Business As Usual Ch. 01

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Chapter 1
“Now and For Ever”


Veranon stood before the mirror in a high collared silk shirt of deep lavender and an asymmetrical smile that perfectly matched his asymmetrical hair. Today, that hair was colored black with rich, burgundy ends that peeked through and around the midnight locks. His pants were snug, dark grey with a fine, black pinstripe and pointy-toed black leather shoes. He tried to even out his smile- and failed as Elwin slid up behind him, Veranon’s black waistcoat draped between both hands. His cheek pressed against Veranon’s, he smiled into the mirror and helped the smaller elf into the elegant coat.

“Don’t… I prefer the boyish grin. You are a decadent confection of playfulness and desire dressed divinely as you are. It will be like unwrapping a gift when I finally take you later this eve.” Elwin’s delicate fingers touched Veranon’s chin, lifted it so that the taller elf’s lips could reach Veranon’s pointed ear. His right hand, meanwhile, slowly ran down Veranon’s tightly muscled body until it found his crotch.

Desire flooded Veranon’s body, warming it with a need that Elwin’s touch awoke within him. He gasped as those fingers unbuttoned the side closures at the elf’s right hip, setting loose his cock, which sprang outward from its concealment. “Elwin… You’re being naughty! And before the party begins, you feel the desire to start one of our own. What will I do with you…?” Veranon chided with a sly smile as his lover gripped his cock, hard, the hand pumping it gently.

“Do you love me?” Elwin asked.

“Of course I love you,” Veranon retorted. “What kind of idiotic question is that, considering what we are about to do?”

The black-haired man stepped around Veranon, dressed as richly as his lover, his short hair combed straight with a dusting of bangs along his forehead. He leaned in for a long, passionate kiss that drew Veranon’s whole mouth into an oral embrace and a dance of tongues. His hand, meanwhile, continued to work magic between the other man’s legs.

Veranon started to put his arms around Elwin but the other elf was lowering his body down to his knees. “What are you…?” he started to ask but within moments, his long, thick-headed cock was deep inside Elwin’s hot, wet orifice. The hard, searching tongue moved skillfully around the glans, teasing it while he sucked hard. The recipient of Elwin’s oral ministrations gasped again as his eyes half-closed and his fingers tangled in the other elf’s formally combed coif. “Shiiiit…” Veranon sighed with pleasure as his cock flirted with the back of Elwin’s mouth, almost going into his throat. Nobody gave head the way Elwin gave head.

While he worked his tongue, Elwin pushed down on Veranon’s pants until they reached his ankles. Without breaking the slow, languid rhythm of his mouth, Elwin dipped his right fingers into a jar of lubricant and then he plunged those long fingers deep into Veranon’s tight hole. The elf moaned, head tilted back, his fingers tightening in Elwin’s short hair.

In between sucking, Elwin paused to lick Veranon’s long staff, sometimes teasing the head with his stiff tongue. There was a playful quality to Elwin’s love-making, which Veranon adored. Other partners were usually so formal but Elwin, thankfully, knew how to have fun.

With one hand rolling and tugging on Veranon’s balls and the other teasing his ass, Elwin continued to suck hard on Veranon until the other elf’s body stiffened, his hands pushing on Elwin’s head.

It took a great deal of restraint on his part but Veranon held back the flow of his pleasure for several minutes so that he could savor his beloved’s gift. Then, with a final explosive moan, Veranon let himself go. Elwin drank most of it before releasing Veranon’s slowly softening cock and covered his mouth once again in a soft kiss that seemed to last forever.

When the shorter man reached for Elwin’s pants, eager to reciprocate, the other pulled away, a teasing smile on his face. “No, no! Don’t you dare! This was a gift, my love. Just a gift to show you how much I love you on this special day.” Wearing a teasing smile, Elwin pulled up Veranon’s pants, pushed his cock back against his body, buttoned them and bestowed a kiss to his forehead. It didn’t stop Veranon from stroking the obvious bulge that snaked into Elwin’s left pants Cemre Escort leg.

Chuckling, Veranon tsked and said, “You just wanted me to have mine so you could mount me later! I know you, Elwin Lanier.”

“Ye of little faith, my love! I am dismayed by your ill thoughts of me.”

Veranon laughed as he looked at himself in the mirror again. Elwin stood beside him, taller by an inch or more. They were a striking pair, dapper in their finest suits of dreamy silk, finely tailored waistcoats and tight-fitting pants. Veranon wore black and gray with his purple shirt while Elwin wore black with a shirt of crimson beneath his jacket. They held hands and their reflections smiled back at them. “How do we look?” Veranon asked.

“Lovely save that my hair is a mess, thank you very much, Veranon Krae. Our guests will surely be aware that we were getting the festivities on without them.”

Veranon licked his fingers and very carefully rearranged Elwin’s locks back into place. After a discriminating once-over, Veranon tweaked his work with a few finishing touches and mock-bowed to Elwin’s reflection. “Wha-lah! Perfect as perfect is,” he said. Elwin snorted but said nothing, which Veranon accepted as approval.

“Shall we present ourselves to our guests before they get bored and begin to debauch themselves over the finger-foods?” He asked with a sly grin.

“Oh, with haste, my love! With haste! Woe be the bored businessman with an eye for the fellow across the room who has yet to suck a stiff drink, let alone a stiff cock. By all means, let us go and entertain them!” Elwin laughed with a gleam in his dark green eyes.

The pair exited their bedroom and walked down the hall into the main gathering room where most of their parties were held.

It was one of those vast, well-appointed spaces that made the best locations for throwing parties. Chaise lounges, couches, chairs large enough for two and large, plush pillows lined the walls and were spread throughout the room. Interspersed among them were tables that were either low or high depending on what it was closest to. Put a glass of cognac or a plate of spiced shrimp on the floor? Never!

High above them, several glittering crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, their faceted gems sending out brilliant beams of bright light. Veranon knew the house servants had their ways of lighting the many candles but he couldn’t fathom how they did it or how they burned for so many hours on end. It was just one of the many reasons they were paid so well.

As the grinning pair stepped into the large room, their guests rose from their seats or turned from where they stood. There were seventy people, humans and elves, of varying appearance and numerous professions but they all had three things in common: they were all men, they were all wealthy and they were all known to either Veranon or Elwin or both. Some could even be considered “friends.”

Elwin coughed loudly as Veranon tapped a silver spoon against a fine goblet of spiral-cut crystal. The sound was high pitched and pure, drawing all eyes in the room to the two elves. “Thank you, thank you all for coming. Veranon and I have hosted many parties over the last four years with great success, I might add. Tonight’s party will be one for the histories, however! We have a couple of announcements, games and, of course, the usual decadence and gratuitous sex. And business, of course!” The low mumble of laughter echoed around the room at the last words. Two men looked up with red faces, their clothes already in disarray.

Veranon stepped forward, a serene smile on his youthful face. “My friends, today we have brought you here to witness the finest union of two souls that ever was. Elwin and I have decided to get married… Now!”

The sound of the room changed from amusement to amazement in the space between heartbeats and then they began to applaud. The clapping of hands soon reached a thunderous crescendo accented with whistles and words of encouragement. Laughing, the two elves tried to regain silence so they could be heard again but the cheers overwhelmed their futile attempts.

Eventually, calm was restored and Veranon smiled broadly, his cheeks flush with pleasure. “They love us…” he remarked to Elwin, who squeezed his hand tightly in return.

“Magistrate Cemre Escort Bayan Rillonzo D’Fuentes? Are you in here?” Veranon asked the room. Some of the partiers stepped aside, looking about at one another and casting their gazes to the floor. Finally, a group of young men parted and the magistrate, clothed but disheveled appeared from their midst, an embarrassed smile on his mature face. He stood, attempted to close his shirt and tucked away his penis with nervous hands as the slender boys laughed softly around him. They helped him brush the wrinkles away and he walked over to Elwin and Veranon with red cheeks.

“At your service, my lords. My apologies. I was unaware that I would be needed in a professional capacity.” He cleared his throat and asked, “Do you have the proper papers filed and signed for me?”

Elwin nodded. “You can add your signature later but they’re in the office for you. We have symbols of our union for you.” He passed over two long leather boxes to the Magistrate, who blinked down at them in surprise.

“For an impromptu wedding, you both have this pretty well planned out! I’m impressed. So, what kind of wedding will I be performing?”

Veranon looked askance at Elwin who shrugged. “Um, the usual kind? You know, where you say some nice things, we say some nice things, you say some more nice things, pronounce us husbands and then we all fuck.” Veranon was usually more poetic with his vocabulary but clearly he wanted to get things underway. The Magistrate grinned and nodded his head.

“Of course. You two stand facing each other and I will begin with a dedication of sorts. Hold hands if you like,” they did, “and I shall begin.” D’Fuentes stood facing the rest of the guests, Veranon and Elwin in their impeccable attire with hands held between them and eyes only for each other standing before him. He had married many, many people over the years but these men were his favorite. Their parties were divine as a matter of course but the love they felt was palpable, a stirring reminder that love knows no sexual orientation and no distance in time or space. Love was never impossible and it was always in reach, especially for these two.

He cleared his throat again and began to speak.

“Welcome, friends, welcome to the union of these two souls who have come before us to share the next step of their enduring romance with us, their friends and associates. Years ago, they met at a party not unlike this one. Veranon was a neophyte-”

The elf in question protested loudly, “HEY!” while Elwin laughed and retorted, “Well, he’s right; you were!”

Ignoring Veranon’s grumbling, the Magistrate continued with a smile. “As I was saying, he was a neophyte, young and inexperienced, practically a lackey in the service of a powerful mercenary. Meeting Elwin, among other wise connections, raised his status and his fortune until he could no longer be looked down upon by his contemporaries. Elwin was there for him, his heart pulled reluctantly by Veranon’s smile and his easy nature. But the fates tore them apart for a time. Yet, despite this, they never stayed away for long, their love deepening until-“

“Are you going to tell their whole fucking story or marry them?” someone yelled from across the room. Laughter chased his words merrily along with a few voices urging him to finish “so we can start!”

DeFuentes frowned and cleared his throat a third time. “A love like theirs is everlasting, a forever kind of love as well as a kind of merger, a business association like none other. They complete each other as friends, soul-mates, partners and lovers in ways most of us could only dream of. It is my fondest pleasure to set them on this next journey of their lives.”

The magistrate opened the leather box on top and noted the inscription embossed into the leather, “For Now and For Ever, Veranon.” The bottom one had the same inscription but with Elwin’s name. Clearly, they had known about this for some time. Inside each box was an identical, sharp crystal pendent that dangled from a long, gold chain for Veranon and silver for Elwin. They looked like tools of stimulation yet were beautiful enough to mask their sensual purpose.

He withdrew one from the box and, after handing the boxes to another partier, he draped it over Veranon’s neck and said, “Will Escort Cemre you, Veranon Krae, take Elwin Lanier to be you legal husband, partner and beloved?”

Veranon nodded, “I will.”

Then DeFuentes reached for the second box and withdrew the crystal pendent intended for Elwin and said, “Will you, Elwin Lanier, take Veranon Krae as your legal husband, partner and beloved?”

Elwin smiled at Veranon and said, “Always.”

“Have you prepared your own words? Something to say in these moments to affirm your bond to one another?” The two men nodded and the Magistrate smiled and stepped away.

Veranon, his cheeks flushed, said, “I was such a naive thing when we first met… I never dreamed that I would eventually give up what I praised as my freedom to marry you. I have run from every potential romance I have ever faced and I have had… many… regrets. But somehow, despite it all, you have remained there for me. You changed for me, made yourself a better man because you knew I could not abide jealousy and pettiness. I am in awe of you, of who you are and of my feelings for you. I swear that I will give back as well as you have given me and that you will never want for anything. I love you, Elwin, now and… Forever.”

Tears flowed down Elwin’s cheeks as his eyes focused on Veranon’s moss-hued gaze, also wet with unshed tears. His voice cracked as he spoke in a low voice steeped in the elixir of strong emotion. “Veranon, my love, my life, you are all I have ever wanted. In the beginning, you were… difficult… but you learned fast, found your own way as quickly as I taught you how to survive in this world of intrigue and cutthroat business transactions. Even when I had taught you all I knew, I wanted to remain by your side. I watched loves come into your life and chafed at the thought of any of them being where I wanted to be. My jealousy, my infantile desire to possess you almost ruined me. So I changed, I adapted as I knew I must. I know that I will have to share your body and even your heart sometimes but I am the one you have given your life to and that, for me, is more than I have ever dreamed I would have. I swear to be the best man, the last man, you will ever need as your life partner. I swear to remain by your side now and… Forever.”

Magistrate De’Fuentes smiled and stepped forward to take the embracing hands before him in his and said, “Then it is with great joy that, with the powers granted to me by the laws of the great city of Rennes, I now pronounce you husbands! Veranon, Elwin, you may now show us all how a real kiss is done.”

The two men playfully shoved the magistrate out of the way and embraced, Veranon laughing as he jumped and wrapped his slender legs around Elwin’s hips. He was by far the stronger of the two but Elwin had learned to carry Veranon’s weight with ease by changing his stance. It was a popular sexual position for them. They kissed, their mouth hungrily feasting on one another with juicy kisses and probing tongues. Elwin gripped Veranon’s ass tightly with his hands and sucked on his neck, feeling his body beginning to respond to a deep, powerful need within him. “I want you so badly, Veranon…” he whispered into his new husband’s pointed ear. Veranon sighed in response and playfully rubbed his cock against Elwin’s through their clothes.

“You will have me, my love, but this lot needs to play first and we have prizes and fun to dole out before we can consummate our marriage,” Veranon murmured into Elwin’s long neck.

“I cannot rip away your pants and take you now?” the taller man asked impishly.

“No… Not yet. But soon… Soon. We need to start the party and make the other announcement. The big one? The other reason we gathered this lot?”

Elwin sighed and lowered Veranon to his feet to the loud roar of cheers. He was certain there would be complaints before long and the sound of the street patrol banging on their door. The servants would handle it as they always did but with their new home near the edge of the city proper in an area with a low, and very wealthy, population, complaints were few and most came with a request for an invitation. Still, seventy men could be very loud so he did his best to gain their attention- and their silence. Veranon tapped the glass again and the voices lowered to a murmur.

“We have more for you, our friends, so if you will bear with us, we would like to make another announcement and then begin the party but it will be unlike anything you have ever experienced! Oh, yes… You thought our parties were wicked before?

“You haven’t seen anything yet!”

To Be Continued…

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My Dream Girl

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Big Tits

I looked at the clock and made a quick calculation. Nine minutes until the end of class, and only one more period to go. I never found US History to be an exciting subject, but at least this teacher was kind of cool and made class tolerable if not exciting.

I looked back to Greg, one of the few friends I had from my grade, who sat in the seat behind mine.

“You goin’ to the dance tonight?” I whispered.

“Eh, I don’t know. You goin’?” Greg whispered back.

“I figured I would. Something to do, anyway.”

“These dances usually suck.”

“Yeah, but there might be chicks there.”

“Well, if you’re going, I guess I’ll go; then if it sucks, I won’t have to be standing around looking like a fucking loser.”

Somehow we managed to have these exchanges occasionally, without pissing off the teacher. Maybe it’s because we were both “A” students. Greg was a car buff and I’d always had a thing for old cars, so I figured that the worst that could happen was that we’d stand around talking about cars if the dance sucked.

It was early October of my senior year in high school. I’d always liked going to school dances even though nothing ever happened of any importance. Hope springs eternal in the human breast, as they say. Every dance was a chance that maybe, just maybe, I’d meet a girl and hit it off with her like so many other guys seemed to do so easily.

I wasn’t a total loser but I wasn’t in the “in crowd”. I’d had one girlfriend for all of three weeks the previous year, and she had dumped me. I’d wanted to date since age 10, but the fact that I was more of a nerd than a jock left me short on the social status a teenage dude needed to be a chick magnet.

Greg had done a bit better than I had, in the girl department. He’d had a girlfriend for about two years, starting in 7th grade and continuing on through the very beginning of 9th grade. That was the only girlfriend he’d ever had, but… two years compared to my three weeks… it really sucked being 18 and having only three weeks of dating to show for it.

The day ended like any other Friday – painfully slowly. As usual, I had a bit of excitement going through me as I prepared to leave for the dance. I never did anything special – just threw on an Umbro T-shirt and Boss jeans. I was never much for trends but this one wasn’t that expensive and the clothes certainly did fit, which was more than I could say about most other brands.

I got in my dad’s Lumina and drove out to the school. I lived about 10 miles away, because I went to school in a different town than the one where I lived. I’d only been around this bunch of kids for barely more than three years, whereas it seemed that everyone else had known each other since kindergarten.

I got to the dance and it turned out that Greg had beaten me there by a few minutes. Not surprising, as he lived less than a mile away. We bullshitted for a little while, figuring from the looks of the people we saw that our chances of getting lucky were slim. Even the girls who weren’t there with guys looked like they were there in huge groups of girls, and I always figured it was too awkward to try to talk to any girl in that situation. It’d be too obvious what my intentions were and the other girls would be looking at me as a potential hazard.

The DJ jacked his volume and the boom-baboom-ba-boom of the music signaled the official start of the dance. 8:00 on the button. It was weird that out of a school of just under 2,000 students, there were maybe 30 in the cafeteria (which doubled as our “dance hall”) at that time. I guess most everyone else knew that these dances tended to suck as well.

A few minutes later, we saw our buddy Nick walking toward us. He had three girls with him, none of whom I knew but all three of whom I’d seen before. Melissa, Marissa, and Katie. If there were ever three seriously popular girls’ names at that time, there they were. Yell out any of those names in the hallway during class-change time and 10 people would turn their heads your way.

Come to think of it, the same was true of Greg and Nick. There were all kinds of Gregs and Nicks at that school. I was the only Declan in the entire school – “Deck” for short. My unique name hadn’t earned me any “cool points” with the girls, but it had inspired many a person to call me “Dick”. I often wondered why they didn’t do the same to Nick. Nick actually rhymes with dick. Maybe it was because there were so many Nicks at the school that if it got out that someone was calling one of them “Dick”, the others would have something to say, or do, about that. Sometimes they went all out and called me “Dickless”, not that that sounded much like Declan, but not that they cared.

Katie had not gone to this school for a while. I never knew what was up with her – maybe she got kicked out or she dropped out or whatever. Word on the street had it that she was involved with drugs and would screw anything with a dick. I guess she figured that she could slip in undetected and Örnekköy Escort get away with enjoying the dance. At the very least, she seemed like a troubled soul, and I wasn’t about to pursue someone with lots of apparent issues no matter how much I wanted to have a girl in my life.

Last I knew, Marissa had a boyfriend. I knew the guy and I thought he was cool. Couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t there; maybe they broke up. It’s not like I was about to ask someone I’d never met before, why her boyfriend wasn’t there with her. Maybe I’d find out, since she was there with Nick and it became quickly obvious that the six of us were going to be a group for the night.

Seeing Melissa triggered my memory of the first time I’d seen her or at least recognized that she existed. It was early in freshman year and I had a pounding headache. I wasn’t the type to run to the nurse for the littlest boo-boo, but this time I seriously felt like shit and had to do something about it. As I was relaxing with my eyes barely open, waiting for the Tylenol to take effect, I heard a girl telling the nurse that someone had cracked an egg in her hair.

That’s the sort of thing that will make someone pay attention no matter how shitty they feel, and I looked up. My first impression of Melissa was that she had a really hot body but I wanted to know more about what her face really looked like, when she wasn’t pissed off. She had some water in her hair from what looked like a fruitless attempt at washing the egg mess out of it in the water fountain, and it hung down in drenched curly strings.

I heard her give her name to the nurse and it stuck in my memory. I never had any classes with her, so the only times I ever saw her after that were the occasional random passing in the hallway. I never sought to get her attention, because that would have been awkward and I was never the smooth type. I never had “lines”. If there were such a thing as “a way with the ladies”, I didn’t have it. This had to explain, at least partly, why I’d only logged up three weeks of dating and why I’d never done more than kiss a girl even though I was old enough to die for my country.

Introductions went around. I played along, as though I knew nothing about the three girls. It seemed that Marissa already knew Greg, which wasn’t surprising as Greg was an equipment runner for the marching band just like Marissa’s boyfriend, or maybe ex-boyfriend. Surprisingly, none of the three girls claimed to be Nick’s girlfriend – they hadn’t even all come together. Nick already knew Melissa and Marissa, and Marissa had suggested that Katie come to the dance.

That’s how it came to be that a dance I thought would suck started with me meeting three girls, one of whom was super-hot.

At this point I should explain that my idea of super-hot was never the same as that of most dudes. While most of the guys talked about the skinny cheerleaders and basketball player chicks and how much they’d like to bone them, I pretty much kept my mouth shut about my tastes because I suspected that revealing them would subject me to a certain amount of derision even from my friends.

I liked fat girls – especially fat girls who were also tall. From as far back as I could remember, a big girl or woman could always catch my eye. I had many different crushes over the years, on girls who spanned a huge spectrum in the looks department. Short, tall, thin, fat, white, black, long hair, short hair, didn’t matter when I was younger. All I wanted was a girlfriend and all it took for me to get sweet on someone was to think that I had a chance with her and that she wasn’t messed up.

But each and every time that I’d masturbated since figuring out how to do it at age 13, I fantasized about fat girls.

Melissa had exactly the kind of body I always loved. She stood about an even six feet tall and was definitely a “booty girl”. From the waist up, she wasn’t that big. Looking at her for a second or so, such that she wouldn’t think I was some creeper, I could guess that she was about a C-cup from what my guy friends had said in times past about girls’ bra sizes. But it seemed like 90% of the fat she ever stored in her body went below her waist. Her butt was enormous compared to the rest of her body. In fact, at one point during sophomore year, a buddy of mine got talking about her for some reason and called her “Meatball”. I asked what that meant, and he said that she looked like a meatball on a stick.

This is why I generally kept my preferences for fat girls to myself. Even your friends would pick on you for that.

Melissa’s medium-brown hair was somewhat poofy and wavy, and it went down to just below her shoulder blades. She was wearing a somewhat tight-fitting short-sleeved black shirt, and blue jeans that were a bit too big for her waist and lower legs, but about as tight as they could be on her ass and thighs. The waistband of her pants was rather loose on her and she wasn’t wearing a belt. I thought that Escort Örnekköy was strangely hot, maybe because I was subconsciously perving and imagining how easy it’d be to get a hand or two down there. She had a belly roll that stuck out about as far as her breasts did. I felt a zing of adrenaline just looking at her.

I started wondering if my luck had begun to change, but had no idea how to handle it. My first girlfriend, from almost two years prior, was in band with me and it just happened that we were sitting near each other on the bus one day. Somehow, though I forgot exactly how it happened, we started talking. I never considered her especially good-looking, but we talked, and it turned out that she knew one of my middle-school classmates, and we shared a few laughs. Laughs became phone calls, and phone calls became dates. That wasn’t an extremely random coupling.

So I started thinking about how I would approach Melissa if I had the opportunity, and the problem was that I never had the balls to grab opportunities. For years, opportunities presented themselves and I let them go, because I was too chicken to say something. Then sometimes the girl would move away or otherwise disappear, and I’d kick myself silently for never grabbing at opportunities when I had the chance, since now I no longer had the chance.

How not to let that happen with Melissa, I wondered. But would we even get along? Just because she’s hot, that doesn’t mean that our personalities would mesh. I already knew that she was the target of some bullying, to which I could relate because I’d been bullied a lot in my life. That was something, anyway.

She was friends with Nick, who’d been one of my friends pretty much since the beginning of high school. Nick wasn’t Mister Popularity – he was a bit awkward like me. I’d never seen Melissa out with, or hanging around with, people known to smoke; so it was a good guess that she wasn’t a smoker. Within less than a minute, even during the process of bullshitting with everyone in my newfound group, I figured that the available signs at least leaned positive.

We went into the cafeteria and got to dancing. I wasn’t especially graceful, at six-two and a not-entirely-muscular 205 pounds, but I could move to a beat and it didn’t seem like many people did much better than that at these dances.

Katie seemed like she was on the prowl that night. She was all over all three of us. For the first time in my life, a girl was making it seem like she was pursuing me, but it didn’t get to my head because she was doing the same to the other two guys. Maybe she was trying to see if any of us would bite. I enjoyed it and went along with it, albeit somewhat awkwardly, but she wasn’t my type so I didn’t initiate anything myself.

Marissa was happy to be there but she seemed to be focusing most of her attention on Greg and Nick, which made sense because she knew them already. I still hadn’t figured out if she was single, but that was okay by me because I thought Melissa was hotter.

Melissa wasn’t especially graceful as a dancer either, but to me it didn’t matter. She was enjoying herself and I got to see that hot body move around to the beat, and that was enough. I initiated some small talk at times, feeling awkward about it every time, just to have an excuse to look at her without seeming creepy.

It didn’t escape me that with three guys and three girls, the balance was even, and it was therefore pretty well assured that every time a slow song came on, each of the guys would have a girl to dance with. That prospect alone was plenty exciting, because the last time I danced with a girl at a school dance, I was in 8th grade and the girl had told me prior to the dance that she’d dance a song with me. Little did I know that she wasn’t exactly excited to be doing so. She made excuses every time I asked her to dance, and then when she finally asked me, I was so blinded by excitement that I didn’t realize there were only like 30 seconds or so left to the song. We weren’t dancing all that long before the song was over, and then she never came back for another song. That was my luck.

But, mathematically, my luck was about to change, unless the girls found me repulsive. It looked to me like they didn’t, but what did I know?

I strategized through the situation like a typical nerd. I figured that if I stayed relatively close to Melissa, then when the DJ threw on the first slow song of the night, I could ask her to dance because she was there, and it wouldn’t have to look as awkward or obvious as it would if we weren’t close to each other. It could be something like “hey, you’re here, I’m here, wanna dance?” – no… that’s dorky… well fuck, what should I say?

Turned out that I didn’t execute that plan as well as I should have. The DJ eventually started the first slow song and I realized that I hadn’t been paying attention. By the time I looked around, it was evident that the pairing-up had already started, and Örnekköy Escort Bayan it appeared that I was going to be dancing with Marissa. Fair enough – figured I could stand to get to know her anyway.

I was strangely not that nervous, dancing with her. It didn’t take skill. Guy puts his hands on girl’s waist, girl puts her hands on guy’s shoulders… simple stuff. During that song, we talked. It turned out that she and her boyfriend had broken up recently, but it also turned out that she was still smoking. I’d suspected that she was a smoker. I wasn’t, and I had no interest in dating a smoker. I figured that I’d keep her as a friend, if it turned out that we had enough in common to be friends. At least she seemed nice and smiley.

We all pretty much split up in advance of the ending of the song when the volume started dropping, figuring that we were going to go back to fast dancing. Unexpectedly, however, the DJ put on another slow song. I’d never known them to come in pairs, but maybe some people were really into the slow dancing in another part of the cafeteria where the DJ could see them better. I didn’t ask questions. What I did do was a little quick thinking, figuring that I could aim for Melissa and use the line that I had one song with Marissa, so how about I dance with you now?

With uncharacteristic courage, perhaps fueled by the fact that I had just completed my first full-song slow dance with a girl, I walked toward Melissa, who it turned out was walking sort of in my direction anyway, and said what I intended to say. Surprisingly, it came out all right even though I could feel the adrenaline and my accelerating heartbeat. She said yes, and we got into the slow-dance position with each other.

I knew early on that I was in trouble. When I get really nervous, I get the shakes, and I could feel them coming on. I’d never been able to figure out how to stop them while still feeling nervous. With my hands on this sexy girl’s waist, just above the most incredible hips I’d ever seen, feeling the soft and padded curve of her skin under her form-fitting shirt, my heart was racing and I could barely keep a firm grasp on reality. I tried to talk with her and it worked for a little while – anything to distract her from the fact that I was shaking – but it wasn’t long before one of my syllables came out weird due to my mouth trembling a bit too.

“Are you okay?” asked Melissa.

“Y-yeah, I’m all right,” I half-lied.

I may have averaged out to “all right”, and I was still alive and healthy (“all right”), but I was both ecstatic and a nervous mess at the same time. Less than an hour ago, it had been life as usual. Now I was holding close to me a girl I’d admired for three years, who was every bit as beautiful up close as she had been in passing.

I also became aware of the fact that I had a huge boner. Good thing that the two-sizes-too-big Umbro shirt and Boss jeans would do a fair job concealing that. Maybe I should think about something not sexy. What’s the unsexiest thing I could possibly think of? How about animals? Yeah, animals. Zoo animals. Hippos. Hippos are ugly. Think about muddy hippos.

“You’re shaking!” said Melissa.

Fuck. Hippos didn’t work. Now what?

“Well, I’m really nervous,” I said. At least this time I told the exact truth.


Fuck, fuck, and double fuck.

I knew that I had two choices at that point. I could tell another half-truth-half-lie, which I really didn’t want to do, because not only did it go against how I tried to be a decent guy, but also because lies are difficult to keep up. Or, I could tell the exact truth. Either way, I ran a serious risk of Melissa getting scared off. My luck looked about to change again, and this time not for the better. I started to shake harder.

Then I decided that I was going to man up and go for broke, because, really, if she couldn’t handle me telling her the truth, how would she handle having any kind of relationship with me? Or even friendship? May as well know now, than wait until later.

“You really wanna know?” I said. Try to buy some time. If she says anything but “yes”, we might converse a bit more before I have to give my answer and maybe it’d give me a better idea of what to say and how to say it.


Fuck. I was more courageous in hypothetical situations than in real life.

“All right.” Deep breath. “But it’s gonna cost you. It’s gonna cost you… a promise… that no matter what I say… you don’t start thinkin’ that I’m some kinda weirdo. I mean, you asked. Deal?”

“Umm… yyyyeah?”

I could tell that she already did think I was some kind of weirdo. But she still had her hands on my shoulders, so obviously I wasn’t that bad of a weirdo.

“First tell me if you have a boyfriend.”


I was gonna have a fucking heart attack before I got this out.

“Is there anyone you like right now, in that way?”

“Nnnnno… not really… why?”

“Trust me, it matters. I’m trying to cover everything that might be bad for me. Okay. Here goes.” Deep breath. Damn. In my mind, for years, I’d been the suave superhero who always gets the girl and has no problem getting girls. I always said the right things in my dreams. In real life it was like I didn’t have a damn clue.

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An Added Bonus

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22nd August 2001. This is a true story!

A few weeks ago, I was in the city in the evening, (I don’t usually go into the city now) and I decided to have a massage. I really just wanted a massage but I went to a place just off Albert St. It was a Chinese place and seemed reasonable, except I had some problems understanding the girl and then girls behind the counter. I was charged $50.00 for an hour massage but I couldn’t use my credit card. The facilities were reasonable and there was a proper massage table but it didn’t have a shower in the room. It was a Wednesday night I think at about 20.30 hours, so it was quiet and I seemed to be the only customer there. The girl showed me the room and where the shower was and went away. I had the shower and came back into the room. I was only just in an another young girl came into the room. She didn’t look as if she was even 15, but she told me that she was 20 and was on holiday in New Zealand and learning English. She had fair English so it was reasonably easy to talk to her. She was very small, about 5 feet, perhaps 90 lbs, and small all over. I could have picked her up with one hand, but boy was she cute. She wore slack and a loose top and looked delightful and very edible.

For her size, she gave a good massage, but it wasn’t as hard as I would have liked but then she wasn’t large enough to give a hard massage. For some of it she had to get up on the table.

When I turned over, I was able to look at her better. Although she had her clothes on, she had almost flawless skin. I couldn’t call her beautiful, perhaps a 6+ but she was Ostim Escort just cute. Just looking at her made me hard, which she commented on. She asked me if I wanted a hand job, and I asked if there was anything else. She said No because she was not a full service girl. Now I don’t like HJ so I said to her I would give her $60.00 if she would massage me in the nude and if I could eat her pussy. She didn’t understand what I meant and although she has happy to be in the nude, she was more reluctant to let me eat her. She also gave me the impression that she was still a virgin.

So I asked her to come and lie down beside me nude, which she did, somewhat reluctantly. She wanted to turn the light down, but I managed to keep them up so that I could feast on her body. She did have flawless skin, small breasts 32AA, 21, 32 or something like that. She was small all over, but a reasonable amount of pussy hair. I do not remember her working name but her Chinese name was something similar to May Lee.

She would not let me kiss her on the mouth, which I wanted to, but her face, neck, shoulders and down to her breasts. While I was doing this, I was moving my hand down towards her pubic area. Eventually I found her magic button while I continued to mount an oral assault on her breasts. Her Bee (the Chinese word for pussy) became very wet and she seemed to become very aroused. I did this for several minutes and then moved down her body, kissing all around the pubic area, while still continuing to play with her Bee, which was very wet by now. She was a little reluctant Escort Ostim to let me go any further, but she didn’t make very much of an effort to stop me.

I have found from experience in the past, and also read it in other people’s posts, that if you can get your mouth on their pussy, you are almost home. This is what I wanted to do and although she was half heatedly stopping me, she didn’t protest when I eventually fixed my lips on her pussy. She was still a bit nervous but the longer I was down there, the more she seemed to like it. I still played with her breasts while I was down there.

It wasn’t long before she was stroking my head. I would like to say she pulled my face harder into her, but she didn’t to that but she was more relaxed about what I was doing and was becoming more excited. Her legs opened more. She was beautifully sweet to eat and clean. She started to come and seemed to come in a long continuous stream as she sighed a little and her hands moved faster on my head. Her pussy was so wet and now I knew it would be now or never, so I just moved up on her and entered her. She was a bit tight, no where near as tight as I thought she would be. She had a surprised look on her face but didn’t try to stop me at all. If anything, she welcomed me into her. She seemed to still be coming and I had made three or four stroke into her before she really realised what had happened. I thought she would then protest, but she didn’t. If fact she let me kiss her. She did still seemed surprised, but she was enjoying it.

I was pleasantly surprised Ostim Escort Bayan that she did not stop me at all. Like all inexperienced girls, she did not play an active part. I think she was not as tight as I had expected because she was so wet and also because I was bare back. I knew she would be safe as I had had a check less than two weeks ago and had not be active at all since then. I guess I was only inside her for less than 5 minutes before I knew I would come so I pulled out of her and came on her stomach. I could see some slight traces of blood on my penis, so I knew she must have been a virgin. She couldn’t have become pregnant from me because I had a vasectomy 18 years ago.

May Lee seemed to be a little bewildered and perhaps a little upset, but I cuddled and reassured her. I wanted to have her again but we were now out of time. I gave her a cuddle and gave her everything in my wallet, about $120.00. She was grateful for that and seemed to be better. I told her that I would come back and see her soon with more money. She seemed happy with that.

I went to a cash machine to draw out more money, took a Viagra dose and went back and booked another massage with her. Once in the room, I gave her a total of $500.00, which she was very excited with, and we had another session, this time much longer and again without a condom. For one, she didn’t have condoms, and she was not a “full service” girl. She was a little concerned about that but I showed her my result sheet and told her that I could not have babies any more.

I love going BB and do it when I can, but in all the years I have been having sex, I have only caught something once, apart from a wife, and that was NSU almost 30 years ago from a girl friend.

Breaking in a small tasty virgin over 30 years younger than me was a real bonus and I don’t regret spending over $600.00 on it.

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Female Ejaculation

This story involves a young man who is a virgin, and a woman over three times his age. Therefore, this is both a “first time” story and a “mature” tale.


This wasn’t the way that most guys my age want to spend the summer before heading off to college, I recall thinking as I looked out the kitchen window to the tiny yard and the postage stamp lawn that might take me all of a minute to mow tomorrow.

The house and the yard had belonged to my grandmother, who had been in and out of the hospital for the last couple of years, and had finally succumbed to a variety of illnesses last week at the ripe old age of 82.

While much of the rest of my family had abandoned Grandma, I had continued to visit her in her declining years, which was how I ended up with the dubious honor of going through her stuff and shutting the house down so that it could be sold.

It was while I was taking a break from the house cleaning that I saw the woman who had lived next door for as long as I could remember, puttering around in her back yard. All I really knew about her was her name, Anna.

She was a tiny woman who lived alone in the modest bungalow at the end of the street, nestled between the woods and my Grandma’s place. She looked older than I remembered when I had seen her last year, her black hair now more streaked with grey and pulled back in a bun.

When she saw me, she gave a timid wave before heading over to the fence. I went out to meet her. After she expressed her condolences about my grandmother’s passing, she asked about what was going to happen to the house.

“I don’t know,” I said. “They just sent me here to try and make sense out of her belongings. My folks and the rest of the vultures will take what they want, and then I guess the place will get sold.”

“New neighbors,” Anna said, shuddering visibly. “Just the thought of that bothers me. I was so used to your grandmother. She was such a nice lady. I guess we got along pretty well because we were alike in many ways. She loved you very much, but you know that. She always said that Tommy was her favorite – the only one that would bother with her.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” I mused, but had to admit that Anna was right.

“It was good that she had someone that cared about her,” Anna said softly. “Being alone is…”

Anna left the sentence unfinished, but I sensed that she knew what being alone was all about. I had never seen anybody besides her next door, and while I recall Grandma saying something about her being married at one time, I gathered that her husband had passed away.

After we chatted for a few more minutes, Anna asked me if she would like to come over for dinner. I had mentioned that I had been depleting Grandma’s cupboards during my stay, and when the tiny woman invited me, I realized I had backed myself into a corner and so I accepted.


Much like my grandmother’s house was, Anna’s felt like a museum to me, with all of these little nick-knacks and doilies all over the place. I had gotten as dressed up as the limited wardrobe I brought here would allow, and after Anna complimented me on how I looked, she brought me into the kitchen for dinner.

Gradually, my nervousness faded as we began conversing. We kept the topics light and avoided talking about my Grandma, and after I helped my hostess with the dishes she brought me into the living room.

At that point, I have to admit that I was trying to figure out the most graceful way to end the evening. Anna was very nice and all, but I figured she had to get to bed early like Grandma always did.

“Do you have any children?” I asked as we sat on her couch, which was probably older than I was, and found my eyes going to Anna’s legs for some reason

The pale limbs were very slender, and the fact that they weren’t all that bad for a woman her age probably got my attention for longer than they should have, because she caught me looking at her as she answered.

“No, I – we couldn’t have children,” Anna said sadly. “I wanted children so badly. My husband – he did too. That why we – he left me.”

“Oh,” I answered, regretting that I had picked the wrong topic for conversation. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“Not your fault,” Anna replied, patting me on the arm and giving my limb a little squeeze. “Anyway, I suspect that you must be a very responsible young man, seeing as how they left you in charge of gathering everything up and all.”

“If anybody suspected that Grandma had anything of value, I’m sure the vultures would have swooped in,” I opined. “So far, I’ve found about a dollar in pennies and about a dozen empty bottle of seltzer water.”

“Don’t spend it all in one place,” Anna suggested, and I shared in her laughter.

Anna had an adorable laugh, as petite as the woman it came out of, and as we talked I found myself getting more attracted to her. I wanted to ask her how old she was, because it was hard to tell from her appearance. I suspected that she could be anywhere from 55 to 75, although the fact that she still worked made me lean Şentepe Escort toward the lower end of that scale.

There weren’t very many pictures around, but there was one of Anna when she was very young, probably in her twenties. She was a cute woman back then even if the picture looked like something from the twenties. Even then Anna had her hair in that little bun, which made her look a bit like a spinster.

“What grade are you going to be in next fall?” Anna asked when the conversation turned to me, and when I told her that I was going to be a sophomore in college she got flustered.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Anna said apologetically when I told her I was going to be 20 next winter.

“I know I look like a kid,” I offered, knowing that my nerdish appearance made my age tough to figure out.

“No, it isn’t that,” Anna said. “It’s just that your grandmother – the way she spoke about you, I always got the impression you were still a child.”

“I don’t think Grandma ever understood that I was getting older,” I admitted. “I was always afraid that for Christmas she would give me something like those pink bunny pajamas that Ralphie got in The Christmas Story.”

Anna started giggling at that, and squeezed my arm as she leaned against me, coming so close that I could smell the ancient perfume she used, a pleasant scent but something that seemed from around era.

“As a matter-of-fact,” Anna said when she stopped laughing. “The way you act – you’re very mature. It’s almost like you’re older than your years.”

Anna had a point there, I admitted to her, because I always seemed to relate well to people older than me.

“I’m square,” I confessed. “Maybe I was born too late, because I don’t like the stuff I’m supposed to like. Stuff guys my age are into, like rap music and reality television – things like that. I’d rather watch MASH or The Honeymooners than any of the junk that’s on the tube these days.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being square,” Anna told me, motioning toward the television that looked as old as me. “I hardly ever turn it on, except for the news. So, do you have a lady friend?”

“Me? No,” I said.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be so nosy,” Anna said. “I mean, you might not even be…”

“Interested in girls?” I said in finishing her thought. “No, I’m very interested in girls.”

“Good,” Anna said blushing. “I mean, whatever you like is fine, but you never know these days.”

“That’s okay. No, I like girls but the feeling is not nearly as mutual as I would like,” I confessed.

What would she say if she knew that the only memorable relationship I had ever been in was with my science teacher, a woman who had been twice my age. A woman as plain and shy as I was, and she was about to take my virginity when she suddenly felt guilty. Her getting cold feet at the last minute was a crushing blow that I still hadn’t gotten over.

“I’m sure you’ll find the perfect girl someday, Tommy,” Anna said softly. “There’s still a place for good-hearted and considerate guys, no matter what you might think. Not all of us like the ‘bad boys’, you know.”

I happened to look at the clock, and when I asked Anna whether that was the right time, she seemed as surprised as I was that it was just past midnight.

“Silly me,” Anna said. “I’ve been babbling away all night, and you’ve been so sweet to sit there and put up with me.”

“I’ve had a great time,” I assured Anna, and I wasn’t lying, because what I had feared might be torture was instead a fun evening. “Really.”

“Will you be heading home tomorrow?” Anna asked, and the more I thought about it, the less good that idea sounded.

“I think I’ll probably be here at least for a couple more days,” I said, stretching the truth a bit when I added, “There’s a lot of stuff I still haven’t gone through yet.”

“Would you like to come over for dinner tomorrow night then?” Anna said, and immediately realized how excitedly she had offered the invitation.

“I mean, if you’d like to, that is,” Anna added. “I promise not to keep you so late tomorrow.”

“It’s a date,” I said as I went to the door, and when I opened it I paused, thanking Anna for a great night.

“Thank you, Tommy,” Anna said, and when I gave her a little hug she not only returned it, but gave me a little peck on the cheek, reaching up as high as her head could reach to press her lips to my cheek.

So tiny, I thought as I squeezed her and felt her frail form, although the press of her breasts against my stomach got my attention. When I got back to my grandmother’s house I closed the door and leaned against it for a moment, wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

There I was, a 19 year old geek not only spending an evening with a woman who, if she hadn’t reached senior citizen status yet, could see it from where she was, and not only did I enjoy myself, I even got a hard-on from hugging her.

“You’re a sick fuck, Tommy Baldwin,” I said aloud as I went into the kitchen for a drink of water.

After quenching my thirst, Şentepe Escort Bayan I realized that I was not going to get to sleep right away, so I did a little housekeeping, bringing a few empty boxes into the spare bedroom that I always stayed in. On my way in, I happened to glance out of the window that faced Anna’s house as I reached for the light switch, and found myself setting the boxes down and not turning on the light.

Instead, I moved through the dark room like a cat when I saw the light on in the house next door. The curtains were open, with only the sheers shielding my eyes from an unimpeded view of Anna Hayward’s bedroom.


“Sick sick sick,” I heard myself muttered as I looked over at the woman who I had just shared my evening with, and when I first glanced over I saw Anna in the process of putting her nightgown on, which meant that I had arrived just a little bit late.

It was a very plain nightgown that revealed little, but with the house less than ten feet away it was almost like being there, with the sheer curtains giving Anna’s bedroom the look of an old-time movie.

Her china white arms were so slender and pale, yet were surprisingly trim, with little of the sagging of skin that many women get as they age, and I would have seen it since she was busily brushing her hair after freeing it from the bun.

Sitting at what looked like a little make-up table, Anna worked the brush through her wiry hair with her right hand as she used her left hand to hold it down. My mother used to brush her hair 100 times each night, and I hoped that Anna did as well.

She looked a little like Katherine Hepburn, so fragile and feminine looking despite tiny wisps of dark hair that sprouted from under her arms. The unusual sight of a woman with unshaven armpits did not offend me, and in fact the effect of seeing the little patches of fur was just the opposite as I stood there peeking though the blinds like a pervert while she did what was likely a nightly routine.

Five minutes later the light in Anna’s bedroom went out, and the sudden darkness seemed to break me out of the trance I was in, leaving me to assess what I would look like had Anna been looking over this way.

Nothing unusual here, I thought. Just Tommy Baldwin with his jeans and underwear down around his ankles, his right hand still pulling on his deflating dick while his left hand was filled with the end result of his orgasm.

Perfectly normal. Nothing I hadn’t done countless times before, except this time the target of my deviant thought was a perfectly charming and innocent mature woman who, if she had ever see what I was doing, would have been just as disgusted with me as I was with myself.


I ended up at Anna’s again the next night, and I found myself having a great deal of trouble looking her in the eye as we ate dinner. Anna asked me if I had a productive day and I lied and said I did. I wonder what she would have thought about me had she known what I did?

“Let’s see,” I could imagine myself saying if I was pumped full of truth serum. “Last night when I got back to my grandmother’s house I thanked you for you kindness and hospitality by peeking at you through the blinds as you got ready for bed. Violated your privacy in a way that I’m sure has never been done to you before.

I masturbated while watching you brush your hair, and then after I woke up the next morning I was looking out the front windows when you left the house to catch the bus to go to work. Did it again – jerked off I mean – while watching you walk past the house, wishing that your dress was shorter so I could see more of your legs.”

I could not imagine what this sweet old lady – and there was no denying that Anna Hayward qualified for that word – would think about such a confession. Yet as I finished another nice meal I couldn’t at least say something.

“Uh – you know Anna,” I said as I leaned back from the table. “When my grandmother’s house gets sold, you might want to, you know, like in the back…”

“I’m sorry Tommy,” Anna said after trying to decipher what I was trying to say. “I don’t understand.”

“I mean, your bedroom,” I stammered, wishing I hadn’t started this but was too far in to stop now. “From the spare room in back, you can see into your bedroom.”

“Oh dear,” Anna said when she finally figured out what I was saying. “The curtains – I leave them open for the sun – oh no!”

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled when I watched Anna’s pale complexion turn crimson. “Just thought you should know, like for the future.”

“Yes, thank you,” Anna said before excusing herself and scurrying out of the room.

I knew where she was going. She was running back to her bedroom and closing those curtains after looking out to see exactly what I had seen. So much for the hope, the crazy thought that she had opened those curtains for me to look at her through.

“There,” Anna said when she returned, trying to act like nothing had happened.

“I hope you aren’t mad at me,” I said.

“Mad? Escort Şentepe Oh my no,” Anna said as I helped her clear the table. “Can you imagine what someone just moving in would think? Glancing over at seeing a 63 year old woman prancing around naked?”

That answered the question about how old Anna was, but once again I couldn’t shut up.

“I didn’t see you naked,” I said.

“That’s good,” Anna sighed. “You wouldn’t have come over for dinner if you had.”

“I wished I had,” I blurted out. “Seen you naked I mean. You had just put on your nightgown when I noticed your curtains were open.”


“You sat down at your dressing table and brushed your hair,” I continued.

“That must have been something to see,” Anna said as she dropped a saucer in the sink, clearly confused at what I was saying.

“It was. I watched you brush your hair until you got up and turned out the light,” I admitted, leaving out the other part. “You looked so beautiful that it looked at I was having a dream.”

Anna put her hand on the edge of the sink, steadying herself, and she looked as if she was going to faint.

“Tommy, you…” she started to say and then stopped. “You’re a sweet boy but I know what I look like now. If I was 50 years younger, you might have gotten a more pleasant sight.”

“I didn’t wish you were younger. Maybe I wished I was older,” I said, making little sense. “I better go before I make an even bigger fool of myself.”

“Don’t go,” Anna said, clutching my forearm with her weathered hand. “I don’t – would you sit on the couch with me for a moment?”

I nodded and helped her into the living room, sitting next to her on the couch and asking her if I could get her something.

“No, just sit with me for a minute,” Anna said, our knees touching.

The only sound in the room was the ticking of a clock somewhere behind us, and as Anna seemed to regain her composure I got relieved.

“I’m really fine,” Anna assured me after I asked again. “That was a lot of things to digest at once.”

“I shouldn’t have said anything,” I said. “I just felt guilty about spying on you like I did. Even if I didn’t set out to do it, I still could have just turned away when I first saw you, but I didn’t.”

“No wonder your grandmother loved you so,” Anna said, her eyes watering. “I wish I had met someone like you when I was young. Those things you said, no matter how crazy they sounded, I still loved hearing them. Nobody has said I was beautiful in – I don’t know how long ago.”

“You are beautiful,” I said, taking her hand in mine. “Guess you can tell I’ve got a crush on you.”

Anna giggled at that, and squeezed my hand with hers as she looked at me.

“You’re going to make somebody a wonderful husband someday,” she said.

“I don’t think so,” I said. “I don’t belong here – I don’t mean here – I mean in the 21st century. Girls my age just don’t do anything for me. Someone like you I can spend hours talking to and listening to, but girls my age? I listen to them babbling about stuff I don’t care about for two minutes and I’m tearing my hair out.”

I went on to tell Anna my entire life story when it came to girls, and because there was so little to tell and the tales were so tame, even Anna didn’t flinch.

“I was crazy about her,” I said of my science teacher and of her last second guilty conscience, and then I told Anna something that I never shared with anyone before or after.

I shared with Anna the story of my dating Jill, and how when it finally got to the point that guys dream about, this time it was my fault it didn’t happen.

“We got naked and when she saw me – my – you know, she giggled,” I confessed, the memory still as fresh as if it was last night instead of last year. “I’m – It’s kinda small.”

“That sort of thing doesn’t matter,” Anna said softly. “Maybe she was just nervous or something.”

“Yeah, maybe,” I agreed, although in my mind I saw it differently. “After she laughed when I tried, I couldn’t – you know.”

“So you’re a virgin,” Anna concluded, and I nodded. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of you know. Even I was one once myself.”

We laughed at that, but then Anna continued.

“I was a child of the 60’s,” Anna explained. “Back then I was probably just as silly as the girls of today are. Smoking grass and drinking Boone’s Farm wine.”

“You did?”

“I did indeed,” Anna declared. “I wasn’t as crazy as a lot of people my age, but I was no wallflower either. If I told you how I met my husband you would die.”

“Tell me.”

“I couldn’t,” Anna said. “Let’s just say that it wasn’t something I’m all that proud of now.”

I kept after her, reminding her that I had just told her every one of my many humiliating experiences with the opposite sex, and finally she gave in.

“I went to a concert at the Aerodrome with a girlfriend of mine,” Anna explained. “This was in Schenectady, New York, and there was this group that had just came out called Led Zeppelin.”

“Led Zeppelin?” I said – shouted. “You’re kidding!”

“No. My friend Peggy was a little older and knew more about music than I did, so I went along with her. Hitchhiked and ended up sitting on the floor of this old bowling alley or whatever it was, about 15 feet away from these really skinny guys with long hair who I had never heard of.”

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Aliandre’s Story Ch. 01

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Part I – Nathan

Everyone has their story – you know, the one they tell whenever there is someone new to hear it, especially someone they want to impress or shock.

Like my Uncle Jack’s story of how he and Aunt Carmen met at the top of the Eiffel Tower because he “fainted” from his fear of heights and came to looking up her very short skirt.

Or Grandma Lillian’s story of how she and her sister Maggie sucked and fucked the hired men every Friday night when Grandpa Bert was at his weekly poker game with Maggie’s husband Hank.

Or how my twin cousins Lucas and Caleb learned everything they know about sex from their older sister Roxanne and her best friend Andrea, starting with an 18th-birthday party turned orgy – not that they tell that story to very many people though!

I could go on and on with these titillating little bits from my family’s sexual escapades, but not this time. My name is Aliandre – this is my story, and I want to share it with you.

There’s no way to avoid saying it, so I’ll just spit it out. I was a goody-two-shoes – at school, I was the kid who got picked to be the teacher’s helper, and the classroom monitor, and all those other deadly jobs that teachers think up to “reward” good students with. At home, I was mostly respectful and obedient and did what I was supposed to do.

But things are not always as they seem. While I didn’t mind being good, it did seem to be a bit boring. I knew there were kids who were NOT respectful or obedient, and I wondered how they got away with it. Like most kids, I knew there was “stuff” that parents did not talk about to kids. Like, that boys and girls were different for a reason – I just didn’t know the reason! I accidentally had my first orgasm the summer I turned ten – and played with myself until I figured out how to have one again. I’m happy to say that I have been addicted to them ever since. My fantasy life began at about this time, as did my fascination with erotic literature. I was, and am, an avid reader of any erotica I get my hands on. Most adults don’t think that an 11- or 12-year-old girl is going to go rooting through their library looking for erotica, but I did. And I usually found something good.

We can fast-forward through most of my teen years – with a couple very brief steps on to the wild side, I was still a goody-goody virgin with an aching, wet pussy. There was one brief interlude when I was 13 when I acquired rather by accident a 16-year-old boyfriend with only one thing on his mind – and all of you know what that was! I have to admit that I was very curious as to what it would be like to let him have what he wanted, but he just didn’t make me feel all hot and bothered. Just bothered, and not in a good way. The only real experience I gained was that first kisses should not be sloppy open-mouthed attacks! I still shudder at the thought.

I did a lot of baby-sitting during my high school years, and found that once the children were asleep and my homework was done (goody-goody, remember!) I was pretty much left sitting there with nothing to do but play with myself. Often there was some sort of sexy literature on the book case, and I always found it. One woman even subscribed to Playgirl; I was ecstatic when I found those! But I digress…

The best thing that ever happened during my baby-sitting teen years occurred late one summer night just after I turned 18. It had been a very long and boring, frustrating evening. Jennifer and Nathan’s kids had been angels – as usual. They went to bed easily, and straight to sleep – no bother there. It was summer – no homework to do. And for some reason, I just couldn’t find anything to read that “did it” for me. There wasn’t even anything worth watching on TV in those pre-satellite days!

When at last they got home, Jennifer said, “Ali, I’m really, really tired. Is it okay if Nathan drives you home tonight? I’d like to just check in on the kids, and go to bed.” She usually drove me home – she didn’t seem to think it was right for her husband to drive a teenage girl anywhere alone.

But tonight was different, I guess. It was after 3:00 a.m., and I lived out in the country, about twenty-five miles away, so a ride was a real necessity. “Sure, I don’t mind. It Macunköy Escort is really late.” Even though I could smell alcohol on his breath, I figured Nathan had gotten them home safe, so it would be okay. Besides, I felt a sudden tingle at the chance to be alone with a real man; even if he was married, he was gorgeous! Tall, with dark curly hair, blue eyes, and a muscular body. Jennifer paid me, and said good night, and I left the house with Nathan.

We exchanged a few banal remarks as we got into his old truck – a 1966 Chevy with a bench seat, no seat belts and a floor shift that required real muscle to use. Then we didn’t seem to have anything else to say as we headed out onto the deserted street. Then, at the stop sign at the end of the block, Nathan’s hand brushed my thigh as he shifted gears. He laughed a quick, “Sorry about that, Ali!” as the truck came to a full stop.

I thought nothing of it – it happens, right? – and besides, like I said, he was pretty damn hot. As I shifted a little on the seat to make sure it would happen again, I said, “No problem Nathan.”

And sure enough, when we pulled away from the stop sign, and out onto the highway, the back of his hand rubbed against my thigh again. I smiled to myself, and looked at him from under my lashes. He glanced over to see if I minded, caught me looking at him with a smile on my face, and quickly turned his eyes back to the empty road ahead, looking for the turn-off that led further out of town. But he kept his hand right where it was, on the gear shift, touching me.

A moment later, Nathan slid his hand onto my thigh and squeezed gently, pulling me over toward the centre of the seat. He was watching me out of the corner of his eye judging my reaction. When I smiled a little wider, he slid his hand right up my leg and tugged again. Then, with his hand resting firmly at the top of my thigh, he began to rub my mound. I was a little startled, but so turned on! With a sigh I slid a little closer to him, letting my legs fall apart slightly, inviting more.

As the truck slowed for another turn, this time onto the empty country road, Nathan asked softly, “Did that feel good, Ali, my sweetheart? Do you like how my hand feels on your little pussy? Do you want more?”

He turned his hand so that his fingers curled under, cupping my pussy, and he squeezed, rubbing the tips of his fingers firmly along the seam of my jeans. It felt so good, I couldn’t help rubbing back.

“Oh, my god, Nathan! Yes! I love how it feels! I’ve never felt anything this good, ever! Please Nathan, don’t stop!”

With a quick look in the mirrors, he turned into an abandoned farm yard and turned off the truck. It was a warm, clear night, perfect for open windows. He looked at me, and asked, “Are you sure you don’t want me to stop?”

I met his eyes, and replied, “oh, yes, I’m very sure.”

The next thing I knew, I was being very thoroughly kissed and felt up. His kiss was NOT sloppy; it was hot and intense and tasted like the wine he’d been drinking. My hands found their way into his thick, curly dark hair and I kissed him back as well as I knew how. His hands were eagerly slipping up under the tank top I wore, and cupping my firm tits. I moaned as I felt him deftly undo the front clasp of my skimpy bra. With one quick pull, my tank top and bra landed on the floor of the cab, and I was half naked in front of him.

His hands caressed and squeezed my tits as he exclaimed, “Oh my fuckin’ god Ali! You’re so goddamn beautiful! I love your ass, and your long hair, and you’ve got such beautiful tits, sweetheart! Every time you come to watch the kids I can hardly keep my hands off these fucking, gorgeous tits!” With that, his mouth dropped to my virgin nipples. I gasped aloud, and sat there stunned, hardly able to breathe as he flicked his hot tongue across my tender little rosebuds. This made up for the long boring hours I had spent being horny and not able to find what I needed to get off properly! The crotch of my panties was completely soaked, and I knew my jeans were soon going to be as well. My hands tangled in his hair as he sucked, and licked, and nibbled my tits.

He leaned back at last, and huskily said, “Your tits Macunköy Escort Bayan are just as hot to suck as I knew they’d be. I’ve wanted to suck them for months, baby, but I could never figure out a way to get you to let me do it. I fuckin’ fantasize about sucking your tits all the time.”

I whispered, “Really? You fantasize about me? God, that makes me so damned horny I can hardly stand it! You make me so hot Nathan, I fantasize about you every time I play with my pussy, imagining that it’s your fingers touching me, or your cock fucking me and making me cum.”

I stopped suddenly, afraid I might have said too much. He reached for my hand, and placed it firmly on the huge bulge in the front of his jeans. I gasped at how hard he was, and how big, and I knew I wanted to see him, and touch him, and taste him. With shaking hands, I reached for the buckle of his belt. He let me unbuckle it, and smiled as I undid the first button of his Levi 501s. My eyes never left the opening of his jeans as I worked those buttons open. I was touching a real cock, even if it was through all that denim! I could hardly believe it!

The last button popped open, and he lifted his hips, pushing the jeans down past his ass. The big bulge had swollen into a thick ridge right up the front of his tight shorts, with a blunt purplish tip peaking over the elastic waist.

Again he took my hand and set it right on his cock, rubbing it up and down. It was so hot it startled me, and so hard it scared me. “Do you want to taste it, sweetheart? Do you want to lick and suck Nathan’s big hard cock, little Ali?” he asked softly.

I nodded, feeling terribly naughty…but I did want to lick and suck his cock. I knelt on the floor of the truck cab, and he slid over to the centre of the seat, past the gear shifter – those old bench style seats had their uses! Leaning forward with one hand on his cock and the other steadying myself against his leg, I carefully licked the tip of his cock. Once, twice – I licked him like an ice-cream cone – my tongue soft and wide so it curled around that lovely knob. His sharp gasp of pleasure told me I was doing okay, so I did it again, and again, and then I got brave enough to release his cock from the confining underwear so I could lick more of him.

As his cock sprang free from its cotton prison, Nathan lifted his hips to shove his clothes further out of the way, exposing all 8 inches of his thick hard cock, and a set of huge balls. It was obvious even to me that he was really, really enjoying the attention I was giving him.

Stroking him gently, I said, “I can’t believe how big your cock is, or how hot and hard it is! It’s amazing!”

“C’mon baby, play with my balls while you suck my big cock. Suck it now, baby. Squeeze my balls sweetheart,” Nathan breathed as his strong hands pushed my head down toward his throbbing cock. My open mouth slid over his swollen cock head, pausing briefly as I tasted the pre-cum oozing from it. More insistently, he pushed me down on his cock a bit further before pulling my head back up again, his fingers tangled in my long hair. Slowly I began to bob my head up and down, taking in about three or four inches of his big cock. He seemed satisfied with that, and it was a good thing – I would never have been able to take more, not then.

With one hand fondling his big balls, I sucked and licked him for a few minutes, until he lifted my head away from his cock and said, “Better stop that for a minute or I’ll cum in your mouth, sweetheart. Lick my big balls for a while, suck them too.”

I gave him a big smile and did as he asked. His balls were huge, the size of chicken eggs, and his sack hung low enough that I could lift it up away from his cock as I licked. “Suck them right into your mouth baby, that’s right, just like that…fuck that feels good, little one!”

Nathan kept a hard grip on his cock as I played with his balls, rolling them gently in my hands, and sucking them into my mouth one at a time.

After a couple minutes Nathan lowered his cock to me and said, “Okay baby, suck me off. Play with my big balls while you suck my cock. Make me cum in your mouth baby. I need to cum so bad.”

“I want you to Escort Macunköy Nathan. I’d like it, a lot. Don’t make me stop again; let me suck till you cum… please.”

With a pleased sound that was half moan and half sigh, he nodded, “Go on, suck me Ali baby…make me cum in your hot mouth.”

I ducked back down and took him in my mouth again, this time a lot more confidently. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, then pushed down as far as I could, letting my tongue curl around the underside of his cock. As I lifted up, I flicked my tongue back and forth across the throbbing vein I’d discovered there, and he groaned out loud. His hips twitched forward, thrusting into my mouth. I braced my hands on the seat and kept sucking hard, pulling up until only his cockhead was still in my mouth, then sliding back down quickly to do it again. I did it again, and again, and again, until his hips were rocking, thrusting his hard cock up into my mouth in perfect rhythm with my sucking. His hands were locked on the back of my head, holding me firmly in place, while he fucked my mouth.

Suddenly the rhythm of his movements changed. “Oh god, girl! Fuck…gotta cum…oh fuck this is good!” Groaning deep in his throat, he thrust hard into my mouth, and it was all I could do just keeping him from going straight down my throat. Harder and harder he fucked my face, going so deep that it made me gag. He ignored my gagging, thrusting into my mouth faster and faster, making his big balls slap my chin and throat. His cock was so big and so hard, and it was getting bigger, and harder, hotter, until…wham! bam! the head of his cock slammed into the back of my throat one last time and thick hot cum spurted from it, filling my mouth. I swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed…and with every contraction of my throat another spurt of cum erupted from his still throbbing cock.

At last, he raised my head from his cock, and kissed me long, and deep and tender. His tongue filled my mouth, seeking any drops of cum that remained there unswallowed. When at last he broke off the kiss, he said, “That was the best blow-job I have ever had, beautiful. You sucked me so hard I knew I’d never be able to last more than a few minutes. Now, why don’t you slide out of those jeans and let me return the favour?”

“D’you mean it? You’d really lick my pussy? Now?” I was so excited I’d thought I’d cum then and there.

“Oh, yah sweetheart, I mean it. I can only think of one thing I’d rather do to your pussy, but that would be a bad idea…so we better stick with licking and eatin’ you out.”

Giggling nervously, knowing exactly what he wanted and wouldn’t do, I stripped off my jeans and panties, and traded places with Nathan. He spread my legs wide, and then slipped them over his shoulders as he buried his face in my pussy, his tongue going directly to my aroused clit. “Oh, oh god, that feels so good!” I cried as he slid one long finger deep into me. I was so horny I knew it wouldn’t take long to cum, not with Nathan’s finger – no, now it was two fingers! – busy stroking in and out of my pussy and his tongue dancing over my clit!

Moaning wordlessly I thrust my hips forward, rocking back and forth to the rhythm his fingers set inside me. My fingers thrust into his hair, alternately pulling him away for a moment and then pushing his face back into my pussy. His mouth fastened on my clit and he sucked, just as I’d sucked his cock, his tongue stroking fast and hard. His strong fingers fucked me with hard steady strokes, going so deep. Then I felt it, felt the trembling and jerking begin deep in my muscles as my pussy began to contract in velvet waves. With a cry, I arched my back and pressed against his mouth and fingers. My arms flung back against the seat as the fire of my orgasm washed over me, again and again, easing now into that lovely trembling looseness of afterglow.

Nathan slowly lifted his head and withdrew his fingers. Looking right at me, he sucked every drop of my juices off his fingers, then straightened up and kissed me deeply, letting me taste myself on his face and his tongue.

Then he sat back and said, “Well young lady, I think I had better get you home now – it just wouldn’t do to have anyone come looking for you and find you naked with my face back in your pussy.”

Much as I hated it, I had to agree. “Can we do this again sometime?”

His face lit up with a beautiful sexy smile. “I think we’ll just have to find a way, don’t you, sweetheart? Anything is possible if you want it bad enough.”

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A Handyman’s Memoir Ch. 26

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Lee and I only saw each other occasionally over the next few weeks. Summer is a busy time at a hospital emergency room, and her schedule was crazy. Her two daughters were around more I think, but since I couldn’t see their camp through the trees I’m not sure how much they were there. Occasionally I’d see one or both of them paddle by in a kayak — they always went slowly and checked my place out thoroughly. If I was outside they’d give me a good looking over, but always from a distance.

One evening I had fallen asleep reading a magazine on a chaise lounge in the gazebo on the dock. It was getting dark and no lights were on in the camp, so it looked like I wasn’t home. I woke to the sound of young girls voices and giggling, and I turned my head as Becka and Emma were emerging from the little trail between our camps. There were two other girls with them, all four wearing bikini tops and shorts. Their voices were faint, but I could hear Becka and Emma describing the sex they had witnessed at my Memorial Day party. They walked across the yard to the back porch and peered in through the screens. I could almost hear the echo of one of Penny’s monumental orgasmic screams as Becka and Emma described the scene to their friends.

And then, in the fading late evening light, they walked towards the dock, and me in the gazebo. I could hear them more clearly as they got closer, telling their friends about the wild and intense fucking Ron and Mary were doing out here, and how it was all lit up for all to see. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep as they walked up to the dark gazebo and peered in through the screen. Becka let out a short scream when she saw me, and I opened my eyes. They all looked stunned.

“Oh hi Becka, hi Emma,” I said, pretending to wake up. “What brings you guys by? Everything OK?”

“Yeah,” Becka said quietly. “Sorry, we didn’t think you were home. We were just…”

“Oh, that’s cool,” I said. “Mi casa su casa, right?” They obviously had no idea what the crazy sex maniac was saying. “My house is your house. It’s an old Spanish saying — it means you’re welcome any time. How’re you guys doing?”

I got up and walked out the screen door into the twilight, realizing too late that I was wearing nothing but my underwear again, this time a pair of small, too-tight, thin silk boxer shorts that showed off my prominent bulge quite nicely, if I do say so myself. Some air escaped quickly and audibly from one of the friends mouths as she got a look at me.

“Gettin’ buggy,” I said as I slapped a mosquito off my neck. “You guys wanna sit on the porch and have a beer?”

Becka and Emma looked very unsure, but their friends quickly agreed and we made our way inside.

“Have a seat,” I said. “I better put on some shorts — I need a little more coverage with four attractive women around.” They all glanced at each other and two of them stifled a giggle.

I put on some proper shorts, turned on some music and the twinkle lights, and returned with five beers.

“Oh sorry,” I said, “do I need a shirt?”

“No,” one of the friends said quickly, and the others all stifled a quick giggle again. There were lots of big, unsure eyes darting around.

“So, I’m Steve,” I said, extending a hand toward the friends. “I haven’t met you guys before.”

“I’m Katie. Nice to meet you Steve.”

“Hi Steve, I’m Lacy.”

“Nice to meet you guys,” I said. “So, you’ve heard only good things about me I hope.”

They both tried to hold back their laughter, but failed and got very red-faced with embarrassment.

“Ah, I’m guessing you heard about my Memorial Day party,” I said. They both nodded sheepishly, trying hard not to smile.

“Well it was fun, I’ll tell you that,” I said, and they burst out laughing. Becka and Emma did too.

“Well good,” I said to Becka and Emma, “you’re finally able to laugh about it. That’s a step in the right direction. You know, having a great sex life isn’t deviant or criminal or anything. It just makes life better. This past month you’ve been treating me like I’m some kind of wacko or something. I’m just a regular nice guy.”

“Sorry, it was just kind of shocking,” Becka said. “But our mom’s been talking to us about it.”

“Oh good,” I said. “Your mom’s great. You’re lucky to have someone like her. My mom was totally uncool. How about you guys,” I said, looking towards Katie and Lacy. “Are your moms cool about sex and stuff?”

“Mine is,” Lacy said. “She’s kinda wild actually.”

“Mine’s not cool at all,” Katie said. “I’m nineteen and she still thinks I’m like, twelve.”

“Well, it’s tough for a parent, especially with girls and pregnancy and everything, ya know? I was talking to your mom about it after the party incident. It’s not easy on them.” We all took a swig of beer. “So you guys were like watchin’ in the woods huh? That musta been quite the sight to see. I know if I was your age I woulda been right there with ya. I’d probably still be talkin’ about it ten years later,” I laughed. “So Emma, you’re the Batıkent Escort quiet one. Quiet people are usually the most observant — I’d love to know what you saw, since I was inside and didn’t see it myself.”

“You want me to tell you what I saw?” she said with big, questioning eyes.

“Yeah,” I said. “It might help break the ice between us, so we’re not all so tense with that hangin’ over our heads, ya know? Wait a minute, let me grab some more beers — that’ll help. You guy’s get high? I got some decent weed if you want.”

When I was inside I sent a quick text to Lee.





We cracked open fresh beers and passed around the pipe. I didn’t press Emma to tell me anything — she needed a little loosening up first. When she finished her second beer she was ready.

“So who were those three women,” she asked, out of the blue.

“Which women?” I asked. “At the party you mean?”

“Yeah, there was two in here and one out there,” she said, gesturing to the gazebo.

“There was quite a few folks inside too,” I said. “They’re all friends of mine. Let’s see, out in the gazebo, that was Mary and Ron. Ron’s wife was in the bedroom with… a variety of people, but mostly with me. Mary’s gorgeous, isn’t she? She’s like a playboy model. And here on the porch, that was my friends Penny and Carol. If there was just one guy with them that was my old friend Mark. The tall dark haired woman, that’s Carol, she painted this porch for me. She’s an awesome artist. I don’t know if you guys are into art at all, but she teaches erotic art over near the university.”

My phone vibrated with a text from Lee.



“Did I mention that you’ve got the coolest mother in the world?” I said.

“Was that from her?” Becka asked.

“Huh? No…” I said, pocketing my phone.

“So that woman painted this?” Emma said, standing and looking at the marshland scene and the blue sky and clouds on the ceiling.

“Yeah, it’s awesome isn’t it? You should see the orgy mural that she painted at a friends house. It’s a mind blower.”

The girls were all mesmerized and hanging on every word I was saying.

“Penny and Carol, are they lesbians?” Emma asked.

“No no, they’re bi-sexual. You know what that is?” I asked. She nodded. “You all know what that is?” They all nodded except Katie. “No Katie?” I asked. She shook her head, looking a little embarrassed.

“It’s much more common amongst women. It’s when a woman likes to have sex with men, but also with women. So like if you were in a three-way, with a guy and another girl, if you didn’t touch the other girl sexually and just let the guy fuck you, you’d be a heterosexual. But if the guy fucked you, and you also licked the other girls pussy and she licked yours, you’d be bi-sexual. Trust me, being bi-sexual is so much more fun for a woman. It opens so many more doors to pleasure that weren’t there before. Almost all my women friends are bi-sexual. In fact I think all of them are.”

The girls were stunned at my frankness, but the beer and weed were keeping them loose.

“What about our mom?” Emma asked with a sly grin.

“See, what did I tell ya,” I said with a laugh. “It’s always the quiet ones you gotta watch out for.” The girls all had big eyes, waiting with bated breath for my answer. “I don’t know if I should talk about her sex life with you. Let me ask you this Emma. Do you want me telling her whether you’re a bi-sexual or a heterosexual when I see her tomorrow?”

“How would you know?” Emma asked.

“We’re all gonna have sex tonight aren’t we?” I said. There was a quiet gasp from all of them.

“I know I am,” Lacy said. She was out of her bikini top in a flash and straddled me on the futon. Her face was a foot away from mine, and with a wide smile she announced, “I’m bi-sexual too.” Her blue eyes twinkled, and we kissed passionately.

“Shit Lacy!” Becka said.

Lacy broke off our kiss and said, “Oh come on, you know you want to. You’ve been talkin’ about him for weeks.” She moved her hand to my crotch and her eyes got bigger. “Wow, he’s big!” she announced.

She wiggled herself back on my legs and started undoing my shorts. The other girls weren’t quit sure what to do, so they just watched their horny friend.

“Oh fuck!” she said as she pulled out my mostly hard cock.

“We should go inside,” I said. “We’re kinda on display here and I got in trouble with the neighbors a few weeks ago.” I winked at Becka and she smiled.

“Look at this Beck,” Lacy said, holding my cock where she could see it. “You were hoping he had a big one.” Becka blushed crimson red.

I slipped off my shorts and walked naked into the living room holding Lacy’s hand. The look on the others faces was priceless.

“Somebody bring the pipe in and I’ll fill it,” I called out.

“Come on everybody, what the Batıkent Escort Bayan fuck!” Lacy called out. “It’s not like this shit happens every day ya know. Get your asses naked!”

They all filed in, and Becka was the first one of the three topless. Lacy’s shorts were off and she was naked, her ever-so-slightly plump body looking wonderfully soft and squeezable.

“So at your parties does everybody just walk around naked all the time?” Lacy asked.

“Yup, sometimes for a whole weekend,” I said. “It’s really nice, you feel so much more natural.”

“Come on! We want to feel natural, don’t we?” she asked the others. She walked over and took off Katie’s top, and then Emma’s.

“My God! You guys are so beautiful!” I said. They smiled shyly.

Katie looked kind of scared, so I said, “OK, I’ve got a personal question, but it’s important. Have you all had sex before?” They all nodded except Katie.

“Katie, no?” I asked. She shook her head no. “OK , that’s cool. Don’t worry, nothings gonna happen you don’t want to happen, OK? You trust me?” She nodded yes. “Good. You can get involved in anything you want here, or you can just sit and watch. It’s all cool. Maybe you’ll learn something.” She smiled sweetly, and looked more relaxed.

I filled the pipe, handed it to Lacy and went to the refrigerator. When I turned around with five fresh beers in my hands the girls were all naked, walking around like it was pretty normal.

“Awesome! Damn you guys look hot!” I said. “Doesn’t it feel nice to just wander around naked?”

We sat around the living room in our birthday suits and they got used to the feeling. Once we’d all caught a fresh buzz Lacy made the first move, straddling me and kissing me again. My cock jumped to attention, and she slithered off of me onto the floor between my legs.

“God this is huge!” she said, and she took a little of it in her mouth. “Come here Beck, help me.”

Becka slowly moved toward us. I could tell it was a big step for her, getting this involved with her older neighbor, a guy who was also having sex with her mother.

“You know what I said to Katie goes for you guys too, right?” I said to her.

“I know,” she said, looking me square in the eyes, with a sweet smile.

Maybe it was the weed, but she seemed to be moving in slow-motion. She dropped to her knees and Lacy aimed my cock at her as her head moved forward and her mouth opened.

“Oh Becka!” I moaned as she took control and proceeded to give me one of the most sensual blow-jobs ever. It was heavenly, and she was a complete natural.

“Shit Beck!” Lacy said as she watched her and saw the way I was responding. “You been practicin’ or somethin’?”

“You’re gonna make me cum baby!” I said breathlessly when I could take no more. She was unrelenting, and I flooded her sweet mouth with my seed. She wasn’t a swallower yet, so she let it all flow out over her bottom lip as she continued her slow assault. “Oh God!” I moaned.

“What the fuck!” Lacy said in a whisper as she witnessed one of the sexiest things she, or anyone else, had ever seen.

Becka finally let my cock slip from her mouth and Lacy immediately started kissing and licking the mess off her chin and mouth. As soon as she tasted my cum her passion level shot up, and after a sloppy kiss she tackled Becka to the floor and started her own assault on Becka’s sweet young body, sucking on her tits while two fingers disappeared in her pussy.

I tried to gather my dazed senses, and looked at Emma and Katie who were standing by the dining table, watching the sexy show. Emma met my gaze, and she took Katie’s hand and walked toward me. They sat down on the futon, Emma close to me and Katie down near the end. I gave Emma a soft, sensual kiss, and she immediately responded with heavy breathing and a barely perceptible hand on my sticky, half-soft cock. Her big sister was writhing on the floor with Lacy’s head between her legs, and she moaned when my mouth went to one of her lovely, firm tits.

As I worked on her small, tender nipples and massaged the surface of her soft pussy, her moaning reached a fever pitch. I could see Katie out of the corner of my eye quietly move closer to us until she was right up against the side of Emma. Without stopping my assault on Emma’s tits I slid my hand onto Katie’s belly, and then slowly up onto her own lovely tits. I could feel her heart beating through her chest.

“Have you ever touched a girl Emma?” I asked quietly as I nibbled on her nipple.

“No,” she said. Her blue eyes were dark and she was breathing heavy.

I took Emma’s small hand and placed it on Katie’s chest. Katie moaned and her breathing shortened. We massaged her small, warm tits, our two hands moving as one, and then I slid Emma’s hand down Katie’s heaving belly onto her downy soft pussy hair. Our ten fingers intertwined and slowly explored as Katie’s legs opened.

“Kiss her Emma,” I whispered.

Emma leaned over and kissed her, and I Escort Batıkent could feel Emma’s fingers sliding into Katie’s pussy. She moaned deeply into Emma’s mouth. I left Emma’s hand to explore on its own, and slid my body off the futon.

Becka was still on her back, greatly enjoying Lacy’s pussy licking.

“Have you ever tasted a girl Becka?” I asked. She shook her head no. “Lie down Lacy,” I said. She laid on her back, and I couldn’t resist taking her soft tits into my hands and mouth. “Your tits are so beautiful. Come here Becka, turn around. Like this…” I said as I positioned her over Lacy. “Sixty-nine, my favorite position.”

Lacy dug in to Becka’s wide open ass, and I got her a pillow for her head. Becka explored slowly, kissing her friends thighs and softly licking a wet pussy for the first time. After a minute or two she was digging in and Lacy was loving it.

I made a quick trip to the bedroom for a pack of condoms, and when I came out it was a beautiful scene — two pairs of beautiful young girls, exploring and moaning. I tossed the condoms on the futon and squatted between Katie’s legs, massaging her thighs as Emma fingered her pussy.

“You’re such a beautiful woman Katie,” I said. “Is it OK if I kiss you down there?” I gestured towards her pussy, and she nodded between moans.

I kissed from her knees all the way up both inner thighs, teasing her mercilessly. Finally I reached my target, and Emma withdrew her fingers. I licked up the length of her wet pussy and her legs spread wide.

“Fuck!” she said, and her body shivered. I started slow but quickly worked up to my best tongue work. Her moans turned to screams and she came hard and uncontrollably, scaring herself a little I think.

“That’s one of the most beautiful orgasms I’ve ever seen Katie,” I said, smiling at her from between her legs.

“Oh my God!” she said breathlessly with a growing smile. She looked like she had just learned a wonderful secret.

I looked at Emma and she nodded and spread her legs, her hand gently rubbing her pussy. I shifted over to her and repeated my performance almost exactly, the only real difference being the taste of their sweet young pussies. Emma didn’t cum as easily — perhaps the expectation overwhelmed her senses a bit — but when she did it was another beautiful sight. Her legs rose up off the floor and squeezed my head tight as her body convulsed for a very long time. Sweet Katie even took Emma’s tit in her mouth during her orgasm, which surprised Emma.

Maybe it was hearing her sister cum that triggered it — Becka came hard on Lacy’s mouth seconds later, screaming out and grinding hard on Lacy’s face.

Lacy looked up at me, her face glistening with pussy juice. “Fuck me Steve,” she said quietly.

Becka got up and hobbled to the futon, sitting exhausted next to her sister and hugging her. She reached across Emma and held Katie’s hand. I slipped on a condom and picked Lacy up off her back and positioned her on all-fours in front of me. I licked her ass and slid my cock a few inches into her tight, wet pussy.

“Oh God!” she said as her friends huddled close on the futon watching us. The temperature in the room seemed to go up as they all knew things were escalating.

“Oh it’s fuckin’ big!” Lacy said as I thrust in halfway. A few more thrusts and I was balls deep. “Holy shit!” she yelled. “I fuckin’ love it!”

She fucked back into me with youthful abandon, screaming freely and often.

“Oh my god! I’m gonna cum!” she yelled. Her arms gave out and she whimpered as her body convulsed, her head down on the rug with her arms out to her sides like a rag doll. I let her hips go when she was done, and she rolled onto her side in the fetal position, still whimpering. “Fuck!” she said quietly.

I was still on my knees with a hard cock. Becka slipped off the futon and positioned herself on all-fours in front of me, just as Lacy had. I kissed her ass and pussy, and she squealed when my tongue found her asshole. She looked back at me with big eyes. I slipped into her pussy a few inches and her eyes closed. The corners of her mouth curled up seductively, and I pushed in and started a slow fuck, working in an inch at a time. Her big eyes opened and her smiling mouth opened.

“Oh yeah, fuck me Steve!” she said as our bodies became one. Our rhythms matched so perfectly, and her sensuality was so overwhelming, I felt like I was with the most naturally sexual young woman I had ever come across. Then I remembered the insanely great blow-job she had given me and I almost lost it.

It was all I could do to focus on making her cum, but focus I did, and she came like the beautiful creature she was, with a whimpering laugh, like she was having the best time ever. It was perfect.

“God Becka, you are somethin’ else,” I said as I tumbled into her arms, both of us giggling.

Emma walked over to us and I rolled onto my back, beckoning her down onto my still hard cock. She stepped over me and slowly squatted. The condom was well lubricated with pussy juice so I was able to work my way in, but holy cow was she tight. Her sister sat up and encouraged her when she thought I wouldn’t fit. She hugged Emma, and even fondled her tits which Emma liked. It took her mind off my big cock and helped her relax, and she slid most of the way down.

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A Day at the Beach

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Big Tits

Anthony and I were 18 when his sister, Angela, invited us to go to the beach. She was 22, and had a driver’s license. Just to get away from the city heat was enough of a reason, but looking at Angela’s body was a bonus.

She wasn’t particularly pretty: curly, dirty-blond hair, glasses, freckles, but from seeing her in jeans and tight tops, I knew she had all the right curves.

All her friends had summer jobs, so it was me and Anthony or nobody! We jumped at the chance.

I made sure to bring shades, so my stares wouldn’t be too blatant, for Angela and the other lovelies I hoped to see, baking in the hot sun. and I wasn’t disappointed. As she shimmied out of her tight cut-offs, then bent to untie her sneakers, I knew I was gonna have plenty of Jerk-Off fodder for the next week. She peeled off her tank top, and her breasts seemed to spring to life, perfectly topping those hips and shapely legs.

Naturally, Anthony didn’t notice, and they both were ready to take a dip. I instantly had an erection and needed more time before I could stroll down to the shore without embarrassment. They both cooled off, as I sat thinking about Angela.

When she came back and stretched out next to me, I felt feverish, knowing I had to get cooled off before I got hard again. As I got up, she said “Hey, I came back because I felt bad you were up here alone, and now you’re leaving me?”

I tried to smile, said “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking.” She reached, and I took her hand and pulled her up.

“Good, I was beginning to think you didn’t like me,” she said, in a matter-of-fact way, “I could have just come by myself, for all the conversation I’ll get from Anthony.”

“Oh no! I like talking to you. You’re not stuck up like most girls your age,” I stammered.

“Oh? Do you have much experience with girls my age?” She was clearly enjoying my nervousness, and smiled, a sexy smile that made her seem so much more attractive to me.

I blushed. “No, I wish, I can’t even talk to girls my age. I always say something stupid, then they laugh.

“Well, I don’t think you’re stupid, so let’s just have fun, okay?” and she Yenikent Escort ran to the water, with me close behind, thoroughly enjoying myself while Anthony roamed the beach looking for topless babes.

The waves were pretty strong and we splashed around. Twice she had to hold on to her top, so she wouldn’t lose it. I was disappointed each time, but got to see more flesh. She saw another couple, the girl on the guy’s shoulders, I offered to lift her too, but she said “Oh no, I’m way to big for you, I’d crush you!”

“No, I’m stronger than I look, believe me,” I replied, sort of hurt.

She touched my arm. “I didn’t mean that, I meant I’m fat!”

“Fat? What fat? You’re perfect.” I blurted.

“Perfect? Me? Harry I knew I liked you.” With that, she hugged me, we were about the same size, 5’7″, and she kissed me on the cheek just as a wave hit us and sent us sprawling. We helped each other up, laughing and choking, and I knew this girl was special and that she really liked me, as a person, even if I was a goof-off.

The day flew by, Anthony meeting some friends from school while she and I chatted, about music, school, parents, typical teen things. When we got to her house, she said that for using the car, her Dad expected her to wash it. Anthony said “Hey, that wasn’t part of our deal, you didn’t tell us that!”

I, of course, saw it as an opportunity to spend more time with Angela, and quickly volunteered, telling Anthony not to worry about it. And Angela seemed just as thrilled. We pulled the car into her backyard as Anthony went to see who was around the neighborhood.

We both still had our swim clothes under our shorts, so we stripped down and went to work, her with the hose and me with the bucket. In no time, we were soaked. she enjoyed hosing me, laughing until I wrestled it away from her and we were tangled, laughing, our bodies, brushing each other, me trying to hide my rising excitement. I fell against the car and she moved into me, pressing against me, and her pelvis was pressed against my semi-hard cock. Her eyes were glazed as she whispered, “Harry, I’m sorry, Yenikent Escort Bayan I shouldn’t have done that.”

Confused. Did she mean hosing me? Or causing my erection? Or bumping into me? I went with the bump. “Oh, that’s okay. You didn’t hurt me.”

I felt her hand come between us and cup my crotch through my trunks. “I meant this.”

I gulped. “I had one all day because of you,” I breathed.

“I know, and I’m sorry…, Harry, have you ever…you know.”


“Do you want to?”


She smiled, stepped back, “Let’s rinse off.”

Five minutes later, she led me by the hand to her bedroom. It was pink, frilly, typical teen girl stuff, and a huge mattress!

She stood before me and reached behind her, unhooking her bikini top. I had never seen tits live before, I could barely breathe, my eyes wide and she took my hand, held it to her nipple. It protruded, pointy, hard, and she moaned as I tweaked it, her eyes looking me over, then her hands were on my trunks, sliding them down as she went to her knees. My cock had never been so hard before, every spare drop of blood was crammed into my 6 inches, as she blew onto the tip and gently wrapped her hand around the shaft.

“Harry! It’s so smooth and hard,” she whispered as she slowly began stroking the length of it, cooing, “Did I cause all this?” and I just nodded. Her eyes flashed up at me, a fire in them, as she opened her mouth and flicked her tongue across my slit. I had never felt anything like this! Then she wrapped her lips around the head, and let her tongue tease the tip, then, still looking up at me, she slowly began taking more of me inside, deeper, then out, then deeper again. I had to hold the bedpost to keep from collapsing! My whole being was in the tip of my cock, inside her wet, warm, mouth.

“Angela….I can’t help it,” I got out before my hips arched and back thrust forward and I exploded deep into her mouth!

She choked, coughed, her eyes never leaving me, my cock out of her mouth, shooting onto her cheeks and hair.

“I’m so…sorry! I couldn’t…I Escort Yenikent mean, it….It just felt so good!”

She stood up, those perfect tits dangling, and smiled that smile. “You’re cute, Harry, I knew you’d cum quick. You’ve been holding it in all day!”

“You’re not mad?”

“No, how could I be? I’ve been told I give great head. And it’s your first time.”

She wiped my cum from her breast, licked her fingers and gave me a wicked smile. “Wanna taste?”

Trying to act cool, I said “I’d really rather taste you.”

That wound up being the perfect answer. “Really, most boys don’t like that.”

“It sure looks like girls enjoy it in porn flicks.”

“Hmmm, we sure do.” Our bodies slid together and she shimmied out of her panties, her bush was so hairy! But she was a hairy girl, so I should have expected it!. We started by probing, touching, finding her wet spot, it glistened in the light she was so wet, and I climbed over her, in the 69 position I had seen and spread her apart, lowering my head and blowing cool air into her, as she whispered, “Oh Harry!”

My first taste was tentative, unsure, but I found it salty, gooey, quite enjoyable and just began letting my tongue probe. “She urged me on, “Harder, Harry, harder,” and she squeezed her thighs around my head. I sucked and bit, felt her arousal peak! What a great learning experience!

By now, I was hard again, and dangling right by her face, she began, sucking again. Once I was full sized she stopped. “Now Harry, now you put it in me.”

Nervous beyond belief, I rose, turned to her, and she spread wide. “Yes, now, Harry, put it in me, make me cum.”

I climbed between her legs, she held the tip and guided me in, after a few quick stabs, and I was amazed at how warm it was inside her. My cock was on fire! Now I knew! Now I understood all the interest in sex! It was awesome!

At first, just the head, but she took me deeper, finally my full 6 inches were buried in that vat of hot lava.

She coaxed me in and out, slow, then faster, she was squirming and screaming, “Oh Harry! I’m cummming, I’m cumminggggg”

I felt my own cum ready to burst. “Me too!” I shouted, and she flipped me over on my back just as I shot, she was on me, her mouth covering my spasms.

“I’m sorry, Harry, but I haven’t renewed my pills. I couldn’t let you cum in me.”

I was more than happy to shoot down her throat, and told her so.

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Above 1,000 Meters, Anything Goes

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I had just returned from visiting my real brother for Christmas, in Boeblingen, near Stuttgart. He was in Radio Company, Seventh Army, stationed in the Panzer Kaserne, on a hill above the town. I loved Ray very much – we were as close as brothers can get. Our Christmas together in a foreign land was very special. We had called mom and dad on Christmas Eve, dad’s birthday. As usual, they were having his annual birthday bash – all the neighbors were there for champagne punch and lots of goodies – our mom was a fantastic cook!

But, now, here I was, back in Ljubljana, at the apartment of the family I was living with while attending the university there. My Slovenian mom, Darinka, told me that my closest friend, her son, Mishko, had left for Vrshich, just south of Kranjska Gora in the Julien Alps, for the annual New Years ski trip. He had left the message that I was to follow as soon as I got back from Germany. He had set out skis and poles for me. I just had to pack a few things in a backpack, get dressed for the mountains and get on the train going north. Kranjska Gora was the second stop south of the border station at Jesenice, on the Austrian border.

The snow was deep in Ljubljana as I strode from the apartment, north across the city to the train station. I paid the few dinars for a round trip ticket to Kranjska Gora and waited in the warmth inside until the time came to board the train.

On board, putting my gear on the overhead rack, I settled onto the wooden bench, taking a spot nearest the window. The window was misty and I swiped over it with the sleeve of my jacket so I could see out. The steam locomotive was chugging and huffing as we gradually picked up speed out of the station. This was a ‘local’, that is, we would stop at every little town along the way that had a train station. As a result, we never did come up to the speed I usually associated with the ‘express’ trains.

The local people, on and off the train, were bright and cheerful during this holiday season. The older people still clung to their faith and Christmas was still a special time for them, a happy and sparkly time for gift giving. Whereas, for the younger crowd, New Years was the special occasion, a time for ski trips and other young people activities.

After a few hours and numerous stops and starts, the train was pulling into Kranjska Gora. I retrieved my backpack from the overhead rack, swung it up and on, slipping my arms under the straps and settling it comfortably in place. I pulled my skis and poles down and carefully carried them off the train, past others trying to get on the train.

I had been here once before, when Mishko and a group of us he had guided, climbed Triglav, the highest mountain in the Julien Alps, in August, the year before. While the streets were covered with snow, I still knew the general direction I should take and set off, striding to the south toward Vrshich. When, the road I was on ended, I backtracked and asked a native for directions.

Fortunately, I was just one street off and recovered my route easily. As I walked along, the road got steeper and steeper as I rose through the lower elevations toward the village of Vrshich. The ski lodge I was going to, per Mishko’s instructions, was a few kilometers above the village, but the trail up was well marked and had been traveled by others that morning. I actually did not see another person on the route except for an older woman, her head and face wrapped in a warm scarf, covering her nose and mouth, with steam coming through the loose scarf as she trudged down past me.

“Bog daj!” (‘God go with you!’) she greeted me, her eyes smiling.

I returned her greeting and asked, “Vrshich?” pointing up the road.

She responded, “Da, da,” nodding her head and continuing on.

Along the way, there were areas where the road passed stands of tall fir trees, their limbs bowed with the heavy snow. They were the personification of ‘Christmas in the mountains”. Then, the vista would open up and long distances of open karst greeted, the gray stone covered with a mantle of snow and ice wherever it could gather. The occasional trail marker, a white spot surrounded by a red circle painted on the bare rock, gave me a secure feeling. Still, no other person on the trail. Then, I realized I had arrived too late to catch the traffic going up the mountain to the lodge to the ski areas and too late to catch the traffic leaving to return to their lives below.

It was late afternoon when I finally got to the crest of the ridge on which the lodge was nestled, just below. I had hiked over ten kilometers uphill with my pack and skis that day. The sun was low and the gathering clouds dulled the light even further. There was no electricity at this level, but I still could make out a soft glow coming from the windows on my side of the lodge as I approached through the softly falling snow flurries which had started during the previous half hour.

There was smoke coming from the chimney on the forward end of the lodge, the end where Karşıyaka Escort the big room was, where guests gathered to eat meals and socialize. The big fireplace there was the only heat provided in the lodge. The sleeping rooms in the back of the lodge had no heat and you could see your breath steam as you undressed to slip into your bunk by the soft light of the kerosene lamp hung on the wall of each room.

By the time I got to the front door, the wind had picked up and the snow was falling much more heavily. It reminded me of the blizzard we had encountered when we were here that earlier August when we’d scaled Triglav – yes, a blizzard in August!

I stepped into the entry way and secured the door behind me. Then, I stomped my boots to shed as much of the accumulated snow as I could, before I opened the second door into the large room. There was a roaring blaze in the fireplace and guests were seated about the room, chattering happily, mostly in languages I didn’t understand much of. An occasional word would be spoken which I did understood or someone would say something in German, in which I was more fluent than the Slavic languages common to the area.

I was scanning the room for someone I knew, when I saw Mishko stand and come over to me. He held his arms open wide and hugged me, pack, skis, poles and all. He was obviously glad to see me, grinning like a little kid.

“I wasn’t sure you’d get here today,” he said quickly. “As you can see, it’s very crowded here for New Years. Since we didn’t know when you would arrive and every bed is already occupied, we’ll have to figure something out,” he stated seriously. But there was a twinkle in his eyes, which betrayed the seriousness in his voice.

“Everyone else in our party has already gone to bed,” he explained when I asked where his fiancé, Maja was. He had been staying up a little later alone, just on the off-chance I did get the train up from Ljubljana that morning. That boyish, captivating grin I loved so much sprang into life again and he hugged me again. “Are you hungry?” he asked, “How about a tea?” he said.

“No, I already need to pee and don’t want to have the tea making me uncomfortable in the middle of the night.” He nodded knowingly.

“Yeah, that’s for sure!” He pointed toward the men’s room and reached for my skis and poles to hold them for me until I returned..

I went in and peed in the trough along the inside wall – sure felt good! When I came out of the men’s room, Mishko said, “Come on, time to sleep. You must be tired after your hike. You’ll have to share a bunk. Sorry, but that’s the way it is.” he grinned.

He had already stacked my skis and poles against the wall where a large mass of skis and poles were resting. I hoped I’d be able to find mine in the morning.

Then, it dawned on me. He had said many times before, that, “Above a thousand meters, anything goes!” Well, it seemed I was about to find out what that really meant. I asked Mishko who I’d be sharing a bunk with. He just grinned and said, “Don’t worry about it.”

I need to explain something here. At that moment, I was still a virgin. Yeah, I was twenty-one and had never made love with a woman. So, my emotions were chaotic, to say the least! I did know, from what Mishko had said previously, that I would be sharing the bunk with a girl. Oh, my God! I didn’t know what to do. What if I messed things up and she thought I was just a jerk? What if she wasn’t interested and I came on too strongly? What if she just didn’t like me? What if I fumbled about and she started laughing, in a room with six other people? Oh, God, I was scared to death! And, tremendously excited at the same time. Mishko knew I was still a virgin. I just knew he had set this whole thing up. I was as nervous as a cat!

Mishko told me which bunk I was to get into as we quietly entered the hallway to the rooms in the sleeping area of the lodge. It was the bottom bunk furthest from the door on the left. There were four sets of two-tiered bunk beds in the room, two sets on each side of the door. There were no windows and the kerosene lamp was not lit.

As we opened the door to the room, the dim light from the hallway behind us showed me enough that I could go to my designated bunk. There was a body already in the bunk, but turned away from me lying on its side, with a woven ski cap on the head sticking above the blankets. I knew it was a girl because of the lovely flair of the hips rising from a narrow waist.

I moved quietly to the bunk and pulled my sweat pants and shirt out of my pack. Setting them on the edge of the bunk I placed my pack toward the head of the bunk on the floor and began to untie my boots. I stripped, putting my clothes on top of my boots and pack. I was shivering a bit from the cold, standing there naked. Then I got into my sweat clothes. I carefully slid under the blankets on the bunk, trying not to waken the person laying there, on the assumption they were asleep. They had not moved nor made Karşıyaka Escort Bayan any sound since we had come into the room.

I soon realized the bunk was too narrow for two people to simple lay side by side. We had to cuddle in some manner. Since the person had already assumed a position lying on their side, I mimicked their position, spooning up against their backside. Again, I assumed this position very gently, trying to be as quiet as I could be.

I placed my arms at my sides, with my right hand resting very slowly and softly on her right shoulder and upper arm. It was now obvious to me that the body was that of a girl, soft and warm. She was much shorter than I, but shapely. Her hair smelled sweet and she cooed gently as I settled in behind her. I lay very still, trying not to waken her, my body held somewhat stiffly. I could feel her soft breathing as her chest rose and fell gently. But, given our positions, I soon realized I was beginning to get an erection. Oh, God! I couldn’t control it. It was like my cock had a mind of its own. I deliberately tried to focus my thoughts on something else, but to no avail – all I could think of was that I was lying close up to a warm, soft woman!! And, would be, for hours…

She wiggled her bottom against my growing hard-on, pushing back against me. My hardening cock was pressed against the crack of her ass and she was making moves which actually caused my cock to sink deeper in that valley between her ass cheeks. This only served to cause my hard-on to get larger and harder! My excitement grew and grew. Wow! It felt good there.

She reached over herself with her left hand and put it on mine resting on her right shoulder. She stroked my fingers and gently pulled my hand onto her right breast, squeezing my hand to her soft, but firm mound. I about came right then and there! She gripped my hand and caused my fingers and palm to massage her breast and to gently stroke in a circle over it. I took over the motion for her and she slipped her right hand down over her hip to rub against my cock. Electric-like shocks were flashing out of my groin. With my fingertips I could feel her hard nipple under her sweat shirt, pushing firmly against the soft material. I stroked my fingertips around her nipple and up over it, back and forth. She moaned. She pulled my hand under her top and guided it to her bare breast. I cupped her lovely, firm breast gently and then palmed her nipple, swirling my hand in a circular motion.

She groaned and twisting her body, put her hot mouth to mine. She thrust her tongue between my lips and laved my tongue and lips. She tasted very sweet. She sucked on my tongue, drawing it firmly between her lips and rubbing it against her tongue. She pulled my hand on her right breast across to her left breast and moaned again in my mouth as she pressed my hand to her chest. Her tongue action in my mouth increased in intensity as my hand roved lovingly over both her breasts, trying to give equal attention to both of these gorgeous, soft and warm mounds. Whenever I strayed over her pointy, firm nipples, she groaned and arched her back, pushing her breasts more firmly onto my fingers and holding them there with her own fingers, when she wasn’t gently stroking my cock though the material of my sweat pants.

Then, she took my hand and slid it under the elastic top of her sweatpants, guiding me down to her downy bush. I could feel her legs spread as she pressed me against her pubic mound, causing my fingers to stroke up and down over her wet slit, nestled within her bush. I had not touched a girl there since I was eleven years old, when Helen Thiel had invited me to touch her there while we huddled in the back seat of my father’s car in our garage one winter’s eve. Helen was more aggressive about such things than the other girls in the neighborhood, but she never was slutty about it – she was always discreet. Well, I hadn’t got any further than to feel Helen’s sparse pubic hair when my father came into the garage to fetch the snow shovel. We hunched down until he left and then quickly exited. We never picked up on it afterward.

So, here I was, ten years later, softly caressing a girl’s pubic hair and feeling further, her warm, wet slit. It was very exciting, very wet and very warm! I tried to remember what I’d read in books about such things, but most books were so vague that nothing of a specific nature came to mind about a woman’s physical structure. All I knew was that there was a place there where a man would stick his cock and push in and out until he orgasmed.

Well, I was familiar with the latter, masturbating with some regularity, imagining I was in a woman. I had no idea whether a woman orgasmed or not or what a woman really gained from the act or how it felt for her. I was not just a virgin, I was totally ignorant of what was happening. All I knew was that I was enjoying it immensely and so was she as she guided me to please her. I knew I was pleasing her because of her reaction to the things Escort Karşıyaka I was doing. But, I wasn’t originating anything – I was accepting her guidance implicitly. My whole concentration was on doing what she was guiding me to do.

She pressed my fingers into her slit and thrust her hips up against my fingertips. She pushed one of my fingers into her wet hole and rocked her hips against the palm of my hand, holding it hard against the top of her slit. I later learned that was where her clit was and that she was masturbating herself using my hand to press against her clit. Her hips were moving up and down and in a circular motion at the same time, while she held the palm of my hand firmly against her, with a finger on that hand buried into her pussy hole. I began to understand what she was doing and was able to take over the basic motions on my own. As I did this, her hands, both rose and began to play with her breasts. She slid under her sweatshirt and began to toy with her nipples, pinching them and stroking them as I continued to finger fuck her pussy.

Suddenly, she began to breathe very hard and her body shuddered. She arched her back and pressed her hips up hard against my still-moving hand. She moaned out loud and her mouth sought mine again, her tongue twisting about and sucking on my tongue. Her body was stiff and shaking. It was then I realized that women did orgasm, too. And that I now knew how to cause this woman to orgasm. I assumed it would be the same for all – little did I know!

Slowly, her breathing returned to normal and her body relaxed. She kissed me tenderly on the lips and pressed her whole body against mine. Then, she rolled away from me and, putting her bottom against me, pulled her pants down She reached around and pulled at my pants, indicating she wanted me to pull them down. I did so and my rigid cock sprang out and pressed against her ass cheeks again. She lifted her right leg over my thigh and pushed back. Her hand went between her legs and grabbed my rock-hard cock. She rubbed it along her slit and spread her juices flowing from her pussy all over my cock.

I almost came, but stopped it – I don’t know how!

Then, she placed the head of my cock against her pussy and pressed back. I could feel my cock sliding into her velvet channel. Oh God! This was heaven! Involuntarily, I thrust deeper into her and started to cum. I had lost all control. I just wanted to be all the way into her. My own orgasm swept over me, obliterating any sense of awareness except for the overpowering feeling, flowing outward from my groin, throughout my body. I had never orgasmed like this. Never! I was lost in the wonderment of it all.

As I finally came back down to earth I realized I was still embedded in her pussy from behind, my cock still hard and gripped by her hot sheath. She pulled my hand down and pressed the tip of my middle finger against the top of her slit, forward of where the base of my cock was pressed against her mound. She guided my fingertip into a slow circling motion over a little nub, sticking up out of her nether lips.

As I took over the motion, she reached back and pulling on my hips to press more firmly against her, began to rotate her hips again. I could feel her pussy drawing on my shaft, as if to milk it and pull it farther into her. She was a marvelous teacher, gentle and loving, but passionate. Somehow, she knew to take the lead and we soared off into another round of love-making, bringing each other to simultaneous orgasms – my first such experience. It was awesome…

We drifted off to peaceful sleep, spooned into one another. When I finally awoke from my exhausted sleep the next morning, she was gone. I didn’t yet know who my teacher was. I dressed in the gloom, put my pack on the bed next to hers and went out to the main lounge of the lodge to get a breakfast of sweet tea and cornmeal mush, sprinkled with bacon bits and drippings. This was the only fare available at that time and was commonly served at such altitudes, even in summer. I grew to love it! And still do to this day, fifty years later.

I found Mishko and Maja and sat with them at a table packed with people. There was Muki, a good friend of Mishko, and his very beautiful girlfriend, Anja. Her sister, Anchka, a year older, and also a stunning looking girl, with a fabulous figure, was seated next to them. I had met her briefly at Muki’s birthday party about two months ago. She smiled at me and winked. Wow! I thought, was she my teacher, my voiceless, but extremely capable lover?

After we all breakfasted, we rose to get our skis and head out for the slopes. Anchka slid close to me and patted my crotch covertly. “Thank you,” she said softly, “I will see you again tonight.”

She moved off with her skis toward the door, shaking her butt at me. I was stunned!

That night, we had another bout of marvelous sex and passion, with Anchka guiding me flawlessly along a path of sweet love-making.

Mishko told me later that when the circumstances of my virginity were casually revealed while the group was planning the trip, that Anchka, overhearing the discussion, volunteered to go along and be my teacher. She told Anja that she had never had a virgin before and thought it could be a marvelous experience. Well, it certainly was for me and I learned, for her as well.

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A New Year, A New Perspective

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This is story is written from half truth. The other half is made up, mostly for literary reasoning. Reading a story with complete truth is not always the most entertaining (at least, not if it’s my life.) However, I will be staying within the realm of the possible and not too far from the truth where ever it is wholly entertaining. This is my first story of an erotic nature and I plan to write more if it goes well.


I have known this girl for almost two years. We had met in the September of my first year of college. I was not sure at first about her if I was perfectly honest. She was both outstanding to the eye and to the ear. The first thing I ever heard her do was let a squeal out of the top of her voice as she saw one of her friends who were also taking the class. The next thing I noticed was her choice of attire. She always chose to dress in the brightest colours. Often the colours would clash, blues and greens, pinks and oranges, it mattered not to the girl.

At first, it all rather annoyed me. It was too much for me. I am rather conservative myself and always did (and always do) choose to dress in dark and plain colours. Navy blues, blacks and greys. However, as the first year progressed the teacher imposed a seating plan on us. It essentially forced us to sit side by side albeit mostly in silence.

Now, one thing you need to know about me is my luck with girls. At eighteen I had had one girlfriend. This had been when I was sixteen and we really had not got that far. It had literally been nothing more than a few weeks of touching and heavy petting until we stopped texting and the relationship (if you want to call it that,) died out. I am not even one hundred percent sure of her name anymore in truth.

This girls name however is Lui. As can be assumed from the name, she is of Asian descent. Her complexion is fair and her skin fairly light. Her eyes are a deep shade of brown and her hair a slick black with a highlight of blonde through the fringe which she always wears over her left eye. I never really noticed any of the smaller things up until the past year however. She seemed to harbour a dislike for me last year. It may have been due to my quiet arrogance which I have been known to express to those who do not know me too well or maybe for reasoning I did not know.

Things changed this year and that is what this story is about. When I returned to class in September I found myself once again in the class with the Lui. I looked around the class and knew no one else; I did not even recognise the teachers this year. Lui and I caught each other’s eyes for a second and resigned to sitting next to each other again. Thinking about it now, it was probably at this point that I first began to notice the little things about her.

We did not speak to each other but nodded more as a polite gesture as we sat down and focused our attention towards our new teacher. He was a winner as far as teachers were concerned, that would come to play a pivotal role in this story – although, that is for later. At that current moment in time he was handing out pieces of paper to each person in the room. He handed one to Lui and then to myself. Coursework Demetevler Escort came as no surprise to anyone in the room; we knew we had to do it at the beginning of this year. What we did not realise was that the school was going to pair us up to do a bunch of assignments prior to the final piece… I was with Lui.

I would say ‘hate’ is too strong a word to describe how she felt about me. Far too strong, it was more a quiet distaste. Only not knowing anyone had lead to us even sitting together. When the teacher announced “you’ll be working with the person beside you,” I stole a glace to my left at Lui. She did so at the same moment and for the second time that day we saw into each other’s eyes. Her eyes had clarity about them. Like you see right through them and see exactly what they were thinking. Right now, her eyes told me she did not care for the assignments we had been set. I could not say I was either.

Our conversation for the next few moments was purely business. We traded numbers and agreed to meet the next day in the space in front of the school to get the assignment done with. That was all we were to agree.


The next day rolled round in a quick fashion. I had almost forgotten about having to meet the girl but remember with a few minutes to spare and walked a quick pace towards the benches. Lui already sat with her books open and seemed to be writing notes on the assignment already. ‘Less work for me,’ I figured. I sat down without speaking and pulled my books out. It took a few seconds before she raised her head and looked at me. She gave a courteous smile — not one of happiness but one purely of acceptance of my being.

It was then I noticed something for the first time. Her cheeks. This was to become some I loved about this girl. For now, they merely interested me. They were puffy and the high cheekbones meant her face was full. When she smiled they moved ever so slightly. I realised for the first time that this girl was beautiful. Not in the sense that I loved her, at least not yet, but in the sense of an animal attraction. I let the thought run through my head. It was the same fantasy I had had a million times before. Not her but others. No one in particular, just others.

A blank room stood before me. The walls were a bright white and clean. The lighting was natural. Before me stood Lui, her small frame about two inches smaller than mine. She wore her bright clothes, which for almost the first time, did not annoy me. They hung to her perfectly. She stood about a foot away, looking up at me. She brushed the fringe from her eyes and peered up, reaching up on her tip toes, closing her eyes as she did so. My own eyes closed…

“Neil!” I could hear her call as I shook my head and looked up towards her still picturing her leaning in towards me.

“Yes?” I asked in my usual monotone. I always kept my voice void of emotion. Emotions lead to things that I did not know about and I feared that which I did not know.

“Are you going to help me?” she asked, keeping her eyes fixed between mine, unblinking. I noticed from this point forth that she did this a lot. She would rarely Escort Demetevler keep any real eye contact when she was speaking to someone. Instead she would stare between the eyes. It gave enough respect to the person she was talking to without the need for the awkward stares.

Nonetheless, I nodded in the affirmative and we discussed the task at hand. At first, things were slow. Conversation was awkward even if it was predetermined about the History of Nazi Germany. The discussion got easier over time but as the conversation developed (never anything other than history however), as did the weather. At first it had been fairly sunny. The wind had rustled the few trees that lined the front of the school and it was bright. By the time we were moving towards the end of the assignment it got darker. Then without any warning it began to rain. We were about one-hundred yards from an entrance to the school. While this certainly does not sound far, it is when you need to pack your bags and get inside. When I say it began to rain hard on that day, you’ll have to take my word for it, it really was chucking it down.

I dumped all my things into my bag and she gathered hers and we began to run towards the school’s entrance. Half way there I heard a familiar squeal from Lui as she slowed down to a stop. I turned around and saw her papers flying around the courtyard. I wanted to laugh but I stole a glance at Lui and saw another thing I would come to notice more and more over the next few months. She looked angry, but her big cheeks made her look insanely cute as a result. I could not help but take that in for a few moments. I was most certainly beginning to see this girl in a different way, if only as an object of my sexual desires and imagination.

I helped her grab all her papers in silence. Natural conversation had still not been something we were able to do. I grabbed her bag she had set down beside her and flicked my head as if to say ‘let’s go!’ She obliged and we were soon running again towards the door. We broke into the warm that lay inside. I held the door open for her as she ran in and panted with exhaustion.

Then something strange happened, she laughed. I had heard her laugh before but it sounded different this time. It sounded somewhat sexy. When she laughed she would cover her mouth with her hand which only served to make her look as if she was trying to hide it. Her hair was wet and her clothes soaked. She looked damp and heavy and I felt like I should do something to help her out. Yet I did nothing. I would later come to learn that this put things between us a fair way back and should have realised the laugh meant she too had seen something different that day. Had I helped her that I day I stood a chance of getting with the girl much sooner than I did. Alas, I did nothing. I looked down at her for a few moments before sighing and going to turn away. Then I heard her voice. “Neil,” she said, slowly, as if trying to pick her own words carefully. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”


That night my dreams changed. I rested my head and the usual place of random women I did not know were replaced with Lui. The dream Demetevler Escort Bayan continued. She leaned towards me, upwards. I leaned towards her. Our lips met. I could feel her full cheeks pressing against mine with warmth I did not even know they had. My hand planted itself to the small of her back. Her hands sat nearer my waistline.

Not once did either of us open our eyes. We continued to kiss even as I stepped forwards and her backwards until her shoulders met the bright wall. She moaned a small moan of affection into my lips as her tongue darted out for the first time circling my lips, tasting them, knocking for entrance. Asking for permission for my tongue to come out and play. I obliged, opening my lips to allow her tongue in. It circled in my mouth, mixing, dancing and fighting with my tongue as they wrestled over one another. My hand had not moved. Lui’s had however. It had begun to fidget with the buckle of my belt. Unable to see, not daring to open her eyes she fumbled until the clasp came undone.

I had seen this dream many times before of course but I when I was to wake up the next morning I would note how much more intensive this was. It was like being there. Since then, I have had real sexual relations with less tension and less feeling than me inside my own dream that night.

Following my belt came the button, and then the clear sound in the silence, only filled by the sounds of our tongues playing with one another, of my zipper. Already I was hard. My erection was held no longer as Lui wasted little time and resting a hand against my well toned stomach and sliding it beneath the waistband of my boxers. Her touch was cold, her hands small and delicate. I could feel it sliding along my hot flesh. Still kissing I could not see it but let out a moan of approval as her hand touch my erection for the first time.

Her fingertips danced along the edge, teasing it, making it pulse, before she wrapped one of her delicate hands around the base and tucked ever so slightly on it. More moans of approval would escape my lips. I could feel her own lips turn up into a smile before she pulled her head back for the first time.

There were never any words in my dream. Ever. The woman, now Lui, would simply smile a sweet smile and sink to her knees before me. A hand covered her mouth though in her usual fashion as she done what I had dreamt so many others had done before her. Once upon her knees she worked the trousers and boxers down until they were round my ankles.

She would then regrasp my shaft and tuck slightly, lowering her head towards it. Her hair fell over her face as she extended her tongue for the first time to poke the slit before her. Her tongue would then dance its way dance the shaft, then back up before finally her small, delicate lips would wrap around the head. She would carefully suck only the head into her mouth, her hands movements becoming faster as she did so.

I could not see her eyes; she was too concentrated on my shaft to look up at me. And soon I would be too concentrated on the same thing as I could feel the usual feeling of my balls tightening and her hands gripping the shaft, asking for the balls to release.

Then I woke. I never woke from this dream yet something had changed. It was almost too intense for my sleeping brain to handle. I had a raging hard on and gripped it with my right hand and sighed to myself. A single day had changed my entire way of looking at the girl. I wanted her now — a lot.

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A Surprising First

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This is my first submission — actually, my first story — and any comments/advice/praise/abuse you could offer would be gladly accepted.


Leaning against the doorway, wearing only a long grey shirt which barely touched her thighs, she looked like something out of a magazine. Her long blonde hair, slightly disheveled, fell softly over her small breasts, which were just visible though the fabric. I couldn’t help dropping my gaze to her thin, porcelain legs — they looked so soft I longed to just reach out and stroke them. I tried to convince myself that Chloe was my best friend, that I shouldn’t let her throw away her virginity on me.

Chloe and I had known each other for five years, and never had I thought about her any more than a great friend. We told each other everything. I knew about the girls she played around with in year nine. She knew my fantasies about the drama teacher at school. She’d go through all these boyfriends, and I’d be the one to help her get over them afterwards.

But how did this goddess suddenly appear half-naked in my bedroom door? It all started after Chloe had broken up with her last boyfriend. She called me the moment it happened.

“Hey Ben, sorry…” She had said, “I know it’s late… but could you come to my place? I sorta just dumped Paul.”

“Yeh sure Chloe, are you ok?”

“I’m fine…” She was quiet for a while, and when she spoke, she sounded almost pleading, “I just really want to see you…”

I didn’t think it was too strange at the time. My parents were away that weekend, so I just walked out of the door. She lived literally three houses down the road anyway; it didn’t take me long at all to get there. When I knocked, she opened the door right away and led me quickly upstairs to her room; her parents were probably asleep downstairs.

As I sat down on her bed, I began to actually take notice of her. She wasn’t upset, as you would expect someone who just ended a relationship to be. On the contrary, as she lightly sat down beside me, she looked into my eyes with an electrifying, teasing expression. For a split-second, my eyes wandered down to her tight fitting white singlet, which followed her figure down to those stunning, skinny legs. Too hastily, I corrected my gaze — but I’m sure that she noticed — for she casually slid herself closer to me, until her jeans were brushing up against mine.

Croaking my voice, I asked how she was feeling.

“I’m alright — I did the dumping, remember?” She grinned slightly, “I guess I’m just feeling disappointed…”


“Yes. I wanted my first time to be with Paul — but he’s such a dickhead. All he ever did was ogle at my breasts.”

For all the while I’d been sneaking glances at her sexy body. After she said this, I quickly looked up again and into her joking eyes — muttering some stupid apology. She laughed.

“It’s alright Ben, I like it when you look at me like that”, she was still grinning at my blushing, “But I couldn’t lose it to Paul. Anyway, it doesn’t matter now; I’ve decided who I’m losing it to now.”

“Who?” I asked innocently. I pretended to ignore the way her İvedik Escort eyes had been smoldering into mine, the way she’d arched her body in my direction, the way her hand was suddenly on my knee. She took a short breath.

“You, Ben,” she whispered, now moving even closer to me. Her face was inches away from mine. Her hand edged slowly up my leg.

“Me?” I whispered even softer to her lips. With a rush of euphoria, she rested her hand over my crotch, slowly rubbing the long outline of my now-hard penis. Our lips still hadn’t touched. I was breathing in short bursts. Her eyes still burned with desire. Her mouth curved into a satisfied grin as she moved her hands to unbutton my jeans.

Suddenly I snapped.

“Stop, stop, please,” I rushed, quickly standing up and facing her, “you’ve just broken up with you boyfriend. I can’t be a rebound, Chloe… I have — I’ve got to go now.”

“No, please don’t go Ben,” she pleaded, her expression horrified. It made me feel awful, but I was certain I was doing the right thing. I didn’t want to lose Chloe as a friend.

“I’m sorry Chloe…. I’ve — I’ve got to go now.”

So I left her there, alone, and almost ran home.

It seemed to take hours for my hard-on to shrink to normal size. Finally, I jumped in the shower. Everything felt weird. I couldn’t believe that Chloe, my best friend for five years, had come onto me like that. Eventually, I turned off the taps, dried off quickly, and tied a towel around my waist.

I noticed nothing as I walked from the bathroom. It was just as I came into my bedroom, just as I was about to jump into bed and reach for a magazine, that I heard her standing behind me. She’d clearly raided my closet while I was in the shower; the light grey shirt was far too big for her small figure. At first I was in shock, until I looked up into her resolute eyes. I could not resist her, this time. Looking again at her sexy body, feeling my cock harden for her, I knew that I wanted it just as badly.

“Ben” she said simply, “Do this.”

I didn’t say anything. She moved very close to me, kissing me on my chest, then my neck, then my lips. I responded immediately, holding her close, cupping my hands around her tight ass, tracing my fingers up her smooth hips, feeling her wet tongue firm against mine.

“Take it off,” she whispered, and I traced further up her body, lifting my shirt over her head and throwing it to the ground by the bed, so she was completely naked. Her hands were pressed up against my chest. She gently pushed me down onto a seated position on the bed, smiling at my erect penis pushing against the towel.

“You’re a big boy, Ben,” she laughed. I reached out to touch her, to feel her beautiful smooth skin. She sat down on my lap, her legs wrapped around my waist. I sucked her little brown nipples, nudging them softly with my tongue. Chloe let out a soft moan, and I moved to her other breast, holding her close with my hands on her ass.

Very soon, she pushed my down again. I was lying flat on my back, with Chloe above me, crawling over my legs and closing her hand over my cock — still İvedik Escort Bayan wrapped in the towel. Quite gingerly at first, she rubbed up and down.

“I’ve never given a hand-job before,” she said mildly, “am I doing it right?”

I moaned in reply. Her hand tightened around my cock, moving faster and faster. She was driving me crazy; I thought I was going to cum all over my towel.

As if reading my thoughts, she pulled away the towel, so I was completely naked. She slowly lowered her head over my twitching cock, opening her lips, dropping lower and lower. Infuriatingly, she passed the tip — kissing my shaft, my balls and my inner thighs. After an agonizing few seconds, she moved back up my cock, lowering it into her wet mouth. Her juicy, firm tongue wrapped around my tip. Ecstasy rocketed throughout my entire body. I immediately felt the cum welling up inside of me. She bounced up and down, faster and faster, one hand cupping my balls, the other holding the base of the shaft.

“Oh my god Chloe — fuck yes” I moaned. She kept sucking, her hot tongue furiously moistening my cock, bobbing her head up and down in a blur. My back was arching with pleasure. My whole cock suddenly jolted, I felt the intense heat rising.

“I’m going to cum Chloe, right now!” She increased the suction of her lips, slathering her tongue all over the sides of my head at the same time. My cock erupted, streaming a torrent of cum into her tightly closed mouth. Still she took in more, swallowing all of it, licking up the last drops from the very tip of my shuddering cock. She then reached for a water bottle, taking a few swigs before turning back to me.

I didn’t have time to recover from the best orgasm of my life, Chloe deserved everything from me, and besides, I was still absolutely firm and probably would be for quite a while. Kissing her passionately, I turned her over so that she was lying flat on the bed, with me on top of her. She moaned again, and her hand moved down to her little shaved pussy. I took them in mine, placing them up by her head. She would pay for trying to tease me earlier.

Softly, slowly, I kissed her lips, her cheek, her neck, then above her breasts. My kisses became harder and faster. I kissed her pointing nipples again; she gave another soft sigh in reply.

I went on kissing, further and further down, and then began tracing my tongue along her soft skin, circling her belly button, the front of her hips. Her legs were wide open now, carrying no tension at all, begging for satisfaction. I grinned, and in revenge, I lowered myself further — now kissing her lower thighs.

“Ben, oh my god, stop fucking teasing me, I’m absolutely soaking!”

She really was. She had a beautiful, moist pussy, completely shaved. I wondered whether she did that just after she dumped Paul. It was sure turning me on. With immense restraint, laughing inwardly at Chloe’s agitation, I kissed her right leg, then her left, then her right, moving like this slowly up her thighs. She moaned deeply with each kiss, already bucking her hips, trying to get past my hands to reach her sopping-wet pussy. Escort İvedik

“Let me… please, Ben… it’s — it’s too much.”

I past over her upper thighs and began nudging the very edge of her pink lips with my tongue. She almost screamed, her pussy gushed with a surge of juice, her body thrashed like she was being electrocuted. I noticed her clit pushing out, and gave it a tiny lick. The response was instantaneous, she screamed like every part of her was on fire, her whole body crumpled up, loosened again, then again and again. Her sheets were now soaking as well, so was everything around her pussy, which burst forth new streams of liquid.

“Oh my god, Ben, no no no no, oh my god, yes yes! Fuck yes!”

It was lucky that my parents had left, but even so, I was beginning to worry that her parents would wake up down the street because of her ecstatic screaming. Just as her thrashing died down, I put my whole mouth over her steaming wet mound, my tongue reaching through the folds, tasting the beating bursts of streaming juice. This time she tried to suppress her screaming, but she couldn’t help but moan wildly as her body bucked beneath my probing tongue as she entered into her second climax that night.

Abruptly I bounded up her body, kissing her lips. Chloe sucked on my tongue like it was my cock, drinking in and savoring her pussy juices. Her hands reached below the bed to where she’d kept her pants — pulling out little foil package — hastily tearing it open and forcing it into my hand. She watched impatiently as I fitted it over my cock. If I felt nervous, she didn’t feel the same way. She grabbed my cock, positioning it straight into her pussy.

I probably should have mentioned this earlier. At this time, I was also a virgin, and the feeling of having my dick inside her steaming, wet pussy was totally indescribable. She gave a little cry of shock when I was fully in her — and a louder one when my head became obstructed by her hymen. I didn’t want to hurt her, but she held my ass firmly down, looking surely into my eyes.

“Do it,” She whispered.

So I pushed harder. She winced slightly as I felt the blockage break apart, but after I’d moved in her a few times the pain was replaced by sheer elation. All the gentleness of our first time had gone away. There was no tenderness now. I pounded her tight pussy furiously. She rocked back and forwards with me, kissing my savagely all over my face, biting my lower lip, growling fiercely.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Chloe panted, “I’m going to cum.”

“Me too.”

The heated walls of her juicy pussy squeezed tightly around my cock. My whole body thrilled and tingled. Shooting pleasure rose from my crotch, up my spine and into my brain as cum began to erupt out of my cock. She moaned again in a fit of deep pleasure. Our erratic pounding intensified as we both climaxed. Still we rocked together, kissing each other furiously as we began to slow.

Finally, we stopped, breathless, and lay there next to each other. She rolled over, her blonde hair even more wild, her eyes staring intensely into mine.

“That was fucking brilliant, Ben…” Her voice trailed away.

“This cannot be a one time thing,” I breathed, still stunned. Chloe laughed, pulling a blanket over both our naked bodies and wrapping her outer leg around my waist.

“Be careful what you wish for, Ben,” she snorted, “tomorrow’s a Sunday and I’m not going anywhere.”

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