Lying in bed hours later I wrapped my hand around my cock envisioning Jess spreading her legs for another, spraying my chest with cum minutes later told me how I really felt.

Jess shocked me in the middle of the night when she crawled into our bed and took my cock in her mouth immediately. Ignoring my questioning about how her night went as she sucked me hard, she slid up riding me wildly without saying a word. Collapsing on my chest after we came together, she kissed me softly as a smile spread over her face. After calming down Jess began telling me about her night with a devilish smile on her face the whole time. Listening to her it seemed to flow along same lines as our first night with Amy minus the hot tub. She admitted it was a rush to sleep with another man but would have enjoyed it more if I was there. I admitted I had regrets but we iranlı escort both agreed after talking that maybe this was the best way to break the ice. Concerned I was feeling jealous or was mad, I promised not to miss next time, assuring her I was okay with it.

The next morning I got a more detailed story of the night. Jess seemed a little reluctant at first admitting she was afraid I would freak out about it. The more she went into things the more turned on I became. She told me that she would definitely do it again but said it had seemed a little awkward compared to our times with Amy. Laughing I told her not to try and stroke my ego that I was really okay with it, then she opened her phone and showed me a text from Amy stating the same thing. Telling me that John was a great guy she said he seemed a little intimidated by having them both to himself and that he lacked a little in the stamina department.

We met up with Amy and John a few weeks later and I was shocked at how turned on I was seeing my wife with another man. While it was nowhere near as wild as our first night with Amy, we all enjoyed our time together. We all got together about once a month or so and even though John was a nice guy the chemistry between him and Jess really never grew as Jess hoped it would. One of the last times we meet, Jess and Amy had decided beforehand that we would start the night in separate rooms. Jess admitted later she thought maybe it would add to it somehow with her and John if I wasn’t there at the start. Telling me she did enjoy her time alone with him, he still wasn’t quite doing it for her. When Amy and John moved from the area a few months later, Jess and I talked about joining a swingers site to try and find some new friends.

While that seemed to be the easiest route to meet others we both had public jobs and were a little leery to join fearing it could come back to haunt us in some way. After months of debating it we decided to give it a whirl. At first it was exciting, filling out the profile and putting up some discrete sexy photos. We were a little overwhelmed just days in when our inbox was flooded with mostly inappropriate responses. After a couple months we did meet with one couple we had been talking with online, but our friendship ended at dinner. Both were a little annoying to talk with and Jess and I politely turned down an invite back to their house after dinner. We kept our profile active after that, though we both were a little more leery after our first meet. Whenever we would travel we would scope out couples in the area we were going to, Jess jokingly called the search our away game. While it was fun to talk with others, we never met any other couples and eventually let our membership expire. Talking about swinging from time to time we both decided that if it happened again it was great, if not, it was something we could live without..

Glancing over as Jess stirred, she stretched out then leaned over kissing me on the shoulder.

“Traffic’s getting heavy.”

“Yeah it is…only four hours in.”

“Oh wow.”

“Check your traffic app see what it looks like little further out.” Just as the words left my mouth, brakes lights lit up in front of us.

“Uh oh.”


For the next ninety minutes we only drove about ten miles. Jess found there was some construction causing part of the issue, that along with an accident seemed to all but halt traffic. I never minded driving but sitting in traffic would always just suck the life out of me. Taking a deep breath I saw an exit sign and wanted nothing more than to get off and hit a hotel.

“Not even halfway yet,” I glanced at Jess. “Find a hotel and call it a day?”

“Yeah, I can’t take much more of this. Next exit has a hotel.”

“We stayed there once didn’t we?”

“Think your right. Pub down the road we went to?”

“Yeah, yeah. Lets just get off here babe.”

Twenty minutes later we both stretched out on the king sized bed. We chose a new hotel that had been built since our last time here. They had a small restaurant off the lobby, but after reading some of the reviews we decided to clean up and go to the pub. Finding the bar full, we grabbed a table in the dining area and ordered our meal. Jess ordered a glass of wine and I just had some water not really feeling like a beer.

“Room a dance floor?” Jess smiled at me looking at the room off the dining area.

“Looks like.”


“Not tonight…not feeling it.” I laughed.

“Kill joy.”

“Tired from driving.”

“That is a tough gig,” Jess rolled her eyes.

“Fine, you can drive rest of the way.”

“You going to flash truck drivers then?”


“Evening folks.” Cutting me off I glanced up seeing a middle aged black man.

“Evening,” Jess smiled.

“Everything okay here?”

“Yes, Thank you very much.”

“You look familiar,” Jess stared up at him.

“From around here?”

“No. We stopped here once a couple keçiören escort years ago maybe. “

“May have seen me then, I’m one of the owners.” Holding out his hand he smiled. “James.”

“Jess,” She took his hand.


“Anything I can get for you Jess and Matt?”

“Think we’re good. Thanks.” I smiled.

“Band here tonight?” Jess asked.

“Tomorrow. DJ tonight, he’s setting up now.”

“Great!” I rolled my eyes at Jess.

“Not a dancer Matt?”

“Not the lightest on his feet,” Jess laughed.

“Well stick around after your meal. I’m sure someone will take your hand.” James winked at Jess. “I’ll be behind the bar…enjoy your meal.”

“Thanks James.” Jess turned watching him as he walked to the next table.

“Subtle.” I shook my head.

“He’s cute. I remember talking to him now.”

“Yeah me too, think we sat at bar last time.”

“Think your right,” Jess smiled as the server walked up with our meals.

We both seemed to get a second wind as we finished our meal. Just as we were finishing up the music started playing and a number of people at the bar walked in the room off the dining area. Jess smiled as she tipped her empty wine glass back and forth and said she wanted one more before we left. Sitting at the end of the bar the bartender walked over and soon had Jess’s glass filled and slid a beer in front of me. Jess was soon standing swaying to the music and as one of her songs came on she told me she was going to join the crowd on the dance floor. Smiling as she walked away I watched a couple guys turn there heads, no doubt catching a glance of her shapely legs.

“Lose you wife?” James smiled as he walked over to me from behind the bar.

“Usually happens when there’s dancing.”

“Can I get you another?”

“Sure, thanks.”

“So not from around here?” James asked as he handed me the bottle.

“No just passing through. Headed south, traffic got to us.”

“Heard it was bad.”

“Yeah, some construction south of here along with an accident.” I rolled my eyes.

“Not a good combination.”

“Nice place you got here.”


Asking him how long he had owned the pub, he told me it had been over ten years and that he owned another about ten minutes from here. Telling me he was usually at the other on weekends, but a bartender wasn’t coming in for another hour so he was just helping out. Talking in between him serving customers, the subject turned to politics when the man sitting next to me made a drunken comment. Bantering back and forth James and I were quickly shooting down the mans views. James seemingly up on current events and economics, I enjoyed watching him politely argue with the guy. Jess returned just as the customer threw up his hands realizing he wasn’t going to win.

“What can I get for you Jess,” he asked as she sat down.

“Good memory,” Jess smiled. “Glass of wine and water please.”

“Have fun?” I squeezed her leg.

“Yes! Haven’t done that in awhile.”

“Here you go.”

“Thanks James.”

“Enjoy the dance floor?”

“Yes…it’s been awhile though.”

“I was just telling Matt about my other place. You two should check it out.”

“What’s it like?”

“Smaller, more intimate. Large bar with some tables and a dance floor. Mostly play Jazz, some older stuff.”

“Oh,” Jess perked up.

“Sound good?”


“Love to have ya.”

“Will check it out for sure. Close to here?”

“Ten minutes.”

Jess had his total attention within no time and as he showed her pictures on his phone of his other pub, as I milked the last of my beer. Jess ever the flirt, assured James we would visit and was soon telling him about our plans for the rest of our trip. Asking me if I wanted another beer I waved him off as Jess described it, James said he knew where she was talking about and had been there a few years ago. He told us his wife was wanting a return trip and they were looking into renting a place for a week in the near future. James seemed like a genuinely nice guy, well spoken with a great sense of humor. Glancing over his shoulder as someone walked behind the bar he excused himself from our conversation. Feeling the effects of the beer I kissed Jess as I headed for the bathroom. Returning I found Jess and James laughing.

“Been a pleasure talking with you both,” James stuck his hand out as I sat next to Jess.


“Yes, going to head down the road to help.”

“Nice meeting you James.”

“Same…No…On the house,” James waved me off as I went to hand him my credit card.

“Very nice James but…

“On me. You have to stop by again though.” James cut off Jess smiling.

“Only if you’ll dance with me.” Jess winked.

“Follow me over, I’ll dance with you there.”

“Up to this guy, had a rough day driving,” Jess glanced at me pushing her cheek out with her tongue.

“Smart ass. Yeah lets do it.”

“Great! Give me a few.”

“Not to tired?” Jess asked as he walked away.

“No, wide awake actually.”

“Just tell me if your are.” Jess leaned in kissing me.

“I’m good babe.”

“Don’t drink to much when we get there.” Jess ran her hand up my leg.

“Have all you like,” I playfully smacked her ass. Jess winked as she tipped her glass finishing off her wine as James walked out.

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Work and Play

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It had been a long week getting a new release out prior to the annual training conference. I’d been part of a team working on a new feature that we were going to debut during one of the technical sessions. A few other developers and I had been up late every night all week getting everything working just right.

But it had paid off. I sat in the session watching Tina present the app and when she got to the new features we had just finished, a murmur swept through the room. I felt good. It was rewarding working on something people were excited about. Plus we were in Las Vegas for the conference and I looked forward to some down time after working hard.

I watched Tina finish her presentation. She was naturally beautiful and I had had a crush on her since we started working together. But today she was especially alluring, dressed up for the presentation in high heels and a skirt. After she finished, there was a round of applause and about a dozen people lingered to ask her questions about the new feature. I stayed as well, listening to the questions and feedback and waiting to talk to Tina.

After the last customer headed out and Tina was packing up her computer I approached her and said “That was great! It was really exciting to see everyone’s reactions.”

“Thanks! I thought it went well. All those late nights paid off.” And then she added “Do you want to grab a drink?”

After the week I’d had, I was ready for more than one drink. “Sounds great!”

We headed out and found a bar nearby in the conference hotel. There were already a lot of attendees out drinking. We ordered drinks at the bar and talked about the conference. After another rounds of drinks, she checked her phone and found an email from one of our largest clients. Her face clouded over.

“Uh oh. Sounds like there might be a problem with the update. I better look into this.”

“Now? Can’t it wait until tomorrow? It’s after 8 o’clock.”

“No. They have a deadline coming up and it could be critical.”

“OK, let me help.”

I followed Tina back to her hotel room where we could troubleshoot the problem. She was able to reproduce the customer’s issue on her computer and we worked together to track down a workaround until I could fix the problem in the source code. When it got to be close to 11pm, we ordered room service, including a bottle of wine. Finally, close to midnight, we had a solution for the client. Tina emailed the user and closed her laptop. She poured us both another glass of wine.

By this point, we were sitting on the floor with our shoes off. Tina looked tired. I was pretty buzzed and a little cheeky from being tired. Without stopping to think, I moved behind Tina and began massaging her shoulders and back. She moaned softly to let me know she liked it.

I asked her about Seth, a guy in sales she was seeing. I’d wanted to sleep with Seth since he came to the company 3 months ago, but Tina had started dating him before I had a chance to get to know him better. She told me about their relationship and then said “I almost forgot. He was planning to stop by tonight after taking some customers out for drinks.”

I continued to massage her shoulders, enjoying the feel of her body under my hands. Her neck looked so lovely, I leaned down and kissed it. I immediately felt my face flush and found myself apologizing to her, but she turned her head to face me and kissed me on the lips. I hesitated a moment and then kissed her back. Her full lips were soft and warm against mine. I parted my lips and licked her softly with my tongue. She opened her mouth to me and I moaned.

My hands traced her face, then trailed down her neck to her breasts. She kissed me more urgently, her hands in my hair, holding my face close to hers. I unbuttoned her blouse as we kissed and gently slid it off her shoulders. I caressed her back and arms, then reached back to unclasp her dikmen escort bra. She helped me to remove it completely. I looked down to see her firm breasts, her nipples erect. I couldn’t help myself. I lowered my head to take her nipple into my mouth. She gasped as I sucked on her hard nipple. I bit her lightly with my teeth and flicked her nipple with my tongue. I found her other breast with my hand and rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She leaned her head back against the couch and moaned.

My mouth returned to her lips as my hands continued to play with her breasts. She pulled my shirt over my head and unhooked my bra. I leaned back so she could pull it all the way off. I watched her face as she looked down at my breasts. Her fingers found my nipples and she leaned forward to kiss me again. I leaned into her, feeling my breasts press against hers, her skin soft and warm.

There was a sound at the door and before we could respond, the door to the room opened and Seth came in. We were sitting on the floor, our arms wrapped around each other. We stopped kissing and looked up towards Seth, but there was no denying what had been going on. For the second time, I felt my face turn red, both in embarrassment at Seth finding me topless, and in guilt over hitting on his girlfriend.

But Tina seemed unphased. She smiled at him and asked “How was your night?”

Seth smiled back and said “Not as good as your night, I see.” Then to me he said, “Hey, Jewels. How’re you doing?” My name is Julia, but Seth had taken to calling me Jewels shortly after we met.

He walked into the seating area of her suite, refilled one of our empty wine glasses, and took a sip. Tina told Seth about our late night troubleshooting and filled him in on the reaction to the new features from her session that afternoon. Seth kicked off his shoes and sat on the floor next to Tina, as if it was totally normal to find her half naked with another woman. I watched the two of them talking, trying to figure out what was going on and whether I should leave, but Tina was holding my hand as we sat next to each other so I knew she wanted me to stay.

When Tina finished relaying the day’s events, Seth leaned in to kiss her and said “It’s good to see you.” She squeezed my hand as they kissed and I reached my other hand up to caress her breast. Then Seth leaned over and kissed me. I was startled and cut the kiss short and looked at Tina for her reaction. She was smiling. She excused herself to the bathroom and Seth moved closer to me and began to kiss me in earnest, one hand around my back, the other on my breast, then squeezing my nipple almost painfully. My head was spinning, trying to process the turn of events.

When Tina returned, she was naked and she looked amazing with her long dark hair hanging loose against her pale, milky skin. She reached her hand down to me and pulled me to my feet. Leaving Seth where he was, she led me to the bed. She reached down to unbutton my jeans and slid them off. She hooked her hands into the sides of my underwear and eased them down, too. When she stood back up, I kissed her and ran my fingers over her soft skin, enjoying the feel of her body. My fingertips grazed her nipples as she ran her hands over my ass.

Seth undressed himself by the coffee table, his eyes on us. Tina pushed me back onto the bed. I walked myself backwards on my elbows until I was completely on the bed and Tina crawled on top of me, her hair falling onto my face. She leaned on her right arm as she moved her hair aside with her left hand, then she bent over to kiss me. I pulled her into me and entwined my legs in hers, loving the feel of her body against mine.

Her hair kept falling in my face until finally I flipped her over onto her back and straddled her. Her hair fanned out around her head on the bed. I leaned emek escort down to kiss her, my short hair out of the way. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I felt my nipples brush against her breasts. I moved so that my right thigh was between her legs and pressed it against her as we kissed, and explored her breasts with my hands. She reached her hands down to my ass, pressing me into her as she moaned. I kissed her breasts, circled my tongue around each nipple, savoring the taste of her skin.

Seth joined us on the king size bed, lying on his side, propped up on his elbow, watching us, his cock already hard. I glanced at him, as I crawled backward, my tongue trailing down Tina’s stomach to her mound. I opened her legs wider and ran my tongue down her slit, between her labia. She moaned louder. I pressed my tongue into her opening, tasting her juices. I moved up to lick her clit. She squirmed and pressed one hand to my head as I continued to use my tongue on her.

With my head between her legs, Seth leaned in and kissed her mouth, his hand on her breast, pinching her nipple. I remembered the feel of his fingers my nipple and I moaned in desire as my tongue explored her folds. I felt myself getting wet and reached down a hand to rub my clit.

Tina was breathing hard now and I could feel her body responding to my mouth. I heard her whisper something to Seth and he moved behind me. I moved my hand away from my mound as I realized where he was going. Kneeling behind me, he pressed his face between my legs and I felt his tongue touch me, hot and wet. My body shuddered and I cried out from the unexpected pleasure, but I quickly returned my attention to Tina as she grasped my head with both hands.

Seth only had his mouth on me for a moment before I felt him press the head of his cock against my entrance. I wanted to tell him that I wasn’t on the pill and that he needed to use a condom, but Tina’s orgasm felt so close, I hated to pull my mouth away from her sweet mound. I slid two fingers into her wet pussy and sucked on her clit, flicking my tongue over her tender bud. My own pussy was so wet, Seth easily slid his full length into me in one thrust. I gasped, but kept my tongue moving. I could hear Tina make sounds similar to ones I make when I’m close to getting myself off and the thought of making her climax drove me wild.

Seth slid in and out of me gently so as not to disrupt Tina’s pleasure. But not long after he began fucking me, Tina arched her back, pressed her body up against my mouth and let out a scream of pleasure. Her body convulsed under me and I continued to lick her, feeling her juices running down my chin. When Seth saw Tina climax, he increased his pace, pounding into me harder. I heard him start to moan and realized he was close to cumming himself. I needed him to pull out before he came, but Tina had wrapped her legs around my neck and my face was planted firmly against her body, making it impossible to talk. Besides, it was too late. Seth’s orgasm overtook him and he grabbed my hips hard as he pressed deep into me and groaned. Breathing hard, he partially collapsed onto my back as waves of pleasure washed over him.

I felt his seed spilling out of me even before he pulled out. I silently cursed, wishing I’d brought up condoms before we’d started. But I hadn’t realized Seth was going to fuck me. That Tina wouldn’t mind if he did.

When he rolled off of me, onto his back, I propped myself up on my elbows and looked up at Tina. Her eyes had been closed, but she looked down at me and smiled contentedly. She pulled me up to her and kissed me, tasting herself on my mouth. She smiled and turned me onto my back as she inched her way down my body. She took an elastic band from her wrist and wrapped it around her long hair. Kneeling between my legs, she spread my knees and looked at my wet and engorged eryaman escort labia. “Yum” she murmured as she lowered her face and began to run her tongue over my slit. Her darting tongue felt so good where Seth’s cock had just been pounding into me. I moaned and opened my thighs wider as she ate his cum from my pussy. The thought of her tasting not just my juices, but Seth’s as well made me suddenly glad he hadn’t used a condom.

I reached down and rubbed my clit while her tongue explored my opening. I looked over at Seth who was watching my reaction to Tina. He moved closer and leaned in to kiss me. Then he lowered his mouth down to my nipple and bit me while squeezing my other nipple with his fingers. I cried out. The sensations on my nipples and my pussy were overwhelming. I felt my lower body tense up as my orgasm washed over me. I reached down and pulled Tina’s face into me, completely caught up in my ecstasy. I screamed over and over until my climax subsided and my body went limp. I lay there, my chest rising and falling as my breathing gradually slowed back down.

Tina looked up at Seth and smiled. He leaned down to kiss her, licking her lips, tasting the two of us on her mouth. He moaned at the taste and I looked over to see his erection returning. She crawled up the bed and straddled him next to me, sliding onto his now fully erect cock. I watched his shaft disappear into her pussy, feeling aroused again at the sight, despite having just climaxed. She planted her hands on his chest and raised and lowered herself onto him.

I watched, mesmerized, enjoying the sight of his penis glistening with the wetness from her pussy when she moved up his shaft. Each time she sank down onto him, she let out a groan of pleasure. She moved her hands to either side of his neck as she leaned down over him, her breasts hanging down to graze his chest. As she ground her hips against him, her moans grew louder and her breathing intensified and I knew she’d found just the right angle. Her hips began to move faster, her cries of pleasure grew louder. Seth began to moan as well, his hands gripping her hips. Then she screamed and collapsed down onto him, shuddering, her arms unable to hold herself up.

When she rolled off him, between us, I thought about eating her out again, hoping to taste his cum on her pussy. But seeing how hard his dick was when she slid off of him, I realized he hadn’t climaxed yet. He was slick with her juices, though, and my mouth watered. I climbed over her and lowered my mouth to his cock. I ran my tongue over his shaft and tasted her pussy on him. I reached down and gripped the base of his cock with my hand as I sucked on him. I ran my tongue over the underside of his glans, enjoying his groans in response. Then I slid him as far into my mouth as I comfortably could, feeling him hit the back of my throat.

Tina watched me. I removed my mouth from his penis and invited her in for a taste. I watched as she sucked him. Then she kissed me on the mouth keeping one hand on the base of his cock. I licked one side his cock and she leaned in and ran her tongue along the other side, our tongues meeting at the top and we kissed again. After a few minutes of sharing, I got greedy and began to blow him on my own again, leaving her to watch. I wanted to feel him come in my mouth. I wanted to swallow every drop. With one hand wrapped around the base, I moved my mouth up and down the shaft of his penis. It didn’t take long. I felt his balls tighten beneath my hand and he cried out as I felt warm cum fill my mouth. I swallowed it as quickly as I could, trying to keep any from spilling. His spasms died down and I swallowed the last burst of cum that shot out of him. I pulled my mouth away to take a deep breath and Tina quickly replaced my mouth with hers, eagerly milking him for anything I might have missed. I licked my lips and watched her.

When she was satisfied that there was nothing left, she removed her mouth and kissed me, pressing her tongue into my mouth, kissing me hungrily. We moved away from Seth and continued to kiss, our bodies entwined. It was late and we were exhausted. Our kisses became slower until finally we laid our heads down, foreheads touching and drifted off to sleep.

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Akari and the American – Part B

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Special mention and thanks, as has been the case in all the latest stories to Rotorhead450 for his advice and tidy-up.

Chapter 6

It was frustrating to see Akari go home each evening, like a student. I wished we could get past it. I think Akari got a thrill that I was a teacher, but for me, being with Akari was never about any school-kid fantasy. I was happy to be past the days when she went to school with no underwear, knowing she would be over to take her uniform off for me after class. That life was fraught with danger. I was, however, entirely obsessed with her fresh, gorgeous and delicious young body. If you saw the videos of her moving about my apartment, smiling and naked, you would agree entirely. I asked Akari if she thought we could come clean with her parents, and be up-front that she was staying at my place?

“Not yet,” was Akari’s simple response. But when? She was an adult, right? Yuki agreed to be her excuse for us to take a weekend away, as I predicted, but what after that? We couldn’t rely on Yuki forever.

Without a lot of money to spend, we kept our first weekend away simple. We wanted to go to an onsen, but the only places with ‘family’ co-ed baths were expensive inns. Any public mixed onsen were outdoors and too far to drive for a weekend. Instead, we found a seaside cottage in Awaji through AirBnB, ordering a Japanese style home all to ourselves. I’d not been to Awaji before. We went down Friday afternoon, it took less than ninety minutes, we had a good run. Akari took her pants off in the car. I tried to get her top off too but she was too giggly and skittish with all the traffic around us. It wasn’t quite dark enough. She gave me a blow job, though, happy to suck my cock as I drove over the entire Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. There was a self check-in at our cottage so I wouldn’t let her put her pants back on as we took our gear out of the car and made our way back and forth.

“It’s freezing cold!” Akari squealed.

“Stand over there, in the snow,” I asked. Akari was standing in just boots and a short blue sweater. There was just enough light to get a decent photo of her bare snatch in the winter outdoors. There was also just enough light for the two guys on bicycles behind her to actually stop and double-check that they could see what they thought they could see.

“Turn around?” I grinned. “Let me take a shot of your ass!”

Akari turned to see two guys about ten yards away across a small drainage channel. One of the guys nearly fell off his bike to see her shaved slit.

“Sumimasen, gomennasai,” she calmly apologized, bowing and turning to walk as carefully as she could without slipping. Inside the house, we both had the courage to laugh about it.

“Oh my god,” Akari grinned, shaking her head. “What must they think of me!”

I grabbed her ass, it was ice-cold. I sat her on a cushion and let her use my coat as a blanket for her legs until I could get the heater working. There were some small electric ones for quick and close relief, and a huge hearth which was set and ready to light. After thirty minutes of burning, we opened doors to other rooms and the hall, it was so hot. It was fun watching Akari’s excitement at being naked and being fucked in a new and different place.

“We should make a map with a dot in all the towns we had sex,” Akari smiled.

“I’m up for that. And lots of dots!”

“Tomorrow let’s go to lots of towns,” she grinned cheekily.

“Okay,” I nodded in complete agreement. “By ‘sex’ do you mean a blowjob or fingering counts?”

“No!” she squealed happily, humping my cock. “You have to do this. Only fucking!”

“Okay,” I smiled back. That would make for an interesting day.

We went out to dinner, finding a small but bustling izakaya within a short walk in the cold. Izakaya are great, they have hundreds of things on the menu and big huge beers and ceramic bottles of hot sake. Not driving, I made the most of both! Akari was wearing a short winter dress with thick thigh-high stockings and long boots. She looked great, but she regretted not wearing panties.

“I’m leaking your cum,” she fretted. “It’s all on the seat.”

I gave her tissues to sit on, laughing as a huge burst of wet air noisily blew out of her vagina.

“This is so embarrassing,” she said, blushing as the young woman next to us whispered to her boyfriend, grinning at Akari’s expense. “Does this happen to all girls?”

“I guess. Ask her,” I suggested, nodding at the girl along the counter from her who was still watching and whispering.


Akari wasn’t very good at drinking. I made her have beer and sake, it was better she got used to that, rather than girly drinks like chuhai or shochu. It made for a sleepy night back at our house, though. I was fucking her from behind and she literally passed out, it was hilarious.

It was genuinely cold sleeping naked; I was afraid to let the hearth fire burn all night and electric heaters are dangerous on tatami if they fall. I put us in a warm and soft sweater each, but esat escort left our pants off. It was a nice way to sleep, legs entangled to keep warm. It also made it easy to stick my morning wood straight up her when we woke.

“I like we’re together when I wake up,” Akari said lovingly as my cock struck deep in her from behind. We were on our side, my arms around her, tightly hugging.

“We have to tell your parents. You have to be honest about staying with me. They know you are fucking someone; it shouldn’t be a huge shock. They might be relieved it’s a boy.”

“Okay,” Akari smiled, wriggling her hips back onto the cock up her. “But I better say you’re the second person I’ve been to bed with. They will find out you’re a teacher. They can’t know you were fucking me while I was a student.”

“I agree entirely!”

We stayed in the warmth of the quilt and each other for as long as we could bear, but eventually the call of the bathroom won out. I dressed and walked to the Lawson nearby for delicious breakfast goodies. Then we set off on our mission!

The town we stayed had an amusement park that I thought we might go, but Akari’s idea for the day changed my plan. Drive to a new town, fuck, drive to a new town and fuck again. And then repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

I have to say it was fun. It helped that it was Akari’s idea, rather than something forced on her by me (e.g. having lesbian sex with her cousin). She was completely into it. The first town south of ours was Sumoto. We did it in the car, in the front passenger seat. To qualify we said my cock needed to be in her cunt for at least nine minutes, emulating the old phrase ‘nine minutes of pleasure for nine months of pain’ which was my only benchmark for what qualified as a proper fuck. But for the next town, Akari said we couldn’t do it in the car – it had to be different everywhere, that way we would better remember each town individually.

“You’re good at this,” I nodded.

“Come on,” she said, “In that bus shelter. No way will any bus come in the next nine minutes.”

Akari was wearing the same warm winter dress and thigh-high stockings as the night before, again with no underwear. It meant we could just hike it up and get easy access. The only time we took the dress completely off was in the car for the first fuck, and in the stairwell of a decrepit old shopping center in Komatsu-shima, across the second bridge and onto Shikoku Island. That was a long, cold nine minutes for Akari; she was glad to finish.

In no particular order, these towns became the first pins in our map, besides our home town of Sanda:

Tokushima – wheelchair toilet in Central Park

Naruto – behind highway-stop shops

Awa – doorway in an alley behind city hall

Anan – quiet part of the port, leaning over car bonnet (nice and warm for Akari)

Sumoto – in the car

Komatsushima – shopping center stairwell

Minamiawaji – in the bus shelter

Yoshinogawa – under the bridge near the Athletic Park

Mima – in a storeroom in the local hospital

That last one was hilarious. I am amazed at some of the places you can just walk into with nobody checking, but at the time we were both so cold we really wanted somewhere inside and warm. By the time we drove back to our cottage it was dark. If we’d had any food with us, we would have happily crawled into our toasty warm futon and slept early. Instead, we walked through drizzling rain to the same izakaya. It was close and the weather too miserable to go exploring further. I’d cum in Akari a couple of times during the day, but she was finished leaking by the time we ate, which made Akari feel more relaxed. I drank a lot, trying to get Akari to keep up. We were in the mood for sure, half a dozen guys had seen Akari’s shaved pussy before we left. Some of the guys invited us to a karaoke ‘snack’ bar afterward. We went, but not for long. They were trying to get me to drink and pass out so they could take a piece of Akari. Eventually I saw they had her totally naked in one of the booths, they had been taking turns sucking her breasts and playing with her snatch. I managed to get myself together enough to re-claim her before she got more than just fingers in her cunt. I had no issue with other guys putting their cock in my girlfriend, but it would be on our terms, not an ambush like that. To their credit, though, once the guys saw we were determined to leave, they eventually gave Akari’s clothes back and wished us well without a hassle. It was nice. We were lucky, but Japan is mostly full of good people.

We were meant to self check-out by ten the next morning. We were lucky the cleaner didn’t arrive until eleven. We only just got out before then; if he had rolled in at ten, he would have got an eyeful of a half-naked sleeping couple.

Yawning, we found a pancake brunch place.

“What towns shall we do on the way home?” Akari asked sleepily.

“Ha! You still wanna do that?”

“Yeah, sure,” she grinned.

“How etimesgut escort many guys you think fingered you last night?” I asked seriously.

“I don’t know. You left me with them.”

“Hey, I was sat at the bar. You left me to go and undress in that booth.”

“It was lucky you came over right then. They were passing condoms to each other.”

“I know, they tried to get me drunk. We better be more careful in public. We were lucky they didn’t hide your clothes for longer. I don’t mind if five guys fuck you, but only if they’re our friends. Or we choose them, you know?”

“Hmm,” Akari replied, it had been a close call. “Which towns?”

I laughed at how easily she pulled us back on that topic. I pulled out my map.

“Akashi, Kobe, Miki, Yokawa, Then home to Sanda,” I said.

“Is Yokawa a proper town?” Akari asked.

“It is now,” I grinned.

We were back at my place by four, having stopped in four places to fuck. We got seriously caught by a couple of lads in the hills by a temple in Miki. We were coming up toward seven minutes into the fuck, it seemed a waste to stop. So those guys got two minutes of free voyeurism. I pulled Akari’s dress up and off. It was cold as all hell, but they were videoing us, better to give them a proper show, right? I have to say, there are times when two minutes is a really long time. As soon as the nine-minute alarm went on my phone Akari bolted naked down the slope to the warm car, leaving me to pick up our pieces and follow.

“You’re lucky I didn’t lock the car,” I said getting in a few minutes later.

“Engine, heater, quick!”

We stayed at my place for a light dinner, then I reluctantly drove her home by nine. After two nights together, rather than having had my fill of Akari, I was addicted to her being around. It was miserable to let her go.

“I’ll tell my parents soon, I promise,” Akari told me, just as miserable not to be staying at ‘our’ place as she called it. At least I had her number, so I knew in advance whether she would be over the next day.

Chapter 7

The times Akari stayed at her parent’s’ home I made an effort to keep connected with my own friends, getting to the Reggae Bar, or into Kobe or Osaka. It was far more relaxing to have a girlfriend, even when I went out by myself. It was a relief not to be on the pickup, or on the lookout. I didn’t need to read the signals, talk in code, make a play, know when to go or stay. It was nice to talk with girls, and just talk. Of course, ironically that made me exponentially more appealing to them. A couple of times, particularly in Kobe, it took all of my effort to stop at the point of having a girl’s breasts in my mouth. I did stop, though. I didn’t want the smell of pussy on me unless I was with Akari.

“Amazing,” my buddies would say when I let a ‘sure-thing’ return to the dance floor. “You’re too young to be in love, man!”

“I’m not in love,” I lied. Truth was, I was in deep. No one knows how far down the hole love goes, or for how long. I wasn’t so naive to think Akari was my one-and-only love forever. Anything could change, instantly. She could meet a Japanese boy on a train who plays in a garage band, or a B-mer driving commercial property agent, or even one of Yuki’s girlfriends for all I knew. Akari was a more likely flight risk than me. And so she should be. Eighteen is too young to be stuck, especially with a teacher (of any kind, let alone one your friends had).

In the meantime though, the times she spent at my apartment were the most wonderful I’d known. Beautiful. Young. Naked. Progressively confident and sexual. What was strange became normal, what was impossible became desirable. We tried everything three times, then Akari decided; in or out.

‘Out’ was ass-fucking, supermarket vegetables, the ‘warm’ type sex gel and watching porn together. We had three, proper intensive goes at each of those, but Akari was certain that if it never happened again, she was fine. Even our own porn, Akari wouldn’t watch. She had no issue that I posted videos of our sex online (“There are a million girls on the internet, who cares about one more?”), she just didn’t want to watch it.

Everything else was either cleared for use, or at stage 1 or 2 trial, or untried. We had a list to work through that would take years to finish.

“I can see now how pharmaceutical trials take so long,” I said as we laid naked in my bed and discussed the possibilities.


“They’re all banked up in a queue. Even if one trial doesn’t take long, there are so many to go through.”

“I don’t get it,” Akari said, shuffling down under the covers to suck my cock. Swallowing ejaculate had fortunately passed with approval.

“Don’t worry, baby, just… do what you are doing.”

When Akari was back on solid ground emotionally, we took an overnight trip up to visit Leroy. He’d been pestering me to come to his town, I said we’d come overnight on a Friday. I told Akari the etlik escort 3P trial needed three different partners, so Leroy didn’t count as twice. Akari shrugged and came anyway, coughing up her pussy as much as we two could get hard for it. We turn turns more than we double-teamed her, but whatever was offered, Akari obliged. We two nailed that young woman senseless.

“Definitely better this time,” she said on the long drive back. We brought her rabbit vibrator; Akari had her pants off fucking herself as we moved along through winding hills and traffic.

“Yeah? Why’s that?”

“Not too scary. I knew what to expect. Could enjoy his cock more.”

“It’s big, right? I’m surprised you can take it all.”

“I do feel bigger down there after we see him. This toy fits easier.”

“It’s good?” I asked.

“Hmmm. His cock feels good. Amazing. I don’t really like Leroy, though.”

“Why?” I asked, not entirely disappointed given his ‘natural’ advantage over me.

“He just wants to fuck. Kind of slam, always. Rough. I think he likes that his cock hurts me from being big. Once my pussy stretched and it didn’t hurt me anymore, I think he lost interest. It’s like by the time I wanted it more rough, he stopped being rough. Does it make sense?”

“Yeah,” I said. It didn’t, but it helped me to agree.

“Yuki’s not pregnant,” she said out of the blue.


“She had her period since meeting you.”

“That’s good, and bad. I know she wants to be pregnant, but nice to know it wouldn’t have been mine.”

“I guess. She keeps saying if I want to use her as the excuse for where I stay, I better sometimes come and actually stay.”

“Yeah? You worry? She wants to have sex again?”

“She wants.”

“I could come with you.”

Akari shook her head. “No, better I go. Get it over with. Less messy if you are not there.”

“Surely she can’t fuck you when her husband is there?”

“He’s late like my parents every day. She can have all the day to do me.”

“How can I help?”

“After the sex with her, let me come back to your place to wash it off.”

“Of course, baby!”

We were quiet for a time, the only noise that of the vibrator rolling around deep inside Akari’s vagina.

“We need to find you a girl to 3P who’s not your cousin.”

“It would be better,” Akari agreed. “I think it’s better you don’t fuck Yuki. You are not good at using condoms.”

“It’s true.”

After Akari’s marathon spit-roasting and pummeling with Leroy and I, we had the night at my place to regain our balance as a couple. It was well planned. By the time she went home Sunday evening we were ourselves, a happy, loving couple.

As the back end of winter spat out its final snowfalls, Akari still dared not tell her parents about us. She was able to come and go freely without interrogation as long as she was home in bed each night, so we were able to conduct ourselves seventy-five percent as a self-determined couple. We were at my place one early afternoon, Akari on top kissing passionately and lovingly, fucking my cock when her phone rang. She loved talking on the phone with my erection in her, it appealed to her sense of naughtiness.

“It’s my classmate from swimming school, Tomoko, she wants to come over.”


“In summer I go to a six-week swimming camp, Tomoko and I have been going there together for years.”

“Yeah? If she is coming here, fine,” I shrugged. “When?”


“Now?” I frowned. I was enjoying the way Akari was moving on me; I wasn’t keen to stop.

“She’s at the station,” Akari said, looking happy to have a visitor.

“We have to go get her?”

“Come on. Please? She doesn’t come to Sanda often since swimming finished.”

“Where does she live?” I asked, but didn’t get an answer. Akari unsheathed me with a plop. She sat in an unladylike manner to put on her socks; legs open, cunt lips separated wide. Her hole was still stretched open from fucking.

“Okay, we’re going,” I sighed, getting up. “You’re only going to wear that?”

I was stunned to see Akari put her thick coat over her naked body.

“It’s all we need. Come on, you need shoes, though.”

I laughed and shook my head. “Is this… are we going to have a 3P?”

“Not like yours,” Akari said, scrambling us out the door.

“Like what, then?”

“Tomoko just wants to watch.”

“She wants to watch?” I clarified.

“Tomoko is a virgin. Super shy about her body. I told her how much I’ve changed since I met you. I said she should come see.”

“See what?”

“Us at home.”

I loved the way Akari called my place ‘home’. It made me feel closer to her, a stronger sense that we belonged together. I didn’t just love Akari for sex, I loved the person she was. Being so fuckable was a welcome bonus, though.

“At home? You’re never dressed when you’re here,” we continued the conversation on the short drive.

“That’s my point. All of us girls at school were shy. No way would we let boys see us. We were too embarrassed to even show our bra strap in case some boy or teacher saw. But now I feel much different.”

“Like showing your cunt to those guys on the bikes in Shikoku?” I grinned.


“Or your blowjob videos on the internet?”

“Okay, better not tell her that one… Anyway, Tomo wants to come over to watch.”

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Wildcat Within

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My girlfriend Laura and I have been together for about 6 months now. I guess you could say we are in that infatuation puppy love stage. I met her at the local sandwich shop that her and her schoolmates would go to after their catholic college let out. My first impression of her was, “Wow!” She had long, black curly hair that flowed over her petite frame. A smile that shined innocence; contrast to her small perky breasts and a firm ass that looked like an upside down heart. It took me several weeks to get up the courage to ask her out. Once I finally did and couldn’t believe she was willing to go out with an average Joe like me. I’m not bad looking by any means, just no model. I’m tall and slender but lack the muscle and tone of those men you see in film.

Once we started dating I realized Laura wasn’t as intimidating as I thought she was before we met. Had I known she was a timid church mouse I wouldn’t have waited so long to ask her out. She was very pleasing to talk to and seemed interested in everything I did and said. I think she liked the idea that I wasn’t like the boys at her school and church.

Our dating life was going great. It was a lot of innocent fun as she was still a, “Good girl.” I didn’t want to pressure her and honestly I was still nervous as I had only been with a few people myself. None of them were worth mentioning, and definitely no letters to penthouse. We hung out a lot in my, “Typical guys,” apartment. It was great hearing the lines she would come up with to tell her parents to hide where she really was. Day by day she discovered how much fun her church banned activities could be, like drinking, swearing, and smoking.

After a few months of infatuation we finally had sex and let me tell you, it was like letting a jungle cat free from years of captivity. Every time was like a new adventure as she discovered her sexual identity. She loved the idea that she was willing to perform activities that previous girls I was with wouldn’t, like swallowing and sodomy. She would refer to us as virgins every time we explored something new together; getting off on seeing my pleasure with each new action.

One day she brought a new porno over to my house for us to watch and this one was all about threesomes. We were watching the opening scene on my couch which involved two girls and a guy, when we started to fool around. Her breath on my neck drove me wild as she kissed and lightly bit me. My hands fumbled up the back of her white blouse trying to unclasp her bra. Giggling she leaned back and unbuttoned her blouse, letting it slide off her smooth white skin to the floor. Her tongue held slightly out the side of her mouth as she unclasped her white lace bra. Her perplexed look gave way when she unclasped her bra and let it drop to the floor.

I stared at her gorgeous perky b cups as they bounced with her giggling. I reached to grab them before she shot back saying, “Nope, you can’t touch em yet.” Turning her head she looked at the screen, as if studying the scene. A girl with red hair was holding the other girls head as the guy face fucked her. Quietly she asked, “Do I give you the same pleasure as they are giving him?”

Breathing heavily, I mustered, “I don’t know, I guess we’ll have to see,” and made a notion to my crotch. She turned and looked back at me, slowly unbuttoning my jeans. She giggled as she knew she was teasing me. I helped her along by pushing my jeans and boxers down my legs, causing my raging hard on to spring back at me.

“I could do better,” she said getting on her knees in front of me. She stared up at me as she grabbed my cock. I couldn’t believe those lustful blue eyes that once shined innocence. Bending her head down she started by licking my shaft, just enough so the tip of her tongue ran up and down, her warm saliva leaving a trail. At full attention I reached down to cup her milky breasts as she jerked back saying, “I told you no.” Her hand still rubbing my shaft, “Now do you want me to do this or not?”

“Please,” I begged.

She took another look at the screen and returned to her position, fully engulfing my cock with her mouth. She bobbed up and down, trying to fit a little more of me in her mouth each time. Her tongue swirled around the head of my dick as she cupped my sac. She increased her pace as the moaning from the porno got louder, the derogatory remarks they made fueling her passion as she worked me. The pleasure was intense, and I was losing it before she released my cock from her warm mouth. Staring at the tip she whispered, “I think a threesome could be fun, like what they’re doing.” Those words drove me over the edge and I lost it. Catching her off guard, a full stream of cum erupted from me spraying her directly in the face, causing her head to jerk back in reaction. I looked at her slightly embarrassed as semen dripped down her face. With her eyes closed she wiped the cum from her eye lid with her finger.

She opened her eyes and giggled. She looked at the cum on her finger as if examining it, before cebeci escort licking it off. “Mmm,” she muttered. “Salty.” Then she looked at me asked, “I take it that means you like the idea too?”

“Umm…Well…ya,” I muttered, embarrassed that I came so early. “Were you serious? Cause you know that you’re more than enough for me.”

“You’ve made such a mess,” She said looking at the remnants of cum on my crotch. She reached down and started pulling on the shaft, as if milking it. “Well don’t get ahead of yourself. We’ll see.” She leaned in and licked the remaining cum as I tossed my head back and enjoyed the janitorial work that was being performed on me.

I lit a cigarette as she finished up and sat back on the couch. “Why do you want a threesome?” I asked.

“Well don’t get me wrong,” she answered buttoning her blouse. “You do a great job of going down on me, but I wonder what it would feel like coming from a girl. You know, someone with the same parts.”

“Ya that makes sense,” I responded. Anxiously waiting for what she was going to say next.

“Look at those girls. I want to be that one, the one with the red hair.” She said pointing at the porn star. We watched for a minute as the red head and guy dominated the other girl, swearing at her as they did. “I want to be the forceful one. I want to be in charge for once. You know, like a teacher with an attitude.”

“That would be hot,” I muttered blowing a smoke ring. I watched the threesome act out and studied it trying to learn exactly what Laura wanted.


Months passed and our sex life was in full swing. My toy chest filled with porn, dildos, lotions, and other various sex toys. We learned a lot of each other and what we each wanted, pushing our limits each time. I even shaved myself so I could match Laura, which she loved. We found we each love dominating the other. Laura was especially fond of name calling, spanking, and talking dirty. She referred to herself as, “My little whore.”

Laura had practically moved in with me by now. She spent the majority of her time there even when I was at work. Her friends would come over to study and hang out. I guess they wanted to get away from their parents as well. Her friends were enjoyable enough, though a bit on the immature side. One friend in particular I liked was her friend Stephanie. She was quiet and very reserved, like Laura when we first met. They both were in the same freshman classes but had known each other for years.

After coming home from an exhausting day of work I found Laura and her friend Stephanie doing homework in my apartment. It was an attractive site to see. They shared the same petite frame, but that was all. Stephanie had long blonde hair that complimented her blue eyes and breasts that were larger than Laura’s. I always tried to get a good look but her hair was always covering them, leaving them more of a mystery.

“Hi honey,” Laura said as I walked in, running up to me, and giving me a hug.

“Hey Steve,” Stephanie said sitting cross legged at the coffee table. Her skirt rode high up her thighs, exposing her long stemmed pale legs. Her tight white tee shirt read Angel. It helped reveal that it was a little too cold in the apartment. For once I was glad the heater didn’t work.

“Hey honey, hey Steph,” I responded. After returning Laura’s hug I grabbed a beer from the kitchen. “You guys want one?”

“Yes please,” Laura answered speaking for them both.

I returned to the living room, handed them each a beer and sat on the couch, relaxing at last. “So what are you girls up to?” I asked then lit a cigarette.

“Just finished some homework,” Laura responded. “How was work?”

“Tiring,” was all I could muster.

“What do you do again?” Stephanie asked.

“I work at Finnegan’s,” I answered. “Since I just turned 21 a few weeks ago they’ve been training me to bartend but I still have to wait tables so it’s rough.”

Laura looked at Stephanie across the coffee table and then back up to me, “Just watch some tv and relax.”

Turning on the tv, I nearly choked on my beer when the first thing the screen showed was porn. I then realized we watched it last night and I guess we never turned off the dvd player. The movie instantly caught the girls’ attention as well. Their eyes glued to it.

We watched for a minute before Laura broke the awkward silence and said, “Can you believe that Steph has never seen a real penis? Well not besides on tv.”

“Really Steph?” I responded looking at her. Her pale cheeks turned red. “Someone as cute as you I would’ve thought different.”

Blushing she said, “Well it’s not like I’m a complete virgin.

“What do you mean?” I asked getting turned on.

“Well..I..have a vibrator,” she muttered looking at the ground.

“Toys are fun,” Laura responded excited. “But they’re not like the real thing.” She then reached under the coffee table and grabbed our toy chest, pulling çukurambar escort it out into the open. She placed it on the table and moved over to sit right next to Stephanie.

“What’s in there?” Stephanie asked grabbing the box.

“Just open it,” Laura said, barely able to contain her lustful smile.

Stephanie’s face looked shocked as she opened the box. She hesitantly reached in and pulled out a red dildo. “This ones like mine.” She said as she looked it over. I saw Laura’s eyes turn hungry as she looked at Stephanie rummaging through the toys. “Whoa this is intense,” she said pulling out a pink strap on.

“I haven’t seen that before,” I crossing my legs as to hide my arousal.

Stephanie turned the box upside down and dumped the other toys onto the table. Among them were a ball gag, handcuffs, whip, and other various assortments of dildos. She looked on curiously at the warehouse of toys.

Laura just grinned as she looked on. “You like those?”

“They look, interesting,” Stephanie giggled embarrassingly.

“But like I said, they’re nothing compared to the real thing.” Laura said winking at me.

“I wouldn’t know,” Stephanie responded. “One day.” She continued to study the toys, giggling to herself.

“How about today?” Laura clapped looking at me.

Stephanie looked shocked and turned her attention to me. I uncrossed my legs but didn’t mention anything.

“Steve, why don’t you show her yours?” Laura cheered.

Hesitantly I looked back at Laura while eyeing Stephanie’s reaction. She looked confused as unsure of what to do. I took another sip of my beer and waited.

“Come on Steve, let’s see that aching cock.” Laura cheered on, obviously noticing the bulge under my slacks. “Just think of it as a learning experience for Steph.”

I saw this was my chance for a threesome and slowly slid off my black slacks, followed by my boxers, releasing my hard member. Letting Laura command the show I sat there on the couch and lit another cigarette. My nervousness slipped away knowing this was going to happen and that Laura wanted to be in charge, letting me off the hook in case things went sour. The girls both ogled me, especially Stephanie.”What do you think Steph?” I asked.

Stephanie just stared on. “Ummm,” she managed to mutter. Her cheeks lost their red embarrassment, a clue to her getting more excited.

“She needs a closer look,” Laura said looking at Stephanie.

Stephanie didn’t need another notice and crawled a few feet closer up to me. Eyeing my crotch she got within a short reach.

“What do you think?” Laura asked.

“Now I see why there’s a fake vein on my dildo,” Stephanie giggled.

“You can touch it,” I said. “He won’t bite.”

“Ya but careful otherwise he’ll spit on you.” Laura laughed. “And let me tell you, there’s a lot.”

Stephanie got a bit closer and knelt before me. Awkwardly she reached in and slid the tip of her finger along the length of my shaft. I looked on as she slowly started to play with my fully erect member, studying it as she did with the toys. Slowly she got more aggressive and before long was rubbing me with her whole hand, but still unsure of what she should do.

“Don’t forget his balls,” Laura commented as she crawled towards me. She knelt before me right next to Stephanie. “He likes it when you play with them.”

“They’re sensitive,” I said laughing, soaking in the moment. I watched Laura as she instructed Stephanie on pleasuring me.

Stephanie slowly rubbed my shaft with her soft hand while cupping my balls with the other. I stared back at her chest wanting to see more.

“I think he wants to see your chest Steph,” Laura laughed. “And honestly so do I.”

Stephanie stopped and looked at both of us before grabbing her shirt off and lifting it over her head. Her blonde hair flowed back down over her as she tossed her shirt to the floor. Laura reached around Stephanie and unclasped her bra. After freeing her breasts Laura waved her bra around in the air like a cowgirl with a lasso then flung it across the room. I watched in amazement, barely containing myself. Her creamy breasts were firm and larger than Laura’s, with nipples that seemed to point in my direction. I couldn’t wait to take grasp them.

I looked at Laura and swear I could see her drooling. She reached over and grabbed a hold of Stephanie’s left breast. She pinched her nipple as Stephanie continued to rub my shaft. I was amazed looking on at my girlfriend; her hand too small to fully cup Stephanie’s breast.

“Give it a kiss.” Laura said watching me stare at Stephanie. She leaned in and kissed Stephanie on the cheek, a sign to give her the go ahead.

Stephanie followed and leaned in closer. She slowly kissed my shaft then leaned back, giving a grin knowing now that it wasn’t so scary.

“Don’t stop,” I said.

She leaned back in and kissed the base of my shaft, then kissed demetevler escort it again, making her way up until she reached the mushroom of my member. After kissing the tip she pulled her head back again.

“That feels nice,” she whispered referring to Laura’s hand on her breast, playing with her undersized nipple.

“Take him into your mouth,” Laura whispered. Grabbing the back of Stephanie’s head, she tried to lower her closer.

Stephanie followed her direction, leaned in, and opened her mouth, letting me inside. Her warm breath hitting me before her saliva drooled onto on it. Her mouth encased the head of my shaft. Her tongue swirled around awkwardly, like a girl licking her lollipop.

I grabbed my shirt and pulled it off over my head, tilted my head back and enjoyed the moment. Knowing this was Stephanie’s first cock felt amazing. I looked at Laura as she was pushing Stephanie’s head downward, acting a bit more forceful each time.

“You’re not taking it in enough,” Laura instructed and pulled Stephanie’s head back. “Watch me.” Laura lavishly engulfed my cock in her mouth and started going to town, taking it in deep enough to cause her to gag a bit. The sucking motion was like a vacuum upon me. She only let go long enough to run her tongue along my shaft and down to my sac, sucking it in.

Stephanie watched in awe as Laura went down on me. The hunger built within her as she studied Laura’s moves. Wanting to give them more access I stood up off of the couch. This would give them more room to perform their magic.

Laura let go so Stephanie could get another turn at it. “Now do it right,” She commanded. Her tone was getting more forceful.

Stephanie amazingly took me in deeper, just like Laura. Her hand fondled my sac as she sucked me in. Laura stood up and got behind me, her hands grabbing my chest, pinching my nipples. Her arms reached down me, fondling my inner thigh. Stephanie leaned back to get some air as Laura grabbed my shaft, holding it like a hose.

“You having fun Steph?” Laura asked.

“Uh huh,” She responded, fondling her own breast.

“Then don’t stop,” I said grabbing Stephanie’s head and pulling her back towards me. Laura, gripping my shaft, used it to slap Stephanie against the cheek.

“Take it like a good little slut,” Laura demanded.

Hearing Laura berate Stephanie drove me wild. Stephanie apparently agreed with it as well by the length of her smile. I reached behind me and grabbed Laura’s ass, pulling her body tightly against mine. Laura used my cock and slapped Stephanie against the forehead as she buried her face in me, licking my sac. Laura then let go and allowed Stephanie to take it back into her mouth. Stephanie worked on my shaft more vigorously while Laura ran her finger up and down my ass crack.

Pulling back, Stephanie said, “You taste salty.”

“That means we’re doing this too well,” Laura laughed. “He needs a break if he’s going to continue. But don’t you worry. You’ll get more of that taste before we’re done.”

“Come Stephanie, to your feet,” Laura demanded. Stephanie complied and stood up, releasing me. They leaned in embracing each other. I watched as Laura licked Stephanie’s lips, followed by a deep kiss. Their tongues lapped at each other while Laura caressed her breast.

I sat on the couch and enjoyed the show. Laura leaned down and took Stephanie’s nipple into her mouth. Stephanie’s body jerked back as Laura bit down softly. Laura lifter her head and bit Stephanie’s earlobe. I could hear her whisper, “You’ll learn to like it.” Laura then knelt down and reached her hands up Stephanie’s skirt. Slowly she pulled her cotton white panties down her legs, letting Stephanie step out of them.

Standing up she lifted Stephanie’s skirt up and revealed a small thin patch of blonde hair that led to her wet pussy. The smell combining with my musk and smoke filled the air, reminding me of the back room of a porno shop. Laura turned Stephanie around holding her skirt up to get a better look at her. Her tight ass was smaller than Laura’s with less of a definite shape. With a quick whack Laura slapped it. Stephanie’s body jerked a bit before Laura took a step back, letting her skirt fall back into place.

Laura’s body moved with the rhythm of a stripper as she reached her shirt quickly over her head. Her breasts were caged in place by her black bra that I wished she would take off. Instead she teased me, swaying her hips as she stared at Stephanie. She slowly unbuttoned her pants as Stephanie stood awkwardly, her hand under her skirt. Laura pulled her pants down, revealing her black thong. I loved the way it complimented her ass.

“Wanna see more,” She said seductively.

“Yes please!” I begged stroking me cock.

“Not you baby,” she replied not taking her eyes off of Stephanie. “You.”

“Yes please,” Stephanie moaned.

“You don’t sound too sure,” Laura was just playing with her now.

“Yes please, I want to see your pussy,” Stephanie replied more forcefully.

Laura wiggled her body over to the couch next to me and sat down. I instantly reached over and grabbed her firm breast. While caressing her breast Laura said, “Then come get it slut.”

Stephanie walked over and knelt between Laura’s legs. She reached up and while grasping Laura’s thong, began to roughly pull it down her stems.

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